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30.286854, -81.634202




8am – 8pm


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0 reviews for “Sinsation’s

  1. C. R. Ochstynk
  2. G. Aifer
  3. greg
  4. bob costas

    i work at sisations and i assure everyone none of mgmnt whee drug dealers its quite difficult to get rid of problem girls ie. prostitutes drug dealers or carack heads when your general mgr is the biggest crack of everyone involved this place is way beter done a complete 180 troy was a useless bag of fuck and i hope he reads this dont bother trying to get ur job back everyone at this club htes u ruined this bar like u did everything else u have ever touched invinted the lap dance my ass u suck but to everyone else who reads i implore u t check this bar out we are making imporvments everyday to make this place better everyday we get better come check us out it is great

  5. jane doe

    all right guy i use to work there i quit bout a month ago after working there for 3 weeks…i have to say the day shift girls will give pussy for 75 bucks n night shift girls r just as nasty ..veronica will suck ur dick for fuckin hours for only 50 dollars…saphire is this bich that covers her body with fuckin tan spray cuz she has a skin disease n yes its contageous..extecy can fit a beer bottle in her pussy ive seen it…tink isas fat n desperate for money as it gets….allison is a sweet country giirl..west the night manager allows prostitution..shit he tryed to fuck one of my friends when she applied there n his wife fuks as well….if u want to pay 25 dollars for any disease possible sinsations is the place to be….

  6. BBG

    this bithch ass club sucks really bad.

  7. S.

    Poor management,ameture DJ s, lots of drugs and ugly dancers eguals sinsations.Still dumpy bar even tiffanies is better than this place.

  8. DUH

    Most People that claim to have a bad time at any Strip Club is usually because they brought it upon themselves or they had a fantasy about getting a girl to go home with them and realized that they were getting played by the stripper. I personally think most posts about this club is being left by dumbasses, fired strippers or the competition who is mad cause their owners dont put any money into their clubs to clean them up and make them look better than this one. Not my fault this club is doing very well and has a good lineup of pretty girls. Overall i rate this club as a 7. To those who had “Bad Times” at this club is because they are dumbass people!

  9. dont be hating

    hey doll house hater dont be hating cuz first of we got no illegal people working for us. Second didnt you just got raided and close down for should be proud of guys not only have the ugliest bitches also you got the dumbest managers and most of the drugs in jax.when you get raided by jso again we will probably by this club from milt and fire your asses.


    PS: dont forget to wipe your mouth after you sucking my dick bitch.

  10. str8 story

    ok every fucking club has drugs and illegal activity going on in some form, be it tax evasion or another form, no club is perfect. but let me cleaqr this up wes had no part in the drugs he could not clear out all the bad seeds cause troy would go back and hire them again neither one was a drug dealer troy is just a drug addict. place is much better completely legal very safe now that troy is gone, and so are all the drug running girls, most the negative posts were the girls that got fired. and the raid was pretty much like all raids every club gets raided only difference was there was building violations that had to be fixed….thats why sinsations was shut down no other reason.

  11. im cool with it

    had a good time here will be coming back

  12. Hell yeah!

    This place is awesome!!!!I went in at the begining of the week music was awesome DJ was great Good number of girls. I will be back again and again, great place my friends and I had a great time, I got a bunch of dances and the manager handed me some free passes to come back, My friends and I are going to become regulars this is my cheers!

  13. dick

    much better than before

  14. pete

    place is awesome always plenty of girls working and alot of good looking ones. all the people leaving bad comments must not have enough money to enjoy the club $5 to get the girls naked must be steep for them. Had a blast ladies I will return soon!!

  15. Ball, Zack
  16. earl

    loved this place had a great time djs are overall good management very cool loves of friendly people been both day and night go check this place lots of fun

  17. peter
  18. not worth it

    just another trasy, drug infested bar.Dont even waste your ime or money in this place unless you like std s

  19. brian

    i heard that they arrested Rene for drug charges but she told me that other girls throw pills in her purse when the place was getting raided.I guess it is true that this place went down the hill.well i am never going back to that shit hole again.

  20. Super Ballin
  21. ass

    i agree its definitely a dive.

  22. felixnada

    When 6 of my friends and myself walked into Sinsations, the bartender singled me and my other friend of color out, and told us that there was an additional requirement to the cover charge; you have to buy a drink, the cheapest of which was five dollars. I asked if she was serious, and if she had asked everyone if they bought a drink. They responded that they had, which I found to be an outright lie, because the rest of the people in the club, including my friends, didnt have to pay for a drink. I’m not saying that they are racist or anything but if you are gonna tell someone they have to buy a drink then enforce it upon everyone. As it is, it seems like something meant to prevent people of color from staying. On top of that, the bartenders are sloppy and very disrespectful, one of the ladies (I should say girls because they dont carry themselves like women) tried to get in my face, but I wasn’t having that and kept going with my conversation. They even threatened to kick me out for talking to my friend about my experience. All in all, an awful experience. I would recommend Gold’s Club instead of Sinsations, if you want to go to a gentlemens’ establishment.

