Wet Spot



8237 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park, CA 91304


34.2191287, -118.5975416




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wet Spot

  1. larry1

    eh, not into chicks, but if you like rock music and chicks working the pole, go for it.

  2. fuckery12

    people are nice hear its always a young crowd…i bumped into The one and only Sir Ron Jeremy one Halloween night a few years ago he was so cool he even took pics with us the babes are always hot and the drinks are always strong enough (:

  3. titz420

    sexy girls

  4. Anonymous

    Some girls wouldn’t come out to dance, those wouldn’t walk around either. There were one, maybe two attractive girls. The rest were ok. 20 bucks for topless, 40 for nude. I went there two nights. The first night was alright, the second I was hoping for something better..well it was worse. Overall, it wasn’t a very good experience. Needless to say, I won’t be going back.

  5. Shant K.

    Funny thing is I have been here more within the last 2 weeks than most of the other bars I freeequent of late..Yes it is small, and yes it has a very borderline type of crowd. By borderline I don’t mean Madonna singing a tune for some guy that keeps treating her like shit… no.. borderline meaning a few homeys, a few brothers, a few esses, and of course your set of the typical regulars who think the girls they are talking to actually give a shit, but don’t know better…The beauty of this place is that it is connected to a strip club, Exposed. So the girls will sometimes drop in and give you a half clothed dance in hope they can lure you into next door. But I also think they send some girls over from next door to practice their moves and dancing/stripping skills.. see you will not be watching the “creme de la creme” dancing here… in actuality they are the ones sent down to the minors for reassignment. These are the beat up fugly ones. They move and dance like tree sloths, slow, perhaps more like turtles, and as if they are on a heavy dose of norco or sumtin like that… actually come to think of it, I think it might just be the “medi-juana” store next to it…Anyway, I digress.. come here and chug some beer while watching the ball game, and during intermission times, you can also lighten your back pocket of all the crusty ones you’ve been saving… cool place and fun atmosphere… just pay attention to your surroundings…

  6. winston12

    I always have a good time hanging out there and have drinks with my friends. The dancers go back and fourth from the club to the bar to have s drink and will dance on stage for tip. It’s a total man’s sports bar with all the great Sport channels on but I have just as much fun as the guys there too.

  7. Slick2116

    The first time i went i thought it was going to be chill and thought no dancer was gonna pay attention to me. As soon as i sit down maybe five minutes later some gorgeous girl comes over and starts talking seductive and ofcourse im thinking well its just her job. than she takes me to the back and first thing she says, 20 bucks topless or 40 bucks nude, well i was already there and i wanted to experience everything, so i told her yeah, she got all naked in front of me and started dancing all erotic and let me tell you fellas, DAMN, thats all i can say, oh and another thing, if your good looking not trying to discriminate, but if you are they might just do something a little bit extra if you catch my drift 😉

  8. EA

    Management needs to check out the girls that will have sex with the customers for money. Going to their hotel room and getting paid for sex. It is supposed to be illegal but one girl working here does it.

  9. lvpaladin

    This club is pretty good. One small non-alcohol bar, one large two-pole stage

    surrounded by 16 sofa chairs, several tables with chairs and seating along

    walls. Lap Dance area has semi-private stalls with single seats. Lighting is

    adequate to see women on stage and lap dance area. Sound system is good

    without distortion. My experience was very good. Though I arrived during a

    poorly executed shift change (took nearly 2 hours), I fell for a sweetheart

    named Sienna. I got 6 nude dances at 2-4-1 price (total $120) and needed a

    smoke when we were done. Big plus is the Wet Spot bar next door where

    you can chug a beer and return to the action. And remember: kick down a

    few bucks when you’re at the stage. Karma means “you get what you


  10. Bob

    This club is pretty awesome! Everytime I go in, the dancers are really friendly and the hostess is totally awesome. The private dances are off the hook and they run 2 for 1 specials on saturdays before 7:00pm.

