The Players Club



213 Huyler Street, South Hackensack, NJ 7606


40.8727758, -74.0493286




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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New Jersey’s Premier Gentlemens Club.
Brand New and Upscale. Great Service and Hospitality where the
Customer comes First. Full Bar and Resturant. Appetizers to Porterhouse Steaks available.


Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “The Players Club

  1. Big gay Al
  2. jorge

    clean, great food and great atmosphere

  3. smith

    to many girls and the quality og girls has gone down

  4. clint

    Found my spot for Sundays. .50 Cent Clams cant beat that. best spot for Sunday Football

  5. Joe

    Love This Place, Clean, Hot Women and Great food

  6. primo

    was there last night don’t waste your time 1 girl smelled like shit

  7. mike
  8. Pete

    Nice LD rooms and great girls to take back there!!!

  9. GREG


  10. tyler

    Great looking girls I like no dollar parade. The right amount of girls I can actually enjoy myself with out going broke.

  11. goots

    crazy place, had a good time, will go back

  12. Nando Pando

    Sick club go on Sunday to watch football. Best Bartenders that day.

  13. jarhead

    Fun place laid back

  14. Jeff

    good looking dancers and a nice mix.

  15. player

    decent club

  16. docbiz

    Have been here a few times and it’s usually a good time. If you sit at the bar you’ll get ripped, but the girls are hot and give good lapdances.

  17. Keith

    Going to be a Regular

  18. bambam

    last time there one of your dancers charged me for 6 dances in only 18 minutes (I looked at the clock on the wall going in and coming out). big turn off. have never gone back.

  19. Peter

    Close to my hotel so gave it a try. Very Impressed with the vibe and energy here.
    Girls are good looking. Staff is very friendly. Food is great.

  20. Mat

    I was in the Area for business , stayed at one of the hotels near the Meadow lands. Googled what places was close by and this place came up. Glad I did give it a try. The décor is very nice and clean inside. The bartenders were beautiful and very attentive to my needs, plus had great personality’s. Had a good number of dancers and they were eyecandy. Not use to them wearing clothes from were I’m from. They wore Bikinis. still though very nice to look at. The Food was great I was very surprised. Better then a lot of restaurant’s in the area. I did try a lot of them being here for 5 days of business. If your in the area looking for a good spot give them a try. You wont be disappointed. I will be back again next I’m here for business. Top Notch Place.

  21. tryst

    Not the best / far from the worst.

  22. true that

    ok club, you get out what you put in

  23. Harold

    clean and new nice spot

  24. craigM

    everything was great.

  25. mark

    my favorite place. The Dancers are hot. Bartenders are sexy and Friendly.
    Great service here Food is fantastic.

  26. mark

    Best in North Jersey

  27. PartyGuy

    Wow! Received one of the best dances ever at this club. They have a dollar parade here however they are not too pushy.

  28. MO

    Great place clean and good food. we come here for lunch and happy hour.

  29. Hippy

    Had a nice time, music not too loud, my dance was fun and beer was cold. Bartenders were sweet, I’ll be back

  30. Dissapointed

    LAP DANCE Room Renovation is LAME. I also heard this club will be potentially closing. The owner has an issue with the license. This may also have something to do with the new open community floor plan LD Room. What A real revenue killer.

    “Nothing good lasts forever”…

  31. Dave

    Great selection of women thick, skinny, tall, short, and mix of ethnicities.
    Very Clean and Food is Really Good. Service is bar non the best. Also my wallet wasn’t
    raped, good prices. My Friend recommended this place, he works around the corner and goes all the time before going home. Glad he did.

  32. Christopher Gagliardi

    This place is as hot as summer all year round. The girls are EXTREMELY hot!!

  33. truman

    Haven’t Been here in like 2 years when the old owner had it. Place is way Different and Much Better. They where busy and had Great girls. I stopped coming well now I’ll be Back !

  34. Tyson

    Girls are putting in work at this club. Great place to hang out and have fun. Total surprise

  35. Hurst

    This spot is ok. Most chicks give you your money’s worth. You just gotta pick em out right.

  36. Doug

    I love this place.

  37. joe

    had a great time, will be back

  38. extrovert

    Mad Props to Katrina who works weekends. Amazingly sexy, sexy, sexy

  39. Mac

    Lot’s of Russians but they are everywhere nowadays.

    Lot’s of other women. Had a good time

  40. micheal

    wayyyyyyyy Better then before when the other owner had it. Give this place a try

  41. enough

    not too bad

  42. Paul

    One of the top 3 around. Good selection of Girls. All types and sizes. I like variety !!!!

  43. Horn Dog

    Not a bad club, First impression hole in the wall but the women sure got me focused. LD room could be more private

  44. Eddie

    My Go too Spot every time I Fly into Teterboro Airport. Best place in the Area.

  45. bobby s

    Girls are old. Management is nasty. Food is great. Prices are ok. They treat customers very poorly.

