Silk Exotic Milwaukee Gentlemen’s Club



11400 West Silver Spring Road, Milwaukee, WI 53225


43.1198852, -88.0548002




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Silk Exotic Milwaukee Gentlemen’s Club

  1. club

    best club in the state

  2. nigger hater

    Shut the fuck up you dirty NIGGER, we don’t want your kind here!!!!

  3. Mack

    I have been going here every now and again over the past year and i love it. I’ve tried all the other ones in milwaukee, But i always go back to silk. The girls are great (Talk with Laura and Vega. Both great girls, very fun, very sexy, and can hold a great conversation with you) it may seem alittle out of the way for “Milwaukee” but it’s totally worth it. This is my only club in Milwaukee.

  4. Isreil

    Power to the beauty here! Great times all around!!

  5. Rocky

    This is the bomb!

  6. Milw reg

    I love all your clubs, but you need the club downtown!!

  7. Bill

    Its easy to see why all the other clubs in this market are comparing and trying to steal this clubs thunder.Silk set the bar in Milwaukee high and none of the others who call themselves “Gentlemens Clubs” can touch them. Great job Silk. PLease consider a Silk in Chicago. It would save me some $$!

  8. levie

    super club!

  9. Cable

    Hot Club. Nice # of hot girls!

  10. Chi

    Went for a bachelor party. Worst club I’ve been to. Seems like the girls should wait for surgical wounds to heal before going back to work.

  11. Gilberts

    My wife and i had a surprisingly good time at your club! We will be back!!

  12. eric
  13. cutepuss1e

    Always a good time to be had at silk! The girls take care of the girls that are there to watch and know what makes the men give out the bills…doing things w/ other girls 😉 One of THE BEST clubs in Milwaukee!

  14. hal

    My My My this is a wonderful place!

  15. Glen

    You know, it is a nice club and a good place to come to see naked woman but the fact is it’s still way too much money to let slip through ones fingers for a hard on to beat off to! Why do that to your self man! Most of the dancers don’t want to go with a guy who comes to the club that they work at! What does that tell you! Summer is almost here, why spend it inside at a place that is in business to rob you of your money! It is worse then the casino boys! At least at the casino you have hope!

  16. Connar

    big thumbs up!

  17. Mannie

    I love Silk! The girls are your business & they rule!!!

  18. Josua

    I didnt think that Milwaukee was this progressive. Very nice!

  19. bobie

    Lets party! This is a mad club!!!

  20. Big Fan

    I love the new shower show!!

  21. darius

    That black dancer Cinnamon that works at Heartbreakers is a nasty snatch selling prostitute! I got solicited by her in front of my woman! She also wanted me to piss on her. Nasty nasty nasty! I will not come her ever again unless she’s fired! unacceptable.

  22. Big is beautiful

    I cant get over the fact that your club is nicer than anything in St Paul. Im jelous!

  23. Jessica

    Loved the club. Everyone was really nice. I will definately be back!

  24. Pete

    Expensive, but very good looking girls here. They were not very friendly. One of them came by and asked if I wanted a dance and seemed offended when I politely declined. Bought a lap dance later and the girl was nasty because I only gave her a $4 tip. Seriously! I think the dance was $25 so a 16% tip was reasonable. Found a friendly girl later and had a good time.

  25. Bayla

    Awesome bar

  26. Chi Mike

    Wow did this club take a nose dive.Brought in a friend for an audition as this used to be a stand out club.The house manager or dad or whatever he was called seemed drunk,made inapproprate comments,she said the dancers in back were loud,crude,not in the best of shape,and the dressing area was filthy.Is Silk Juneau the same?I did have a burger as I waited for her and that was A+ but my friend decided to chec out other clubs in the area.Get back on track! this club used to be the best!

  27. Benny

    This place is a 10!!

  28. hartfield

    We need this downtown! please keep pushing to get it done!

  29. WHATEVER55


  30. Calvin T

    Man this place rocks with women!!!

  31. Jeff Post

    So far best Club I have been to in Milwaukee.

  32. Calvin H

    I love this hell out of this place, and thats prob where Im going by the way this place makes me feel!

  33. vega
  34. jo

    overpriced, ogly girls, waste of time, it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. joem
  36. fff

    best club in the state without a doubt

  37. NEWBIE


  38. Zack

    Hey Damien, I know you usually suck my dick, but since Rickys closed down, and i’m outta a job do you think I could get rehired there? I will suck your dick this time. thanks buddy.

