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1137 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85257


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Skin Cabaret

  1. maxxy1

    Awesome place. This establishment was recently rebranded and it shows. It’s clean, drinks are reasonably priced, and the staff is really friendly, and of course the women are gorgeous!!!!

  2. larry1

    This club is very discriminating and it is obvious me and my friends were not welcomed here. I was watching a man get a dance and his friend grabbed the girl in the vagina area while she was bent over standing. She than of course got upset and the manager came and didn’t even kick these Mexican thugs out. Then as I watched the girl cry, I just realized the club has a bigger issue than anticipated. Not only with the way they handle their employees but the way they just didn’t kick the Mexican thugs out. It is way to dangerous here and not safe. The manager looks like he is drugged out and looking at most of the girls they were also.

  3. Ryan

    I Like Christies Carabet Better looking ladies and better club.Skin was only good when it first opened its gone downhill.

  4. bp

    awesome women, awesome time.

  5. Mistercap12

    $20 cover for about 8 girls on a Saturday night and a bunch of dudes and they’re never going back to this place.

  6. frankie
  7. Sy D.

    Of course being the faithful strip club guru we stopped in while in Scottsdale for AZ bike week. Clean, polite staff, very attractive dancers – really good happy hour, definitely beats anything Sacramento has hands down.

  8. Michael

    When I feel to get a good woody I go to Skin!

  9. Bob

    I won’t go back. Maybe it’s the Scottdale attitude or something. I didn’t have fun.

  10. BigRocker

    Will Never Go Back! Cover is high, place is busy, girls are hot, music is good. I always tip good on the first drink – $10. That always starts the night out good and helps get the service and attention I’m looking for.

    Not here. COuld not keep my drink refilled and could not get a dancer to approach.

    (It’s not me – I never have that problem anywhere)

    My friend, a newbee, got scammed into a $450 bottle of champagne by a dancer “who was off.” Man! Did she have the radar and the skill to take him. She said she wanted to talk where it was quiet and took him to a VIP booth. I should have stopped him. (Remember, she told him she was OFF WORK and wanted some company.) She asked the server for champange, he asked the server how much and she said four-fifty so he said we’ll both have some. The server then said “the bottle and 2 glasses” and he said “Why Not?’

    She brought it back and said four-fifty, so he says “what?” and she said “The bottle is Four Hundred and Fifty Dollars. ” He panicked and asked for the manager, who came and said “You ordered, and You are paying” So he had to use a credit card. Then the lousy dance sat with him, drank almost the whole bottle and left WITH HER MAN who came to get her.

    My buddy got ripped! But al least now we can laugh about it.

  11. XhXeXy

    This club is absolutely amazing. The girls are all super hot and definitely worth going and taking a look. Prices are decent but worth the experience . Best deal to buy a bottle.

  12. Jake


  13. Wite Nite

    Yes there are a number of superficial artificial girls here the same as at any club.After 20 + years of hanging out at these venues all over the valley, and having relationships with some dancers, I have never been to a club that has a core bunch of girls that are more open and honestly enjoyable. Warren is a good guy manager and treats the women very well even allowing split shifts so that some hotties can spend dinner time with their friends. Just stop snivelling, get your wallet out and get to know some of these wonderful women!I am not affiliated with this club in any way except as a customer and lover….Peace/out

  14. Nicholas G.

    HOT women and stiff drinks! I used to date a few girls that were servers here back in the day. 5 stars!

  15. rich
  16. Caden

    Not bad place to go to hang. Girls are cute and music is good. Overall good experience

  17. adamrod

    After giving this place a 3rd try, I’m still not impressed. I guess I’m used to the strip clubs in metro Detroit, where you are ushered to your table, private rooms are available for dances, and the music is modern and uptempo. I went to Skin to celebrate my birthday. At the door, somebody told us to wait 5 minutes and then we’d be seated. Other customers came right in and were seated. The cashier said “I don’t know why you guys are still standing here.” Okay.The music was mostly mid-tempo 80’s rock with a few ol rap songs from the 90’s played in between. 2 or 3 of the dancers were acrobatic and worked the pole. We were seated by the stage, I tipped the ladies occasionally, and the DJ still kept saying my side of the table wasn’t tipping. How ’bout stop busting my balls and let me drink and enjoy the view. After 2 hours of drinking, I got bored by the monotony and left. My search for the perfect strip club continues….

  18. GRC

    Great facility and hot dancers… but ATTITUDE and SERVICE are lacking. You can tell which comments below are shill. The place has a real ‘scottdale’ attitude and costs too much.

