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150 Northwest 183rd Street, Miami, FL 33169


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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226 reviews for “Tootsie’s Cabaret

  1. Thursty

    this girl shot some milky fluid out of her vagina in the back room and made me drink it. Tasted pretty good….

  2. Victoria Escort

    Hey any good work at this place? I need to make money and coming down to Ft. Lauderdale. I know how to sell my ass I can fuck and for hour and hours just need to get paid.

  3. Eddie Snaps

    Great place for dudes with blue balls and money, Went here to celebrate my brothers bday. The woman are very respectful. They donโ€™t mess with you unless you want to be messed with. I like that because they are not hustling in your face unless you want them to be. Many were lots of fun grabbing my dick at the bar and asking me if I wanted a BJ. One girl was tiring to get me to fuck her in the VIP room but I couldn’t afford to drop that much cash, however I will be back and bringing the Benjamin’s.

  4. Richie Summers

    Hands-down, my favorite strip club in all of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. friendly staff, bartenders always a great time. The food and drinks are good and affordable and the pussy is plentiful, lots of HOT Spanish and Cuban girls providing full service in the VIP rooms. Spend a few benjamins and your tappin hot ass !!

  5. Ken

    I love this club. What a party atmosphere.

  6. Upscale and Expensive

    Nice club with a huger variety of strippers. Some are “2s” and “3s” with some girls that are upstairs for high rollers that are “10+”. Just depends on how much money you have to spend.

  7. Jeanette R.

    (This review doesn’t go out to the dozens of varied strippers this establishment has to offer.)A lot of people don’t know how great the food is at this place. I have driven 45 minutes for their chicken n waffles on the late-night tip. I order this dish every where it is offered and the one at Tootsie’s is truly fabulous.

  8. StripClub431

    Tootsie’s gets 4 stars from me. The major plus was the food. So delicious and such a different variety on the menu. The girls were all pretty but I’m not a fan of fake butts. They were all polite too! The bartender was also nice and made great patron margaritas. Tall ones at that! The DJ’s music selection was a little off for a gentlemen’s club, but it was also a Wednesday night so that could be the reason. Definitely going back soon to try some other things on the food menu.

  9. susan

    this is the biggest club and mia if u have not yet gone to tooties u should go for the grand opening wed sept 13, 2006 till sat. sept 16, 2006

  10. Vane B.

    Went here to celebrate my brothers bday. It was koo. I like the fact that the woman are very respectful. They don’t mess with you unless you want to be messed with. When the guys were trying to buy the girls a dance if the girls didn’t want it they respected that. I like that because they are not hustling in your face unless you want them to be. Ad since I am not into the whole lap dance thing or the a naked woman in my face I appreciated that the girls respected that. In addition, they were very pleasant always said thank you and very polite. I ordered the chicken wings (lemon and pepper) and I must admit it was delicious. No complaints here. I didn’t expect them to be good and I wasn’t going to order but when its 2 in the morning and your hubby is still partying you have to take one for the team so I did. THey were not bad especially considering the time I ordered them. Overall I had a great time. I saw some talented dancers and some not so talented dancers but it was fun to drink and talk smack with the boys. It was a good. I have to say it one more time because it really caught me by surprise. I thought the woman here would be all over your man or all over other woman to try to make that money but it is not like that. It is very chill. I mean of course if you ask them to they will do their thing but it’s not like they are all over you hustling you. I liked that a lot.

  11. ryan123

    Would not go here

  12. Raff

    Never lacked talent on stage, the girls are not pushy and majority are pretty. I’ve always enjoyed my stay there, yes I would recommend this club to any guy/girl

  13. Javier

    Lots of Latin girls

  14. rick

    realy hot dancers at this clud

  15. joseph1k

    Hands-down, my favorite strip club in all of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. (You have to understand, I’m a New Yorker, where we have to damn near sit on our hands in strip clubs in the city.) The girls here are friendly, aren’t pushy, there’s a huge selection of women all the time. I’ve been dozens of times, and still see new girls every time! The drinks are definitely strong…not the typical Miami club drink that’s all cranberry and NO vodka..friendly staff, bartenders remember your drinks, which is always a nice momento to have…so…stop reading my review and head there for a lap dance!!!

  16. Brian C
  17. Jillybaby M.

    It’s a cool place To hang out The food is great And the bartender we had her name was sweet tea She was so cool pow!

  18. Manuel E.

    First timer and I love it. The staff was friendly from the entrance to the end. The girls where nice and down to earth.The drinks where reasonable and food was good. I will continue to visit them. 5 stars for them.

  19. cp
  20. BucFan

    Although I still have very fond memories of the original Tootsie’s I had a great time there Sunday watching football. They don’t seem to have as many fine ladies ad before but it’s still awesome. I recommend the upstairs at the end of happy hour. It seems to me like all the hottest girls coming in for the night head there and are available. Cool atmosphere, cold drinks and hot women, Nice!

  21. tonycluber

    Well what can I say about this place except I love it! Ive been to a couple of strip clubs but none of them compare to Tootsies. First of all girls get in free and guys only pay $10 for cover it does not get better than that. The inside is huge there are 2 stages and the girls rotate from one stage to another so you always have someone different to look at. The decor is very nice, and so is the environment. The absolute best part about this place is the amazing music!! The DJ always kills it, you don’t know how many songs I’ve shazamed and downloaded thanks to the DJ in this place. This is why it gets 5 stars. I can’t comment on the food, the drinks are reasonably priced, and the girls are fantastic! A lot of beautiful girls, some who can’t dance blahh, but others that are extremely entertaining and there are so many of them that you never get bored. Overall this place is great, amazing music, pretty girls, and very nice environment. Highly recommend!!

  22. alex
  23. Raymond R.

    Hands down the best club , adult or otherwise, in Florida. Went with my wife and had a great time. Girls are beautiful, wait staff is friendly, music and sound system are excellent and the prices are fair (as in excellent).

  24. John
  25. PAUKL
  26. livinlikelarry

    It’s Monday, I had a long day at work, I decided to go to Tootsies with my wife, the food was great, amazing drinks, and let me tell you the DJ today, it’s a bald guy he is the bomb!!! He plays every type of song, he makes this place alive specially with the lighting in here!! He does an awesome job!! I hope next time I decide to come by he is here. Also the bouncer at the front door, ( his name said Joe), he is very respectful and nice, he greeted us with a smile!!! Not a lot of people are like that!!!

  27. dopeboy19

    This place must have mor money than God. They turn away paying customers because they are wearing a sleeveless t shirt on NFL Sunday. The attendant @ the door barely spoke the language ( probably an undocumented worker) anyway I went to the alehouse and dropped a 100.00 and didn’t have a language barrier.

  28. Spencer Y.

    Amazing time here! The girls are beautiful and friendly and don’t try to bug you for dances. Great way to lighten the wallet! I’d go back just for the petite cuban Tiffany, but the rest are thick in all the right places.

  29. devon michaels

    devon michaels is a great performer, true feature dancer. much happier this week with the shows and attitudes. i met devon a few years back at a different club in flordia and she keeps getting better!

  30. Jane A.

    Got in free thanks to Charles Greenberg of NeoNightlife!!!!! I usually don’t frequent strip clubs, but I’ll probably end up going now that I get complimentary entry from Charles. I went last Saturday for a friend’s birthday and the place was packed. Most of the girls were attractive. I wished they would work the poles a little more, or at least try to be more entertaining. Sometimes I’d see the same dance move by each girl on stage.

  31. Anonymous

    We came here for a Bachelors party and left ready to get married. The drinks are great, the girls are phenomenal, and the club atmosphere is well too. Definitely recommended!

  32. Iron Mike

    I prefer the day shift girls

  33. Tiffany S.

    Out of all the strip clubs I’ve visited in south Florida, hands down, this is my favorite one. I’ve been here numerous times, the most recent being my birthday last year. Every time I’ve gone has been an absolute blast. The drink specials are awesome, and while I can’t personally vouch for the food, it’s known to be pretty delicious. I’ve even brought friends here for their first experience and they always exclaim afterwards that it was the best time they had. My favorite part of the entire establishment is the main stage. The girls at Tootsies are always so much fun, especially if you’re a female yourself in attendance. Just pull up a chair and enjoy the show!

  34. Isabel J.

    The first time I came here was for my friends bachelor party. This place is huge and they have all types of girls for every taste. I really liked that all of the dancers were super friendly, hot and talented. Nothing worst than to go to a stripclub an the dancers can’t dance. Here they really put up a show.

  35. adamrod

    The place is huge and the drinks are priced accordingly to strip joints.That being said, there were 137 women working last Friday night.Of those 137 about 25 were really hot and deserved to be strippers, the rest were pretty bad. I mean I know everyone has their own taste but to see as many overweight naked women with cellulite, stretch marks and pimples on the ass was way too difficult for me. I don’t go to gentleman’s clubs to see girls with rolls on top of the rolls they already have on their stomach. God it was just plain awful! The women we were with were a million times better looking and in shape than the girls working there.I think I’ll save the money next time and get a porno!

  36. Ryan

    The girls are very hot and most of them are friendly. The drinks are reasonably priced. The value of the friction dances is very good. If you are there when they do the wheel of friction, they offer a 2-for-1 dance special.

