Set-It-Off Go Go Bar



2865 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133


39.9943668, -75.1340587




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Set-It-Off Go Go Bar


    It’s hood but a dame good time… The girl are on point…

  2. fisherdex1

    Its time to set it off baby! Great spot for a cheap dance from some decent looking females. $5 dances at the bar. Drinks are a reasonable price but the booties shakin are priceless. Only gripe about this place is that its in a sketchy neighborhood. Dont bring your gun bc they pat you down. Otherwise enjoy a couple dances with the boys!

  3. ML

    Kinda ghetto but the dancers are very hospitable

  4. tom

    its just too getto

  5. pretty girl

    this place is a major hole in the wall. too small, too many broke mexicans, way too small and the owner is an ass hole. no women allowed in. the men whip there dicks out like it normal.

  6. The Teal Taint

    Im glad to hear you made a name for yourself Vanilla. But you

    weren’t that great when you worked here and your prolly still

    pretty lame. Good luck sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.

    Affectionaltely yours, The Teal Taint

    PS: Vanilla is a ho ass name

  7. jay
  8. ReiNa
  9. Latina lover

    They have geat looking latino’s…If ur looking for puerto ricans,dominicans and black girls this is the place to go.

  10. Vailla (REMEMBER ME)

    I worked at this club right before I moved from Philly about 8 or 9 years ago,I am not surprised to hear its still a shit hole.If the manager is still that black guy I hope he reads this and I hope hes keeping his hands off the dancers.In a way though I would like to thank him for being such an asshole,because I never worked in a place like that again,I always remember where I came from its got where I am,and will take me where Im going.

  11. Robert

    There are several sexy black women with nice soft phat booties.

  12. Johnnyboy123

    The Basics:$5 cover$2.50 Yuengling Special that night so I’m not sure of the usual prices.$5 Lap Dances. Couch dances available but I did not partake. $20 I think?Set-It-Off Go Go Bar is located in North Philly on 2nd St just north of Lehigh. It’s not an awesome area though I’ve walked through worse. Set-It-Off looks like any corner bar from the outside except for the Go-Go bar sign hanging out front. Step inside, get a pat down, and pay the $5 cover. It’s a rowhome style place (think Centerfolds in South Philly if you have ever been there). It’s dim with a black floor and bar and red walls. There is a bar running along the right side as you walk in with the main stage maybe 1/3 of the way back from the entrance. Another stage is located towards the back where the girls dance another set before coming around the other side of the bar for dances. I believe that there is a couch dance room towards the back. I didn’t explore it this trip. There is an upstairs but I don’t know if that is part of the club or an area for the ladies only.All of the bartenders were Latina and all the dancers were Black on the evening of my visit. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of the girls. Not that most of them were 9/10 but there were a couple that might score pretty high. Mostly there was a great variety. One thin girls, a couple well toned girls, and a bunch of thicker (in the best way) ladies (what did you expect in a Black club?). There are a LOT of them too. I don’t think it was ever less than a 1:1 ratio of dancers to customers. Actually it was a bit annoying at first as there were only two other patrons and I was almost constantly approached for dances. The pressure came off as more people arrived after 10:30 or so.Here’s where this club threw me off a bit. The tipping scheme seems to be almost the reverse of any other club I have ever visited. You can, of course, toss dollar bills to the girls while they are dancing on stage. During their second song all the girls stepped off the stage and onto the bar, stopping infront of each patron the lay on the bar and shake it a bit. Once you hand them a dollar they are off to the next guy so it’s kinda like paying them to go away since they will dancer there for a bit until you couch up some dough. All the while (even when another girl is dancing directly infront of you) other girls will approach and start dancing on you. Either you let them keep going and hand over $5 after a song (watch out, I had one girl start halfway through a song then stop at the end of that same song) or turn them away. Funny thing, I paid each of the ladies that danced for/on me the $5 and no one seemed to expect any more than that.I had a better time at this club than I would have expected (though expectations weren’t that high). Downside is that the twins stayed locked up while most of the girls dance 🙁 If you don’t mind just having a girl grind her ass into your lap (there isn’t much variety since you are either sitting on a bar stool or on a bench against the wall) with a bunch of other people around your cash can stretch a long way. I was there for maybean hour to an hour and a halfand spent $5 on the cover, $6 on beers and a tip for the bartender, $25 on five dances, and about another $14 on tips. $50 including a few decent dances and a good amount of hand roaming on the ass and the girls up top? Not too bad.

  13. Slick

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