  19. Steve H.

    I go there occasionally and it’s always been a positive experience for me. 10.00 cover to get in but includes a two for one drink coupon…so that’s a pretty good deal. The Women are mostly all pretty hot stuff. something for most everyone’s taste I think. I love the sound system…it’s loud…but EXCELLENT quality. The managements always seems to be around thanking you for stopping by and shaking your hand. The other night I had great responses from the manager, the door guy, the parking lot guy, and a floor guy. Also saw an amazing Yo Yo demonstration that was put on up on the stage to make some money for donations to a worthy charity cause. THE GUY WAS AMAZING! In the seat where I sat for most of the time I was there I was fortunate to have a lovely blonde dancing for this guys date right next to me. It went on for 6-7 songs or so. They were REALLY enjoying each other…and I was REALLY enjoying watching them! I expect the night and time of day you go makes all the difference…probably thursday, friday, saturday nights after 10pm or so are best. Thanks SKIN…you’re the best !!

  20. harryharry

    the girls are nice ! They don’t get down and dirty . Not the best looking girls but at 12am they will do .

  21. Roger

    Great club with a wide selection of dancers all are exteremly attractive, and good dancers.

  22. Jimbo

    Had a blast. Freshest ladies I have seeen in a club in some time. OOOWWW!

  23. TA

    on a scale of 1-10 this place is an easy 11+

  24. AssnTits5

    Not a huge fan. Seems all reviews on here are 4-5 stars but don’t let that fool you. What reeled us in was the bait planted outside the door. The girls outside were smokin’ hot (literally, they were smoking….cigarettes!)The $10 cover was bogus, I expected to see a lot more scenery for that price. The place was crowded, felt a little cramped in there and not much wiggle room. The drinks were pretty standard priced for the type of club and the girls were extremely hot, but with a $10 cover it was a waste to see painted nipples! I won’t come back here unless I’m wasted or they lower the cover charge.

  25. MMMMMMM...


  26. dude

    The waitresses are way hotter than the dancers. Said dancers could care less about you, it is just dollars and cents to them. They looked like they were not enjoing themselves on stage, like the work in a cubical or something. Not worth the 10 dollar cover.

  27. ACE

    This place is a good if you are in a strip club frame of mind and on the 101. It is not particularly strong in any one area. The girls are very hot but definitely there for business so it feels like you are going to the bank. The drink prices are also high. The temperature in here is freezing and kind of matches the clubs cold feel. If the girls weren’t so hot and it wasn’t on my way I would miss it and not feel too sad. But a decent place to have one gin and tonic and view eye candy until you are to cold and need to leave. My suggestion is to enjoy the view — tip 2 for the stages and say no to lappers.

  28. Jim

    Fuck this place and the attitude of the dancers.

  29. Genesis B.

    I came here on my last stop during my bachelorette party. We got grilled at the door and heavily warned not to cause any trouble (We were all tipsy and I could barely stand so I don’t blame them…also If I were a bouncer at a titty bar I’d prbably think twice before letting in 10 girls pimped out in penis gear and shot glass necklaces in the shape of peens on a pearl string.)After they informed us we could not go onstage (since that would have been my main goal, right? Thanks but no thanks, I hung up my 8″ heels when I graduated college) we were allowed inside. I was impressed with the decor, it felt more like a lounge than a strip club. The drinks were pretty stiff and we got two tables near the stage on a saturday night. Score, bitches!The girls were pretty friendly and we had a good time! My husband is jealous he missed out on the fun. :OP

  30. NIKKI


  31. Franklyn

    Let me start by saying that we went to Skin’s on a Tuesday night, so I am adding a star (from 2 up to 3) just for the optimistic part of me that assumes it would improve on the weekend….that being said: My wife and I always go to strip clubs together and are no amateurs to the scene being from the bay area in CA.We parked in the closed parking lot of a pawn shop next door and were quickly approached by the valet of the Skin who said that all of the parking lot was valet (Skin’s and the pawn shop) at night, but he would allow it this one time, but he worked off of tips if we could find some generosity in our hearts for his kindness….. I don’t think so since we didn’t even know if we would be staying. We walked in and the hostess at the counter was very nice. We went straight to the bar to a very hot bartender and ordered two drinks for $20. Pretty standard for adult clubs. Then we pulled up chairs next to the stage and watched the show. The dancers were average looking at best. Almost all of them had natural breasts (which we like) but none of them seemed to be enjoying themselves (smiling, making eye contact, etc.) we also notices that all of them had silver paint on their nipples. When we were approached for a dance we asked what was up with the paint. Apparently in Scottsdale they have a law that you can’t be fully “topless” so if you paint the nipples, then you are not topless. We watched a few more dancers, but after we saw that the hottest girl in the place was the bartender, we left. But as far as a place to go during the week on a business trip, avoid it.

