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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Palazio Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Ana P.

    I should have known by how bad the club smelled when I walked in that the manager would be total SHIT. Talk about rude. (Wearing that tacky beige suit) We were there for a birthday, and we’re really looking into getting a table in VIP but couldn’t even get help. The manager was a complete asshole and the dancers don’t even move, they all just stand there. Am I suppose to come to you? Thankfully Expose is down the road and the manager was so friendly and sat us in a nice VIP section right in the middle. We were helped instantly, and not to mention the girls were ready to make money!

  2. caligirl84

    Its a decent club. Its nice on the inside, not a dive club. Its got two bars, one in the vip so you dont have to wait long for drinks at all. The vip is hourly or the standard $20 per dance, you cant charge more for single vip dances, like other clubs ive worked at. Thats really my only gripe. There are 3 stages with poles on every one. They dont really do a lot of stage maintenance so i recommend wiping the pole down everytime, if you do pole work that is. The dressing room is pretty decent sized but there arent enough lockers on a busy weekend with up to 60 dancers. The dancers are a good racial mix, something for everyone, and they are pretty personable or keep to themselves with little to no drama. The staff are all very easy to get along with, the djs are great and know what they are doing, but the music selection could be better in the rock category. There is a lot of money making potential but you have to hustle. Its a fast paced club. Sit down, have a couple minutes of chit chat and then close the deal. All in all, if youre in Austin and want to work, this is one of the best. It beat out most others in a side by side comparison.

  3. billtheguy12

    I’m a female, but I got escorted in by a friend since you need a male escort. As a dancer myself I expected a more variety of girls. Every girl in there was the same type. They all pretty much looked alike. Also nothing but white girls, it didn’t help that they all had the same body type, height, skinny, with no ass. Came in on a Tuesday, and ordered of their Tuesday’s special. I got a black bean burger for 5.99. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t the greatest either. I didn’t order a drink since I was already irritated at the atmosphere. Maybe next time. I’ll be trying more of their lunch specials. The ambient was slow, probably because it was a Tuesday or all the girls were clones of each other. I wonder if they hire other ethnicities or its just strictly the typical Eurocentric image that Palazio’s strives for. Flat butts everywhere. And some flappy jacks over expired dancers that are way past their prime. I hope that the high ratings are for the food and drinks and not the dancers because this was probably the most depressing club I’ve been to in Austin. What made it depressing? The girls. It’s pretty bland when you see 15 blonde and brunette clones without a proper body walking around.I’ll definitely be back when my friend is working to see if there is different types of girls or ethnicities for a dance . And for lunch and some drinks. I hope my second visit is not as disappointing as the last. Update: sounds like James D. is butt hurt for my honest review.

  4. StripClub431

    Hands down the best Gentleman’s Club in Austin!! Great girls and staff. Unbelievable lights and music like an LA club. Good food too! By far the best place to take your buddies for bachelor parties or just for fun. Lots of couples here too which is cool. Its kind of like a Night Club with benefits! The decor is very high end unlike most clubs around.

  5. Steve
  6. maxxy1

    I give Palazio 2 stars, well mostly for the cute, nice bartender Natalie I believe was her name?. Anyway.. I have been here before for a bachlorett party. I didn’t want to leave a review just yet until at Least one or two more visits.Visit number two was with my signifiant other, we went on a Friday night. we entered the club it was around 11:15pm. I walk up to the bar waiting to be acknowledged, I walk a little further down the bar and was spotted by Natalie? (sorry if I’m butchering her name) she introduced herself shook my hand, told me she would be taking care of me all night.. No complaints on my end there hehe… So after we get our drinks ( Xx and a red bull vodka) we scan the room for a place to sit. We sit down near the stage, scan the room for the “employees”. We see them approaching random people an asking them for a dance we were excited and waited to be asked.. No one came by us to ask if we wanted a dance, a drink, nothing. They would ask the people too the left of us and the right of us the people in front of us and yea.. I guess we were invisible. We had a couple of drinks ($70 worth per my receipt) watched the dancers go on stage do a number come off stage and ask everyone but, us for a dance. There were maybe 3 girls that I was interested in However the rest were way way to boney, and no um… How do I say upper body area? Um oh yea. Their breasts were nothing to rave about but too each is their own. I prefer at least a C cup not “A” cup or training bra wearing women I’m sorry, but them three thicker women had the curves in all the right places. There was also a newly announced one that night, she was cute and was very tricky and put on a good show on stage. She did this one move that was awesome she did a handstand, (if you were near the stage) she would wrap her legs around your neck and do this pumping motion with your face to her.. Well I will just stop right there. Go check it out for yourself. I will go here ONE more time, then edit this review. I really hope the next visit will be a better experience. I loved the atmosphere, the setting, everything but the service and some of the women only due to the fact of what my eyes prefer to view. I did get a good buzz and it did it’s job in another department which is expected going in with your signifiant other right?. Oh an next time I will have grown a few to ask the damcers myself for a dance. Till next time. See ya!

