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118 Nassau Street, New York, NY 10038


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Nassau Bar

  1. Erika G.

    Dive bar and bikinis. That pretty much sums it up. Don’t expect 10’s to serve you, though. They’re more like 4’s but of course, after a couple of drinks, everyone starts to look good. Happy hour is pretty awesome. $3 drinks!

  2. AssnTits5

    What does Peter Griffin say to Christina Aguilera when he has that little flashback about being her manager…? “…you look like if I touched you, you’d be sticky, and frankly, you smell bad. You’re pretty much offensive to all five senses.” Yeah, so I went here reluctantly twice with some former co-workers. In retrospect I’m happy I didn’t touch anything…I don’t have a steady supply of Cipro.

  3. Weedman420

    I mean, come on, it’s a bar with bartenders in bikinis. What’s not to like? Another good thing to like is the fact that there are cheap drinks. Plenty of cheap drinks.In fact, I may still be hungover from last night.P.S. No hipsters.

  4. Wanda N.

    Hot girls in bikinis! This is a classic Old New York Dive Bar. NO Hipsters here!A very early happy hour targeting all those strong hardworking construction workers.The crowd is very eclectic, the drinks are cheap, the music is loud. Gets a little rough after 7.Love it.

  5. Marco F.

    Pathetic and gross old men ogling bartenders in bikinis. The bartenders are surprisingly nice and friendly, despite their horrible surroundings.

  6. joseph1k

    My boyfriend works in the area and we were thirsty one Friday evening and the following took place:Him: “Oh, let’s try this place, there’s always mad people…even at 1pm!”Me: “Wow, sounds like my kinda place!”Him: “Let’s get whiskey on the rocks.”Me: “Dammit, I only have $20! Wait, they’re only $7!”Alright, enough of that convo. Basically, I had no idea this was a bikini bar, but I genuinely had a good time. Great convos with the bartender who, not lying, actually gave her number to my boyfriend who was seated right next to me. Just saying…

  7. danielson

    Every now and then you get tired of all the frou-frou cocktail lounges, bars with “mixologists” instead of bartenders, fancy wine bars, etc., and just wanna grab a drink at some place that’s low brow, low stress and low end. Just get dirty in other words.Sometimes you just wanna go back to what Manhattan used to be – when it used to have an edge – when it was primarily a grimy, seedy, dirty, rundown, inexpensive city with sketchy bars with weird themes.Like the old Paradise Club near Penn Station, where lonely married guys on their commute home to NJ, would stop by for a $10 slow dance with an attractive woman (yes, slow dance)…no lap dances, only slow dancing like at a high school prom, lol. And all those places on 8th Avenue near the Port Authority, that offered $15 striptease shows behind a plexiglass window in a private booth. Yes, those places really did exist, but now just a part of history and turned into chain stores – the old Playpen (is now a Shake Shack), Show World (now Duane Reade), Peep World (now the Westin), and Peep O-Rama (now Bank of America).Or the Vault in the old Meatpacking, where they had live sex and S&M shows…now a Dos Caminos restaurant. Or Bar d’O (“Bardoe”), a West Village bar that featured drag queen shows every night…now, a trendy seafood restaurant named Ditch Plains (after a Hamptons beach of all places lol). Wow, how times have changed.And along those lines, there were a string of “Bikini Bars” in the city. No stripping, just bartenders in bikinis in dumpy dive bars with dirt cheap drinks and great jukeboxes. Most have disappeared – Billy Stopless (now a Starbucks), Deno’s Party House (now a Taco Bell), Red Rock West (now Artichoke Pizza), and countless others.But thankfully, a few survive…probably not for long though as the city continues to “yuppify” and “suburbanize”. Notably, Nassau Bar, Port 41, Snafu, Wakamba, Ipanema and The Patriot.However, of those, only Nassau Bar is a true bikini bar, the others are more like “daisy duke shorts & crop top bars”.Nassau Bar was the 1st bar I went to when I first moved to NYC in 1999. My boss at Goldman Sachs (when we were at 85 Broad Street) took my group there on my first day at work to introduce me to my new colleagues and the city…8 Beers, 6 Tequila shots and 4am later, I was indoctrinated and sold on NYC. So, this place has some sentimental value for me.As the years went by, I completely forgot about it, until one day walking home from work a few weeks ago, when I happened to pass it and was shocked that it was still there. I went in, and it was exactly as it was over 15 years ago, NOTHING has changed. Which is refreshing given this constantly changing city.Since stumbling in, I’ve gone back with co-workers for after-work drinks, and even though it seems like this may be a ‘guy-only’ bar, I’ve taken a few girl friends of mine and they’ve enjoyed it and had fun. So, if you want to step back in time for a moment, or just grab some cheap drinks with a good jukebox, or if you’re just a creepy old guy that’s never seen a woman in a bikini, then this is your spot!And just like Toby Ketih’s song, which is on their jukebox…”I Love this Bar”.

