Bliss Showclub



1926 West Deer Valley Road, Phoenix, AZ 85027


33.6844351, -112.1013793




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bliss Showclub

  1. me
  2. RE; WILEY


  3. Shelly W.

    Total dive… not a single pretty dancer in the joint! Don’t waste $$$ on overpriced admission.

  4. Sandtrout

    I used to go to another nearby club, but started going here after some of my favorites left the other club to work here.

    The Dancers, Bar Staff and Waitresses are all HOT!!!! Especially, Sissy, Rachel, Donna and Heather. I’m glad I switched. I will be going back again as soon as I get back to Phoenix from San Antonio, where I’m still looking for a good club.

  5. jake

    i went here for the first time today and i was really impressed….i will be coming back

  6. Rich

    Holy hell….it is so obvious that the same person is leaving all the negative remarks, I just had to pipe in. Bliss is a cool place, if you don’t like it then don’t go there. It’s as simple as that. All your “blows ass!! sucks ass!!” etc. etc. and so on and so on remarks are dumb and if you think you are going to stop guys like me from going there, you are sadly mistaken. Go focus your energy on moving to a house that’s not on wheels.

  7. RE: MILES

    Let me guess you state that but you probably come in about twice a week. Why did you come into the club in the first place if it’s so bad. Get a life.

  8. Santa

    This place really blows and has lots on nasty hoe’s! I won’t be stopping by here this year!

  9. clubcon
  10. Ted

    One word describes this club, SUCKS!

  11. Damon

    SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS! And did I mention this club SUCKS!

  12. Regular Customer

    I love this club and don’t even bother to waste my time with any of the others ones.

  13. Margo

    This club is really lame! I went ther last weekend and the waitresses were horrible at gettin, not to mention the terrible music the mono-tone dj was playing and the girls were a let down! I thought I would check this club out for myself to see if it’s worth my time & $$$$ and it wasn’t!

  14. Mark

    Kendra is awesome!

  15. Carl

    WOW, this place sucks!

  16. SAMUEL
  17. Lori

    Went with my man. Great music/drinks/girls. #fun

  18. Ernest

    Idiots run this place and idiots go to this classless dump! This place sucks! The only reason most of the people at the top of there job title have these jobs is because they are friends with the owner! These people better hope that he never sell out or they will be back to flipping burger and djing at H.S. Proms!

  19. JEFF


  20. Mardi Gras

    As always, the best damn Mardi Gras party in Phoenix!! Thanks for a great time!

  21. peter north

    the club was cool but lexus is off the chain she is hot and lapdance was great

  22. Metallica Man


  23. taylor

    WOW, this place BLOWS!

  24. bliss addict

    oh yeah, bliss has definite yummies! I AGREE on that!!!!!!!

  25. jimmy
  26. Butterball

    I spent about 3 hrs here and almost $200 later I left very dissapointed. The dancers were hot but the weren’t very friendly. I am a pretty big guy and it seemed like the dancers weren’t interested in talking to the fat guy. Only 1 girl asked me for a dance and I had a pocket full of money. The waitresses were nice, when I could get one. The club was pretty busy. I especially dissliked the DJ. his music was way too loud. You had to speak very loudly just to speak to the person next to you. The lighting in the club was kind of dark and my friends were joking that they were trying to hide something. Although my overall experience was fair, I will probably give this place 1 more try. I hope the service is better next time

  27. Ron

    Go check it out

  28. Jeb

    Jed, Ned or Smed! This club sucks and so does the food!

  29. Gabe

    The fetish ball sucked balls! This place is a joke and so are these them stupid parties! What kind of stupid people think of this shit? We all know the answer to that question! Nobody makes any money but the bar! From the inbreed customer that hang out here! Bliss blows!

  30. ha ha haters

    i love this club all you haters must be the rejects they got rid of

  31. Steve O.


  32. Hey Ned

    You spelled your fake name wrong. It’s Juan, not Jaun. LOL. You are so lame.

  33. john

    i love this place

  34. Goodtimes32
  35. Josh

    We had a huge group on Friday and we were treated so good quality of girls was great. we will be back….

  36. newcomer

    I was at Bliss last night and had a great time. There were so many beautiful young ladies to choose from, I will definitely be back. I usually go to the Candy Store but not any more. Bliss is so much bigger and way nicer. Love the smoking patio!

  37. UncleFrd

    Always a good time! This is a really descent club with some great girls.

  38. Jed

    This place blows ass! I went their friday and had a famous steak dinner and it sucked! The steaks are 50 cent pieces of shit flat iron cheap steaks, lame! I really feel I was cheated for the price! Also the girls are nasty scanks! Dont waste your time here people!

  39. eddyL

    Not a bad place to have a $5.00 lunch and the dancers I think are sum of the best in town a great verity.I have only been coming to Bliss for 3 weeks or so but I like it.