    The VIP area is also very reasonably priced, especially if you use one of the regular champagne rooms on the main floor. In fact, it’s the best value of any strip club that I’ve ever been to.

    All of the girls are attractive. Most of them are gorgeous–some of the hottest women that I’ve ever seen. Note: a few of them are hard to communicate with because they can’t speak English well. Many of the girls have good personalities, but as in all clubs, a few of them are snobs and a few others a VERY pushy about getting dances.

    The only downside that I can think of is that the ventilation isn’t as good as some of the other upscale clubs that I’ve been to. I usually leave with a very heavy smell of smoke, even though I don’t smoke.

  37. Deanna J.

    I was in town for work purposes. After dinner with colleagues, one of them was going on and on about this place, saying it had 1,000 dancers and it’s suppose to be one of the best in Florida. After hearing all of this, I figured I would tag along with the guys and see what this place is about. We went on a Monday night. One guy I was with swore there would be 1,000 girls there. I was skeptical. I mean, on a Monday? Why would there by 1,000 girls there on a Monday????Let me say that there was a good number of girls there. I can’t say there were 1,000 but this place is HUGE so I can see how there could be that many there on a weekend. And for a Monday night, I didn’t see the same girls twice…so there were quite a few.Anyway, all of the girls there were actually nice looking. Usually in these places, there are a few that make you go HUH?, but not here. We bought 2 bottles of Hennessy and had a great time. A few of the guys I was with kept disappearing. I’m sure they were in the Champagne room. I may or may not have gone into the Champagne room a few times myself.

  38. Anthony G.

    Be careful. You might end up hangin with a bunch of Indians looking at Van Goo paintings.

  39. Chris

    They put their stuff right in your face! Stock up on dollar bills and take a ring side seat, the girls will make you glad you brought your testosterone. Best club in Miami – new location is warehouse sized, and super clean, sports on multiple plasma screens.

  40. nickstrip

    What other strip club can you go to with good entertainment and amazing food lol. Always a good time here. Great food great prices and great entertainment. The best fried lobster ever! With the seafood rice and amazing sauce they put on is delish. The lemon pepper wings are also sooo good and also the fettuccini. On a busy night i suggest paying extra and going up stairs to avoid the crowd and get better service.

  41. sophiebeau

    What an awesome club this is, I had a great time when I was there, I wanna come work there again when I am in town.

  42. Mark

    Nice club.

  43. LaTonya T.

    Really not a fan of the nudey bar atmosphere, but they have awesome food and great drinks… I frequently get the Fried Lobster w/ seafood rice….

  44. Eric
  45. Marilyn Y.

    Been here a couple of times, right off 441, its one of Miami’s biggest strip club. There’s no cover charge till after 8pm. This location was an old Sam’s Club location back in the 1990’s. Happy hour they offer 2 for 1 drinks. The food is really great, I’ve had their burgers, mozzarella sticks, and club sandwiches. On Mondays they offer their house specialty prime rib. I want to try their infamous Fried lobster with seafood rice. They have plenty of female dancers on two different stages dancing on the poles. They also servers asking if you want to pay for a upper body massage. I love going for the food and the entertainment. I laugh at all the fools giving their money away , but everyone has to make a living. I prefer if they had a no smoke zone, I always end up leaving from there smelling like straight smoke. If you want good descent food, entertainment, and laughs, please come to Tootsie’s Cabaret. Forgot to mention, they have an area where you can shoot pool.

  46. Andrew

    Super upscale club but very, very expensive !

  47. mathewater12

    I’ve been quite a few times. Here’s the deal. Drink prices are reasonable. If you want food it’s good and reasonable. There are plenty of girls and plenty of space with a good layout. (I think the place used to be a Costco or similar store which they took over and renovated, so there is space galore.) Couch dances are very good , “very friendly”, and a fair price. The girls are aggressive, fun, but not obnoxious. The ownership has got it right. They don’t gouge their customers which ultimately induces their customers to stay longer and spend more. As far as strip clubs goes this is very good, trust me on this.

  48. John N.

    First of all this place i huge!! They have tons of girls and they range from all different types, so there is something for everyone. Though there were a lot of HOT girls, there were a few in there that were questionable. I mean come on seriously, if i wanted cottage cheese with ass…….well i would never want cottage cheese with my ass, but you get the point. That is the only reason im giving it 4 stars. We were there with for a bachelor party and we got a VIP room for just us. The good thing about VIP room is that we had at least 3-4 girls to ourselves giving us a hell of a show. We also had a great host and whatever you wanted we just told him and he got it for us. If you wanted to enjoy the view outside you could, but we mostly stayed in and around our VIP Room. The only bad thing about those rooms is that they are kinda out of the way and we didn’t feel like all the girls made it our way.Lap dances are cheap and well worth it, you can do much more than regular strip clubs and all the girls are willing!!Overall it was a great experience, but be prepared to spend a ton of money.

  49. Mr. C. Stallion

    Club is always kickin’! Can sometimes be packed and dragged out. But overall has the largest staff of dancers that I’ve seen and I’ve been to many. Many types of girls from slender to voluptuous to full-figured. All races represented here. What ever you can dream of, Tootsies will provide.Crowd is mix of white and blue collar workers with some tourist thrown in there. Lots of space to sit in terms of seating. has like 2-3 stages for dancing and a few private dance rooms. Server took about 5-10 mins to serve us our drinks. I recommend visiting this club over others.

  50. a

    it’s obvious all these bad reviews are written by the same person. the grammar says it all. anyways, the club is fun. the atmosphere is very alive and there are enough dancers to make your head spin. the quality does sometime suffer due to the quantity, but overall a great experience. cheap cover, cheap drinks, great time. if you avoid going due to these reviews, you’re missing out. enjoy.

  51. Yana Y.

    Tootsie… Where so I start… I just wasn’t feeling it here. Been to many strip clubs and this one really had nothing for me. Ifelt as if I was in a sports bar rather than in a Strip Club. The Bartenders were prettier than the dancers and much more deserved my tip than the shape-less dancers that I seen. I’ve been told that on a good night Tootsies is the spot but at this point I’ll just reserve my dollars for the girls over at King of Diamonds.

  52. Sobe G.

    They have the baddest hoes in Miami. But the music is corny. I guess they gotta cater to cornball patrons. They act like the best strip club dance music is not rap/hip hop and latino based. Love the pool tables in the back of the club though. The second floor is where it is. You could get wonderful massages and more up there for the right price.

  53. Ace

    The BEST club ever went down on a fri night and had the greatest time ever.I went private it does cost but well worth it!!Trust me guys try this place out…

  54. Brad

    This club is the best that I have ever been to. I am from out of state and I like to visit strip clubs on vacation. In Miami, I have been to Showgirls and Tootsie’s.

    Tootsie’s is a much nicer club and the girls are much, much hotter. The lap dance area is nice and you have a fair amount of privacy.

    The VIP area is very secluded and very clean. I did 30 minutes VIP and it was very reasonably priced. Drinks are reasonably priced and there is no cover if you go early enough.

    I can’t really think of a downside to this club. It was awesome.

  55. richard95

    This is an all around club. Good to chill and watch some sexy girls. My waitress Mel is always great on getting me drinks and food quickly. Though they don’t have plenty of beautiful black entertainers they do offer plenty of Latin ones. The drinks are pricey but their Happy Hour is unbeatable. Free entrance and half off drinks. Can’t beat that!

  56. Bob

    i loved my time there. The girls are hot hot hot. It IS the disney of stripclubs!

  57. ES


  58. MaYiTo R.

    Great Food at a very reasonable price. Dancers are amazing, staff is very friendly. Lost of screens to watch the games. Great drink specials before 8pm!

  59. James

    Tootsies rocks!

  60. Matthew V.

    Service is good.. Lemon Pepper wings are amazing.. The shoulder rubs upstairs are really good!! Great place to come to watch the games and chill out with friends. Customer service was good and hassle free. Good spot to visit when your in Miami.

  61. SUPER !

    This is the best club in the South !

  62. New Yorker

    A lot of girls that use to work at Hot Lap Dance in NY are now working here and looking good !

  63. danielson

    Definitely an awesome place to hang out and eat. The food is awesome!!! DJ M2 brings the place to life with the music and light show!!! A must v

  64. marlonmoney12

    The girls who work here are so rude! I came to this club ready to make it rain on a girl, I love supporting other women! This club is HUGE and I would be giving this club 5 stars if it wasn’t for this girl. I simply asked this dancer who was walking by me how to get upstairs to VIP… THIS GIRL REALLY HAD THE MOST RUDE LOOK ON HER FACE LOOKED ME UP AND DOWN, PUT HER HAND IN MY FACE AND WALKED AWAY LAUGHING WENT UP TO ANOTHER EMPLOYEE (NOT A DANCER) & STARTED SMILING SO BIG EXPLAINING WHAT SHE HAD JUST DONE. REALLY? She has no idea who I am lol… idk who that girl thought she was? fasho wasn’t anything special to treat me like that. Never going back. Had a better time at Wonderland Miami Beach!!!

