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320 General Doolittle Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32225


30.3263301, -81.5165603




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Gold Club

  1. Dave

    This is the best club in Jax. Ilove this bar.

  2. just stoped in

    This is the best club. Very nice girls.

  3. c

    thuis place WENT DOWN THE HILL since they changed their management.There is barely any dancers and the ones that is working are pretty rude and not attractive. avoid going to this place.VAKKOS HAS TEN TIMES BETTER LOOKING GIRLS THAN THIS PLACE.

  4. Life is good....

    There is a wide variety of women in this club that make it a pretty great place to frequent..I feel the dances are slightly overpriced and that the girls would make more money for $25.00 per dance and then get tips if they are nice,but hey,it is a decent place to spend a paycheck at now and then…..

  5. the one
  6. nate
  7. Big G.


  8. Mandi M.

    i went in the afternoon during the week last week and its probably the worst stripclub ive ever seen. The whole place smells like smoke and it looks like only old perverts who touch the girls on stage for one dollar and thats it. the girls look super ratchet and ugly full of tattoes and stretch marks. I probably only saw one girl that looked pretty. I dont know if its always like this but i thought it looked pretty dead and played out to me.

  9. Jim

    this place Rocks!

  10. art

    This is the best club in jacksonville.

  11. Donie D

    The best club hands down.The place is hard to find but well worth it. There is no place like it.

  12. ryan123

    Went with some friends on a pretty slow night, but we still had a good time. Veronica was particularly nice. She looks great, gives great dances, and even knows how to carry on a conversation. I definitely recommend her!

  13. Amber

    Great club Great money.

  14. NYGuy

    Came here with my brother in law. At first, was taken

    aback that I had to give $5 tip to the girl on stage to

    have her take her clothes off (different than NY)…anyway,

    the quality of the girls was great and the private dances

    excellent. There were two sisters who were both stunning

    and gave great dances. Then there was Cali who was funny,

    beautiful and gave a great dance. Even though she’s now in

    the “Soggy State” (inside joke) she’s a blast.

  15. Rich

    This a great club. They run a good place.

  16. Squid4life

    This is the BEST Club in Jacksonville! Plenty of girls, great DJ with Rev….the other guy is ok but a bit annoying. Bartenders and wait Staff a Prompt and Polite, Security is nice as long as you dont make a fool of yourself or break any rules. Food is as good as 80% of the restuarants in the city…..i highly recommend you visit Jacksonville’s ONLY true gentlemans club if your here on vacation or business, if you live here…go weekly….i do….lol

  17. Benny

    This is one great club.

  18. AssnTits5

    This review is based on visiting the club on a Tuesday and again on a Thursday.The Pros:1. Cover charge is $5 but free on Mondays for military.2. Plenty of parking.3. $3 Coronas both times I went.The Cons:1. The dj. Totally destroyed the ambiance with his poor selection of obscure 80s rock and 90s rap.2. The inside looks like a giant dive bar.3. The quality of girls was scant. Both nights I was there, I saw maybe 3 or 4 girls that caught my eye out of the 20 or so that were there both nights total. 2 of the girls that caught my eye looked like they were over 35. Where were all the young girls with big fake ones at?4. “Private” lap dances cost $30. The “private” dances are in a separate darkened room in booths where some bouncer dude guy stands in front of a podium in the middle of the room waiting for the dance to finish so the girl can go up to him and he can collect his cut. Weird setup.5. The “Champagne” room. It’s just a secluded darkened area with long couches and no bouncer staring at you 3 feet away. $400 for 45 mins. I highly advise you save your money. Since there’s no supervision, the stripper could literally just light up a cigarette and sit next to you for half the time, with the other half of the time just a normal extended lap dance. Expensive conversation you had there. This happened to a friend. Yeah. That’s it. A friend.If I were the owner, I would do a few things to make this place better:1. Invest in a better ventilation system. If you’re an asthmatic, you’re going to die. Cigarette smoke clouds everywhere.2. Save some money and remodel the place. It’s like a dive bar from the 60s. Oh wait. It technically is a dive and a drive, with all the twists and turns and hidden side roads you have to go through to get to the place.3. Hire more better quality girls under the age of 35. Saw quite a few overweight and much older girls onstage who shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near that stage.4. Get a real dj who knows different genres and can play good strip club music, other than rock and 90s rap.

  19. k

    i agree this place went to shit about a year ago .They now got barely any girls and the ones there working are pretty disgusting i would not recommended it.

  20. Masson

    Had the best time last night. Great girls very friendly.The best steak in town.