  23. russell

    can you say SHIT SATIONS . come to flash dancers

  24. db

    i got 3 words to say about this club

    ghetto ghetto ghetto.there is so much shit happens in there, i am suprised they are still open for business

  25. curtis17

    I give this place 3 stars only because it’s full nude lol. But other than that it’s pretty boring in there. Or when I went there it was. They had very few dancers that night and only a few of them look good enough to be on the stage to perform! Another reason I didn’t rate it higher is because that the performers didn’t show attention to only select few people. If they would have been more nice and greeted you while they walk passed and wasn’t busy it would have been alright but they ignored you.

  26. jesus jones's mother mary

    get a grip on reality my son.this aint a dream world .just look around and see the druggie hookers that are about to give you a bj for $20. like i said this place is like a circus. come and get your $20 blowjob only at sinsations.

  27. Lotus

    The girls are very nice and work hard for so little.I think some of the guys that go there are cheap…Anyways the have Pretty and Average looking girls.I love the Dj he plays a mixture of music.He doesn’t keep it to one thing.THANK GOD I hate clubs that plays all rock or all rap.Cover fee is the right amount.The thing that sucks is alittle too small and the private dances is alittle too open.But other than that i had a great time.

  28. G
  29. jim

    this place sucks ass. cracked out women all over the place

  30. C. Uhmstane
  31. Hugh Georgie
  32. had a good time

    awesome little club had a great time girls where very polite and receptive have been a few times both day and night had a good time everytime i have been there dances are reasonable i think everyone should check it ot

  33. surfer josh

    if anybody is reading this believe when i say this is the worst club in jax. strung out girls,coked up owner. whole place is a dump. go any other club but this one

  34. F. Artnacher
  35. hector

    yes you can get extras from almost all the girls in there

  36. dong

    what can i get for $10 ?

    anything you want

    (only at sinsations for a limited time)

  37. loco

    just a another shit hole .whole jacksonville strip club scene sucks.

  38. badboyz

    this f place is a dive. go to doll house it is only a mile away with better looking girls & professional staff. dont waste your money on fucked up stripppers. peace out


    I doubt anyone had a bad expierence at this club its always been great and a ton of fun.

  40. darren

    this place is a dump

  41. Sarah

    This place is not safe girls!! They have no security guys working there except on thursday friday and saturday. And the guys that are there do not do shit when something happens. The only 2 guys they had there that made me feel safe one they fired the other quit. Shawn the buffed guy at the door he was awesome and was never afraid to take care of business, Jeremy the week Dj he was always right there when needed he even helped out the bartenders when they needed someone to help them with a problem guy. Now all you got is a manager at night and 2 dj’s and some bouncers who talk big but when something happens they do nothing!!! fuck this place not safe for dancers at all unless you don’t care about your safety……expect to get raped before they even ask the guy to calm down!

  42. why is everyone so angry

    i dont get why everyone leaves such angry comments on these things its a fucking strip club for god sakes news flash all of you the majority are junkies and whores at any strip club you go to and those who you think dont do it just hide it better but ive worked in them before trust me theyre all whores but this place is pretty cool all the angry comments are probably from people who didnt get what they wanted so everyone should relax remeber its a strip cluib its entertainment at the end of the day thats all it is everyone have and be safe no matter where you have fun

  43. fuckery12

    Very Lame! Save your cover charge money, $5 drink charge and whatever else you might spend.

  44. jaylo

    i danced there for a day under different name.My gosh i never seen so many drugs and alcohol that was offered to me in 5 hour shift. i made no money while i was there and got proposed by one of their employees for sexual favors inexchange of coke or oxys. U know i party time to time but i ll be damned i am gonna get treated like a some crack hooker. Girls Do Not Go to this place there is plenty of other bars in town. PS: i want somebody to explain to me how in the hell this place is still open for business? i guess vice is too busy giving tickets to girls with no id s.