  39. Mike

    Very nice club

  40. William

    This is a wonderful eyeful!

  41. Cannery

    I put my buddy up in Champagne and he talked about it all week! Next time its my turn!!

  42. Danny Boy

    Freakin awesome!! This club keeps the north side a cool side of town!!

  43. Gabriel

    3 clubs now! amazing! Good for you!

  44. Parker

    last two people who commented PLEASE just should try going to clubs not on Silver Spring Rd. in order to widen their horizons

  45. GIl B

    Hands down a great club!

  46. regular


  47. Paul

    Place sucks ass

  48. Roy


  49. jon

    hey toughguy u said you heard john yell at her then u say if you would hear someone talk to a girl like this you would punch them. Why didnt you punch john u pussy get a set of balls step out from behind your keyboard and do something about it

  50. Shooter

    The shot girls here are amazing!!

  51. Rio employee

    I work in Vegas, and this is the first club that advertises as a Vegas style club that actually reaches the mark. This place is stacked!!

  52. Chad D

    Had my best friends bach party there last weekend, it was great! Thank you for great time, only problem is that you guys close too early in this state. IL has that on you.

  53. jimmy
  54. Justin

    This place sucks nigger cock!

  55. jammie

    Im used to big city clubs so when i came to Milwaukee I thought I was going to be on the wagon concerning my favorite style of club. Boy was I wrong! Very sharp club.

  56. Ingram

    Finally a club that is what says. Nice job Milwaukee Silk is awesome!!

  57. loser dave

    Can Jon blow me?

  58. Ken

    Very nice club

  59. Thomas

    This club is the reason I come to Milwaukee!

  60. Philly B

    Hot Club Hot GIrls!!

  61. Michael- Arizona

    Increible! Wisconsin actually has a modern happening Gentlemans Club!! Very impressed!

  62. DelilahHerpeWhore

    Am I much more than a quasi-prostitute? Nah… come get some cheesecake, ya know where.

  63. rickywho2

    The place is run down. There was one dancer, one bartender and a “Manager” in shorts and a t shirt. The music was terrible -The Grateful Dead is hardly music for a dance club, not that any girl seems to know how to dance there.I’ve been to the Milwaukee location and was SUPREMELY disappointed in the Juneau location.

  64. Sean ken kenny

    Can I read a restraining order or get a life??

  65. Stan

    Awesome! When did you guys add the Sports Bar to the side of the building? Love it!!

  66. Georgety

    Good Times!!

  67. Walley B

    Best of the Best!

  68. JOhnny Fairplay

    Best in Milwaukee but unfortunately not totally nude so that loses it points along with some of the dancers who are over bearing.

  69. friend of lolly

    lolly you were right..beautiful girls..a beautiful club..and a great rock night..sorry i missed you..i’ll be back in town to see you again!! later, doll

  70. Vic TT

    Very Impressed! 10 stars!

  71. ehwwwwwww

    naked chicks,gross

  72. greuger

    Wonderful strip club! the girls are fantastic!

  73. DX

    I have two words for this club……………………

  74. trickie
  75. Ritchie

    Ba Da Stupid

  76. boner

    I got a boner…

  77. Lukas

    I wish your drink prices and cover were less, but I understand why you do it. But the bums need a place to go too! lol

  78. booker

    Was impressed. Nice club.

  79. girl on girl lover

    Silk is awesome. Overall the ladies are great and lots of fun, they actually entertain on stage and in the dance rooms. Not all are hot but hey different people like different things i guess. Overall the best club in milwaukee that ive seen.

  80. Happy

    Happy times here, but drinks are pricey.

  81. Bobby B

    Too many girls not enough time

  82. LA

    THis is a boomer of a club! This is party central babies!!

  83. Garth W

    Great Time Great Club!!

  84. Ralphy D

    This was a great time. The staff was amazing and as for waitresses they were gorgous!

  85. Jake

    Hands down the best club in the area. Keep up the good work.

  86. matt_matters69

    Not really the best around anymore. a decent club for a strip club. music usually sucks most dancers are nice but really business smart you need to go to them they don’t come find you.

  87. Gary3'26

    Not very busy so the overload of girls pressuring you was excessive.