  7. Mike D.

    I was just in Austin to attend SXSW and a buddy of mine ( a local) suggested we head out to a strip club. I’m a big fan of strip clubs but Palazio made me a huge fan of strip clubs! This place was amazing. I’m from NYC and our clubs tend to be on the small side. Palazio looked like it came straight out of a Las Vegas wet dream! Big stone lions at the entrance and a gold awning made me realize we were dealing with a place that knew comfort and class. The prices were super reasonable (cheap as hell by NYC standards) $4 beers!!! the girls werent at all like sharks circling around for your money. They were friendly and fun and knew how to make you feel comfortable. My biggest complaint is that they closed TOO EARLY! IN NYC we go to four. I could have used another hour or two at that spot-it was THAT comfortable and nice. The servers were cute and cool but the dancers were the stars if the show. I felt really comfortable and very welcome. We hit another place the next day that I also reviewed. I should have followed my gut and gone back to Palazio…I don’t know when I will be back in Texas but I know where I’m going when I go there. Thanks Palazio. You were the best $400 bucks I ever spent!

  8. ATX

    One of the best clubs in Austin, if not the best. Great looking club in the inside. Wait staff was very friendly. Great dancers too.

  9. Toto M.

    Watch out for the waitress Kim. She charged my CC an extra $50. Beware beware beware!!!

  10. AssnTits5

    The drinks are watered down tremendously. Happy Hour at Expose (their partner club, even) is much better. This venue is nice, girls are nice (their job). Came for an event, but doubt I’d come back here.

  11. Linda M.

    I’m here for a birthday, and I don’t have anything to compare it to. So here goes: It’s a Sunday afternoon – it’s not very busy. The staff is AWESOME (attentive, great service, friendly, entertaining) – hostess, waitress, dancers, DJ – everyone! Awesome football game playing on the TVs (NFC Championship!). Had an early lunch – we ordered the filet w/ baked potato and onion rings, angel hair pasta w/shrimp and tomatoes, spinach salad w/bacon, tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, toasted pecans (w/balsamic vinaigrette), plus the bacon wrapped jalapeño shrimp appetizer. The food here is surprisingly tasty and fresh – not what I was expecting. The spinach salad was the hit – absolutely delicious and huge. The filet was over-cooked and under-seasoned, but we were just too full to send it back. They kindly comped us a few drinks and a dessert, which was greatly appreciated. The onion rings are seriously the best onion rings I’ve ever tasted in my life – delicate crispy batter (maybe rice flour?) – just perfect!Overall, it was a birthday success!

  12. thecap

    I was surprised – based on previous reviews, I didn’t expect much. Went on a Friday and they had a lot of pretty girls, but a couple of them stole the show. Two girls that danced together, a blonde and brunette, both massively stacked and naturally pretty. Excellent time – how can you beat two girls dancing on you at the same time?

  13. dixie

    I love this club !!