  65. Tony

    love this club

  66. Johnnyboy123

    heaven on earth………

  67. Los
  68. Mike W.

    I spent an evening in VIP recently with clients and sadly, can only give Tootsie’s three stars. I’ll start with the positives. The customer service from the managers was great and included a tour and review of the pricing/options when we arrived. There were plenty of girls to choose from and the bottle prices were good ($200 special on belvedere). There was also some impressive action on the two-story high pole on the main stage.I like to get a good group going with girls hanging out at the table, dancing, drinking, chatting, etc. That was very difficult to achieve here. It’s an “extras” club, so the economic model is driven by the girl negotiating a personal rate for the back room (+ the set room fee for the house) and then moving on. Hit it and quit it. Working a group at a table just isn’t efficient or economically sound for them. I’m not going to call this a straight negative, that’s the nature of the venue and it is what it is.On the downside, the girls were far more in the 7-8 category than 9s and 10s. There’s nothing wrong with a big ass, but cellulite is a no go. There wasn’t much variety either. About 80% were Cuban and many spoke very little or no English. The table service was also pretty weak. A waitress came by less than once an hour and we had often run out of drinks. Similarly, the facilities were less than top notch. Even the large VIP area and VIP rooms were somewhat run down; think Hooters and not the French Laundry.

  69. Adrian R.

    Good times here. Dont have any real complaints only tips (no point intended) the hot wings are a must! Make sure to get the the hot wings cus it gets a little chilly when you make it rain! It is a little far from south beach by the way

  70. Mikko Y.

    Women are off the charts, but service is horrible, don’t go on a Saturday night expecting to get a table when you buy a bottle. They just want you to buy a bottle and sat in the back Food was great.. My experiences the last few times before the last was much better. Still not sure if I’ll go again

  71. fisherdex1

    Fighting for top spot in the country against E11even for best strip club. Always have love for tootsies. Always a great time. It is my go to strip club.

  72. moneyman2

    Had a great time with my boyfriend. The staff were super friendly and the dancers were putting on a show and were having fun. I’ve been to other places and the girls just stand around. Not these girls..they were wild and outgoing. They aren’t completely nude but their outfits were revealing to say the least. Only a few could climb the pole though. Music was great and drinks were reasonable. This place is huge! Didn’t get to eat anything but heard that the food is good. Next time. My bf lost his wallet and the security guard Tiger went inside and got it for us. I really enjoyed this place.

  73. Hector M.

    easily one of the best cabaret’s in Florida. cheap to get it, clean and nice atmosphere. Most of the girls look real good and there are plenty of them ๐Ÿ˜‰ Prices are what you’d expect from an upscale strip club.

  74. weeeee

    this place is the BEST

  75. Bad Bob
  76. XXXbeast

    Great place but some strippers look bored. Saw some couples there and most enjoyed themselves. The lounge got busy towards midnight. Overall, it’s a Disney world for guys.

  77. Christopher W.

    I went for the first time during the Mayweather/Pac fight and it was packed wall to wall. For how big the place is I don’t think they used all the space they could. The dancers don’t do lap dances until you pay 25 for a private room for one song. That’s a bit much in my opinion. The bar is okay and the food is great. Other then that not a lot to say. The girls are average nothing to brag about

  78. btmobile
  79. Nik M.

    Better watch some strip dance in YouTube instead of going here .. In one sentence dirty club, ugly girls and uncouth customers.Better go to scarlet

  80. Brad J.

    This place is the closest thing Miami gets to a legal brothel.I agree with what another poster said The Disney Land of Strip clubs. You can have a lot of fun there. You can havefun with even 50.00 to 100.00i went for a bachelor party. Was out of controlpoppin bottles and everything, private rooms. women are like playboy models. all races!Size of walmart lol.

  81. oneglove
  82. timmykilla

    First time at Tooties it’s ok if you want a variety of dancers. The best time to come is after 12.

  83. larry1

    What can I say about Tootsies that hasn’t been said before? The best strip club in Miami. The hottest girls, best service and biggest club. A great place to take clients to for a good time, usually this is a nice deal closer. If business went well, this is usually my way of congratulating my clients. The food is amazing, I know who eats at strip clubs? Ever been drunk off your ass and need to sober up? I’m not about to drive to a Mickey D’s at 4 am… The wings are off the chain! Girls don’t bother you for a tip, and the bottle service is on point. Always, always, get a couple of bottles and head upstairs for a more relaxed experience. Oh and that’s not an innuendo.

  84. Tammy F.

    Booze and boobs!!! Perfect place to go for great cocktails. Ive even been on a few dates there. Its not your typical strip club where the strippers pressure you for dances and tips. You can listen to some good pop/house music and chat amongst your company while enjoying a beautiful woman in your line of site. I call the ladies seductionists.. Yes I made up that word lol.. But they are not by our typical “stripper”.. They dance to seduce. They pretty much make lovell to your mind and eyes with their tantalizing, slow body motion. I think its super sexy! Food, food, food!!! The fried lobster and rice is THEE best dish they offer. Well don’t get me wrong, the wings are ok but nothing beats the fried lobster. The drinks…. Hmmm, my only complaint is too much ice and not enough liquor. I can’t ever taste the alcohol. I have to order at least 3 drinks before feeling the effects of the alcohol. Other than that, I have no complaints.Awesome vibe, great food, even better boobs lol

  85. Joe N.

    I came to Miami knowing that I would check KOD at some point after hearing it about it from the rachet rappers. Numerous people recommended going here first. I will say that I like strip clubs and make it a point to check out the best and indeed Tootsie’s did not disappoint. This is a very nice place with a lot of diverse quality dancers. I visited on a Friday – there was a heat game on – before KOD and if I had to do it again I probably would have stayed here intend. Drinks were really good and if you wanted to you could get a massage while you smoke a cigar and watch a show. Definitely come here.

  86. Jonah K.

    this place is more of an amusement park than anything else. There was some very entertaining members on the stage as well as in “the seats” overall very fun, and funny. There were a lot of women visiting this establishment as well, and I don’t mean the ones working.The talent level on the stage (looks wise) could have been better, but it’s still a blast and I will be back!

  87. knatater
  88. Sabrina Anna C.

    OK, So maybe this is a confession I SHOULDN’T make, but I was here again last night… And we ordered food! (GASP!) YES, we did. And it was GOOD! Double Gasp!Maybe it was the buzz, but those were the BEST wings I’ve had in a long time. Way better than Hooters. We ordered mozzarella sticks that never came (weird?) but it didn’t matter. We had a great time again, as usual. ๐Ÿ™‚ You know, I fondly refer to this place as the Warehouse of Strippers. Gotta love those talented pole climbers!

  89. Erik "el doctor"

    Best bang for your buck, w/ many beautiful girls! Lots space to move around not crowded! Girls don’t bother you about tipping them for their stage dance. Don’t rush for a dance will talk and take their time with you. 5 or 6 USD cover vs. scarletts 10 usd. Drinks are pricey, but thats in every club. Great enviroment, w/ lots of tv’s to watch a game while tipping the girl for a table dance. Must see for any strip club enthusiasts in S.Florida

  90. Terra G.

    Lady named Kim choo at the front desk…she has a nasty attitude and I would avoid her at all cost. She looks like a librarian but has the mouth of a nasty sailor. She called me the b-word and was beyond rude. I hope this establishment takes a thorough look at its employees because people like that will cause you to lose money and go out of business.

  91. A.j. R.

    Wack wack wack wack wack KOD is way better. I prefer black women and this place had literally all white and Spanish who couldn’t dance for a dime. They try and hustle you on lap dances and dip out before the songs are over. I was a tourist and was recommended this location and clearly should have conveyed my preference in women but still. No true dance capabilities or performances like kod

  92. Jada DeVille

    I just wanted to say “Thank you” to all of the staff at Tootsies Cabaret. I had such an amazing week here, I couldn’t have asked for anything more! C U SOON! Jada

  93. Larry

    My favorite daner is “Nile”

  94. Chris L.

    They TARGETED and REMOVED a friend of mine shortly after paying cover just because he was BLACK. I do not recommend this place for minorities AT ALL. STAY AWAY. The people at King of Diamonds were much more friendly.

  95. David

    Best club in Florida is you are super rich.

  96. williamr

    The girls are very pretty but being there as a couple couldn’t get a dancer to come over. Only approached my husband when I walked away. Took forever to get a drink. Seemed like a nice place but was super dissappointed. Thought they would be more friendly

  97. Ernesto R.

    The place is huge and they have Enough girls there to satisfy. Don’t knock the daytime shift. They have winners there also. The best happy hour in town. The blonde bartender was very hot and had an awesome body. She gave me good…….service!Try the lemon Pepper wings. They. Are good

  98. JL

    Vegas style club and atmosphere. Lots of girls day or night. If your picky and looking for a specific type of girl this is the place for you. Good feature acts. Spin prize wheel for money prizes. Tons of flat panel screens throughout.

  99. Matteo D.

    Date night in Miami. Actually double dating and as a tourist. I think there is a good Miami feel to the club. 6 dollar entrance fee and 1 girl per group is free, good for saving your cash. The girls are local or selected for local tastes. Not creepy. I bet some of these people are actually here watching sports. 3 gin and tonics were 22 bucks. the place seemed pretty clean and the girls were nice. I’d never been to a strip club before and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I also really like how florida bars stay open super late. I think we ended up leaving at 4:30.