  8. Andrew W.

    So after a long day at the office, I met some co-workers here. After a 15 minute monologue about how frustrated I was with so and so, the following actual conversation occured:Me: Why’s that chick wearing a bikini?Co-Woker: Dude, that’s the bartenderMe: Oh, sweetYeah, it was a rough one….Anyway, the Happy Hour deal here is great but ends early, but the vibe later on is fun too and drinks are about $6 uniformly. It’s usually pretty chill here on the weeknights when I’ve been by. For those looking for an experience like Hawaiian Tropic should check this place out. Less crowds, less noise and the “scenery” is probably better.

  9. Pravin B.

    Great happy hour! The experience is soured if you have a waitress who is either (a) relatively unattractive or (b) relatively unfriendly….and the waitress factor is so important since the bar’s only draw is these women are bikini-clad. It’s a mix of friendly gents and tough-guy wannabes who frequent this place. It can get really crowded especially during happy hour.

  10. yanard12

    Came here with some co-workers after dinner. Admittedly, we did not know what we were walking into (it was right around the corner from where we had dinner), but that wouldn’t have influenced my rating because I DO love dive bars. The female bartenders wear bikinis as other reviewers said, so immediately you get a sense of the clientele. The bartenders were friendly, no problems with the service at all. But as a woman walking in, every head turned and it was like flies to a lightbulb. Creepy. The novelty expressed by other reviewers doesn’t ring true when you’re objectified and watch other women being objectified. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Maybe it’s kind of cute during that happy hour rush, but at 9pm when the bar is almost empty and the creeps lurk behind, not so much. I would only drink bottled beer here.

  11. Taylor W.

    I’m sure people get the picture about the place. It’s definitely your typical dive bar with a real long bar. And there are definitely 2 bartendresses that wear a bikini top and some sort of sexy underwear or a bikini bottom. It’s an interesting place to say the least. The real time to go is for their (short) happy hour. I’m not sure what time it starts, but it ends at 6 PM. It’s a good happy hour though, with half priced drinks. The problem is that after happy hour, the drinks go back up to $6, which to me, is a bit much for a dive bar, even if the bartendresses are wearing next to nothing. I mean, you can only stare at them for so long. End of story, you might as well go for the happy hour. Hell, even if you don’t live/work down there, take the 20 minute trip on the 4 train on down and check it out.Oh yeah, on weekends they don’t have to wear bikini tops, so you might as well not check it out then.To add on to my review, Jay P, calm down there little lady. Unless, as a man, you are not interested in women, of course you will not have a problem looking at ladies in scantily dressed clothes… Nobody thinks the ladies are interested in them nor does anybody care. You need to loosen up over there.

  12. James H.

    Girls are washed up but better than nothing. Ok place to drop in for a beer if you want to change it up.

  13. james1412

    Good dive bar in FiDi. Great happy hour place to start and load up on $3 bottle beers!!! Oh yeah, and women in bikinis- just don’t be a creep and they’ll be super nice to you!!

  14. mathewater12

    I’d heard good things about this place from a (female) friend who lives close by. It’s a throwback dive, with a concept: the bartenders (female) are all in bikinis and heels. But it’s not really “that kind of bar”. I’m always up for some bad taste, but not bad service. Ordered two drinks for $14. Handed over a $20 and the woman in the bikini totters off and then blanks me. Then starts talking to the guy at the bar next to me. As if I’m leaving her a $6 tip without a second word. I ask for my change and she’s all “Oh I forgot”. Of course you did darling. The lingerie Jedi mind trick doesn’t work on me – I’m gay. Also – weak drinks.

