Cheetah Pompano



497 Northwest 31st Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33069


26.235761, -80.166168




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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39 reviews for “Cheetah Pompano

  1. Chachi

    Any dancers in dayshift with huge tits?

  2. Brett

    Rude managers that behave like the gestapo.

  3. Justin

    Can someone tell me where to get to Crazy Horse coming from the Ft Lauderdale area? What exit number off I-95 South? Please don’t give me the name of the exit since I’m not that good with name.

  4. Out of Towner

    Fell into the club looking to relax following business dinner in Fort Lauderdale… Club is located on the outskirts amid industrial facilities… Its interior is decidedly low-rent but charming… The dancers rotate their sets on a couple of stages… Still getting use to beee and cocktails served in FL clubs with nude stage shows… Didn’t get a private dance but spied a couple candidates… All in all, check it out!

  5. anomus
  6. danny devivo

    everything was fantastic except the rude little waitress i mean if you do not like your job go back to Steak and Ale. very very rude waitress me and about 7 of my friends that usally spend money all left after incident. we come once a week to visit girls i worked with. today was their loss for money oh well Platinum Showgirls treated us top knotch as usual Matt runs a great club hot girls and great service.

  7. Harry

    I think this is the best of there 3 clubs

  8. lovemuffin
  9. fred
  10. HARRY S.
  11. bigdickers

    Great club. Wish Pompano Beach let them stay open earlier. Full staff is friendly from parking attendant to general manager. Like a neighborhood sports bar with naked women. Women don’t hustle you for your money, like most strip clubs.

  12. Phantom309

    Overall, this place isn’t bad. The music could be much better, though. There’s too much rap and hip-hop. I wish they played a lot more hard rock–the way it was recorded originally, without a DJ messing it up with a dance beat. Also, at times the music is too loud, the lighting is too dark, and they try to freeze you out with the A/C.

  13. XxXnevaehXxX
  14. Rob C.

    If you don’t like this place, you’re gay. And that is not meant to be offensive. To anyone. There is someone in there for everyone (as long as you pay for their time, of course). At least the times I’ve been there. The “staff” makes any cloudy day bright. Do it. Don’t be scared. Enough said. p.s. Bring money (take out cash before-hand).

  15. XhXeXy

    Great place, great look, nice girls, very friendly. Not expensive, lap dance on the floor is only $10 and $25 for a private dance. I respect more the girls that refuse to do an extra miles, I’m her to relax and watch nice girls moving. Server are super nice. The club configuration is well done. I really recommand it.

  16. frankie

    This is a friendly clean cut club. The girls are hot and the dances are great with plenty of contact. This place is not a whore house but you’ll have a good time.

  17. Franklyn

    Preface:The adult entertainment industry is a rough world. It’s an eye-opening experience to see these people selling their bodies– okay that’s enough of that deep talk!Nights at the Cheetah part deux:If you don’t want to get AIDS then come to Cheetahs instead of those other clubs. The tradeoff is that Cheetahs is more expensive. It’s worth it though! Use your holiday bonus from work or something? Nonetheless, the ladies here are gorgeous. They don’t look greasy or anything. I was really into that Cuban with the glittery bikini. They only speak Spanish but by now you should know a little Spanish.We walk in around 7pm after eating fried chicken from Publix supermarket. Yo that fried chicken is goat! Anyways we come here to get zooted and wet from South Florida’s finest. Make it rain on dem hoes gh jk.Forty thousand to a hundred thousandHundred thousand, another hunnid thousandThree hundred thousand to five hundred thousandA million, let’s have a money showerYou sit down at one of the tables and then the strippers come up to you, sweet talking you, asking if you want a dance at the table or a private dance. The waitresses are down, too! Last year we had a lot of fun. Half the fun is making up a name to tell people! No one uses their real name gh.You should probably wash your hands after you leave because they offer red delicious apples on the way out.

  18. billy
  19. Dave

    Where is all the pretty girls. Because they weren’t here when I was there.

  20. trey

    no compliants at all.

