Extacy South



23101 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33170


25.552176, -80.39499




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Extacy South

  1. John
  2. Big Bil

    Great club , nice an easy in the day



  4. Tommy

    This club needs a lot of help! 10 dollars to enter if your over 21 and 18-20 pay 25 whats that for? I’ve been there a few times and I can’t say I’ve had a good time.

  5. Poiyzin

    The ONLY thing I dont like about this club is that you have to pay 25 bucks if ur 18-20! HOWEVER!!! The club is amazing, the girls are ok but when it gets real late at night and the DJ starts playing that techno shit the girls go crazy! Theres one girl there that doubles as a bartender, she’s got short black hair and shes real tanned, shes fucking amazing!! I dont know what she was on the first night we went there but they started playing this song and she went balistic dancing and jumping everywhere and it was awesome! She got everyone going really good. Theres also this semi-chubby girl that works there that is insanely hott. You wouldn’t think it but she has these eyes and her body is great, really makes it worth paying the 25 dollars!

  6. Billy Bob

    Blue collar bar where you can have a good time without going broke. I am a semi regular there.

  7. goodlife

    I left boobytrap and headed up to playpen. Not much of a crowd in the day but i saw the former dj from pony tails is there now. I asked him why he isn’t at booby trap anymore and he said that the owner is a homophobic liar and fired him for a lame reason. He was still playing great tunes and the girls seem to love this guy. They only had 5 to 6 girls but they made the most of it and the girls made me feel relaxed and comfortable. No one pressuring me for a lap dance and this one skinny black chick(damonique) knew how to hold a decent conversation. I ended up getting a lap dance from her and she was great. Next time i’ll bring more money to get more dances. They do need more girls and a variety of mixed races of girls, but other than that. I enjoyed myself. If i didn’t spend the litle money i had on a couple of drinks and that dance, i would have gone up the street to showgirls. But there was no need to. I left satisfied.

  8. Prmass1

    All I can rate this club is poor across the board. When I went around 2 yrs ago they only had 5 girls working and a bunch of guys asking for attention. No girl came up to me and wouldn’t want because they look poor in quality. They place was small and crappy looking. If u want class, attention, and good priced beers head over to showgirls. Playpen is pure disappointment and it shows $10?$25? entrance- give me a break.

  9. Pleasure

    We have hot and very sexy day shift girls such as “Strawberry “, the beautiful beautiful “Diva “, “Sexy Black” , “Peaches” and “MIMI”

  10. dadeboy

    this club is garbage, its the most trashy hood club in south dade area, no vip area, private dances have no privacy, only a few girls working a night and not even pretty ones, in bad neighborhood. you want to see girls with gunshot and stab wounds? then goto playpen south. if not , jump on the 826 and go somewhere else, like pink pony or tootsies

  11. joseph1k

    Some say ratchet, somenday ghetto etc… when home feels like home you dont care what anyone has to say about that. Bottles are affordable and not too high and girls well ill let you be the judge. I’m not comparing it to G5 or the office but for a down south place aint bad at all.

  12. Diamond

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