  40. re:Ned

    Ok Ned we get your point you dont like Bliss then go to another place you like and stop bashing the club get over it there is only so many times you can use the word sucks and blows ass. move on. we get your point.the people who do enjoy coming in thank you……

  41. Ned Jed

    My name is NedJed and I’m dumb…sorry.

  42. Roy

    Bliss sucks! And so does that fat ass faggot dj that wears skibbys on stage! Get a life tard! Quit bitching about tipping out 15% to management and blaming it on others that they are one doing so!

  43. Scott

    I was there last night I love the new Vip room. I will be back

  44. jams
  45. Iron Balls

    To put it nicely, this place just plain sucks ass. I don’t understand all the positive reviews. For starters, there is a very low dancer-to-customer ratio. Among the few dancers they do have working–on a Saturday, no less, on their third annual Mardi Gras night–only a handful are worth your attention. Most have big fat asses, small boobs, and a full canvas of tattoos. What’s worse, it’s just this side of impossible to get the attention of any girl for a lap dance, even those you don’t find attractive. They spend most of their time milling about the club with the bouncers, DJs, bartenders, and waitresses (most of whom are hotter than the dancers). I like places where the girls come up to the customers left and right–including the non-regulars–and treat them nice.

    If you do buy a lap dance, you won’t get your money’s worth–even for just $10. They have the nerve to call them “lap dances” in the first place. You’re in an open booth on one side of the club where the girl will only go so far as to mount your thighs and knees, while paying little or no attention to where you’d want her to go. Contact is nonsensual, friction minimal, and eye contact nonexistent. You’re left with no sense of fulfilment whatsoever as the girl most reluctantly endures her one-song task and thanklessly goes off with your cash.

    I didn’t opt for the extra $20 admission to go into the “VIP” area, which looks like nothing more than an elevated area in full view from the rest of the club. Peeking in, I saw that it’s just as impossible to get your favorite girl’s attention up there and the dances are just as lousy as those on the main floor–but twice as expensive.

    Stay away.

  46. Ed

    This place SUCKS! You probably live in a trailer or should be if you hang out at this shithole, trailer trash!

  47. To Ned

    Don’t be dumb. It’s obvious to all readers that you do all the bullshit postings. When you write in reviews and in the comments, you use the same key words and you continue to mis-spell the same words over and over on your fake names. You are as transparent as you are ignorant.

  48. Jaun


  49. mat
  50. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    This place sucks! What a shithole! Glad to still see all the worthless employee trying to hype there shitty little club still! bliss sucks!

  51. Everybody!

    Everybody is entitled to an opinion! And this club SUCKS by the comments posted here by most of the people posting here!

  52. Sam Kinison

    Pretty good. Some nights are better than others, just like any place. I’ve has some great times here. To Barry, Tyler, George and Ned. FUCK OFF. You assholes are just posting shit. You are not for real.

  53. JR

    Great place to have lunch and get dances!

  54. Kendra

    i love you guys!!

  55. Billy

    That Rachel Lynn is TOO HOT! Had a great time with her.

  56. Don Jaun

    Bliss SUCKS! This is the worst strip club in Phoenix!

  57. Bo knows!

    Bliss is like a babys diaper! It doesn’t take long tell you smell the shit and when you see the content it make you want to barf! And it’s just like wiping your ass with your money too! So, the moral to the story is if you don’t like shitty diapers or shitholes don’t go to Bliss!

  58. Larry

    Very Chill place nice choice of ladies!!!!Staff is average in service but wow they are hot. nice to look at..

  59. Fundick0466

    Dancers are good. but plan on getting your own drinks. Waitress takes a long time and disappears

  60. Edward

    this place sucks really bad

  61. another guy

    Ned’s an ass. But this club is going downhill. There is a new DJ who doesn’t know WTF he’s doing. Cut’s songs short, talks over music, doesn’t turn the stage light on. It really lowers the quality. Where are the managers to watch over this? Also, it is starting to get WAY TOO MUCH HIP- HOP. This is NORTH Phx, not the hood.

  62. Burger King

    LOVE this club!!! You people who post negative crap on here are obviously lonely bitter people who hate themselves, so you feel the need to bash on others who are happy and successful. Losers.

  63. Marty

    I had a horrible time here on Saturday night! Ther girls are nasty the wait staff is horrible and the dj totally sucked! I did leave and go to the Candy Store and had a blast! HOT, HOT, HOT girls there!

  64. jim

    this place rocks!