  21. NY Mike

    Lots of beautiful women here. Dancers, barmaids and waitresses. Always enjoy my visits here. One of the best in the area.

  22. Chase

    Went to this great club as hurricane Isaac was heading to town.

    Place was a true gentlemans club. The quaility of service from the

    bartenders to the dancers was top notch. Will definitely go to this

    club again when I get back down to the FLA. Two dancers in

    particular stood out . if you’re looking for the girl next door

    definitely look up Alexis Taylor …and for my Big Apple bad girl just

    asked for Swallow …..thank you ladies for 1 hell of

  23. Phil

    this place is a Dump I got the worst dance in history. Can I have my money back?

  24. larry1

    Bouncers are friendly .. Never seen such friendly bouncers in south Florida. A Dancer tried to cheat me and I was pleasantly surprised when bouncers took my side!

  25. nami
  26. jaydog

    I went last night asked 4 girls for dances when they were on stage and i tipped very well all said yes but i got the shaft. the girls sucked thanks for nothing.

  27. StripClub431

    I see that a lot of people have pit up great reviews so I’m a little sad to put up a negative one but, I honestly just had the crappiest experience there that I’ve ever had at a strip club and this was not my first time at a club. The girl started out very nice, asked me if I wanted a dance I told her yes and to tell me when the first song was over we went up and it was the middle of the song I asked her if we could wait to which she replied no and jumped onto my lap. I asked her three times what the clubs rules were on touching and she would not tell me. About a minute later she stops and says third song. I just pay her and go back to my seat and try to talk to her and all I can get is one word answers when I tell her ok, I’m done and wait on my friend who was having a great time. She refused to leave!!! She ordered several shots and tells the waitress the drinks are on me while she sat there and went through Facebook on her phone. Ends up, she scammed me saying it was three songs when it was less than one(the music had me thrown off so I couldn’t tell). As I’m leaving she grabs my hand and says my friend promised her $10 to sit there. At that point all I wanted was to get the hell out of there. This was my first and will be my last time at this establishment.

  28. Johnnyboy123

    Funny thing is, I came here with my husband just before we got married for my stag party. I had a great time. The club is clean, fairly newly updated and entertaining (of course). Only thing to watch out for are the price of the drinks, they’ll snatch your money away with those high prices.

  29. andy

    its a fucking great time

  30. VarietymanFLA

    Park in VIP for $3 or self/park for $2. Enter before 7PM and no cover

  31. Tom

    Love this place! The staff is great looking and very friendly.

    Just moved to pompano and visited this club for the first time last monday but I’m hooked already. Finally a stripclub where there are quite a few girls with 0 tatoos, not one overweight dancer and all of them put on a good show on stage. Several girls up on stages at all times :-)))

  32. Me & Wife

    Went on Saturday around lunch. Took 2 girls for private dances, full friction and pretty hot. Girls were okay looking (by stripper standards). There are two private areas, one is very secluded and the other is behind closed doors (at $300/half hour). We didn’t do the $300 deal, but my wife told me the girl she was with kept pushing for it. The private dances (at $25/song) were great though–lots of contact.

  33. rogerrab2

    Not a favorite one the girls don’t know what to do with a pole and they run simultaneous specials and they trick you into the higher our experience was I want a two for 20 ok I am sorry I brought you to the wrong side that’s 50 bucks sorry never again I rather have KOD over that place they didn’t live up to the hype

  34. hawtie17

    that new valet guy is fukin smokin hot!!!!!!!! too bad he is married…….he used to be security inside, i think….

  35. joseph1k

    Great place with hot girls and great atmosphere. It’s tough to communicate with the Spanish girls because they know no English like in Janice and Katrina. Some are impatient and money hogs, though some have fun and keep it easy. Just communicate clearly with them, so there are no issues.

  36. toonice

    Every time im in Florida i went to this club. The girls are nice and do a good dance, service is good. On the weekend the quality of this club raise up to 100% then it is realy good there. in the week you must have luck to find the right girl.

  37. fred w
  38. luvhore

    the most pussy I ever seen

  39. rod h.

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