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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Streekers

  1. Ricardo

    I like the new Streekers. I’ve been coming up for years and I can say that I like the changes that they made. They very obviously put some money into the place. The woodwork of the stage and bar alone must have cost a pretty penny. Very nice. The stage itself is a tad small and in an awkward place, but it will be great for what they eventually are planning when the bar is open. I also really like the new girls that they have here. Amber, Bobbie, Rae, Star, Randi, et al and a few holdovers from before are all worth goin’ out to see. It’s a great atmospehre to be sure. I also love how the girls are always out on the floor tending the jukebox— it seems more personable that way, plus you get to see them that much more. The rotating, multi-colored lights are neat too. One thing I really don’t care for is the private dance area. Not a very comfortable or intimate setting like some clubs have for a lap dance. But all in all, I give this place a ton of praise for their efforts of restoring the club to elite status! A job well done.

  2. Buddy

    I’ve been there a few times. The number of dancers varies a lot. Generally they are nice, and show plenty. They seem friendly enough to me. Its nice that there is a full bar.

    Last time I was there they needed a few more girls. Private dances vary too much some are great, others a dry hump.

  3. B & L
  4. Local

    I don’t know what has happened to this place in the past 6 months!! I used to love to go there, now it is a pathetic attempt of a bar and strip club. I’m very dissapointed. Where are the people who used to manage here?????????

  5. ClubDude

    I was in the area the other night and decided to stop in. I wasn’t really expecting much, but WOW! It was pretty darn amazing I must say! The girls were all very attractive. A dancer named Autumn in particular stood out. She was very cute and had a millon dollar personality and she obviously enjoyed what she was doing. She wasn’t afraid to spread her legs and give guys a great look at what they wanted to see. Other dancers could learn something from her whole stage manner. One of the best dancers I’ve ever seen. Judging from how many guys would crowd the stage when she came on—I would wager many others would agree with me. The other girls were very nice as well, but Autumn just took things to a whole new level. Looked like she was making enough money to start her own bank.

    The patrons of the club looked to be mainly “rough trade,” rednecks and biker sorts. Some pretty tough looking guys in there, but they didn’t bother anyone. Didn’t seem like they were bad guys. Probably just looking to have a good time like anybody else.

    But this place was really awesome with the newer girls that they seem to have. Seemed like everybody was having a good time.

  6. OriginalBitch

    Beautiful Bar/Club. Under New Management. Great Atmosphere. Have a awesome time, They are always hiring new dancers (814) 619-5171.

  7. nanty glo stud
  8. Marko

    newly remodeled club, looks GREAT!!!! All new dancers and all great looking ladies :-)GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!

  9. BAB

    I was there saturday nite, there werer just 4 old guys drinking and chating on the bar, NO girls, NO dancers. They should turn off the sign” Exotic Dancers” at least…

  10. caleb


  11. ej72

    What can I say about this club…it’s small, clean, fairly new building…no alcohol (but that’s ok – that’s why they are a nude club instead of topless) – but they have a very large bar area with bar stools, each covered with a plastic bag? First impression was wierd (I was the first customer).

    The sound system is ok – they have the jukebox hooked into a decent sound system, though it is strange to see the dancers walking out to stick money in the jukebox before they dance. No DJ.

    There were 4 dancers, not bad for the number of customers when I left (about 10). All of the dancers were attractive, but none extraordinarily so. It is a nude club though all the dancers started bottomless & didn’t go topless until the second song (2 song sets) which I found odd.

    Overall – decent club for being out in the middle of nowhere – best place around! (only place around for probably 50 miles). I would recommend it, just remember that you are in a tiny town and your expectations should match that.

  12. Chuck U Farley

    What a Dive! I went on a Thursday night, only 4 girls dancing. This really isn’t a strip club, it’s more like a hilltop, local yocal, backwoods country bar where scuzzy men bring their toothless wives to throw back a couple coor’s light’s and watch the girl’s who live down the road show their baby maker for a buck.

    Beware, the dancers bring their boyfriends to work with them, and spend more time with them, then working the room. I went to spend some money and have a good time, and I think I tipped the bartender more than the dancers.

    I scored this club a 0.1

    I can’t justify not giving them a score at all. After all, I did see 8 boobies.

  13. josh

    i whet there when the place was truck stop 22, and the place was awesome. now it sucks the girls are only there tuesdays and saturdays and they are not very nice, they want your money and thats all. At they could do leasts smile and pretend to have a little interest in the customer. none of the girls worked the room for privates (which are offered) the went to talk with boyfriends or themselves on the offtime. The only nice thing here is it has a full bar. This place should make the transition to normal bar becauce it sucks as a stripclub

  14. BJ

    AWSOME!! Classiest looking club outside of the Burgh! The girls are sexy, friendly and fun. Looking forward to the new bar opening soon. This place should get a beautification award. Fantastic work. Nice to see strip club owners take this kind of pride in their place. It shows.

  15. redneck girl

    I really enjoy the atmosphere of the place, you can really have fun. The dancers that I have seen while I have been there are all friendly. They need to use the lighing above the stage more often I thought that was neat.The bar tenders are very friendly and if not to busy quick with drinks. I have only eaten there once before and the food was great.

  16. johnstownman

    what a dive

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