Southern X-posure



2 Mall Road, Barboursville, WV 25504


38.416109, -82.260807




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Southern X-posure

  1. Disappointed

    The managment could care less about it’s patrons. News – without patrons – no club.

  2. dave
  3. customer

    Was in there a few thursdays ago, and there were almost 30 girls working. While I can appreciate the large selection, I can not understand why the guy running the place would want that many girls on one night. How can the girls stay happy and make decent money unless they are prostituting or beyond 10’s? I wouldn’t be suprized if several of the girls didn’t start dancing at the shit hole over the hill. Other than that it’s a pretty great club. I really liked a girl named Serenity, she is freaking amazing!

  4. Visitor

    Great club. I was in Saturday and of the 23 dancers working on Saturday, I would rate at least 14 of them 8 or better on the 10 point scale. Cant wait for my next trip back.

  5. Tim F

    Overall ok club, VIP dances are a let down (no touch, no sitting on your lap toppless, no no no) get the picture but the dancers are fast to tell about the other VIP rooms (full nude and hands on)$400 for 20 minutes – oh yeah if ya buy the lady a drink except to pay $20 per

  6. joe

    im a piano mover from pennsylvania who just stopped in an had the time of my life hang out with michelle shes awesome

  7. Mike From Indy

    the best club i have ever been to and thats saying something

  8. Rock

    Worth the drive ANY night of the week.

  9. Laura Lowery

    Yeah well eVeN though They wouldn’t let me come back there.. it was StIll awesome lol 🙂

  10. Satisfied Customer

    SXP ladies were much better looking and talented than the feature. The ladies are worth writing home about. I noticed that most customers weren’t tipping or buying anything. I felt bad for the ladies cause they have to pay nightly to work, so spend some money or leave! I had 4 private dances with Asia. Not only is she a 10, and sweet, but very talented. I will have to have more dances from her the next time. Great selection of girls and all seem very talented!

  11. klfilajf
  12. kemberly reyell

    i went there just before my birthday and had a wonderful time , if you like loud music , wild girls and fun attmosphere you need to check them out . the feature girl nights are the best .

  13. krissi

    I was there with my boyfriend last night(9/1/13) we paid the $20 for both of us

    to get in. We were there almost 2 hours and I asked the bartender when the

    girls started she said there’s only one girl here and because we are the only

    customers she’s not going to dance. We asked for our cover back and the

    bartrnder and bouncer told us no. So we paid for something that wasn’t

    delievered. Save your cash go about 6 miles down the road to jb’s

  14. DangerousDoug

    You can’t get to the stage to tip dancers. Stage is too small. Everything in the place is black the tables/floor/chairs/carpet so you can’t even see where you are walking. Drinks are expensive. You feel crowded even though there is hardly anyone there. Very unfriendly service and bouncers. Don’t waste your time here, go to Lady Godiva’s, which is much better all around and only 1/2 mile away.

  15. Wingnut

    Most unfriendly club I have ever been to

  16. HotMama

    My husband and I went a few nights ago,not our first time there. It was great. We went on a Wednesday, drinks are BOGO, and private dances are 3/$35. We each got 3 private dances and loved them! The girls are beautiful and know what they’re doing! I recommend this over any club in West Virginia!

  17. K

    Southern X Barboursville is a Blast!!! “Destiny” is Awesome!!! My husband and I will definitley be going back!!!

  18. Danny boy

    I like the black chick pleasure. She has nice boobs and she even has her pussy pierced wow. I will be back in there to see her and im thinking about getting a BIG room wit her.

  19. The Reviewer

    Nice club where all the girls get naked on stage. Nice variety of dancers. Several are 10s with a few who should stay home with their kids. Best dancers are Mercedes, Bella, Krissy and Wednesday. Cant go wrong with any of them. All the dancers are friendly. The no touch lap dances are very lame. VIPs are nice but very expensive. I cant believe they arent any waitresses. Girls should not have to the bar to get their drinks. One bartender is not enough. You shouldnt have to wait 5 minutes to pay for your lap dances. Music is good. Stages are good. Both the celebrity stage and cage are elevated which makes for great viewing. Overall, a very nice club where everyone is very friendly.

  20. Ben

    Love, love, love this place! Awesome dancers!

  21. Brian

    I’ve spent a LOT of time in strip clubs..this place is the best!! The ladies are lovely and friendly, everyone there goes out of their way to make sure you have a great time. Whatever your expectations are, they will excede them.

  22. Alan

    I stopped in last Saturay night for a few drinks and to check it out. My first time at this club. There was a great variety of girls there, very friendly. Especially Cassie, she was very friendly and very sexy! I got a 3 dance private dance(well worth it).Also after a few more beers i got a 20 minute vip session. She was full nude and very nice! I dropped a lot of dough that night, but had a great time! I even came home with her panties as a souvenier! A night i’ll never forget.

