Vegas Cabaret



5428 North University Drive, Plantation, FL 33324


26.1906138, -80.2518729




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Vegas Cabaret

  1. Joe B

    Best strip club in Florida.

  2. XhXeXy

    – I have almost fifteen years of strip club experience, and this is probably the best I’v been too – A small caveat is, that my attendance has only been in NYC and upstate NY strip clubs, and they are 100 degrees tamer than what goes on in Fla- It’s all nude and liquor (which I thought was illegal, I guess only in NY, bc its definitely not illegal here)- Liquor drinks are a little pricey at $14, but beer is a standard $7- $20 entry fee is standard as well- There is a smorgasbord of women; young/old, fat/skinny, big booty/little booty, fake breasts/real breasts, Black/White (mostly Black tho), tall/short, ugly/model-esque…you can literally get any type you want and there are 10s to choose from- The 3 dances for $50 is a bargain…My advice is, eye the model you want and wait for them to announce the deal…then go get her, or move yourself into a position where she can walk by (so you don’t appear so thirsty)- Models are not very pushy, I was there for about 3 hours (Don’t judge, I had to get my $20 worth), I was asked for a dance twice. A simple no, thanks, and the model walked away.- My least favorite part of the evening was the cigarette smell on my clothes afterwards- My favorite part of the evening was when they women levitated a one dollar bill with her vagina, like it was on top of a fan or something. That was worth five stars alone.

  3. Tim

    Decent last stop joint…but spend your money down the street at GoldFinger for a better time.

  4. James

    Best dancers anywhere… but don’t believe the “special time extensions” they offer because they WILL back out.

  5. eddyL

    Horrible experience! When I first saw this place on the outside it was a dump. When me and another friend went inside, it was stuffy inside and my eyes started to itch. We went and sat down and ordered drinks. Overpriced I may add. So we got our 9.00 dollars one bottle of bud lite and my friend got a bottle of corona. A minute later the waitress comes back “Do you guys need another drink.” Lady, we just got our drinks leave us alone. I knew this place was going to be a drag from the start. The exotic dancers are all the average run though the mill girls. They hounded me and my friend like crazy. I will not recommend this place. I will not go back. It change my whole perspective on these kinda of places. Taking advantage of and money hungry women does not always make a good mix Just saying!

  6. T
  7. ClubNut

    Great variety of girls from very young newbies to older experienced dancers (my personal favorites). All are hot and most can even dance! Comfortable, not-too-pushy atmosphere, great lap dances. Nice place to spend some time and money. I go during the day most of the time and I like that it’s not too crowded, night time can be a zoo (with very sexy animals). Well run club.

  8. Brad

    Paola grabbed my dick at the end of the song and so I bought another dance. Duh.

  9. sayrah

    this club is awesome the girl/dancers were real nice but they need to use the poles more! the bartender and the waitress Sara were really nice, my boo loved the lap dance he got!The dj is very talented, we will be back really soon for my bday!!!

  10. tommy

    nice club and staff!!!!!

  11. Dutch

    I love Vegas because of it fun atmosphere,great D.J.great waitress,and great dancer who are hot sexy,ladies

  12. Al

    Awesome club full of hot girls. Lap Dances are 100% worth the money with plenty of touching and very spacious and comfortable lap dance area.

  13. Irish

    I loved it my first time. I got to go in the Champain room for the first time of my life and where i live you can’t touch the girls. so i got more for the money at club Vegas Cabaret. I really enjoyed it. I also liked the drinks and music + the dancers.

  14. ImTHATbitch!

    I luv Vegas its very rlaxing..laid back.

    Awesome music.. Very good all around..

  15. Sony P.

    The club is located in a plaza, the area is a bit sketchy. The club is small, the ceilings is not high nor do they have a second floor plus it’ll take you less than 3 minutes to reach the other side. The bartenders makes good drinks. Their are no tables or chairs for people to eat or sit unless you’re doing VIP shit. The women in my opinion are not hot. You’ll probably find someone who’s decent or cute, but I’m use to going to strip clubs where women are hot in the face & body. A good portion has big breast & fat asses including the waitresses & bartenders. If you’re looking for diversity, they don’t have it. The night I went (Saturday) I saw one Asian, one Caucasian, & maybe 5-10 Black/African American women. I went a little after 11 PM & the place was kind of dead. I could count how many people was there. I THINK you can dance because they had a live DJ & there’s space to shake your tail feather. Lol! This strip joint has potential, but I won’t be coming back. I’ll stick to strip clubs in Miami. Tootsie’s, Cheetahs & Booby Trap are my picks for a great time!

  16. Chelsea
  17. jeff
  18. Brett

    I went there on a Thursday Afternoon. $5 cover and $5.50 beers. No Happy hour and a cover? no body was in there and there were only 4 ugly dancers. The place sux and I won’t return. I went to Tootsies and had a great time.

  19. Godfada

    Its got the best girls

  20. jay
  21. big shark

    Sylvia was very nice. I’ll be back to see her!

  22. Tevia

    I work at this club and I would never leave!!! I love everybody there and I get along with everybody!!! Everyone come in and see me and my friends at club Vegas Cabaret and I promise you will have a great time!