  32. Keith

    Dancers are smoking hot and a value compared to other clubs. Dances right down the road are $20 and the dancers here are twice as hot and nicer. Drink prices are higher than Phoenix but so is the quality of what you are getting for the money. Prices are in line with everything else in Scottsdale and still lower than the other big cities. Good choice.

  33. winston12

    I came here often. Girls: Mostly gorgeousDrinks: South Scottsdale prices at a club…y’get my drift.Parking: Sucks. Park at dark lot or pay valet otherwise, get here at buttcrack dusk. This place is pretty close to a Vegas style strip club. I like it, there’s no bs here associated with the Phoenix clubs. I just get paranoid parking in the dark lot. Never had a bad time here. Then again, never had a great time here either.

  34. fritter17

    First visit: 09/20/2015 (Review date)Last visit: 01/02/2016So we have come up with a couple new matrix for our strip club visits after visiting Skin tonight. One of them is the WTD (Worth the Drive) and the other is the FPH (Fun per Hour). The second is very simple. We cannot and will not spend less than an hour at any strip club before we decide that it sucks. Even though certain clubs in the past didn’t deserve 10 minutes. Speaking of 10 minutes; that’s about how far Skin is from downtown, but it is a lot closer to Tempe and Scottsdale, so if that is where someone who visits is staying than the WTD is not as bad as it is for someone staying Downtown or in Glendale. For us, we live in Central Phoenix, so we have to pass by a lot of clubs to get to Skin and the WTD is really low for us simply because we weren’t wow’d at all.When we got there, I’m pretty sure a random patron charged us $5 to valet park but we parked our own car. Which is fine if we parked in a valet only spot, but it’d be nice if it was marked as such so we aren’t here now questioning if we gave money to a random guy. The $10 entry per person was pretty standard and they had apparel and cash cannons for sale at the front too which was cool. Luckily we brought our own. But sadly for us it was so packed that we didn’t know where to sit. We asked one of the servers if the tables that was stage side was available or reserved and she literally told us, “I’m not sure.” Luckily she was very attractive or we would have ignored her each time she came around asking us if we were okay once someone else did find us a seat.There were two stages with four poles: the main stage had three poles and the smaller stage closer toward the bar (full bar) and entrance had one. They were very short poles though, so we did not see a lot of pole work. When we did see pole work, we pulled out the cannon and tipped well. Also on the stage was a big mirror which we are happy to report that not a single dancer looked in the entire time they were dancing. Thank you ladies. There were mirrors all around the club though as usual and one particular female was staring into one because she was bored giving a table dance which was only $10. Wall dances were $20. There appeared to be two side VIP areas, maybe three; the club is small, really small, so these areas aren’t very big. But they did have 8 HD TVs showing SportsCenter and games.There were a lot of girls working and walking the floor. So much that it was hard to really pay attention to the ones of the stages. But one thing we were able to pay attention to is that none of them had any ass at all. Lots of work down up top, but no squats or lunges. lol. A lot of them were regular club gorgeous, but not strip club hot. But they believed they were strip club hot because they were getting a lot of $1 to $2 attention from lonely guys, but they weren’t putting forth any effort at all for as “cute” as they were. On the floor they seemed to be hustling the suckers for their money a lot more than they were actually putting on a show when it came to the stage.We had really high hopes for this club and that’s our fault for reading the reviews and the lists, but it received a really low WTD from us. Kristian thought it was worth a high FPH rating, but not me. Unless we have friends come into town or we are invited there by others, not sure if we will be back. But do your thing Skin; apparently single and lonely guys love you.

  35. Rafael C.

    Lame. Don’t believe the fat old bald guy out front that says it’s illegal to use anything but their drivers. He’s a liar. Use uber. It’s cheaper.

  36. XXXbeast

    Aw man came I here expecting it to be fun tonight and I should of re thought some of the reviews. I thought it would be better in here but really small and just didn’t feel right. I felt I was constantly bugged for money. Parking this, drink that. Man just looking for a good time. Dancers there did not seem happy. I felt uncomfortable not my type of party.

