Bare Assets North



1406 U.S. 19, Holiday, FL 34691


28.1785071, -82.7405443




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bare Assets North

  1. Sammie

    Great Club Had A Blast

  2. jeff


  3. BareAssFucks!

    Does anyone here besides me like it anal? There are several girls here willing to accomadate. Just bring the right stuff and your good to go.

  4. Beware of 'Big Country'


  5. traveling golfer

    love this place

  6. MH

    Lotta’ Fun! Not as good as ‘the old days’ before the Laws changed but still worth the drive from Pinellas.

  7. Skip

    I have been to three in two nights and this is by far the best. The best one I have been too in a long time and the best in the area.

  8. sexy


  9. tina

    Loved it!

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  12. steve
  13. eddyL

    Great place with security that really watch out for us girls. Amazing dancers but drink prices were a lil high.

  14. Jason
  15. Big Matt

    Been to many clubs in many places. this joint is hittin’. Tons of girls, weekday visit was better than weekend because of client count for sure. Security to bathroom attendants to waitresses all hospitable and I’m going back for sure.

  16. nate

    girls are classy compare to most clubs i think people are hating bare coz BA is doing alot better than shitholes like brass exstasy..should i go on. staffs are great.i always have a good time back soon!

  17. TED

    Ted LOVES THIS PLACE!The girls think he’s gay, but he loves it!

  18. papillion

    thee best

  19. nightlyfepolite

    i love this club it has the best girls staff bouncers and managers i love working here the dj keeps it liiiiiitttttt!!!!!

  20. fisherdex1

    Transactional girls and a bunch of loser types. Atmosphere was not what it used to be… Not what it was several years ago. Disappointed and would not recommend.

  21. Rich

    Hottest dancers around! :bigthumbsup:

  22. Damian

    Visited from GErmany… This place was great. I can say from experience – having being to red lights districts, burlesque shows, and other such venues arpund the world that for a little club in Holiday, Bare Assets was great.

    Girls were atentive and fun, the staff served great stiff drinks, and though I typrically don’t get along well with bouncers/security they were extremely pleasent and always looked out for me and my friend.

    Big plus to Angie, Brigitte, Jenn & Jenna the bartenders, and the cute girl who we called “Robo Butt” FANTASTIC!

  23. name


  24. Bubba
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  26. diverdown

    Since nobody will post a decent appraisal, I had to go see this place for myself. Here’s the deal, for anyone who cares. First, they definately do make you feel welcome when you walk in. Since it’s a small club, and the stages are floor level, it’s more of a hangout club. Imagine you set up a couple stripper poles in your house and had a house party. That’s Bare Assets. Anyway, the girls all looked about the same; thin, young, and American. Lapdance room was separate, small and not much privacy. Didn’t get any dances, but the girls I talked to seemed like veterans. Not my style, I’m spoiled by the variety in South Florida…



  28. Sexy Boy

    Spent time with Shannon on Tues 3/24. What a great girl!! Beautiful, great smile, great sense of humor, and WOW did I mention beautiful!! Thanks for a great day!!

  29. Cigar guy

    Big Mike love what you do but man you need to go Emps and get Jesse on your team!

  30. M in CC

    Bare Assets has won a lot of local adult awards in the past few years,best club north of Tampa, best DJ, and some others. It used to be far and away the best club in Pasco county. It’s a good club, but has some failings.

    Let’s start with the positives:

    1) Lots of really attractive dancers. I’ve never seen a fattie at this club. It seems to attract former Tampa(Mons, 2001) dancers, and they are of a higher caliber than the norm. Plastic surgery is common, but not universal.

    2) The staff is friendly. Everybody seems to enjoy what they’re doing. The door guy always greets you with a smile and a handshake. The Friday night shooter girl is a beautiful tiny Italian girl named Angela. She’s a party! Gorgeous, flirtatious,and a whole lot of fun. Waitresses are hot too.

    3)Good sound system. BA has a video screen synced with the DJ. Videos or trippy animations are played onscreen beside the girl. It’s kind of cool.

    Now, the negatives.

    1)Plenty of hardened pro dancers. The “wanna dance” hustle is strong here. I mean Mons Venus strong. The girls don’t want to seem to hang out and socialize with you, for the most part.

    2)2-tiered dance system. $25 for topless and $40 for nude. Brass Flamingo does $30 for nude. That’s fair. Eliminate the topless and just go full nude.

    3)The layout sucks. The stage is stuck in a corner of the building, with a faux Greek entrance way at the front. The huge columns block a lot of the view. And unless you’re sitting directly adjacent to the main stage you’re not seeing anything. There is a second stage in the back, but it wasn’t utilized much on my visits.