  88. Jagermidget

    I was there on Dec 17 when Steve-O and my friend Jade Simone St. Clair was there. This was the first time I ever been there and I had a great time. I have to say it was worth the 6 hour drive it took. I’ve been to alot of strip clubs and I have to say this club is rank one of the best clubs I’ve been to. I’ve never seen so many beatiful dancers in one club. I don’t remember seeing even one fat dancer when I was there. The hospitality I received from the staff was second to none. There is only 4 bad things I can say about that club. One I wish it was full nude. Two I wish it was closer to me. Third I wish I could touch the girls when I got a private lap dance. And fourth I wish I didn’t spent over 1,500 when I was there. I had so much fun when I was there I might come back for new year eve but if I don’t make it on new year eve I will come back in the future.

  89. voted #1

    #1 club

  90. Re:wow comment

    Dated 12/27 you sound like lolly’s ex-boyfriend that moved to texas. Am i right? I think i am! LOL!

  91. Sammy T

    Great time! This club is addicting!

  92. tiny

    Cool place! LOve the babes!

  93. cracker killers

    Fuck yall white motha fuckers yall not shit. We hate you to you bastards. White people are like the bottom of my fucking shoe.

  94. Kobi

    Thanks guys, Great time!!

  95. Clay

    Hats off to Milwaukee, They have a better strip club than Chicago!!

  96. Wally

    Awesome place!!!!!!

  97. impressed

    Milwaukee isn’t such a back water anymore!!! Do you guys own the Racheals in Florida?

  98. Rocko

    Mad great club!!

  99. jack

    Most fun ive had in awhile. Thanks guys for the hospitality. Ladies keep up the good work.

  100. Calvin

    Best strip club i’ve to.

  101. Betty boop

    I am a dancer & I love this club. Very Classy!

  102. Kraig

    The boys were back in town & loving Silk!

  103. Winston

    Holly shit ! I love this club!

  104. Fan for life

    Bree Olson was amazing!! Will you have her back?

  105. Gabe

    Holy Strip club>>> im broke!

  106. NM

    Shocked that a club this nice is in this area!

  107. Damien

    This club treats there customers like shit!

  108. Buster

    My new home away from home!

  109. Pauly T

    Classy place, nice girls! keep it up!

  110. Sabin

    Good Times!

  111. david

    this place sucks nigger cock

  112. ben

    this is by far the best club in the area

  113. Able

    U guys ROCK!!

  114. Fuck Jon

    This club sucks

  115. killmer

    Home sweet home! I love this Club!!!!

  116. Gorgen

    This place was much better than we expected a Wis club to be like. Impressive!

  117. Frank

    I love this club, also their club in Juneau!



  119. Robert T

    I think I know why your drinks are more expensive, and it works. Had a great time. Keep up the great work!

  120. ex shot girl

    i stopped working here because the owner jon has his head shoved so far up his own ass that hes running his club straight into the ground. better service and better girls and less niggers in the club all have to do with management and if they would do their job right all good girls wouldnt be leaving for On The Border in Racine. i loved working there, i had lots of fun and i was NICE! to customers, afterall your paying $10 for a watered down shot of schnapps and a 30 second lap dance, but hey 9 time out of 10 we would give a better show than the dancers in the couch rooms.

  121. T

    Me too, I pity da fool, all of them really.

  122. Harris

    Beautiful Place

  123. Cubs Fan

    Impressed. Milwaukee has a real gentleman’s club! who d a thunk! To bad your brewers suck so bad!

  124. craig


  125. Samual Kohler Comp

    Thanks for a great time at your club. We started at your comedy club & ended at the strip club. Everyone thought that this was the greatest!

  126. Halieratha

    This was an amazing

  127. Ned Yost

    Keep cheering for the Brew Crew

  128. nathen

    coool cool cool!

  129. JT


  130. jackie

    cool place. i like the comedy club connection with the girls!

  131. Sucks

    This place sucks

  132. Joe

    If this place was nude and had northern WI rules it would be even better.

  133. met your match

    Jon is a rip off man, takes the money for his own snow pile, everyone know what a asshole he really is and a drug user. Never ever give him or anyone in that place your credit card!!!!!!!Scamin mother fuckers.

  134. X Customer

    What happened to the racist dress code? You know if your black your not properly dressed, they must be hard up to let every one in now!

  135. xo

    10 out of 10

  136. ttpo

    been there 4 or 5 times now because others say it’s a good club. – To me it’s only average at best. Definately not worth the $. Go to OTB instead

  137. zAsa


  138. man law

    Fabulous…. nothing in the area compares, hands down.

  139. David D

    Good times!