  14. Johnnyboy123

    ***update: Managment contacted me about my experience and vowed to fix what they could and provide a better experience for me. That counts for something, so this rating is going up. -In town for some fun and we thought we (me and girlfriend) would try Palazio for the UFC 175 fight, drinks and fun. Downloaded the text alert from their page for free admission… why not, right? Got to the club and they did not honor their own text… $15 each to get in because it was “fight night”. Ok. I’ll say this, the girls were all attractive and had good moves. That is where it ended. The rest of the story…Waitress didn’t know the bar menu. Had to ask 3 times what whiskey I was served. Finally found out it was not what I asked for, rather a competitor brand. White wine was served warm in a plastic cup. She did bring ice in a glass with water. Hard time getting refills… waitress kept disappearing and not coming back. Even when I asked the floor manager for help, the help was short lived. I did find her standing by the bathroom chit chatting with others. Weird ordering drinks from the bathroom door. Asked to open a tab but pay in cash at the end of the night… charged my card, didn’t know how to fix. Ugggggggggggggg At least the drinks were reasonably priced, but I wonder if she just forgot to charge me? She didn’t know.Speaking of restroom… nasty. Crap stained paper towel on the floor and no attendant. The lady’s room apparently doubles as part of the dressing area. My guest said that it was beyond nasty with used feminine hygiene products exposed and secondary contamination everywhere.Club layout was awkward… very little privacy so the dances were very exposed to everybody. Not that either of us had one. In the 3 hours we were there we had exactly 1… yes 1… entertainer approach us. Frickin’ crazy. The room in front of the main stage was too crowded to walk between from the isle to be able to tip the entertainers. We even asked the server what the club layout was, how their system worked and what was what. She had really no clue other than the price of dances. Nothing more. Altercation at the door when leaving. Clearly heated and about to get explosive. I ushered my date out and let the onsite security know… they were too engaged in a conversation in the parking lot with friends to care for the safety of guests.Lest I just be viewed as a pure sour puss, the place has good bones. I didn’t smell any bad odors as Victoria S mentioned. The screen behind the main stage was a nice element. The rotating pole on the main stage was also cool and makes for better dancing. For Austin’s Premier place, the girls were attractive, staff looked professional, but the rest was a disaster.

  15. Michael

    This is my spot. I love showwomanship, and Palazio seldom lets me down. I

    don’t drink much, food is important to me. There is premium dining for a

    moderate price.

    I absolutely need variety when I go out. Again, Palazio impresses. Thick

    Black girls, thing white girls, tattoos and even burlesque. As a fan of the

    extreme muscular stripper look Brooke is my favorite dancer, but others

    are also good

  16. kamagra
  17. Conrad

    Nice club with great service. DJ sounds good. Polite,cute wait staff. The majority of girls are blondies and few hispanic girls. The prettiest girls are Vanessa and Sofia they are both hispanic. Lordy lord Hot!!!I would recommend this club to anyone!

  18. joseph1k

    Great place to people watch and have a few drinks with friends. The dancers are all very attractive for the most part and most of the girls have a great since of humor…

  19. Zapman

    Attractive upscale club. Good looking girls 6-9. Not very busy on a Monday night, good ratio of girls to customers. Lap dances were moderate contact, from what I saw.

  20. Jim

    Aliza was the best dancer there. My fiance and I loved having her dance for us.

  21. Stacey M.

    naughty nadiaripped my t-shirt with her teethanother dance please

  22. dopeboy19

    Palazio on Monday night football was fun!! The VIP bartender was very nice and David and Melissa (managers) were accommodating to me and my friends! I would definitely take more groups of people in on Monday nights and any other nights for that matter! Thank you Palazio for helping make our experience comfortable and fun!!