  46. zippo

    Crazy hot latinas come through at times, wish they were regular more often

  47. peter

    stopped here for a drink while I was in the area for work. Nice place and new inside.
    Bartenders were very good and can hold a conversation. Entertainers were beautiful and very friendly. Had a perfect Afternoon.

  48. Localguy

    A Centerfolds Dancer mentioned this place to me. Decided to check it out. First impression, A DIVE… Upon further observation noticed the women were OK with a few standouts. Russian, latina, Black American and south american were in the mix. Saw no asian. This club has a working pro kitchen that dishes out decent bar food fare and even nice looking salads. They also provide a free buffet I noticed. All without a cover charge!!! This place is busy. The dancers do not bully you to buy them drinks which creates a happy environment. Went back 3 times and found 2 brazilians and an Argintinian that I saw eye to eye with. I think this place is great. The patrons are diverse. All races and backgrounds and at all socio economic levels. Fine with me. This is America. Every one there is visiting to relax after working hard. Got no problems with that. Keep an open mind and find a honey there like I did.

    This is a better place that Flamingo Centerfolds Rt.46 I even saw a few women at players that work in both spots! Players is much more friendly and they are always crowded. A testament to good management. Centerfolds can learn a lot from these guys…

  50. Adam

    some Hotties here. Great for lunch or after work before I go home.

  51. George


  52. Frank

    somebody outta de-louse the girls before their shifts here nasty!

  53. Chris S.

    Renovated strip club with mediocre looking girls. They put up some new flat screens and they offer coffee and buns for breakfast and lunch in the afternoon but remember its still a strip bar. lol. Drinks aren’t too expensive and girls are very friendly for the right price. They still renovating some more.

  54. Stan

    Good Amount of Girls, place is new inside. Bartenders were great and so was management.
    Like coming here

  55. tim

    Nice Place with Good looking dancers and good service

  56. Larenzo

    I was at park ave bmw down the street stopped here for a drink. Great place clean and new.
    had some nice girls. food on point.

  57. tom

    Great Place Clean Friendly Staff And Hot Dancers. What Else Can I say

  58. Bruno

    First Time Here was the other Night for the Tyson Wilder Fight. 1. Clean Place with Great Food 2. Good Variety of Dancers 3. Not your Typical gogobar . 4. Staff and manager were friendly. We will be back.

  59. DD

    Very different from what it was A couple of years ago. just needs more girls.

  60. rogerrab2

    everytime i stopped in there in the last 4 years the parking lot was packed… no one sits at the bar…. they sit at the side tables . too many girls in a set and the sets are quick so there is an endless line of girls forming ….to get a dollar.good place to go if you have alot of money to spend , and need a good quicky in the back room. But you go thru alot of money in a short time … and you have to wait too long for the cute ones to dance

  61. Pat

    Heard they had the Mcgregor Fight with no cover. Nice place Good Amount of good looking Entertainers. place was very busy bartenders where attentive for that size crowd. my new hangout.

  62. John
  63. traveler

    3.5 stars out of 5. Way too many russians from “The agency”

    That problem is not just with this club. It’s with All of the clubs ibn this area. Apparently there must be some sort of problem aquiring native talent overall of any nationality. Or Russian labor is cheap, easily exploited and easily managed and close to white american women…


  64. brad

    Didn’t know this place reopened was driving by and seen the open sign. So I stopped
    in. Great Place they remodeled the hole place. Had good looking girls and the bartenders where great.Totally Different from the dive it was before.

  65. steve

    i love it here

  66. phil

    Great Food and Awesome Atmosphere. well priced drinks and good girls.

  67. richard

    I was here Wednesday night. They only had 11 girls but they all were pretty good looking 4 where hot. Good thing about not that many girls there was no dollar parade. Girls actually stat and talked with me. Nicely renovated and clean.

  68. bubba j
  69. shortyg316

    enjoy the place and the girls. great prices for food and bev. and the girls are out of control. “in a good way.”

  70. kevin

    Great Place

  71. tom

    I like this Club a Lot. Dancers are nice looking bartenders are attractive and very nice. Service is great. Dancers don’t Hit you hard for the dollar so you can spend time and enjoy yourself here. plus the prices on drinks and food are great.

  72. crispy

    fun club, girls can be fun. Russian parade is in affect here also

  73. Danny

    Friends and I went Saturday night. The place was clean and very upscale for a NJ bar, more like a lounge. Bartenders where great and dancers are good looking. Manager went around bar and introduced himself. Prices are good also.

  74. mike

    Friday Night is the best night. They had about 20 girls nice mix. Place looks great and very clean. Food is amazing better the most Diners. Staff and management are friendly.

  75. don

    club sucks

  76. dude

    Hot! Good food reasonable prices. Chicks matter, had a great time

  77. Phil

    Good Looking Women Clean and Good Food

  78. TruPlayer

    Went to this spot on a sunday. Nice. Russians and latinas and others.

  79. lance

    Give this place a try. You wont be disappointed

  80. William O

    Things look good here. I have been traveling for awhile and stopped in for

    lunch and was pleasantly surprised.

