Sin City Cabaret



2520 Park Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451


40.8120123, -73.9302821




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Sin City Cabaret

  1. Tasha S.

    I like this spot. Been there with a guy I was dating and just recently with a group of girlfriends on Amateur Thursdays. (My girlfriend won!) The girls there are pretty and have nice bodies. Some of look like they had surgery on their butts though. A few were just unreal. There 3 main stages. The dancers do pole tricks and are very entertaining. Off stage, don’t expect to speak to them unless your paying for a dance or VIP or you know them personally. Very snobbish. There is alot of lesbians in this spot I noticed so if your str8 like me and you don’t mind, I think this is a good spot to go with your man. Drinks were good. Reasonably priced. If you sit at a table, a waitress will take your order. $30 min to open a tab at the bar. You can have a lapdance where ever your sitting unlike other clubs that have a designated lap dance area. They have appetizers too which are pretty good.IDK I like it. Parking is a bitch and it’s $20 to get in I think before 12am but hey.

  2. AJ

    Fun place. They have all kinds of different events going on. Drink or No Drink was very fun. The girls have improved since I was there last. The food is pretty good and the hosptality was awesome. Felt safe

  3. Ron Means

    Mgr Kevin great service

  4. Vincent

    After my first visit these are the next few words i’m going to say about this club; great service and a very upscale environment.

  5. Katrina

    the club is excellent i love going to Sincity..when u 1st step inside its like ur in los vegas…imagine just being in the hood and in 1 second your in Las Vegas Heaven..i really really love this club. The environment in the club is great thats why iam alwayz up in there..especially during the dayz of the Yankee Game..ladies get love from me all day haha..Much Respect to the Owners

  6. Colbys

    This place will be a better place if they get rid of. That manger Derrick and the front door girl called Sam at the door. They are awful people beware before you go in. They only get one star from me because this is they only way I could make a review other wise the food is great the other staff is wonderful. Great place to chill if you on some ghetto shit. other wise it’s a no no. It’s about to be dead in there make sure it’s a crowd because they will lie at the door and say it’s lit when all they have is dancers and bartenders and by the way they are very rude as well. If you’re not a dude they don’t want to serve you. You don’t know whose the waitress from the dancers. Because basically the waitress are worse then the dancers they are always drunk it’s hard to tell if they are working or partying GOOD LUCK WITH ENJOYING YOURSELF. Oh wait did I mention the under age young girls that work there they are drinking getting drunk. Some of the waitress get fired because they won’t sleep with the managers. Who runs a business like this. Please beware of you going there stay tuned I have more to say

  7. Jamaica

    Ya man quality club

  8. the chief

    I went here the day after the grand opening. After seeing what was here, I made this my second home

  9. thomas

    i was just a about to say something when i read this shit about my girl magic! she must be a little fat hater as bitch yo magic ur the bomb boo i’ll eat the corn out ur shit! i had the the best time at the bike wash mad hot girls free food i gots mad love for this spot come check it out when ur known here u feel famous p.s. gus ur a fag:)

  10. mike
  11. Dic

    No bad I’m travrling Olover but rade this club over 8 overoll i wll be there any time i go to NYC i’m from Pencilvania food is exelent managers Troi and Charlie the


  12. Boxer NJ

    Best In NYC.

  13. Ice man

    Overal the club is cleane good girls cheep copaire to Manhattan clubs . I promice U you going to have fun with few

    hundeds in your hands. Ask for the Isrilian girl

  14. brandonresh

    This place is a scam. Used my debit card here to hold a tab, the next day saw a whole bunch of other charges besides my original tab. Thank god my bank was able to charge it. Never again. Also the place is ratchet as hell and dancers are boring..

  15. J.R.

    Security Very Tight, almost too good.

  16. Mia K.

    I would love to say more about Sin City but let’s be honest. I don’t remember ish, mental note to self – stop mixing liquors. It was almost like The Hangover movie but I still have all my teeth. Let’s see, what can I recall: security is very strict on not allowing men in with sweat pants, hoodies, etc. I get it, set a standard for the place. Thumbs up. Your Id is checked several times upon entering and your credit card is matched with your id with every charge. The girls were beautiful, edgy and moved well. Definitely gave you your money’s worth. Our waitress was a bit airheadish but I didn’t expect a scholar. There is a $10 fee at the atm so bring enough cash. The parking lot has a $20 charge. The crowd was a bit boring, you could take a nap if you wanted. I prefer more of a party like, upscale environment. Some of the female patrons were in sneakers and track suits. If that works for you enjoy. The food was average but had a good presentation, I had to wait long to get a fork which was annoying. There were a few reality TV personalities there are most of the male patrons don’t seem to be spending much money on the ladies, pretty much just hanging out near the bar. Overall I would visit again, see you there and let’s make it rain!