  23. Nobody
  24. Cooter Ball Champion

    Felony Foreplay was great! Very Lovely! Glad to see some fetures in this wonderfull club.

  25. Wow

    Echo, you are very hot.

  26. wantin more
  27. jenn

    This club is one of the best in or around the Kanawha valley. Its the only place I take my husband. Perfect atmosphere.

  28. Engin

    I think this club is the best in the Huntington area…I know the other clubs as well but to be honest they all suck !!! The girls at Southern Xposure are by far the best around here and the friendliest… especially Carmen :)) She is the best dancer and the best girl there without any question… Hey Carmen-cutie if you read this, …I think you are the best girl … -I am sure you remember me too 🙂 this is Engin-the Turkish guy

  29. Larry

    For a small club in the middle of no where, there is an amazing number of really great looking dancers. Highly recommended. All the dancers take it all off.

  30. Sue and Lisa

    Went there with my lover and we had a blast. The girls are all so sexy and very friendly. We got trashed and ended up inviting two of the dancers over to spend the night. Just a fun club and we are going back next week !

  31. gablaster06

    michelle is a sweety!! and so are all the other girls.

    Had a really good time and dropped alot of $$$ but was worth every penny….planning on making another trip from atlanta….

  32. Groundhawk

    Stopped by while traveling. Came in bought a beer, took a seat and watched several dancers – cute and talented. Finally, Aliaya (not sure how she spelled this) came and sat down. She was extremely hot, very intelligent and a great converstionalist. She didn’t hustle me at all. I wasn’t staying long, so asked for a three dance set. She was clearly waiting for this. The dances were a little more than she implied, but less than most WV clubs. But she is so incredibly cute and sexy – I left feeling I should have done another set. I really enjoyed her company. And when she performed on stage, she was like a Vegas Showgirl. She really knows what the pole if for, and has impressive upper arm strength. This club is definitely on my list for my next trip to WV.

  33. gixkillerx

    first time i had been at this club and gthe girls where great and very nice

  34. Sly_one

    One of the best clubs I have been to in a while!

  35. yup
  36. Bobby

    The girls are smokin and DJ Marc Is got the beat that will keep you rockin

  37. Stepahnie

    Thanks for an awesome time last night at the male review! I have been to the club several times on regular nights. I will be back tonight for some fun. See ya then

  38. jake
  39. billy bob

    will guys i was there wed i got 2 3 song dance for 35.00 with jesse had a blast

  40. danny

    hi.the girl tonight wit her tits pierced n black hair dud so hot.hire her n i b back 24/7.good gals

  41. john
  42. SeAL Team 2

    Lets Get it ON!

  43. Martin

    Loved this place! From out of state but will definatly be back to see you!

  44. no name
  45. Sly One
  46. drew

    defenitly not a friendly place to be

  47. LJ Austin

    It was good to be back after two years away from the state and this place is getting better. Changes were made to different theme nights, but it still works. Porcha was kind, but the three kindest to me are Bella, Wednesday whose smile was really gorgeous, and my favorite, Echo who I go to the VIP with almost every time I visit. I can’t wait to come back again and again.

    One thing though, what the heck is “Bare Night” on Sunday?

  48. dan
  49. Ricky
  50. gun
  51. ...
  52. bobo
  53. Doug

    Awesome place to be. Will be back soon!

  54. mike from ill.

    this club ROCKS!!! and the drink prices are great.

  55. Hurtin' So Good

    Without a doubt the best experience I have had in a club. Great atmosphere, nice staff, good music, pretty girls. That said, Calista put the experience over the top. She is amazing, talented, motivated, and delicious… Props to her for a great time!

  56. FunkNasty

    Girls and staff are always very nice and friendly.

  57. kevin

    it was a blast, going back for sure

  58. Josh
  59. George

    This place ROCKS

  60. Jose Jimenez

    Love me some Cobra

  61. Kay

    Was here with my boyfriend and absolutly loved it. Great dancers and great DJ. Will be back!

  62. Terry Lee Clinton
  63. Sean

    Michelle is a super hotty, and so much fun in the hot tub.

  64. charles
  65. J

    This club is hands down one of the best ones i’ve been to the girls know how to have fun without being whores like most of the other clubs around & they r also georgous.. My wife & I come in there all the time & I would have to say Sky is one of our favorite cause she’s so bubbly & fun to be around… C you girls soon

  66. Marcus

    Club tries to be classy…but falls far short. Some girls are hot, but definitely rough around the edges. Most cannot hold a decent conversation, i.e., anything above a GED level. The best (worst) part? $20 drinks for the dancers and $500 VIPs for 1/2 hour. I think I may have stumbled upon WV largest tourist trap! Wow, you would be better off to fly to Mons Venus in Tampa for that kind of coin. My recommendation: stay far, far away from this tourist trap. But do stop by the new Sheetz at the bottom of the hill. Excellent food for a gas station!

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