PT’s Showclub Miami



7565 West 20th Avenue, Hialeah, FL 33014


25.8912033, -80.3235457




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “PT’s Showclub Miami

  1. Mr Good Sense

    Very nice . . . very nice . .. finally they opened!

  2. gforce
  3. Ralph T.

    I don’t like the fact that the girls harass you for money, Tootsies is way better..Plus: I always end up broke when I leave. LOL

  4. Tony

    Ah, Dahlia. That girl is way too classy for PT’s. She always stands out.

    They need to clean the dancers up. Came in a few weeks ago. Dahlia wasn’t there. All I remember is this horrible big (well, deformed, rather) blonde, Cuban girl with glasses. She had short, greasy hair that was up in a pony tail. Who hires these girls? What are the managers thinking? I thought it was completely unacceptable.

  5. Mike
  6. Strip club GURU

    Loved it. Got my moneys worth with the, overall hot girls.

    The staff was great and club was happening

  7. SAO

    Hot chicks, good dancing, but somehow I feel like the amount I spent does not match up to how many dances I actually received….but even with that this is probably my favorite stripclub in Florida.

  8. south floridian

    Finally a place that is really nice but lots of fun.

  9. MR. NYC

    I do a lot of International entertaining. I’m in the Music and entertainment industry in NY. I’ve been to many Strip Clubs all over the world. This club really is one of the best I’ve seen. Great music, Great Women, and Great Atmosphere. Be back soon.

  10. Miami Love

    Awsome Club! Love the Chicks and staff

  11. Vin Diesel

    I love the club it is great. I enjoyed it very much and the girls were superb two girls from ahseville,N.C. they know who they are were very nice.

  12. Local

    Best Place in Miami!! Always have a great time.

  13. Girl GURU

    What can I say other than had one of the best time ever just last week! I’ll be back

  14. Scarface

    One word HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. mass man

    women there are…….!!!!!!! greatttttttttt

  16. Colbys

    Very simple, If you are into white girls go to Tootsie’s or Scarlets, If you are into big asses (mulatta, negra, Latina, Red, yellah bone) go to Pts. I’ve never been and not had a good time, but i prefer my strippers ratchet. You don’t go there for the Russian Ballet..

  17. james1412

    I come to PTS showclub all the time and I must say I love the hospitality. The girls are pretty, some come around too often for another tip but over all I really like to be there. Also, the food is amazing. Some nights are better than others but on another note, I must say I miss the free buffet in the day. My husband and I would go sometimes to eat and have happy hour drinks that way I wouldn’t have to cook at home but now it’s gone. The managers, securities and waitresses are very nice. PTS and tootsies are my two favorite gentlemen clubs.

  18. down to the basics

    Wow! While all those other clubs are going big and out of touch. This club is the perfect size. Friends and I had the best time . More fun than week before when we went to Scarletts and Tootsies. Everyone was awsome!

  19. lacey

    very nice managment

  20. EatAtJoes

    WTF must be a real skank if the guys didn’t go for her. The guys here LOVE white chicks (latin or not). Black dancers get the least attention in this town.

  21. Coming Back

    I loved it, will be back SOON

  22. THE ONE


  23. JohnnyC

    All these positive reviews must be from people who work there. Been there twice now and while the club is nice, the women are below average. The quality of the dancers is the #1 thing that makes or brakes a club and this club has way too many girls that should, frankly, not be dancing.

  24. Sheldon

    One of the best in the world that I hace been to.

  25. harryharry

    Miami strip clubs for the most part suck because the women beg constantly, tips for their dance. It’s really annoying. This one is the worse, they have attitudes when asking for it and if you say no, they wan’t to curse you out. The talent level is not good so I didn’t tip alot. Also you have to worry about being hounded by the waitresses s to buy drinks. Soon has hit’s its half way mark they are like vultures. Just stay away from this one. I was hoping it would be good because its so close to where I live.My suggestion is to go to tootsies, its bigger they can’t harass you and they have a kick ass sports bar in the back. That’s the best strip club overall in Miami. I recommend that if you live in North Miami or Ft. Lauderdale although people from all over go there because its that good.Even though I don’t like begging for tips thing. Booby Trap (BT’s) in South Miami has good looking girls on Saturday night.

  26. I'll Be Back

    Came from canada this past week on business. Very hard to find clubs as good as ours in Canada. Hotel recommended a new club called Platinum Plus. GREAT recommendation, we had a wonderful time and let loose! Girls were Great and so was the atmosphere

  27. larry1

    Tight place women here I seen today nice beautiful, slim, not fat and nasty like other clubs! Bartenders are really nice! Especially the fine Cuban Bartender who work the night shift.

  28. Boston

    The club remind old totsies before…start coming very low class people… i feel bad….everybody has to work hard for the money…so managers make some respect fo ur girls…they are beautifull….thanks..

  29. VET


  30. HappyGirl

    I Worked this weekendat Platinum Plus and really enjoyed it. Better than any other clubs in Miami that I’ve worked. I went there and it was busy and I had fun.

    I had a great time working, made great money. Management was really awsome and really helpful.

  31. JOVANY


  32. happy one

    All I can say is this plays is GREAT. Don’t take my word for it…see for yourself!