    It’s a good club. Hot girls. Decently hot dances. Nice staff(although the hugest bouncers I’ve ever seen). But their management has been resting on their laurels. Brass Flamingo attracts TONS of really pretty dancers, and dance prices are lower there. Plus, Brass is doing lots of events. Haven’t seen much activity from Bare.

  31. troy

    monique is a fat bitch.

  32. mike b

    some fake titted bitch with blonde hair has a bad attitude, keep mons girls at mons please.

  33. ZACH

    bad club boring, fat girls

  34. Bar dude

    sometimes gets too much “booty shake” music…clubs need to keep it real…naked girls, booze and rocknroll!

  35. Vuka

    I like this club. I also go up the road to party with Jesse at Emperors. Good management keeps me going back and I am happy at both spots.

  36. matt

    monique is a fat ass bitch.

  37. jay

    This club is so much fun look for razel

  38. Dj. Lo... Lollypops!

    Hello people my name is D.J. Lo… and i am the new 5 night a week (tuesday through Saturday nights)D.J. at Lollypops owned by Bare Assets. Bare is an outstanding place to party worth every penny and every second of your party time. Everything about the place screams fun and fantacy. Great D.J.’s smokin hot ladies and many other great qualties. I’ve been a d.j. working in the adult buisness for 12 years and am glad to be working for there sister club Lollypops on 19 close to spring hill. Check out both clubs you wont be dissipointed! Go BUCKS! 2007

  39. New Customer

    Over priced over hyped. If you like small clubs you like this one.

  40. Bob Butler

    I’ve been to both BA and BF on Sat nite. BA had a lot more dancers and better quality than BF. I’ve always been a big BA fan.

  41. When did ?

    I went to BA on a Fri Nite, took 45 minutes to get a drink, couldn’t see the girls on stage, and when did prostitution become legal in Pasco? I felt like like I was at a much lower class version of the old TANGA Lounge.

  42. Tony2Tickets

    I from cleveland and I love this bar will visit every year

  43. Lee Lee

    Not as good as it used to be when the entire staff migrated to OZ.

  44. Uhhuh
  45. mario
  46. Beware

    Diamond Dolls is trash talking other clubs and making up fake ratings about them selfs to make them NUBER ONE in all of florida

  47. luvthepu

    A huge hustle front to back. not friendly, all about the bucks. not a great vibe here. but dirty sleazy back room action for the right price.

  48. suck it!

    Had a good private dance and will go back just for it again!

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  50. samantha

    Really made me feel welcome it was great most club are rude to female customers but not this one they even let us in free turned out tuesday was couples night had a great time thanks bear

  51. tampa guy

    nice place

  52. pete

    I am a regular and always get treated like royalty thanks bare

  53. molly

    will be back

  54. Greg

    Whoever you are that left the last review, obviously has not been, to Bare in awhile. This club is going down hill fast. Why don’t you see for yourself before you post a comment.

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  56. customer

    This club has went way down Hill… It is now about the same as all the other Pasco clubs. I will no longer visit this place very dissapointed

  57. Whore House

    Is this legal, the shit they do in here, let alone waitng over 45 minutes to get a drink.

  58. ClubRater

    I love this club!!! Great Girls, Great Dances, Reasonable Prices.

  59. Oz_Kyle

    Let’s be honest. This is the best club in Pasco and the best nude club probably in the bay area. A Lot of the comments here are not fair! Little Jeff, long Island Mike, Sean and Jeff V are extremely hospitible and the club is run well. And you cant tell me their girl count isn’t amazing! Don’t get me wrong my loyalty is to my club but Little Jeff….. Keep up the hard work man!!!

  60. bunstinger

    Don’t pay any heed to the party poopers, naysayers and Baptist ministers. This is in fact nothing less than a primo club featuring a mouthwatering bevy of beautiful bimbos.

    My kind of place!

  61. Jake

    Visiting to play golf was told to check it out had a great time treated me like a reg thx

  62. Frank

    Best VIP rooms around.

  63. Sam

    Brass sucks bare rocks

  64. sean


  65. greg and jill

    love this club

  66. mane
  67. Trip

    Never going back. The private booth was so narrow, I regretted going in with a full-sized girl, even though I’m a skinny guy. The price for a one song dance wasn’t too steep, but I HATE being asked if I’m going to tip. So tacky and low class. I don’t regret going. They hold lots of promotions that waive the cover, but it was not the club I was looking for. /jedi hand wave.

  68. Mike

    GO see MARIA! SHE is worth the visit!

  69. Ray

    This club rocks. Lots of variety in every way. From music, woman and drinks this club has something for everyone.

  70. AC
  71. Bobby

    Was in there on Tuesday the 15, during the day shift. Dancers were great! Bar staff was nice. Got a VIP from an older chick named B.J. Tiny woman but full of energy and loved being naked. She “rocked” my world. Probably the best dance I’ve had in years. Go to this place!