  17. Billy
  18. joey
  19. ryan123

    $20 to park the car. $20 to get in. I’ve never been to a strip club that charged ladies a cover so that kind of pissed me off. Then I had to go through security and get groped like I was in prison. Then there was the mandatory cost check fee. My jacket was part of my outfit so that pissed me off but their system was on point. Gotta say that. So we all finally get inside and order drinks. Naturally they’re expensive but still cheaper than other places. I like to have a glass of water when I drink but here at Sin City you must pay $5 for an 8 ounce bottle. Well alright then. A waitress came over and asked us if we wanted a table…with a $175 minimum. No thank you. But guess what. Now we have to stand around the perimeter of the room. Ok fine. But why this dude start stroking me? I calmly asked, why are you touching me? He kept doing it. Then I calmly said, please don’t touch me. It wasn’t until I put my hand up and said don’t fucking touch me that he stopped. And he really had the nerve to make a face like I was in the wrong. 2 minutes later he was rubbing and squeezing all over a stripper. I’ve never been to a strip club or you are allowed to touch the dancers. Then I started looking around and I just feel really sad for all of these girls although the place in general really boosted my self esteem. Cellulite and guts everywhere and dudes are still eager to give them money. I snagged a seat at the bar and my friend wanted to go across the club to the other bar but when we tried to go it was roped off so basically I gave up my seat for nothing. Now I’m standing again and a dancer with a beer bucket came over and started twerking on my friend and ended up jamming her stiletto on my toe when she slipped. And you would think that on a Saturday night there would be more (and hotter) dancers. I would hate to see the girls who work on Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong there were a few girls with amazing bodies but for the most part…no. And no special skills. I should’ve just gone to Sue’s.

  20. Striper Da

    99.9 Overal is one of the best in NY Tha Striper Da .

  21. clubgoer

    Great Club. Been there numerous times.

  22. Lampros M.

    Every time I come to New York I come in this place. It’s always a great time.

  23. bxluving

    what everybody else said, we’d add the dj was hilarious. Much luv to K$tar. WE LUVED U NENA!!!:)

  24. adamrod

    Love this place. The girls are hot. The food is great especially the voodoo wings. $9 til 9 is great. My friend loves this place too. Same reason. We will be back there soon!! I have to go for stripper idol one day. Very big place. 1 of 2 fav clubs.

  25. james1412

    Love the food and its always a fun time!!

  26. Johnnyboy123

    Ok, so my Jersey crew came out to celebrate my girls bday…A group of about 15 or so. We arrived early (9ish) on 12/28; very clean, spacious, with comfy adequate seating. And we had our choice because we arrived so early (good thing)! We’re popping btls, and spending $$$; we’re celebrating more than one bday. The dancers are making their way in and out and around our group; lovely! During the times that they’re entertaining others, we begin to entertain ourselves until they return. We’re clowning and the guys are loving it (truth be told, so are we). Everyone is having a ball, until…the ignoramus of “security guard” continued to interfere with our good time by constantly tell us “you can’t do that”…REALLY?!?!?! WTF??? We weren’t “doing” anything! Dancing on each other? Sitting on the back of a chair while bending on of my girls over? F*#%!!! It’s not like we’re not soliciting, and paying handsomely I might add, for the girls to dance. Plus we bought about 5 F%*^ing btls! Yo’ where is the manager??? I speak to the mgr, and before I finish explaining he says and takes off, headed towards my group. He says something to guy and walks away. No more interruptions but the mood was already ruined…I’ll try again soon and hopefully be free of the interference. The girls were great though

  27. anonymous

    Too hood for me

  28. Brittany T.

    First off the food here is awesome. The strippers are mediocre. Some are hot and the others ehhh. I had several strippers ASK me for more money then I was giving them. This is somewhere to go when you have nothing else to do.

  29. Steven

    Cool club check it out. Hey glaze, I’ll be back for more of your sexy dances. Marry me!

  30. yanard12

    I went there last night and our waitress Ashly was an absolute mess, she was soooooo rude and forgetful at the same time, I had to ask for the same things over and over again, they have the nerve to add gratuity to the bill she was definetely not worth the amout of her tip her service sucked, she lacked training and people skills, she gave us the bill before we reccived our complete food and drink order which was not the way you handle customers but in any event we paid in advance, while leaving she then chased me down and accused me of not paying my bill, I had to stop and look at her retarded ass like are you serious? we paid you already shes dumb and needs to be fired immediately!!

  31. Steve

    This club is very creative always something going on. The girls are hot, I would go here everyday if i could.

  32. Alex

    Nice time.Will go back.

  33. Deena

    In response to the lack of black dancers…the general manager is a racist. A Greek racist. Look at the SIn City calender that was just released no Black women in there. But oh yeah he will hire a few or two to keep the mouths shut of those thst are looking for them..but as soon as a Hispanic girl or white chick comes in there they are hired on the spot. I don’t have a problem with that ,but atleast hire the ones that look good. Not all of them look good.Most of them are horrid and possibly just had a baby.

  34. Dadda

    This have some great dancers who make it seem like working the pole is an art in itself. Kayla and B-B add the elegant model variety to the selection and are excelent teazers when they perform lap dances. Overall a great place.

  35. Shawn H.

    Maybe its my inexperience with strip clubs (this was my first time). I dunno. But all i know is I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!Very spacious, very clean. The Dancers are smokin, and the waitresses are even hotter than the dancers. The place is very laid back, bathroom was clean, drinks were reasonably priced. Id highly recommend this place. It rocks!!!!