  37. big mannie
  38. Felipe
  39. Dick

    Okay club, pretentious Snobbsdale crowd a bit of a turn off.

  40. Skin Lover

    I love the $2 bills! They are fun and different. No one ever tipped us one $1 bill at a time anyway. No one does that anymore at any club do they? If you must have $1 bills you can get them at Babe’s a block away. The dance price is double because there aren’t as many girls and they just raised the drink prices but I bet you can find someone willing to pour under the table for a fat tip.

  41. DexterRexter

    happy hour 3 to 7 PM. Place cool & laid back. You can’t go wrong during happy hour…

  42. Magnet

    Ed hi buddy where you work at now? This is a great club with some sexy women.

  43. jk
  44. joe
  45. HXL

    Didn’t enjoy it. Not going back.

  46. Jack
  47. Fresh

    This club has strait up ignorant service. Yes, the girls are pretty cute, but they are at many other clubs across the valley as well. The bouncers there are about one step away from being retards and only give people who come in there on the regular attention probally cause the owner tells them to… The service of the entire staff could definately use a big change. And the 50+ year old doorman/seater is a complete dick! Fuck this place in a nutshell, instead, go somewhere else…. I like Christies, Babes, and the Hi Liter a LOT better

  48. BigP
  49. Brad
  50. Lacy

    The best girls in AZ

  51. Tom

    had a great time. quit bitching about the price! you get what you pay for. I found a great variety of girls–tall, short, skinny, a little more, big boobs, little boobs. The wait staff was great–all of them hot. The girls were very friendly, some would sit on your lap and talk even when you were out of money. Definitely will come back if i’m in town aain.

  52. eddyL

    Small, but worthy of a good time. Why do they close at 2?!?KC Had the right Idea, so RD had to take a run at this place.RD had a great time, there is no Mrs. RD, so RD plays, because RD Pays.RD was surprised at the level of woman here… that some could actually be featured at the Rhino or Other Vegas Joints… but RD also saw a lot of the “non-talent”… RD loves a good pole worker though… so those gals were awesome.RD wasn’t feeling the pasties… but if that’s the law…that’s the law…RD found a problem with the place closing at 2… probably because of the alcohol sales… but RD isn’t use to things ending at 2… so RD heads to Dream Girls… which closes at 4!

  53. Martin

    This club is a great value for the money’s you will spend. The value for a private dance is very good.

  54. Adam L.

    OK, So I got a deal for this on tipsydevil a few months ago. I was planning on going with a big group of guys and making a night out of it. Well, lo and behold, the owner of this place decides to cancel all the deals, screwing over not only tipsydevil, but also all of us future “customers.” I guess the manager got too greedy for his own good. Oh well, off to Cheetah’s instead.

  55. Harry T
  56. Grant D.

    Awesome place! The music is good, a mix of Rap and Rock/Heavy metal. The girls are very attractive and really friendly, not pushy at all. It was my first time there and I think its my new favorite place in Scottsdale.

  57. Gene
  58. Mikey

    Overpriced, bad service, snotty attitude. Rip-off overall. GNC is an idiot fuckwad. I am a customer not another club. I’m not a hater, just telling MY experience. Maybe you’ll like it. I didn’t. I like the clubs in North Phoenix

  59. .......
  60. Cris A.

    Great time at Skin. We showed up last Thursday for SF Giants Spring Training. 2 for 1 well drinks and Bud Lights. And to top it off, $10 lap dances? What a bargin. Great dancer rotation, keeps them fresh. Best dancer during that day shift was Kitty (alternative short black hair with piercings). We ended up there Saturday night towards the end. The manager Warren took good care of us. I think my brother got a free Skin basebal hat…not sure.But the best part of Skin is the VIP hostess/waitress. The name escapes me now but she is Latin and from Ventura, CA. Man she was super friendly and took care of us. Great Gal. I called her my SNIZ.

  61. fuckery12

    Ok, so Todd knows how to run a joint… If there is a better topless club, with better looking women in the Phoenix Scottsdale area, I will pay you to take me there !!The amount of gorgeous women is incredible. Sure you have your hollywood porn-fake tit looking gals, but the true measure of a good place is the selection of women that have not had the +2’s added on..Skin has the most amazing collection of non enhanced gorgeous women I have ever seen in a strip club. I prefer a petite woman with a real rack, on the small side. I WAS IN HEAVEN… I had a 5’10” redhead with both arms fully tattooed and the cutest tits I have ever seen named Brooke dance for me for what semed an eternity. I know it had to have been 8 maybe 10 songs…. I should have told her she almost cause me to have a .. Well She only charged me $50…. WOMEN should dance for WOMEN far more often !A+the only let down was the fat little DJ that tried to pick me up. Dave Wav- or something… That guy is a troll and smells like mexican dirt weed !