  100. fuckery12

    The wife and I enjoy going to Tootsie’s Cabaret about once a month. Usually $8 cover for me (free for my wife). Sometimes we sit at a table in front of the main stage; sometimes we just stand in the back. Always enjoy the romantic, sexy ambience. One great thing is the waitresses are courteous and not pushy. Only downside is the musty odor of smoke in the air, but the ventilation system is good, so our clothes don’t usually smell like smoke when we leave.My wife always feels comfortable seeing lots of other wifes and girlfriends in the audience, and the staff are nice and friendly. The clientele is also upscale. The dancers are top-notch. All at least 7’s, with lots of 8’s and 9’s, and some real 10’s. My wife brought me here for my birthday last year and helped me select a true “10” for a lap dance on the “Next Level” upstairs. It was $20 each to go up there, but well worth it to enjoy the more intimate setting. The first lap dance was $25, in the private room (where the dancer is required to wear a G-string, but you get to touch her); and the second lap dance was $20 on the sofa in the semi-private area on the regular floor of the Next Level (where the dancer is totally nude, but you can’t touch her). It was a great birthday present. We’ve been back a few times, and always love it.

  101. Kemar R.

    First of all I love this place. I usually go every other Friday to keep a fresh perspective and to stay close to my money. I love the lap dances and the strippers are very accommodating if you approach them correctly. I love the variety here even though it’s short on black women. The girls are super sexy even the bartenders. I always find a woman to fall in love with here. The waitresses provide very good service and keep the drinks coming all the time. I generally like the crowd. I have met very nice people there. Great place to really socialize. Only downside is I always smell like smoke when I leave but this place is a model to follow if you ever want to do a strip club right.

  102. justinlk

    Girls are ok. Must have came on a dead night but the wings were good. They weren’t cheap with my drink. Literally a splash of cranberry.

  103. Joelle P.

    Scout’s honor, I have no idea how we ended up here. One minute I was having drinks with friends at the SLS Hotel, and the next…well, I was hopping (ok, maybe falling) out of an Uber at Tootsie’s Cabaret. I’ve been told that this excursion was my brilliant idea, but I’m not so sure…then again, I get pretty gung-ho about partying when I’ve had a few cocktails. So tipsy walking in is an understatement, but I do distinctly remember being amazed and my jaw dropping when we finally got past the entrance. There were naked/scantily clothed girls everywhere…and I’ve never seen a “strip club” so crowded with patrons. Oh, and there was neon, lots and lots of neon color…I think there was also fog? Or maybe that is just my memory…We settled into a table at the back of the room but due to my forgetting/never wearing my glasses, inched up to the front row after a few minutes so I could see. But not before a VERY busty waitress gave my companion and his friend a shot…and you may not think that I am a lady due to this story but I assure you I am…and I blushed so hard and was slightly jealous while watching her. So, use your imagination. I can’t really blame her for being all over him though. He was the cutest guy there and frankly I think she took a little bit of advantage at the opportunity. Anyways, maybe I’ve been spoiled by other “gentlemen’s clubs”…not that I’m a connoisseur or anything…but my biggest complaint is that I just didn’t think these girls were that pretty. There were lots and lots of tattoos. Coming from Memphis, I’m also not really used to them being this ummm naked? Our laws require them to keep a top AND bottom on at all times. And here, well, yeah, ummm they don’t have those laws. They also apparently don’t mind touching either from what I observed. Was It a fun night? Absolutely (especially the company). Would I come back here? Probably not. Then again, “gentlemen’s clubs” only happen for me once every two years.

  104. Jeff
  105. Trevor C.

    Best strip club I’ve been too place is hopping happy hour from noon to 8 free admission heinikens are 3 dollars a piece can’t go wrong with that everyone needs to stop in fine looking ladies great booze great atmosphere all around EVERYONE GO!!!

  106. Jenny S.

    My fav place in the whole world ! girls are gorgeous, drinks are cheap but good , music on point even the food is yummy I highly recommend Tootsies if you wanna have a fun night!

  107. Tank

    Olga is a welcome new addition. This club needed something different and she is surely that !

  108. New to Miami

    I recently moved to Miami from Texas, and have visited a lot of the strip clubs since I arrived. Tootsies is by far the best in South Florida.

  109. havinagoodtime

    I was there last night and the place was crowded…what happened to the recession??? But I have to say that I had at least 10 girls dance for me and the absolute best (and prettiest)were 3 different Russian girls. When you get an Eastern European that really wants to please, there is nothing like them.

  110. Thomas

    Nice club.

  111. Roy C.

    Roy’s Top 5 Things to Know:1. Arguably the best gentlemen’s club in miami. This is more of your classic gentlemen’s club but KOD has more of a party atmosphere and more ladies that know how to perform on stage. The difference between the two is your taste in ladies.2. The cover here is cheaper than KOD.3. More men come to this one while KOD it’s 60/40 men to women who attend.4. Restroom’s are cleaner at KOD. They can improve upon that here at Tootsies.5. Lap Dances are more expensive here as well but overall due to the QUALITY seen here, Tootsies is definitely one of the tops in the nation.

  112. Joe

    amazing club…best strip club i have ever been to in my 30 years of supporting such establishments! McKensie gave the best lap dance of my life.

  113. winston12

    This place is awesome…good food… Great girls… Reasonably priced… Open til 6 am every night .. 12$ cover… 100+ girls every night great chicken wings .. Sports bar in back with pool tables and games …

  114. stripforme123

    Very big place, a lot of dancers, good happy hour! Nelson is my fav bartender! They have a separate room with pool tables where you can watch sports with sound as well. I go there once or sometimes twice a week and the only thing I don’t like is that one of the guys in the front asks me for my id every single time, but other than that the place is good.

  115. Jean Randall G.

    Nice place… Really big location… Haven’t explore the whole club yet the girls know how to try a gentlemen right.. The shots girls are super! Even Billiard… A must!

  116. $ $ $ $

    Great club but really expensive !

  117. Calvin s.

    Great dancers! great food and one surprise was a talented shot girl named Miriam (maybe fake name). She did all types of tricks with the tube, it was soo good I bought 10 that night. I will be back soon.

  118. Out of Towner

    On a Tuesday, I had a few hours to kill before taking a late flight from nearby MIA Airport… Arrived at the club just before cover charge but would have paid the $10 without fuss…Got a bottle of beer and checked out the place… Itโ€™s really big… 3 bars… One room with 6 pool tables and plenty of seating everywhere… Can imagine what it looks like on a Friday or Saturday night… After cruising around, I grabbed a chair at the main stage which was sparsely attended… People are so frigginโ€™ cheap… Anyways, standard 2 song set for each dancer followed by a โ€œwalk aroundโ€ between the stage and seats… And to my pleasant surprise, the dancers are nude… $5 tip goes a long way!!! Very nice club on all accounts… First visit but not my last…

  119. Rob T

    I know it sounds weird but I like to go to this place in the day. The talent is amazing, no cover, free parking, great food deals, sports on the TV really what more could you ask for? I love going on Sundays. The DJ is really cool, plays awesome music and is really subtlely hilarious. Not in your face, you gotta pay attention but I think he’s a riot. The DJ on the weekdays is completely unintelligible and plays awful music. I actually got a chance to spin the “Wheel of Friction” one time and one a $100 bar tab. If you’ve never been there you should go…it really is alot of fun. They dont try too hard like those stuffy “Gentelman’s Clubs.” Its more like a regular club, just with hot naked chicks all over the place. See ya on Sunday!

  120. Michael

    Super Club, but for the very, very wealthy only. This is the best club in the world if you are loaded. I am NOT and go to the Pink where the beer is cold (and cheap) and the girls hot (and cheap)

  121. Andre h.

    I live in LA, but i flew to miami for the weekend and i must say Tootsie’s was a blast compared to anything back at home or even vegas! Given we did sit in the VIP section everything else there still looked awesome. Awesome service, good price’s on everything. Surprisingly they had really GOOD food.They had all the girls walk around the stage at one point in time, which where 100+ girls. All and all this place was a blast.

  122. Mimi C.

    ONE-STOP SHOP!!!You can get it ALL at Tootsies: Good entertainment, good drinks & good food!!I’m used to going to the strip clubs in the hood (Take One, Rolex, etc.) so coming to Tootsies for the first time was a shock to me – in a VERY good way. Here there’s ALL types of women (but not many black girls :/), a diverse crowd, and a good mix of music. I find that on Tuesday nights they play the most Hip-Hop music so it’s my favorite night to go. Security is TIGHT so if they notice anyone (male or female) acting a FOOL they WILL escort them out. The staff is very professional and the waitresses (for the most part) are fun and friendly. Tootsies is HUGE so there’s plenty of space to move around in and LOTS of seating. TV’s everywhere and 2 stages in the main room and one upstairs in VIP (where the couches and the LADIES are a lot nicer looking!!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh, and there’s a room in the back with a bar, regular and high-top tables, a game area, and pool tables. The drinks are roughly around $10 – $12 and (some) of the food is a bit pricey but its consistently GOOD so it’s well worth it. DAILY Happy Hour 2/1 drinks until 8pm and on Sunday afternoons (at least during football season) they have a $1 menu with ALL your favorite bar foods!! They also have daily lunch specials. Free parking- HUGE ass parking lot- Valet also available.BE AWARE when using your credit/debit card. I know if you open a tab they hold a certain amount of money $50 – $100++ (depending on your bill) and those funds are usually held for about 2-4 days (depending on your bank) BUT there’s been a few times I’ve “paid as I drank” and still found funds being held on my account. SO if you wanna avoid frustration or bounced checks, I suggest you pay CA$H!!