  36. Deezel

    Whats happened to this club? Used to be a top notch play and a great alternative to heading into Manhattan, but not anymore..Its just become totally ghetto!!! I like some thick girls with nice bootys, but the clientele is just awful here! I saw all wannabe gangsters and hard core lesbians here this night. It used to be an upscale crowd, but I dont know what has happened. You still catch some good looking Latin girls here, but they even tell you the place has gone downhill. They seem to only care about getting you to pay the 20 dollar cover and thats it. The bouncers if you call them that arent professional at all. You see them eating at the door. The girls tell me that most of the customers just sit around and dont tip. There are girls on stage for 20 mins and dont get anything. I gave one girl a 20 just because she broke a sweat and got nothing! I felt bad for her. I dont know what kind of clientele they are catering to at Sin City. I think they should go back to how it was a few yrs back.

  37. Dglez G.

    took my luv for his birthday …thought it will be nice, being that they have a pretty good diner menu…never ever again…we ordered food, and 2 drinks…went to the bathroom when we come back the food & drinks where gone!!! some else was at our table…so i go to the waitress she gives me another table, she replaced my drinks, but she could NOT replace our food..smh…ok so we lost half of our food…no big deal…we kept on drinking, long island iced tee (2 drinks for $24.00) after like an hour maybee a little bIt more, the waitress comes, and tell us we have to leave the table because she has another customer that needs the table because they going to buy a bottle…wth! already feed up with the poor service…we decided to leave, not because of giving up the table, because we deserve better service…NEVER EVER AGAIN….

  38. The King of Cups

    First time I was here a few years ago, I was blown away by this club. I felt it had fallen off the last two times I went. BUT, holy cow, guys!! This club is back! I went on a Thursday and there was a decently big crowd. The atmosphere was upbeat and the music wasn’t too loud. Of course, the women were ALL gorgeous. I love my Latina and Black honeys and this club delivers!!!

  39. joseph1k

    Love this place more every time I walk in.I love the food. The menu is as diverse as New York itself.The dancers are MAD talented. I wish I had their upper-body strength (Grrr!)I don’t mind the Gestapo-fied security since I’d rather not get stabbed or have some other crazy shit go down in there.The bathroom is all right. It’s clean but there’s a bit of a wait.The waitresses and bartenders are all hot (Literally) and the ones I’ve interacted with are all really cool.This is not the place for you if you are broke or cheap, considering the cover charge is pretty high and so are the prices. Best bang for you buck? (pun intended) Bottle service. They have 2 for 1 bottles before a certain time. Call to find out. I’m too hungover to remember the specifics.

  40. malibu

    everything is great>>>

  41. felixnada

    They have the best food you can imagine in a strip club. If you want to see booty and eat good wings just pull up to sin. The chef is crazy food is amazing. I come on the regular my favorite meal is there lamb chops.

  42. Johnny

    real nice and real classy..

  43. XhXeXy

    Upon entering, memories began flooding back. I’ve been here before. It wasn’t on good terms either. This cat I knew named Dwayne used to run this joint before it was taken over by a nearby gang known as the Trunchez Brothers. Dwayne and I have been through a lot together, so I offered to take this place back for him. I had to shake the place down and knock off the 3 managers on the floor before they could get the cops involved. The first two were easy to find, one was in the office in Sin City bank counting cash and the other was walking the floor. I snuck into the office and stabbed the man in the back while holding his mouth to muffle his scream. I followed the one walking the floor to the back hallway where there are classy chandeliers and 3 private dance rooms. Lo and behold, the third manager was getting his pole shimmied by a Hispanic and Asian chick. Since the back hallway was near the emergency exit, no need for stealth in taking out the last 2 managers. I blew them away with my 12 gauge and hi tailed it out the back where my trusted pet helicopter is loyally waiting to take me back to…Algonquin? Wait a minute, did this really happen? Why can’t I discern if this was a dream or reality? Oh no, I lived through this in a video game. It must have been during a binge of some sort. But, everything looks exactly the same here! The class, the understated elegance, the feeling, the smells, it’s all permeating through my senses in a familiar way as if I’ve been here before and it was significant. Could I have been that engrossed in the game that it became that real for me? I don’t remember the drinks being this expensive nor watery…in my memory, every stage was filled with a working girl doing her thing and now there’s only 1 stage with a working girl and the rest are eerily empty. Could have this been a dream? Why does it look so familiar? Ding ding ding! GTA 4. The environment, the feeling, the music, and the location is why visiting Sin City should be on every New Yorkers bucket list, especially if you’re a fan of GTA. I didn’t know this was the place coming in but that game always made me want to visit a Bronx strip club and it turned out to be exactly the one they based it on. Best time to go is before 9 PM to avoid the cover. Drinks are expensive and watery. No drinks on tap. Nice ladies.

  44. Joey M.

    I’m not going to lie and say i know everything about strip clubs, in fact i barely go to any. I’m basing my review on my latest experience. Keep in mind I am an entertainer and also friends with a few strippers.Dancers: 3.5Waitresses: 5Drinks: 3.5Ambiance: 3.5The dancer are nice and not too pushy, It’s sad to say that the women serving the drinks are WAY hotter than the actual dancers.The drinks arent all that great and too pricey for a spot in the bronx at least the hookah was dope.The music was good DJ wasnt annoying.too many ghetto crusty niggas yeah i said idc. its the truth. if it wasnt for those types this place would be much better.

