Wacko’s Jacksonville



3701 Emerson Street, Jacksonville, FL 32207


30.2911456, -81.6267041




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wacko’s Jacksonville

  1. Colbys

    This place was terrible. It looks nice but the service from the bartender and dancers were horrible. I stood at the bar with another gentleman while 2 bartenders talked to each other for 5 minutes. Never once acknowledging us. Then servered someone else on the other side of the bar. Dancers walked by without saying anything to me. I waved at a dancer who walked by and she just rolled her eyes. 1 dancer was nice but she just started a few weeks ago. I will never ever return. If you are visiting from out of town, AVOID this place.

  2. Harrison69

    BEST CLUB IN TOWN! This club by far has the best looking women & bar staff. The club is very clean and well taken care of. I defiantly wouldn’t listen to some of the review about how skinny or fat the girls are. I believe what WACKOS has a well rounded group of women. The food is amazing and the drink prices are fair! Anytime we have friends in town that are interested in visiting an adult club this is where we take them!

  3. claire

    i dont like this club because girls are not attractive and rude.

  4. Thoma

    This is a great place the girls are nice

  5. Robert

    Beautiful, friendly ladies. I had a great time.

  6. toothless trash

    HEy if your a fake ass gangster or a wanna be brother check it out its your spot! All the girls are black cock handlers and only like dark meat!!!!

  7. Mike

    This place is awsome hot hot girls

  8. Big G.

    This place needs a revamp.Do not waste your money here.

  9. AssnTits5

    Went to wackos at about 7 pm. Girls looked like trailer trash. Mostly white.No butts. Tattoes.Skinny. They all looked like if you poked them they would break. Then there were a few fat girls. You should seriously reconsider your career if your belly fat is bigger than your butt but i know from hearing from other people thats kind of what you go to wackos for since the girls lack any kind of self worth they will pretty much do anything apparently(dont know first hand).There was one gorgeous black girl who made my night. She knew what she was doing on the pole, she was fit, very friendly. Service was mediocre at best. The waitress was drunk and tipped the girls on stage instead of catering to the costumers.She was nice when she came around though. I loved the set up of the club though. There were3 stages and the girls rotated on them. It was like you would see in a movie a lot of lights and a cool bar in the middle. Small club but I liked the set up.

  10. nick

    this place is a joke and so are the girls

  11. larry1

    Had ordered food to go, first time trying Wackos!! Wings were great, the burger on the other hand was under cooked when I had asked for well done.. Had to return to Wackos since I wasn’t the one that had initially picked it up.. The bartender had Mike (I’m guessing he’s a manager) come up to approve the refund.

  12. Hello

    Total shit Pit. Don’t waste your time go elsewhere. anywhere

    would be better.

  13. just bad
  14. me


  15. Dave
  16. Tom

    First visit Saturday, 12-9-06, and I was very impressed! Plenty of girls, must have been about 30, several hotties!

  17. icee

    dancers lack talent and don’t belong on any stage with or without clothes. Bartender (Pauline) has outlived job and should leave.

  18. Joe

    all around not very good. located in a strip mall for god sakes and just all downhill once you walk in. only girls here are the girls fired from everywhere else. place is a last resort for them. just avaoid.

  19. Big jay

    One word….AWSOME

  20. Elizabeth P.

    This club has dancers who regularly drug the other dancers and customers. Management refuses to handle this issue .

  21. sam

    awesome! went last night and cant wait to go tomorrow night.

    Dallas is the best.

  22. bwkman

    Second time I went to the club was on day shift last Friday (6 Jul 07). Had a very good time with a beautiful brunette named Kendall. Pretty face, great body, a brain, and an outstanding dance. A little pricey at $30 a pop, but she tried to make it worth.

  23. mick6

    Love this gal kendall she is the prettiest one in the whole club and a sweetheart where did she go

  24. Franklyn

    I go to Wackos abot twice per month. I always order the Wackos ultimate burger, in my opinion, one of the best, if not, the best in Jacksonville.Due to I need to loose some weight, this time I did not order this burger, but the special lunch Chicken Teriyaki. It was great, great, great. Perfect in spices, cooking, and flavor.

  25. DUMP

    Total ghetto shithole AVOID!!!!

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