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5922 South Dixie Highway, South Miami, FL 33143


25.703817, -80.289792




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “BT’S Gentlemen’s Club

  1. rickywho2

    It was their anniversary celebration so we could not go wrong! Free admission, open bar with all liquors included with a pig roast( one of the best we’ve ever had!)…what else can a Man want?! I happened to go with my Lady, so was behaving, but it certainly seemed that they were one of the classier clubs where the women looked sexy and they weren’t too pushy or obnoxious with money or dances. Nothing out of this world, but a very pleasing experience and would recommend this place of you want to have the boonies and booties without the Trap!

  2. maxxy1

    The best strip club in Miami. A party every time

  3. Dominique F.

    It baffles me so much that ive been to the coral location and absolutely hated it and I gave this location the benefit of the doubt but tonight I learned that was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. If I can give this place no stars I most definitely would. First of all the security “thought” my sister took a picture of the strippers, we are usual strip club goers and we know not to take pictures especially because of the fact that we paid to get in and paid for drinks that barely have alcohol in them, so why would we want to get kicked out for their not even good looking strippers is beyond me.. Anyways my sister had to prove she did not take a picture by showing her latest picture which was a picture of something that is private (what girl doesn’t send these kind of pictures to their boo when they’re drunk).. She had to show this picture and the security went through it and walked away as if it was okay to do that. This place disgusts me! And then to top things off. They needed OUR table for a bottle….. After this I was over it, I just left and honestly its my last time going. I’ll never attend any bts that exist, I’ve been plenty of times and usually I love it but this experience really ruined everything I think about this place. Horrible service, but I guess you cant expect much from such a low strip club. And to think I convinced my sisters this was an amazing strip club… I’m completely disappointed. And the fact that no one apologetic.. Expect me to be the type of person that talks down about this place to make sure no one I know ever steps foot in this disgusting place.

  4. Gustavo Q.

    What do guys do when they’re done partying/hanging and don’t want to go home yet? They go out to a strip club and enjoy themselves.BT’s certainly fits under the generic strip club category and doesn’t do much to stand out from the rest. From the smoke filled air, to the moderately priced beers. Nothing stood out from the general strip club scene. One thing that annoyed me was that after every stage dance each of the girls would come to you asking for a tip. It was extremely unclassy, rude and some even insulted me in Spanish (which i found kind of funny since I know Spanish). I did figure out a way to get the to go away. Just tell them that you just got here and they would go away. Pretty simple strategy to save some money. I mean how dumb would you have to be to believe that excuse, but whatever they fell for it. I guess they cant be that be that bright if they are working a joint like this. Anyways, I ended up enjoying myself, but spending a tad bit more money that I wanted to spend, oh well you live and learn. I personally wouldn’t go back unless a group of friend wanted to hit this place up. Other than that, I would take the drive up to tootsies and have a better time.

  5. james

    my first experience in Florida and i enjoyed it

  6. Franklyn

    Love or hate it.. yes, it can be ghetto.. yes it can be raunchy, but i dont even care!BT’s is a sure spot for fun in my book and theres always a good crowd. Ive gone on a Thursday, Friday even on a Sunday. Service for drinks is always on point, the pretty ladies always make sure to check on my drinks and make sure my cup is full. There is a two drink minimum and they have pretty good specials on bottles. Im really a fan of only 4 or 5 of the girls that work here. A stripper gave me a hug here on my birthday which made it another memorable & fun experience.Only reason my review lacks is a star is the fact that he girls come up to you for tips. Im more of a sit back and watch type of girl and dont like it when they come ask for money.

  7. Guadalupe

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  8. Mark

    ive had more fun at a donkey show.

  9. Peter M.

    I stopped in the other night for the first time in about a year just planning to have a few beers and ended up leaving at 5 a.m. Ouch. They had a nice selection of dancers who were all very friendly and did not hassle you to spend a lot of money on them. The drinks are pricey, but they do have .99 cent beers on Mondays before 9 p.m. I met my new favorite dancer, Illusion, who was more flexible than an Olympic gymnast and also very beautiful. On the down side the lap dancing areas are quite dirty looking and need to be upgraded.