  123. cuzzzz
  124. The E.

    Without question the best strip club I have ever been too. I went for probably my tenth trip this past Tuesday. The cover charge is always cheap usually between $8-$15 and all the drinks are very affordable. Do not be afraid to order the food because in keeping up with other competitors the menu is large and honestly the chicken wings are some of the best in South Florida. There are a wide variety of dancers in all shapes, shades, and sizes, so as long as you are patience you will find what you are looking for. Even on a Tuesday night, the quality and quantity of girls was amazing. The crowd was large, but not too packed and is often filled with groups of girls who are having the best times. But the real reason I continue to come back to Tootsie’s is you will never be harassed by a girl to get a dance or buy her a drink. In the three hours I was their the only girls who came over to my table were girls I had asked to or had asked the waitress to bring over. You can stay for hours and spend exactly how much you want, its not like normal pushy strip clubs. Also, it is an underrated spot to watch a major sporting event, the floor is huge with plenty of televisions, so do not think this is only a late night spot. I bring all my out of town friends by and I will be back soon.

  125. Brittney W.

    “the club that out-Vegas’s Vegas!”last month, a few co-workers took me here for my birthday. i was able to get in free thanks to my male friend escorting me. (each guy can bring in one lady friend for free). the place was hugggeeee…imaging someone cleaning out BJ’s Wholsale and saying “hey let’s make a strip joint!” that’s exactly what these people did! there are lots of private and VIP rooms and multiple performing areas and stages. and it was packed since there was a huge boxing match on; however, we were able to find a table in all the way on the other side of the bar. after ordering some drinks, we decided to move to the main floor to “get closer to the action” the floor was all taken but after standing in the back for 5 min. i noticed three people leaving and i went over and grabbed the empty tables and chairs while i could. i signaled over to my group to come and some very nice bouncer/waiters in suits came over and brought us another table and more chairs so we could all be comfortable. this was my first time at a strip club but it just felt like a regular restaurant….except, you know….with t*ts lol. while the match was going on, there were a handful of girls entertaining on the stage and on the floor. the girl on stage was fantastic! it takes guts to climb up that entire fire pole and spin upside down on the way down. after she was finished the DJ announced that there was a porn star in the house. she danced around stage for awhile and for $5 i got to take a picture with her that i’m sure will haunt me when i decide to run for office.the only problem i had with this place was when my group and i decided to switch table locations, i had kept my bar tab open and gave my credit card to the old waitress. so when i got a new waitress at the new table, it took me half an hour to track down my old waitress and sign out my credit card with her. all in all, good times.p.s. the food’s not half bad!

  126. cory m.

    Checked out Tootsie’s for my friend’s joint bachelor/ette. Honestly we were having a great time until we hit the bar. Service couldn’t be bothered with patrons and was generally rude. I didn’t have high expectations either. They cut my friend off after one drink and no one could seem to get an answer as to why. To top it all off they charged my boyfriend’s card $100 when our tab was under $40 with tip. Put a bad taste in my mouth. Ew.

  127. Charelle B.

    I’m here regularly enjoying the special at the beginning of my work week it’s a mouth watering life changing serving steak with sauteed veggies and baked potato it’s mind blowing and juicy. The happy hr is great too with such a wide variety of tasty concoctions and friendly bar staff. All of the food I’ve had has been delicious I must say. The calamari is second to none with a house made dipping sauce that’s bold and simple without overpowering your taste buds. They’re even a couple of games in the back portion of the club where you can start a game of billiards or shoot some hoops if that’s your thing. It doesn’t hurt that they do giveaways.

  128. daniel

    No cover before 8:00 PM. The girls are about average looking. Typical girl there is probably a 5 or 6 with maybe 1 or 2 girls in there that are 9s. Fair price for drinks in the day time furing happy hour. It’s a bit pricey at night, but I don’t mind too much because the cover is usually less than 10 bucks. Rooms are about $75 with the girl negotiating a price for her time. Overall this club is about a 7.5 out of 10. They need better looking women but otherwise, it’s a good club.

  129. Franklyn

    this club is so trashy! just because it’s a stripclub DOES NOT mean it needs to be a ratchet dirty environment..the girls are always offering to do sexual acts for cheap && the girls look cheap! been to other strip clubs here that are so much more clean && inviting..tootsies is like what Denny’s is to Prime 112…cheap you might try it bc youre hungry && want to save money but after you do you leave unsatisfied && your stomach hurts

  130. Mick

    Devon Michaels was here last week. I saw here on Monday and she was fine.

  131. XhXeXy

    Gotta’ give this place 5 stars! I’m always skeptical when I go to a club where everyone says there are “hot” women…but now I’m a believer! YES!!!! Double-yes!!! I went last night (Monday) and they still had 82 hotties…all different flavors (better than Baskin Robbins)…and the best part was that the ladies were friendly and ensured I had a smile on my face! I’m going back for sure!

  132. fritter17

    I used to come here a lot few years ago and enjoyed spending money on beautiful girls. Came here last week and in for a surprise, I don’t know what kind of standards the management began to set to work here but I am assuming NONE. Girls were very TRASHY, tattoos almost on everyone, fake deformed butts, girls were sticking bottles in their asses on stage!!! The girls in there are 90% Hispanic not speaking any English besides to tell you how much for sex, 5% white American trash, 1% black and only a few normal girls, clean, classy with no tattoos and as far as they will go is give you a dance. Honestly I don’t know what happened. I enjoyed getting dances from beautiful girls, gladly giving away my money for their charms, they were all over the place now finding them is a challenge while everyone harasses you to go in the champagne room for sex and coke. What kind of fantasy am I supposed to have with a garbage can?I hope they will clean it up soon, and hire more beautiful, CLEAN girls.

  133. harryharry

    What’s not to like?Visited here this weekend. Paid the $6 dollar cover and my buddy and I did an initial walk-thru checking it out. This place is huge (it was once some sort of warehouse, but now it’s a nudie factory masquerading as a theatre of sorts). We stationed ourselves at one of the stand-up tables in the back, ordered a couple of beers, and watched the talent coming in and out of the lap-dance room in various states of undress. Great view of the stage from where we were, watching the more acrobatic chicks climb to the top of the poles – maybe their dads are firemen, who knows. After a few beers we moved over to perverts row, hung out for a few different girls, had plenty of shaved snatch shoved in our face for a quick sniff, then moved headquarters to one of the tables for a few more beers.We stayed for a little less than three hours – a record for me at a strip club – and we exited.The girls range from all different levels of hotness: slutty, catty, playful, borderline shy/wild, you name it. The waitresses are a bit on the thick side, but not fat, and look cute in their short-shorts hustling drinks – one drink minimum, which I’m sure the rednecks love – there were actually a couple of hicks haggling with the Chinese girl in the reception area who was more interested in watching the Aussie Open than hear them try to finagle something cheaper than the $6 dollar cover – WTF?!?! Told my buddy when he gets married we are having his bachelor party at Cleopatra’s Barge. This is why strip clubs in New Jersey suck donkey. Even in puritanical Massachusetts we are allowed to mix full snatch with a full bar. Get with it!

  134. felixnada

    I’m not into strippers or strip clubs but I really enjoyed the sports bar area in the back pool tables are clean well kept and it’s a comfortable area to hang out. They have huge projector tv to watch sporting events plus the service was great…… My favorite was the lemon pepper chicken wings

  135. MIKE


  136. JJ

    best club

  137. very good dayshift

    the clubv still really big but still has hottiest shift of girls anywhere i have ever seen Tootsies day shift top shift day or night anywhere in this country forget about Vegas New York these girls are so beautiful it is like a third world country that have it all and price 1/8 all the other clubs the girls Cuban girls CC

  138. Ted M.

    my favorite strip club in miami, bar none

  139. WestchesterTom

    Club is best of the Miami clubs and….Owners of this site: Clean the garbage up on the reviews page. You are letting your servers take responsibility for maintenance, instead of humans, and cheap fake drug links are the result.

  140. noway

    yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  141. danny


  142. Ashley M.

    I blew $1000 here. Threw it all at the chicken wings. They were FIIIRRREE!!! They earned ’em. Mmmhmmm. Damn.

  143. Jamie C.

    This place is huge! The main stage has a stripper pole that’s gotta be like 30 ft tall. One of the dancers climbed to the top and did some crazy ass tricks and i was so impressed! That’s talent right there! Most of the dancers were good looking and not pregnant. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some were a little too aggressive, looking for your singles, being real skanky while looking bored at the same time. I get it, you hate your job but suck it up and pretend to enjoy yourself so that i may want to give you my single. Overall a good club.

