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  1. rogerrab2

    Excellent service and food. The pork chops, shrimp and grits, salmon, and bread pudding are all delish. Excellent selection of cocktails. Will definitely be back.

  2. larry1

    We have gone to this location for brunch and the Falls location for dinner. They do have great food combinations and are willing to take risks in that aspect. This location was very lacking in service. You would have to be assertive or go to the bar to get something. Which does not make sense when 4 people are working and 8 customers are there. Good concept and food, nice decor, bad service.

  3. eddyL

    First time at this location. Most likely last. The atmosphere is nice. And the food was just ok. It’s the service that made this a one star for us. We are actually sitting here for a Sunday brunch. The young lady working as hostess is very nice and helpful. Our waitress is horrible. When we inquired about a few items on the menu ( like are there peanuts in a certain pastry dish as our daughter is allergic). We were told” it has German chocolate in it so I would assume so. “. Not certain of the correlation. When we asked if a salad were available she said they are only serving breakfast. I would have expected that a waitress would check with the kitchen about non menu items or allergy questions. When she brought our food she placed my daughter’s plate directly on the paper she was actively coloring on. We had to move other items around as she was just haphazardly putting the rest of the plates down . We got the feeling that our table was a bother. No one followed up with us after we got our food until the bill was brought to us. Refills on water or iced tea was never offered We had to chase down the hostess for condiments and sweetener for teaMy wife had the chorizo tacos. The meat was greasy and they were served cold. I had the chicken and waffles which was average. The dish was very dry as the sauce plated was minimal. Had we been checked upon we could’ve voiced our concerns. My daughter had the herb potatoes which were very good. All in all the atmosphere was great. The food flaws could’ve been overlooked if the service had a pulse

  4. StripClub431

    Love this place the food is awesome and drinks strong and taste great. The ambiance is great

  5. Johnnyboy123

    This was our second time at this restaurant and there was a consistent theme: horrible service. Our waitress was very prompt at taking our order and that was the only good service we received. She walked by (empty handed) and saw the empty plates on our table FIVE TIMES and never offered to clear the table. Finally another server walked by once and cleared them. She was also horrible at refilling our drinks and asking if everything was ok. We observed her giving all of the surrounding tables excellent service while treating us like garbage! Any time we would ask a question we would get interrupted by a short, rushed response as she would walk away from us, basically ignoring us ( yet she would have conversations with other guests!) What did we do to piss off the server? We were not rude (although we should have been with the attitudes we received), all we did was want a meal! Although the service was crappy, the food was wonderful! This place would do better if they would step up the quality of their service as I have heard that I am not the only one to experience such poor service.

  6. ted

    Best club in the area.

  7. 4.4 for a closed club?
  8. harryharry

    Check the cheese board as it changes! Had it once and loved it. Ordered it on another occasion and the selection was of a much lesser quality. Had the pizza and it was just ok.good drink specials and nice ambience.Location opening in the Falls soon.

  9. Deb P.

    Dinner was terrific. The baked Tilapia was fantastic! Service was excellent. Will absolutely return.

  10. Robert D.

    Food and service were both very good. They were very ready to help when we showed up with 9 instead of 7. Decor is up to date and clean

  11. 4.1
  12. Franklyn

    I’d heard amazing things about The Office from a friend from university, so I was looking forward to finding a time to check it out.The salad was better than the food. I’ve said it many many times before, but if you put something on a menu, I expect it to be good. I don’t care if I’m in a steakhouse, if you put sushi on the menu, it should be good! And if you’re, what amounts to, a gastropub and you put Jambalaya on the menu, it should be good!It wasn’t.I had the mesclun salad and the Jambalaya. The salad was beautiful. Crisp and green, the fresh berries were a perfect compliment to the pecans and blue cheese. Oh and the balsamic dressing. That was truly perfect. The jambalaya was tragic. Granted, I have never been to NOLA, but I do generally know good food and have had what others have confirmed as authentic Jambalaya. To my understanding and previous experience, jambalaya is basically a relatively close cousin to the Spanish paella. This was not it. It was a soupy, Campbell’s version of a beautiful rice dish. Any flavors from the andouille sausage and shrimp were overwhelmed by the tomato sauce (tomato sauce?!) drowned rice. I’m not sure who was doing what in the back, but I’ve eaten better food on a plane.Service was decent, atmosphere was generic. Unless there is something I’m missing here, I don’t think I’ll be returning.

