The Red Rooster



6405 Greyhound Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89122


36.0984094, -115.0382511




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Red Rooster

  1. disgusted

    Read somewhere that this was the best swingers club in LV, I thought the geriatric trucker club let out, it was terrible. This place may have been rocking 10/15 yrs ago but not anymore.

  2. XXXbeast

    This place is fantastic.. sex all over wish more hot people came tho lol … its quite a show to see and a must see

  3. rickywho2

    Went this past Friday night, was WAY packed with couples. A few single guys and a couple single women. The staff kept the crowd under control, as in making sure the couple’s area remained couples only and enforced the naked room policy. The only complaint I really had was the guy dj’ing was pretty terrible. He frequently stopped popular songs midway and played tejano style music full length. I went a few years ago and it was dead, but tried it again and was glad I went back.

  4. Caden

    It was so over crowded and the feeling that I might catch something from just being there. The staff treats you like an inconvenience and are a little older crowd than was comfortable with.We were followed around like there was a bunch of fish waiting to be fed. Had to tell a few people to take their hands off my date and almost got into a fight over that on one occasion.Our first experience and the two that followed as we were asked to leave once as well because our costumes were offensive even though there was a gent dressed as Bishop with a dildo exposed as his genitals and a couple groupies following him around.I wouldn’t put this on your “must see” list, nor should you.Two thumbs down.

  5. james1412

    Great place for couples or singles. Lots of monitors to keep the trouble makers out. In all my years going there I’ve never scene a problem

  6. Sherry M.

    Best swingers club in Vegas and it has been around for something like a kazillion years (i.e., 1980). Mike and Chris are the married couple that run the place and they are very nice and very helpful if you have any questions. I’ve visited several times and the people are always an eclectic mix of young and old, fat and skinny and everything in between. Fabulous people watching at the very least (worth the price of admission alone), but of course you can take your entertainment as far as you like in this place as long as you find a consenting partner, which doesn’t appear to be too difficult because the ladies and gents that frequent this place are open, friendly and easy to talk to. Check it out for a unique night on the town that you will never forget!

  7. Vijay K.

    Wow…Initially…I was hesitant to go in…amazing place to be in….Got my memorial day weekend at vegas…Memories to cheer for a long..time…Awesoomeee…!!!

  8. maxxy1

    I have been to the Red Rooster several times as a single male and also 2 times as a couple. I have had a great time every time I have been. Some of the sexiest 2 on 1’s and 3 on 1 experiences that I have ever had were with women and couples that I met at the Red Rooster. The last 2 times I have been, it was with my sexy wife who enjoys swinging and especially Vegas Swingers fun as much as I do. The 1st time we wen to the Red Rooster together, we met a very sexy couple who was visiting form out of town and went upstairs to the couples VIP area. I am pretty sure some of the screams of ecstasy were heard downstairs. The 2nd time we hooked up with a sexy single black girl for a night that we will always remember. We love MFF threesomes!This is not a club full of Ken and Barbie’s. These are real people and real swingers of all looks and types. No beautiful party atmosphere. real people having real fun. Cum and join the fun. Unbiased swingers info Vegas Swingers info at

  9. fuckery12

    Wow, what a fun place! I went here this past Saturday and had a great time! I paid and got in. Once there I did feel a bit awkward for a bit but I asked for a tour. I was shown around so then I knew the lay of the land. I got to talk to some nice people and watched some couples have fun on the dance floor. The decor of the place is dated but the people there more than make up for it. This place is worth a visit!

  10. AssnTits5

    Party with the Pornstars & drink like a rock stars. The rooster is very fun, entertaining, and a must see in Las Vegas. The hot gorgeous women are plentiful. The there men are stallions. Great place if you are in the Lifestyle. Yes means yes and no means no. I had an amazing time with Claudia Marie

  11. ryan123

    Honestly the best time I have had in YEARS. Only $20 a couple on a Sunday night and the atmosphere was so laid back and wonderful. Started with a tour, regulars made sure we were comfortable, gave us great advice, and staff were very accommodating. .Chris was the bartender and whenever we walked up to the bar, the drink was ready for us. $10 cab ride from Sam’s Town, (not including tip) and we have already decided we are DEFINITELY going back. If you want a laid back night with great people try it out on Sunday. We were told that the night before for the Christmas party there was about 250 people. There were probably 40 or so the night we went.

  12. joseph1k

    Why spend hundreds of dollars bribing douchebag VIP hosts and currying favor with fickle tourist divas in the hopes of MAYBE scoring the proverbial happy ending? The Red Rooster is a sure bet: people come here to party and to get laid, and don’t bullshit about it. It’s a club without all the pretense and poseurs! Run by a genial middle-aged couple out of their sprawling private residence, the Red Rooster is just plain folks, drinking and dancing and getting frisky. Definitely not a room full of Barbies and hardbodies… but on the plus side, you won’t be judged, ridiculed or taken advantage of. People are welcoming and friendly, and you can definitely get some here, if your standards aren’t impossibly high (or even reasonably high, truth be told)!But even if you’re not into having sex with strangers in public, this is the best entertainment deal in Vegas, hands down! The people watching is phenomenal, with reality shows, dramas and pornos playing out LIVE in every corner. The liquor policy is BYOB, but you check your bottle in at the bar, and they label it with your name and will pour you drinks all night long as you wander around in a state of sensory overload. I had a BLAST here, and I didn’t have sex with anyone or engage in anything more risque than a little booty-shaking on the dance floor (yes, there is a dance floor and dj spinning Top 40 hits)! The best part is, Looky-Lous (as I admittedly was) are not frowned upon, and it’s prefectly cool to just have a drink and kick back and enjoy the show.If you do want to participate, though, there are ample opportunities and extensive facilities — a couples-only area upstairs, and an orgy room, indoor pool area, and myriad cozy little fuck-worthy nooks & crannies downstairs.Definitely not for the shy or faint of heart… but if you’re into a different kind of experience that takes the idea of recreation to the next level, try it out!