  144. Tootsie Roll
  145. Justin M.

    Well, from what i can remember, this place was great. Whoever the girl was that was giving massages, i salute you. This pace was the least sketchiest “cabaret” (strip club) i’ve ever been too, I was suprised they get fully naked. Cant tell you about the prices of drinks because i was there on a bachelor party last saturday and got bottle service. there were 15 of us and we must’ve had at least 4 or 5 bottles. maybe more??? but it came to 650. split between each person that’s $43. WORTH IT. The girls are fucking nice and so is the atmosphere. Love the place and good job!

  146. Adam

    As long as Valerie shows up once a week the club will be a huge success !

  147. Jodson C.

    Tootsie cabaret serves good pasta. In addition to there Alfredo pasta with added chicken with creamy Alfredo blended in with cheese, has a mouth watering taste. It’s really inexpensive, I highly recommend that choice for pasta lovers. As many other pasta I’ve tasted from different restaurants. Tootsies cabaret pasta by far is as comparable to some of the good pasta restaurants around, and there wings as well are very good; if your a wing lover I would recommend that buffalo wings, it bathed in buffalo hot sauce and it tastes very well that’s another recommended dish if your not getting pasta. Be aware of the servers they look cute and can be upset or pressuring if not tip at al . Besides that Try it out, you will not regret it.

  148. Frank

    Was here this past friday night and had quite an enjoyable time entertaining clients. Bought a bottle and chose to remain on the main floor right along the stage because for one dollar you get all the boobs and pussy in your face from a variety of girls. Was very crowded when we arrived, but service was above what I expected. Our bottle was presented and poured timely as well as any other drinks that were ordered. You must see Tiana that girl is something else! My client especially enjoyed Belladonna. Our waitress was friendly as were the floor hosts, one being named “egypt” and our waitress “nectar”. This is the first place I have seen employees other than dancers using stage names. Worth visting again next time I’m in the area

  149. Sal
  150. Ruugireo34


  151. DjhotLinh H.

    Ok. The wings here is GOOD. The girls, they’re ok. It’s was packed and we found a table. Saw some good pole actions. Didn’t feel like we got harassed by the girls, bouncers or servers so that’s a plus. Other than that great after hours

  152. Feature this week

    Wow the feature this week Jada Deville is so much better then the feature last week, Dakota. very high energy, great body, and much more personable then Dakota. im glad the club is back to the good features again.

  153. Patrick
  154. re disappointed

    Oh, to the contrary, the feature there last week (Dakota) is the first feature in a long time that actually put on a “show.” Shes pretty, great blue eyes, real eyelashes, no fakies, perfect teeth, and a six pack in her stomach. If you actually spoke with her you would see she’s a doll. You are just a jealous that this girl came so far so fast…get over yourself.

  155. Willy M.

    Great place, not easy to find seat due to over crowded, would come back again but in an earlier time.

  156. Nicole C.

    Strip club? um… more like strip ARENA!Seriously, this place is huge! …but the girls seemed bored.Maybe it was just an off-night, or maybe it’s because it was already 4:30am when I got here… but when I go to a strip club, I want to see pole tricks god damnit! …and only 1 out of the bunch was doing them. ๐Ÿ™

  157. Kaitlyn D.

    I can say this is the best club to go to hands down in South Florida. On the slower nights you’ll have anywhere from 60-100 girls, and on the big nights you’ll have anywhere from 130-200 girls. The place is huge inside, two floors. There is a little sports bar in the back also. Like 50 Tvs in the whole club.Now the girls. You have all kinds of variety of Latin and white/European girls. Not too many black girls here, though. I can say 98% of all the girls here have a nice body, but only maybe less than half of them are actually cute in the face. A lot of fake boobs and ass here, but you also have a nice range of non surgically enhanced girls here. A lot of girls that work there are out of town so there are always new faces.There are 3 different stages also. Tootsies is the ultimate strip club. It is huge inside, I believe it is a gutted out old BJ’s or something along those lines. It’s also one of the cheapest clubs to get into. 6 dollars on a regular night, and 10 on a Saturday. Also, before 8pm it’s free. Also Ladies get in free at any time.

  158. King

    Best club in Florida. I liked it so much I bought stock in RICK. Girls from many countries. Safe parking. No cover and cheap drinks before 8. Day shift sometimes better than evening/night shift. Take your time in the front row, look at the twats and pick out a good chick for a lap dance. You won’t be disappointed.

  159. duke

    I like this club better than the old one. For starters I can fucking breath. I dont smoke and the old club was like a smoke factory. The girls are the same crazy bitches and prices went up a little. Understandably, bigger place more overhead I am sure. The food is a little steep but above everage for strip club food. You can move in the new club too. The old one was way too small for the amount of people that were in there. It’s pretty cool too, I can get internet on my PDA, there is a wireless from the upstairs VIP that I can pick up on the floor. overall I give this club a big thumbs up over the old one.

  160. Hector A.

    I have traveled a lot specially to Vegas and coming from Miami I had big expectations as far as strip clubs go and boy was I disappointed. Tootsies is one of the best strips in the states. Hot woman, good food, girls don’t harras you, spacious, entertaining, and more. Highly recommend it.

  161. tannyalee

    The place is huge and the drinks are priced accordingly to strip joints.That being said, there were 137 women working last Friday night.Of those 137 about 125 were really hot. I mean I know everyone has their own taste the place was packed, the drinks were great, food was great and the VIP area rocks, cant wait to go there again !!

  162. unknown atlanta

    excellent period!

  163. Enrique C.

    Great place. From the very nice woman at the front taking your cover to the beautiful ladies working the pole, everyone usually has a smile for you. It’s not a bad place to hang out with a couple friends, watch whatever sporting event and enjoy naked women.

  164. TonyC


  165. seth mosley
  166. Emerson F.

    I need more than 5 stars, honestly.. This club should be the standard that ALL clubs go by. They have single handedly built what is the BEST club of this nature on the planet. Take a look at all the other 5 star reviews. That should be an indication. The place is massive. I mean it’s HUGE! I think it’s a gutted out grocery store, or super center or something. They have plenty of space for all your needs. The food is excellent. They have simple fair, like hot dogs, all the way up to steak if you so choose. They have a great main stage where up to 3 girls are on at once earning their tuition lol… The cover is cheap. In fact, it’s free before a certain time, and just $6 afterwards. Plus, the drinks weren’t all hiked up. I really wish I could just move this place to Houston and shut down the what they consider clubs here. If you find yourself in the Miami area, this is a MUST-SEE destination if you’re into this sort of thing.

  167. Irish M.

    Do not use your card in this place.. I was in Miami and only used my card here at this place, the next day while I was at work in Margate someone was in Miami withdrawing hundreds of dollars out of my acct.

  168. FSUKXAZ

    This is one of the true greats in Miami, FL and they’ve been around for many years. Like all clubs in the decadent city they are full liqour/full nudity and open till like 5 AM. Keep in mind they have moved a few blocks away to a much larger venue. It is truly fabulous, however, it lost a lot of the intamcy of the original club. They have more dancers than most clubs and they are VERY international. I’ve talked to girls from all over the world there. They have famous dancers/porn stars that tour there and stop for weekly contracts. Memorable moment: I once had a dancer “squirt” milk at me as I was walking by her. Use your imagination.

  169. Ms. G.

    You have to try the lobster and chicken nachos and lemon pepper wings and yellow rice. Don’t forget the crab legs lol. Let’s just say the good is delicious and 7 out of 10 times the view isn’t so bad either..

  170. Dan G.

    Was down here on vacation a couple of weeks ago and stopped in here since I’m into Adult Entertainment, what an awesome place, got a great champagne room with one of the dancers, lots of money, but what do you expect, you’re in a strip club, definitely the largest one I’ve ever walked into in terms of square feet, I will be back to this club again when I return to South Florida later this year.

  171. Weedman420

    Tootsies Horrible nightmare Tootsies did something to our food on November 5th 2014 at 12 midnight at 150 nw 183rd Street, Miami, FL location!!!!! We walked up to Marc the hostess at the entrance. I then asked him for a waitress like I always do which means I am a REGULAR customer….he walkie talkies the waitress to come out then I waited for about 15 minutes for her to come out. Then when she comes up to me & asks me what I wanted to order, I then place order for 2 shrimp & grits she walked away to put the orders in.. I Waited another 15 minutes then the waitress comes back out to tell me my total was $22 so I run to the car to get the money, come back to see her run back inside the club so then Marc asks me for the money so I proceed to give it to him and then he says “you’re not even going to tip her she’s been running around the club all night”… I respond and say “okay I’m just to ordering food like I always do”… So he takes the money & I go back to wait for another 25 minutes…..The waitress then comes back out and asked me for the money so I tell her that I gave it to Marc so then she goes to Marc and collects the money, I stayed seated on the bench. After 15 more minutes Mark comes back and alerts me that the food is ready and waves the bag with the food around for me to take it. I take the bag and instantly I see that there is extremely a lot of liquid at the bottom of the bag which is rare because I’ve ordered shrimp & grits many times before and shrimp & grits normally has a thick gravy so I was wondering why was there a liquid at the bottom of the bag. I go to the car to check the food and the liquid was cold and the food was hot. Wth? hmmm interested what have these people done to our food so we proceed to take it back to request our money back and ask to speak to the manager. The manager name JC then comes out after about 10 minutes and before approaching us Marc scurried to JC to defend his actions. Then the manger comes up to us and ask us what was the problem my partner than explains to him what actually took place and demanded our money back The manager then goes to another manager as well as Mark and tries to huddled in a circle to find out what could’ve been the problem or the issue with the food. Then after about another 30 minutes of waiting the manager returns and pretends to rectify the situation after realizing that something had been done to our food he pleaded with us to not destroy the credibility of tootsies by posting this for the world to see, which will be broadcasted on every social site, Instead of offering better customer service. He also stated that it’s on it’s normal for the food we ordered to have that much excess liquid in the back at least he did acknowledge that. He also seemed very scared to mention that above a whisper in front of Marc who was within ear distance. He refunds us our money after implying that anything could of happened to the food from when I got it and went to the car how rude Long story short they put something in our food because what we ordered did not come with so much liquid! WARNING BE CAREFUL

  172. John Smith

    really enjoy this club! despite what alot of reviews are saying about “getting extras” and that all girls do them in the back room is a LIE. I go there alot and know plenty of girls who can make their money without doing those things. so dont assume every girl will “give you extras”. pices of drinks are good for strong drinks. girls are classy(most of them). managers are friendly. I always see someone famous when im in there! great place!