  65. Rachel Lynn-to the dancers:

    I have danced in many clubs in the past, and have to say that Bliss is the most fun club I’ve ever worked in. So, to all my sexy dancer friends: you HAVE to come and check out Bliss, cause you won’t regret it! Your dances will come to YOU! Unlike the other valley clubs, no girl here needs to pressure the customers for a dance, so they can relax for a change and enjoy their drinks and sexy show and have a great time for a change! The DJ plays all the most rockin up beat tunes, and the place is always packed with the BEST (and cute) guys I’ve ever seen in one place! So, if you know me and have wondered where I’ve been, now you know-so come see me cause I miss all of you- if u don’t know me, and are HOT, (Bliss is very picky about their girls)come check it out, and be prepared to have a lot of fun with the guys and make lots of money! Hope to see you there soon! xoxo Rachie

    ps- Hey Sugar-you told me strip club business was slow in the valley in the summer, trust me-it’s standing room only here most nights (and it’s summer!)June Bug is here, too!

  66. Kirsten

    My husband and I go to Bliss often and we LOVE the new section with the little couches!! Very private and classy. We will be spending alot of time in there!!

  67. Bob

    Bliss SUCKS! Worst club in town!


    Man, this place SUCKS! Nasty girls, shitty waitresses and one lame dj named Steve! This guy sucks and should be happy he has the job he does because I bet he couldn’t get a job working day shift at most clubs in town! Steve sucks! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  69. re naughty

    if you think 20’s is old, then man you have issues

  70. Tommy

    This club Blows ASS!

  71. Tom

    Got a dance from angel the other day anyone know when she works again?

  72. Dale

    Man, did I waste my time here tonight! UGLY girls, Shitty dj, Horrible(but cute)waitresses. Avoid this club and go to Candy Store when up in north Phoenix!

  73. Matchking

    Nice club. I love the smoking section outside but it totally lacks any decor out there, spruce it up man! Your VIP room has like no privacy. Need to work on that. Very friendly atmosphere and the girls were nice enough to sit and talk not just walk around begging. This club loses points in my book for its ugly patio and not so private VIP.

  74. JT

    Fun place, I’m never disappointed!

  75. graham


  76. Rusty


    I think you gave me a cold….But I Loved It…Sorry I missed you the other night but had to go….Looking forward to stoppin in again and hope you are there. 🙂

    Your Ex-Husband (Lindseys Guy..hehe)

  77. Wiley

    Bliss really does suck and Ned is speaking the truth about this place!

  78. Tilly

    Great time in VIP

  79. Bruno

    Hadn’t been to this part of town for a while, so I went the other day. The bartender was excellent. For a day shift there was a good variety of dancers of various sizes, shapes and ethnicities. The music was not overbearingly loud and there was a good mix. I’ll be back.

  80. Steve

    Always a great time out when you go here!!! Chantel Rocks!!!

  81. Marvin

    One word discribes this place, SUCKS!

  82. Gil

    Bliss sucks ass and so do the ugly trans-sexuals working there!

  83. Eric

    If my wife would only let me out of the house more I’d be at Bliss every day. I love that place.

  84. Stickey

    Visited about 6 times. Only once did I walk out because the talent wasn’t there for my tastes. My last visit was awesome. Dancer did things that were amazing.

  85. Norton

    Red necks & Trailer trash central! Don’t go here!

  86. Hollywood

    This place sucks and has nasty girls and dumbasses running it and did I forget to mention the dj’s suck to!

  87. The R

    “My favorite club is better than you favorite. Na na na.” What a crock of grade school shit! How old are you guys? 10? What a bunch of fuckin’ morons! What is next? “My dnace can kick your dancer’s ass!”????? If you are going to write a review, FOR CHRISSAKES SAY SOMETHING! Are you trying to communicate or just masturbating your emotions? No wonder clubs have a bad rep. It’s not the lack of intelligence of the women that work there, it’s the freakin’ ‘tards with a handfull of one dollar bills and a coors. geeeeeeeeez. Thank you for your time.

  88. Horny Hank

    No idea what people are complaining about. Every time I go, I have a great time. The women aren’t Playboy material (seriously, what club does) but many have great bodies. I go at lunch and you usually have an Asian and a black chick or two, which I totally am into, in addition to the white girls. I’ve almost messed my pants a few times from the dances. Just kick back and enjoy.

  89. Re: eric

    Bliss SUCKS! And your wife must be UGLY &FAT if you love Bliss and would spend everyday there you dumb LOSER!

  90. Me again!

    This place still sucks! Happy Thanksgiving losers of and at Bliss!

  91. Brittany

    My husband and I had an amzing night at your Fetish Ball!! Can’t wait to see what you do next! It was our first time visiting Bliss and we will definately be back!!

  92. azcouple

    Had a great time and sage deff took

    care of us in vip … sage and kimber

    are absolutely awesome

  93. Keith

    This club really suck! Lame, Lame, Lame! I will keep spending my money at the candy store because they have quality girls!