  13. XhXeXy

    Feeling immediately comfortable in a new establishment is highly unusual, but that’s what happened at the Office Bistro on Akron’s North Hill. This is a hidden gem and I fell in love with it almost instantly. It starts with the free and friendly valet parking. Upon entering the cozy interior, the bartender yelled out hello! despite never having seen us before in his life. Our attentive waiter recommended a bottle of Oxford Landing shiraz after finding out what we liked in wine. Score! A grouper-pasta-sun-dried tomato dish (the daily special) melted in my mouth, and the house salad dressing, a white French, was perfect. Again, score! Apple pie – I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a pie that had a crust this spectacular; it was better than the apples, though they were good. Score to the third power! Very well lit, so that you can actually see around you; dim places or venues with greenish lighting are a turnoff. A big screen projected a faux roaring fireplace, haha, which almost made us feel warmer. Art on the walls was obviously carefully selected; not sure if it was local, but will find out next time. The bar looked like a nice place to sit as well, but we were in the dining room. The place was packed and everyone seemed to be having a most excellent time. Delightful, and not 10 minutes from my house.

  14. not the best

    One of the girls stole my wallet, when I brought this to the attion of the manager he asked me to leve, I wanted to call the police he said if i did he would kick my ass untill they got here and then tell them it was self defense. you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

  15. GarryWas

    Excellent food an excellent service!!!! I tried the salmon an pineapple Loved it!!!! Definitely will be back great atmosphere!!!

  16. Ryan I.

    I remember the menu being quite long. I remember ordering for the table ad infinitum for seemingly two hours. then martinis came. After that, not so much. thanks Ernie for the food coma. Def the place to go in the falls. Apps are smokin like the Bandit on a beer haul. Cool place. Go.

  17. Rick M.

    Always enjoy this little spot. Good food done well. Had the cuban for lunch. It was outstanding.

  18. Post office?

    Raising prices. Good thing to do in a recession

  19. curtis17

    We had not been to the office in a while. WOW!!! The menu has improved. The breakfast balls are incredible–best as an appetizer. The pork hash was enjoyable too. Excited to make a return trip. Wait staff was attentive and friendly.

  20. BOB


  21. Melissa B.

    This restaurant is ok at best. Service was good except the couple we were with didn’t receive part of their meal. Server blamed the kitchen, kitchen blamed the server….it was embarrassing. All in all the food was not memorable and I see no reason to return. My friend did say her mojito was great but that was the only highlight. When you open a restaurant up the street from a well established, incredibly successful eatery you better offer something special or you won’t make it….I’m afraid the Office’s days are numbered.

  22. Weedman420

    Wonderful food, great drink menu and excellent service! A great place to have dinner- menu is great and the food is wonderful. Patio is very nice. I highly recommend this place.

  23. igor34

    We had superb service. The food was very good. I had scallops wrapped in salmon. I had a nice wine to go with. A 7 layer chocolate cake was delicious. I was also with amazing company. The service was really exceptional – she helped make the evening super fun by being attentive but not intrusive and guiding some of the choices based on our preferences.

  24. winston12

    Went here for Mother’s Day brunch. It was average. I had the lobster omelet. Except for the inclusion of lobster meat it was a very average omelet – for which I would not expect to pay as much as I paid. The service was very good. The atmosphere is OK – lots of drywall and concrete floors. The Akronut was very good as a desert

  25. Where

    Where is this place? Stopped by the address and I didn’t see it.

  26. nickstrip

    First time dining here, on a Wed night. Place pretty empty but great casual warm vibe, low key atmosphere. Bar seating on one side, regular dining on the other– topped off with a nice huge flat screen tv. Wide variety of food and drink items on menu for all kinds of palates. Pretty inexpensive too. Got the ahi tuna app, delicious! Lobster Mac n cheese for the entree. Mojito to top it off. Will definitely be back!

  27. Alicia P.

    Been there twice and got the Cuban sandwich both times because it was so delicious the first time! As for appetizers the pickles and fried green tomatoes were both great! The horseradish cream sauce for the tomatoes is outstanding. The cheesecake was to die for and the drinks were excellent too! Can’t wait to go back!

  28. Christina L.

    Came for brunch and will definitely be back! The classic breakfast (2 eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast) was great. The mimosa was tasty, too!

  29. D.C.

    Another fashizzle deadizzle

  30. adamrod

    Wow!!! What can I say, Eric thank you for the excellent bourbon tasting tonight!!! The food the bourbon!!! Omg I will be back!!

