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0 reviews for “Shangri-La Bath & Sauna

  1. XXXbeast

    I am so surprised that there is a nice sauna place in town. It is amazing how they manage this place. It is clean and nice. The style just like sauna in Asia.There are dry sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and showering area. They provide everything you need. you don’t need to prepare anything. Just walk in and enjoy! There is also a resturant. Everything is 24 hours! I will definitely come back again.

  2. Party Paul

    This club is a joke. Are you kidding me? They don’t even have a day shift, so I can’t stop in there on my lunch break, the managers don’t do anything except for stand around and try to get with the girls, and no one asks you if you want a drink if you are sitting there! The service is so horrible and the girls are really unfriendly. One of them looks like a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. XhXeXy

    Went here with a friend on her recommendation. Paid $120 for a 60 minute body scrub/massage. My friend was being scrubbed first & it looked wonderful. I was on the table across from her and the girl who was scrubbing and massaging me had no idea what she was doing. I should have gotten up after 3 minutes but I kept thinking it would get better. It just got worse. No need for details on a terrible massage, but it was so disappointing, especially hearing my friend oooing and aaahing and then looking over to see the difference of someone who really knew how to do it. My friend and I told the owner about my experience and she actually argued with us about how everyone on staff are professional, etc…We were hoping she would give me a partial refund or a free massage for the future. Instead she gave my daughter & I some nasty ice cream. I didn’t come for ice cream?!?! When we checked out, she overcharged me $50. I asked my family what they ate & she immediately said oh wait, wait & changed the bill. It was super shady. Then, when I gave a $5 tip for the massage, she went off on me about how she is a young student who comes here a few times a week trying to earn money and how could I think of only giving her $5?! She was incredibly rude. I also work very hard for my money and when they charge such prices, one should leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, not stresed and ripped off. Be wary.

  4. Sexiblu

    Yea so I started wokin for the club few weeks ago and been there plenty times before and looked at ppls reviews…..dont know watthey are talkin about. If you notice all the waitresses and bouncers where all black to not take attention away from the girls working. very hot girls…..oh and theres no pole cause its a restaurant too which prohibits them.

  5. Jessica S.

    Extremely clean but eerily empty on a Saturday afternoon. Only 2 real sauna rooms in the section. I wouldn’t advice eating here… Looked a bit sketch. The separate women section had a bit of a smell that reminded me of wet cloth. Not pleasant. Long story short, was decent if you need a place to rest/shower but wouldn’t linger.

  6. Entertainer

    Want to let you guys know that not every girl in this club charges $100 per song and are either busted or ghetto. There is a larger variety of nice hot girls in here now, so don’t let your whole judgement on the club be affected by a couple of girls

  7. yanard12

    I have been living in Tampa for 4 years and have passed this place many many times and have never stopped due to the 24/7 sign. Since most of those places are sketchy for sure. Well, I am no longer a stranger to this establishment. My friend and I decided to go today. Upon arriving at the parking lot and walking to the door, we found the door to be locked with a sign that says “ring bell or call this number”. I was a bit taken aback by that and thought in my head, “I wonder why it’s locked, and if the police raid this place a lot”. A few minutes later, we were greeted by a very pleasant Korean woman. She proceeded to check us in (bring an ID, cause they keep it during your session). We were given a key with your assigned number to open two lockers (shoe locker and your belongings locker). We decided to bring our own salt scrubs, clay masks and lotions, so we opted out of the scrub experience. So, can’t rate that. We spent about 5 hours here and enjoyed every single minute. The areas are nude for your sex and you get a uniform for the common areas. My friend and I did our own treatments in the sitting shower area. No one bothered us or made us feel uncomfortable. We then went to the common area and went into the clay sauna to do some hot yoga with my friend that is a yoga instructor. It was amazing! If you have ever detoxed your body this way, your body will start to give you the serious hunger cues. We sat down to eat some homemade dumplings and a short rib soup (kalbe). It was just what my body needed! The food was delicious and fresh. I’m not typically a kimchi fan, but this one had the perfect tang and spice. I never felt like this place was sketchy at all once I walked in. If you like to sing, there are 3 karaoke rooms. Asians love their karaoke! After we checked out, the nice lady gave us some cucumber mask to try at home. I will definitely come back. I felt very empowered to be in the nude and never felt judged. Only reason why I didn’t give it a 5 star is the fact that the products that are used for the treatments should be a higher professional grade product. I saw the therapists massaging with baby oil. That was my determining factor on why I opted out of massage services. Besides that, it was great!