  173. Disappointed Customer

    I have been to Tootsies many times and love the club and will continue to go, however the feature that was there last week was horrible (Dakota) in looks, personality, and show. This club is a 10 in my book so why bring in a feature that is a 1? Please keep the level of feature to the standard of the club. I have seen better looking girls walking the streets of Florida.

  174. Evan

    Best club in the world if you have lot of money and do not mind spending it on some hot Latin Stipper. The strippers at this club are very, very professional and getting you drunk and taking some serious money.

  175. Sherra B.

    I have been to gentleman’s clubs all over the nation tootsies is by far the worst. Girls who don’t speak english. Girls on drugs. Girls who wear one pieces to hide their tummy. The place is dirty. Don’t touch anything. It looks like it’s stuck in the eighties. Not sure how it meets any health codes. The drinks are watered down. The cups are dirty. The food is decent. Bad music. The girls smell like fish. Poor hygein. Gross place overall. Should be busted for prostitution. It has a bad reputation in its area.

  176. Assman
  177. Jenna Sforza

    It was my first time at a caberet and it was a great time!

  178. rickywho2

    Great place to bring a group of friends. Place is huge. Very few girls go all the way up on the pole so don’t expect any crazy tricks. Most of the girls are latina. I love black women but everytime I go there, I only see 1-2 black strippers. A lot of the girls are from out of town so for locals, if you see a girl you like, grab her because you will probably never see her again if you return in a few weeks. I still regret not going to the champagne room with a puerto rican girl named Jewels who had an ass bigger than nicki minaj. Never saw her again. A lapdance is $25 and food prices range from $9 to $15. Music is basically taken from billboard top 20. Service is great and quick. The cocktail waitresses always come by just in time when you finish your bottle. The food is decent. Menu and prices are on their site. Happy hour is until 6 and there is no entrance fee before 6. Place is packed on weekends so I would recommend taking a day off from work and going on a weekday during happy hour so you can get more attention from the girls. I went to the champagne room for $75 and it’s mostly a small cubicle room with 1 small couch and a curtain to protect your privacy. After we did our thing, I had to pay her $300 so total was $375. No breakouts….yet.

  179. Anonymous
  180. Cal

    Umi is Yummy !

  181. V
  182. Jeff C.

    Went here for a bachelor party a couple months ago and had mixed feelings. We got a bachelor party package, but it absolutely wasn’t worth the extra money spent. We were in a “private” room, however nothing was private about it at all. The room actually just made our experience less enjoyable. There was no view of ANY stage from it, and barely any girls would come back to it. If we stayed back there all night I definitely would have left a 1-star rating, but once we left the room, our night got much better! They had a lot of pretty girls, and the dances were very reasonably priced. To sum it all up, don’t waste your money on any party package because you can have a much better time and spend way less money just going in as a normal patron and checking out the main floor.

  183. Karl

    Best champagne rooms I have ever seen.

  184. someguy
  185. Colbys

    The tootsie’s make everyone feel unwelcome from the time you arrive at the front door, the staff at the door is always in a very bad mood, the servers at the floor take forever to come to take your drinks orders and take even longer to bring you the drinks. The entertainers are very nasty and rude to the customers. The buildind itself is awesome and the DJ play good music, but the staff and the entertainers make you want to go back to your hotel room and finish your night early.

  186. Michael B.

    Good place to take a group of friends (including girls). Price can go as high as you’d like, lol.

  187. Kathryn S.

    Tootsie’s is definitely not my regular cup of tea, and after visiting I KNOW it’s not my cup of tea. I was there on a Friday night to celebrate my friends birthday who wanted to do something different. I’m always down for something fun and different so I immediately signed up for the chance to celebrate at Tootsie’s. As usual, I was the first person in my party to arrive. I should know better living in Miami my whole life that when people tell you one time, you arrive at least 30 minutes later. Anyways, I was there on time and I decided to wait in my car as my friend was on her way and nearby. My first impression of the club was that it was big and busy. There were people constantly coming in and out. I took this as a good sign. Then that’s where my night took a slight turn. As I was waiting for my friends, some guy pulls up in a car next to me and proceeds to just stare at me. I was hoping he would get out of his car, but no, he stayed in his car and just stared at me. If this was the clientele at Tootsie’s, I was in for a long night. After about 15 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore and I got out of my car and decided anything was better than having some weird guy stare at me in a parking lot. At that moment, my friends finally made it and we decided to head in.One of friends had gotten there earlier (thanks for the heads up!), and had found the company of a gentleman. The gentleman and his friend got us all into the VIP section. The VIP section is what you would expect. Couches with women in scantly clad outfits fawning over men in hopes of getting paid. I assume this is where the “high rollers” sat, but I was unimpressed with what I saw. No one looked like a high roller, and all the women looked fake. The birthday girl and I decided to make our way downstairs to the main stage to see if we’d enjoy it downstairs more.Downstairs was on a whole ‘nother level. The women down here were more natural looking, and they mostly stayed on the stage until after they performed. All of the workers I spoke to were very sweet and nice. I have to compliment them on being really nice people. Also, some of the dancers should be in the Olympics. The stuff these girls can do on a pole is insane!The downside to all this, and why I give Tootsie’s 3 stars is, at the end of the day this is a strip club. The clientele is sketchy as hell, from the guy in the parking lot, to basically everyone I met inside. Every guy I spoke to was a total creep. Also, I may have gotten lung cancer due to all the second hand smoke. I mean, this place is smokey. Honestly, I don’t think I’d ever visit Tootsie’s again. It just was not the place for me.

  188. Mr T

    Awesome dancers

  189. Wetkitty2

    This place is the closest thing Miami gets to a legal brothel.I agree with what another poster said The Disney Land of Strip clubs. You can have a lot of fun there. You can havefun with even 50.00 to 100.00 or u can get down for 200 300, i went for a bachelor party. Was out of control poppin bottles and everything, private rooms. women are like playboy models. all races!

  190. curtis17

    Was in the Miami area for spring break with my roommates and my older brother who was down here for his spring break a few years ago and he kept telling us we have to go to Tootsies.This was my first strip club experience so I was a bit nervous but once I got in there I was speechless.First off the place is huge it’s like 70,000 square feet or something like that. Multiple rooms/barsDrink and food prices were alright nothing to crazy.The women there are insanely gorgeous and best of all most seemed all natural (no implants or anything like that, and very curvy)They also seemed really friendly too.Got a few private dances and a private room with a smoking Latina (make sure you got a healthy amount of money on you if want a private room. 100 dollar cover for the room then its either 300 for half an hour or 400 for an hour) then before I left I got one more private dance with a different girl (this girl not gonna lie was a bit pushy and was borderline pulling me out of my chair and telling me to get a dance with her. Still totally worth it though she was smoking hot as well)Safe to say my first strip club experience was a success. I definitely plan on coming back to Miami either later this year or a full year from now and Tootsies is a big reason why.Hopefully both girls I got dances from are still there when I come back. I think they were arguably the 2 best looking there and both had amazing bodies.

  191. Jonathan C.

    Obviously as my profile suggests I tend I want to look at the food side of things. This place is a cabaret strip club and sports bar. Surprisingly there is a menu that touts various things from filet mignonette to Maine lobster and burgers and pasta. Lets review the only two things I ate. I wanted to try the calamari but I was persuaded away from the staff (“we’re not Italian”), so I settled on potato skins and a side of Mac and Cheese. The Mac was definitely middle of the ground. It had a cheesiness that makes it seemed baked, but it lacked any other flavor ie salt/seasoning. The potato skins was a safe choice, although it too lacked flavor. I can’t really discern what was frozen, but blandness is very persuasive. Note: the bar is standard, and though it has a collection of wells calls and top shelf, it misses other items to round out a bar, like bitters, or ginger beer. Oh, yeah it’s a strip club, lots of naked ladies. Naked ladies naked ladies. NoReservations about this place, but I think it could do better.