  23. Harrison69

    Pretty good stuff compare to others I been too, a lot of fine …. up in here. But prefer my Miami clubs! $5 tuesday everything is $5 admission and drinks. Setting inside the club is ok nice lay out! Sorry no pics you know the rules! Grub is good one of the waitress in here tonight has a fat a$$!!!

  24. krazy4ga

    i stopped going to strip club back in the early 90’s.i went to vegas cab. for fun with a friend and now im hooked. the DJ/Chris,the girls and the whole club is grest. can someone loan me a twenty for a lap dance?

  25. jor
  26. fritter17

    This place looks a little janky on the outside but bigger on the inside. I like it. Its low key. However. Free lunch during the day and 2 for 1 drinks not bad. I dont like the fact that on there website they advertise $5 Tuesdays for everything only to find out that is not the case. It really grinds my gears. And this 1 french or german girl in the day with mr. ed teeth but a big booty. Super nice but Fugly. Besides that chicks are decent 8’s 7’s and a few 6’s. Wishes dance prices were a little more reasonable.

  27. kayjay2323

    Best club in the area by far. Its one of those places that is friendly, comfortable and everyone is there to have a good time. The girls are very cool and beautiful and will hang out and talk but there’s no pressure to get a dance. But believe me, you’ll want a dance anyway!! Great club.

  28. Gia

    hi this is Gia to the person that asked for me a while back I was only there

    temporary because the club I have been working for had a fire and was closed

    for 6 months Im back there again I tend bar and waitress at Flashdance int in

    Lake Worth, come see if you get to see this comment fri sat sun noon til 8pm

    and mon nights 8 til 2 am

  29. hot

    management sucks. all they want to do is fight…

  30. james1412

    It wasn’t too bad. It was all black girls tho so if you’re not into that, you shouldn’t bother. But a really hot white chick came up out of no where and gave me a dance at a decent price. She was very openminded like a good stripper should be. Not bad if you don’t want to drive all the way to tootsies.

  31. JJ
  32. J

    Synn city has alot of potential but has very few quality customers and is not in the best neighborhood.

  33. Johnnyboy123

    Like ok we get it this is in the hood there’s a lot of hood niggas there and of course money getting bitches, like look where the hell you at I’m not goin to lie there were some cute hoes out there not a lot but a few the place was pretty big and plenty of sitting for a dance lol the crowd was ratchet of course mostly young fellas and ladies so you know how that goes down. But I can’t really complain it wasn’t that bad like people made it seem but it’s really packed out there witch is a bad thing. Fellas if you don’t want strippers hounding you down for a buck don’t go you better of picking a reg club instead like hello either You support The naked hustle or you don’t and if you not there to through paper keep your dollar in your pocket and fine some where else to go. But palm beach ain’t all that I love Miami strips better them hoes get down lol. Oh and yea beware of management there the real rip offs here over prices tables and bottles and they really are not educated when it comes down to business and if you don’t have that green they sure ain’t going to hear you.

  34. cocolocovicholoco

    that place is tight i fell in love wit that latina stripper i wish i could marry her but the place was cool ill probably go there wit my girl

  35. vegas c. tipper
  36. Nick

    Place runs hot and cold but overall good value for the dollar.

  37. Leo

    I agree Big Shark, Sylvia is a perfect 10! She is one HOT Brazilian! And Wat SUP! to Jessi/bartender “Miss Sunshine”.

    You girls are GREAT! C U SOON!

  38. Destiny

    Still got luv for u Big Rick!!!

  39. Stan

    Went there to check it out! Told one of the girls it was my b day got up the stage dance with the leather belt. The dj was funny, the girls baging and the lap dances are worth every penny.

  40. Mike

    Club has really gone downhill

  41. overnight trucking

    wow what a dump ghetto ugly girls rude staff as bad as that ghetto owner known pimp fat niger rick. this place needs to be shutt down with other clubs that is a disgrace to this business. porkies, stone wall, goldfingers,boob trap, cuties, playhouse, wild west, tesae lounge. cheetah,Bare elegance, king diamonds, secrets, pink pony , goldrush,madoonas, porthole pub u get line crack blow job and drink for dollar with niger ugly nasty gheto trash, diamonds, they allow pimps drug dealing, we are going make force our hand city state petition to close these places. but vegas cab. was the worst and needs to be closed. closed in past for bed bugs deceases

  42. CK

    Beautiful girls, great waitresses, good setup

  43. Sheff
  44. Eric

    I’ve been coming here for years!!! I love that place!

  45. Starman

    Out of the 5-6 club i went to while here this was the best for safety, cozy atomosphere, frindly girls. I didn’t get my dance but just when i got there ther were having a special 3 4 40 dances. Gave a girl a dollor as she was walking by and she came and stayed with me. gave me a rub dance to the music for awhile just for the cost of a drink. It was great. She had to leave and said she would come back. I was going to get a dance from her but i was her taking someone else there. I am going back to finish up. let all of you know.

  46. RAY
  47. Wheelchair Guy

    I go to this club every now and then to just kick back and relax. The girls here are very pleasant as are the waitresses and bartenders. Recently I have developed a friendship with a waitress by the name of Victoria. Not only is she very sweet, but very attractive as well. Victoria, if you happen to read this then you will know who this is. Hope to see you again soon

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