  140. johnny hapner

    well i just have a couple things i was wondering where are all the sexy girls not at silk thats for sure i remember going in there and easily dropping 5-6 hundred on one give night now i wouldnt spend a dollar in there the staff is awesome but i dont go there for the staff i wanna see t&a thats it . now all i get to see is drunk strung out hookers what the hell happened to this place its a fancy ricky’s on state street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Cale

    love it love love it! someone has been messing with the ratings on this club because its far better than its grade! this club rocks! Beautiful girls great staff. thank you Silk i got a huge contract signed after visiting your club with one of my biggest clients! very impressed!

  142. bigboy

    very nice club… been to many here and this is truly a gentlemens club. Not like the other bar/clubs in milwaukee with just dancers. They entertain.

  143. howard

    great time great girls great club!

  144. Phil G

    Had a great time. Looking forward to your club downtown!

  145. Mc Donald

    Had a greaty time here!

  146. Ralphy

    Girls girls girls!! That song is Silk!

  147. kaleb

    very cool

  148. Julie

    I just went tyo your Madison club for 1st time… awesome clubs you guys got!

  149. Fuzzy
  150. Ferbir

    Gorgeous building… beautiful girls!

  151. Shelly's guy
  152. Luecroy

    You are the King Silk!!

  153. djb
  154. JJ Diamond

    I hate my Midget Boss

  155. Troy

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!

  156. Oscar

    #1 best club in this area!!

  157. ok
  158. Samual L

    Great club, beautiful women!!

  159. Phil

    Awsome club!

  160. samual

    Great time!



  162. Lubby

    they have nice tits



  164. Sasha

    Great time. The drinks were a little pricey but the girls made up for it! Beautiful club. It looks like a giant castle on the outside! Very cool

  165. Vito

    Best club in Wisconsin.. hands down!

  166. Walter

    A classic for this industry.

  167. Kevin Gi

    This is a nice place. Beautiful girls>

  168. Yuker

    Jesse Jane was amazing! YOu guys make this place the place to see the best of the best! Please bring Bree Olson & Jesse back soon. They are f ing gorgeous!!!!

  169. HEMIMike

    I come into Milwaukee about twice a year for work. I read the reviews here and wanted to check out the club and the girls: Bella and Paige. I stopped in on a Saturday and I didn’t see either. These girls still work here?

    This club is nicer earlier on in the night, got there around 10:00. There are a fair amount of dancers to give you attention. You hang out past 11 and it got so busy I couldn’t barely find a spot to sit. Drink prices and cover are standard. Lap dances $20 per song.

    I stood by the bar and tipped the girls who were doing their “do you want to tip me for my show” bit. There are too many fat dancers here! Seriously- c’mon quality control! I did do a few dances with maybe 6 the more quality girls. I gave a dollar to each of the girls, two if I thought she was hot. Three girls stuck out from the rest..A hot indian chick gave me a dance, skinny, pretty face, small tits with a tattoo on one. She was nice but dumb, could have been a culture barrier as she had a thick accent. She kept pushing me to do the private room.. I was curious but I didn’t appreciate the hard sell. Then there was sonia, sexy strawberry blonde, smart, slim, fake tits gave me a lapper next. Bought three with her which I usually don’t do. I told her to come find me later aid she say would “say hi later on,” never did.. looked right past me as she went in the back with guy after guy. Disappointing. Then there’s Veronica who had to be my favorite! Hot asian – this club needs more asains! petite, amazing ass, seemed disinterested and distant when she sat on my lap but when we got around to doing a lap dance I was pleasantly suprised. Very sensual in a less subtle way. I’ll see her next time I’m in Silk. She also talked up the $300 deal but it was almost closing time and I’m still a little unsure about it. Might try it next time to see what it’s all about. Anyone have reviews let me know on here. I’ve got to know what goes on before I spend the cash.


    So overall to sum it all up – this club is one of the best i’ve been too. Vegas style? Yeah..I can see it if they cut back on some of the less talented staff. Some of the waitresses are hotter than the dancers but there are about 7 or 10 hot dancers here that make up for the average girls, and the ugly ones to me. Only strip club I’ve ever been to where all the bartenders are gay dudes.. seemed weird to me but whatever. DJ wasn’t as annoying as I’ve read- maybe talked too much. Good set-up of the club, classy, bouncers wear suits and were friendly. Especially a shorter Italian looking guy. One of the lap dance booths I went in smelled like vomit too,at first I thought it was the girl’s breath but no.. it had to be the seat I was sitting in??nasty! My score overall 8/10.

