Tiger Tail Lounge



766 Clark Drive, Rockford, IL 61107


42.2738666, -88.9670954




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Tiger Tail Lounge

  1. AAAA
  2. DaMan

    Overpriced, nasty girls, show sucks, blah, blah, blah. It sucks

  3. joe

    the best!

  4. ?
  5. mark

    I love to see Cali do pole tricks its a beautiful talent.

  6. its ME!!!

    i love this club!!!

  7. ME
  8. dick


  9. grogan
  10. jerry

    private dances anyone?

  11. cody

    quality of girls poor management not friendly but girl did get me off

  12. goonstick

    this club rocks the best place in town

  13. joe bob billy


  14. sexxy

    steamy n hot

  15. bri

    Do Not Go Here!!!! They Steal!!!!!

  16. fred

    very nice.

  17. tighty whitey

    crap, crap, seen way better

  18. randell

    its a good time , great owners

  19. *HaPpY WiT tHa TaiL*

    I LOVE THIS CLUB!!!!!! havent seen a club like this in a long time..this is the place to be…the females are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! the bar staff is great as hell…the DJ and the body gaurds are doing there job right..ifyou had to pick any night club to go to i would pick tiger tail!!!!

  20. keith

    wanna talk?

  21. Wilbur

    it’s fun. the bartenders are hilarious! ANGEL is BY FAR THE BEST DANCER THERE. She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you all should go and check her out fo’ sho!!! woooooo wooooo!!!!

  22. meh
  23. Dancer

    Best club in Rockford. Needs to have more activities goin on to build up its good reputation. Offer drink specials, or stage shows.

  24. Reuben

    Hey i was there on a wed. and had fun, i was drunk and it was fun

  25. AK
  26. Ben
  27. ralph

    strong drinks!

  28. fuck u all

    dont be fooled people this club sucks any one who talks good is the owner or staff i dont no if pete runs this place but hes a gay fuckin asshole he used to run state street but bartends now we need a real club in rockford one thats all nude this clubs a joke call me if you think other wise 815-335-2736

  29. bob


  30. weary

    Stay away from the raspy blonde bartender- She will try to steal money from your stack if your not looking. This club is not all the hype- I won’t be back next time I am in town.

  31. Cory

    Great club all around.

  32. Dave
  33. jack

    complete dive don’t waste your time

  34. average joe

    This place is in a safe area. Bouncer was a gentleman.. WOW! nice change of pace. cool music being played, sounded good, DJ was excellent. the place was clean, The girls were VERY HOT!! Almost every single girl there was young and pretty and had a good body. GOOD TASTE!! I got lap dances from six different girls out of the 16 that they had working! NEW RECORD FOR ME!!

    The drinks were a little on the pricey side, but tasted top notch VERY GOOD BARTENDERS!! the waitresses were right on top of their shit and weren’t pushy, they were nice the drinks were always the same price. The Manager apparently noticed that I was spending a lot of money, and came over and introduced himself as the manager and gave me a drink on the house and said “I appreciate your business” THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE!!! REALLY COOL FEELING!! overall I think i spent about 850 bucks in there and had the best time I have had in a REALLY long time. and it was cool because i got treated very good, everyone was nice, the girls were hot, the manager was cool, the bartenders were awesome AND THE BOUNCERS WERE ACTUALLY NICE GUYS TO ME!! no buyers remorse, SOLID 10, DEFINITELY CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!!

  35. Senor Zepeda

    Well to start i really didnt like the boobies on cali. The asses weren’t that great i would rather want to see dicks on the chicks. Everyone loves a little Male Male Female action, so i brought my buddy Mike and we did a lil MMF action but left the girl out of the situation. I want to see more gay clubs like this but in Mexico, preferably Guatemala where i originate. Well that is all gang lets all butt fuck eachother till the midnight hours lata bro….;)

  36. brad

    Hottest dancers in rockford!

  37. PJ

    This club is very updated all new technolgy,the woman are beautiful the prices of the drinkls are fair comapred to other clubs,the management is great also,food is good and very close to the highway.A+

  38. tim

    cali and sarah are some fine ass lookin women

  39. chris

    cali is the most beautiful woman ive ever set my eyes on! everyone is missing out on her!

  40. Empty wallet

    These girls got me for everything. Cash and my bank balance. Money suckers they are. I had to spend money every time I sat down, stood up, looked a different way and when I looked at a girl a certain way which caused her to ask for money.

  41. tom


  42. PC

    Awesome place. Amy is the best bartender, but so is Crystal. Tough call.

  43. stewart


  44. lover boy

    its better then the rest

  45. wifey
  46. Ronny B

    was in there the other day and i must say it was a very nice club. some of the girls need to go but alot of them need to stay. i heard that u guys just put in the pool table nice addition! i would def. come to this club again. for not being nude this club is one of my favorites!

  47. dan


  48. pringle man

    love it!

  49. to wilber

    ok ya angel is good but she didnt make any of her tricks up….i watched her come in and take all ofour best pole dancers material! she is a fraud…if she can make up her own tricks then she can say shes good…..

  50. DJ Spanky

    I went to this club a few weeks ago, the place is a dump. The dancers are whores, and I worked with some of them at previous clubs. One of the bartenders has way to much to drink and amd is always drunk off her ass. The bouncers are not doing there jobs right… some of them are on steriods by the looks of it. This club gets a 2 from me.

  51. greg

    this place has turned from fantasy to nightmare….only thing ull get here is over priced drinks and fat girls…WHAT HAPPEND TO THE TALENT>?

  52. jarome

    ass ass ass and titty’s

  53. Customer

    This place is brightly lit. Thats the only good thing I can say is that you can see why not to spend your money here!

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