Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club



5775 Hallandale Beach Boulevard, West Park, FL 33023


25.984948, -80.202228




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Paige

    This place is the best! I work there and everyone is really nice, and we’re getting way more girls now, and we’re packed almost all of the time. It’s awesome. Thanks to all our customers that take such good care of us! Hope to see you all there!

  2. Summer

    This club rocks!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bobby J.

    Lots of nice people here. I had a great time with my friend’s bachelor party a couple months ago. And thank god they don’t play that rap and hip hop shit – I like these guys second best, next to Scarlett’s, only because Scarletts has a lot more girls. From what I’ve heard though there’s been a lot more good lookin girls lately at Booby Trap Hallandale. Pompano is a good time, too, but I had way more fun at Hallandale, and girls were definitely better quality. I go like once a month – I’ll post after my next visit and update my brothers πŸ˜‰

  4. Kevin

    I love this place! Friendliest stripclub I’ve ever been to period. Girls all look pretty good, too. At least better than my wife…

  5. Drew

    Best club I’ve been to in a long time – it seems like this is the only club I can go to and listen to some freakin rock n’ roll, they don’t seem to play any rap or hip hop garbage. Maybe I’m an old man (35… ish) but as far as I know titty’s n beer are meant to go with rock n roll baby!

  6. The Real Summer

    This clubs awesome – we have the hottest girls around and the BEST staff

  7. w.p.b

    I Miss Hillary

  8. Dave The Brave

    Dude! Sweet!

  9. Steve Zimmerman
  10. Jon

    Great lap dances!

  11. robert
  12. ???
  13. Timmy
  14. tommy a

    i love this club very unique. medium size and clean.. the whole is staff coo1 they make you feel comfortable. i like crystal. she is my favorite. best dancer out there, and a great personallity. she will leave you empty. she gave me an awesome lap dance.

  15. AssnTits5

    There are a couple of little things that you don’t get from a lot of clubs, but you definitely get from this place. 1) Couple get in free!2) The drinks are reasonably priced (the most expensive drink I bought was a Rockstar and Vodka {HEAVY ON THE VODKA} and it only cost $8)3) The strippers aren’t just glorified dancers, these girls actually use the pole instead of just walk around the stage and occasionally shake something. The girls at this place go all out.4) Parking is only $1 and the guy actually watches your car!5) If you go during the day, they have the lunch special from 12PM-4PM and it’s free, all you have to do is buy drinks, which at that time the drinks are 2 for 1 on all sodas!There are a lot of other reasons why this place is great, the space, the music, the girls, I can’t think of them all right now, but go for yourself and see what I’m talking about

  16. billtheguy12

    If you want to buy drugs and smoke weed inside the club you just have to look for Brian and give him $20 he’ll make all the security guys look the other way and you won’t be bother, if you run out of weed you can always ask one of the waitress they’ll supply you with it as long as you pay the right price, if you look on Craigslist they are always looking for floor hosts “security” because nobody last more that 3 months in that place unless you are agree not to say anything about the drugs.

  17. Dave Anderson

    This club is truly great! It has come a long way since Crazy Jim’s days, and they have put a lot into the place as far as remodeling, and have actually hired a shitload of new girls in the past few months. Every time I go in there’s more new faces and they’re looking better and better. Staff is really cool – management actually remembers my name, and buys me a drink almost every time I’m in there (unlike my buddies at Scarlett’s who’ve never even comp’d me a soda). Definitely worth checking out.

  18. Reggie

    Dude, they’re nude! LOL I HATE that radio ad now, I hear it so much – but I love the place. Lots of fun, everybody is cool, and management doesn’t let the dancers beat you up for tips or walk around with snooty attitudes. Bartenders and waitresses are all hot and friendly too.

  19. winston12

    Great place friendly girls . Great food the captain crunch chicken tenders are banging there’s a full kitchen all day and night. Drinks are good prices

  20. Bob

    this club is aweeesome. grils are super hot now, thiese people writin bad reviews are bogus, probably some hos that gotfired.. LOOOOSSSEEERRRSSSS hahahaha

  21. Paul
  22. this is a poor club


  23. ryan123

    I went here last night as part of a bachelor party. Setting is nice. Restrooms are exceptionally clean and even have someone to turn on the faucet and pass you hand towels. Waitresses are friendly and service is prompt. Cover charge is reasonable and So why two stars out of five? The club is lacking in the most important area: The dancers. The selection of women doesn’t offer much variety in terms race or body types. The girls range from ugly to OK, with a few truly beautiful ones sprinkled here and there. Most of the girls aren’t that talented in terms of the actual dancing either. The DJ needs to add a little more variety to his song selection. Nothing but standard rock an club music all night. No Caribbean or Spanish music. No hip-hop strip club anthems. That strikes me as very strange for a strip joint located in South Florida.

  24. nick
  25. tom

    i met the most bueatiful women i ever met at this club and its hillary she is so hot and sexy and i love her very much and im looking foreward to having a threesome with her and katana.i rate the club a 6.5 and hillary a 10 and rate katana 9

  26. Dewey
  27. Big Rob

    Smaller than Scarletts and Tootsie’s, but bigger in the fun department, and dancers are all looking good, 8s or better. Great food, too. I had a steak from the kitchen, going by a friend’s recommendation, and it was possibly the best one I’ve had in a lonnnnng time. I’ll be going there more in the future, especially after the crap that happened at Cheetahs…

  28. willy pilly

    worth a try in the afternoon, no cover, free parking, and 2-4-1 drinks, thats y i will give u another try

  29. Bigguy

    All new club, total make over, all new design, new bars, lights, sound, plasma tv’s, full kitchen, full nudity, full bar, new staff, weekly features, atmosphere is excellent, and the girls are great.

  30. 305
  31. GarryWas

    If your looking to step out of the typical strip club and step into a rap video this is the spot. Hard music girls are no joke they working hard for thay money in here. Make sure u don’t get to drunk and make sure u count your change back from the waiters. Bit if I come back in town definitely will step back in.

  32. ny

    I Love Hillary

  33. Joey Z.

    PLace is way beter now. Packed on the weekend, and they had 28 girls, all of em loked pretty good. Good, fun time. Definitly my new home since Cheetah close down.

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