  170. Gerade

    Wonderful time> Thank You.

  171. Krusty the Clown

    this place makes a curves for women look like a hot pick up spot. not only are the women hungry, hit, and bitchy- the entire staff bartenders, bouncers, managment and all looks completly strung out. time to throw in the towel boys and hoe’s

  172. karen

    most girls are stinky, unfriendly, average looking, i strip often for my man, Tim Kuehl of Lebanon, WI, and i will admit i am a little on the heavy side, but to each his own….most guys cant get a girl to strip w/o paying a lot of money…..most guys if they had girls wouldn’t be here

  173. anthony g

    best ive found in this area, very nice

  174. Dr Al

    Love the club. Love the ladies!!!

  175. Gabe Halj

    Smokin hotties!!

  176. Diamond Girl
  177. Dall

    Whats going on with the club downtown?

  178. Mariah

    Silk has set the bar high! Where do you find all these beauties?

  179. Lovin It

    How did I spend so much $ there? Best time, long time!!

  180. Shit hole

    this place sucks cock

  181. Tyler Traveler


  182. Krissy
  183. Brian

    I was there at the end of October and saw one of the owners (JOHN!!!) yelling at a waitress. I don’t think anyone heard him, but it was horrible! He was telling her to hurry the fuck up and that she was fucking slow. It was the middle of the day and she was the only one there i believe and she had over 20 people to serve plus the VIP guys who were getting the strippers shot after shot!! I will never go to this club again, I think they need to treat there employees a lot better! If I heard someone talk to a young girl like that I would punch him!!! Very upset with this club… get some class!

  184. Garth

    Someone stick a fork in me I’m out of money!

  185. Louie Louie

    Freakin awesome!!!

  186. steven
  187. Ralphie

    So many hot girls so few dollars!! lol

  188. Franklee

    Parking way out of whack due to upcoming events – Dancers were unfriendly for most part & prices seem out of line … Will think twice before re-visiting

  189. CT

    DO NOT GET VIP!!!! IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!! I cannot stress this enough. VIP is a SCAM! The private dances are just as good as VIP.

  190. Yuni

    Cool club!

  191. ???

    How do i get a job there?

  192. stev

    dj is great, the girls are hot, jordan, silhouette, missy, sandra, katie, they are best dancers

  193. Janis

    Best club ever!!

  194. Rich

    Went to Milwaukee with work from the UK. The place was fantastic, all the girls were stunning and they had deals on the drinks too.

  195. Colins

    Boss time! Lots of smiles!!

  196. john
  197. Jon Fiero

    Too Many NIGGERS! Where’s your billboard 3rd & Cherry?

  198. links

    this is a very nice club. Will be back

  199. Clary H

    That was an awesome time!

  200. Sammy Q

    Nice Club

  201. Colby

    Happy Birthday me! I found a place to party!!

  202. Couple mo bitches

    You know where to find me toots, come on through if I’m around. Definitely see ya first, won’t be hard to spot the nameless faceless one that doesn’t belong. Mmmmm… got cheesecake?

  203. matt

    i love this club its the best i have ever been to!!!!!!!!

  204. Larry

    Very nice club

  205. angry

    I am so fed up with the bad attitude by the employees here!

  206. George TT


  207. carl

    straight up good time!

  208. Vic

    Silk is the best

  209. stinky

    So far the stinkiest bathrom I have been in. This club sucks!

  210. Theo

    The club is the bomb!

  211. Derren

    This club rules, awesum!!

  212. fabian

    You made our office X-mas party! Thank You!

  213. dick

    don’t quit your day jobs

  214. Slimhouse

    Great Spot, They just wont let me in anymore!! Something about my reputation or whatever… But… all in all its WAS a cool joint to have a nice drink in… simply because of the quality of the women and the TLC put into makin the place look “VEGAS”… i liked it.. hope one day they’ll change their “likes” about me!! -SLIM-

  215. Chicago

    Great club! Keep it up, had a great time!

  216. zioker

    One word… Fine

  217. B-i-t-c-h newbee

    To soon to start taking my extra money hon! Go back home.

  218. Golithy

    Nice place

  219. Habber T

    Good times Staurday! I love your girls. Just Beautiful!

  220. c wilson

    This was my first time in a strip club and will not be my last!!