  62. SKINlover
  63. Victor Manuel

    Service suck, but they have a good DJ in Mr. Jordan & good dancers like Candy & Roxxy

  64. Wayne C.

    I had a great time here. Every dancer I saw was attractive. And like Cris says $10 lap dances, they may as well be giving them away for free. There were several girls dancing and for the three hours we were there we didn’t get bored. If you are looking for a good time go here.

  65. Frank V.

    I gotta admit, the talent here is pretty much top notch. There weren’t really any girls there that I woulda turned down for a dance and that says alot even compared to the strip clubs in Vegas!We went there as part of my bachelor party out in Phoenix for NBA All Star weekend. We got one of the VIP rooms for the 15 of us and the staff there was very accommodating. Poured the bottles of Goose(to get loose) and Henny, along with your various mixers. I’m sure their mission was to make us finish them fast so we;d buy another.Speaking of which, $10 dances are dirt cheap BUT pretty much every girl tried to hustle you for more…claiming she danced 6 songs instead of 4. My advice is just give her what you think she’s worth and be done with her.Jordan was my girl for the night…dead ringer for Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls….she had me hypnotized! She made good convo and stayed with me till past closing. Slam dunk for her!I would give 5 stars if it wasn’t for the fact they try to hustle you so hard.

  66. richard95

    I’m not really into strip clubs but I have to say that in my experience this is one of the better ones. The place was clean, seats were comfortable, drinks were reasonably priced. As far as the girls go, they had something for everyone, and none of them were super pushy or rude about lap dances, which I very much appreciate. I was here for a bachelor party, and for a couple hundred bucks they hauled the groom onto the stage with a bunch of girls and embarrassed the shit out of him. It was pretty awesome.

  67. Anthony

    Beautiful dancers and a good time club. I went with a large party and the staff went out of their way to make us happy.

  68. R

    Sexy Sexy Sexy

  69. AMber W.

    This is my favorite strippy on earth!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, I cannot think of a time that I have come here that I didn’t have a blast and I have been here a LOT. Just like every strip club in America they have the standard blond, big boobied dancers… but they also have a bunch of alterna chicks sportin tatts, piercings and hair colors other than blond. It’s great! Every now and again you run into a crazy chic, like this dominatrix Asian chick who kept kneeing my friend in the throat??? but for the most part, all the dancers rule. I don’t think I have ever gotten anything other than diet coke there, so I cannot comment on the booze, but I don’t think people go to strippies for a great drink anyway. Parking can be tight, but I have never had trouble finding a spot within reasonable walking distance. And I am severely disappointed that I can only choose up to 3 best nights.. because there are 7.

  70. Me

    I love working here!

  71. Mister D.

    Things started slowly. Got there a little after ten and there were some regulars there but lots of open tables. The club was very clean, although most of the tables close to stage were reserved. Kinda annoying. There were some tables around the walls with poles between them, but we sat at a table in the middle of the room and ordered a round.Once we got our beers and some change (no singles, just $2 bills here), i got the attention of Roxie, a very petite, super hot latina with pigtails and, and it was on. After several very sexy dances i thanked her and moved on to Skye, unbelievably beautiful blond with a girl next door smile and great natural tits. A couple more dances with a couple more hotties, and I had to find Roxie again. She was smoking hot and worked me into a lather, so I spent the rest of my night having her crawl all over me. Then Sarah, a tall, leggy blond with centerfold looks came over and started dancing with my friend. One of her moves was so stimulating that, well, you really owe it to yourself to seek her out. He went back to the ATM twice and closed the place down with her.There were enough 9s and 10s to make me feel bad for being picky. VIP room took about $500 and a couple bottles, so not worth it considering $10 for a table dance. It’s easy for me to see why this place is so highly rated. Also, no smoking inside but they have a patio outside. I’ll make it a point to go back next time in Scottsdale.

  72. dopeboy19

    Had a friend in from out of town and ended up here. Seriously, one of the best strip club experiences I have ever had! The girls are absolutely fantastic, the prices were moderate, low pressure and one of the best nights I’ve had in years. Top notch!

  73. lovegirls

    All the girls were way to young for me. They were not yet comfortable in their bodies dancing and didn’t have the curves of a woman yet. They were very nice. Probably a good place for college students and men or women that like pretty young girls. Covering the nipples is a little more of a turn off too.

