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1717 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64108


39.0927688, -94.5833052




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bazookas Showgirls

  1. Dead, Really Dead!

    Friday night, this place was dead! Felt like a funeral. A couple of other men sitting alone and lifeless as if they had come to pay their respects. The bj stood in the corner and delivered what sounded like a eulogy, even he seemed depressed. There were a few strippers huddled in a corner booth who looked lonely and lost. I didn’t stay long. It was a very, very downer experience.

  2. jam57
  3. dick snow

    my club sucks…should have fired jimmy long ago.

  4. shayne
  5. Jocelyn

    Its fabulous! A night to remember.

  6. terry
  7. igor34

    Im from philly so the adult entertainment is totally different in kc then it is back at home. If you just wanna come out and have a chill night out, I would reccomend bazookas. They dont serve alcohol and the dancers are mediocre, some are pretty and some are trash. The music is Versatile and the atmosphere is classy. Ive been to better but this isn’t that bad, it has its nights.

  8. Franklyn

    The best club in KC for atmosphere., very nicely done interior and great center stage. Be sure to get your adult drinks next door at the Bulldog. Take advantage of the drink specials you get with the cover for the door. The best performer by far if your looking for the clubs namesake “a nice pair of bazooka’s” is Katie Lee. You won’t miss her stage presence and her bombshell body. Supper nice and intelligent. Just pay her for the conversation along with the beautiful bouncy bounty in your face!

  9. AssnTits5

    Expensive, no alcohol, no full nude! WTH Don’t buy the $15 couch dance tickets at the entrance where you pay your cover, when you get inside the couch dance costs $20. If you want VIP?? $200!!! We stayed maybe 15 min. Will never go back. The waitress asked if I wanted to buy the girl talking to me a drink!! Really??? Oh yeah!! $5 for a small bottle of water! NO! Save your money, time and sanity by going somewhere else.

  10. mathewater12

    Rude bouncer trying to be all hard. The girls were just ok. Was going to do VIP but no girls impressed me. I left as a unsatisfied customer with plenty of cash still in my pocket.

  11. John

    The most impersonal dancers I have ever seen.

  12. Tate

    The bad thing about this club…and it has always been this way…is that the girls are absolute robots in terms of how they interact with customers. There’s little in the way of sit-and-chat; it’s usually just a quick “would you like a dance?”, and if not, they’re on their way to the next wallet. I’ve always enjoyed a little conversation first and the chance to see the girl for more than two seconds before I decide to spend my hard-earned. I wish these younger gals would learn the art of selling their dance offer.

  13. Ross
  14. harryharry

    This place is amazing. I went with some buddies on a Friday night and most the girls are very friendly and will sit and chat with you. And they are all amazingly gorgeous. Best girls I’ve ever seen and full nude on stage. 15 for a couch dance and 20 for it to be topless. And a 30 min VIP session cost 200 but it is amazing and worth every penny. Best club I’ve ever been to and I’m going back tonight. Can’t wait…..and night 2 was just as good as night one. A deffinate must see in Kansas City. The girls range from one girl who looked like whe was 16, not my cup of tea but im not judging, well maybe a lil. and there were plenty of beautiful girls with perfect bodies and a range of breast size from cute A’s to lovely D’s and some thicker girls, but they were still amazingly beautiful. Taylor and Summer are some of the best girls that we met, very sweet and we had long conversations actually between dances. and Taylor is a Goddess in the Vip room. a must see

  15. richard95

    Be advised that it is illegal for an adult business to offer full nudity in the Great State of Missouri and to remain open past midnight, so even though all signage for all Juice Bars in Missouri will say full nudity is available inside, if their hours are past midnight, that will not be the case. I encourage everyone who supports and/or frequents these types of establishments to remember this fact come election day and vote for more open minded state legislators. Perhaps their uptightedness is why they exploit their female staffers and interns. With that said, this place is clean, the girls are usually attractive and it is about as expensive as similar establishments that I have seen all over the world. Enjoy!

  16. A Regular

    The best club in Kansas City, bar none.

  17. Susan D.

    Sooo, a trip back home and whaddayaget? Your brother and a buncha his friends who wanna go out to see some girly action… ok, I’m game. Our first stop on our KC adult night club tour was a fully nude, juice bar on 17th and Main – Bazooka’s Showgirls. I’ve liked the name and logo of this joint, a curvy beauty sittin on a canon but, once you get inside, I noticed it was kinda hard to find that curvy beauty. After we paid the 20$ per person cover charge and went in, I noticed that ALL the girls there seemed very young with, very skinny bodies. Where’s the variety? My brother loves this skinny lil boy body look, I don’t. I think women with some curve is a lil more attractive… I couldn’t even find someone to get a dance from.The other problem with Bazooka’s is that it’s a very business-like atmosphere – undoubtedly because of the no-alcohol policy. People are just sitting and staring at the stage, no loud chatter or laughing really… it’s missing the upbeat atmosphere that I prefer. I know that this, as the curvy girl thing, is a personal preference so I won’t judge the club too harshly.I’m giving 4 stars cause the girls were cute in the face, though their age and boney bodies weren’t my style. Also, the club had a fun porn feature that night – Katie Morgan. And though the club had a low-key atmosphere, it was well-designed and very clean. It’s the kind of place you’d like to take business partners maybe but not… a rowdy bachelor party. The majority of our group didn’t care much for it so we moved on to the next club… where we stayed the rest of the night.

  18. Cristina C.

    So, where are the nude girls? No alcohol & bottoms are still worn… Really?Too few girls & not worth the cover charge. 🙁

  19. joseph1k

    Where KC girls’ dreams go to die. The cover charge was a bit much for a juice bar. Overall it was a fun night out, with nobody getting thrown out or arrested, or propositioned by a “former engineer” from Eastern Europe looking for a green card.

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