  15. adamrod

    This is your ultra-classic, stereotypical dive bar – with waitresses wearing bikinis. My buddy Steve and I met here to discuss business. The location was chosen at it’s central to both our apartments, and admittedly, I wanted to see what a bikini bar in Manhattan could deliver on a Monday night.The first thing I noticed when I walked in was a passed out guy with his head on the bar. Pretty funny. Next thing was a guy in a suit that was barely cohesive. He gave me the once up and down as I walked in (I guess I stood out as a newbie) and then went back to the 2 beers and shot in front of him.THEN I NOTICED 2 scantily clad waitresses. Uh…..OK, everyone likes something different and that’s why the world is great – so I will be objective. One had DDs and the other maybe EEs/FFs. Huge. That said, both were lovely ladies and knew how to make their patrons smile – a lot. I couldn’t even talk to Steve, or notice that the BCS game was on every TV in the bar it was so distracting. Ha ha.The crowd is a little rougher feeling, but no one will bother you. The waitresses were sweet and enjoy the oooggling. The beer is CHEAP and the music is really loud. If you want a place to get away from it and have a good laugh – Nassau Bar is your spot!

  16. eddyL

    This is the place you come if you want to see a little skin. Enjoy the dim lighting and beers with the cities working class. The dingy and patriotic can be friendly in this atmosphere. Btw… Hot female bar tenders are scantily clad. No pictures allowed.

  17. Franklyn

    Cool after work spot. The fact that the girls (Bartenders) are in Bikini’s works. Gets packed quick after work. But no complaints

  18. billtheguy12

    My coworkers and I nicknamed this place “the bar out back” as it is literally behind our building. The nickname lives up to this place. It is the epitome of a dive bar. I wouldn’t suggest bringing a lady here as the bartenders wear bikinis and it’s pretty much a de facto gentleman’s club. They have very short happy hour times (12-1pm and 5-6pm), but you can get some cheap drinks. They have no food but will order delivery pizza for you. The bartenders are very friendly and courteous.If you’re looking for a dive in the financial district close to the subway/path but don’t want to venture to Jeremy’s, this is your spot.

  19. richard95

    No.Came in here drunk one night because I walk by it EVERYDAY (its right by work) and a bar that is crowded at 1:15 in the afternoon is alluring. I never really noticed that the crowd is ALL men. But there is a reason for it, its a bikini bar. The bartenders were nice and pretty when i went in but the place is just tacky. And not cheap. I feel like we paid $4 or $5 for a bud light. So unless you want to get off on the bar tenders, I would never come here. Ever. No reason for me to ever go back. If they had killer drink specials the tackyness would completely turn into fun factor. Sticking to John St. just a couple blocks away for an awesome time, cheap drinks, without leaving your dignity at the door.

  20. Marcus M.

    It’s a creepy feeling that lingers in the air, and the bathroom is on the small and not so nice side, but it’s a dive bar. Good for a few laughs and cheap beers. Not sure if they take card so bring cash. I would go back, just wouldn’t expect very much out of this spot as far as feeling comfortable and kicking back in a good atmosphere.

  21. Joe M.

    A dive bar with VERY hot women in bikinis, whats not to like? Yes it is full of all guys and most of them are yuppie jerkoffs from wall st, but the girl definatly put them in there place. If you like hot girls in hot swimsuits, go here. Bonus if its at the end of the week. This girl Isis works, fken HOT

  22. fritter17

    Don’t bother.

  23. Karen J.

    Went last night to meet some friends to watch the Yankees game. I had no idea when I went what I would find. Yes, the place is a bit of a dive bar but they have cold beer and let you order food to be delivered. The happy hour sounds like it could do some serious damage to your liver. ALL DRINKS are $3! Everything including shots and mixed drinks! The drinks are fairly inexpensive.The bartenders work in bikinis or whatever is small and tight to show off their “assets”. Not a bad place for drinks but I won’t be making a separate trip down here.

  24. Leanne I.

    I walk by this bar on the way to class everyday…….. i would say it seems legit if 1. There werent constantly creepy men (most of which look toothless) trying to lure me in this sketchy place.2. The bikini bartenders were in shape3. didnt open at like 8am and close around 10pm?4. enough said

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