  45. Speak softly

    and im from the moon, everyone brush your shoulders off , its the fucking internet, its for talkin shit and looking at porn its just the internet its ok

  46. confused in jax

    wow the last comment has disgruntled angry im mad cuz cant work here anymore written all over it if its the same chick i think it was its probably cuz she was always drunk reaked of booze and seemed to be utterly useless good luck alexis your one annoying bitch i wont miss when i come in all the staff here are really cool people on both shifts for the most part any of the girls i ever talk to never have anything negative to say about anyone that woks here be it management dj or any staff this is a cool little bar just needs some attention and to get their name out there but anywho if you read these posts the bad ones are either people who didnt get what they where looking for people from other clubs or disgruntled employess check this place out you will be surprised its a great bar

  47. James
  48. Stu Pedd
  49. jesus jones

    Wow this place is awesome they had like 14 or more girls there on a tuesday and wednesday!!!! way better than any other club in this area I had alot of fun, screw emperors and gold club they are the one’s with high prices, I walk in sinsations pay my door charge buy my drink and thats it! then I just tip stage and buy dances, those other places i have to do all that and buy new drinks or they kick me out. so no crap buddy emperors and gold club is not better maybe you just don’t like seeing vagina cause this place is nude, if I wanted to see bikini women I will just look at victoria’s secret magazine or something. sinsations twenty thumbs way up keep up the good work!!

  50. steev

    sounds like a mad ex employee dj…..if it is the black haired guy that worked during the week for awhile and replaced with the old weekend dj then iam certain it must be him that wrote that comment because he was a terrible dj he bored everyone in that place and the girls always complained about him. good luck buddy but you are far from best dj in town, the guy that took your spot is way better.

  51. sweet & smelly

    i am sorry but this club does suck big literally sucks balls. shitty crowd ,dj s that has speech problems,managers that has drug problems and dancers that has mental problems. need i say more……LOL

  52. Li Kim Drai
  53. Dick Zucker
  54. cody

    It was a great time and i would recommend it to any one

  55. jay

    most ghetto place in jacksonvile.if you want drugs and get your weener suck by an ugly dancer this is the place . i prefer doll house or emprerors.

  56. carter

    this club is more ghetto then the doll house

  57. Pu Si Leps
  58. carl

    this place went down the hill since last time they got raided. instead of cleaning their act they got worse. you now can get a 2 for 1 bj s in the vip.just ask any of the hoes up in there.

  59. damn son

    well i have had the chance to see the club in many differant stages and i would have to say that its really is a great place to work and to visit as a customer. and if u really think that some of these other people are telling the truth well ur as stupid as they are. the place it self is great and the people that work ther are to so if u want to check it out well u know were it is enough said. p.s. buy some dances or i will punch u in ur face!!!

  60. chris
  61. jason

    i heard you can get a dance with a happy ending for $75



  63. dt

    shitty club with lot’s of ugly dancers

  64. ohyeah
  65. ji

    this club is ghetto

  66. gez

    blow job palace

  67. strip club lover

    everyone can talk all the shit you want. Sinsations has been cleaned out and is building its self back up. All of the haters will shut there mouths when we prove ourselves. solidgold, dollhouse and every place else will remain for all of the whores and drug addicts to go. If you want to come to a clean club give us a call 904-396-6739. if you want a blowjob or herpies call the rest, Sinsations is not for you and we dont want you.

  68. bbk

    you know guys this club has been steadily going down the hill since the raid. they need to do everybody a favor and close this shit hole down forever…

  69. wow ziggy

    awesome!! Only one problem gold club is not on philips dumb fuck! oh but wait emperors and gold club are same owner same company…. wow go figure another person working at another bar talking up the place they work, and yet again they make themselves sound dumb. Good luck next time ziggy only thing is we are nude those clubs are bikini, its like apples and oranges buddy.

  70. mr g

    whatz up yall this place is more ghetto than doll house .

  71. TLC


  72. wonka wonka wonka

    This place is so great that it comes with free handcuffs courtesy of Jacksonville Sheriffs Office.Buy one drug deal get a felony charge absolutely FREE. Courtesy of Troy & Wes

  73. Matrix32256

    Good Club..must visit atleast once….

  74. JC
  75. zappo
  76. fat bobby

    yes my last visit was awsome and they are nice every time i come in. i will keep coming in if u have never been u should come check it out hott ladies!!!

  77. A Girl

    I was recently fire from there case they said i was too old…..the reason i was fired is because the manager allows girls to give BJ’s, Hand jobs and have sex. they pay him to look the other way. he also allows the girls to drink and do drugs in the club as long as he does not see it. The Dayshift employees trade out sex for bar fees and tip outs. Someone should tell the owner about it….its the reason why the club isnt makng money anymore….the prostitution snd drugs are as bad as when Troy managed…..nothing has changed. The only security is a DJ and manager on Sun thru Thurs nites. The Manager leaves the VIP so the sexual acts can take place with out him “SEEING IT”

  78. Peter Leckre
  79. Ohio Dave

    Was in on 12-29 & 12-30. Great club, the girls were awesome looking, all were great looking. The VIP price was $30.00, to high priced, but I walked out both nights with empty pockets. Great dances in the VIP. Amber was awesome. Will probably never be back in Jacksonville, since I live in Ohio. Great club.