  31. joseph1k

    Recently decided to try the Office for dinner with my girlfriends – had heard a lot of good comments and wanted to see for myself. We went on a Sunday evening, and were seated immediately. The restaurant decor is understated and nice, and wasn’t too loud which was good because we had a lot of catching up to do! They immediately come to the table for drink orders, and I have to say my Cosmopolitan came out so nice and icy cold – it was fabulous! Our waiter was really nice and gave us a great breakdown of some of the menu favorites to help us decide. I enjoyed a wonderful scallop dinner with mushroom couscous, it was absolutely amazing. All the meals looked great, and we all enjoyed ourselves. I really want to go back, and you should definitely give it a try!

  32. anthony1

    Fried Pickles…. I usually love fried pickles, but they are usually fried Dill. Their’s are fried Butter pickles, which if I knew in advance would not have ordered them. Don’t like them to start with. Suggestion, switch to Dill because the wasabi sauce was awesome!I also ordered the Spicy Shrimp Mac n Cheese. Way too much chard, way too much cheese sauce (ya, I said it!). The mouse, herself said waaaay too much cheese sauce. The pasta was just lost and just another suggestion, if you call it Spicy SHRIMP Mac n Cheese, have more that two on top. I’m Just sayin…Now, my daughter had the Chicken Muenster Mac n Cheese and it was OFF the Hook!!! Jealousy was in the air.Lastly, I cannot write a review without giving “big ups” to the bartender. Dude made a helluva good ass martini. Both of them! If in Akron again soon, I’ll give the menu another shot. Excellently priced food items and cocktails!

  33. Still going
  34. Rickster P.

    Met another couple there this evening. Our experience tonight required me to eat a bit of “humble pie.” I know as left the other couple was wondering why I had recommended we go there. The service started great and steadily declined.The mussels were average — at best (they were *outstanding* previously). If this is the way that they’ll be making them from now on I’ll be certain not to order them again.The calamari was “OK” and “expected.” Nothing creative or particularly wonderful. The sauerkraut balls were excellent as was the small plate tuna thing. And, there was no whole wheat or mufti-grain bread available — only junk white rolls.. That alone suggests the place is “average.”I’m going to revise my rating to a “weak 3.” I’m not certain we’ll go back. Competition is a wonderful thing!

  35. 3.847
  36. Deb F.

    I had not been here in a couple of years but was excited to take some friends who had never been. I was extremely disappointed! Our server didn’t know the menu well and had to go to the kitchen to check on whatever we ask her. We ordered appetizers of chicken quesadilla, which were ok and jalapeño poppers. Poppers were under cooked and so spicy they couldn’t be eaten (we like spicy, but these were to much). Ours dinners came out and looked good, but unfortunately they didn’t taste as good as they looked. The stuffed chicken breast (the special of the night) was way undercooked and you couldn’t taste the crab stuffing. My friend ordered chicken with a lemon sauce and had to scrape the sauce off it was so lemony. He said he’s had lemonade that wasn’t as lemony. We did let the manager know of the issues and she did bring us a large piece of yummy chocolate cake! The staff is friendly but we will not be returning to this restaurant again.

  37. Done
  38. 3.612
  39. XXXbeast

    We reserved a table for Valentine’s and got seated quickly. Calamari was good but our 2 dinner entrees took almost an hour to hit the table. 2 tables sat after us were served while we waited. And the entrees were nothing to write home about. Soupy risotto, bland chicken…not the best Valentine’s dinner. Our server never can over to explain the delay. Another server over heard us talking about how long our wait was and tried to explain it away. Just not what I expected and was disappointed.

  40. Going, going,....
  41. ryan123

    This is one of my favorite places in Akron. If I could go here every week I would be a regular with my own bar stool. Love the food, the drinks and especially the staff.

  42. Kerry K.

    The martinis were less than mediocre. Not cold and less than full. Menu changed which is sad because I loved the old menu.

  43. BEN


  44. richard95

    Stopped here not knowing anything except what Google had. What a great experience. the service was fantastic, the drinks unbelievably delicious and the food excellent. I was amazed at the portion sizes and we ordered first as a snack pretzels–there was enough for a regiment!!! I recommend this place without hesitation!! The pulled pork sandwich I had was delicious and my husband raved over his rare [and it was rare] hamburger!!! Great experience and this was also mid-afternoon so the kitchen was preparing for the dinner hour and they still produced a great meal!

  45. Hank

    had a great time

  46. Sejla K.

    Went here for Sunday brunch with a couple of friends and had a great experience. The food was great, and all the Sunday brunch menu items come with a free samosa or bellini. What really stood out was the wonderful service–we never asked for anything because they were on top of it. Will definitely go back whenever I’m in town.

