Fat Jack’s Cabaret



1682 Wall Avenue, Bock, MN 56313


45.7864088, -93.5526537




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fat Jack’s Cabaret

  1. James
  2. Girls Girls Girls

    HOT women! Couch dances make you hot!

  3. cheezy
  4. oscar

    its like getting a drink at the airport the way they price their are

  5. lucky

    WoW I had a BLAST

  6. :)
  7. Joel

    I was in Saturday with some buddies. Lots of changes since I was there the last time. Back room is bigger with more tables and chairs. Once again had a fun time. Will be back soon. Hear something about 93X being there on the 26th. Any truth to that?

  8. HP

    great place to get your load on!! tip good and the drink prices drop ALOT!

    I will be back!!

  9. Harry

    Good place to stop on the way to the lake!

  10. Friday

    Dancers were NOT appealing. Too many stretch marks.

  11. Neal

    my bachlor party had a great time. thanks to all the girls that night.

  12. ryan123

    Great place a bit off the beaten path but Worth the extra effort to get to a nice club with a great bar and drink specials and food ,burgers and steaks and allot of other stuff ,girls are friendly and easy to look at a fun club the dancers are separate from the bar restaurant area so you don’t even need to see the dancers ,but what fun would that be and they also have a adult toy/video store a great place for bachelor party or just for a cold beer (BTW It’a a Nudie Bar!)

  13. Scott

    Fun place to have a couple drinks and see the girls.

  14. Sexy Ladies

    Bachelor parties are great! Up there last Saturday for a party and the dancers & employees were great to us! Rock on Fat Jack’s!!

  15. zach

    was in sat night for my buddies bachelor party. thanks for the great time. will be back again.

  16. David Lee

    I came in and was greeted by a beautiful Asian girl she looked Very exotic with nice tight body, she told she was on stage next saw her stage set which was amazing and great dancer on the pole, got a $20 dance from her she said 2 songs for the price of one and I was pretty amazed and brought her back to the bed dance which was awesome, she was very fun great personality. It was worth every penny. I will be coming back again….

  17. $
  18. Jon

    What happened to this place?! Have not visited since November. What a

    change :-/ does Aurora still work here? If not where can I find her? Fat

    Jacks needs new management! And less drugs!!!!

  19. dagu4u2

    Poor format. One dancer on stage and the rest in the backroom.

  20. Sven

    How does this place stay in business

  21. David
  22. really sucks
  23. muskiedude

    sorry we couldnt stay on Friday, but the cash machine wouldnt work… we hated to leave, but when you run out of cash it just seemed stupid to stay. See you all next openers!

  24. jmk
  25. why?

    with the prices as high as they are, why is the place in such rough shape?

    As a customer I expect more for what Im paying, since I AM paying through the nose for it.

  26. Steve

    In there this last weekend. Busy place! Lots of dancers to choose from. Had a Fat Jack’s burger – the best!

  27. customer recent
  28. Davis

    Pass. Sugar Daddys is right down the road. Don’t waste time here!

  29. JDM

    It’s a great club and the dancers are good.

  30. Horrible place
  31. carter
  32. Dean
  33. khtime

    Neighborhood tavern feel. Music too LOUD. Not for me.

  34. jim
  35. Dude

    stoped by the other night for somthing to eat and see the show what a joke no more food, nobody in the place what happend. this place used to be fun

  36. Al

    Stopped by for a great burger (food is BACK!) and some lap dances. Dancers were friendly, so was staff! I’ll be back!

  37. Russ
  38. MEAT

    Had a blast till we left, then got pulled over leaving town AGAIN! them cops are THICK when you leave this club the last 4 or 5 times we visited

  39. objective

    The hotness of the dancers is above average compared to other clubs. Add to that the fact that you can also have alcohol and food is a good reason to stop. The food is good but they just raised prices again and its very expensive. Drinks are also very expensive compared to any other place, which from all the comments over the year, is a reason people dont frequent as much as they would like. They have upgraded the couches which needed it and fixed the room up a bit. Music is much louder than needed and gives people headaches. But all in all a good stop from one who has been to alot of clubs all over the US. Cassandra, Deja, Nadia, Aurora are all stunning I think.

  40. Peter

    same old crap, just ALOT more money!!!!