  45. jared o.

    went with a few friends for his bday party…place was nice insidehe knew the door lady so we got in for free…ladies look good…waitress are even better looking, drinks were reasonably priced, i like the fact u can get a dance where u are at….some ladies are pushy but thats expected…bathroom was decent. other than that i’d recommend this place if your thinking of going

  46. richard95

    Worst place … They will rob you… Management is terrible … Dancer will lie and then threaten u to be kicked out or pay then $20 …

  47. royal 1

    Took my girl with me for the first time and she had a ball. The girls were pretty and had nice bodies. Music was hot and the drinks were good. Over all great nite would do it again.

  48. G-Spot

    I’ve been to strip joints in several states and in other countries and this is by far the best. Its an upscale environment with hot dancers and waitresses. The whole set up is different from everywhere else. I highly recommend it.

  49. ron


  50. Seema P.

    The manager/owner fired the bouncer for harassing my brother and stayed in touch throughout my brother’s healing process. He made sure my brother was treated for his injuries to the head and fractured ribs. Thank you.

  51. #1 stunner


  52. Disgusted

    You will only like these girls if you are from the ghetto. Most are out of shape and make you feel like they;re gonna shank you if you don’t get a dance. Fights break out there constantly and someone was stabbed in the club last month! Not good business…No variety only black and spanish…No asian white russians! Not a las Vegas style club at all!

  53. Trisha W.

    Drinks not worth it. The bank stole money from my exchange. And lap dances are shared (no private area)

  54. igor34

    Lets start with the fun at the door… The full body search was interesting to say the least – TSA could take some pointers from this security team. My ten to twelve or so pockets plus boots, were riffled thru quickly and easily; with everything had to get completely and totally checked, twice!!! Oh, and i didn’t have to take my boots off. Note to self, empty ones pockets in car PRIOR to entry in these ‘fine’ establishments. Now comes the fun part, the girl I was with, she had her bra checked 🙂 and if i’m not mistaken, the female “bouncer” seemed to enjoy that a ‘touch’ too much 😉 needless to say my friend was a ‘touch’ uneasy (sorry for all the touching, but you’ll understand later) This is where I then starter to wonder, its this what it’s like to visit someone at the local jail ha ha ha…So now we’re inside and the ladies are attired in some of the most creative pieces known to mankind!;-) ladies, when you’re a “gentleman’s” establishment, AVOID eye contact with the local ‘entertainers’ OTHERWISE, you will get singled out. My friend found that out… And boy did she every find that out ha ha :-).A very tall (i think she was in 9 inch heels) and very tasty young lady purchased drink for her and started to TOUCHING… Pinch… And feel on placed I thought were illegal to do in public 🙂 ha ha… That aside, for a good laugh go! The drinks were great… The music as okay a d the girls there just wanna have fun!!! Again, ladies… Go with an open mind and you’ll have fun! Oh, and the finger comes out quickly and it’s always great!!!

  55. Michael J.

    I was super trashed and don’t remember if I had a good time or not. I had no dollar bills in my pocket do I think I’ll guess I had a good time.

  56. ROCKY
  57. Christopher T.

    Best strip club I’ve been to ever. Not no dive or hole in the wall. Staff was even nice, Security, waitress and even the strippers. I’m cant wait to go back and I’m taking my wife with me.

  58. Ivonne G.

    the space is very big and the décor is nice, but to get in we paid 10 dollars we went after 2 a.m and then when we were in the waitress so sweet and kind told us nicely that we must pay for drinks if not we cant stay in. I taught that was beyond crazy. i didn’t believe that we must pay for drinks to stay after i just payed hookah and to come in!!!so i told her let me speak to the manger ( i was already drunk ) and he said yes you must so i told him why is that the only way you can make your money!! he stood shut and walked away. ( his breathe smelled like so much alcohol )since im only 21 young and this was my first time going to a strip club. i didn’t know if this like this everywhere. anywaythe strippers most were pretty with nice bodies.but one in particular. who danced on us. she smelled very bad like pussy sorry for my language. and her breath some like weed. and on top of her smelly wak lap dance she charged for 20. lmfao i was about to tell her hell no im not gunna pay if i almost threw up and u smell. but i didn’t want to hurt any feelings and was in a good mood. which i am always but not when they are trying to get me for my money !!!! oh and my babe got a free lap dance. ha being because he was the sexiest guy in the club or that she noticed we was throwing the same dollars picking it up over and over again till she was done. she walked out with 4 dollars hello u didn’t ask permission to dance. ok overall i loved the music! and i would give it another try one day maybe in my next life or so.but i have heard of starlet’s gentlemen club in queens i heard is the best and the girls smell so good.

  59. Edgar S.

    Wow, has Sin City changed. 1st off, Sin City is a Go Go Club. It is NOT a strip club anymore. Since when do “strippers” dance with pasties and/or bathing suit tops?! After paying $20 to get in and go through the airport type security (even though I don’t mind the security,) I was expecting it to be the same way it was when I would come here all the time years ago…NAKED chicks!You will see plenty of fitted hats, gold chains, ass slapping, dudes making it “rain,” cellulite, C-section scars and jail tats. The girls hustle hard. So hard, they jerk dudes by doing impromptu lap dances without getting the “okay” from the unsuspecting customer and then asking for a $20 bill. It happened to me and I was seriously like “WTF, I never asked for a dance?”RIP Sin City of the mid 2000’s.

