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0 reviews for “Gallagher

  1. elnene

    I went to the club back in january.. this russian got my attention really bad i

    can’t stop thinking about her.. what I know about her is thas she is a very

    classic lady, beautiful, 5’4, blonde, 23 years old, russian, she goes to florida a

    lot becouse of her boyfrind or something but her friend told me that they

    dont like him… Im from Texas wanna go back to NY to see her but i was

    wondering if this angel still working there? I really like this place its clean

    and nice girls, specially this one taht I am talking about.

  2. Johnnyboy123

    the strippers here are really greedy



  4. curtis17

    The club is really good! Been first time in Oct 2014 with my friends! Then I went again in Dec 2014. But club is cool really.

  5. matt

    alcoholic drinks $12, non-alcoholic drinks(water/juice.soda) $6, havent tried food, cover $10, walk through metal detector and a pat down from the bouncer. hot nice girls, mostly russians, some latinas(got felt up my shorts and massaged), very nice friction LD with roaming, although some need to time it better with the rhythm of the music,lotta girls, good variety. atmosphere was great

  6. sal

    such a horrible club! they havent redid club since it opened in 2000. food there gives you food posion. girls r ugly and look dirty! worst club!

  7. someone
  8. larry1

    This is the best adult entertainment club I have been to. The exotic dancers are a wonderful variety of hot, gorgeous women (of all ethnic backgrounds) willing to take care of you. The place is large, and clean enough. Dancers Eileen, Sophia, Alina, and Ella gave me excellent lap dances, all done upstairs on the second level. Champaign rooms (as I was told) for more private dances are $160 for 30 minutes (nothing sexual, obviously). That is not bad considering regular lap dances at $20 a pop would be more expensive given the same time frame. As with all strip clubs, bring a lot of money because you will be inclined to spend. It is a N.Y.C. Club so drinks will be expensive, and, yes, there is a cover charge.My visits to strip clubs are few, and far between, but this is the first time I went back to the same club the following week! That should sum up my review!! 😉

  9. jeff from OZ

    Rocking club, what is all this Jersey stuff?

  10. harryharry

    Outside of a strip club in Canada, this is by far and away the best way I’ve been to, and I’ve been to the majority of clubs in Manhattan, Miami and Boston. LIC has a couple of other strip clubs as well, but this one does the job for me. That said, if I was reviewing this place after gone only once or twice, my review would not be so high. I’ve been going there consistently for over 3 years (e.g., once a week). After a while, you get to know the bouncers, the bartenders — even the girls — if you actually open up and talk to them (after all, they’re people, just like the customers). Once you’re recognized there, and if you’re not the type to cause trouble, it’s a fantastic place to go when you’re in the mood, especially in the evening. There is diversity amongst the dancers — no doubt — but it’s segmented. If you prefer Hispanic, Black, or Asian women, best to go before 7PM. If you like blond, petite, very feminine Eastern European girls, best to go after 7PM. I prefer the latter, but even during the day you will find a few blondes to suit your taste. Staff and management are cordial, the only time it’s a bit invasive (and rightfully so) is on T, F, and S evenings after 8, when you have to go through the metal detector (any night after 8 you have to, but those 3 nights you have people coming from elsewhere, a lot of them first-timers, obviously intoxicated, etc.) The club does an excellent job keep its customers safe, and I, personally, intend on keeping this place as the place where I can get away from the stressors of the world.

  11. Rich

    its a great place i went for the first time saturday march 22nd the place was really busy and great drinks were great and the whole club was great the best club ivebeen in in a long time

  12. JR

    I really like G2000 – and the bar staff is quite nice 2. My only complaint – is that the music goes from really nice to awful – esp the hard rap and heavy metal stuff. Way to LOUD, so many times people have to shout to hear each other… why does DJ do that??? or does management tell him to? Some complain because too many Russian gurls – I love it – don’t like it in other places where too many spanish gurlz with fake tits.

