Hush Gentlemen’s Club



3260 West Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL 33614


27.9956553, -82.4965775




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Hush Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Cody

    The hottest bikini/pastie club in Tampa. Dayshift dancers are skilled, interesting and witty (with the exception of barbie). Nice sampling of skin colors to choose from. The best!!!!!

  2. Mike

    Nothing even close to good about this dive. The day bartender was drunk and slurring horribly. The dancers…FUGLY. See ya… NEVER.

  3. Brownie

    Had fun here. Day shift dancers are nuts.

  4. cherry

    the club is the place to go to be in a place next to home . the food ,dancers,and bartenders are great. the dj’s are really awosome. so if your ever in tampa it is a must to stop by and hang out.

  5. Sin

    This club is gross! Girls are so ugly!They all have acne! The bartender/owner is bipolar and the dj is mean. He disses the girls and sounds awful. Ugh!

  6. maxxy1

    My opinions of this club are based on what I had seen in the time I worked at Hush. I’ve been to plenty of strip clubs, i’ve danced and worked as staff.. this one definitely isn’t the worst but it’s not too nice either. I was told that ths club recently changed owners so there are a lot of changes being made. However, you receive a pat down at the door. Let me rephrase, if your skin color makes you look like you might have drugs or a gun, you get pat down. The majority of customers are hispanic or black.. so the majority of the dancers fit that description as well. Most of the time there’s a girl for everyone.. black, white, 180lbs, recovering heroin addict, under aged (I have seen all of these). If you walk into this club before 10 it will be dead. I have never seen any other club to not have ANY customers during the evening hours. Comparatively, not too many drugs going in and out. Management is kind of greasy. Bar staff is great. Food is decent. Drinks fair priced. Long story short, up and coming club. PS don’t be discouraged about the fact that someone got shot there last year. nbd

  7. S

    Club was very nice with great DJ and waitress. There were only 4-10 patrons all night long and 5 girls, who seemed very amateur and had only been there 1-2 weeks. I walked into the bathroom and there was a drug deal going on, so not very safe and everyone had something to complain about.

  8. curtis17

    The free lunch sign cought my eye. They must be competing with Penthouse who also has free lunch daily. The food is excellent. I am impressed and I am picky. The girls are many and beautiful. The club is large, clean, newly remodeled with a big oval stage, and a big oval bar. Plenty of comfortable seating. The management is friendly, and the girls are classy! This one’s new to me, and I’m going back.

  9. Jasper

    Food sucks!—they use to have a real cook, what happened? They need to fix up this barn.

  10. The man

    club just got raided after 6 month undercover investigation using fake dancers and fake customers……..beware !!!!

  11. ed sucks

    ed pulled his cock out on me in th VIP and it as so small i laughed thats why he is bitter.

  12. Jack

    Dawn – is there ever a time you aren’t shitfaced? Your lookin raggidy girl. Need to get your shit together before its too late.. I think it already is.

  13. ted

    girls suck but the D.J.’s are funny and the bartenders are hott, management sucks and security seems moe like a cop than bouncer kinda edgy

  14. Paulvert

    This club is definatly where to be when you got a bunch of friends looking to have some fun.

  15. Blow Me

    Club Sucks Ass

  16. yessir

    Pssst, DAWN best bartender in Tampa, pass it on!!

  17. the baddest

    just came back to work,off the chain the girls are aight. what’s up tina ,barbie,and jay,i love ya’ll like family

  18. seriously ed your a looser

    she is not lying this guy came into the club and was trying so hard to get me to go home with him. what a looser seriously guys this plae isn’t that bad, the girls are good looking and the staff is pretty nice

  19. thomas

    Great club to unwind. Super dancers and staff…food could be better.

  20. Raul

    Always a good time they got a new menu too foods actually good now and not too expensive. Girls still about the same some hot some not but they always have a pretty good selection

  21. Boyer

    Great dancer selection–club is best kept secret in Tampa! Good drink specials…check it out.

  22. OldSpice

    Great club good dj and bar staff too.

  23. Waste

    Nasty! Fat, drunk, loud lezbo cook & BT ruin the club. Add a fat, drunk, loud lezbo dancer and you have anything but a wild afternoon

  24. banned 4ever

    this is the biggest dope whole in town !!!!! so if you want to score some good drugs stop by. The management like to turn the girls out so once you talk to the house drug dealer just shove some up the girls noses and they will go home with you

  25. Jeff

    Piece of crap club.. Nasty girls here. See ya.

  26. Cole

    Dayshift dancers/bar staff great. DJ sucks!

  27. Chuck

    Check out Dawn, daytime bartender. Best drinks and tits in town.

  28. harryharry

    Well I dont have much to say about this place except that they dont not honor the free drink coupon. Other than that it’s a great place to hang out at.

  29. Truth

    Club getting better, keep the dancers coming.

  30. robert

    i had went into the club and a beautiful women named maxine sat with me we had a few drinks then went to the v.i.p to have a private dance i have to say it was the best lapdance ive ever had i recommend u to have a lapdance by her

  31. Iffy

    Food lousy. Dancers average to slightly above.

  32. Big John

    skanky girls

  33. Lainey

    Dawn always was a drunk and probably won’t ever change. She’s finally in a club that suits her – a dive! Watch how she steals drinks and money too – it’s great!

  34. Booger
  35. drop-by

    Just dropped by to see what was up. Had dinner which was great. The music was a good variety with a funny ass D.J. during the day and the night shift came on and it was aboutthe same. the D.J.s made me laugh my ass off had a great time .comin back with some friend to getsome dances next time. Love the changes

  36. victim of theift

    DAWN u are bad and always a drunk bartender she needs to drive drunk back into the wilderness where she came from.. lieney u r rite lets hit her where it hurts lets hide the drinks so she has to work sober……

  37. anonomouse

    not bad better than most, the night time dj is pretty funny had a good show. daytime girls are kinda ruff but the staff is cool and the bartender during the week is definatly worth the trip.

  38. Sammy

    Recently had time to enjoy both day and night shifts. The ladies were very nice. Will continue to go back until/unless something happens.

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