  11. Lauren A.

    Went here last Friday night and had a screwdriver ($5.00) No one was dancing the pole – ended up next door watching a friend dance! It’s a dark little tiny club where you can play video poker/triva at the counter and the girls from next door come in to dance.

  12. richard95

    This place sucks ass, I guess they don’t want to serve anyone. Been waiting over 10 minutes while the bitches behind the bar blab with each other.

  13. ray a

    i like that they dont look like models with fake boobs. most of them look like regular girls with real boobs. 2 for 1 $40 nude lap dance is nice but some times its 3 for 1 $40 thats even better. but you gotta know which girls to dance with. some suck at it and dance like its a routine and dont you hate it when they yawn or look bored. but some are really good but i cant talk about the details. dj gets annoying when people dont tip the dancers on stage. well it was on a monday so there werent a lot of customers. i like it that way so that when you go by the stage you get their full attention. anyways im still learning at this. its fun and i guess affordable compared to others with $40 2 for 1 topless. about my 5th time going to this club. have a good one y’ll. lates

  14. Michael K.

    This place is old and nasty, just like the girls inside. Had a few different beers on tap with a few buddies and they were all disgusting. Kegs are probably old and taps are probably dirty and never changed out. This place needs to disappear.

  15. Elise M.

    Yes, I’ve been to this place. But I swear, it was for the cheap drinks!!Its small, and dark, and the girls there and at Xposed are um, very unique.

  16. leslie g.

    My girlfriends and i love this bar, everyone’s so nice, and drinks r cheap & strong…. we mostly just go for drinks when we want to be cheap, and have no where else to go, but try not to get lured in next door, not worth it!!!

  17. Rosie C.

    5 stars just for the name. I’ll add that the drinks are really cheap, the bartender is really sweet (I forgot her name), and a few of the employees next door come here and uh, work the pole.

  18. yanard12

    Too many stories too tell about this place.. But all I can say is that they where all good.. one my favorite places to go out and drink

  19. navid

    This is horrible bar the sleazy girls come and open up there jugs and entice you to buy them drinks and a sit down and drink with you and expect you to tip theone day I was minding my own business and sitting at the bar watching The game and two girls come and I thought for moment they’re going steal my wallet.I got up and left that’s one of the reasons I’ll never go back and plus it has a very bad smell.

  20. Roman T.

    A small bar, next door to a strip club. Their draft beer selection was a bit lacking, but they had whiskey so I was good. (I believe it was $6/glass) They have one pool table that was placed way too close to the wall and made it a bit hard to play, but what do you expect for $.75/game.The girls from Xposed Strip Club would dance on little stages fully clothed, trying to tempt us to go next door. However, the bartender was cuter then the strippers, so it wasn’t working.I think this was Edward B.’s first UYE!

  21. AssnTits5

    The wet spot……good prices for beers…good televisions. Aint going to see any chicas in here dancing….the last 3 or 4 times in went here it was zero. Jukebox is ok. Nice and cool a/c blowing and a nice waterfall by the bar. When there were dancers here, they try to get you to tip, but fuck that…i aint a sucker. Be careful in the rear parking lot,, you might almost hit a stripper smoking crack on the side lot…. It is what it is.

  22. fritter17

    The bartenders do not care about you. Waited 45minutes for a beer with only 3 other people in the entire place. I have never been somewhere I felt my money was worthless until I came here. Go anywhere else.

  23. G

    This club is hit or miss depending on the day. The cover charge is on the high side but that is to be expected. Some girls at this club will not come out and dance but rather stay in the back smoking cannabis, and for the smell of a few of them this was apparent. If you want to smoke out then stay at home. The average girl here is between 5-8 and the dances are pretty good from my experience.

  24. Johnnyboy123

    Ok bar, the strip club next door is not to good but the concept is great!

  25. G-Rant

    This club was pretty chill…dont expect attenion from the dancers if you dont tip.

  26. Mar E.

    Any place where I can get drunk on the cheap, play a game of pool for .75 cents and see girls clim a pole. It’s all good!

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