  8. mathewater12

    My mom and I came here as a Mother’s Day gift. Although it’s much smaller compared to Korean spas that I’m used to in California, we still enjoyed our visit. My mom absolutely loved it here and talks about it constantly after we left. We got here early and were impressed how thorough the staff maintained the spa. I will definitely continue to come back here.

  9. chance

    this club has come a long way.even through the summer of 09 with the economy being at it worst, its still going strong

  10. Jackie

    Angel from Shangri La will do anything in or out of the club. Her cell is 727-657-9832.

  11. dannyboy7

    Recently visited this spa, the washcloths had hair in them the towels were bleached and had holes. They requested no shoes but the floors were dirty. The owner was very rude I over heard her yelling and cursing at some of the employees. She quickly changed face when she realized I had heard everything. She boasts about how much money she has and put into the building but yet she begs for customers to leave large tips and upgrade their services Over all bad experience. Very disappointed

  12. Brownie

    Probably worst club in Tampa right now.

  13. Lonestar

    Whoever said their food is good must’ve gotten paid to say that. They barely have any girls, the ones they have are either really snooty or really ghetto. Hospitality? No such thing. Music too loud. Buy a six pack. Stay home. You’ll have a much better time. really.

  14. Glen J.

    Tampa is fortunate to have an authentic Korean Spa. The body scrub is great. The only problem is you’ll become addicted. You’ll never feel cleaner and your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The fancy hotel spas can’t even come close to an authentic Korean body scrub. The place is super clean and the food is superb. Try the seafood pancake!

  15. rogerrab2

    I like this place. The wet sauna gets hot but you have to be naked in the men’s wet sauna area. That my one complaint. The main area they provide you shorts and a t-shirt. Best sauna in Tampa. I’m told the cold bath will be made even colder.

  16. Disappointed

    Well, I was coming in for an audition, there was some bum-looking guy coverend in paint, in cut off jeans, boots, and a scruffy beard at the door…no it wasn’t a homeless man, it was a manager!!! he showed me inside, i stifled my vomit, while he usherd me to the “dressing room”, the stage at NO dancer pole, the floor was all scuffed up and grimey looking, there were maybe TWO people there, and the bathroom, was just a toilet in the dressing room with NO DOOR AND NO SINK. this club must be a cover for a whore house. yea…pass

  17. Ladyy

    This club sucks. Its always dead, and theres never any girls there. The bartender stephanie is the only nice person that works there for the staff. the bouncers are rude.

  18. Flash

    Those are some broke-down, sleazy hos.

  19. fritter17

    Started my 2016, first Monday of this year going to this Peace Of Heaven called Shangri-La in Tampa!!I went with my daughter, we both loved the whole experience of going to the steam room and soaking in the hot and cold tub. I treated myself to a 30 minute body scrub. OMG!! FABULOUS!! I can’t find the words to say how good this felt and how clean I felt afterwards. My skin was so soft. I was so relaxed!We had a meal at the spa. THE BEST KOREAN SOUP I HAVE EVER HAD!! Servings are very plentiful .I even had some wine with my meal.The staff is so sweet and gracious.I loved laying down in the salt room. I could feel how breathing in this room, felt so good to me. I suffer from respiratory disease and sinuses. This is the place for me.I felt safe, respected, and I was very impressed with how very clean everything is.**Can’t imagine anyone having a bad experience in this place (unless you are a narrow minded/never been anywhere type of person). **I am going back, and this time I will spend the night. So lucky we have a place like this in my part of Florida!!

  20. ryan123

    Found this place while searching for saunas and was quickly drawn to check it out. I researched pricing and call to ask any lingering questions. We wanted to get everything clear since we live in Orlando and would had to make and 1 1/2hr trip. When you first arrive the outside doesn’t look like much. There’s wasnt many cars either. We went in and everything was explain. We were given 2 small blue towels and a pink shirt and shorts. The first set of small lockers is for you shoes then in the dressing room you have bigger lockers. You have to be completely nude which was something I didn’t know how comfortable we would be with. The nude area has a hot tub, cold tub, steam sauna, shower and sitting shower. It was empty when we went in and after a while you get used to you nudity. After enjoying that area we got dressed (the uniform they gave was huge on me like seriously I said loose but this was way too loose). In the communal area there so many things, salt sauna, clay sauna, authentic Korean restaurant, relaxation room, karaoke room, 3ft small pool, mats, and more! They also offer a great variety of services. We really and thoroughly enjoyed it. We can’t wait to be back. Very relaxing and our skin felt wonderful. Staff was super nice and helpful.

