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401 South Highway 436, Casselberry, FL 32707


28.6566174, -81.33716




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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50 reviews for “Rachels North

  1. Gina Mathews Gina Mathews

    I used to dance here in the mid to late 90’s. Back then, this club was the epitome of class. We were a select few from all over the world & we were all 10’s. There were no tattoos allowed (if the girls had them, they had to be covered up with makeup)and there were no poles, either. We also had to wear long gowns and once we were nude, there were strict rules – no bending over, no opening of the legs, no floor work & particularly none of that “ass shaking” that is so common these days. Now, the quality has dropped significantly and the rules have obviously gone out the window.

  2. chuck
  3. John
  4. billtheguy12

    The club has hit on hard times. However all the women are just sexy. I don’t know why? There is one beautiful woman that is all fire and I love it. The staff are great too.

  5. Bill W
  6. Jan
  7. customer

    It seems to be the same person making all the comments below. This girl barely knows english, nor can she spell that great! She’s obviously a X-dancer or a dancer miserable at the club!

  8. fuckery12

    Many won’t believe this but I do actually go here for the steaks. My buddies from NYC fly in every once and a while and this is the place. Steaks are great. Can compare to any top notch steakhouse in the area. Then after dinner have a few drinks and look at beautiful women. Awesome place.

  9. Sam


    Ellen is unprofessional and rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. inebriated elmer

    when i get to drinkin i use the bathroom in Jans pussy. It looks the same, it smells the same, hell it feels the same. That walking

  11. Robert

    Had some of the better looking women i have seen at a strip club

  12. pinky pete

    i like feeling my cock swell up and squirt in sonny the managers mouth. he cries a little while i do it but that just make me cum alot harder. “watch out teeth, watch out gums, look out tummy here i cum !!”

  13. sonny seagull

    i fingered a dude in v.i.p. his name was dave. my dick got so hard while i was doing it, it’s been so long since i have been able to get hard.so he started to suck my little wrinkled up foreskin and licked my decrepid old ball sack until it squirted my cum on his chin. i got it off while we made out. i told him that he will never be fired as long as he takes care me.

  14. Lori B.

    Awesome place to have steaks and enjoy good company with the awesome bartenders. The food is actually quite delish. Unexpectedly I didn’t think a steak at a strip club could be so good.

  15. payton

    i’m a fucking man. i like to feel old mens balls flapping against my chin while warm cum is pumped..no forced down into my tummy. i pee myself a little when someone touches me. i have danced for so many men at rachels and even went home with them for crack. nobody will ever now that i’m a dude. i keep my penis in a pickle jar at home.

  16. marc

    it was fun

  17. DexterRexter

    Last Monday I stopped into Rachels for the first time in quite a while. My first impression was how clean it is…well that was really my second impression. First was the really pretty door girl who was that & very friendly. I made it to the bar & another good looking young lady came over to me. That’s 2 for two & none of them were dancers. I turned to the stage & 2 girls were dancing, as a few guys were throwing money towards the topless one. I grabbed my beer & took a look. Very nice. The music was cool enough but the girls are the reason you go to these places & they got em. No hags here. Younger looking than what I remembered, or I’m just getting older:) but definitely hot. It wasn’t packed but it was a good time. I’m going back next time I’m in the area.

  18. joe
  19. Bill #2

    I would never go back to that disease ridden club. If you want to get herpes, crabs, warts, the clap or aids…please be my guest, it’s your life. Some of the girls may look clean, but believe me, they are NOT!!!!! But go ahead and meet them after their shift for money. That’s what 99% of them do anyway.

  20. keith

    they have a manager thats a hunderd years old. if he can’t manage to wipe his own ass, how can he manage a strip club. he like a fuckin vegetable that shits it’s pants. put that old fuck out of his misery! he even got lost in the mens bathroom more than once. this is world class management for you at rachels.

  21. Darlene

    This club is awful. The daytime girls are all ugly or fat. The bartender, Ellen is a total bitch and ugly. Overall, this club sucks

  22. Lindsey

    The managers have sex with their employees…Very bad and unprofessional atomsphere!!!!

  23. ronnie

    i come walking into the club and a very strong smell just hits me in the face, it’s the same old rotting mold STILL in the damned building after they so called “renovated”. the owner of this club must have used some retarded make wish foundation fuck ups to redo the ceilling. you can tell mexicans didn’t work on this place, it was probably his shotty employees. idiots

  24. pasty paul

    i paid dj shaggy’s girlfriend $500.00 for me to poop in her mouth and wipe my feces covered butthole on the back of her head after eating that garbage they call food that chef rick slaps together.

  25. tom

    i walk into rachels and hear this really load and annoying sound, it’s dave the dj playing loud rap song talking about “chewing some dick like a piece of bubble gum “and talking extremely perverted. i felt ashamed to be there and embarressed for the entertainer on stage. it felt like a thug paradise.