  21. kane

    This club used to be decent. Now they have plenty of ugly dancers who will do anything but try to charge you top dollars. i wouldnt mind pay for top dollars if they were pretty. but they are definitely not. i rate this club as below average.

  22. James

    The best club in all of jacksonville area.

  23. NEgolfers

    Had a great time. This place is very unique, pretty much one of a kind. It’s like no other club I’ve been to. Comfortable place, classy staff and dancers. Highly recommend. Steaks were awesome!! We’ll be back next year!

  24. tty bar hopper

    this club has really gone down hill ….. hardly any women working there anymore and the ones there are are RUDE,snotty,not much fun and then they wonder why they can’t earn a living . there are MANY other choice in Jax,last year it was HOT … this year it is NOT

  25. Ian

    This is the best club in Jacksonville. The best VIP.

  26. Jack

    The club is real nice. All new and very big.

  27. Mark

    Had the best time at The Gold Club. 10 Best

  28. Club Hopper

    The best place to have fun in jacksonville. And thats the bottom line.

  29. ROBERT

    this is a fucking dive biker bar and they have alot of ugly girls

  30. MikMac

    J-ville’s rules suck… this club rox… pushes the envelope… worth every $$$… best strip “bikini” club in town! You won’t be dissappointed!!!

  31. Tina
  32. h

    quality of the dancers are definitely went down the hill

  33. jerky

    this club used to be decent but quality went to shit last couple years.they have nothing but bunch of old and overweight girls.

  34. Izeal


  35. nena

    this place is a shit hole

  36. Ken

    the club is ugly and so are the girls

  37. Super Mike

    This is the best club in Florida. They have the best women and staff that i’ve seen in a long time.

  38. Candice S.

    I’ve been to the other adult clubs in Jacksonville, and so far this is the most upscale one. DJ plays a variety of music, but mostly focusing on a good taste of industrial rock and house mixes. The entertainment seems to always be smiling and know what they are doing. I would give this place 5 stars, but the our cocktail didn’t know the drink specials, so she left for 10 minutes to find out after we asked her to find out for us, then she came back and took our order, came back 10 minutes later with half our drinks and explained that they ran out of the other beers we ordered. Which the beers they ran out of are the ones she recommended us to order for the special.

  39. Bob

    This club is number one.

  40. Dee

    Great place.



  42. Ned

    Jacksonville’s best gentlemen’s club. Great VIP.


    Great place. this is jacksonvilles best club.

  44. Jax Man

    Far and away the best club in Jacksonville. Best quality dancers, cool building/layout. Tucked away off the beaten path. Surprisingly great food as well. Spent a couple nights there this week and had a lot of fun. If your going to visit a strip club in Jax, put GC on the top of your list.

  45. Mary Jane

    Love this Club!!!!! Love the people!!!

  46. Hole in my pants!!!!


  47. mike

    i like this club it has a great resturant.

  48. John

    The Gold Club is awesome. All of the girls are beautiful.

    The best strip club in Jacksonville.

  49. Randy
  50. Tall Paul

    This is a great club. Had the best time Friday night. Great girls.

  51. Tracy

    The best club to work at in Jax

  52. Ben

    This is one fine club. Girls are the best.

  53. Cameron

    I used to work here. All the girls as well as management rocked Top notch all the way!

  54. gotmydicksuckedhere

    tall skinny girl with no tits but if you toss her an extra tip in the vip room she will suck you off and she’s damn good at it

  55. Scott

    Wife and I went here last weekend and had a good time. We were in town visiting. One question…. did this club change from topless to bikini within the last 2 years? I seem to remember when I used to live here it was topless.

  56. Elektra

    This club has the sexiest girls in town! If you haven’t been there, you are majorly missing out!!!!!

  57. SCJ

    It’s funny to read all the comments from employees.

    The last poster got it right.Mismanagement has ruined this club. The quality of girl is way down and it’s nothing like it was a year or so ago. I dont know what happened but it’s a shame for sure.

  58. tim

    shitty bar

  59. Walt

    this is the best club. There is no place like it.

  60. keith

    this club used to be the bomb. but they definitely went down on quality. it s shame that mismanagement of an establisment will either make you or break you. in this case they went down the drain

  61. out of town

    Great club bet in jacksonville. They run a clean club.The girls were from 8-10 s.VIP was real good.


    Sorry place

  63. nick l

    great place. best in jax.

  64. jay

    well I don’t work here and I say this place is awesome hot girls great dances awesome place worth the trip much better than all the rest of the slum hole clubs in town, no ghetto music or thug girls here.

  65. Jason H

    Great club.The VIPs are worth the trip back.I love this place.

  66. Great club

    This place is the best.GOLD CLUB Has the best girls.

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