  81. wayne

    Flew in to Teteboro for business had time to kill. Great place didn’t think I find a nice place in dirty jersey lol. Good selection on girls all shapes and sizes. Food was really good I was starving so i gave it a try. Bartender’s were sexy and friendly. I like that there’s no mirrors like other clubs place is more upscale. will be back

  82. Toasted

    cool hang out spot. Step up to the bar for the dollar parade though can end up being Bu…t. crazy dances at this club

  83. disappointed

    girls are hot, bartenders are ok, one nasty one during the day thats always high.. place does not make you feel welcome..needs an attitude lift

  84. mersh

    Love the latinas at this place

  85. charlie

    for the money always go in the afternoon …never in night as it becomes mexico…

    i love this place…Natalie and Finladia were amazing tonight

  86. carlos

    Hot Women and great service

  87. marc

    Good amount of girls and variety.

  88. Goalie

    Nice place, good mix of hunnies

  89. Dr.lsan

    As long as you bring some protection youll have a chance here!And I dont mean comdons,I mean a Knife,Gun,razor because it seems like any minute its going to jump off in here.Between the jelouse boyfriends of the dancers & the cocaine dealers and the gang-bangers…its like the PROJECTS

  90. Super B&tch

    This place is a waste of time. The girlz are fugly and overweight. The ppl that go there are GHETTO.

    Definite thumbs down.

  91. sammy

    Good looking girls and good variety.

  92. Jeremy

    This place Is Top Notch, from the Bartenders all the way up to the Management. Best Service Around. Plus the Entertainers Are A THey have all shapes and sizes and all Nationality. It’s like a Buffet of Women. Not like some places who cater to one type or taste.

  93. Nick

    I visited this last weekend during the day. i will not go back there again …… if I want a LD. If I just want a beer and to BS with the ladies this place may be just OK. The lap dance room was the worst room of any in the world that I have seen. The owners should gut it and redo it either like Shakers or Hitching post. Again the LD’s are worthless due to the LD room. Do not waste your money.

  94. CHAZ
  95. manny & juan

    The Brazillian girl with with brown hair with highlights is the most beautiful woman in the world… Id Hit that, ps I had nothing to do with her ass getting smacked… cant wait till payday ….

  96. Robby

    A must Try, went this Saturday night. Girls where Hot all types. I even Tried the food. I’m Very iffy about eating in Gentlemen’s Clubs But Place is clean. Had the Porter House was good. If you haven’t been here they Go !!!!

  97. paul

    I was staying at the Hampton Inn and Seen there ad for relaunch party on facebook said I’ll give it a try. Great Place will be back next time I’m up here for business

  98. CARL

    All I can say is Best All around

  99. craig

    Hot Girls no Dollar parade.

  100. Raymond

    Last review is Right. I use to come here years Ago but Stopped After it was sold. The place went to Shit. Its a new owner now and the place is Great. Way Better Girls and Customer Service is on point.

  101. hey


  102. roberto

    Nice variety of dancers. Service was good with good looking bartenders. Food was better then most diners. Really nice place.

  103. Christian

    I wa s here a long time ago, and I came back recently – what a dump. The bldg. itself is okay but the bartenders are rude & ugly. dancers are rude and ugly. I thought maybe it was just an off night so I went back again another night, same story. even worse, all the same dancers and bartenders. Complete ghetto crowd & ghetto girls.

  104. dick
  105. juicy

    great place but that Carol is a bitch

  106. jack

    Stayed at one of the hotels near by for business. Bartenders were great and personable. Did I mention Good looking. Dancers were Hot and not that many so I wasn’t hounded for money. Food was very good. will be back next time I’m around this way.

  107. bigBopper

    All These Reviews are NOT LYING they on point. Service is outstanding and the girls are Awesome. Best Place in the Area

  108. mike

    My whole Experience was Top Notch. Great looking entertainers and Varity. Bartenders were fun and exciting. Food was very good. One of the best times I had in a longtime.

  109. Sammy

    Grade A Spot

  110. Jay

    I was in NJ for a week looked up the clubs in the area on here and made my rounds. This place was my favorite out of all them. I like the Décor reminds me of Vegas clubs. The girls are good looking and friendly. Food was Awesome !!!!

  111. VINNY
  112. Qwest

    Great Club, Hot and Freindly Girls, Reasonable prices Great Service

  113. shawn

    Upscale not to many girls which is a plus no dollar parade

  114. donnchriss

    Under present management this club gets better and better. Too bad LDs now have to be open and better lit. Dancer quality varies widely but most are friendly and obliging. Sure, there’s a sizable African American/Latino presence but in no way is this club threatening…bouncers keep any drunks or potential troublemakers in line but usually no need for that. Bartenders NEVER hustle you for drinks unlike Centerfolds/Flamingo where one is constantly asked to buy girls drinks too. PLAYERS is almost always crowded because it’s such an easy place to relax and enjoy the girls.

  115. CrazyTrain

    Love This Place

  116. ryan

    Way Different from the old place. Travel a lot for work haven’t been here in like 2 years.
    Total revamp had 10 Good dancers on a Monday night. Food was good too. Was very surprised.

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