  13. joseph1k

    I came to visit New York for the weekend from Atlanta and decided to go with a group of friends to Gallagher’s after being out in the city. We had been drinking and having fun and by the time we got to Gallagher’s we were hungry and thirsty (and looking to have some fun with the dancers, too). After standing around for more than a few minutes, I went up to the bouncer and asked if we could have a table. No one had come up to us during that time to offer any service. He sat us and had a server come to the table. I first ordered some water, like I would at any other restaurant, because I was so thirsty. The server, Joanna, was standoffish and rude from the start claiming that they only served bottled water. I said that’s fine. She then went on to say that I had to start a $35 tab if I wanted to order anything. She demanded I give her my credit card and ID. I never had such a problem in my life just to get some water, not to mention I was dying of thirst this entire time. After she finally brought me water, I asked her what wine or flavored vodkas they had so I could order an alcoholic drink, but she didn’t know either information saying it was her first night. It took her another 20 min just to find out and get me that drink. At the end of the night, after our guy friend paid the tab for the food, drinks, and dances, I waited and waited for her to come back to the table to give me my card and driver’s license. She must have forgotten because again I had to ask the bouncer, whose name was Larry, to get her to come back to the table. She comes back with the tab and asks me how much I want to tip her. I told her to take 20%, although she didn’t deserve it, and still not giving me my card and license. Again she took another 20 min just to come back. So in the end, I paid $42 for water. That is absolutely absurd and I never experienced such a hostile server in my life.

  14. len roc

    dont waste your time

  15. judas
  16. George

    great place. had a great time.

  17. tom
  18. StripClub431

    great place. laid back and very decent talent. prices aren’t cheap but aren’t Manhattan prices either so pretty reasonable. only one negative which I know from talking to people is starting to hurt business. bouncer has to chill out a little bit with the lap dances. let the customers breath a little back there..

  19. ere

    i love this PLACE

  20. paul

    Best club in Queens! If you dig gorgeous russians, and i do. Alice will take you to wonderland

  21. dude

    great place

  22. steve

    this place is bitchin!!!!!!!!

  23. Hopper

    Still the best.Beautiful girls.

  24. pete
  25. krypto
  26. 1
  27. jc
  28. Yoyo

    Awsome club with fantastic females. Lola and laura are best to take to the private rooms.

  29. Rob

    I really like the club – worst things lately though: DJ plays music sooooo loud you can’t hear yourself think or talk to girls. Other thing is that all of a sudden when in Champ. Rm. some of the bouncers are opening curtain – really crude.

    Dancers are really good, lots of variety. Champ Rm is very reasonably priced. Bartenders are good and almost all very nice. Food is really good, but takes forever to bring it out.

    Love the Russian and other gurlz!! I’ll go back

  30. Ted

    It’s a great place to unwind. Have been going there for many years and it seems to be getting better each year. The girls are friendly and beautiful. The staff is courteous and friendly, as well. I highly recommend this place. Try it you won’t be disappointed. My only regret is that I live too far away and only get to visit the place occasionally.

  31. cool_cat
  32. SiquePupi

    Been to dozens of clubs and this is by far my favorite.

  33. tommy house

    Girls are easy, you must cum

  34. sp
  35. jason
  36. Lamela C.

    I’ve been here a few times already and every time I had an awesome time.There’s a huge variety of eastern european and Latin women to choose from and what I love the most is that unlike other venues you’re not forced to order a drink or tip the dancers on the pole,I wish there was this liberty in all places.To all single men: if you want to hang out and enjoy yourself by meeting and chatting with some beautiful and friendly women this is definitely a place to consider going to.I would also like to highlight that out of all the women I’ve had the pleasure of speaking or enjoying a dance with not 1 of them has ever made me feel uncomfortable or acted dishonest in any way (whoever is familiar with these kind of venues knows very well that this is a rare exception).If you happen to head there on a Sunday afternoon they also have a complimentary buffetwhich is near the entrance area.Will be back soon looking forward to enjoy the friendly vibe and atmosphereKeep it up Gallagher’s

  37. smiles

    really do like this place… but you can buy a bottle of water for the same price they sell steak on tuesdays & thursdays… $6 … a bit too much

  38. Kai Y.

    Considering Gallagher’s is one of the few strip clubs in the metropolitan New York area, it isnt terrible. I liked the fact that they offered a variety of girls. Its a tad on the grime side, but hey think about it… what strip joints are clean anyways?Cover was around $10 a head, even for females. Why did i start this review again?