  41. Julia


  42. Awesome

    I had so much fun in there… the girls are hot and friendly, the dances totally worth it, im coming back soon! and bringing some friends

  43. Drove from North Dakota

    I will be back

  44. Pete

    A couple of the girls were 8s most were 4-6s and a few ruffs, drinks were way 2 expensive and the place kinda looks like a dive. overall the dances were worth it with the right gals but the staff and prices were not.

  45. came from the cities

    won’t be back

  46. trippin

    they should name this place trippin, cuz when you get a dance, the bouncer starts trippin because his woman is gettin busy with me!

  47. me

    It sucks!!!!!!!!!

  48. German Dan

    What happened to the blonde bombshell?

  49. Butch

    This club is like no other. The best in the state. Thanks for always showing me a good time.

  50. MPM
  51. Lake Boy

    Stop here on the way to the lake. Matinee is great – usually stop for supper before heading up. If their good enough for 93X crew, then their good enough for me.

  52. eddd

    it kinda sucked….i like more in your face places

  53. Terrence
  54. tiny

    totally worth the gas

  55. taylor
  56. Fred

    Its a great club, very few if any clubs have full nudity and a full bar. Drinks are expensive if you compare them to small town bars but about the same as in the cities. The dancers are way above average with somedown right awesome, Samantha, Bianca, Mandy, Nadia etc. are way above aveagre. Check it out.

  57. hit/miss

    This club is like any other rural club, it is hit or miss. Sometimes when I go there, it is fantastic..others…boring. I find it interesting that a chick would b*tch about not being able to make money at this club. There is a fantastic opportunity here for girls to engage their customers in conversation in the bar area, and create clients. Many, even most, girls don’t do it, they just sit on their butts and act stuck up etc. Don’t complain if you don’t make money, its your own fault. Unless you have supermodel looks/body, do you really expect $$$ to just fall into your purse? You have to make an effort…

  58. Jake

    Stopped on our way to mille lacs again Saturday before fishing. As always had a great time. Should of stayed longer cause the fish sure didnt bite!

  59. Hunter9744

    I am always very impressed with the girls in this club. I stop in occasionally on my way through town, and have not been disappointed yet.

    My last two times, I was really impressed with both Aurora and Autumn. Both gave great dances, with a lot of contact and attention to me. I will be back to see them soon.

  60. Chuck
  61. Big Daddy

    What a dive with trailer trash for Dancers. Too many rules.

  62. sucks
  63. Chet

    This club rocks! Music is great, dancers are top notch – the employees here are great, too!

    Value for the dollar is WAY better than clubs in the cities!

  64. milaca man

    not a fan sugar daddys is way better

  65. anonymous
  66. wes
  67. unknown
  68. princess
  69. LOL

    Drama is usually self created. 2 little $$$ probably means you aren’t good at your chosen profession…

  70. Micheal

    1st time tere, and I agree with the comments about the remodel… WAY OVERDUE!

  71. Jerry

    best club i have ever been to

  72. joe
  73. Scrav

    I always like stopping early in the day. The girls are hot and beautiful.

  74. yuck!

    my wife and I have nothing nice to say.

  75. RxGuy

    Went to the club this afternoon on the way up north and wow is

    Aurora amazing. Received two bed dances from her and it was

    the best experience I have had at a club before. Well worth

    the money, what a beautiful woman.

  76. gto
  77. Bennie

    not worth the gas

  78. Jakes Fan

    This place is NOTHING like Jakes!! Doesnt compare whatsoever! When will Jakes re-open?

  79. Pleased Patron

    AWESOME! Couch dances and fantasy dances are the longest ever!! Real drinks & nudity!! Toy store!! What more can a guy ask for??!!

  80. Tony

    DON’T go to this DUMP. Just a word to the wise.

  81. Jason

    The girls at Fat Jacks were amazingly good looking and very friendly! Thank you Sara for a terrific time!! See you girls again soon!

  82. Joey
  83. Ty

    Awesome time last night! Dancers there are great, but they could use a few more.

  84. Robert

    Drove up from Apple Valley to find out they where closed. No notice anywere online, but a note on te door. I thought they would give some sort of notice.

    Im sure it was an oversight, but I find it to be very disrespectful.