  23. Tony S.

    At least it wasn’t STANKankerous like Expose was. 8 of us were on a mission after our dinner at Roux to hit a strip joint (well, not me, of course, I wanted to go home and pray for Sarah Palin). When we walked into Expose, it was nothing but space. 10 guy customers, and 2 girls, and the place smelled like CAT food and ASS.So, we hailed 3 cabs, asked the drivers what the best was, and they took us here to Palazio. If any of you have been to Crazy Horse Too in Vegas (at least when it was still around), this is sort of the impression I got when we arrived…. maybe slightly Vegas Spearmint Rhino too. But it was a pleasant uptick from the previous arm pit. Nice, Romanesque design, wide-open space, friendly hostess and door dude. $10 cover.Inside….. decor was nice….. but very few girls. So our sausage party sat down near the center stage, and watched as this one pint-sized dancer wriggled and jiggled around the stage pole, to a completely different beat from the music playing, almost as if she was listening to salsa on a hidden Ipod. Quite humerous actually.Our waitress, Lauren, was a Goddess though. Very sweet, gorgeous eyes, extremely friendly, and came back regularly to check on our drinks. And that’s when we realized….. she was the best looking girl there. One of our guys was so disappointed, he went over to the Texas Hold’em table in the back and played with a few of the other patrons. The rest of us sat there and just went about our usual business talk, hoping for at least ONE decent girl to gawk at.But no. It was like being a diabetic and watching the donut conveyor belt at Krispy Kreme. Interesting, but nothing spectacular, and you don’t really want anything there or it’ll make your pancreas explode.Now, I know that Texas has some of the most beautiful women in the country, but I guess that distinction ends when it comes to even the most classiest designed strip joints. Maybe the good girls stay home in Austin?

  24. Franklyn

    My husband and I were trying to avoid the SXSW crowd so we decided to hit up a strip club with some friends. A lot of us were more focused on getting drunk rather than looking at the girls and I do have to say that I was not very impressed. I think the girls at Perfect 10 look a lot better under the blacklight. :)We ordered several bottles so we were treated very well by the waitress and staff but I’m always going to wake up the next morning feeling like I got ripped off after that kind of night and it is what it is.

  25. larry1

    This is a pretty solid gentlemen’s club in the Austin area. Decent cover price. Higher class girls. The bouncers weren’t too pushy about enforcing the drink policy. Location wise, it’s a bit out of town so good luck trying to get a cab. Your best bet is probably Uber.

  26. danielson

    I came in here on Wednesday for their Devils Party. I got here a little early, so the party wasn’t in full force I’m sure. But regardless of that I had a great time. The club is probably the cleanest and nicest in the city, and the girls were hot!! (And all dressed up in their sexy costumes). But beyond that the service was far beyond any other titty bar experience you can find. The bartender Shalice was beyond attentive, constantly asking if I needed a new drink right as I was about to ask her. Being a bartender myself I know that is one of the most important parts about customer service. And then the managers Jamie and Dorian were both very friendly. Jamie the manager even bought me a drink. Needless to say, I’ll be back.

  27. Stephen N.

    Best strip club in Austin by far. I rarely write reviews anymore but this place has great service and wonderful hospitality. Went here for a bachelor party and if you have a big party, call Mike and everything is taken care of.

  28. Sarah H.

    Palazio is a fairly upscale gentleman’s club in Austin. My sister works here (as a cocktail waitress and a bartender, not a dancer, thank you very much)Because my sister works here, I went a couple times when I was in Austin to visit her. It’s a pretty nice place as far as these establishments go. Luckily I didn’t have to pay any cover charge, which can vary from night to night. They offer a full menu but I have never eaten here; I guess some men like to eat steak along with their lapdances.What I thought was funny was that on one visit, there was some sports game on the tv and all the men in the club were more interested in the game than in the barely-clothed women writhing on stage. If you like to people watch, this is a great place to do it. As a female, it’s so interesting to watch the interactions between the patrons and the dancers.Anyway, if you’re into this sort of thing, stop by Palazio sometime and be sure to tip your bartender or cocktail waitress really well. 😛

  29. Adam S.

    I feel comfortable at this place. It’s nice and spacious, the staff is very courteous and they have some slammin hot girls dancing there. I haven’t tried the food yet but I hear it’s great. I was there on a weeknight and it was jumpin, I can only imagine what the crowd is like on a saturday. Me likey.

  30. Victoria H.

    Extremely weak drinks. Tried to charge for a vodka and cranberry with NO vodka! Ugly, un-talented, out-of-shape girls. The waitresses are much more good looking than the dancers. Go somewhere else!

  31. harryharry

    Best place in Austin for adult entertainment. Fair prices on drinks and stellar talent. This is THE PLACE to go.