  21. tonycluber

    Amazing place! Awesome way too de-compress and relax! Treatments are awesome! Kept very clean! If you have modesty issues then it’s not for you! The Korean cafe inside has great food! This place rocks!!!

  22. jen

    You should bring Tara Montana back she is the only one that knew how to run your club

  23. richard95

    Sketchy factor rating scale of 1-10Upon arrival into parking lot=15Not gonna lie—-the sketchy radar did pop up as I parked my car and looked around. Then again I went around 9pm on a Friday—so I’m thinking that might be expected. At first glance you might be inclined to think that this is one of those creepy rub and tugs with the strangely blacked out windows and sticky floors.Boy was I wrong. I’m not a Korean bath house virgin but will admit that I have been to some larger venues so wasn’t completely sure what to expect here.Let me start off by saying that the hospitality here was amaze-a-balls! Generally when I visit Korean bath houses/restaurants/grocery stores—hospitality is definitely not the first word that comes to mind—-but that mind set was very different here. Took a visit here with my brother. We were greeted upon entry. The woman checking us in was very pleasant and asked if it was our first time. We let her know it was our first visit to this location and she gave us all the details.Shoes go in the first set of locker cubbies. Then your clothing belongings go in the second set of lockers. Wet area was on the small side, there is one hot whirlpool and one cold whirlpool. The shower area was ample and there was a steam room. I pretty much had the place to myself so that was pretty cool. There are two heated treatment rooms, salt room and clay room–each having different properties that would help me work on my health. The rooms were on the warmer side but I’m thinking that’s to help the elements penetrate your body—or something to that affect. Whatever it was—-it definitely helped clear up my sinuses! They have a few relaxation rooms (basically a nice place to just lay down and chill/sleep) They offer a variety of treatments—body scrubs, facials, massages (I didn’t partake in any but will try next time around).Of course as we’re roaming back and forth between the sauna rooms, watching some tv—-we start to get hungry——tada! There is a food area—-it was about 10pm and the lights were off—-my stomach was telling me otherwise—–as we walked around, found a gentlemen carrying some items to the kitchen, so of course we decided to follow him while trying not to look like we were stalking the Korean food goodies—-when I asked him what time the food area normally closed he said it was still open and was more than happy to cook up some dishes.Score!We had the mandu dumplings, seafood pancake, and kim chae jagae—wowza!!! The portions were pretty big and the food was very good. Late night dining that definitely hit the spot! As a bonus we got a plate of pineapple and sliced apples to close off our meal. We had an awesomely non-sketchy experience!!!! Hooray for the little things in life.

  24. StripClub431

    Inside the women’s spa, there are a medium size hot tub and small cold tub, which were all i needed. i got 30 min scrub massage and paid $50. The massage was very good. I would definitely come back for it. The place was pretty much empty. I was the only one around especially in the common area where women and men in uniforms can enter together. Staffs were friendly as well.

  25. harryharry

    This little place is one of those diamond in the rough kind of places. Don’t let the outside fool you. Once you get past the doors it is clean, well maintained, sanitized, and welcoming. Once you check in at the front desk, the attendant will give you a uniform and a key with a number on it. Lock up your shoes and head on back to the wet side. This part is segregated to male and female, and it’s where you will have full use of a hot tub, cold tub, showers, and a steam room, which are all regularly sanitized. Once you want a little change from all the wetworks, throw on that comfy cotton uniform they gave you and head back to the two dry saunas one clay and one sea salt or have a refreshing meal at the in house restaurant. BUT… remember that number on the key. No need to drag you purse or wallet with you while trying to relax they will put it on the tab and you pay upon leaving. Dont want to do any of that well they offer a lot of other amenities as well like relaxation rooms and free wifi so take your time enjoy and explore the many things this hidden gem has to offer. I know i will!