    Happy Thanksgiving anyway

  85. Erin

    For a small town strip club it was just ok. It seems to be a pole barn with an interior that needs alot of upgrading. I truly thought with the prices for drinks that they would have spent some money keeping it clean and the parking lot wouldnt be gravel.

  86. orville

    hick club in a hick town

  87. Uni
  88. Sir Laugh-a-lot

    This place is great! Hot dancers, great variety of music and excellent food! Rockin!!!!!

  89. Douglas

    Lots of new dancers – young, new faces! Adrianna is sweet and friendly – so is Candice. Check ’em out!

  90. yuck


  91. Steph

    Was in last week with my husband and another couple. The girls were great. I had my first couch dance ever with Justice. It was great. Check her out if you’re at this club. We will be back in the near future!

  92. # 5


  93. bob
  94. Regular

    This club rocks! The dancers are hot, food is great and they have a full bar! Let’s see….hot naked women, food, alcohol and an adult store…..

  95. fishy

    stay on the lake, the fishin is better

  96. Jesse
  97. Dennis
  98. anus

    vf;weo eo32 12hsb

  99. who cares?

    it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. first timer

    Very UNattractive dancers!

  101. Drama Queen

    Save your drama for your mama justice. There are alot of people that know your such a drama queen. Oh ya, and an escort! ha ha ha ha

  102. Scrav74

    I was the only one there on a early Sunday evening and the girls were all over me. I got lap dances from 3 different girls for at least 3 songs each and they still just charged me $20. I can’t wait to go again!!

  103. Neva
  104. Brian

    Really surprised that there were 8 really hot girls dancing on a Tuesday night. The girls were all really sweet. No pressure to get dances…they would just hang out and chat. My dances from Samantha were the best ever! Fat Jack’s is a great place to visit.

  105. from the cities

    NOT IMPRESSED. Will not be driving up there again. Might be OK for farmers who have nothing better and are tired of looking at their cows, but I will stick to clubs down in the cities.

  106. dan

    Had a great time on Sunday. ladies were great. Sasha and Candice, awesome couch dances!

  107. princeton

    two thumbs down

  108. Myrin

    seems slow there

  109. Mike

    The club was great and i had a great time!

  110. V.I.P.

    I like being a V.I.P., discount drinks always make me smile!

    I will be back!!

  111. Happy

    Dancers were friendly, prices reasonable for a strip club. Great atmosphere – friendly people!

  112. WildGuy

    This is a poor choice all around. $7 cover AND $5.25 for a beer? The worst part was I stopped in on Saturday just before 1 pm. There were ZERO dancers on the premises and I STILL got charged $5.25 for a beer. A bit after 1 pm, two dancers decided to show up. One dancer barely said hi, and the other was all distressed about something. Didn’t seem like it would be a very good time.

  113. buttman

    nice and slow there so i can have all the girls to myself

  114. Not coming back

    I came here three times this summer, during the week, and I was the only customer everytime! What the Heck! The girls were more interested in the video games on the bar and seemed like they were so bothered to come onto the stage…3 strikes and yer out! Me not come back.

  115. Paul

    check out mandy. great couch dances. also got a dance from angel. shes a cutie too.

  116. Dis place sks
  117. Todd

    would have enjoyed it better if the ladies came out of the back room more

  118. Sara
  119. Riley

    If your lookimg for one hell of a dance make sure to see Riley. She works Sundays, most Mondays, Tuesdays and all day Saturdays. She seems more comfortable being Friendly on Mondays and Saturday nights. Any day she works was always fun though. 1/2 hours make sure to tip $100 before the dance starts and for an hour make sure to tip $200 before haand also. She wont dance with me anymore so I figured I would pass the information on you all of you. You wont be disappointed. The hour will cost you $800 but very much more worth it then half hour for $400. I just wish she would still dance with me. I never left VIP UNSATISFIED. Shes good!!!!!

  120. TOM
  121. frewor
  122. Doug

    I went to Fat Jack’s last Saturday and had a great time. The staff is friendly, the food is excellent, and the dancers provide an excellent show and great lap dances.

    Fat Jack’s relaxed atmosphere is fun. I have the opportunity to watch the show, enjoy a nice dinner, and talk to the dancers, who are very kind to their customers.

    A highly recommended club worth the trip.