  13. Planet13

    Club was not good No girls on a Saturday night I left so did my friends.

  14. Kathy C.

    I dont even know where to start. The place hasnt been touched since Mike and Carol Brady were sexually active. We ventured in after 10 on a Thursday expecting a little bit of a crowd. There were 3 40 plus years old ladies line dancing. There spouses were shooting pool. There were a few single old farts watching porn. The place had the energy of a doctors waiting room. We mixed a drink with our flask and their soda. The buffet consisted of chicken ( I think) and Oreos served from Alices Tupperware. We wandered to private rooms, all empty but for an army of tissue boxes. The only attractive man was the guy at the door taking our cash donation. He seemed surprised when we left after 1/2 hour. I am sure this place was hip in the 80’s but is a sad old relic.

  15. larry1

    This place was packed for a “MAMMORIAL” day weekend! Mostly couples in their thirties and forties. Real throwback decor which actually gives it a little charm. Weird to see a bunch of old guys walking around in a towel having just hung out in the jacuzzi.Bartenders were cheerful and accommodating. The playroom upstairs is big and there was a generally cool vibe flowing throughout the place. No drama and a bunch of adult indulging in whatever they wanted to do.

  16. curtis17

    Think of a scene from a 70’s porno and that’s what think of when I went to this place. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun. This was our first time to a place like this. It is BYOB, which was cool. You walk in and drop off your bottles with the bartender. He tags with your name. She was very cool as well. We went on a Saturday night. We got there around 9pm. It was dead quiet, “awkward”. The dj started playing around 10pm but puts old slow song, boring. Around 11pm, they switched to club music and that’s when the party started. By 11 the crowd got younger and more fun. We were dancing, drinking, and watching the shows around us. After a while, people were just doing what they wanted to do… Again, it ain’t no upscale club or anything like that but a lot of fun and as many said “charming”. I would definitely go back when we hit Vegas.

  17. adamrod

    The location, bout 30min from the strip (it’s more winds and bends through neighborhood than straight highway driving) and it’s perfect, we parked on the street and it was not a problem. Neighborhood parking and open but you can park inside, it is a gated off home (only home on the street). The home reminds me of a party style home set up for awesome fun and down to earth party swingers! Downstairs: lockers and private rooms -2 of them with doors and locks, the pool and hot tub breaks off from there. A lounge with a dance floor and bar (you bring your own alcohol, they provide mixers.. just tip) and a couch area with a TV (Playing adult XXX , mood setter) this is open to couples, single females and males this all is pretty open layout, you can walk outside to a private patio as well to smoke and mingle (alot of paring happens their). Upstairs: Couples only, as you walk up your met with a couch (Leather and cloth) area and TV (Adult XXX) places to set your drinks. A banister to chill and look below, as you walk back towards the other end there is a full nude couples only area, 2 big rooms and a bathroom. There is a area to undress and bins to store your things in as well. A couch is also their to chill, play and wait if it gets crowded, basically a open orgy area for full nude couples only. Cleanliness? The beds have sheets on them, projectiles from men and women do remain but we saw no problem it was kept pretty sanitary. The couches were clean, alot of nudity and BJ’S etc happened their. The lockers and bathrooms were clean, the pool is kept clean but not over chlorinated. Over all our experiences? You can go nude pretty much everywhere. Bar, pool, dance floor, rooms, couches, and orgy rooms. We went on Friday and saw a crowd (40+ people) mostly couples a few single men (maybe 4 and they just kept quiet and nude, lol) friendly, most local and friends but not stuck up. We were first timer’s, played pool, tried to get a strip pool game going but it’s not a 8 ball winds set up. Orgy in the pool later, and plenty of people upstairs around 12ish so their was a weight for the couples only room, but no problem cause people just hung out on couches and played. Over all- compared to other lifestyle clubs? This place is the only place I’ll go to again. I have reviewed them all. All of them maybe bring in 2 couples and a bunch of single males. This place? It’s the place to meet for swingers and nudist alike for naughty fun. I was surprised at the turn out and it’s all private owned!! Yep.. that’s right, a 30$ donation for couples and bring your own alcohol. 4 stars solid!! We will be back, even if your not down to orgy with others (we didn’t) we were respected enough to go nude, play, have sex in front of people and feel safe without that creepy vibe that other clubs give you. PS. No phones, no photos, no negotiation, no means no, plenty of couples, nudes, swingers, exhibitionists, nudists alike, all happy and open-minded- Just memories= Awesome!

  18. XhXeXy

    This place sucks! If you go, make sure to check out their special events first. You don’t want the same experience we had… Travel 20 minutes each way just to find out they had a naked and naughty party. The place is a residential area, that alone makes it creepy. We walked in and the first thing we see is a butt naked fat ass man with his small hairy junk hanging. Then some old dude (80’sh) told us rudely “you do know about our dress code right!”. Their website says “dress to impress” so we said yes. He continue saying rudely “you need to be in lingerie and he needs to be naked or else you can’t be here!” We kinda laughed a little thinking it was a joke. He say “I am serious, you need to take off your clothes!”. Then he explained about the special event. Whatever… We walked out, but not before noticing that people there were pretty old (45-55) and not very good looking. The men to women ratio was about 3:1, the DJ was playing porn grooves instead of regular club music, and the whole atmosphere had a “Eyes wide shut” vibe instead of a friendly club feel. We have attended great swing clubs in California, this place is definitely better the the other famous swing club in Vegas, but make sure to lower your standards before going. It’s more of a creepy place where old fat perv men like to hang out!!!

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