  94. Doc

    There on Friday evening, and had a great time!! Candy is the bomb, tall and luscious!!!!!!!!!!! VIP area is overrated in that it is 20 dollars to enter plus another 20 bucks for each dance. Overall, a very positive experience and would go back.

  95. Miles

    This club is nothing but trailer trash rednecks! Run, don’t go here if you have any kind of class!

  96. Ned again & again!

    Thanks for the shout out! This club still SUCKS! DJ’s? All of the dj’s working here SUCK! All the good ones are gone, they have bouncers djing now! But this club has always SUCKED! Even when it was Cabaret USA & PT’s! I heard the G.M. use to dj he must have SUCKED at that to and now he runs this dive, what a joke! BLISS SUCKS!

  97. Laura R.

    Use to go here many moons ago as my nearest bar but with better music and boobs =-o The girl’s here are sometimes’ below avg I have not boon in atleast a year thing’s could change but I doubt it. The DJ was awesome he may be a manager there now tho. The girl’s had to use the same restroom as the lady customers so that was always a + for me 😉 seeing who washes their hands or not lol. Only one sink worked if you were lucky and possibly 1 working toilet. The girl’s would smoke in there well when you could anyway dunno about now. Heard the mens room was much nicer with an attendant and ice in the urinals. If you reserve w bottle service you will be well taken care of. It’s a conveniant place for some fun and would always go again if the boys are buyin =) I’d get valet so they watch your car its in a shadey area but they have done alot of remodeling inside as well as out! 4 stars cuz of ladies room

  98. BILL


  99. Bo

    This place truly SUCKS!

  100. Bryan

    This place SUCKS!

  101. fuckery12

    Great club. Cheap cover and 5 dollar drinks. Didnt get a dance so idk the pricing on those but a perfect place to grab a drink and see some tatties. I am not familiar with the other clubs in the area, but as someone who visits gentleman establishments across the country, I can say the girls were above average looking and friendly. What more could you want?

  102. Brian T.

    Stopped by Bliss a few times when I was with a few friends who were in town for business. Each time we went there were different girls there so its hard to say the best time to go. They get crowded friday and saturday the bartenders said but we would mainly go after work on a friday. They actually had a very good Flank steak dinner for $5! I was very impressed and so were my friends. It was good enough to make me go back! I would have to say if I was there 4 times I might have seen one girl each time that was hot enough to get a lap-dance from. Most of them were average and some were just not attractive or their bodies were not in shape. Overall this place is good for a quick trip to down a few beers and enjoy a dance or two but the “talent” is hit or miss.

  103. hank
  104. richard95

    This club is a rip of. First, they swindle you in for drinks, A young vamp comes up and appeases you to pay $ 20.00 to go into a private room then she dry humps you and leaves you. Thugs come in and tell you owe them a few hundred dollars and refuse to relinquish your credit card unless you pay them. The vamp never discusses what the amounts your being charged for beforehand. It’s switch and bait in the body rub business. The girls are usually moms of whom are night working girls (with bodyguard boyfriends) some really not that appealing either. My advice: for a lil body pleasure get it in writing beforehand.-It’s cheaper to get a regular dance in a stand up nightclub dance floor!

  105. Ha, ha, ha!

    Bliss SUCKS and so do you! 5.8 and dropping fast! By time Ned finishes here you will be at about 0.0! This club does SUCK! Why don’t you just admit and give up and maybe then good ole Ned might move on! You must not have much of a life if you have nothing better to do than to do analysis on good ole Ned’s Spelling and word placement!

  106. new customer

    I came in for the first time last week and was VERY impressed with Bliss.

  107. sml
  108. Ike

    The place is pretty nice overall; the (skimpily attired) waitstaff girls are attractive and friendly. Wish I could say the same for the dancers, although you do occasionally get a knockout. Have the dancers and the waitstaff swap jobs, turn the lights up, and you’d have a better club.

  109. S

    Had a great time at the party last night!!

  110. To Ned I mean Justin

    STFU. No one cares LOL

  111. LOL

    Ned, Riley…whatever…’s so very obvious that it’s the same illiterate MORON who’s writing all the negative posts. I don’t get it….if you hate bliss so much, why do you obsessively post on here? Get over it and yourself, dude. No one cares what you have to say, you are just making yourself look like a fool. I go there all the time and there’s always plenty of dudes shelling out cash, including myself. Whatever it is you’ve been trying to accomplish with your retarded posts, all you have achieved is EPIC FAIL.

  112. Chuck

    The thing I like about this place is they treat everyone like a VIP, even a guy like me.

  113. Denny

    Boy Im in love with this beautiful spanish women there Miami, I think everybody who ever gets a dance from her is too. She is absolutly stunning in everyway.. Definitly worth every dime..

  114. mike
  115. Big Rocker

    If any of the managers read this, I hope you will listen to the opinions of a real customer.