  80. same old dump

    this club may got a minor facelift but it is the same old dump.ugly girls and crappy bar. it is going to take along time to clear their name with the last drug raid and thats if they ever clear their name.unfortunately it s on the wrong side of the town with wrong type of people running it.Go to emporers bikini bar (used to call ceasers)they got plenty of hot girls.

  81. damian c.

    fucking dive. went there for new years eve, they fucking had 3 girls. i asked them to refund my money they told me to fuck off. fuck this place..

    i went to solid gold on blanding and the doll house on atlantic. they are much better then SHITSATIONS.

  82. Just surprised

    I wish girls that got fired from here or other clubs would stop leaving comments on here because it is not what the negative comments are like at all. there is plenty of girls here ranging from girl next door to model hot, from chubby to perfect model body they cover it all! also I would like to know how they are giving blowjobs with the new vip rooms being legal and there is no way they could give you a bj without everyone seeing. awesome place My buddies and I had a good time will be back soon.

  83. N. Eggarnach
  84. what a waste

    i spend $15 to get in and buy a drink to only see bunch of ugly girls. what a ripoff.I wont be back

  85. john doe
  86. what the fuck ever

    yep this place is suupposebly cleaned up so here my question how come your dayshift manager tim s nick name is $10 blowjob manager.All the girls quit on they shift cuz they didnt want to suck his dick for barfees.Also fat,drug addict wes is still the same manager since they got raided for drugs so how the fuck are you better and cleaner club . you are not. This place is gonna get shotdown again .Troy jordan rules and wes got a little dick.

  87. zzzz

    seems like they are hiring back the same trashy girls. that is why i wont go back to sinsations. oh by the way i heard alot of girls are leaving there because lack of money & customers.

  88. da pimp

    it is sad that this club is so ghetto they cant even compete with sos,silver fox or centerfold.I used to work there untill i saw the amount of drugs being sold by their management.if you are a female just tell their day manager that you would give him a blowjob and he will not collect a house fee from you.this place is a TRASHY ,drug infested,ghetto little bar.I now workat emprerors come and enjoy the best looking girls in town.we also have happy hour specials on a daily basis

  89. jack

    this place is crap

  90. crap

    this bar really sucks. prices are too high for the service they provide. i like gold club or emperors better.they got plenty of better looking girls and you get more bang for your buck

  91. chastity

    yeah theres some pretty crackheaded girls that work here.. But they arent the only type of girls there.. The day shift has improved beyond belief and the night shift on some nights, have surplus beautiful girls. There are also a lot of normal girls here that aren’t full of diseases and hate drugs

  92. Mike Auk


  94. G money
  95. moe
  96. nay

    girls are way ghettoooooo in this club.

  97. poor quality

    this place is a shithole.

  98. Les Beann
  99. bnm

    this club used to be decent.clientelle and dancers definitely took a turn for the worst.

    if you are looking for a suckie fuckie action for about cost of a dance($25) and a $50 tip you are in the zone baby. but just remember how many guys got the same service before you. you ll be amazed.

  100. annoyed customer

    this place was the shit when dj russ was the dj/manager but now bunch of ugly coke head dancers working there.oh by the way evertyhing in that club is illegal. drugs, guns ,prostutiuon i cant believe they are still open

  101. country boy

    this place is waste of your time and money . go to doll house or solid gold believe me it is worth every pennie.

  102. Howie Feldersnache
  103. hey trevor

    you go to sinsations all the time huh.gues what buddy you are wrong because i know you work at plesae do your self a favor and stop lying to everybody about the worst bar in and your club suck ass fuck i rather go to clubs in mayport at least they got teeth. PS: you should offer dental plans for the girls that gives a 20 bj s per wek as bonus

  104. jhjhjh
  105. whats up cuz

    this plaze still a dump i like emperors and vakkos. you guys got nothing on these clubs (sorry but its true0

  106. fireman

    Wes still works there, Troy got fired because when the club was shut down for a week because the club wiring was not up to code (it was majority just extension cords powering the stage lights and system and neons) he hauled ass and could not be contacted because he thought the dea was going to get him because he was on so many drugs. He hung himself out to dry because he was messed up all the time, he could have kept his job but since he disappeared the owners fired him. good luck finding him he is probably in a ditch somewhere snorting oxy’s.

  107. StripClub431

    I’m not sure why this place has some negative reviews. Maybe it’s from the locals. I was in town this week from NY and we don’t have any all nude clubs, so this was a nice surprise. If you can get past the no alcohol policy, it’s definitely a recommended place to go. Girls were absolutely gorgeous and nice. Something I’m not used to in NY clubs. Get drunk first, then go enjoy yourself.

