Crazy Horse



8140 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48210


42.3309108, -83.1428773




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Crazy Horse

  1. ME


  2. Hot D

    Always have a great time. Love that VIP.

  3. Big Daddy
  4. longtime ch customer

    Hotttt chicks!!!!!

  5. JAY
  6. Smokey
  7. Alan

    Doc is back and its about time

  8. out of state visitor

    the club setting is nice. new tv’s, modern look, way above average sound system. but, there were four girls in the place. when they weren’t dancing they were sitting down doing nothing or eating food. no dance was ever offered. one stripper actually said hi and just kept walking. drink prices were insane. on the finale which is all the girls on stage at once, only two of the four girls came out. and this was a saturday night, terrible.

  9. Harry

    place is beautiful, service and entertainment can be improved but no managment to do it. It was ok. a bit dissapointing and for sure i will not buy a Crazy Horse Detroit shirt and wear it( it would be different if it said LAS VEGAS)

  10. Mark Taylor

    was in the bar on Wednesday for amatuer nite and met the manager john who also use to be a door guy at bts, how he became manager only god knows but hes doing okay. Lots of hot women I mean hot in all flavors. I hope they hire Spice who rocked the entire contest. I have been going there for years and this bar is doing the best now. Thanks to Avenue Talent Agency. These guys are bringing lots of new faces to the strip clubs. As for Alec the DJ hes doing better then he was at cheeta. Nice job Crazy Horse I will be back

  11. Elevated Thoughts

    I wish this site made it known who ever one was so people could stop hiding behind there PC talking shit. Its sad that most of the shit being talked is by club managers & dancers. Its over 30 clubs in Detroit which makes it enough room for every one to make $$. We know Cheetah is upscale black club, Penthouse little flight club, All Star a death trap, Trumpps a mostly white club, Booby trap a joke, Players need to close, Pantheion washed up, Crazyhorse baby Sting, Sunset Strip Fat girls, Venus next 2 motel , Bts blowjob central, Hot Tamalees needs help, Hardbody no hope . Shit the list goes on but the fact of the matter is, how many of you really think customers pay attention to this shit. Dont you know people love negetive shit. Why u think all entertainers that do dumb shit we love to hear about it? Its just sad that people in 08 feel the need to bring race into play because black guys like white girls and white guys like black girls. I have been to all the clubs that I listed and have told nothing but the truth. We should be thinking about things like whats happening in Grand Rapids, Mi where the dances has no contact with customers at all! 6 feet rule. If that comes to Detroit you wont need to be replying to this site, u will be filling out apps at Micky Ds! Think about it, all people are diffrent and so are the clubs. All you guys and girls should stick together and learn new laws so can fight them when they come uo instead of fighting one another. I know we will have many silly comments but for the ones that care lets stay aware and B prepared…

  12. Hunter

    Docs back home again !!!! Yay !!!


    Great Club Great Girls and let’s not forget the food that was great too !!!!!!!!!

  14. BiggTom

    now about time the horse is looking up. Nice selection im a a god ole white boy but love black girls and this club is the spot. Vip queens here to please. I use to visit the sting but too ghetto the crazy horse is a nice club and sexy ladies I will be back

  15. Club Goer
  16. JacMehoff

    Went in the bar last night. I knew the old owner was back and wanted to see if he was there. Met a pretty little brunette-very hot dances, and I can’t remember her name cuz we argued about it not being her real name. Owner wasn”t in but had a great time. No more bts for me

  17. Cherice J.

    Hmm, Crazy Horse. Let me just say I was dragged out here last week for my friend’s birthday party. I am typically not a fan of these types of places, but she’s a close friend that I haven’t hung out with in a while, so I felt inclined. It was a thursday night, so there wasn’t much else to do. But with all that being said, I actually didn’t have a bad time. Crazy enough (no pun intended), lately strip clubs have become more of lounge spot than anything else. And what’s even crazier is that people actually rave about the FOOD. lol. The male patrons bought all seven of my friends drinks the whole night, and we basically sat in VIP and enjoyed the night. Crazy Horse is sort of far from most of Detroit’s nightlife (it’s closer to Dearborn), but this is actually a good thing if you just want to go to something different. Guys, if you are looking for adult entertainment, I would definitely check it out. The girls are decent…lol.

  18. AssnTits5

    CRAPValet parking $10, entrance fee $20, we sat about an hour, nobody served us. There is no back entrance for the strippers, so u will see them comin with their travel bag. Food are expensive. So, if u want to spend the night over there, be prepared to spend $300 at least. The girls were not hot, they are the same that u see at Walmart or any shopping center. Only 1 or 2 girls have no belly. The Strip clubs in Michigan sucks. It is topless only. I can rent n entertainment DVD and watch it home better than go to that crap

  19. JohnFromNashville

    in town for the auto show-great club-lots of girls-fun room better than the Big T

  20. mike

    i went into this club a while ago and it was shitty i went in there recently on wednesday for ametur night and it was amazing the girls were hott, waitress was smokin tall sexy blonde and i got the best dances. This is definitley my new place to go. See sky oh man.

  21. diva

    what a joke prostitues working here i will never work here again.. way to go joe.. how long before you get fired from here, they say you a stealing,, but that’s how doc rolls, he gets tired of people making him money and lets you go…

  22. jason franklin
  23. finished dancer

    joe joe joe. your a fat azz joke! u dont fire me because I wont suck your dick. dont forget I know how u have stole from the bar,bottles of liquor took me and a friend to after hours and watch u do cocaine and baloons but since your sucking the owners cock you get away with everything. Fuck you and the crazyhorse, nobody wants to fuck you and prob get aids from a man with a wife that is an ex porn star. Thats why your on dayshift now u fat thief!

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