    Money is tight for everyone right now. There are a few reasons that guys will pick one club on a given night, but one is how much it costs. I don’t mean how much you spend, I mean HOW MUCH YOU GET FOR YOU $$$.

    My friends and I are not cheap. We are club ‘regulars’, but we are just normal working guys. We expect to spend $30 – $50 each just for a quick stop. That’s 1 beer and a shot, $5 tip (each) to waitress, tips to the stage dancers and 1 $10 dance. That’s an hour in the club tops.

    If we are going to spend the evening, we figure $100 bucks minimum, better to have $150. And that is WITHOUT VIP.

    When that $50, $100, or $150 is gone that is it. Bottom Line: we all ask which club is going to give us ths BEST FUN and LONGER TIME for our money?

    You may have made a mistake when you remodelled. From a customer’s point of view this is what you did:

    1) Removed a feature that made Bliss cool: booths on the walls.

    2) Took away the value of the $10 dance.

    3) Jacked your price up to $15 dance plus VIP “admission.”

    Basically you are giving us less when we come in, and charging more for what we can get elsewhere.

    Your club is the furtherest away. You won’t get more and better customers by raising the price. Over the last two years there have been certain things in the club that have deteriorated. Fix those and do some minor upgrades, then promote without jacking up your prices. That’s the way to increase business with a better clientele.

    I’m not going to put the things that have gone downhill here because I’m not trying to insult anyone and I’m sure that manager’s jobs are not easy. Plus, I AM the Bliss fan amongst my homeboys. I can usually talk them into going to Bliss instead of Centerfolds or Candy Store for one big reason…

    “Bro! Bliss has the BOOTHS! It’s dark and more private. The girls can give a better dance. It’s further yeah, and the cover is more, but you get more for you dolla.”

    Now that is gone.

    You can’t come up with a management idea (just because you are “in the business”) and know that is what you customers want. There is a reason why thy biggest and most profitable companies of every kind (including Playboy) do surveys, focus groups, etc. That is to know what the customer REALLY WANTS.

    I still like Bliss. But I’m not going to come as much, because I’m going to be checking out some other places and comparing my experiences and how much I get for my dolla.

    peace out

  116. re: Ned

    YOU suck. I like this place.

  117. Jason
  118. Enrique

    Had fun

  119. Clive

    The 1st impression you get when you walk in here is HORRIBLE! The dj sucks ass & the girls are UGLY! The 1st thing you hear is a mono-tone voice play horrible music then you see ugly girls! Don’t waste your time or money here!

  120. Chase

    Great time today I will be back this weekend..

  121. Jay

    I really like this place I had a chance to check it out on Friday pretty good selection on girls.

  122. Wayne

    This place sucks ass!

  123. dave

    great place

  124. Disco Steve

    Not sure why everybody is knocking this club. It is a cheap club with a low cover, did you really expect Vegas quality? I can always find a couple good looking chicks with some nice asses who are willing to stick in my face. The dances are worth it if you pick the right girl. Just watch them on stage, you can tell who is gonna be fun. I always leave with major wood and have to whack it as soon as I get home.

  125. Todd

    Went to candy store last night to check it out what a dive.I couldn’t believe how small it was. I will stay at Bliss.

  126. Ned I mean Clive

    I know I say alot of garbage about this club but I must be honest; I have never actually been there. I’m just a pissed off assh0le who didn’t get hired as a DJ because I am a MORON. I call people “MORANS” because I am dumb.

  127. Leroy

    One of top 3 worst Topless clubs in town! Right up with vegas cabaret & babydolls! Go to candy store for real talent & $5.00 dances when up north!

  128. Carl Jr.

    Boy, does this club BLOW ass! Nasty girls, shitty dj’s & horrible waitress!

  129. Tim

    I was in on Friday and loved the place. This place had a lot of energy and great looking girls!!!!

  130. Re: Ned again and again, etc.

    LOL….you continue to prove the point of the poster below. Only losers pay for the company of the ladies at strip clubs? You admittedly are a regular patron of The Skanky, I mean Candy Store. Give it up, little buddy. The tribe has spoken…you have been voted off the island.

  131. Wendell

    SUCKS! Most oyer-rated club intown! I bet the managers leave the positive ratings!

  132. Leo

    This places SUCKS!

  133. DavidJ

    If you are looking for a hyper club with high pressure sales, this is not the club for you. It is one of the more relaxing and enjoyable clubs. The food is good and exceptionally priced. The drinks are high but not compared to other clubs.

  134. Ned

    SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS & and did I mention this club SUCKS!

  135. Love this place!
  136. Hmmm

    If everyone else is giving the place rave reviews, maybe the problem is YOU, not the club or dancers. Hmmmmmm, just a thought. I, for one, always have a great time there. I am by no means a “regular” and girls are always coming up to me to say hi or chat or whatever.