  108. turdlicious MC COY

    Wellwhat do you expect when TROY and his puppet WES was running drug deals and getting a cut of it.I am suprised THEY DID NOT GET ARRESTED and they only fired troy .This club is so infested with hookers and drug dealers doesnt matter you remodel or not it is still a shit hole. They are the joke of the year , and the funny thing is every club in town knows what happened in sinsations that no body hired their girls when they got shut down. You have got to be a moron to tell people that everything has changed overnight, that you are now a better club, well i am so sorry but i am not fucking buying it. I am pretty sure place will get raided again and again .since they now are on the watch list. SO GO THERE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  109. not even

    dont even waste your gas by going to this place Emprorors is the best club in town

  110. don't be stupid

    The DEA didn’t shutdown the club you ass. The city coulnd never find any drugs of prostitution in the club. It had to be shutdown by JEA for bad electrical wiring.

  111. PiMpy

    Flash Dancer’s…LMAo be real..its SOS but a little better. Doll House…most the girls there are the worst in town…Centerfolds rejects.

  112. dwight roundyamouf
  113. rj

    two weeks ago this place GOT RAIDED BY DEA AND ATF. They shut down the place for 10 days and arrested bunch of dancers. This proofs again and again this place is a front for drug dealers and hookers need i say more……..

  114. Ball, Zack
  115. Tony

    came down from new york passing through for superbowl this place was great plenty of girls and friendly staff. if I come back through I will have to stop by again know what I’m saying.

  116. dissapointed

    this place is in the middle of a cracktown and their clientel is bunch of low lifes.i did not feel safe there at all. Also they had a lot of ugly dancers .You will not see me going there at least for couple years . Ps: go to VAKKOS on emerson definitely a better place to be.

  117. cpp

    sadly i spent money to go in and realized i was in a wrong bar with out of shape & ugly dancers.

  118. mtng
  119. john madden

    this place is awesome getting better every day check them out

  120. Homer
  121. cash money
  122. paige

    you guys really shouldnt talk bad about the dollhouse… at least we didnt get shut down… plus, i’m happy to hear all your gross girls came back to see you… while the rest stayed with me… bridgett says hi…

  123. sweet

    This place is awesome, i will have to agree with other posts, its either ex-employee’s or other clubs bad mouthing this place i come in during the week (i don’t like dealing with crowds plus i can never understand the dj and he always yells in the mic on the weekends) but during the week is awesome music is great and usually there is 12 or more girls there and they have a great selection of girls dj is not loud and most the girls are friendly. it fells like a home bar a place you can really feel at home in. come check it out guys all kinds of girls and its a great place, they never play any ghetto music!

  124. B. Uttucher
  125. white

    great place lots of fun, any complains about this place must be broke! i went in with a pocket full of cash and after lots of stage tipping and plenty of trips to vip I was broke. they have all types of girls from any taste to choose from unlike most the other clubs who hire stuck up ugly girls with fake boobs that think they are hot shit. great place!!!

  126. laughing loudly

    This place is awesome but i have to say from the posts previos to this sounds like some ex employee’s mad cause they got fired from there especially the girl saying she beat a dancers ass lol I talked to the dj about it and he said thats bullshit that never happened, he does kind of look like a biker but who cares guys do not care what the dj looks like its the girls besides the only reason why the dj is looking like a “wanna be biker” is because he has tattoo’s and a wooly beard, so do not listen to the negative remarks its all probably bitter ex employee’s trying to screw the club over. come out there and see for yourself it is way better than dollhouse or solid gold

  127. F. Atpucci
  128. balls
  129. dat bitch

    this trailer trash club is in the same category with centerfold and tiffanies

  130. ted inepel
  131. Lou B.
  132. Trevor

    I go in this club alot and it’s true always plenty of girls to pick from, Come on fella’s you have to see this place it’s great!!! it’s pretty close to downtown so after a jags game stop by….I always do, and I have seen a few jaguars players in there from time to time!

  133. Fear or Illusions

    Well They got Rid of all the Girls that were CokeHeads/CrackHeads/Std Filled Whores & Bitches, Probly back at Doll House Or Solid Gold (JSO is Watching yall Now)

    The Club has since been remodeled and the environment is only getting better. New Management & clean Girls… Great lil’ place to have to see hot smart women that can carry a conversation & have fun at their job unlike Doll House which is full of clicky stuck-up wah-wah I hate my job stripper/Milfs… Go to Sinsations. Yeah the Vip dances cost more and you wont get your dick sucked… but damn their great… you go home and bang your wife likes it’s your honey-moon all over again. Thanks for the countless good times.

    – Fear or Illusions

  134. G. Luteus
  135. unamused

    if you want to shoot up heroin and get your dick sucked from a ugly crackheads this is the place to be otherwise try Doll House much better place. Doll house is the SHIT.