  221. i'm the man

    one word……. yeah

  222. A. Plankers

    Very nice club! I caught the comedy show with Michael Windslow before coming up stairs for the ladies. Very Impressed!

  223. Tony L

    Fantastic club!

  224. Vegan

    awesome good time!!

  225. Jon Jon

    Voted #1 Junk rip off club in Milwaukee

  226. Ex customer

    Fuck this club and its nigger owners!

  227. bathroom

    The bathroom here is the smelliest bathroom I have ever been in…

  228. Steve

    I was in with a friend after the Brewers game and I think the talent level has gone way down here. The girls all used to be 8-10, but now that is rare. Most are average at best. The club is still great but it seems that the best lloking girls there are the ones selling shots. Not what I was expecting at all.

  229. Amazed

    This place is a testiment to Beauty!!

  230. Tony B

    Nice club

  231. Couple new bitches

    Hey sweetie! If I see you this weekend, you better watch your back! That’s all I’m saying! Go back to hicksville!

  232. don

    still #1 in the state

  233. deba

    first visit to a us club and was alittle disapointed with the selection and scale of the talent. the club was very nice snack was good but ladies did not look like professional,upscale,showdancers some girls talked to us about drugs and the like.we had uncomfortable/

  234. Chicago Kane

    Impressed. Very Impressed!

  235. mobie

    you have a special place here

  236. Alvin

    Too cool! Love this place!!

  237. A Fan

    I always have a good time whenever I get to Silk. It’s the only club to go to in Milwaukee. Don’t pay attention to the bull shit that is posted back and forth in the comments section. Some people just forget to take their meds once in a while.

  238. Sunandu

    Fun place> Beautiful ladies!

  239. Tim

    We got treated like shit there, I will never come back!!!!

  240. Jeff
  241. cindy
  242. Sukisha

    Very cool. Big lights and sound. Drinks alittle $$ but Tara very cute.

  243. Cal

    I cant believe that the down town area is trying to stop Silk or Satin from moving down town! They would improve traffic without a doubt.

  244. Yoko

    Amazing girls & amazing food!!

  245. hartwig

    I was surprised how beautiful the girls were here, and the food was great! You dont see that in strip clubs too often!

  246. Jasper

    This was a huge shocker. I didnt think wisconsin had any good clubs. Very impressed!!

  247. John H

    Big Thumbs Up!

  248. Todd

    The best!

  249. Wally Quade

    I got a boner.

  250. Ken Kniff

    Even my broke little dick ass gets compliments here!!!

  251. Gerald

    This club boasts to be the best…. It is.

  252. still #1

    voted #1 club 04,05,06 nominated best club in the midwest 06 and 07

  253. Deckon

    Stone cold the best of the best! Congrats on another great year!

  254. derek

    This is a great place to party. Bring it downtown!!

  255. ooooh

    oooooh yea!!!

  256. Bogart


  257. Fuck You

    They treat you like shit, and the managment doesn’t give shit either

  258. K washington

    I have a new favorite club! Too bad its not in my home state!

  259. Sam

    my favorite place form girl watching!!

  260. Unbelievable!

    Well, I for one feel sorry for the lot of you that feel compelled to type this stuff. There are so many other people that could get affected by this type of talk if it turns into results! I am happy to delete this site from my computer forever! A wise person once told me that it is so unnecessary to fill ones mind with unnecessary clutter, and that’s all this is! Peace!

  261. Danielle

    This place rocks!!

  262. Mistercap12

    Wow, talk about a sleezy strip club! The only guys populating this desolate and uninviting “club” were the local slack-jawed yokles. Las Vegas style gentleman’s club my ass! My boyfriend and I went here for couples night and were pretty much treated like trash all night long by the surly staff. The bartender made us both an appletini which had a fly in it, he didn’t even apologize OR give us our money back, he made us another one using the SAME BOTTLE as he used to make the first bug-filled cocktail!The girls were…fine…they seemed really sad for the most part and I really just felt sorry for them. BOOOOOOOO!!! 2 Thumbs down!

  263. Dean

    Blown away how great this club is!!

  264. Pissed Off

    What a rip off, They charge 15 bucks for a drink!!!

  265. me

    #1 club in the midwest

  266. Howard D

    Used your new shower dance for first time on Sat. That was alot of fun!!

  267. DJ Zach

    go fuck yourselves

  268. mathewater12

    The strippers lie about their careers. I tried to get legal advice from one during a lap dance and she didn’t know the basic concepts of a first year law student. No need to lie

  269. nasty nigga

    they have trannies working there sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. andy

    Say hey to all the lovelies!