  60. rogerrab2

    Take everything into context. This place was very good, and I am a harsh critic. I was very skeptical about going there, because I DO NOT LIKE STRIP CLUBS, but this place really changed my mind about that. It is a place to see T and A everywhere and have drinks. Its a far better alternative than buying that girl several drinks and still not even get to touch. At least here you can get that and more at a fraction of that price! Again, I really recommend it. The boys and I had a hell of a time. $12 for a drink is OK. If you can’t buy that either don’t go out, or enjoy yourself and don’t complain.Rule of thumb, it’s alright to say “No Thank You” when they just sit on your lap and start to dance.

  61. Franklyn

    Save your money! When you go exchange a hundred dollars for singles, they skim money off the top! Me and my boys exchanged about $300 each and each stack had about $87 dollars! It is just not good business etiquette.

  62. Jay J.

    2 years ago, I would’ve given this place 5 stars, but times have changed.98% of the women here are light skinned spanish women with similar bodies.The owner has an idea of what is sexy and he is sticking to it…The line can take about an hour or so to clear.–The cover charge is pretty hefty…i believe its $25 or $35 to get in…Once, you’re in—prepare for an intensive security check–i nearly lost my pants in my check—–the check is done when your belt comes off…awesome!The place is super packed—if you come after 11pm, there is no place to sit and you’re forced to stand while desperate guys keep pacing back and forth for that perfect spot to ogle.Your other option is to pay about $500 or so for a VIP sitting area, which i think has drink minimums and other stipulations..The only positive is that a lot of women come here. On any given night, there’s bound to be at least 100+ in the club. Most are bi or lesbians, but they get pretty psyched up and dress up for this event..I’mma go on tour and come up with a top 10 list for strip clubs, but this spot won’t be in the running and its a shame.

  63. Crystal B.

    THIS CLUB WILL SHIT ON YOUR LIFE.I went here for my birthday….the clubowners mased their own club and tear gassed everybody in the building because someone had been fighting in the front. My friends and I had just bought a bottle of Grey Goose and they literally forged our signature to charge us, even though we didn’t get to open the bottle.This place is illegal and should be shut down for their complete disrepect. I’d give them no stars if I could. Run ladies, run.

  64. james

    sin city is the place to be .the women are sexy,too hot .the best club ever.wish the sin city cant toto go your 4year annverty.

  65. PussieWip

    No Bad are all !!!

  66. suga

    this club is so great

  67. NY1


  68. Joe
  69. Miss A.

    so i finally broke my strip club virginity. i was terrified all the way up to the cab ride over there…..thank you driver for giving me a pep talk and reassuring me there was nothing to fear. once i walked in i was surprised that the women outnumbered the men. ladies, why didnt yall tell me it was so cool for us to go??? i had no idea. anyways, the girls are hot. the drinks are good and there are horny men (with disposable income nonetheless) all over the place. so in other words sin city is fun, fun and more fun. the only reason i rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there were no black dancers. it is, after all, black history month (lol….ok i know mlk and obama would not approve of this message but im sayin tho!). i dont know, maybe i went on latina night. either way, the girls were beautiful and they put in work so i have nothing but love and respect for—there is no picture taking allowed inside and for those of yall (see: me) who get too drunk and carried away this is a good thing. my dad is on my facebook friendlist and i dont need that kind of pressure in my numero dos—the bathroom is CLEAN!!!!!

  70. Mistercap12

    Came here with a few friends for a birthday and as always it is pretty interesting. The food is top 3 cuisine in the city (no really it is). Like a friend of mine says they must have a renowned chef back there because no one has ever been disappointed. Sometimes people forget they are in a strip club, when their main focus is the “Voodoo wings” or the “lamb chops”. Moving on, the dancers are friendly, they will come over tell a few jokes get you comfortable then ask if you want to continue the conversation in the back. Overall liked my trip, just one little problem is the amount of wait time for the food.

  71. Jenn J.

    I would like to add that although my experience did not change. I did receive a very professional message from the manager/owner who did acknowledge my concerns. Instead of being defensive (as I have seen) he was professional, and took responsibility for the service and explained the measures taken to fix most of the issues. And to me that says a lot about a business. Thank you.( i am not being paid or given free service / or products for this updated review )

  72. larry1

    I LOVE this place. If you’re into voluptuous, curvy, spanish and black women with fat asses and tiny waists this is the place for you! These girls are amazing and they’re honest-to-god great dancers. I always have a great time coming here because these girls are thoroughly *entertaining*. You have to get in early because this place gets PACKED! And I think that its crazy that as a female I (or any of us!) have to pay to get in ($20-$35 range) but it all weighs out cause what I pay to get in i get back from some sucker(s) sending drinks my way. This place is totally female- friendly, not like most strip clubs where you won’t find any female patrons. I hear the food is great but i have a strict no strip club food policy- I’m too boojie for that. A word to the wise: this is actually NOT a stripclub as there is no nudity- it’s a GOGO bar- expect thongs and titties & a damn good time.