  39. mister

    Use to be a great club but with the new management the place has changed…time to find a new place

  40. Brittany D.

    Hmmm…sorta kinda awesome is the way I’d like to describe this place!This is the second strip club I had eve been to and it was the first in New york which for some reason made me think that the standard should be higher than the previous club I went to. Which it was. My favorite part was that they have not just a stage with two poles of fun but also a bar stage. This bar stage holds 4 girls for our viewing pleasure. Now mind you i went here with my Boyfriend, the Bride to be, and a lesbian couple. We must have scared off every dancer b/c while everyone else is having every dance approach them for soliciting of the coveted lap dance, not a one came our way. Matter a fact I think they made sure that they didn’t have to walk by us for whatever reason. But when we lined up for a dance for each of us from one girl I think they figured out that we meant business.Gallagher’s 2000 does have on flaw. The system in which the girls collect after the bar dance is a bit…much. Having the girl parade around to every patron to say, “HI!” and add a lil jiggle of the goods is a bit much. For us, the beezys that are critiquing the dancers every second, if we didn’t like you, you knew and we didn’t really feel bad about not tipping. ::sigh:: bastards we are I know but shit some of them were not all that great. All in all….I would return to Gallagher’s 2000 but at the same time I want to know what the experience is like at the original Gallagher’s!

  41. me
  42. Len C.

    went here with some friends of mine, jimmy j. included. first time at a strip club, but this set my strip club bar pretty high. drinks are expensive–i got a diet coke that set me back $6–which seems doubly expensive when you weigh that relative to what a lap dance costs (1 lap dance = 3.33 diet cokes). but they more than make it up to you since the girls there are almost universally gorgeous. and anyway, it’s my personal philosophy that you shouldn’t drink too much at a strip club as to stay clear-headed. first lap dance of the night was kind of a rip-off…girl was in a rush (don’t get the lap dance at the table where all your friends are). plus the same girl asked me if i wanted a lap dance three separate times, in two different outfits (i was still sober enough to see that it was the same girl. lap dance #2 and #3–fucking awesome. lap dance #2 was this buxom japanese girl with ostentatiously fake breasts, which upped the awesomeness factor significantly. lap dance #3 was a cute russian girl with this natural look, not too heavy with the makeup or the silicone. happen to be a fan of au naturale. oh, and did i mention that the girls there were gorgeous? definitely go–$160, i’d say, is the minimum for a good night. and bring a bunch of friends.

  43. tony
  44. frankie

    To many hood rats!

  45. ryan123

    I’m not big into strip clubs however I been to this pace a few times with my male friends. I was impress that on Tuesdays before 8pm they have a really good deal on food. You can get skirt steak, filet Mignon or a burger for less than $10. They also have drink specials.

  46. YoHoHo
  47. punk

    place is going down the tubes since changes of a new management..bring back the old

  48. back in the day

    please please less russians please

  49. Jeffrey N.

    What are strip clubs really for? Are they just about voyeurism? Buying bogus intimacy? Somewhere to go at 4:30am?I tend to think there is another commodity being traded. Unintentionally, the strip club offers a window into the most primal passages of a man’s psyche. When you hit up a strip club with your buddies, the experience lays bare (pun intended) what turns your friends on and by the same token, your own uncontrollable attractions. Every guy, if suitably sauced and flush with cash, will manage to “fall in love” once or twice at Galaghers in an evening. No two guys ever seem to pick the same girl. Moreover, I often find their preferences baffling. What are they focusing on that I miss? Is it the hint of a scent? A resemblance to a high school crush? Their mother? God only knows how attraction was programmed within them. Still, at least you can witness its expression over endless mini-courtships.Practical information:Galaghers 2000 is pretty cheap given its industrial location in the hinterland of Queens . $5 at the door. $20 a dance. $160 for the VIP. As others have noted, the spirits are watered down so it’s best to stick with bottled beer. On a given night you’ll get Asian, Afro-Caribbean, Eastern European, and South American. Not many American, girl next door types though. The entertainers vary in attractiveness but the median certainly merits the trek. Go with your buddies but be aware that ultimately, what you are really buying is a latent knowledge of one another.

  50. LT

    A lot of girls.Laid back.Great location.

  51. Jack N.

    Girls there are hot, the drinks are notCame here to help my friend celebrate his last days of freedom. The girls there are pretty, and they’re not pushy, like Lace. They are also willing to work for their money, so you won’t feel jipped. Some of the girls did almost 2 songs for lap dances.But the drinks are terrible. We tried to get the bachelor wasted, so I got him like 4 or 5 LI Ice Tea. At $11, they are too water-downed to do anything. Even the Patron shot at the end only gave all of us a buzz, not a knockout. Still, the place was worth the money, just gotta go to a bar before hand before coming here next time.

  52. lapdances

    best lapdances. good grinding for your $$$.

  53. Neil

    Fantastic and very friendly club. Went here, Cityscapes and Scandals on a quick trip from the UK and this was easily the best. Great friction dances.