  137. Earl
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  139. Nelly

    This club is full of scanks! I won’t spend another dime here! I was here for 15 min. and left! Ugly & old hoes, horrible waitresses and the worst dj in town! Later Bliss!

  140. Jon

    This place sucks!

  141. Boom Boom Room Lover

    I can not figure out why on earth this is the highest rated club in the valley. The $7 cover is way to high for this club. It is not a high caliber club like Christie’s. The privates were not bad but they were nothing to write home about. I would not recommend this club.

  142. jma
  143. Big Daddy

    This place really does SUCK! You know that this is sooooooo true, right…Craig…!…!… We know what employee… is posting all this false shit now…! … You pussy…

  144. Cole

    Man, does this club stink! This club was a waste of time & money! The dj was horrible and so were the girls!

  145. BigRocker

    I like this club. Friends that I have brought like it also.


    Nice dancers. I have only had one dance from one dancer where she made me feel put off. I don’t think she work there anymore.

    Good Music Mix. Plenty of hard rock and metal. The hip hop and rap is not overbearing like at Babydolls.

    Table dances: The best in town! The $10 dance can be at the private booths along the walls. I don’t mind spending a lot more $$ here because you really get your money’s worth.

    2 Stages: Both are going at once, so you have more chance to see a dancer you like, and tuck some bills in her g-string to see if yould like a dance.


    Drinks are chincy: I drink straight liquor on the rocks and I tip the waitress $4-$5 each drink. Still the bartender always gives a tiny glass filled with ice and MAYBE 1 ounce of liquour.

    Smoking patio: Is too far away from the action. If you smoke you will lose your seat. Even if you tell your server, some other server or a floor manager will clear it off.

    If you go, make sure you get a dance from Heavenly. One of the best ever! (Although, there is a new dancer, Deja, who may just blow every other dancer I’ve seen in Phoenix or Vegas away. I’ll have to have a few more dances to see. hehe)

  146. snowman
  147. Jenny

    I love this place I don’t understand why some of you guys hate it so much. I have a great time and the service is good it’s better then the other clubs I’ve been to.My husband and I enjoy Bliss we will be back soon.

  148. dayne

    WOW, This place SUCKS major ass! All the way from the ugly dancers to the sloooow waitresses and that lard ass dj working days, and the g.m. at this club is a real idiot too!

  149. Pedro

    Wow, this place sucks man.

  150. Kristi

    great party last night. my husband and i had an awesome time !!!!!

  151. re: Everybody

    There is only ONE person posting all the negative garbage on here. ONE PERSON. “Everybody” knows that. That ONE PERSON is the LOSER.

  152. Kenny

    Hey good times at club..we came in after game the other night and had a blast. Everyone was friendly.

  153. Barry

    Ths place is horrible! I wasted time and money on thursday night! Nasty girls, cute waitress but they suck to and a horrible dj to top it off!

  154. Ben

    This place bites ass! Bliss sucks!

  155. Tyrone

    Place was poppin off on weekend!

  156. Shawn

    What a joke. Was there quite a few times and saw the progression of their crack whores. There were a few that wen’t from having decent bodies into pimples all over their legs back and buttcheeks. Sage was the nastiest of them all and would fuck pretty much anyone who walked through the front door. HPV, herpes and genital warts are what you can find on that chick, and quite a few of the others that work there. their parties are a joke. the only thing I can say for this club is that the drinks are good and the lights are way low. ( a necessity with the lacking quality in their girls i suppose)

  157. jojo
  158. One of a Kind

    Keep up the good work! Cant wait to see you all again.

  159. brandon

    I go in all the time during the day for lunch or when i get off of work its a great place. i love the connection between the staff dj,doorman,waitresses,bartender you guys act like you known each other for years

  160. Sean

    This place cool cool cool cool cool cool!

  161. Justin

    Man, I went to this club last night and it was terrible! Nothing but nasty girls and sleezy patrons! I won’t be going here ever again! The only thing good was the smoking area!

  162. R

    Heaven Leigh is one of the best dancers around.

  163. consumer

    bliss has it all that is sooooo yummy to the 5 senses!

  164. Actual Customer

    Good Club! I come hear often. Always a good time. I can’t understand the rants that are seriously negative. I read them and they sound like someone who knows the staff or has worked here or something like that. I know a couple of my friends have put positive posts on here also. There are some things that could be improved. The mens room needs some repair and it could be cleaned up a little more often but it’s not bad. I don’t think there is a real strong management here, but that’s my guess. A couple of times I have gone for a dance in the booth and come back to my table being cleared and my drink gone. BUT! The waitress has always made it right.

  165. Garth

    Boy, does this place blow! Bliss sucks ass!