  73. winston12

    This USED to be my prime choice of entertainment in the early 2000’s BUT since the recession(2009) it seems as if they let any ol Sally dance on the pole. I was here 2 wks ago(don’t Judge my late review) anywho…. I waited over an hour on line to get in, once I got in, I wanted to get some singles little did I know they’d changed their policy on making change for customers they take $1 off every $20 that you break WHOA wtf!!! Where they do that at???? Okay so I make my way to the main stage hoping to see some new eye candy & to my surprise I was utterly disgusted the 2 females dancing looked Middle Aged at least 40+ now usually I don’t mind a nice well reserved woman I’m used to to southern strip clubs so I’ve seen it all BUT these chicks were horrible titties were down to their knee caps, asses were flatter that pancakes ohhhh. The horror!!!! I couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there and this was a Saturday night, the night were the best women should’ve been on duty. One “dancer” had a weave so long & red she looked like the Disney character “Brave” I had to do a double take. I will not be returning here for a while. And neither should YOU… If you choose to go make sure you get in before midnight when the price is 20, after It goes to $30 then $50.

  74. Harrison69

    Went to Sin City for my friends 22nd birthday. The dancers were great but the waitress… Terrible.The dancer were friendly and would come dance a little to see if u were interested. Its a girl there with one star on each butt check. Gotta get a dance from her. And she was so nice. Kept callin me “Baby” lolNow back to the waitress she wasnt nice. We got one bottle ($275 btw) and she got us the check. Smh like maybe cause we were young… Idk but we had money. Than they said my friend card wasnt going thru which wasnt true. ( they just wanted cash. Smh. Change your rules if u only want cash ) but it was 4:01 am. 1min after closing, and she kept sayin loud and clear “i have to go i have school in the morning” like we didnt have school and work ourself. She messed up my whole night. And mind u her $85 tip was included ! Btw chick had glasses and hello kitty shorts…. Take the tip and fix urself. Smh.

  75. E.A.

    Man i remember going to this joint wit my two homies and i ain’t gonna lie when T Pain said he in love wit a stripper that shit is real cause the woman up in there had me like damnnnnn what should i do lol the lap dances is cheap and even though i only went there once i still from this day talk about that day there im gonna be there again watch!!!!

  76. John
  77. Tommy

    This club is HOTT! I LOVE IT .. THE PLAYERS CLUB 2

  78. Johnson12

    Only reason they get two stars is cuz the club itself is nice. The girls however are BUSTED! I’ve seen better at Scandals I swear. And way too aggressive… WAY. I told one girl Im waiting on my ones, which in stripper talk is , bye I don’t want ur company. She literally sat for 30 min behind me with her friend waiting. Meanwhile my bands were in my bag but not gonna happen. I have no problem spending hundreds on a girl I LIKE but damn. We had two bottles and our waitress was fine but we never needed much so we didn’t have to bug her really. I even asked one girl if this is their best night cuz it was super busy and she said oh yeah. So why are there 20 our of shape, unkept girls in here? And the male patrons harass the hell out of you to the point I wouldn’t go to the bathroom without my male friend cuz I kept getting grabbed on while walking there. Back to Rivi’s for me where the girls are prettier, DJ is WAY better, and I’m not sexually harassed by other customers.

  79. Annonymous

    Great place, love going for lunch. Wish I worked and lived closer…..actually its good I dont work or live closer, its too easy to spend money there.

  80. AssnTits5

    Food is great! Bartenders are fun and awesome! Everyone is very friendly!

  81. Antrica G.

    I went to sin city to celebrate a friends birthday. I was unhappy about the amount of time I spent waiting on the line. However I was still optimistic about the night. I entered in the club and was amazed by the size but that was about it. My drink was okay. The dancer were alright. A lot of them looked old. Some were very pushy, taking money out of your hand etc. There was only two girls that I saw that did pole tricks. And I don’t want to even start on the ratchet, ghetto, and obnoxious people that were seated around Me. Bottle service. On a little table that could barely hold the drinks bottle and hookah. The hookah was harsh, tasted like shit. Oh and the bottle was about 300. Which is appalling to me a bar tender and bottle service girl. Who’s worked at far nicer clubs where the service and prices are better. To some it up. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY

  82. first timer
  83. Darwin

    Not the best

  84. Max
  85. KING

    This is by far the best club in NY period! No disrespect to Sue’s, but the overall atmosphere is just uncomparable. Drinks maybe pricy to some people but this is the Club of choice. The Girls are great and the lap dances are off the HOOK! That’s why me and the wifey go whenever we have the time!

  86. greg

    nice club but where are the black dancers. everytime i go there is like only 1.

    only spanish dancers?