  54. Diana T.

    All you need is a dollar and a dream. Hey, you never know.

  55. DJ
  56. bob


  57. dave
  58. Jack

    Tried the rest,This is the best.

  59. Rumball 2000

    This is scraping the bottom of the barrel! Much better places out their for the money! Keep the euro white trash dancers!

  60. Alex Hernandez
  61. abie


  62. Joe

    Read todays Daily News.

  63. smiling guy

    love the girls and bartenders (almost all of them)

    great time in CR

    bouncers ok

    djs play good music most of time, but too often WAY TOO LOUD to even think

  64. lawbrow
  65. Sammy Wong

    Good Club for us blue collar Queens guys. We like them hot

    Russian girls!

  66. custemer007

    Greay place always friendly and comfortable.

  67. LDK
  68. big j
  69. stripper fan

    Really lame club. If you like girls that do not speak English and only know the words “do you want a dance?” then you might enjoy the experience.

  70. SCP
  71. maren

    Meriam- the best danser! beautifull girl!

    the best!

  72. From Management

    Eva is the Best, we wish you the Best. We will miss you.


  73. la la
  74. bill
  75. Christian

    i am agry! i met this beautiful Rusian girl!!!! her stage name is Meriam! (i don’t know her real name), she (and also one ukrainean girl (blond))- great dansers!! THE BEST IN THIS PLACE! !! beautifull girl!very entelegent! how she move, her smile, eyes…..!! it’s fantastic! and also she has great personality! i am sure this is place not for her, she deserved more! i hope she can stop dansing soon, and foind normal job! but she made my night last tursday!!! i enjoyed just talking to her at the bar! i took her for a lap danse… – very sexy girl, she has the best body in this club! She is very sexy and funny at the same time!

    i am looking forward to see her again! i saw just few good looking girls in Gallaghers, but Meriam – she is like little star!

    i am going to the club next week to see her!

  76. igor34

    Now i’m not a fan of strip clubs simply because it’s a huge waste of money.But sometimes when a dude is single and depressed or your bro is like that, as a licensed heterosexual, you have to visit the strip joints (though if prostitution was legal, it’s better to spend that kind of dough on a hooker than a strip club).Gallagher 2000 is probably the best strip club in Queens (but don’t take my word for it, I’ve only visited 2 other strip clubs in Queens and 4 including Gallagher in my lifetime). The majority of the girls are Russian immigrants but good-looking girls. Drinks are reasonable for strip joint and it’s only 10 dollar admissions.Lapdance is about 20 dollars for 3 minutes so the standard I guess.Once in a while, I don’t mind coming here. Fun place.

  77. alix

    Best place around

  78. EVA

    Dear friends and costumer,

    it’s Eva the bartender from Gallagher’s 2000.

    I just let you know I’m not longer working for the club and i want to Thank all my friends for the lot of fun,love and support what i got from you guys.

    the 7 years i was working there i really enjoy and i’m glad to meet the greatest people.

    i just want to say THANK YOU! for all of you for my friends and for the owners, cooworkers and for the managment too.

    i going to miss you guys!


  79. Philly Steve

    Very nice and sexy place to go very nice CD and the bouncers are cool too. There are people bad mouthing this place, maybe they did have a bad experience I am not calling them a liar but from my own personal experience being the first time there saturday that just passed. I had a great time and so did my buddies, I enjoyed most of the time I was there with a Dominican girl and she was sexy as hell. I think you will enjoy this place with or without your friends. I am from Philly and I don’t get up to NY often to enjoy the evening fun but I will definitly come back here. I can’t tell you about the CP room because I didn’t experience it but I think to price is 160 for a half hour but again don’t quote me on that. I know the dances are 20 dollars but worth alot more and the bouncers didn’t hawk me at all they were very hospitable to me and my friends the whole time. I would give this place a 10 out of 10, very pleased.

  80. Joey

    This place does not compare to the clubs in the city. If you like dirty environment and blue collar (nothin wrong with that) than this is your place. It’s not upscale!!

  81. S. P.

    the girls there are gorgeous. this place is like heaven, only BETTER!!!

  82. nik

    Russian grace-Meriam!! the best girl i’ve seen in this place!

  83. JRE

    This is a great place. The best part about it ither than the girls is the attitude of the staff. Very friendly. No hassles. Great atmosphere.

  84. Faruqee S

    I love that Gallaghers 2000. I went to there for some times. Private dance was excellent… it allowed to touch stripper’s body with all the time. I had great time with my best friend here in Gallaghers.