  26. Tom

    does a bartender name Tammy still work there, whats her story,

    she seemed really cool

  27. JJ

    My buddy’s and I went in over the weekend, had a blast, girls were great, great club… BEST CLUB IN THE AREA! we will be back soon!!!!!!!!!

  28. HDB
  29. l
  30. ernie

    I don’t remember much about my night but here is what i can tell ya. i came into club all drunk and horney and bumped into MATT the floorman shook his hand and blacked out. i came to in the mens bathroom with clumpy red shit all over my dick and all over the floor with MATT crying in the corner begging me to stop. the poor guy was shaking like a leaf and his ass looked like creamy stomped in mud hole. i’m sorry…..i love you,MATT

  31. marlonmoney12

    Place fucking sucks. Run by a bunch of fucking wannabe thugs who are pissed your sweating on their girl. Id be privileged to say that this placeIs a piece of shit. Its not shit run by dancers, but by the cholos who run it. If they thought they were messing with someone who would rollOver. They were fucking wrong win the wrong cholo. Line em up, Chop em down. When your outside trying to enjoy a cigarette and some trashy cook is drunk telling me white people are bitches and how id be someones bitch in jail. I Literally did a 180 when he said that and walked back in. God Damn, you think thats an appropriate why to talk to a WHITE guest who just wants to get a buzz and a chubby on. What a shame.

  32. rick blaine
  33. Agnes

    Terrible club. Shawn is or was having sex with Jen the stripper who stabbed herself. His poor beautiful wife Elyse and children. They don’t have a clue. Stay away from this asshole girls.

  34. Paul

    gr8 club drinks were a bit pricey but the girls were hott and the dj played good music

  35. Bill

    Had a good time. Will come back.

  36. Winston

    This club sucks. And if you don’t want to get herpes, stay away from this bar.

  37. josh

    i got herpes from fucking some of the whores in this club. my life ruined don’t fuck rachel’s strippers. i know u might get desprit but don’t do it. FUCK YOU RACHELS!!!

  38. Chris

    I paid 40.00 for a table side dance from Sierra during the day. Half way through one song she got thirsty and left and never came back. When I found her coming out of a back room with the manager I asked for 20.00 back and she whispered in my ear that she would blow me instead. I called the manager Sean and he did nothing. Didn’t want a blow job that day, just wanted to enjoy myself with a co-worker. I have a beautiful wife for everything else.

  39. ashley

    shawn the manager is a pet!! bought and paid for by a dirty pimp named marc and an idiot about managing his retarded staff. the waitstaff steals money from the entertainers, you have to compete with a drunk waitress to make money with a customer.

    they don’t take care off their entertainers, they fuck them over. ladies, DO NOT WORK HERE!!

  40. Harrison69

    My husband and I had a great time here. It is much smaller than what we are use to strip club wise. The one in south Florida is much larger and more glamorous. The girls were fun and personable (not always the case in strip clubs). However we were disappointed in the fact that strip clubs in Orlando are pretty much bikini bars (e.g. pasties and a thong). We are from the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, we see pasties and thongs on the beach. LOL! We would visit again.

  41. Nick

    This club sucks! Won’t ever go back!!!

  42. pastey pops

    I used the bathroom in shawns ass last friday, thats when i found out that chef rick wasn’t there to lick up the mess i made on jims floor.FEE!! FII!! FOE!! FUM!!…. chef rick,my dick misses your bum!!

  43. Charlie


  44. jim

    i’m so fucking fat. i’ll eat just about anything or anyone. i give the best haed because i’m so damned hungry. i like to rub my titties while one of my bitch floorman blow on my nipples until they get stiff and erect. i eat my own shit because i don’t like to let good food go to waste. i’m pretty god damned hungry. i tell chef rick to cook me something good to eat or i’ll rape him… i rape him anyways. i like to deep throught candy bars and pretend i’m an obese prostitute with food addiction. i’m so fucking hungry. strange men titty fuck me after the club closes. i get warm cum on my chin every night…then i eat it..because i’m hungry.

  45. tim

    when i went to rachels, there was this old run down hag making a seen in vip. it turns out to be Jan Royce the rachels manager. she had her mangled titts hanging out for the world to see. her make up must have been done by bozo the clown. she must have spend thousands on make up to try look almost human. if you hear a raspy voice sneeking up behind you it’s probably Jan. run, she has to have some kind of infectious illness that’ll grow somewhere on your dick. throw some meat at her and run for your life.

  46. Mila

    This club sucks! The dancers are prostitutes that meet up with the customers outside for money. The day time manager Tom fucks all his employees. I can only imagine the diseases that are running rampant in that black hole.

  47. Sharon

    Very unprofessional manager.

  48. george

    the hottest drag queens i have ever seen.

  49. Lara

    This club sucks!! The day time manager has sex with the girls who work for him.

  50. Nathan

    I remember this place being a couple years ago. Now the girls are busted and ghetto. No talent and not much of a conversation.Everyone there seems unintelligent and act like starving animals.

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