  271. howard j

    this club is vegas needed downtown! mad asum

  272. nick

    peaches is worth every dollar

  273. Johnny K

    this is by far the best club in the area

  274. Craig Thomas

    beautiful. i am from out of town and i felt like i was at a real vegas club. very clean, well managed. loved it

  275. Carl G

    Wonderful time. Beautiful girls, even more beautiful staff! Shot Girls are amazing here!

  276. love it
  277. Xander

    I felt like i was in Africa!

  278. Hestle

    This come should be in a bigger city>> like mine in Seattle! Very Nice time!!

  279. Midget boy

    this place is a rip off

  280. Justice

    Awesome Club with Awesome girls and i love working there. the owners are great and the house parents rock especially scott. the dj is great and knows how to rock. the bartenders of course are wonderful.

  281. SSS

    Wonderfully sexy place!

  282. Howard G

    Wow o my f___ing goodness! Nice!

  283. Eddie N

    I likey likey

  284. Rafael

    Overall is fair, you need to be consistent with you service this was my second time we bought a bottle of Patron Silver and a lot of drinks this time and we got wrost service than last time that we bought cheaper liquor.

    You need to focus on Legendary Customer Service.

  285. Bull shit

    How much advertising does Jon do in the publications that voted you number 1, rhat vote is jaded and you know it. Besides you still treat your customers like shit!

  286. wow

    nice club great girls…hi lolly..hugs from texas

  287. alex

    better than rhino in vegas

  288. Palmer

    This is a class act 100%

  289. Solly Haber

    I love the 3 in one layout. This is a great club!

  290. Babowski

    you have a winner with Silk Milwaukee! wish we had one in Iowa!!

  291. Jessy Jess

    Best yet!

  292. KOry W

    I died and went to heaven here! This is an adult playground!!

  293. Candise

    Wow what beautiful women for the mid west!! Loved it!

  294. patron

    best club in town

  295. Darren
  296. bobby lee

    best time i’ve had in milw, im from canada. clubs there are very different but silk is the best in wisconsin so far

  297. TURK

    Excellent… Most excellent place to party!

  298. Devon

    Hot girls awesome music, this club smokes!!!

  299. wisconsin hood

    devon and shelly and taylor are the best taht silk has to offer and i know from first hand expirence with 2 of the 3

    best club in the state wish the girls where all as easy as them

  300. Ted

    The place isn’t that great! OK at best

  301. Faber

    21 out of 21 of us give you a big thumbs up! Bachelor party approved!

  302. Al

    This was amazing

  303. TYRONE

    Best club in Milwaukee (which isn’t saying much)

  304. Eliot

    Had not been here awhile, man this club is still rockin! Love the shower room on stage



  306. Jaydub

    Best club in The Midwest……….The “shot girl” dances are some of the dances in the house!!!!

  307. MIss Cleo

    Too many Niggers, I felt like I was at a Tupac Concert

  308. ExRegular

    Drink prices are way too high. Doing your ‘Promo’ 4-5 times a night is annoying as hell!! Bouncers & door girls harrassing customers for tips (no class), especially when the club tacks on a manditory 20% gratuity if you use a credit card for dances or a champagne room (again, no class)!! Too many ‘dancers’ offering ‘services’ outside of the club, if you know what I mean.

    The bartenders and waitresses do a great job!! All of the food that I have had there is very good.

    There are 8-10 dancers that are truly friendly and are great to talk to…makes you want to spend money on them!! Unfortunately, the majority of the dancers are not worth talking to because they can’t carry on a conversation beyond “buy me a drink, give me a lap dance or let’s hook-up (for money) outside the club”. One of the owners, who is there all the time, has no idea what is going on right under his nose.

  309. Josh

    I LOVE IT!

  310. Dirty

    I love the new shower show!!

  311. rick

    It has that in the Hood feel about it.

  312. Victor

    AWesome x 10!

  313. Bill Br

    Great club>> love Sophia Loren!!

  314. Crazy Carl

    I wish this was a full nude club like the other 2 Silk’s but we still had a good time!

  315. Kagney HU

    I love this club!

  316. JoJo

    When i pulled up i knew id like this place. When I got my wallet back from a waitress who found it on the floor with the $ still in it, i was amazed! I told her i would write a review, and here it is. Thank you. Love your club!!