  85. oj

    where can i get sex????

  86. Jeremy
  87. fisherdex1

    Uh. Food was pretty bad. I ordered appetizer platter; you could tell everything on my plate was just microwaved. Shrimp looked like it has been fried and fried about 5 times prior to being served on my plate and the burgers my boos ordered tasted… uhm. Let’s just say we should’ve stopped by McDonald for a better cheese burger. I mean what did we expect right. After all, people dont come here to eat I’m sure.. The dancers are so horrible looking and can’t dance for sh&$. Most of them are busy checking themselves out in the mirror while dancing, if you would even call that dancing. What’s worse is, at the end of their dance, they come infront of you giving you the puppy eyes to collect money from you. I felt very uncomfortable having girls just stare at us begging for money while my friends and I were eating and catching up. Like, I shouldn’t feel obligate to tip. And trust me, if you know how to work it, and damn entertaining, I will make it rain on you but none of you girls deserved it. Yes, I did tip every single girls there that night but it was the most regretful place and will be the last time I will be visiting this joint.

  88. Julie M.

    I had an awesome time here. I should mention that 1) I’ve never been to a strip club before, 2) I was there with my boyfriend, and 3) we got there at 7:30 on a Saturday night (so there was no cover and it wasn’t crowded, although it definitely got full by the time we left). This was a perfect place to dip my toes in… no one was pushy, the bartenders and dancers were cool and represented a diversity of backgrounds, shapes, and sizes– and most importantly, I didn’t feel seedy or gross at all! We sat at the bar and had a couple drinks ($10 each so pretty standard), had a great view of the dancers, and had a nice time chatting them up as they came by for tips. Everyone working there seems down to earth and approachable, and I found the patrons pretty respectful too. Of course I’m sure it gets rowdy later on when it’s more crowded and people have been drinking longer, but I had a really good time. Definitely going back for a lap dance (and I already know exactly who I want it from 😉 next time.

  89. Marty

    AVOID the Champagne Room hustle. CR desk middle age muscle bound meathead who is gay and hates all the dancers and frowns on customers, holds hands with his lover a Chinese guy who collects the money. They always open the curtains to peek inside, maybe looking to see your cock, not the girls. Cameras in every room video taping everything. Soon we will all be on ameteur porn sites? They make you feel cheap the CR staff, CR desk staff argue with you for tips for themselves, not the girls. Muscle head and his gay Chinese lover will make you feel like shit for not tipping them.


    Absolute best deal for your your dollar if your into hot eastern european(russian) girls. Only clubs like penthouse and scores may be better but you know the kind of loot you gotta drop in those places.

  91. tonycluber

    Best strip club in queens. Girls are nice and friendly. They are not pushy at all. All u need is 60$ for cover, a beer and two good lap dances. Definitely gonna come back!

  92. pepe
  93. richard95

    This is one of the best strip clubs I’ve ever been to. Even though it’s in Queens, it’s just outside of Manhattan in Long Island City and only a few blocks from the 7 train. I’ve only been here on weekdays so I don’t know how it is on the weekends. Cover is usually a mere $5, beer is $7, and they’ve got kitchen with surprisingly good and cheap food (like their $6 grilled chicken sandwich with fries). The place is huge, clean, and not ghetto in the slightest. Most importantly the girls here are amazingly hot (most of the girls here are Russian). I got the best lap dance I’ve ever gotten here from a Russian beauty named Kat. The only real negative here is that unless it’s a busy Friday or Saturday the large stage by the DJ booth surrounded by comfortable seating is empty and the action happens on the stage behind the 360 degree bar. This means that unless you’re getting hit on by a girl trying to get you to buy her a lap dance the closest to the dancers you’ll get is about 8 feet or so while they’re dancing and then after each dance the 3 or so dancers walk around the bar asking for your tips. I’d much prefer the regular stage where you can grab a seat right next to the stage and get a little more attention or sit a little farther and save your tip dollars. Overall this is one of the nicest and least expensive strip clubs in the city and it’s worth going out of the way to avoid the rip off places in Manhattan or the ghetto places in Brooklyn.Note: I believe the weekend cover charge is $10

  94. james
  95. TEEGUN

    HOT Girls

  96. Horny Guy

    I visit this place for years is always been a great experience compared to other clubs in the manhattan and Queens area. Drinks are priced right and the girls are great, lapdances are very good for the money laid out.

    Hey the price for the Champaigne rooms is $160, which is off the hook!! Cheap compared to other clubs anywhere.