  32. Dotty F.

    Last night my man and I were feeling frisky and some steamy playtime at Palazio turned out to be just the fingers to “scratch” our naughty Itch. Bishop, you are the man! Thanks for making our night out so memorable. The ladies were beautiful, the drinks were spectacular, and the VIP treatment made me wish we could head back there right now! Hey Blondie, you know who you are…We will see you soon! My man insists!

  33. Jason Lee

    posibly best strip club in Austin

  34. Jerry
  35. tonycluber

    If you want to get ripped off by drunk-on-the-job waitresses, or feel the need to catch attitude from less than pleasant bartenders, or just want to watch coked-out strippers give half-assed lap dances, than boy have I got the place for you!Palazio is right up your alley! From the overpriced drinks to the shady sales tactics, you will feel right at home as the staff finds different ways to steal your money. I’m getting tingly all over just talking about it!!Billing disputes, you say? No problem here. There’s nothing to be disputed when the club robs you point-blank by forging your signature on credit card transactions that you never authorized to begin with. But it’s all good, right? I mean businesses that operate like this always have longevity and NEVER fall under the watchful eye of the IRS, DEA, or cops, right? Can’t wait to go back!

  36. Out of Town

    Too many fat skanky dancers. I rather go to D.C. Nice and classy dancers there.

  37. Harrison69

    My buddies and I roll in, pay the cheaper cover compared to to other comparable strip clubs in Austin. But who the hell cares, the minute we walk in to this place our jaws did a collective drop as we are greeted by a line of smoking hot waitresses. I had to pick my friends jaw up from the vegas style carpeted floor because I didn’t want him looking to thirsty or desperate within seconds of walking in. We find a little corner to hang out on this busy night. As our waitress seats us and begins to take our order its hard to miss the swimming pool sized LCD screen tastefully set right behind the main stage. Oh me oh my. Girls here girls there from every corner of the globe. Ecuador/Puerto Rican girl? Check. 6’2″ Brazilian girl?. Check. Country girl from Kansas? Check. College girl from UT? Check. Teen Mom girl from that reality show? Check Not a single girl in there that was not worthy of heading to the coast and being a Vegas dancer.I prefer the VIP section as you make your way towards the back of the club. The booths are spacious and perfect for that private dance. Not to mention the private VIP restroom so you do not have to track your way back to the front of the club.And yes, girls were coming at us left and right. But don’t take it personally boys, that’s their job. There was one that found me for a private dance. $100 for 5 private dances and she even threw in a couple of complimentary dances and some decent conversation not simply hitting me for my cash and running to the next customer…such is life when youre hung and go to spend money. lolI’ll spare you readers the in-depth details. Palazio is the best that Austin has to offer. Hands Down! if you haven’t been, go! If you’re visiting and want the most bang for your buck with a classy and tasteful ambiance this is the bee’s knees! lol Enjoy

  38. dannyboy7

    Best strip club in town. Awesome Happy Hour, drinks specials, and girls! The regular events they put on are always fun like Halloween, New Years, their Birthday Party, and fight nights. They have a good mix of girls and it feels like they do that intentionally. Sure…you have the blondes with big fake boobs. But you have also black girls, Latino’s, a couple doing the Pin-up girl thing, some with tats, etc. It’s a good mix. I always have a good time when I go.

  39. mathewater12

    Don’t even waste time at another club. Best women. Best room. Best waitresses. Best bartenders. Best price. The end.

  40. XhXeXy

    The best gentleman’s club in town! Filled with an abundance of sexy dancers, fun events, huge screens for fight nights and football games. Gorgeous waitstaff who are very friendly, good food, and the cabanas are really upscale. A great club I highly recommend bringing your friends to.

  41. Justin H.

    Simply the best in every sense of the word. Gorgeous dancers, sweet cocktail waitresses that truly cater to your needs, caring management, and a classy environment.Anyone that gives this place less than 5 stars is just a broke ass that should stick to less classy establishments. This is top notch stuff right here.

  42. Y Z.

    Worst guy to girl ratio I have ever experienced. And, predictably, the overall service was awful as a result.

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