  47. james1412

    I’ve only been to the Akron location, but I love it! The food is always great (lobster mac n’ cheese = delicious). Their martini’s are fabulous. Wednesday nights from 5-9 they have $5 martini’s. My friend and I have taken advantage of this more than a few times, ordering 2-3 each and sometimes splitting one lol The atmosphere is classy and laid back, nice little patio area. Staff is always friendly and some of the men that work there are gorgeous 😉

  48. Kelly

    best place in stark county

  49. yanard12

    Visited for Dinner on 12/10/15, and was seriously disappointed. Looks like the new ownership took over and cut costs all around, but did not lower the prices. The menu changed to mainly chicken dishes and fried food, but the pricing stayed the same: $11-15 for a dinner item. After waiting 10 minutes for a server, we ordered chicken dishes, only to find out they were OUT of chicken, at 7pm on a Saturday night!?! After changing to the angel hair pasta (spaghetti and frozen meatballs) we bit into a meatball, and it ICE COLD :(. The chicken salad on pretzel bun was so heavy with mayo and onion, I couldn’t make it past 2 bites. The table next to us walked out due to lack of service. Overall, very disappointing. The only positive about the whole experience was the bartender, he was able to make us 4 great martinis from the old menu (Win Win’s). We used to be weekly regularly, however we will NOT be coming back again.

  50. Nicholas M.

    Went here the other night and LOVED this place – clearly the best bar/restaurant in the Akron/Falls area. They have a great selection of craft beers and good cocktails. I was very impressed with the staff too. It was pretty packed when we went – I was greeted immediately and the bartender was really cool with speedy service skills. I really like the food here too! The mussels were super tasty! Go here!

  51. Club tender


  52. Robert A.

    Great food, great beer selections, and excellent decor. If you need a place to relax after work in North Hill, this is my #1 choice.

  53. fisherdex1

    This is my third time here after seeing food on facebook. My other two visits were so so the first time was ok, the second time I got negative vibes from bar so I wasnt too thrilled to return, but after seeing the photo’s online I decided to give it a go one last time so I went asked for what I seen but no one knew what I was talking about cause it wasn’t on the menu, come to find out its from the new chef, if I wasnt marrried he would be in my kitchen lol. the staff was great in helping me I enjoyed the drinks loved the company eric made me feel very welcomed the food lets say only thing left was the sauce on the plate anyone that goes ask for the pineapple dish.P.S I WILL RETURN

  54. fritter17

    Went here for brunch and had a nice time. There are few brunch places in the area and so I was eager to see what they offered.All brunch entrees include a drink (I had a bloody mary) and pastries–a nice touch.I had the waffles and fried chicken. The chicken is boneless with a thin, crisp breading and comes with their homemade buffalo sauce. The waffle is a huge Belgian waffle. I could barely finish everything.I will definitely be coming back!

  55. Daniel R.

    Has a neighborhood bar feel, Nice space, great cocktails and beer selection, HD tvs for sports, nice outdoor patio, cute small dining room (I ate at the bar). Very hospitable and entertaining bar staff. Owner even came out of the kitchen and struck up a conversation. Food was way beyond what i was expecting. Menu is on par with Ken Stewart’s, but much less expensive. I’ll be going back. only negative was bar top, might just be my personal taste but I thought this should be upgraded.

  56. Bill


  57. mathewater12

    I used to be a regular at the Office, and at one time claimed it to be my most favorite bar in Akron. When the Office opened it was more of a typical bar, but they continued to improve. I especially appreciated the beer selection — the former manager used to keep some pretty delicious rare beer in stock. Their menu was fantastic as well, and I adored the mussels. Unfortunately they took a different direction recently and sacked the best bartender/manager I’ve experienced from a customer’s perspective. The last time I went they had Stella on draft, a bartender who knew nothing about beer, and a very limited menu compared to what it once was. You’d be better served going to a mediocre chain restaurant near chapel hill.

  58. Jennifer W.

    The Office Bistro and Lounge impresses as usual. Food is consistent and well-prepared. We started with the mussels as an appetizer and they were amazing. I could eat the entire order myself. I ordered the half portion of Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with chilled sesame noodles, ginger, wasabi and teriyaki. I don’t know who could finish the full portion, mine was ample and I even took some home. Absolutely perfectly prepared and delicious. They have also updated their menu since I was there last.The staff is super friendly and and service is attentive. Tim, our waiter, was excellent and perfectly timed our courses. My Write-Up martinis (I had three) were superb, never empty and $5 on Wednesdays. It can’t be beat!

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