  136. gtm
  137. Farva

    Wow alot of people are really talking shit about Sinsations. Usually when people talk shit it’s because they are jealous. Anyone who wants to go to the Doll House GO! It will be shut down soon, so go get yours now. It has too by law. Too close to the school and church. Ladies from the doll House please dont come BACK to Sinsations. You were the ones giving head for $25. You were FIRED from Sinsations. And if you leave a comment about Sinsations at least use proper grammer and spelling. It just lets everyone know how ignorant you really are.

  138. john smith
  139. Harry Baulse
  140. Luke

    I hear the club just fired a bunch of ugly girls so i might go back tonight to check it out

  141. gary

    not worth going ,ugly women,a lot of drugs

  142. rodger

    had a great time girsl where very friendly idk who is leaving these bad comments gotta be angry employees or other clubs but oh well had an awesome i will certainly be back

  143. F. Agette
  144. black jack

    this place was awesome went in there recentey since all the renovations i gotta say it is shaping up to be one ofthe better bars in jax not there yet but its on its way

  145. kz

    this bar really went down the hill since the last time i was there. quality of dancers , the value of the prices and contents of the vips definitely went down. i probably will go to gold club or vakkos

  146. SUPERB

    great new management, the best manager Ive ever met at a strip club in my opinion.

  147. calling you out bitch!

    Katkat = The Dj that got fired. His name is Froggy and is like 50 or so and is the biggest loser in the world he thinks he is still young and he sucks as a dj. just has the job so he can try and fuck the dancers and be cool, they should fire this guy I am tired of him always trying to talk to me when I come in, get over it dude your old and no one likes you and please when you laugh cause I make fun of you and you think its a joke….close your damn mouth I don’t want to see your ugly ass dentures and smell your old man breath. and also putting that you pay out of your pocket for more security ha! you do that so you don’t have to be scared cause your a pussy if shit goes down you don’t have to handle it, it’s called being lazy and a pussy don’t boost yourself up buddy!

  148. DOH
  149. perez

    this place is a dumb. it really is nasty.

  150. comment for farva

    hey tim how is everything going with the $10 blowjobs you get on dayshift inexchange for a barfee. oh by the way you cant spell worth of shit you fatass , love!!!!!!! your favorite dancer.

  151. Django

    Amazing everythign!

  152. larry

    great place had lots of fun dances reasonably riced girls where real friendly lots fun you should go

  153. wokka wokka
  154. Oldman feels GOOD!

    Friendly girls every time I go. They always treat me great!Always a lot of fun. I will go back…

  155. ass bandit
  156. tommy

    yeah this place is definitely more ghetto then doll house

  157. chris christopherson

    Some customers may have been in the club when it was raided. but if they did get in trouble it was for some shit they did out side the club. all customers are made to leave when the cops come in. the DEA did not raid sinsations, JSO did. Yes some dumb girls did go to jail. Renee, Lynn, and Kali. They no longer work for the club. If you still think the club is dirty come check it out. They have done alot of remodeling in the past few weeks. They are still in the proccess of rebuilding the club image. The former GM (TROY) was fired. The club is under new managment and will not dissapoint you in any way. Come and check it out.

  158. jake

    ok club but i seen better in jax. girls needs to work on their attitude and i dont like their vips it is completely out in the open. it is not worth $30 per song at all.

  159. ziggy

    needless to say this club blows but dont feel bad guys almost all the clubs in the philips hwy. suck ass except gold club and emperors

  160. elvis
  161. i heart boobs

    nice club great staff great girls had an awesome time will deffinately be going back

  162. turd ferguson

    this place is awesome everyone check it out


    Went there and was not impressed. Really Poor DJ, Girls Rude and offering sexual Extras. Not what i expected.

  164. Nik

    great place… go!

  165. tom

    great club

  166. KatKat

    I used to work there but i quit cause they fired the Dj that paid out of his pocket for extra security at the club. The club was robbed and they still did not hire any more security. The Fatass Manager and his Fat Girlfriend are firing girls if she dont like them and he lets his Fav girls drink and do drugs as long as they pay the Barfee. STAY AWAY GIRLS!!!!

  167. frank
  168. mike

    come check us out at sinsations fellas some of the best looking girls in jax dont beleive everythingyou read for ney sayers dances now 25 dollars several renovations and plenty more to still come drop both day and nights and as always we are looking for attractive awesome entertainers

  169. petunia

    jane doe is rose. she is also “dalton smith” giving herself a good review at another club. she is very bitter and has nothing better to do than to be nasty toward other people, then claim she has morals. she has a tail like on shallow hal

  170. whoa
  171. Mikey

    For being a Sunday evening the club had a good selection of dancers rotating on the floor.

    Dancer Paradise did however stand out and made the night extra special for my wife and I, both on the dance-floor and in the VIP Booth for a nude lap dance.

