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3609 Trabue Road, Columbus, OH 43228


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Private Dancer

  1. B-Dawk

    The only reason to go here is if you want to see fully nude girls. That’s the only reason. Pretty much a dive. The dancers are all unattractive for the most part. The black ladies are definitely the good looking ones here. But other than that, expect average to below average girls that have stretch marks galore. Just go with a nicer club and forego the fully nude option here

  2. don
  3. joseph1k

    This is not a classy joint. Yes I ended up there on a very random drunk evening. A group of us were close and one person convinced us to go. You can bring your own beer +Cover is around $10 +The girls drunk are cute +Not sure on being sober –

  4. Guys' Night

    This club is tiny and only had 5 girls working, total, during peak hours. The girls are not attentive and ask you for tips during their dance and then come around after too. A couple of hot girls, but you feel more like you’re in your buddy’s basement than a strip club.

  5. new hours

    Instead of opening at 12pm the private dancer now opens at


  6. Billy

    I have to say that this is a great place to go. I don’t know about before, but the ladies put the snizz in your face for a buck. Private dances are reasonable, and the ladies are fine. Nice place!

  7. maxxy1

    $10 cover charge. 6 dancers working. 2 of them were porkers. 2 of them were in their 40s. The other 2 were OK looking.The place smelled awful and it gave off the impression of being a red neck bar. After each dancer gets off stage they expect a $1 tip even if you are not sitting near the stage. There are signs all over the place that if you don’t tip you will be asked to leave because “dancers make their money off tips and tips alone”My main complaint is that you have to pay for lap dances in advance. Once they get your money they no longer seem to care at all about making you happy. Just go back in the couch room and take their clothes off standing in front of you. No contact whatsoever. It is also very dark in the couch room so even though the dancer takes off her bottoms you can’t really see anything and they don’t get close enough to you to give you a good look.Lap dances cost $20/song or 2 for $30.UPDATE: This club is no longer full nude

  8. Roger

    Nice small club. One of two nude clubs in Columbus. The other is The Candy Store (don’t waste your time or money its awfull). Vanity used to be nude (I think the private lap dances still are) Vanity is also a good club.

  9. Guys Night.

    This club is cool for after the bars close. Vanessa is the hottest dancer, great private dance. Make sure you bring lots of ones though, they hit you for tips during and after their stage dances.

  10. John
  11. Mike from Dayton

    Hot sexy NAKED girls, Get away from the fake girls at the so-called mainstream clubs. These lovely natural ladies deserve your patronage

  12. LLDD

    Very clean atmosphere, friendly staff, nice looking & entertaining dancers, huge variety!! Nicely priced to fit everyones budget!!

  13. AssnTits5

    Yes, this is definitely a dive strip club. I’ve been to my fair share of strip clubs, and this place is sad.First went here with a group of friends back in November ’11 and thought it was still shady, but it was ok I guess. $10 cover, bring your own alcohol and the girls bared all. Not horrible.Then we went again at the beginning of this February and suddenly you have to sign some type of contract or waiver or something, then they give you a “membership card” (after you pay your $10 cover) and SURPRISE! No more naked ladies. It’s all pasties and thongs. Seriously?? If I’m gonna pay $10 to get into a shady strip club, I wanna see some stripping. Other than the shadiness, the semi nudity and the weird contract/waiver thing, the girls weren’t terribly bad looking. There were some definite c-section scars on alot of the dancers if you care about that sort of thing. They were also decent dancers, except that they all go around the room heckling everyone for tips, even when they didn’t dance! If you danced, I’ll tip you, but don’t walk up to me and say “Wanna tip me?” when you haven’t done anything but walk around in pasties and a thong looking bored.One last thing, if you are a woman and you go here, DO NOT USE THE RESTROOM! It’s the nastiest bathroom I have ever seen in my life. And there are holes in the ceiling, it kinda made me feel like there was a hidden camera up there to record women using the bathroom. So gross.Next time we wanna see semi naked ladies, I think we’ll try Kahoots or Columbus Gold, at least those don’t look super shady on the outside.

  14. Tony
  15. mike
  16. XXXbeast

    This place is a great time been going there now for awhile you get to bring in your own beer that is pricless and the dances are only $20.00. They have stepped up on there class of dancers since there is now a new owner he has been making alot of changes fun time.

  17. Sunday.

    Brandi is the hottest girl. Been in several times, never had a private dance that good. Decent place if you want to relax and watch naked women.

  18. chriscartman

    i have never been in a club except dockside dolls that sucked this bad. an dancers was ugly

  19. Don B.

    Great club! I’ll be back.

  20. Happy

    Try the day shift. They only had 3 dancers but they were all fun and gave great lap dances.