  192. freaky

    This club fucking rocks!!! You got girls of all ages, allover the world, different body styles, tattooed , pierced. And the club is gorgeous!!!

  193. alina
  194. brattlebop18

    Sure, the girls don’t bug anyone however- out if all of them one was pretty and ONE used the pole with some tricks. My guy’s food was cold and service took forever with our waitress. Every, single, other server was ON POINT and that’s why this joint got 2 stars instead of one. Oh yeah, the grilled fish and grits was absolutely delicious. And let me say this, I LOVE adult entertainment and came excited to spend a lot of money…every entertainer employed by Tootsies should spend a tiny amount of money and go visit the northwest- Casa Diablo in Portland would be the spot to send these girls to learn how to really entertain.

  195. Madame S.

    Seriously?? There is absolutely nothing better. This is the Ritz Carlton of all strip clubs. The best of the best. I loved everyone’s attitude. The private dances were super erotic! Loved it. I had a chair dance w/ my husband and by myself and enjoyed every minute of it. I also went to the Champagne Room w/ my husband and had a blast. Too bad I live in Cali cuz nothing compares.

  196. Anonymous

    great place. women are very sexy.

  197. Col. Sanders

    Lots of good looking chicks at this club!

  198. dolphin

    this club is what you visualize when you think about what a strip club would look like in miami.

  199. New 2 Florida

    I am new to florida been here about 2 months and Tootsies was my first strip club that i hit. I must say this is probably the biggest and best club i have ever been to! they truly understand the concept of catering to there clientele. I love the multi rooms they have in the place. quality of dancers is excellent and all different flavors for whatever you like. The night i went i was just doing some recon i will DEFINITELY be returning for more fun. Only thing that suprised me was the dances down here are $25 per song??? In NYC its like $10 per song for regular lap dances i found that to be pretty steep but i was told its the norm down here. Does anyone have the 411 on the champagne room? i will come out of pocket on it if its worth it and im getting “bang” for my buck

  200. Francisco V.

    Loved this place! Great price, hot girls and good drinks. Not all dancers are hot and not all dancers know what they are doing. But for the most part is worth your wild! 100% recomend

  201. Big John

    Best dancers in South Florida!

  202. uu

    Man this place is one of a kind, beautiful girls, huge, food is greatttt and the features they bring in every week are hot

  203. Philippe J.

    This place is ideal if you want to meet up with a friend or a whatever and watch a game out the house; have some drinks and maybe some wings. But, other then that i wouldn’t bother going to this spot. All the “dancers” looks the same and move the same, they can be best described as high class beggars… they’re all like mechanical manikins same everything just on stage instead of in the window at a local department store.

  204. Anonymous

    i only had enough money for the general area but let me tell you it was well worth my stop! ladies are classy and the drinks are fair priced. well worth the time

  205. Teresa K.

    You can have a blast here as long as you know what you are getting into. If you sit at the stage be prepared to give a dollar to every dancer that comes by. The good news is that there is a new dancer out on stage every 2-5 minutes so you are bound to see someone you like eventually. They have every body type and look you can think of. Overall the crowd is jovial and just having fun although there are always a few jerks of course. A LOT of couples and women there enjoying themselves which was fun to see. Also a lot of the girls have some crazy tricks they do either on the poles while on stage or while they are coming around collecting dollars up front. Drinks are average price for this kind of establishment and strong. There is also a giant sports bar in the back if you are more looking for wings and football with strip club in the background.Overall I think cabaret is a good description of this place. It looks like a casino and feel like the circus of strip clubs. Great entertainment, great people watching and decent drinks.

  206. Mike G.

    The world famous Tootsie’s Cabaret. Add Tootsie’s to the list of things Miami is most famous for: beaches, bad drivers, cortaditos, corrupt politicians and law enforcement, Tootsie’s. Let’s start with the size of this venue, a two story behemoth with a sports bar in the back. This place caters to all tax brackets. The lower level is where you will find the majority of the customers sitting around the main stage. If you need some more privacy there is a lower level VIP area with an unobstructed view of the main stage. A champagne room and a private dance room are just steps away from your seat. Prices are very reasonable for Miami standards, but if you are looking for the ultimate experience you need to head upstairs to the Next Level VIP. You’ll never know who you will run into in the Next Level, it’s a who’s who of NFL, NBA, and people in the entertainment world. There is no shortage of private rooms upstairs to enhance your good time. While you are upstairs you will come into contact with a glorified floor host, errrrrrrrr, i mean general manager who looks like he’s straight out of central casting as a mafia wannabe. This pigeon toed, juiced up gorilla will be blowing cigar smoke in your face all night. This is the biggest knock i have about the place, the staff has really gone downhill over the last couple of years. Let’s get to the girls. The roster is always packed with an eclectic mix of girls. Any type you can imagine is here. Latina with a great ass? Check. Blonde with huge tits? Check. Lazy eye with a muffin top and bad tattoos? CHECK!! The majority of the girls aren’t too pushy. I would stay away from the Cuban girls who just came into the country. They love to rush and have no manners at all. Disrespectful mutts. Don’t worry, there are so many choices here. Let’s not forget about the food, solid menu all the way around. Everywhere you look there are tv’s. No sporting events will pass you by, that includes all major boxing and UFC PPV’s. Music is a nice mix, they keep everyone happy. EDM, hip hop, r&b, rock n roll, pop, etc. The only problem is when the rotund, bespectacled DJ on weekends is doing his poor man’s Howard Stern impersonation. Overall, there is no better strip club in South Florida. Girls, alcohol, food, sports….this is the greatest place on earth. GO FOR ME !!!!

  207. Sylke C.

    Please remove. I did not write this

  208. the dog's

    Better than the rest, far better!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. rodneyerm

    First time there and couldn’t be any happier with the service. The food was phenomenal! The girls were sexy and talented! The place was clean; the layout was modern and unique. HIGHLY recommend it!

  210. Chantilly A.

    Made the tripFrom las Vegas to Miami for that lobster tail and rice doe. Girls were pretty. But the food was lit.

  211. club master

    its the best club i have ever been to

  212. Caden

    My best friend lives in Miami and has talked about Tootsie’s for a decade. Never once did I think it would be half as good as what it truly is. Wow.Let me start by saying that we came on a Thursday just before 4pm. The “Wheel of Friction” happens at 4 and 6pm. This is your chance to win money, drinks, and everything else under the sun.All drinks are half off from Noon-8pm during the week. This made out stay twice as long, and four times more enjoyable.Living in Las Vegas for the last 10 years, I never thought I would see a club that would leave me speechless. Guess what. I’m speechless.If you’ve never been to Tootsie’s, live a little and take a chance. The place in enormous. Bits like a Wal-Mart on steroids!One thing’s for sure. The next time I’m in Miami I will most certainly come to this place. I only wish I could include pictures to explain just how big this place actually is. Unfortunately pictures are strictly forbidden. Kudos to the management and staff at Tootsie’s for making my stay such an enjoyable one!

  213. robert
  214. Jay S.

    Tootsie’s Cabaret has got to be the best gentlemens club in South Florida! The drinks are reasonable and the ladies are aggressive – which can either be a good thing or bad thing…that depends on YOU!You will find a variety of beautiful ladies at this club.

  215. leo
  216. Jacq A.

    One of the biggest strip club I’ve ever been to. Girls here are prettier compared to the other strip clubs in south Florida. Drinks are cheap especially on Mondays because they got ITB ( in the biz), on other days, it is quite reasonable because the bartenders make the drinks pretty strong, makes sense, when you get tipsy, you tip more! ๐Ÿ™‚ Parking is big, so you would always find a spot. This place is ideal for big groups and couples as well, or just girls who wanna have fun! Will definitely come back!

  217. lol

    I loveeeee ittttt

  218. Tootsies Fan

    There are a million strip clubs in South Florida, but there might as well just be one. Tootsies is the best in Florida if not the world! I have been going to Tootsies since it was in the old location and it just keeps geting better. This is the only place you can imagine that the day shift might actually be better than the night. They just hired a new bald DJ in the daytime, who plays the absolute best music! Best Dancers, Best Djs, best bar and wait staff. Can’t say enough about Tootsies! Don’t waste your time going anywhere else.

  219. loc h.

    This spot is live after hour,hang with the friend and keep the buzz going. the price is a bit high but its all fun and games with your friends.

  220. muah

    love it

  221. Taneya W.

    The happy hour is great. Cover is fine. Food is good. Strippers are as good as they’re going to get but the service fucking sucks. The waitresses are beautiful but even a flare gun won’t get them to notice you need them. They are not attentive at all and I’ve come here on different occasions but nothing changes. They ignore everyone in their path! Too many red and black corsets around moving in slow motion and not contacting customers!

  222. mafesita69

    Great club… lots of girls, i always go there with my boyf and we always have a great time!!

  223. Camila R.

    Was there last night is a little bad downstairs but I was at the VIP section so it was ok. And the girl with us was nice…

  224. Precious E.

    Always a good time in Tootsies! Happy hour is my fav. Sunday’s free admission. The vibe is cool laid back and the food is great as always.

  225. coolo

    very very exciting

  226. SC Lister

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