Goldfinger Gentlemen’s Club



3801 North University Drive, Sunrise, FL 33351


26.171762, -80.256721




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Goldfinger Gentlemen’s Club

  1. stripforme123

    I’ve never seen a dancer leave the stage with out a dollar… Ghetto musicTerrible girls I pity those who work here.Check out vixens. They’re awesome

  2. That Guy

    I miss the club, having moved to NYC. I know there are places up here, but I knew a good number of the staff. Wish the club was fully nude, but hey that’s what the champagne room is for.

  3. mike

    I was here all the girls are hot specially the one blonde i don’t remenber her name but she got a great smile an beautiful eyes. I HOPE TO COME BACK SOON

  4. john c
  5. Joey G

    This club has gone straight downhill since the new management took over.

  6. Johnnyboy123

    What a completely LAME excuse for a club. Lately they have been remodeling, but that doesn’t make HORRIBLE FOOD that is incredibly OVERPRICED taste any better (or safer to eat for that matter), or make the OLD spanish dayshift that’s waiting to die look any better or less FOUL, or make the REDICULOUS nightshift get any clue how to perform. I really want to find something nice to say about this joint, but it really is one of the WORST EXCUSES FOR A STRIP CLUB one can find in SoFla.. Many of the staff are incredibly RUDE and OVERBEARING. The BARTENDERS PAD BILLS with extra drinks when you run tabs.. The GIRLS ARE SUPERSKANKY all three good looking ones dance like GHETTO GARBAGE or deer in headlights. Plenty of RAUNCHY broads with theirs pimp’s names tattooed on them… This place is a skip. Seriously, there are so many good clubs in South Florida like Cheetah, Scarlett’s, Tootsie’s, or King of Diamonds if you like black clubs, that it is best to AVOID THIS JOINT LIKE THE PLAGUE. Guaranteed any good review written here or anywhere was written by their staff or someone who was so drunk they had no idea where they were. COMPLETE CRAP, I WISH I COULD GIVE IT NEGATIVE STARS.

  7. NA
  8. cocoloco

    nice back pussys

  9. Nick

    Quality club

  10. Greg

    Which dancers do you recommend shawn?

  11. AP
  12. steve

    The club was great when dino and gary ran it .This new guy ran it in to the ground!!!!!What a shame it was the best club in south fl.t

    The new owners james and phi need two get dino and gary back to put this club back on the map.

  13. winston12

    I was disappointed by this place. Despite being crowded, there was low energy in club. There were no impressive stage shows. The girls didn’t even try to upsell very hardI drank a beer and left with a good bit of money in pocket. If you’re looking for all nude and full friction, this isn’t it,

  14. Franklyn

    First they were Goldfinger, then they were Showgirls, and now they are Goldfinger again. They are located right next to Hooters, hahahaha, on University. The club is pretty small, but clean and well taken care of. The women are always beautiful, different ethnicities, but mostly white. They have comfy chairs, and the clientele ranges from working class to couples to some professionals. The beer is expensive, a bucket of domestics run about $12, but that is the nature of a strip club. They used to do lap dances in the front behind curtained rooms by the stage, but now they take you through another room with a bar in the back, and it tends to be more private than in the past. They run dance specials through the night, usually 3 dances for $40. They have different specials, they were advertising a couples night on Saturdays with free admission. The only things some may find off putting, (or not), is that there are two huge screen TVs on either side of the stage. If you want to watch women dance and watch a football game at the same time, this is your place. If that distracts you, well, don’t visit here. And also, bathroom attendants, sometimes even in the women’s restroom, ugh. Overall, a nice place to hang out if you are into it.

  15. Sam

    LOVE THIS PLACE! So much better than it used to be! The new owners are usually on hand and they like to hang with the customers! The bar staff was attentive and VERY PRETTY! I will be one of Jenny’s regular customers now that they have someone behind the bar that is friendly and quick to serve you. I love the dancers here and I feel right at home!

  16. jeff
  17. Three-P

    This place was Paradise on Earth, thanks largely to Bianca, the girl who showed me a good time, Steve, the bartender who was quick about serving my Jack and Cokes and Bianca’s wine, and Scott, a friend of mine who introduced me to this wonderful place.

  18. Joey

    The heavy artillery is back for the winter and spring break.

  19. Shawn

    Very sophisticated and high class location, was treated like a king. Would return thousand times over.

  20. jorge

    This is a nice club to hang out. I hope to come back soon

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