  166. jamz

    nice place to unwind after work

  168. Franklyn

    UPDATE: Last Saturday I brought a group of colleagues to Bliss for a going away party, and just like my previous times, Bliss again still sets the industry standard. Unlike many clubs here in the area, Bliss somehow finds a way to stay ahead of the competition with the quality of dancers and top notch staff. Everyone from the dancers, management, bartenders and bouncers are really professional and treated my party incredibly well. The drinks are made/poured well and their food specials are great.Thank you Bliss for always finding a way to get better. I will definitely be back soon!

  169. mathewater12

    Poor talent. Dancers cracked out running through the parking lot screaming. Shootings. What level of hell is this dive?! I have to pay to see toothless, women who are also poor entertainment, and pushy none the less. The food was good but wouldn’t risk getting shot or running over a dancer in the parking lot on the way out for a cheap meal with a high door cover.

  170. cust101

    Bliss rocks! and so does entire staff and dancers! especially khenzi!

  171. Cowboy
  172. re: Gabe

    I disagree dude. Bliss is a fun place to hang out with beautiful women and cool people. This place is one of a kind and I know many many people who feel the same way I do. The staff rocks and the ladies are hot….no complaints here. Also, they have the best damn $5 steak in town!! See you guys on Friday!!!!!

  173. kelly
  174. Big EZ

    loved the high spiritrd atmosphere in the place last night! See you soon Dolls;]

  175. Benoit

    SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, and did I mention that this club SUCKS!

  176. Oscar

    What a joke! Don’t go to Bliss, it sucks real bad!

  177. Hahaha

    whatever TODD

  178. CTE

    I was there Tuesday night and loved the girl with all those tattoos! I’ll be back!

  179. Johnny

    I like the club thats why I come back. I always have a nice time…

  180. Greg

    I had a great time they had a lot of good looking ladies.I will be back.

  181. coming back

    What a hot staff. Everyone looks good.The atmosphere is fun great music.

  182. Naughty

    Very Very few dancers are available. That too most of them are old.

  183. Riley

    This place is the worst topless club intown! Craig and his crew of morans are the dumbest group of so called managers in this town! Get a clue idiots!

  184. Star

    If Chantel is the class of this club Bliss should be a brothal! This old hag gives her card to everyone and I have her number but I won’t be calling her skanky old ass! And I won’t be letting her message me and my man part like she offered with her mouth and tits! Bliss is low class and has some nasty hooker there so I would avoid this club!

  185. re: big rocker

    im a dancer at bliss and i love both of the vips. the new one and the newly remodeled one. the dancers that dont like them are the lazy ones that just want money handed to them and arent willing to work a little harder to make even more money. i have no problem getting guys to pay to go into either one. so there, big rocker, you think you know it all but you dont.

  186. Claude

    What a waste of money & time this club was! AVOID this club at all cost! UGLY girls, shitty waitresses & horrible dj!

  187. J.T.

    This place is the worst! The only people having fun here is the employees! Don’t buy into these false advertisements!

  188. SWP

    Great time always in there!!!

  189. WOW

    BLISS, Sucks ass! The persons who are lying about this club must be an employee!

  190. rik
  191. Happy

    What I don’t understand is the negative comments made. I go to bliss often and I always have a great time. The girls are beautiful and the staff is friendly, not snobbish like some other clubs. I agree with the other posting, if a $7 cover is too much then maybe you should be saving your money for your trailer park rent.

  192. Ned again!

    This club still SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS, and did I say this club SUCKS!

  193. Howie


  194. Tyler

    This place SUCKS ass! Waste of time & money!

  195. Chris

    Bliss SUCKS! And anyone who is in love with a strip club is a LOSER!

  196. Stevie
  197. Bo, Ned, Riley...whatever

    Grow up, dude.

  198. a regular

    Sage and Heavenly!!! Hot babes!!!

  199. Haha yeah okay...

    ….whatever you say, TODD

  200. Carlos


  201. haha

    ned, you are so lame. get a life dude. seriously.

  202. John Jay

    Thanks for not jacking up the prices like the other places did for Superbowl.

  203. Re: Haters

    Why keep spewing hate and negativity? If you don’t like it then don’t go.

  204. New at Bliss

    Went in with my husband…first timers for this club. We had a great time- love the vip section with the curtains. Sage took great care of us. We will be back.

  205. bone

    had alot of fun here. i will be back.

  206. Montel

    Very spacious clean club with a great atmosphere and A HUGE SMOKING PATIO WITH ITS OWN STAGE. Smokers, this is the club for you. Girls were really hot and gave great dances. Drinks were good. Good dj. Nice staff.I love this club and so did my buddies. Will deffinately come back soon. I also like that the girls here are hot, but not stuck up.

  207. I disagree.....

    I have always been satisfied with the girls and the waitresses every time I go. This is a clean and friendly place to hang out.

  208. Charlie

    This place sucks! Go to The Candy Store if you want real talent when in North Pheonix!