  21. What it do baby

    Mystique is f’n gorgeous! She’s Definatly a must see!!!

  22. no good

    Really gone down hill over the past few months. Very few dancers, even with full bar not worth my time. The party atmosphere is gone and I’d rather go to local watering hole and then rent a movie from the Den then come back here anymore. There really is nothing to keep me coming back, especially when there are so many other options. The overall vibe keeps people away. What happened?!?!!?

  23. Allen
  24. customerJ
  25. marlonmoney12

    It was $20 to enter on a Saturday, BYOB. Rowdy crowd, bad vibes. My first strip club experience was looking pretty dismal, lots of yelling, drama. My fiance and I were both sober escorting a bachelor party my fiance is the best man for. We showed both of our identifications at the same time to a security officer who appeared to be having trouble. The Highland Security Officer did not read our IDs, slid my ID in a machine, then handed it back to us. He then angrily asked my fiance for his ID, which the officer was already holding in his hand. Had he read our IDs carefully, as it was his job to do, he would have seen my fiance’s ID in his hand. My fiance made comments about the fact that the officer was not doing well if he’s incapable of reading our IDs and couldn’t correctly count back $10 in change. I think the officer severely overreacted, took it childishly and too personally as he was offended by the comments, enough that he instantaneously turned into a bull in a China shop! Things became violent quickly!The officer started swinging at my fiance so he threw his hands up to show he was unarmed, not-violent and to block the officers swings. The first punch appeared to have hit my fiance’s face. Then the officer charged/shoved my fiance multiple times, threatening him verbally, sending him over halfway across the parking lot while he retreated away from the violent officer. My fiance has several bruised areas located on his shoulder blade and lower back from the event. I was greatly upset by the violence and followed. The security officer then threw a haymaker and punched him in the face, throwing my fiance sideways. After the event my fiance called 911. The officer saw him calling, spooked and went back to the building. I followed the violent officer back to the building and asked him for his name. He must have been embarrassed as he did not reply with his name, but looked at me and then went back to hiding. I feel he knew he was in the wrong and didn’t respond because he knew he had committed a crime.I felt bullied by the other “security guards” present because they wanted me to say on the report that my fiance was punched with an “open palm” hand because, according to one officer in glasses, “That’s legal in the State of Ohio.” He seemed to think that the method of delivery of the violence makes a big difference… What an unprofessional comment from someone I’m supposed to trust! Wow!Bystander bullies made jokes about the violence and tried to get us to leave, stating that the cops will never show up, so, “we should just go home.” The other security officer with glasses tried to sway/bully me into thinking that my fiance somehow deserved the violence. Is violence suddenly legal now against unarmed, nonviolent people because they made comments that offended you because you were unable to perform your job? I don’t think it was an “open palm” that caused my fiance’s migraine that won’t go away today. My fiance did nothing to deserve the violence. I feel there is NO excuse for violence against an unarmed man from security personnel who are paid to serve and protect.If you want the scariest and worst strip club experience ever and to be bullied by a bunch of people drinking excessive amounts of alcohol… Or if you want to be punched in the face… Look no further! Wait, no, you really don’t want this. Just run away, for your safety.Edit: Yes, the Sheriff arrived on the scene and was extremely professional! Very grateful and thankful for his help!

  26. Franklyn

    This place pairs wonderfully with 4loko and a desire for wtf moments. My favorite part is the “rules” sign hanging over the dance floor”Rule 6: Do not degrade or make a mockery of the dancers.”Any place that has to spell that out for the customer base is a place you want to be when you’re in the market for an obnoxious weekend experience.Go

  27. C-bus Club goer

    don’t let the fact that private dances are only $20 fool you. this club is no cheaper than kahoots or any of the other clubs. the dancers go around asking for tips after their dance and often times they’ll ask you to tip them more than once for one dance. the club looks pretty trashy and ghetto, definitely not fancy like a lot of the other clubs in the area. and there aren’t that many girls. one of the advantages this club has is that it’s fully nude though. even thought the dancer quality is what a lot of people would consider low, i personally found some of the dancers very much to my liking.

  28. what it do

    Mystique is f’n hot!!!! She is definatly a must see!!!!!

  29. Henry

    I went on a early friday afternoon I was the only patron there were three girls they were all great BYOB 😉

  30. Ralph

    Great Time, Great Fun, Dancers are HOT ! HOT ! HOT !

  31. Bill

    Good little club. Nice dancers, great private shows.

  32. Martin

    Smal but fun place. Had a great time.

  33. Ben

    Had the best time ever in a strip club!

