912 Bragg Boulevard, Fayetteville, NC 28301


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Secrets

  1. frank-

    Used to come here a couple of years ago… Horrible, ugly girls, bad attitudes and the drinks are a bit pricey. think i’ll take my business down the road.

  2. Rabbit
  3. Traveling thru
  4. Jon platt

    bunch of whores

  5. What?

    What?EEEWWWWWW!Not on me she won’t!!!

  6. Will

    was ok

  7. Dasia
  8. Brandon
  9. me
  10. Dawn

    Wow , this club sucks …

  11. Talisin

    All the girls I am friends with and the managers are hot and cool as shit to work with I will miss you all when i dance my last night on july 30th.

  12. blah blah blah

    I like it, alot of the girls are friendly, but there is a bone bag walking arounf up there now. What the fuck is that? I hope you guys don’t just hire anyone that walks in there now.

    And I didn’t know there was a massage girl working there! When does she work?

  13. jspornstar
  14. Sean

    Had fun with my buddies

  15. dave

    this club now sucks, go next door.

  16. Alora
  17. GREG


  18. G I JOE

    I had no idea that Fayetteville had this many good looking girls. I LOVE SECRETS

  19. over the wild blue yonder

    place is overrated….

  20. des
  21. GI JOE

    Went there sunday for the party. It was the bomb.

  22. James

    I had alot of fun last time I was in there. Def coming back with more friends!

  23. Mike
  24. Del

    i always love going there… girls are great.. music is good..and depending on which DJ is there it’s alot of laughs along with it.. and the tiki bar area is great..especially since now it has live rock bands on a regular basis.. boobs and bands.. how many clubs in fayetteville do that?? NONE!!!!

  25. bobby

    awesome club

  26. Terry

    Stop hating best club in town

  27. gross

    Alyssa Chase pussy stinks, and this place blows

  28. Visitor from Cali

    This place has so much to offer! It’s more like a nightclub that happens to have beautiful women stripping! A must visit for anyone in town- The only Happening club in Fayetteville!

  29. jim

    maybe i went on a bad night

  30. out of towner

    best club in fayetteville. night i went in there were 50 girls, lots of 6s &7s, a few 8s &9s. private dances YMWV. some very creative, just watch for the bouncers and obey the dancers individual rules and have a very good time

  31. tom

    the best club in fayetteville

  32. nick
  33. l
  34. jetsoc
  35. Steve-o

    Thank god new DJ!! Last time there about 2-3 month DJ sucked talked too much and not funny. But now all the good looking girls are gone. What happen to all the hot chicks?



  37. bob
  38. Kyo

    Well, seeing I work at the club, I think it’s the best one in town. Not all of you may agree with me, and that’s fine. I like it there cause everything you need is at your finger tips (no pun intended). Bouncers are great, management is great, The DJ’s are choice! dancers, bartenders, waitresses, door girls, shooter girls, massage girl(me), friendly and lovely. As long as you’re nice to us, lol. I love the floor plan, because it’s simple, I have my own little room to massage people in (no happy ending sorry folks). I don’t think there is a need to berate the staff, because you had a run-in with a girl who had a piss poor attitude. We aren’t all like that, so please don’t be so quick to judge all of us because of one bad run in with a snob, we are just doing our jobs. So, come in and enjoy. We try our hardest to take care and provide what you need to have a good time, so please take care of us. ^.^

  39. love

    SUCKED You do not even get what you paid for strippers dont talk to you and if you are under 21 they make you wear this stupid tshirt and mark both your hands up they only had one stripper up there the whole time Derriee’s is the best in Myrtle Beach all nude and cheaper than the topless

  40. XXXbeast

    I was warned about this establishment but I don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I immediately regretted my decision entering Secrets when I was charged $8 for cover. I ordered water soon after and was informed of a water charge of $4. I declined to buy the water, at which time I was asked to leave. I inquired as to why I was asked to leave and their response was, ” Because I already put this water on your tab,” which is confusing because I had been there for less than 10 minutes and had no tab.To me, this business is not what everyone wants it to be. It takes advantage of military and government workers. It’s not a strip club. It’s a bar where males can come to see females in bikinis. I will be warning my friends and coworkers about this place and I will not be returning.

  41. Squeegie
  42. Cheyenne
  43. airborne

    lots of laughs with the dj somebody needs to tell that guy to shut the fuck up this place is full of it’s self

  44. mom
  45. cheddar bob

    Rock On!

  46. WOW

    Went there last night for the customer party. It was off the chain. Will be back soon.

  47. Bruno

    best Club. Beautiful Girls.

  48. Eric

    Great Club

  49. justin
  50. ronnie

    The one thing i really miss at this club is Tia what happen to her? where is she? she is the hottest asiangirl!!!

  51. That Guy

    I’ve always liked going to this place, the girls are great!

    I would get more dances, but your shooter girls are breaking me!So what’s up with the shooter girls forcing shots on people now? Not just one shot, but 5 shots or more. They don’t take “No” for an answer and you can’t buy just one shot, you gotta buy like 7 of em at a time.

  52. customer
  53. tommy
  54. your mama

    this club sucks!

  55. jOHN


  56. j
  57. Dale

    I always enjoy Secrets.

  59. Theb Best

    The best strip club. Period…….

  60. gary

    I had alot of fun

  61. Thomas

    Went in here with some friends a little while back got some shots from on of the shot girls I asked for one for each of my friends next thing I know I’m taking two and they took two each. Then she holds out her hand like I owe her more. First time ever where I was practically forced to drink.

  62. Paul

    This club is a hidden treasure

  63. Robert W.

    If you come in with the right attitude, which is to just have fun and tip the girls, you should have a very pleasurable experience. The girls are sociable, the bouncers are fair and just, the drinks are good – a little pricey – but good, and the wait staff will remember you. It’s kind of like the strip club version of Cheers.

    If you come there looking to A) get laid, B) get drunk and puke, or C) get into a fight, that is not the right attitude. You need to go home to your mommy and learn to be a freak’n adult.

  64. ???

    I have to say I LOVE working for this astablishment. The club itself is better than most I have been to, and trust me I have been all over the east coast. The staff is outstanding in all aspects. The entertainers that work here are shall I say WOW!!!!!

    This club always comes up with new ideas to keep us looking for more!

  65. Tim

    Secrets Rocks!

  66. larry1

    If you are looking for a big-city style “cabaret” strip club, Secrets is a good choice. Secrets is set among (at least) five adult nightclubs in a one block distance–talk about competitive! The interior atmosphere is upgraded and classy, and for a strip club very clean. The management seems to take pride in the place. You can tell a lot about a strip club by the talent it attracts – The dancers were the most attractive out all the venues we saw for the night. You can also tell a lot about the place by its bathrooms…Secrets had the cleanest and brightest of the places that we visited. Smoking area outside. Billiard tables.Had to pay $8 cover on a Monday night. The beefcake bouncer “encouraged” us to tip the doorgirl. Once inside, we were almost immediately greeted by what seemed to be the most vivacious dancers of the litter, (Miss Kali with a “K” and Spider). The girls are not allowed to drink alcohol in the club, only sodas. The girls sat and kept us company for the hour that we stayed. My buddy got a lappie and he said that while not the best he ever had…that it was above average. Beer was cheap but mixed drinks were $7 per.This place has earned a repeat visit.

  67. Brett

    Been here quite a few times and always have an absolute blast.

  68. Jimmy Cash
  69. sherry

    I really enjoyed the clubs atmosphere! The dancers were okay. Some way better than others. But the only thing that I would /want to see is more african american dancers. I love a rainbow tribe!

  70. dan

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