  33. Robb0122

    Loved the club while visiting Miami. Never seen a club like it! I highly recommend it, and when I’m ever back in town……I’ll Be There!!!

  35. WILL


  36. WTF

    I am a dancer from the Portland, ME Platinum Plus. I have also worked at Rachel’s West Palm, and Solid Gold Riviera. I love the way Platinum runs their club. The dancer’s have NO schedules, can come and go as they please, stay however long they want, tip-outs are FAIR, you don’t even have to go on stage. I worked at this Platinum for one Thursday night and I have to say I was disappointed with the LOW-CLASS clientele. Hialeah is a poor latin community, and that’s the majority of what you’re going to find here. And the guys seem to like only what they’re used to, latin and black chicks. Meaning if you’re white, blonde, pretty and skinny with small t&a (like myself), you’re not going to do well here. Some of these guys didn’t even want to talk to me, even though I’m very outgoing. Also, I’m not dirty like some of the girls here. I have no problem giving a friction dance, but I really do not appreciate some guy trying to finger me with his dirty, greasy paws. YUCK! So girls, if you’re thinking of working here you better be willing to get nasty if you expect to make any money. And they don’t like white chicks, so don’t even bother if you are!

  37. JFA

    This was a pleasant surprise. I’ve had a few memorble nights at the former Treasure Island and new management here creates a good overall experience . Lot’s of girls with friendly attitudes. Nice private dance area. It’s worth a trip.

  38. traveling Man

    Went by to see what everyone was talking about. Loved the club and lot of really

    good looking girls. Had a great time with my clients. Will be back soon.

  39. Pleasantly Surprised

    Just got back from Platinum(Tuesday). Buddies and I had agreat time. Club was pretty busy and the staff and entertainers were good looking and seemed to be having fun. Keep it up and you’ll be #1. See you soon

  40. Happy Entertainer

    I travel a lot around the state and country with my girls dancing at different clubs. I really enjoy it, and especially when we find a club that puts entertainers above everything else. That is what Platinum Plus does. They treated us really well and the management was GREAT. The money the first night was ok but the next Three nights after were Great!

    The club is new and overall the other girls there were pretty and really nice. We thank god that we have found a good place to work when my girls and I are in the Miami area.

    I would at least try it, if you’re in the area.

  41. Platinum Plus Entertainer

    I work as an entertainer at Platinum Plus and it is the best club to work for if you are a dancer! They really do treat us awsome and you dont have a schedule, you can leave whenever you want, and you don’t have to go on stage. I never had that at Tootsies when I worked there. Most of the girls are really pretty, and some are SOso.

    All I have to say to any Dancers looking at this club…Once you go Platinum, you’ll never go back!!

  42. joe joe

    i can’t wait still they open

  43. Platinum Plus Die Hard

    I go to this place atleast 2-4 times a week. This place is always popping. Great girls and great staff. Service is great as well. Try it….You’ll like it or Love it

  44. crystal

    i love this place its has a great vibe the best mix of music and service was excellent!

  45. Go Dolphins

    Greatest things about Florida………..The Miami Dolphins,UofM,The Nightlife, The women, and PLATINUM PLUS

  46. Old Tootsies Fan

    Finally a club that reminds me of the Old Tootsies. Found a new home. Love this place. love the girls, and love the staff.

  47. Out of Towner

    Had a great time and saw many good looking girls! Came in from Texas on business. We have lots of great clubs in Texas, but I would have to say that this club was one of the best that I have been to yet.

    Can’t wait to come back on business and visit.

    Oh yes and see Julia as well.

  48. lovin it!!!

    love this club! just what Miami needed

  49. Canadian Pride

    Was at the club twice this week. Here in the south on business. Love the Club and staff is a lot of fun. The girls are great too and quite a few of them as well. Went to a few other strip clubs this week only one I liked besides this one was Scarletts.These two are the only clubs close to the ones in our area, Canada. Leaving on Sunday, we will be back before we leave. Platinum Plus needs to be in Canada.

  50. miamiguy

    DEMOLISHED – the wrecking ball cometh! This was the BEST club in the area – sad.

  51. What Happened?

    This club was doing really well, it played alot of rap, reggaeton and techno. Now there playing rock when the dancers and crowd don’t want to hear it. The DJ’s Suck. What happened?

  52. tammy
  53. Anonymous
  54. M.I.A.

    This club might absolutely be the best club in Florida. I have visited so many clubs around the country and this place absolutely is “open” for fun. The dancers are personable, willing to please, and eager to satisfy. Please visit; I promise you’ll enjoy the experience.

  55. Greg

    Too many black girls and the few Latin girls there were WAY too old. Probably came on a bad day.

  56. Get Around

    I get around to all the clubs. This club is definately one of my favorites. Great time, see for yourself!

  57. worldly women

    I just wanted to say Thanks Management for having me at your club. Been to a lot of clubs and never have I had such cool management and a great club to work for. Money was slow my first night, but I came back because of the clubs attitude towards the entertainers. They have no schedules, dont have to do stage, can work how ever long you want. It is an entertainers dream! Came back the next three nights, and did awsome! I will be back with my girlys!

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