  172. cherry

    i danced here not too long ago and i had to quit cuz all the bullshit that happens there . no money ,a lot of drugs and ghetto enviroment i now dance at emperors come and ask for me.

  173. CJ

    i was there as a customer when the place got raided by DEA. They tore the place a part and find bunch of drugs and alcohol.they arrested dancers even some customers believe me it was very scary. I will never go to this dumpy club again cause this shit aint worth going to jail for.

  174. Chris Buchner

    I can definately see myself going back

  175. pdiddy

    REALY enjoyed myself there…would definetly go back.

  176. Ella Fintitus
  177. joseph
  178. EVE
  179. meow

    this club sucks

  180. N. Uttlicher
  181. Stoker

    I agree this place is awesome!!! Don’t know why it’s being hated on must be competetion. Great show ladies thanks for the conversations as well.

  182. JoeSmo

    New & Imporoved No more cracked out bitches see DollHouse for them Ho’s!

  183. i agree with steven

    this place is full of ugly whores who will suck and fuck for under $50. how do i know i got the lube job myself

  184. hell yeah

    awesome place, must be other clubs or something leaving bad comments nothing bad to say about this place I will be back!!!

  185. geoff

    i got some dances from the girl that bartends. dont remember her name. she had long black hair. by far the hottest girl in there. also got a dance with another girl and came out with a bunch of brown crap on my clothes, the girl said it was spray tan. whatever it was ruined my shirt. the club was ok otherwise

  186. LOL

    emprorors?? wow I don’t think I would go to emperors if there employee’s can’t even spell the place they work at. Anyways awesome club had tons of fun gotta love hot naked women.

  187. word

    fucking awesome club!!!!!

  188. Bobby

    Your saying a lot of words and I think you believe what your saying but ill be honest with you its boring so im lost. Most clubs are good but I just like clubs becuase thier fun. Everyone should try and build more clubs. Especially ones with hot chicks.

  189. tity bar fan

    this club used to be decent while ago but seems like last couple years they been going down the drain.i noticed the decline in quality for both the dancers and the clientelle. It s always a bad mistake when you choose Quantity over quality. also this club is located in the middle of the cracktown and that does not help the matters.

    it s a shame another tity bar in jacksonville turned ghetto.

  190. smokey

    Ha Ha you are better then doll house i dont think so.You got nothing on doll house. Our least attractive girl is still better then your best looking girl.This is the worst club in town by far.




  192. j

    this place is a joke. shitty bar in an shitty neighborhood

  193. god bless you

    i hate all the tity bars including this one.these kind of places should shut downfor business. they are extremely bad for society . unless you are a hooker or druggy this place has no use for anybody

  194. booty meat
  195. Dick Johks
  196. i agree

    i agree with comment below this club does suck.

  197. afernie

    Great place loads of fun.



  199. hh

    this club has been going down the hill since they got shut down by the DEA

  200. awhhhhh


  201. Don J-whatever...

    Great club. Check it out. I always have fun there. People who don’t are pissy in their daily lives as well.

  202. my dixie wrecked

    i always have really good time here usually come in both shifts get dances a lot from sidney formerly kennedy when shes there gives a great dance if you know what i mean and doesnt charge a whole lot extra but anyhow great place check it out

  203. D.

    this club just fired one of the best dj in this town. Stupid mistake , this place is going down the hill.

  204. annoyed

    this place is a dive. if you want to see ugly girls this a place to be. even better some nights they only have one or two girls. how do they stay open for business i wonder . i am keep hearing that this a favorite spot for drug dealers who nows it may be true or may not but all i know is i am never going to this dive bar again.

  205. ccr
  206. Harry Pucci
  207. thomas

    i love this place cuz i get my dick sucked for only $25. girls are ugly but you dont have to look at them. you get more bang for your money.

  208. ana112

    this club is ghetto.i was checking this club out and i didnt even applied because it was a ghetto bar.

  209. thats sad

    sweet and smelly we all know you work at dollhouse and we are sorry that they are the only place that will hire you. sorry we rejected you. But grow up and stop leaving bad comments jealousy gets you know where. isn’t dollhouse getting shutdown by the city forever in a few years anyways???? anyways come on down check us out for yourselves guys!!! sinsations it’s the place to be.

  210. rayray

    The WORST CLUB in town its even sad that they cant even compete with Doll House(the best nude bar in town).

  211. cassie

    the worst fucking club in town.i went with my boyfriend and and beat some hookers ass cauze she try to give him a blowjob while i was in the ladies room. if you want cracked out junkie dancers this is a place to be.everything about this club sucks ass.and the dj looks like a biker wanna be

  212. metalgear

    This is the best strip club I have gone to than any other stip clubs.