  209. missy

    My husband and I really have had a great time at the club. You will be seeing us again.

  210. AJ

    I like this place. Attractive ladies and attentive staff. I will be back.

  211. GRC

    This is a good club with so much potential. The dancers and servers are great. But obviously the MANAGEMENT IS LACKING. This place is getting dirtier and dirtier. Last night’s DJ was an idiot and made some sarcastist comments directed at the male customers. NO CLASS!

  212. Roy & Ned

    Don’t be fool by that jackass pretending to be myself or Ned! We spend our good money at The Candy Store now! Where they have HOT girls, and a lot of them I might add! Also the dj’s there are fairly good and a lot better than the chump dj’s at Bliss!

  213. Jacob

    I can’t wait to go back. I’ve had some of the best dances ever here. I really enjoy this club.

  214. George


  215. Gary

    This place is trailer trash central! If your trailer trash go or get a job here! That is all that you will see at Bliss!

  216. diamond in the rough

    exellent club

  217. yeah

    everything was awsome

  218. Samual

    I like this club and a smoking patio is a bonus…

  219. Dan

    I really enjoyed myself at Bliss last night. There were alot of beautiful girls and it was a very fun atmosphere.

  220. simon

    I thought this was a showclub!Why are we talking about men the women look good and thats what we are paying for if you dont like the club then stay off the website and stay out of the club If you prefer another club then go why bag on this club.

  221. Cory

    This place SUCKS! I wasted my money and my time here! *BEWARE* of false over exagerating hype about this club, the employees hype there LAME ASS club at this site!

  222. Jonathan

    This place is the Cheers of topless clubs! I love this place man!

  223. Doug

    This place SUCKS! One of the WORST clubs in town! Don’t your money or time here!

  224. Hal

    Had another great night at bliss!!

  225. larry1

    This is a great cabaret/restaurant. Visited Friday afternoon and, for the first time, tried their famous steak & lobster dinner. I was absolutely blown away by how good it tasted. I keep thinking about it and am looking forward trying it again next Friday.The steak is $5 and lobster is $8. Service is good with great talent to look at while eating.A really fun, well run, club.

  226. Sam

    I like this place the girls are all nice looking.

  227. Joe

    Theres a lot of good clubs in the valley. But this one is my fave.

  228. Family Guy
  229. Frank
  230. Cal

    This place SUCKS! UGLY, FAT, PREGNANT and to many BLACK girls! Go to the Candy Store for real talent in the North Phoenix!

  231. XhXeXy

    I was the assistant general manager for this club! Funny they took me out and it’s gone downhill! Bonnie thought she could keep up what I created but has failed!

  232. Felix

    Came across this place the other day seem pretty cool, everybody was having fun.I will be back.

  233. Donnie

    Sucks! Don’t go to this wortheless club! I wasted time and money lastnight there! This club sucks fro top to bottom!

  234. Darryl

    This club is a joke! Hahahahahahahaha you suck Bliss!

  235. To JT

    I beg to differ. I always have fun at Bliss and I am not an employee nor am I associated with this club in any way other than as a satisfied customer.

  236. Sari

    Every flavor of woman you could possibly want! Kudos to mangement on booking all body types. P.s. Hot breasted bartenter on 12-7-07 is TOO MUCH FUN!!

  237. Jasper

    This place is the worst topless club in Phoenix! If this is you home away from home you must be a no pussy getting mofo!

  238. SWP31

    Gretchen and Roxxi are the bomb. You ladies are outstanding!!! Definitely will be back!!!

  239. S.

    Becarfull that you hear there not so good advertised change in lap dance charge for certain songs. I thought I was just okaying a dance but when all done she asked me for the $35 bucks. They claim that it was announced over the air that song costed more to dance to. WHAT EVER!! For $35 buck I better be in a private room. Needless to say I left and wasn’t about to pay that kinda money for a regular dance.

  240. Kyle

    The WORST topless club in town, hands down!

  241. a man

    I love this place

  242. Brian

    cool place close to my house. Go Bliss. I will be back.

  243. Big Will

    This place suck really bad!

  244. AssnTits5

    I hope Bliss is able to make the necessary improvements to catch up to what’s happening in the Phoenix strip club scene. Strip clubs are supposed to be stylish, luxurious and professional. It’s supposed to be a positive experience.

  245. re:Keith

    Just your attitude. Sucks!!!!!

  246. stripforme123

    Thursday night and we were looking for a place to go that was on our way home. The owner/bartender was amazing. I will come back the next time I am up on phoenix. I love that her girls are not twigs. I am a strait female, but definitely appreciate the work these girls do. Thank you for keeping it real. ( your dj, though, I HATE his voice.) Otherwise, great job!!

  247. zombie

    the stupid dj sucked and made me want to leave.

  248. tuchme

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