  72. david rich

    very good

  73. Mark

    Had a great time!! You guys saved our evening and our trip!We started our evening at Silk Stockings(due to close proximity to our hotel) What a mistake!! After dealing with the RUDEST MOST UNPROFFESIONAL BARTENDER there we decided to leave. We heard about your club through the valet at Innisbrook. So happy we gave Bare Assetts a try. What a difference!! We had a great time fom the moment we got there. Your staff by far blows away the competition!

    So kudos to the bar staff and beautiful dancers our group will be here all week and you have earned some loyal customers that will come down twice a year. Also will tell everyone on the golf course today what a great place you have here and not to waste there time at the OTHER place. Thanks again

  74. Andy

    Love the Full Nude.

  75. smitty

    Great girls had a blast gave me the royal treatment

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  77. Ashly W.

    My husband and I visited on January 10,2015 for my birthday. Parking was easy to find. We found out you get in free if it’s your birthday score! There was plenty of seating around the stage. Lots of couples which was nice. The beer was 3 bucks a bottle which is unheard of in a strip joint. Wells were 7 and Jello shots were 5. The ladies were beautiful and very polite. This is full nude! They pretty much have every type of lady you could ask for. The only reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the ladies room.. Now there were lots of paying customers that were female so a clean and safe bathroom is only fair. Not only for me but for ladies that work there. I understand that they are fully naked but very one has the right to a lock on a bathroom door. We will be back to Bare Assets soon!

  78. ed

    best club ever

  79. Dan

    day shift sux

  80. 300 benz

    It was ok but had more personal attention at Emperors the club i was at before here. The managers there are friendly and willing to talk to you at least.

  81. Legalize It
  82. paul m
  83. Confused

    This club always gets rid of the best bartenders

  84. Jack

    Great club!

  85. Amos

    Busy club with lots of girls.

  86. John


  87. carl
  88. miamiguy

    Trashy hoes! They give away DVD’s with every lap dance!

  89. Wi lo

    Great time

  90. shocked

    I cant believe pasco county allows fuck shops! This place should make the stage look like the street cause these bitches are hookers! Bring condoms and paper bags! Not one girl had a pretty face! Go south to avoid this ho house!

  91. Not comming Back

    This place is the worst place i’ve ever attended. I’ve been to clubs all over the world and never had been treated so badly in my life. I am a self made millionare so money is not the issue. I am polite and humble not rude and am well liked in my personal life, with friends, family, and what people i deal with in my work life so i don’t think it was me. I was not drunk and do remember everything clearly. Don’t waste your time with this place thay are nothing but mony drivin assholes and have the manors of cavemen. Hire some new people and get some new owners. Thay all suck. If you want a great experience try The Brass Flamingo on 19. One of the best in the country. Great staff, Features, Bartenders, Door girls, D.J.’s/Music, managers, Batroom vallets and barbacks.I’ve Never meet so many employees that loved there jobs and showed it. Good attitude’s Try It Out You Will Thank Me Later.

  92. stew

    best club ever loved evrthing about it

  93. Johnnie W.
  94. stan

    just bad

  95. BigMan

    This is a friendly, well-managed, neighborhood-style low-pressure club with a lot of regular customers, and plenty of warm, friendly, beautiful girls who will spend time with you and give you outstanding dances at a reasonable price. The best neighborhood-style club I have seen anywhere in the country. You can order food to be delivered from next door and have lunch with your favorite dancer if you want.

  96. OrlandoMagic

    This is a very nice laid back club with lots of repeat customers, whereas the downtown Tampa clubs primarily have tourists. The girls here are as a whole, genuinely friendly, and although strip club girls are there to make money in tips, they do not pressure the customers at BA. The redesigned a bit in the fall, and the topless room is now near the front door and has long couches, sort of like Mons. The private booths are in the back and are full nude, and the girls make more money there, I suspect. They are priced around $150 per half hour. Dances are about $20 in the topless room. Most of the girls are very attractive but very few knockouts (there are a couple, though, including a Belesian girl on the day shift that can rock your world). You can spend several hours here and have a great time for a lot less money than Mons or 2001.

  97. billy bob
  98. Tomas

    Fun Place

  99. Doc

    BA used to be “the” place in Pasco, but the quality and total number of girls has decreased dramatically as of late. It also seems the management could care less about their patrons. I’ve been a regular of Pasco clubs for years, but after last night at BA that’s one less club I’ll be frequenting. It’s a shame really. Used to love this place, but no more!

  100. susan
  101. jimmy

    Greatest bar in pasco love this place

  102. jennifer connolly

    greatest club ever

  103. Bob Butman

    Still my favorite club when I’m in the area.

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