  87. eddyL

    ONLY 3 STARS CUZ SECURITY IS A B*TCH AND I WISH I HAD BEEN INTOXICATED!I went for my friend’s birthday about 2 weeks ago and pulled up to the spot around 12am.BIG MISTAKE!Line was down the block and there was a $30 cover charge just to get inside.Waited on line for 45mins and Head of security was pretty obnoxious.I went thru a metal detector once inside and after it went off (pssshhh I wasn’t takin off my underwire bra and jewelry for this sh*t) I was pretty much molested by this seriously butch female guard.I mean damn lady, If your gonna finger under my @ss cheeks and put ur hands inbetween my titties (no bullsh*t)…at least tell me your name and get me a drink first!As soon as I entered the main place there were big titties bouncin’ , fat booties jigglin and money flying EVERYWHERE!Music was on point and there was an even mix of men and women there.The dancers are amazing and if you’re a girl like me who is body conscious, this will make you wanna take ur big @ss to the gym asap and do a 1000 reps on every machine in the spot!Splits on the ceiling, flips on poles, bottles of Moet in between buttcheeks (not joking).These b*tches are magical!They’re like little naked stripper angels who fell topless from heaven to teach the world that all things can be healed through the power of p*ssy poppin!If I go back, I’m going to drink and throw caution to the wind.Aside from the bullsh*t to get inside…this place is a def must go to for adult entertainment and good ole messy time with friends.I applaud all of the girls working there…I aspire to be like you one day.



  89. samanth torres

    i love the club .the women are sexy,nice,etrem teast givers.they are worth going to see.

  90. crippy master

    the girls of amazing

  91. Rae R.

    I would never recommend SCAMMING Place bouncers are the worst they charge extra after a certain time if you are not over 25 so the bouncers would be able to pocket money, I would rather you try the other strip clubs in the city. There is always a fight because the bouncers begin to mess with regular civilians because they feel like it. Bouncers will tell strippers who is throwing money and who is not. The strippers have so much surgery and fake asses it’s ridiculous you can see the ass shot scars and can feel how hard there butts are.

  92. Spitzer

    Went there early evening after today’s Yankees game. Felt safe. A mixture of locals and an after-game crowd. I don’t know what it used to be like, but there’s a metal detector now.

    There seemed to be about a 5-10 girls working. A few black girls, a few white blonds and a few brunettes. Lap dances are $20 per song. VIP is $120. I think it’s about four songs in the VIP. The VIP isn’t really much different from the main area, just a big walled off area with more couches.

    Pole dances and lap dances are topless, not nude. Lots of contact. Eileen, an older blond, gives a great lap dance. Maui, a brunette from Hawaii is absolutely stunning and also gives a good lap dance.

  93. Eszee R.

    This was my first Strip Club EVER…my boyfriend brought me here for my bday…and I was sooo excited…so…the line was pretty long but it moved pretty fast…when we got to the front…the cover was $35 per person!!! I didn’t know any better, so I didn’t know if this was a lot til after…got frisked by some Butch Lesbian chick went through the metal detectors and I made my way into the place where there were a few stages…the place was packed…dollars flowing everywhere…chicks with AMAZING BODIES (I’m jealous)…everything a guy would want from a spot, right??? WRONG!!!Most of the strippers are out of reach…they never come close to the customers so u have to fling the bills at them…its not worth coming here UNLESS u have a table and are getting lap dances…I have to say though…there was one stripper whose pole skills were INSANE!!!!!! My bf and I stayed for about 30mins and went to another Strip Club my friend recommended…at least I got to go to 2 diff strip clubs in 1 night for my first time…lol…

  94. StripClub431

    Do not come here! I came here twice, which is two times too many. Charged $20 once and $30 another time. Mind you I came the same day (Thursday) after 12am a couple months apart. My last visit here was a couple days ago. First off, when my bag was checked my small travel sized hot sauce was confiscated. I don’t see how hot sauce can be a harm to anyone. Anywwys, the lady said I would get it back as I was leaving, only to find out she took it for herself. Mind you I had a bottle of pepper spray I swore she was going to throw out, which she didn’t. She was too busy looking for things she wanted I guess. This alone made me not want to come here again if the bouncers are too lazy to not notice a bottle of pepper spray in an almost empty bag, but take a hot sauce. Anyways, to the experience. The strippers are mediocre. Fake butts all over the place, stretch marks, and cellulite. Some are talented and actually use the pole, as to most just stand around a “twerk” then stare at you as if they deserve money for doing something I could watch myself do in the mirror. Some even looked like they wouldnt be 18 until next week. I actually started to feel bad for them though. The way they are allowed to be grabbed, smacked on the booty, and given dances to these men are disgusting. Absolutely disgusting! I saw someone give a stripper $2 after she danced on him and let her grab her titties, vagina, and butt. Not to mention the place is crawling with underage guest. A girl who looked no older than 17 got mad because I accidentally bumped her and “almost made her drop her blunt”. So tacky! The bouncer didn’t even think I was the person on MY id but I still got in. The drinks are so weak. I ordered patron and pineapple juice once at the bar and I got a drop of patron and a glass full of pineapple juice. Next visit I smarted up and got a bottle. The bouncers in the club and rude and rough. And I’m a female 5’5 125 pounds no need to be so aggresive. The hookah cost $40 and it hardly pulled correctly. I told the waitress about it she says “that’s just how it is”. As if I’ve never smoked hookah before.They only reason they have 1 stars is because 1. I went on Thursdays amateur night and my friends won both times I went and it was pretty fun and cool. And 2. Because you have to give them something. This place is the next Club 11.

  95. Tiler

    Tha bst for the area.

