2324 South Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Biggins

  1. Heywood Jablome

    Went in later afternoon on a Friday. Three guys hanging out chatting not even looking at the girls. And then it was me and one other guy actually there for a strip club. Maybe it gets better at night – but this was fairly lame.

    Dances overpriced at $25/per. VIP room is basically a smallish open area with cushioned high back chairs. The dances were decent – plenty of contact and the girl I got dances from was phenomenally attractive (Filipino, large fake tits but perfect for her frame). As always – contact mileage may vary, but this was my first time there – I can imagine you might get more when they know you.

  2. Curtis

    I was there during bikeweek 2009,they cleaned up this place up nice!At one point i counted 16 dancers, unbelievable for such a small place, and they were some real hot ones!!! Accept for the blond barmaid who couldnt tend bar for crap, because she couldnt stop playing with her hair and cell phone,she should go back to 7/11.I stood at the bar for at least 3 min waiting for the blond to get done playing with her phone,the barstaff was great!! jessie did an awsome job behind the bar!!! Drinks were high priced, but it was bikeweek,the music was great,dont know who the dj was, but the placed rocked thur, fri, sat night. the only biggins i saw, was the ass on the blond barmaid,overall the club pretty good,better then the rest of the strip clubs in town!!! ill go back next time im in town!!!

  3. joe


  4. Yep

    Yep pretty much sucks balls

  5. chris

    This is a great club to go to if your under 21. Well it is the only one. This club sucked!!! Amber was the only girl dancing and she was the bartender! Two hours went by and two girls danced maybe 5 minutes each and then sat down and ate pizza. I don’t blame them too much because the guys were not tipping, but show me some tits without the tape and ill give you some money…

  6. john

    Its a really nice little club. Its in the process of upgrades , new dancers , new dj. This is really a kick ass club. Pool tables. No cover if you are 21 and over. Average drink prices for the area.

  7. jake

    great overall club. much better now then in past years, place is still topless unlike the rest of daytona

  8. bert

    Not the best but, not the worst. Only thins and pops worth going to while in Daytona beach.

  9. StripClub431

    So rude!! Us 4 girls came for a 24th birthday…. And they said we couldn’t come in because we weren’t with a guy? Seriously??? We would have threw more money than a group of guys. Rude and unprofessional! Don’t visit.

  10. Johnnyboy123

    I admit it, i’ve been here more than a few times. In my defense, it is the only “bar” within walking distance of my former beach house. Plus: Bewbs.This used to be a Ryan’s Family Restaurant, not an important fact but a funny one none the less. It is pretty spacious & usually only has a few girls working at a time. This ain’t the classiest place but you don’t go to Daytona Beach looking for prestige.There are 2 pool tables & a full bar. Also: Bewbs.

  11. moe
  12. fuckery12

    bring cash. the bar was the only part that took credit as payment… entrance fee, tips, tees were all cash only. there is smoking inside, that was weird, like traveling back in time…very trippy atmosphere, pretty lights, neat mc named noble, danika was my favorite, close runner up: phoenix. i bought one of their t-shirts and it was very pretty in the black light. i’d go again, in fact i have to… i lost my flip flops there last night ; )after they closed noble played lz’s tangerine for me, my 15 seconds of fame were awesome.

  13. Happy Hank

    Girls were friendly, about a dozen dancers, drink prices were excellent ($3 for a beer). The bartender was a pain in the butt. She was constantly running around, hugging dancers, shrieking and generally not doing her job. Other than the bartender, this was a nice place and I would be happy to go back again.

  14. Mark

    Very good club! Excellent experience, will definitely go back.

  15. ????


  16. richard95

    Great name. My buddies and I stopped in because of it. Once we got inside we were surprised. Most of the girls looked like models. The layout is nice because as soon as you walk in, the bar is straight ahead. We were also surprised that the cover was only $5 and not $10 like other places. Also they did not have those mandatory $10 wrist bands like the other clubs have for V.I.P. Will come back with my wife as it does not give off that seedy vibe like other places sometimes do. This Al Bundy gives it 2 thumbs up.

  17. ryan123

    This is the worst place I have ever strolled into!!!!!!Missin and crooked teeth, skin tags , and 48 yr old strippers who I’d rather pay to put more clothing on. Wow!! Strangest 10 minutes of my life.

  18. ZMan

    If you want a glamorous club go somewhere else. If you want a local place with down to earth girls that will mingle with you even if you aren’t shelling out big bucks then this is the place for you. Quality girls especially Layla, she’s something special alright.

  19. john deer

    tape on the nipples?

  20. John J.

    Club was clean, girls and manager were awsome, good hospiltality and dancing, would go back if ever in daytona

  21. LOL

    whats up with these reviews? people need to get out more cause this place blows nothing to be impressed about at all.

  22. Steve

    I was there 9/27 and teh only customer there. Four girls sitting around and I had to buy a dance to get to see anything. Bottoms and bandaids were worn, although during the dance, a lot of lips came into view. Place was clean but desserted.

  23. carrie
  24. random soldier
  25. XhXeXy

    It was okay. Went with my boyfriend and since we werent 21 yet the door fee was pretty high. I think its free to get in if you are over 21. They have a one drink minmum. I dont know how much the alcohol is but Im sure its pretty high priced because even a glass of pop was expensive. Danicka was really the only pretty one I saw that could actually dance well. Would like to go back when Im in the area again now that we are both 21.There is smoking inside the building because the law in Florida is that smoking is only banned if the place serves food.

  26. dump

    was a dump still is a dump and will forver be a dump lol

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