  34. SuckmyDickBitch

    Good club for the money

  35. RB

    I was there on a quiet Sunday night. The place was pretty quiet and there were only 3 girls working. They were all wonderful though. Very attractive and friendly. The girls come around after being on stage and ask for tips as well. The couch dances were also fun.

  36. Uh huh!

    Mystike is the finest! Must have a dance from this one guys!!!

  37. Numba One Hustla

    this club has some of the hottest girls i’ve seen at all the clubs i’ve been to and the private dances are loinger than they are at most other clubs.

  38. Ryan

    I was just in there tonight for my fist time in a strip club, so i might not know much but none of the girls were walking around or being talkative, its fully nude. Everything shows. which was cool but the only time the girls come up to you is to ask for a tip, ????? thats dumb! Girl Quality is okay, there are a couple of hotties but the rest are just trash. like 2 maybe 3 girls outta 10+ was hot. So i would only go here again as a last resort.

  39. Ray J

    1st timer. had a lot of fun. Dancers were cool. Lap dance was Execl. Try it, you’ll like it.

  40. TED


  41. roc

    first time at the club the girls r hot and venessa is the hottist chick at the club by far pretty little butterfly

  42. Madison

    I worked at this place for a little while. All the girls blow coke and smoke weed in the dressing room like its their job. You got pregnant bitches and fat asses working here plus every girl is sucking cock for ten bucks. This place has a bunch of ugly ass females who look like fucking transvestites. The only good people here are the bartenders and waitresses.

  43. yep!

    I love Mysike

  44. Bubba

    We went to this club on a saturday night at around 10. There was only a handful of people in there and that didn’t really ever change. There was probably about 10 girls working. It was 10 bucks each to get in regardless of age or sex which was kind of nice. A lot of the first girls we saw were black which wasn’t appealing to us but they had a few nice white girls. A few were kind of old or looked like they had kids. Lap dances were 20$ and only lasted 1 song. There was absolutely no touching the entire night. I’ve been to some other clubs where they’ll at least rub some stuff up against you, but not here! Also the girls are very pushy for tips. If your sitting at the bar they’ll dance in front of you, then sit down and pull on their garder because they wanted you to slip a dollar in there. Then if that wasn’t bad enough, after they danced, they would walk around and ask everyone if we wanted to tip her again for her dance…This was fairly new and I didn’t really like it because I felt bad saying to no to some of them but there was a couple that were ugly….The actual club is pretty small, very discreet and uninviting from the outside. Probably will not return.

  45. "Pumpkin"

    Vanessa is hott! Awesome butterfly on her p**sy!!

  46. aka

    small and out of the way- a perfect place to hide from the wife! she’ll never find you here!

  47. DAN


  48. darthash
  49. 2uhaters

    never been 2 this club but check out the list n e time i travel to a new city. i have been dancing for 8 yrs and all over the country. must say madison and summer you two make me sick!!! there always has 2 be a couple of hatin ass bitches that want to run there mouths about someone else. u probley either are pissed couse one of these girls “stole” your boyfreind or are running your mouth becouse the girls ran your ass out becouse you had a fuckin holier than thou art attitude! Prob the same kind of girls that talk shit 2 customers out on the floor who dont want to hear the shit! I dont know y’alls (yes bitches im from down south) buisness up there but diareha of the mouth is not sexy or attractive. So in defense of the girls at this club FUCK ALL U HATERS !!!!!!! U WERE PROB TOOTIN COKE WITH THE REST OF THEM SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!

  50. UpChuck

    I can’t stress enough how low the dancer quality was here. There was not one single girl that was worty of paying a cover charge to see here. It’s not that the girls were unfriendly it’s just that they were not hot.

  51. Red

    Had a Great time

  52. Slick

    This place really cleaned itself up. I was in it some time ago and it was a dump. Its clean, the staff is on top of security and run a clean ship as far as I see. Lower the lap dance price to 15 and I will go more often.

  53. Al

    Was in Friday. Had about 10 dancers working. We had a great time. Can’t wait to see all of the ladies again.

    Thanks for the fun night.

  54. Helle

    Meh. This place is okay if you want to see naked chicks in a bar setting. The girls leave a little bit to be desired and I hate places where they come around asking for a tip after their dances… But you get good value for your money at least.

  55. guy

    this is the best club ever, if you love a good time and love a classy place with hot chicks without all the chatty nonsense then go to private dancers. If you wanna get wasted this is the place to do it

  56. i love hotties!

    Mystique is a must see!!!!

  57. donger
  58. dude


  59. married

    this was the worst club i have ever been to everything was trashy

  60. John John

    Loads of fun. Great women. Well worth the cost. Last of the full nude clubs in central Ohio. Enjoy it while it is still arround.

  61. FYI OHIO...

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