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3233 North Ocean Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Dive Bar

  1. nickstrip

    Great Dive Bar: the Dive 4 burger was delicious. Stop by and meet Cory the bartender. I came in after happy hour which ended at 7 but I’ll be back again!

  2. rogerrab2

    Great place! Not to big or small, manager or owner very nice, takes care of the place. Good bands and crowd.

  3. Harrison69

    Fabulous attentive bartenders, the managers are always checking on their patrons and they have great local bands! Ask for a grape vodka slushee shot!!!

  4. Wade M.

    THE NAME SAYS IT ALL – There’s nothing classy about this place. We went on Latin Night, and the DJ played a medley of songs that lasted 20 seconds each. It was so frustrating that it cleared the dance floor. Then later he played about 5 salsa romantica songs in a row, which put everyone to sleep, and practically cleared the bar. The place was covered with a layer of dirt. Every time you put your foot down, you see a cloud of dirt. The girls were comparing whose feet looked blacker. I’m not a dive bar guy to begin with, but if you are, I think you can do better.

  5. brandonresh

    If you are looking for a place where the owner is a obnoxious drunk that feels as though because its his bar he is entitled to stick his nose into every conversation that takes place inside his four walls. If he doesn’t approve of what you’re saying he will single you out in front of everybody like the idiot that he is and displays in front of everybody over and over and over in as many circles as it takes till he feels he understands what you are talking about like its his business and if he still doesn’t like what you’re saying and then he throws you out and doesn’t let you back in I’ve never seen any display of such ridiculous behavior while he continuously barks but I own the place which I couldn’t understand if he was bragging or complaining it didn’t matter that he didn’t want to let us back in I would never return to give him any revenue there are so many other places around that are happy to have business I could care less what a private conversation goes on between two people whether it’s inside their establishment or not it just goes to show you some people don’t care if they act like they’re raised by trash and some people purely are trash

  6. Franklyn

    Ok you need to come hang out at the Dive Bar. We were back in Fort Lauderdale this week a year later and stopped in the Dive and had another awesome time. Cody, Cory and Brooklyn make this place awesome. I recommend you sit down, have a shot a beer and have a great time. Who knows what will happen when you are hanging with these friends.

  7. maxxy1

    We went looking for some good live music, the band was ok, but the bass was way to loud. Then, as the night went on, they started playing the same old cheesy horrible stuff that cheesy bar bands play and lacked originality. Shame because the female singer had a good voice and lots of energy. The bartenders are super slow and could care less about service.They are very inexperienced. It’s a great shame because with this GREAT location and building, they completely miss the mark. As a matter of fact, when we went to pay our tab they could not find my wife’s credit card. Eventually a lady, who claimed to be a manager, brought my wife a handful of credit cards and handed them to her. Really? My wife picked her card out of the dozen or so cards and handed it to the woman…..then my wife signed the receipt and we left. We were 5 miles down the road when my wife noticed that they STILL used and handed her the wrong card. My wife is not named Joseph…..or at least I hope not! Ft. Lauderdale Beach could really use a good live music venue…but this is not going to do it! We walked down the road toward the parking lots and stepped into Blue Jean Blues…now that is a great place! I am going to review them next!

  8. Tom Z.

    Great time! Thanks to night manager for his hospitality.

  9. XXXbeast

    Great little sports bar with plenty of big screen TV’s and the best happy hour. Im on vacation and this place is great spot for cheap drinks and great appetizers. Pool table, jukebox, darts and the best place to play Jinga. So much fun!!

  10. Pat A.

    Went on for happy hour, the bartender had a personality of a sea orchin, worst place I ever had a happy hour. Couldn’t wait to get out of there

  11. dopeboy19

    Yes, it is a true Dive Bar,,,asked for a “boilmaker” and got a double in my beer. Barmaids very tops. Smoking outside with drinks.

  12. ryan123

    Music was to loud and the lights under the bar were so bright they hurt my eyes

  13. Rita G.

    worst experience ever! only order from the bar, no service for table, not even clean the table. Was starving inside a restaurant.

  14. Walter E.

    A perfect place to watch some really drunk tourists letting loose! Every band is waaaay to loud for such a small place with no acoustics. That being said , they always have rockin bands, great drinks, and friendly, although be it different every time, bartenders.

  15. larry1

    walkin in..stumbled back to shit hotel a block away,,cheap fckin drinks,,I think by 11 they were 1 dollar rum n cokes,,Dive Bar,you kicked my ass!,,Thank you!

  16. richard95

    A first date with my love led me here because he found a Dave Matthews Cover band that was playing. I loved the live music, and remember the bartender being witty and fun. We have stopped by on a few occasions since that night had have found it a little less exciting each time, but its a good bar to get a strong drink and watch live music. I guess the Dive bar is sometimes hit or miss. The surrounding area is full of places to walk past with other live music and night life. I will of course be back again if we are with friends and looking for a place to hang out. Pool table, darts, and live music. All in all its a good spot, but not a must see for the in-town weekenders.

