Fantasy Island



3220 Tinker Diagonal Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73115


35.478796, -97.6189167



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasy Island

  1. Horrid

    Not a place I will ever be again

  2. john
  3. hell no

    A hour here was a hour wasted

  4. No way

    This place sucks

  5. btk

    Definitely go during the day, mileage is much better. The beer is cold, the waitresses are great, the tip cup is annoying. Afternoon is hit and miss, got the best dances from Trina (lil chunky, great ass) Sparkle (way too much fun) and Tasia (great all around). If you like big boobed blondes, they have two. The lapdances make the differnce here guys, you won’t get more bang for your buck in OKC.

  6. seymour


  7. Mac

    Was bored last night so decided to stop in. There weren’t many dancers, but it was a sunday night and was early around 7ish..Anyways, got a dance from the only white girl in the place and it was the best I’ve had in 20+ years of going to strip clubs. If you can get past he ugly atmosphere, the girls were nice and the private dances I had were awesome. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks for private dancers I would definitely recommend this place. IIwill definitely go back.

  8. Whoa

    This place was not fun at all

  9. Taco Bell
  10. amanda

    Club was not that nice

  11. wade

    the club is ok you should get dance from chyna there goood!

  12. Rudy

    The girls were rude and not very smart

  13. g
  14. MG

    I go to alot of clubs this place is more like a bar with girls all over.. Its not fancy at all but very laid back. This place you can touch the girls.. Pretty cool considering the laws in oklahoma are so strong. Its great if you dont like big crowds. Plus there are alot of girls wide variety!

  15. no class

    i think this club has no girls, no class and no chance.

  16. ho cake

    because ho’s gotta eat too.

  17. New Mexico boy

    Poison Ivy and Coco and a few others i can’t remember thier name were very friendly.

  18. heya


  19. Rockstar

    Some of the girls that work here are not what you think of when you think of dancers but to each his own. The bathrooms stinks, the carpet needs replacing, the sound system is average at best, the music is bad at times, it’s in a bad neighborhood and the chairs are bad.

    But the lapdances are the best in OKC by far. They have their own secluded lapdance area. You can get more bang for your buck here than anywhere else in OKC and some girls play the kazoo well. No cover for lapdances, it’s $20 and $20 only.

    The girls are mostly average with some being very pretty. But let me tell you this. They used to have this one girl, a swimsuit model (from what I have been told) with long dark brown hair and tremendous jugs, double-D’s. She worked there for about a year. That girl was a good as you are gonna get ANYWHERE. They also had that fine young thang called Tara, the mexican girl, that worked there from the time she was 18 til maybe a year-and-a-half ago. Nice ass and great tables dances. Neither are there any longer but it was great while they were there. The swimsuit girl works at NT and Tara, well I ran into her last summer (and had a GREAT time with her).

    From time to time you can get a girl that comes down from Night Trips and you know those girls are top-notch. Usually they don’t last long because of FI fantastic lapdances but while they are there it is great. There is at least one girl (usually 2-3) worth getting tables dances from, usually 4-5 on Thursdays.

    This place is good now but a few years ago it was great. It wasn’t as torn up as it is right now. Day shift was fantastic, they actually held their own against night trips dayshift (lots of girls with nice asses and tits).

    The dayshift waitress-sometimes-bartender, Jennifer, has great tits. One day my buddy and I sat there, just waiting for one of her tits to fall out of her top.

    Bottom line, the girls give great tables dances at this place.

  20. New Mexico BoyII

    Poison Ivy is the best in the house, followed closely by Coco. Very entertaining and great down to earth women.

  21. Nightmare island


  22. tERRIBLE

    Had a foul odor at the door

  23. Horny Guy

    Ask for Star. She gave an AWESOME lap dance. You can definitely CUM for a good time in just one dance. Very friendly.

  24. Horny
  25. f*ck you

    managment sucks in that shithole most of the new girls are guetto ass hell they dont know how to run the place should get ride of that nasty moth*f*cker (bruce) and hire me

  26. tom

    rat hole.

  27. Ok

    As repeted on

    It seems the atmosphere has changed some on day shift I must have had an extremely gullible look on my face I come in and sit at the bar and one of the newer girls comes over and quickly asks me to buy her a drink she wasn’t bad looking so I thought it would be a nice conversation but she gets her drink and quickly leaves later about 3 more girls drop by and the only words out of their mouth was can I buy them a drink.

    I was really getting annoyed at this point then the waitress who haven’t even talked to me suddenly asked me to buy her a pack of cigarettes out of the machine which is 6 dollars.

    Perhaps they should add a conversation menu they can have a price list what drink and how many for each conversation lets say a bottle of beer for every paragraph said add a couple of sentences for a corona after all it does cost more.

    It would also help if they could improve their communication skills beyond can you buy me a drink or do you want a dance.

    If you come for just the table dances then it might be worth the visit.

  28. Tykert

    I didn’t much care for the place, smelled like old cigars

  29. marnedog

    very hot!! some of the most exotic women i’ve seen any where. lap dances will make you want to spend all your money. very freindly girls.

  30. Working in OK
  31. Location

    The only thing this place has is good location

  32. yanard12

    One of the better strip clubs in the metro area, it’s a bit on the small side and there is only one pool table, plenty of girls though and two stages to enjoy if you can deal with the uncomfortable seating.

  33. crazyndn

    greatest place ever to throw your money away.

  34. Jake

    Best lap dances in OKC.

  35. none of yo bizwack
  36. no ladies

    Not very many ladies

  37. suck me hard
  38. Chavo

    The girls there are pretty but some look like they have been around a little too long, I can tell they look 35 and over.

  39. chris
  40. ?????????

    Best club atmosphere in OKC.. Hot dancers and awesome lapdance area

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