  97. Dan

    Ever get a dance from the girl Caroline? I was sitting with a russian girl and she had told me to not waste my time on her cause she gives all her money to this black pimp. Thats kind of sad.

  98. theLaw

    the girls are HOT, nice, no pressure and very, very friendly

  99. dr gooden
  100. Calvin X.

    I’ve been going to Gallagers 2000 for the past year now and one of the things that impresses me is the consistent level of quality and service that’s offered there at a consistent price! The girls are gorgeous – mostly Eastern European and Spanish and they’re not pushy or rude like the clubs I’ve been to in the city. They also got great food (burgers, hotdogs and steaks on certain days) surprisingly on the weekdays if you are actually around the area. Being close to the city, it’s an awesome place to chill with the fellas before a long night out!

  101. winston12

    I truly don’t understand how this place has so many good reviews. Maybe it was just my luck but this place was horrible. The dancers were horrible and just boring. The drinks were small, weak, and just terrible. The service was upon entering this place was insulting because I am a female I was told and t feel the only reason the got one star was the wings and onion rings i ordered were really good. Other than the food I received this place was terrible. I will never go back. First impressions are def important!!!!!!! Seemed like an upscale modern brothel.

  102. maurice

    i own this joint

  103. jerry69
  104. hhhhh
  105. ken

    Nice girls.Nice crowd.

  106. XhXeXy

    Stumbled across this place during a business trip. Aside from it being close to the train and parking lot the location is terrible. Shady area…5 stars because she let me touch & play with her big fake boobies during a dance : ) Aside from that I would cross the bridge and enjoy the clubs in the city but no boobie playing there.

  107. Chetzky

    Marie is by far the HOTTTEST chick at this spot… my other favorites include Jackie and Stephanie

  108. Cluber

    About 40 girls.Good prices.My place to go.

  109. Ed

    What I look for in a good club is hot dancers, privacy in the VIP room and a club that isn’t packed with other guys (sausage factory.) This club has hot dancers but no privacy when getting lap dances and it’s always packed with guys.

  110. adamrod

    This place is where my father will have his birthday parties when he is old enough to claim that he is “senile” to (not)remember his wife. I luv the Gallagirls they are nice and friendly and embrace both men n women.

  111. john
  112. jj
  113. tj
  114. Mike N.

    Avoid This Place! I had the worst experience there. The customer service is terrible. I got very low-quality drinks. The dances are the rip-off. If you take the dance from the girls, make sure, they dance the whole song, because some girls started from the middle I had to pay for minute-long dances. Some of the girls are quite, but mostly overweight and very old. When I took one girl to the champagne room, there was one fat guy with a gray hair who was acting like the boss in there. He was laughing behind my back that I’m “another idiot”. I couldn’t understand the exact reason of his comment about me, but after such experience I won’t go back in there. Go elsewhere, this is a bad place.

  115. Jonny B

    Use to be Great…Now shinks..Go elsewhere..

  116. eddyL

    I’ve been to a decent amount of NY strip clubs, and this has been my favorite so far. They have 3 stages. I main stage in the bar, usually has 5 girls going at once. Then the smaller stage on the side, that they only use when its busy, and then there is a little “warm up” stage in-between the two. The girls are friendly and not extremely pushy, but they want tips and they want to get your money from a lap dance. There is a great variety of dancers, different races, american and european. The lap dances are a little awkward because its just a room upstairs with a bunch of chairs, and there can be a lot of guys up there at times, but I guess thats what the “VIP” area is for. The drinks are expensive, but nothing outrageous considering it is a NYC strip club. Over all I definitely recommend this place for a bachelor party or just a night out.

  117. Miguel

    My absolute favorite hangout and best kept secret in NYC.

    The Russian girls and the Brazilian girls are SO FUCKING HOT!!!I ain’t kidding!You can truly spend a whole day there.Forget the features, the real treat are the house dancers- I recommend Gabrielle, Tanya, & Marina!!!

    Miguel, Bronx NYC

  118. justinlk

    Been awhile I went to.a strip club. Love the ladies who gave me a lap dance. If there were no security I would pay more or go for a private lap dance with them but I’m backing off since they have to follow rules. The strippers were very nice and patience with me since I cannot hear.I decided to give one stripper my phone number to see what would happen. I guarantee she’s not going to text me. She only wanted the money, not the number but I’ll respect the lady since she’s desperate for money but I got to admit she gave me a good lap dance.

  119. Richard

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