  17. james1412

    Go where the locals go and you will rarely be disappointed. So when our server told us about “the dive bar” we all knew it was going to be on our list to check out during our recent visit. And we weren’t disappointed!Wish I could remember the bartenders name as he was pouring some crazy mean drinks ( this guy can make a drink!) and while chatting with him at the bar was fun, we wandered into the other side of the bar for some pool and my favorite, “bar darts”!They have something live going on every night, except Tuesday’s, with karaoke on Sunday and live music on the weekends which just adds to the fun. In addition, the locals were cool, welcoming us to their bar and even shooting some pool with us.Not fancy buy any means but what dive bar is?Oh and if you drive, the parking is only 50 cents an hour. Call me a happy girl!The Dive bar. Might be named for diving and divers, but more likely it is just calling itself what it is . . . . .a dive bar. But a fun one at that!

  18. timmykilla

    Very deceptive drink pricing. Saw a sign saying $2 bud drafts. Ordered a bunch of bud lights and was charged $6 each. Was told it was only for regular bud drafts. That price difference is absurd. Common sense would be that it was the same for bud/bud lite.

  19. fuckery12

    Icky dirty place, food is just terrible. The calamari was very over-cooked, the wings very dry. Chicken sandwich ok, burger had no tast. Expenxive for nasty food and drinks.

  20. curtis17

    Pool table, live bands, dart board, two seperate bar areas. Clean space for a dive bar. Good drink prices always.

  21. winston12

    It’s the best local spot.. Recently upgraded food, great drink specials and happy hour, ITB 7 days a week..YES it’s smokey..YES it’s a dive bar (hence the name…) , but met a lot of great people here and always have fun.Free pool on sundays, karaoke a few nights a week, multiple bars and all in all just a good vibe.I personally love this place..they also have 5.99 burger beer and fries specials(all homemade except the beer) till 6pm.. The food is much improved over a year ago for SURE. Who on a1a does that?!? The DIVE does!

  22. mathewater12

    Fun relaxed bar right on a1a. Karaoke here is lots of fun and they have almost every song I wanted to sing! They have food here as well. Didn’t realize that. I tried the veggie burger and it was decent. Others had burgers, nachos, fried pickles, and chicken. All of it looked good.

  23. Jessica P.

    A place to have Happy hour with great friends and the awesome special of by one get one drinks!Bartenders are ready so serve, helping to make sure you know all the specials for the day and hoping you have a good timeWhile your drinking enjoy pool or giant size Jenga! Live music thru and karaoke thru out the week! Great local bar!

  24. Lauren T.

    The bartenders were extremely rude and even had to force each other to serve us, making rude gestures and rolling their eyes when they had to serve us. There was a schizophrenic in the corner telling profanity at us and they advertised happy hour though they didn’t honor it. Horrible place. The only thing that saved the night was the open mic man who approached us and got my friend to sing.

  25. adamrod

    This place used to be a lot of fun, however it has changed owners and is now poorly run. The cheap local bands play their music way too loud for you to hear anything but their really bad music.. I really hate having scream in my girls ear just to talk.. It’s dirty it smells like beer and not up to the neighborhood “North Beach” Standards.. This is not really a dive bar but a poorly run night club

  26. Johnnyboy123

    I visited the Dive Bar recently. No food available at 9pm; dirty bathroom and rude owner – Cody who appeared intoxicated and was very rude. I would pass on this place.

  27. igor34

    The bartenders are the best around i.e. Kellie. The owner on the other hand isn’t the greatest. He’s lucky that he has an amazing staff. Perfect example of how your staff can keep a place going.

  28. Phil C.

    Dive bar is brilliant. It wasn’t too busy but I had a spare night on my own before my friends arrive tomorrow. I wasn’t expecting too much but Monique, the bartender was awesome. I got roped into a vodka jello eating contest. Got happily drunk and met some really nice people. Then sang a million songs on Kareoke. If you’re at a loose end in this part of town, go down. Ignore these negative comments. It is what it is. A friendly, welcoming cool bar. Have fun and tip well. They deserve it. X

  29. AssnTits5

    The drinks specials were decent but the loud drunk “regular” was so obnoxious we bounced after one drink. He was old and chunky….I’m only setting the scene because he lifted his shirt and did some belly rolls for me. Lol. Ew. The bartender and the four people sitting at the bar all seemed to know eat other well. We felt like outsiders and not very welcomed. I do feel like maybe because I got scared off I should go back and give it another try.

