625 Mc Clure Street, Galesburg, IL 61401


40.940219, -90.3949449



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Showgirls

  1. castor

    the last time i was there the bartender was a BITCH. i will never come back until she is GONE….

  2. Nice

    Nice place!

  3. Ar

    Good time.

  4. Barry

    Nice place.

  5. Liv

    Could use a few more dancers.

  6. Karen

    You should serve food.

  7. Tori

    The building looks new.

  8. Clnnie

    Jeff ain’t black!

  9. Art

    We had a good time.

  10. Blake

    The girls are HOT.

  11. Chuck

    You need free beer.

  12. Erly Byrd

    Needs to be open for breakfast.

  13. Nikie

    Could use some more dancers.

  14. Timmy

    I had a great time.

  15. Yrik

    We be in Sat.

  16. punk

    has defently inproved over the last year! but defently miss Brooklen

  17. Corby

    Great food!

  18. TXholdem

    Angel looks like a man- don’t believe what you read ya’ll. Sybil is the only smokin’ hot one in that club.

  19. Larry

    We will come back and try it again. Hope you have some dancers next time.

  20. Ben

    Neds to be biger.

  21. Cark

    Gest club.

  22. Cody

    Anybody interested in selling.

  23. Cal

    This is no Big Al’s.

  24. Troy

    Best night Friday.

  25. bob

    average girls, a bit heavy

  26. nick

    Ill be back…often

  27. Orman

    I think there is new management here.

  28. Tilly

    Could use some more dancers!

  29. Lori

    It seems like a nice club.

  30. Jay

    Cozy little place.

  31. Phil

    Great club.

  32. dale

    Small town club with big city talent

  33. Sam

    Had a good time, but you could use some more dancers.

  34. John

    This club has all new girls. The club looks great.

  35. Mork

    Had a great time.

  36. patron

    since the new owners took over it has only gotten better and will continue to get better ..its about time galesburg has a decent club

  37. jason
  38. bill

    Great Club

  39. Mike

    The club is getting better ever week.

  40. Ned

    Club rocks!

  41. Cub

    Had a good time.

  42. Tim

    I had a good time

  43. Turner

    Place really is cool.

  44. Goat

    Real fun place.

  45. Al

    Nice place!

  46. Arnie

    Love your food.

  47. ej

    the club is ok but it hasnt been the same since spice left

  48. Mark

    The club is doing GREAT.

  49. Johnny boy

    I wouldn’t go out of my way to go to this club. Galesburg needs some better looking strippers. Overpriced on the dances at $25. $5 cover isn’t bad. I took the trip out to Peoria and Big Al’s in Peoria is a better value – for only $20 they get all nude. People at the club are cool. Small club. Comparable to the clubs in Gulfport. Not my type of club. Girls are supposed to be wearing pasties.

  50. Laven

    You got to dump the white faggots.

  51. Leon

    Could use some more dancers!

  52. Carl

    You need some nasty dancers.

  53. Syke

    Club rocks.

  54. dj

    well We are kicking ass taking names always lookin for new dancers. if you want the song we can get it you want fun we provide it…you want a great time in a small time we are your place…

    just tell the doorman you seen it at the strip clup list and sere what happens

  55. Nat

    This is a nice club!

  56. Tony

    Best day is Thursday!

  57. Pete

    Had a good time.



  59. Lamon

    More black dancers.

  60. eve
  61. mikey

    i found the pics of this place online so i went in there to see the girls and none of them r on the site. u should get their pics on and the old ones off.

  62. Tom

    Seems like a nice place!

  63. Sambo

    You need more negros.

  64. Pcmn

    Club Rocks!

  65. Stewart

    I really liked this club!!! The girls there were all friendly and the were nice looking. The girls were good dancers and they gave you a lot of attention. There was one bad seed among the girls though(Sugar)but she got sent home and the club was rockin after that. I got a private dance from one of the girls and it was worth every penny. I would definitely go to this club again!!! My top three girls here are Lailanni, Appalonia, and Nadia..

  66. stacy

    this club is very nice now and i woiuld return there anytime

  67. Ted

    Very nice club

  68. Toad

    Culd use mo dancer

  69. Jim

    Club could be bigger.

  70. CF

    Nice plac!

  71. visiting guy

    The Club was great. The Girls were on the heavy side. and only 3 girls on a friday night? wow

  72. Ed

    Had a good time.

  73. Gurger Guy

    the girls could be a little friendlier, but at least the girls don’t beg for dollars after every song

  74. Fred

    Best night is Saturday.

  75. Jan

    Had fun!

  76. CHINKY


  77. Rodney

    The club looks great.The girls are making money.

  78. Jon

    We had fun

  79. Joe

    Club is a lot of fun.

  80. jo

    i want to bring a friend of mine but his girlfriend works there and she said the club wont let him in…is that true??

  81. ken

    great club

  82. Kimmer

    We had a lot of fun.

  83. Beautiful

    Club is great owner is doing some remodeling and it’s looking awesome

    definitely should stop in and see for yourself some of these reviews are just

    nasty for no reason. They now have a happy hour and they also serve


  84. Seth

    Big party place!

  85. JK

    Could be a little bigger.

  86. Don

    Best club in Galesburg.

  87. Kim

    Nice place.

  88. herb
  89. rachel
  90. hayly
  91. Galesburger

    Galesburg is a poor blue collar town with little to celebrate. There are a lot of average working guys here who don’t have Ken and Barbie good looks or butt loads of money. So it would be nice if the girls in the only local strip bar could be a bit friendlier to a blue collar guy who just wants some female companionship he is willing to pay for.

  92. Hank

    Great club!

  93. Kevin

    Place was packed.

  94. T{

    Needs dancers.

  95. aaron
  96. Ron

    Club doing a greatjob.

  97. kathy ross
  98. Hal

    Lots of new dancers.

  99. sprip club affectionado

    It’s OK, compares with Gulfport

  100. Jack

    Great job!

  101. Andy

    Needs more dancers.

  102. Sue

    Great club!

  103. Shank

    Best club in Galesburg.

  104. vic

    Worth going…Several hot girls

  105. SAl

    Interesting place?

  106. Charlie

    We had fun!

  107. Disappointed

    What a waste of time. I drove 1 hour to visit this club and stayed for 10 minutes. The longest 10 minutes of my life. No dancers on stage. No lap dances. Nada. What a waste. People of Galesburg, go to Davenport. The clubs there are much better!

  108. Sherry

    Great place to work.

  109. Jeb

    Goot times.

  110. lisa

    Cum guzzlein

  111. Jeff

    We are looking for dancers.

  112. u suck

    this place sucks

  113. Gale

    This club rocks.

  114. Wino

    Very friendly girls

  115. Scott

    The club is getting better ever week.

  116. visting

    the egirls were hot and they had 6 hot girls and the girls didnt bug u for drinks i will be back next week

  117. Kevi n

    I hope the new owners have some good ideas.

  118. lover girl

    It is great!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Tod

    Nice place!

  120. brett

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