  74. Loree H.

    first time was a month ago and got addicted to this place. most of the girls are hot and also cool to hang with by the bar. JJ’s the best. the bartenders, bouncers, valet guys are all cool. there’s regular patrons there that are cool to hang out with as well…. as i’ve become one of them now… but must stop!i’ve blown $300-$500 a night, going 3-4 times a week! have developed a bad habit that sort of feels like a casino addict i guess… but why wouldn’t you when there’s 30-50 hot naked girls in a small place! and each night is a different group of 30-50 girls!

  75. igor34

    Always a good time! Pretty staff and dancers. It’s a definite stop if you are from out of town!

  76. Jonathan

    Tons of hot girls! Great party atmosphere…

  77. josh

    The GOOD-Nice club, hot dancers, good service. The BAD-DJ plays music waaaay too loud and is extremely annoying!! Also the parking situation is not good there.

  78. Randy

    The girls are all hot.

  79. Gil
  80. tonycluber

    Speaking as the current “duke” of this place, I have been here many times at all different times. The free buffet on Fridays is awesome because there is nothing like eating Italian food while watching topless girls. They always have the best line-up but I just wish the were open past 2 and fondled my balls more

  81. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  82. GNC

    Other clubs are hating. Skin rocks. Girls are fine and nice. Scottsdale prices suck but that is all of Scottsdale.

  83. MIKE
  84. Dallas G.

    Amber W. dragged me here for her birthday. There are toplessish women. Thanks Scottsdale ordinances! The Scottsdale City Council does not appreciate the value of unencumbered nipples. Or perhaps they understand all too well, which explains the ridiculous pasty rule. Anyway, the girls are toplessish, as I mentioned above. And that never hurt anyone. $2 bills.

  85. StripClub431

    Club was large and clean. Ladies were good looking and danced well. Drinks were were a little pricey but can be expected in clubs like this. Dances were reasonable and had private rooms for VIP. Overall a good experience even took my wife.

  86. Z
  87. Eric

    all ways a fun time.

  88. Philippe Luna

    I love this club… It’s my happy place!

  89. dave V

    Hard location to park. In a ghetto area of scottsdale if that area is even scottsdale. Door staff was rude and girl cover charge not helpful. Not a big club and layout is strange as far as clubs go. Dancers were okay I’ve seen better. Didn’t feel like getting jumped by them the minute I sat down and they got attitudes when you say no. Could not figure out who was the dude walking around with a mic in his hand. It was a joke. overall I’d go elsewhere. walking to my car felt like was going to be jacked.

  90. SCOTT
  91. Angel G.

    I just left this place with my cousin and I’ve seen better places in California. I’ll give them that the females are worth the 5 stars but them them being stuck up, place is small, with no private rooms, and loud music me thinks not. They were only half naked and even their nipples had paint on them what the hell? lol.

  92. GarryWas

    Great place! My son and I go here every year before and after spring training! The blonde bombshell who works the bar (I think her name is carly) is very accomodating and funny. The dancers are hot, ask for Jazzi and you will not be disappointed.! 😉 The drinks are reasonably priced, and did I mention the dancers are hot!

  93. sunspade

    This club is so ghetto! There was even a shooting there just this past labor day weekend. Punks and crooks hang out here. Save yourself the trouble and just go down to Babes.

  94. Jodi & Jim

    My husband and I came here with friends. It was my first time in a strip club. It was so much fun and the girls were very friendly. We will be back.

  95. afficiando

    Check out Elite Caberet. Voted best in PHX 2014.. Just south on Scottsdale rd,, Turn left on Curry and Rt on McClintock 910 McClintock Near 101 and 202.. Newly opened Hotgirls, Hot dances.. VIP and Class

  96. TY

    $10.00 cover on weekdays that’s F___d Up.

  97. Peter B.

    I haven’t been to this club since the new management change so I wanted to check it out. I went during the day and I must say it looks great inside. When I first walked in the attractive bartender Carly was friendly and welcoming. She greeted me right away, made my drink and told me to help myself to the free buffet which was actually pretty good. The music was enjoyable and I was having a great time hanging out at the bar. The dancers were friendly and attractive as well even though I didn’t get a private dance. I could only stay for an hour but I will be back! The only thing I was disappointed about was no drink specials during the day. Other than that it as a good experience.

  98. the dude

    Dravin is the most fun girl in the club very sweet and up beat. did not seem like she was just there for the money like most other girls

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