  30. billtheguy12

    I feel bad because I’ve been here 3 times before and never posted a rave review. Because, let’s face it, I liked the place. It’s nice and dive-y, living up to its name. However, tonight, I’m posting and warning you to be weary. Apparently it’s hit or miss and tonight was a miss. It was my birthday (maybe that’s why I feel so scorned), my husband and I were first on the scene with 8 guests in route. We got there, I literally watched the bartender enter a Togo order on the POS for 5 minutes, when I finally thought the pause was awkward enough, I asked if we could possibly, when she got a chance, get some beers. She responded, “I’m keying a Togo order and there are more people in front of you.” Which really became apparent as more patrons commented on her behavior. It didn’t even seem real.Needless to say, we walked and I had to call everyone else turn to around and head to another bar. Bummer. Hired a babysitter for the night, just to go here. I’m just pissed the parking meter wouldn’t give us our 75 cents back. Even that was too much to waste on the experience.On that note, I did have at least 3 prior decent experiences. But, I have such a bad taste in my mouth, I won’t waste another trip there.

  31. XhXeXy

    The purpose of a dive bar has been best put as: “A place wherein the purpose is not necessarily to drink, but to eliminate sobriety.” A good dive bar should be located in a crowded, poorly maintained, smelly hole in the wall edifice void of glamour or class wherein there is an apparently strict half worn out budget priced Kmart/Walmart dress code in effect, an element of sleaze and a liquor selection limited to “from out of the well” or bottom shelf cheap booze usually offered up on what is a continuous all day/all night long two for one or half price happy hour special. For food selection, the requirements are that it should have something that could only taste good when combined with an absence of sobriety, like some hard boiled pickled eggs in a jar with a faded, dusty top, some out of date bags of chips, maybe some pickled pig knuckles and of course a few in the cellophane pouch Slim Jims or dried out chemically adulterated jerky. One these counts, Dive Bar misses the mark. It’s sleazy and poorly maintained but more so in a manner of simply being dirty and messy. For a true dive bar it is also too big, way too spacious, often times offering live entertainment in the form of unaccomplished ear deafening rock bands that seem to delight in making a display of their obvious limitations of musical abilities. The patrons of a true dive bar should generally be of mixed age, the adventurous young, and the older experienced alcoholic but possessed of a jovial disposition. Unfortunately my experiences at the Dive Bar had more to do with ending up in the company of various mid thirty somethings having an aged appearance well beyond that of their true age and all seemingly displaced from other parts of the country, each complaining of what were evidently self inflicted hard luck experiences.

  32. harryharry

    What a difference a year makes. I hadn’t been to The Dive Bar since the new owners took over, they’ve made a world of improvements. This place is changing…Better beers, better bands, better food. And the bartender, Emma, I could have talked to her all night. I wish I could have stayed to sing some Karaoke. Will definitely be back when I’m in Lauderdale again at the end of August. I’m hoping Crazy Fingers is playing here when I am back.

  33. Kevin M.

    Wow what a crappy place. Drinks are weak, music seems to suck and Owner is an ass that does not seem to give a crap except to say “it’s my place”. Last I checked bars and music venues are supposed to be for the customers. Not a place I will return to.

  34. james1412

    Great place to have some drinks, bartenders are super friendly, food is good…tater tots is all I got to say. I even left my wallet there and it was waiting for me the next day. Cool local spot with great people, strong drinks, pool, jukebox, what else do you need?

  35. Weedman420

    so, if I have nothing positive to say I generally try to keep my mouth shut. BUT your name is literally “dive bar” and you post a huge sign that says “$2 bud drafts” then the bill comes… as it turns out, bud “light” drafts are actually $6. wow. really?

  36. fritter17

    The owner of this bar, Cody? He is a very rude individual who seems to find it appropriate to yell at his staff and humiliate them in front of patrons. And all around embarrassing experience to witness when one is attempting to have a good karaoke night out in Fort Lauderdale.

  37. williamr

    As a tourist… This is my second time here during the early afternoon. My husband and I are super content. We met this awesome bartender from Toledo the first time and we decided to start the next day of drinking here. We are back and happy about it! She is back and the owner is here being awesome! It is a ‘dive bar’ with good bar food (best chicken fingers I’ve had between Ohio and Florida) and good times. Locals hang here and you can tell. I am content with my times here. Will most likely be back before we leave sunday! Life is good I recommend this for a drink and food!

  38. joseph1k

    Love the set up and atmosphere at this venue but service is very hit or miss with the bartenders.

  39. Alan S.

    Warm and Friendly. Always Greeted with a smile from Monique. Lunch Specials are Great. Bands on weekends diverse and entertaining. Karaoke always a blast. If you need a friend you will find one.

  40. StripClub431

    If your looking to find the best food an a place to relax after a long day in the sun this is the place The best margaritas the best buffalo sliders and the best everything you can think of the only thing that was a concern to me was how fast the food came out I couldn’t believe it how fresh and crispy the fries were in the chicken was even more Chris we are in fresh juicy to everybody and I wish I could live here but is not possible

  41. Nicole P.

    I started coming here a few weeks ago and really liked it. Regardless of the higher drink prices, I went back. The bartenders were always fun and welcoming as were a lot of the regulars. Then, I met Cody, the owner. He was so rude and belittling to me. As much as I liked hanging out there I will never give this establishment another cent of my money.

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