  123. theone
  124. jeff
  125. c3


  126. HOT!!!

    Justice, Nadia, Mandy, Jenna, Brooklyn,m Bianca – talk about selection! This place has it all!

  127. Ted

    Awesome club! You get REAL drinks, good value for the dollar on VIP, and a great variety of dancers!

  128. Cooter
  129. Abdul

    How does this place stay open. Dancer quality is a 2 on a scale of 1-10 and there is nobody ever there but of course I can see why. stay far away from this place

  130. come on

    Cover here is completely unjustified during the week. Talent is low quality, there are NO customers, girls don’t want to dance on stage, just hassle you for couch dances, if you say no they get all cranky. Weekends are better but a word to the wise do not come here if its a weekday. You’ll wind up walking out and driving the 30 miles to st cloud for better entertainment.

  131. bouncer
  132. ryan

    first night there, great friends great girls. cold beer , good times

  133. Bachelor

    Stopped with a group for bachelor party. Great time! There were even a couple bars across the street for the guys that didn’t want to go into the strip club. Dancers and bartenders were HOT!

  134. foreskin

    totally nude seems to have its drawbacks I see… but i love the stretch marks

  135. mo money

    high leases and no customers

  136. Fat Jacks Boy
  137. Lenny

    Was in thursday and friday. Got dances from mandy and justice. Both hot girls. Club all around great time. Will for sure be back soon.

  138. Jughead

    Stopped by recently on a Saturday just after 7pm so missed the happy hour. $5.75 for a bottle of beer and $7 cover charge, ouch. There was only about 5 guys and 5 dancers there, a few more guys showed up later but not many Stayed around for about hour and half.. Music was too loud. New stage, could use more lighting. I put $2 on stage and one of the chicks wouldn’t take her panties off or show her vag and i asked why and she said $2 aint enough, i mean come on there is only 5 guys in the place you should be happy i give you anything at all. Lame. The other 4 girls showed their vag , some more than others but most not as much as they should. Got me a $20 couch dance and she shorted me some time as it was the shortest couch dance i ever had. Must be a no contact club cuz they didnt even rub their boobs in my face which is what all guys love. A recognized a couple of the girls from other clubs in twin cities. Needless to say i will not be returning anytime soon.

  139. mayorofbock

    just went in and saw Chelsea Charms…AWSOME. Great stage dancer. Going back to get a couch dance, taking wife there later.

  140. Trevor
  141. Fat Jacks fan

    This club is way better than Sugar Daddy’s. This club has liquor and the dancers are just as hot! Good food, too.

  142. John

    Very refreshing to get away from Minneapolis club atmosphere. The girls are Very sweet!! N I didn’t go home poor!

  143. jack
  144. bobby

    DJ has music WAY too loud. A couple dancers were decent but some are nasty. But that is typical of clubs. However, the price of drinks is WAY too high and the food is ok but also priced like its an expensive restaurant. Owner has progressively gotten greedier and greedier it seems.

  145. Juggy

    Stopped by on a Saturday late afternoon for the first time

    in a year or two and was pleasantly surprised. Was about 5-

    6 girls there and two of them really were nice…Aurora and

    Lily. $7 for a cover charge on Sat afternoon seems a bit

    much though. Beer was not too expensive though. No boob

    contact with the face by the stage or the couch dances so

    disappointed in that. They did give good couch dances


  146. Ed

    Justice is one fine looking woman, and treats her customers right!

  147. no
  148. tim

    not worth the drive

  149. Henry

    Im just so happy you have so many women of color there

  150. why???

    whats so bad about this place??? id like to know

  151. Justin

    Lots of dancers to choose from! Hot women – I’ll be back again!

  152. steama

    The women there are the best and most treat you like a vip.

  153. hanging

    waste of time

  154. Schwing

    Great club! Packed last weekend! Had a great time!

  155. jay

    This club needs some work. It maybe ok for the regulars who dont know any better but for anyone else this place needs some work. THE building, the the stage, the girls.

  156. Jessie

    Had alot of fun here! Most clubs use measured pourers for drinks – not this place! You get a real drink! Good atmosphere. Dancers are friendly and so is the staff. I’ll be back.

  157. dancer

    this club has all fat chicks, anybody have any flour

  158. Fat Jack's Fan
  159. defendant

    DUI’s galore leaving here… watchout!!

