G5ive Miami



337 NW 170th Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33169


25.9305881, -80.2073242




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “G5ive Miami

  1. rich kid

    looking for a good black strip club? this ones excellent.

    definately worth the money

  2. Relakx

    This club was nice at one point but now its just a piece of shit. All the beautiful fantasy girls left because the owner is an old racist crackhead piece of shit.

    Bob should learn to watch his mouth.

    If anyones looking for the real females, Go over to the King of Diamonds

  3. eyes

    No Respect for Life !!!

  4. john johnson

    cool club

  5. k

    Top black strip club in miami

  6. Turks
  7. justinlk

    Girls danced there asses off…this place is awesome. Two for two hundred special is a great deal…but ten dollars for six wings is a crime…enjoyed myself to the fullest…will return again lol.

  8. Joe

    Enjoyed myself

  9. yummy "yum-yum" money

    diamonds is number 1 . we do stay on top . come see me anytime .

  10. Talia

    ok so where do i start… lol naw jk i work at this club and for lil mrs new york … its not what she says im a thick lil light skin girl that works there i dont have a big o ass AND I DONT FUCK THE CUSTOMERS but i make money there an the club is great an as far as your comment about the customers being drug dealers no thats not true .. if that was so then why do all the rapers and foot ball an basketball players come there??? duh stupid because it the nicest up scale black club in miami iv been to cocos its nice i been to the lex an it aint whats up so come to DIAMONDS YOULL HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!!

  11. jane doe

    Its A great club.I know 1st hand because I used to wait tables there. Its classy and Alot of industry people go there. The drinks are expensive and It could get a little ghetto. overall Its my presonal favorite

  12. sexy o


  13. winston12

    ONE WORD: TRASH! The staff (especially the bartenders) are garbage. First of all they don’t look good at all. YUCK. And to top it off their attitude is stank AF. I don’t whose taste they are but definitely not mine. Note to management: Upgrade your staff (bartenders)!!!!

  14. point of view 4 dancers

    if you like day clubs this not the club! it doesn’t get started until 2:30 am and you have to get there early like 2 pm so your paid out wont be 200 dollars. and the girls are ALL skinny with butt injections and implants.the customers are drug dealers who don’t spend money on new faces only ones they fuck, its cold all day and you WON’T get your moneys worth. CLUB ROLEX is okay if you walk around naked? AND CLUB COCOAS is a good day time club? always customers and the music is banging. i made money there and im a stallion…but get in where you fit in 🙂

    luv from: new york dancer

  15. Ballzy

    This Club Is Bananas!!! From the fish tanks to the barber shop to the women. Large screen tv’s everywhere. Did I not mention the basketball court. What more can i say….Simply a Players Paradise.

  16. anthony1

    Moved here from Washington, DC…I went to shoot pool on a Friday night. Seemed clean & kandy was a good bartender. 4 stars because I don’t like strip clubs but it seems like down here in Florida they tend to have the cleanest pool rooms & best music playlists. Started the night vibing to luther vandross & ended the night listening to gucci the chicken wings and fries were overpriced but 5-star delicious.

  17. delilah

    I heard this club was hot and im hot i want to work here but where do i start when im shy

  18. kim

    lenny just fuck all the girls n pops has worms

  19. Tyrone G Money

    club is my crib when im in miami fo all da bruthas clubbin. i saw lots of celebs in there. trick daddy in there lil jon, usher. they got da best hoes in miami period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jillian

    Prettiest Black girls ever! They are all thick, pretty, and know how to shake their asses..I love it!

  21. noway


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