  96. curtis17

    its cool….but the prices at the door on the Weekend nights????? OMG……cool spot though…..everything is super expensive

  97. XXXbeast

    Leron’s Lesson: The entertainers are fantastic and the club is live. A lot of hassle to get inside though. It’s a strip club, not an airport.Full Review: Came to celebrate a friend’s birthday and was immediately subjected to sleazy behavior by the guy I assume was the manager. He made it tough on guys to get inside for whatever reason and was very unreasonable. Once I got inside, I really enjoyed myself. There were sooo many dancers in the club. They were all very friendly and willing to interact with you, just make sure you have those singles ready. The coat check staff was great as well, they were extremely friendly and did a wonderful job of keeping the long lines moving and getting everyone their coats. Drinks were expensive, but still pretty strong.Also, just a heads up. On the way out, at the end of the night there was a NYPD DUI check point set up right outside the door. So please, drink responsibly.

  98. magic

    this is a good club i make all my money sucking and fucking my manager gus or else ill be fired. i got fired from sues rendezvous for smoking dust and sin city was there for me. im older now and as far as the clientelle is concerned a little outdated so i have to work at the front door cause i dont make money dancing no more the girls say i hate on them i mean i do wish i was younger and theres nonthing wrong with me but the stretch marks on my stomach from my kids nonthing to worry about i keep them covered up! overall this is a good club expecially if u are fucking a top manager, you’ll be straight………….

  99. Daley C.

    Went hear for my birthday this weekend wit my lady had a great time drinks was on point our waitress Natasha was friendly and very helpful and the women was sexy as hell I would definitely recommend sin city to anyone who is looking to have a good time it’s worth the money

  100. smells like Herpes

    It was so gross. I got a lap dance from this chick who ended up being all sweaty and when I looked down at the couch in the booth I saw cum stains all over it. Nasty and gross I seriously felt like I was going to pick something up just by being there. the girls are all fat. I think I saw one normal girl? Not my style.

  101. Tyra S.

    Had a pretty good time. This was my second time there. Beautiful girls who are very friendly and definitely talented!!! Will def return!

  102. BXNYC

    Nice Club. Great time during the weekdays during work hours ;). I say hi to Mexico, the sexiest lady there!

  103. Dandingo

    My wife and I were at Sin City last night and we both had a great time! My wife felt extremely comfortable and had no problem with me tipping the ladies on stage. My wife and I both received lap dances from a dancer named Cashmere, she was very polite and was able to make my wife have a good time…..not to mention that my wifes dance with her was possibly the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Cahmere also made my wife touch her while she was dancing with me which I thought was extra sweet!

    The club is a very nice, clean, and well managed place. We probably spent a little over 300$ between the food, drinks and dances, but it was all well worth it. I have lived in the Bronx my whole life and this place simply blows every other place in the Bronx out of the water. The only complaint I have is that the DJ played a little too much R&B in the beginning but pumped it at around 11… it wasn’t too much of a big deal

    My wife already wants to go back!

  104. Donald

    I went There on 10/1 with My brother and two friends it was a sunday night so it was some what slow but all the guys that were there were tipping so that keept the ladies pretty happy.

    The clu was imaculate the bathroom was spotless

    complete with attendant always a plus. The waitresses were polite and personable and pretty

    hot too. The drinks were expensive 10 bucks for a mixed drink but whoa wear those suckers strong! The dancers wear all in good shape nice booty’s everywhere if you like video types and a few slim latinas And I think one white girl who was super sweet. I had like six

    dances which were all couch dance in the open but in a coner at 20 dollars a song and lots of one way contact which is cool unless your a

    super perv lol. Every dancer was an eight to nine depending on your taste and the music was good if you like hip hop and r&b.This was the most fun I had in a strip club post guliani.

    Really great place for relaxed kinda guys of all races tight asses might feel a little out of place here.

    Hope this helps someone with their choices.

    Good Spot.

  105. vaughn

    Ex Head of security. For all its worth i still love the club . i have worked in almost all the stripclubs in the bronx and it is by far the best.

  106. Boxer

    This is the best after Yankee game The Bestttt



  108. Ken

    I have visited Sin City 6 times. It is my favorite Strip club

    in NY. My only issue is the lack of a champagne or vip room

    other than that its good. Never had a problem in the last 6

    years of going

  109. Opal T.

    Let’s get ratchet…. Let’s get ratchet! This place has gotten really strict over the years. Now there is a 3 point security clearance you have to get through in order to be amongst the “finest” of the Bronx. This place has such a hype that’s really not that serious. Some dancers do have talent on the pole, yes – but you have to make your way through the thick blanket of dreadlocked dudes in down jackets to catch a glimpse. Drink are about $10-15 and if you get here after 11pm on a weekend, good luck finding a seat at a table for less than $275. This is someplace I go to for a drink and entertainment, but I don’t linger for more than an hour or so…

  110. moneyman2

    I want to give this place negative stars but since that’s not a option here’s one. Note for all who wish to attend…IF YOU ARE NOT A SCAMMER and or WILLING TO PAY SECURITY at the door DONOT bother wasting your time. The establishment only excepts entry with bottle service and that should have been stated. How dare you waste ppl time knowing your intention was to not let them in. I came here for a good time on behalf of a bachelorette party and yet somehow coming here ruined our night. I’M TELLING YOU. Do not waste your time if you’re not a heavy hitter. P.S. There are way better establishments than this. Can’t wait for this place to get shut down.

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