  160. Jenna Fan
  161. morgan

    downtown prices and attitude

  162. #69

    Kick ass club….Rock on!

  163. LO
  164. customer

    this club needs to be called fat ass cabaret!!!!!

  165. Cash to drop

    There is something off about this club. The quality of girls is horribly inconsistent. As soon as couch dance ends it seems like the girl is in some kind of rush to get you off the couch, so I asked a girl about it..turns out they have some retarded rule abut it..you can only sit on the couch with a dancer for one song without it being part of a couch dance…wats dat all about? I really don’t get why prices are so high here…to tell the truth this place can’t be considered a “gentleman’s club. This is more of a “hole in the wall” titty bar variety. The only prob is the club seems to think its part of high society. The workers here are WAY to anal..they have a million rules..such as “no leaning on the pool tables”..I mean come on. I have thought about if i would ever come back to this place, and the answer’s no, too many irritating rules. Makes me feel like I’m in boot camp again, i half expected the DJ to call me out for having my thumbs hooked into my jean belt loops. thumbs down.

  166. Steve-O
  167. Ginger
  168. neighbor
  169. newt69

    better to go to sugar daddys in st cloud,most of the dancers looked like jenna and prices not as bad nor the rude treatment of management

  170. sam
  171. Aria
  172. Aweful

    Never again!!!

  173. mortie
  174. Brad

    Club has really improved! Drink specials and food specials. We were in there last Saturday and it was alot of fun with the Halloween party. All the dancers were dressed up in costume – cool!

  175. YUK

    Oh this place is a hole!!! The womans bathroom, DISGUSTING!!

  176. aggie
  177. Private man

    What a shit hole!

  178. spazzy

    Hey Dancer dont be a hater. This club is not full of fat chicks. Take another look.

  179. Big Joe
  180. Dave
  181. Justice

    2 much drama 2 little $$$

  182. brainerd guy

    Leah was the best. was there july 3rd

  183. first time here

    This club really needs remodeling. They also need more girls.Well maybe if they actually had some girls with a personality, I would come back here!!! To bad, thats ok I went to Suggar Daddys and got it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. Bill
  185. White Beard

    Maliah and Lexi are always in. The two of them are

    friendly athletic and positively upbeat. The WhiteBeard

    chart is a combined measure of intelligence and t*t perky-

    ness. Lexi scores a 99/99. If you prefer the intelligent.

    It’s Lexi all the time. Maliah…… I’ll keep it simple.

    If you’re not….. how do I say this……aroused by the

    time she has finished with you, you’ve got medical issues.

  186. c3po
  187. mandi

    whoever goes to this club, look for mandi. really hot dancer and great couch dances. jena, nadia and zoie are really hot to.

  188. zoe
  189. ewww

    you wont need a reservation here, thats for sure

  190. sm

    the best, let it snow

  191. Brook

    Did Aurora really leave here? Not the same at all! Can anyone

    tell me where she went?

  192. Occational visitor

    I always have a great time at this club the girls are great. The only club I will go to now.

  193. MC

    This place is great. Staff are friendly. Dancers give great lap dances, and pay attention to guests. Best club I’ve seen in a long time!

  194. not impressed

    Thought the prices were to high, and the girls were only poor to average. I see alot better down in the cities. And your drink prices are just out their. someone is not in reality.

  195. Rotten
  196. not

    some good girls here, lots of bad…about what you’d expect from a place in the boonies. Somewhat surprising though cuz the girls are largely from the cities…they don’t attract the top talent is putting it mildly.

  197. bad
  198. To mo money

    This club firmly believes that a dancer’s ability to make money depends on her abilities as well as club atmosphere. If the dancer can’t make money, they must not be trying. Bachelor parties galore…birthday celebrators, etc. give plenty of opportunity.

  199. lowrider

    Jenna! Jenna! Jenna! Definitely check her out. Shes worth the drive

  200. Ha Ha

    Orville you sound like a hick yourself!

  201. Tex

    expected more, got less.

  202. Buck

    Stopped by on the way back from hunting last fall and was one of two people in the place and I know why. The dancers were fat and butt ugly. Depressing atmosphere with nothing going for the place. Do yourself a favor and don’t stop at Fatty Dancer Jacks

  203. jimmy

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