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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Babe’s

  1. paul

    Bella and Munroe are my favorites!!

  2. A.J.

    The best thing about this place was the DJ

  3. James

    overall the worst expierence ive had

  4. Marcus

    Ok…if you are a gang banger, a thug, or a drug addict this is the place for you. I thought I was going to get mugged in that place. Not a very respectable client base. I would not recommend this club to a clean cut guy looking for a good time. I really did not feel safe.

  5. guywithmoney

    the girls here are pretty good girls. Alot of drugs and dopeboys circulating through this place and management is pathetic, nonexistant on weekends. Its a free-for-all with only one security guard trying to enforce the rules. The dances were great but those couches are in the shittiest condition. I know its not the dancers fault but I almost wanted my money back (got a 2×4 up the ass) and it was comical watching them walk around with pillows, stacking them on the couch to make it make more comfortable for the customers. Great girls, too bad that club has so much potential but management wont use it to their advantage.

  6. Reveiw

    I am so sorry but i was treated so bad at this club.By Danille and his dancers!!!He is not a fair person .And also will let the girls talk nasty to one anouther and just about let the girls run the show!!!Come on!!! Get real and be fair…Treat others as you want to be treated!!!

  7. Girl at Babe's

    Babe’s is an amazing club! Many many improvements have been made recently, very good ones I might add. (ahem Callie was fired to the person who wrote below) The girls here are beautiful, the music is of mixed variety, drink specials, an awesome club with sweet girls and great drinks! The best one in Pensacola hands down!!!

  8. Scott

    Babe’s is the ONLY place to party, I brought 20 guys on a Bachelor party there, the management there took care of us, the girls are super hotttt, and the drink prices are great, the gave us the VIP treatment, we are going back soon, great club guys, keep up the good work.

  9. uptown

    Good place girls not interested in working too hard, have to beg for a private dance

  10. scott McQuinn

    While not the greatest club in the world, it is the best in pensacola

  11. metalhead2999

    Finest girls p-cola has to offer. Come on out and see for your self

  12. Andy

    Been in a few times now and always have a good time! Sammy is a great DJ, and the girls are always very nice to me. The drinks are exceptionally well priced and the servers and bartenders are really on their game, too. Overall, a great experience!

  13. D-Tox'n
  14. nick noel
  15. harryharry

    I’m going to give this place 5 stars based off of my one experience here. I don’t remember too much of it but I had an incredible time here. The drinks are fairly priced and the dancers were fairly good looking. I went with 6 girlfriends for my 22nd birthday and it was incredible. If I find myself back in Pensacola, I will definitely drop by for a visit.

  16. Clubin it

    I had a great time. The club, the girls, it was all good for me.

  17. XhXeXy

    $6 cover charge. $45 lap dances that aren’t even good. Ugly girls. This place sucks.

  18. Carmen

    I really injoy working at Babes!I worked for Arety for Two year’s off and on and Babes is very laid back.The girls are beautiful and treat you with respect.The Manager’s are nice and don’t get all pissy when you can’t make it to work.Some girl’s just can’t work four day’s a week.Anyway,I just wanted to say that I should have went to work here alot sooner than I did.LOVE IT!!!

  19. brittany

    i would rather spend money at babe’s than sammy’s

  20. me
  21. SAMMY
  22. TMD
  23. wtfe

    good times, nice girls….Vanessa is HOT

  24. Franklyn

    Nice place. Needs a makeover. But the staff is excellent. The girls are above average. Plus Micks wife works there. I know TMI. But great place to unwind. Always had a great time. Enough said.

  25. joseph1k

    None of the negative comments here are true. This is hands down the best place in town! The dj is amazing and so is the staff! Do not judge by bad reviews! You have to come see for yourself!

  26. likesbabes
  27. danielson

    Hot chicks and fun atmosphere best on the weekdays. Decent prices. Stay and have some fun

  28. Lora

    I started my bar club accounts at this club.
    Former name: Shirley schang
    I love this club and got help starting out.

  29. to the manager

    if you wanted one dollar bills you should have been honest. you burned your bridge! Willie would be ashamed of you 🙁

  30. Chuck
  31. pushy strippers

    can ruin a night, i didnt think id get callie off my dick after i bought her a drink hell i would of rather given her the 20 bucks and told her to fuck off. its hard to get hard when you have a whiny bitch in your ear trash talking every girl that walks by, hell i could of stayed at home and saved my self the money!

  32. The s stops here

    This is the greatest strip club in Pensacola. It is so great other clubs have to write derogatory comments about us to try make better business for themselves.

  33. bob
  34. Mark

    ive had more fun at a donkey show

  35. √olt

    From what i’ve seen in Pensacola this is the best club i went to out of 4 others you will have a great time there, the women there is eletric! with stimulating lap dances

  36. Desire

    I have been there and the owner or manager is useless

  37. Ashley

    This is the best strip bar in Pensacola…no stupid rules like Sammy’s…the girls are hot, sweet, and lots of fun…there’s always a guaranteed huge crowd on Fridays and Saturdays…you wont regret going to this club, and I’m sure once you go you’ll go again and again!

  38. Ryan H.

    Amazing club! The hottest girls, with most girls of any club in Pensacola. Great drink specials, amazing music and the best DJ’s around. A great time!

  39. rogerrab2

    Love this place! When you wake up with no cards and no id’s, it was a good time. Lol I will be back! For my belongings. And maybe a drink.

  40. Roadmap

    Went to spend a couple of hours there early Jan 08 and liked the selection of talents. Tipped all the girls that came on stage, hotties or not but out of maybe 10 girls, two came to thank or say hello. Others just got off the stage and went to their own little corner. What now, $10 or more can’t get you girls to just say a simple thank you? Not asking for eternal gratitude, just plain customer service.

    Avoid at all cost and head out to Sammy’s. Better value for your bucks.

  41. love this place
  42. Warren

    Hey Arety (Art) you still as sexy as always! lol Miss ya darlin! May come see ya sometime!

    luv ya,


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