  317. Jacobe

    I couldnt believe my eyes how great this club is> Thank you.

  318. danny
  319. daddyo

    Absolutely awesome!!!!

  320. chuck

    rude, pushy, greedy, ugly girls

  321. Hammer T

    Nothing but net here! love this place!!

  322. joseph1k

    This is a review for the Middleton location. Decor is very nice. 4-8 daily happy hour offers half price drinks[$2.50 bottle beer],couple that with scantily clad young ladies….what more can be said.

  323. george walker i had the best fuckin time there thankx to lolly topps and maralin..thankx girls

  324. Luie R

    Perfect club!!

  325. GUS

    This is the best club in the world!!

  326. Game Boy

    loved it loved it loved it!!! Why cant there be more clubs like this!

  327. Gregory L

    I was shocked that Milwaukee has a better club than we have in Washington!

  328. alley

    i love it here!

  329. craig g

    the club is great as far as the sound system but the dj NEVER shuts up and seemed to throw some rude comments to the dancers more than once.the bartender jerry was almost avoiding my drink orders or maybe didnt like the dancer i was talking to ,she said that was pretty common for him.Iwill ck. it out again when theres a little more people it was a and like 20 customers and almost twice the number of girls that ment i was getting approched every 10 min.

  330. peoples

    Good times

  331. Peaches

    Most awesome club I have been to!! Girls are great! Keep up the good work!

  332. Moe

    They called me the n- word and said they were goin to kill me!!!

  333. godfrey


  334. Eddie Frank

    This place was great! We went to comedy show down stairs then up stairs for Silk. Great place to party!

  335. Soldier

    I love your shower at Silk! My bros bach. party was a success because of it!

  336. smoothy_fan

    Had the best one-way LDs in WI recently. Don’t know how much better the VIP is but the girls pushed for it.

  337. nevermind

    John is a pansy for coming down on the waitress. This just shows how much of a loser he really is. Instead of being a boss and helping the girl catch up, he makes the situation worse by yelling at her. John is a punk ass that uses people to get ahead. I think i am going to stay clear of this shithole too. F YOU John!!!

  338. kilgan

    Holly OMG this club rocks!!

  339. bob

    its a beautiful club!!! great job guys!!

  340. jetson

    Low pressure from the ladies a great club to have a beer with the boys and look at some women. Many female guests. The girls gave great dances but the overall quality was not drop dead or even whiplash georgous

  341. Halen

    Top notch! The girls here are gorgeous!!

  342. bayer

    very nice, my office went there, men and women, we had a great time.

  343. Enemy

    Fuck that midget and his fucked up club

  344. customer
  345. blaire

    my favorite place to go in milwaukee!

  346. Jon F

    I wouldn’t come here if I didn’t the own the place. It sucks balls here!

  347. Nevada res

    This is a nice club!

  348. Cerston

    Unlike all the others. Very Euro

  349. Kyle
  350. Jim

    Nice club and pretty ladies. But their angle is to lure you out to their isolated location and then refuse to honor any of their advertised admission or drink specials when you get there. The “free admission” offer on their website is a gimmick (when you arrive they’ll tell you it’s a “special night” and they can’t honor discounts). You’ll have to pay the sucker price at the door to get a bracelet if you want to participate in their advertised drink specials. Drink prices appear to be whatever the waitress wants to charge you (if it gets excessive just ask for a receipt and she’ll quickly recalculate to a reasonable price).

    Overall, it is one of the nicer clubs in Milwaukee but watch yourself, don’t be a sucker, and call them out when they try to screw you.

  351. PT

    Nasty Women. Not worth the money. Looks like a circus side show in here.

  352. Blake

    5 stars!



  354. 1st time Silk Visitor

    I went to Silk for the first time Saturday. Great club, lots of women, nice layout, nice stage. Great club

  355. Herpes?

    The latest crop I think there is more to then just Herpes! They need disinfectant in the booths!

  356. Carl l

    Fantastic club girls were beautiful. Drinks are a little pricy but worth the extra cost.

  357. Jason

    Stop hiring prostitutes and start hiring dancers!

  358. dino

    this club was noinated best club in the Midwest the past 2 years and was voted bes tof milwaukee the last 4 years I think that speaks for itself

  359. Dr. Thomas

    thanks for a great office pasrty outing! very classy!

  360. Ex Dancer

    Too Many Niggers….

  361. Ozi

    Best club ever!

  362. Vegas Club?

    Where’s the slot machines?

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