  26. Isabeau B.

    This is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. My husband set up a day at the spa for me as a gift, he knew I was especially curious about this place having driven by several times. I read a ton of reviews, which still didn’t answer all my questions. Upon arrival you have two options ringing the doorbell or calling into the spa. A woman greeted me and welcomed me inside. My husband pre arranged all my services so I was promptly given my uniform and two towels. She escorted me through the woman’s side of the spa where I placed my shoes in a locker separate from the rest of my things. She instructed me to undress and follow her. Once in the bathing area there are showers (which you are required to use) prior to using the steam room cool or warm whirlpool. You are completely nude while in your gender specific bathing area. After 30 minutes of getting comfortable I was summoned by the woman who completed my services. My husband arranged for me to have the Shangri-La Sae Shin which included: Body Scrub, Shampoo, Collagen Mask, Vitamin Enrichment Treatment, Wet Kelp Rub, Full Body Rub, & Honey Rinse. It took roughly 3 hours, you’re on a massage like table behind a wall of the bathing area. The only downside was I did get a bit cold once or twice, but once you allow yourself to forget that you’re nude it’s easy to relax and enjoy the experience. Afterwards I had lunch a noodle dish with kimchi and green tea which was absolutely superb. I finished with 15-20 minutes in each sauna (salt and clay). This was a unique and wonderful experience unlike anything else I’ve ever done. I’d suggest it to anyone willing to try something new and little out of the box.

  27. Johnnyboy123

    I’m so very happy that this place exists near-ish to me. I was having to wait for trips to Atlanta to go to Jeju Spa in Duluth. So, it’s clean and friendly and has good food. I got like 12 layers of skin scrubbed off so am somewhat radiant. Two rooms to sweat in–clay room and charcoal room, which is fine with me because they are my two favorite ones at Jeju. I will totally go back. I went on a Friday afternoon, so not too many people during that time. I don’t know how busy it gets in the evenings/weekends. Had the seafood pancake and a Korean beer for lunch, and the food came with kimchi, a beansprout side dish and a zucchini side dish.

  28. Lucy P.

    This place is adorable! The hot and cold tubs are amazing as are the saunas. The staff is nice and helpful the food was so good. Its 24hr,tons of options as far as treatments/massages/packages. I love this place! Nothing else like this around here(that I know of)

  29. Visitor

    This club sucks.

  30. Chris

    I went into ShangriLa the other night and was pleasantly suprised by the beautiful girls and great service. I got dances from Jayme with the nicest ass I have ever seen. Jayme and Roxy double teamed me in the back and i loved every minute of it.

  31. Rachel

    They don’t take ten percent of g-bucks!!!!!! And the robbing skanks got fired so girls can make money now!!!!

  32. winston12

    Great place to relax for the whole family. Awesome massages for adults while the kids can hang out in the small pool. Do not mistake a typical massage place. This is a spa for whole family. The Korean food inside is also very good. I would have given 5 star but the special sauna rooms are too small. Otherwise well worth the trip.

  33. Leslie S.

    Beware when purchasing a gift certificate. Only valid for 6 months. Mine was 10 days over and they would not honor it. The person who gifted it to me was not told and I was already in the spa when they alerted me so i ended up paying

  34. james1412

    I absolutely love this place! No other place like it in the Tampa Bay area. The $25 day pass gets you access to the restaurant, dry saunas (coed) and the locker room & spa area (which is gender seperate). The spa area has the steam room, hot jacuzzi and cold jacuzzi, plus the showers (love the sit down shower area!). Several different add on services to purchase, everything from massages to body scrubs. I highly recommend the body scrubs! Done in the spa area, you will get a full body scrub down for 30+ mins (depending which package you go for). I was a solid shade lighter afterwards & my skin was baby soft! Just be prepared to step out of your comfort zone if you’re a shy person since the spa area is fully nude (again, not a unisex area) Just like bathhouses in Asia and Europe. Understandably there are a lot more foreigners than Americans, but I promise you, while you may feel a little uncomfortable at first, you’ll soon relax and fall in love with this place!! Unique and cultural fascinating all while allowing you to pamper yourself. I like to take my work computer with me (free WIFI) which I’m able to lock up in the provided locker while I’m in the spa area. I then alternate between the 2 different jacuzzis and steam room for an hour, then get dressed, in the also provided & comfy, uniform, go eat in the restaurant (amazing soups!), get caught up on work emails, head to the hot saunas and then take one final lap in the jacuzzis and steam room before heading home. Pamper yourself & head over to this secret gem!