  213. ky

    i used to dance there on days.a lot of negative things you hear about this club is TRUE.lots of drugs ,alcohol and cutthroat bitches suck dick for $ 25. i couldnt compete so i walked out.I been at the Doll House and it is a great club.I make decent money and they treat me right. any body wants to dance in jax check out Doll House.It is the place.

  214. cuz

    this place is trashy. i wont go back

  215. poop
  216. Cheap Nickel

    Clean joint, not some dive. Good variety of dancers. You can’t compare north FL clubs to the rest of the state given the conservative perverts make the rules up here. You want sex get a hooker. Fat asses berating the girls here for not looking like supermodels is a joke in its self. The women are pleasant and your attitude goes a long way in that. Signed a 26 year customer of such establishments.

  217. T

    this place is a joke.

  218. okaleedokalee
  219. john

    this cub has been ghetto. but it is getting better. I dont see as many crack heads as iused to.

  220. Not Stupid

    Hmmmm Carl you sound an awful lot like a pissed off fired stripper, not a customer of the bar since most guys would not complain about getting a bj. nice try though.

  221. A

    had a bad experince in this club i won t be going back

  222. tim

    This club is a joke. they have bunch of fat & ugly girls. over the years quality went down the hill. its just a another ghetto club in jax tity bar scene

  223. bob
  224. ep

    DOLL HOUSE RULES.come and check us out

  225. the dj

    look im the “biker wanna be” dj that cassie girl islieing her ass off no girl got her ass beat by any girl that came in here nor am i a wanna be biker i have tattoos piercings and a beard i am actually an ex piercer come check us out you won’t be upset that guy that asked for a refund i don’t know what he is talking bout we had many girls new years and no refunds are given is true but its posted on the door no one told him to fuck off, must be a mad ex employee like the last guy said

  226. ricky

    can you say GHETTO SHIT HOLE.

  227. GR

    this club is not much to look at.i was there last week couple girls try hussle me for a $45 lap dance .When i found out they were $25 i got pissed and left. i also did not like their vip rooms cuz you can see the person next to you it s like a semi private dance .they should charge about $ 10 instead $25 or $%45

  228. james t

    i had a good time the dances were fair priced and that makes it a better buy for u buck !!! there was 22 hat girls there on saturday u should go see for ur self!

  229. p337

    Was in on a Wednesday night, all the girls where friendly, got a pvt dance from isis (i think that was her name) Nice Girl, overall, good club, weekends better

  230. NO NAME

    Club has just went through remodeling and managerial changes. Please stop in and check out the NEW Sinsations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  231. P338

    The only nude club in this conservative town. To many girls with chips on

    shoulders per se, like there shit don’t stink. VIP’s, well you get the picture,

    you pay for what you get, be smart. Keep your hands to yourself, or you

    might get something uncurable.

  232. new to town

    just rescently moved to jax went here cuz i heard about it from some friends and overall not a bad place could use a couple things a little better lighting would help but hey if thats the only proble not a bad deal cover was reasonable girls for the most part where attractive got some dances and overall had a great time i will so be going back

  233. joker

    i agree with xxx this place still got the same old shitty managers.This place is the worst titty bar in jax

  234. xxx

    I can’t believe that after this club got raided they kept the same shady managers running it. I would have thought they would have cleaned house completly and started over. Now that they kept the same ppl, its probably gonna go back to the way it was b4. Hopefully many more raids to come.

  235. Jamie

    Airehanna (don’t know if spelled correct) is precious! Is she still there? I hope she’s doing well.

  236. Steven

    went there wednesday night, great club had alot of fun plenty of good looking girls free refills on the drinks, i got a free pass to come back again the music was awesome not too loud not too quiet, you could actual understand everything the Dj could say unlike most places you go to. Staff was very friendly dances were great. A++ would go back it was a very friendly bar that made me comfortable to be in. As far as nude bars in jax this one is the all around best not too expensive not too loud not too small and i was comfortable there.

  237. Icey

    My name is Icey and I work at Sinsations..I’ve been working there for 2 years and I love the club…All this crap about people saying there are crack head dancers and drugs everywhere in the place is a lie..I’m one of the dancers who is very beautiful and don’t do drugs, smoke, or drink…No, I’m not saying I’m beautiful because everyone should feel that way about themselves but, I am one who can prove it to you…Just come check me out…Oh, and by the way my dances are damn good…Just ask all the customers who come and see me time and time again…and they are very clean dances, no sex involved…

  238. Ms. Marlee

    I’ve worked all over Jax and i have never loved a club more then this one. Sinsations is like a second home to me.I love all the girls and the management. I love this club

  239. mikeoxmall

    was a pretty cool club i had a good time ill deffinately go back soon

  240. A. Nill
  241. D


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