  35. Weedman420

    Highly unprofessional, disorganized, unethical, and dishonest management. I called them from Korea to get gift certificates for my friends who live in Florida. The management said they don’t offer physical gift certificates but would keep my information so that when my friends showed up and said they had a gift certificate waiting for them, the staff would know to charge me then. I was skeptical, especially about a sauna not offering physical gift cards, but having no other option and choosing to trust a Korean ajumma, I emailed them my credit card information along with the id info they needed about my friends. It took me two weeks of emailing and calling to make sure they had the info and would do as they promised. Why? Because they didn’t respond to my emails or they claimed I didn’t send one piece of information or another. I should have known then that they’d mess up, but I’d already promised my friends a trip to the sauna and this seems to be the only Korean sauna in Florida. What a shame.Finally they had all the info they needed and assured me that all was in order. So I told my friends it was all good and after a few weeks, they were able to arrange babysitters for their two kids and take a weekend off to go to Tampa. When they show up at Shangrila, what happens? The staff have no idea who they are. They don’t know anything about any gift certificate waiting for them. Having made the trip all the way out there, my friends of course decide to enjoy the sauna anyway and pay their own entrance, but let me know there was trouble. I immediately forwarded the email verifying our agreement to my friend, and soon after I received a charge on my credit card. I asked my friend if she was refunded for hers and she said they didn’t offer refunds, only credit at the sauna.Now sure, I get it. Refunding on credit cards costs money, and a business that’s so cheap and hungry that they need to force repeat customers by scamming on gift certificates is not ever gonna offer a refund even when it is squarely their mistake. But when I called to talk to the manager about what happened, she claimed that it was not their fault, said that they indeed had physical gift certificates so why didn’t I get one, and basically just spouted off a bunch of nonsense contradictions to try to cover up the fact that she failed.Not once did she apologize to me about the mess up, and when I got heated because of her stubborn insistence that she did nothing wrong, she hung up on me. If their management and treatment of clients is this terrible, I don’t want to imagine what kind of shady ways they are running their facilities.

  36. Rich Folk

    These girls are ugly, rude, and fight all of the time. I had to leave because there was a fight. The bartender is so ditzy, she kept asking me “What did your order again? I’m sorry”. All I asked her for was a Jack and coke!!!! There is no one in that club everytime I’ve gone. This club is a joke.

  37. DexterRexter

    Well like to start off by saying this place is amazing! When we first arrived just like everyone else I was thinking it looked a little sketchy, but as soon as we walked in the door my wife and I were greeted by the Korean woman who was so friendly it scared me. She went through the “menu” and informed us of everything that was going to happen.We opted for the gold package since it was her first time and was instructed to go to separate locker rooms so that we can strip down and put on our spa clothes. After that we immediately met up for late dinner in the full restaurant at the back of the spa.The food was OK I guess I would say so so unless you’re into Korean food. What we ordered was pretty decent especially the teriyaki chicken. The red wine was served cold but as soon as I informed him he switched it out for some room temperature red. After dinner we each went our separate ways for our body scrub And boy did they scrub! The lady who was working on me pointed out several times a pile of dead skin that I did not know I had. She worked on me for at least one hour including bathing me in some type of milky oil and when I came out I felt like a newborn baby.I did my time in the hot tub and the cold tub as well as the steam sauna but was eager to meet up with my wife again in the community room.I think it is important to point out that while the lady was doing my body scrub I was provided with a pair of swimming shorts which I actually was able to wear the entire time I was in the wet area. There were a few other people there for other guys that I counted on a late Saturday night and a lot of Asian women in the community area.I have been fighting sinus congestion and nasal congestion for a couple weeks but after five minutes in the salt Sama I noticed I could breathe easier and my sinuses are clear. I should have stayed in the soul so the longer but I needed to go. We actually signed up for couples massage but change my mind after I see my hot wife in the sauna LOL. We hailed an Uber and made it home just in time to relieve the babysitter before we had our adult time. She has already made arrangements to take her neighbor friend back to the spa in a couple of days LOLThis is truly a gem hidden in Tampa Bay! I will definitely be back. I highly recommend this location to anyone looking for something out of the ordinary and extremely relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating!Also this place was as “anti-sexual oriented” as Walmart. Families are welcome and no one should fear being approached or propositioned or made to feel uncomfortable here. 100% safe in my opinion

  38. Jay

    I like the laid back atmosphere, sexy girls, and the strong drinks i will be coming back very soon.

  39. eddyL

    Never experienced a bath house before, I thought a swimsuit would be an option in the spa so that was hard for me but I really loved it. Very clean place and very friendly staff. I am planning to make it a regular thing to do so I can relax.

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