  10. fuckery12

    What happened, BT’s? You used to be so much fun after a couple of drinks in South Miami. A little expensive, yes; a little crowded, yes; a little sleazy (but the good kind of sleaze), yes. Went in on Saturday though, and the sleaze component was off the charts. Gross, poorly dancing women with nasty surgical scars, patrons that looked like they were related to Hannibal Lecter, crazy drink prices, and way way way more people than the fire code would allow for. Its like you decided since the only close place you had to compete with was Bare Necessities that it wasn’t worth trying anymore. This place used to be the perfect mix of sleaze and class, but now its racing to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Hopefully the management will wake up and try to be a little more classy (but not too much).

  11. gino cabaz
  12. Beau

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  13. eddie
  14. IOC

    Although the women here are beautiful the dishonestly of the management

    ruins the experience. Today Booby Trap had advertised that today 8/18/10

    they were offering free drinks from 7-10pm. When I arrived at 9:30, the

    bartender insisted that there was no free drink offer today. At this point, I felt

    ripped off because I had already paid a cover charge. I declined to buy any

    drinks, and enjoyed watching the dancers for about an hour…..

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  18. dude1
  19. Miami Couple

    We had a great time!!!!!!!! We’ll Be back!!!!!!!!

    Roxana was great…

  20. AssnTits5

    A few of us had just hit a couple of places in the Brickell area for dinner and drinks when one of them suggested that we head to a gentlemen’s club. I explained that we could head down US-1 for about 15 minutes and hit this place with sometimes mediocre women, or head up the I-95 for about 20 minutes to a place like Scarlett’s which usually has a better offering. They chose a quicker drive over classier ladies, so off to BT’s we go. We arrived, handed over our IDs and $10 cover and went inside to watch the ladies dance. The place was fairly packed with customers when we arrived, but we managed to find a few open stools near the entrance to the area where they have the infamous “private rooms” in the back. On this night there were also more ladies than there had been in the past when I was here, and I gotta say, some of them had some talent with the things they could do to/with the ole’ dancer poles as well! On the other hand, the Latin boys really seemed to go for the one with a really nice body, but a big ole’ padunkadunk (sp?) which kept shaking and jiggling long after she’d stopped moving her hips. I swear, I’ve never seen that many men cheering for a saucy bum before, and when she’d be on her hands and knees or on her belly, they were throwing fistfulls of dollar bills right at her caboose. It’s almost like they didn’t even care about her, but they loved that booty and were rewarding IT by throwing dollars directly at it. They were mesmerized by this thing!! As always, the ladies were friendly, fun, none were really pushy and asking you to get extra services, etc.. One oddity was when a girl came by and asked if I wanted to tip her. I asked if she’d just gotten done with her dance or if she was up soon, and she looked at me, smiled, shrugged her shoulders and said “Uh, I dunno??”. Wow! Anyway, as always a fun night and a good time was had by all, even the couple of ladies who were in our party on this night, though unfortunately we decided to leave before they got to see the favorite that they’d picked out to dance for them. Leaves something for them to look forward to the next time they visit, I guess!

  21. local

    good club but i had a bad experience with someone trying to turn it into a brothel.

  22. carlos
  23. ryan123

    When two girls says “Anyone want to go to a stripclub?” you go, no questions asked. My friends knew this rule, so it ended up being the two girls and ten guys in their mid 20’s. For most of us, it was our first strip club experience. BT’s met everyone’s expectations. It was smokey and filled with older men we all swore we would never become. Oh, and there were naked women.I was surprised by the wide range of girls. Tall, short, skinny, healthy, fake, real, saggy, enhanced. The last girl we saw on stage looked built enough to try out for the Dolphin’s this offseason.Don’t bother trying to use the coupon for free entry online; it doesn’t work when there is a cover. Drinks are expensive. The servers are way hotter than the dancers, so it was a letdown knowing they wouldn’t be on stage. Also, the DJ was utterly incomprehensible, like an auctioneer that had a stroke.

  24. Weedman420

    Honestly I worked for the owner for five years and this location is his worst. Management here treat the female employees with little respect and the dancers are treated like sex mules. With clear understanding that most adult entertainment entities in South Florida are brothels anyway that does not mean they must be subjected to additional harassment within the workplace. Perhaps if management treated their contractors a bit better, they would actually stand a chance at sustaining a lineup of better looking females.

  25. David

    first time at a strip club, went with a buddy of mine for spring break. Karla was a dream…down to earth, amazing body…I could not get enough of that ass!!! Will be back for sure!!

  26. Matt

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  27. A

    Gone on a few week nights and week days, good number of girls, mostly 8’s and 9’s, with a few 5’s mixed in. Really good private dances for $20-25 (seems like the girls set price themselves). VIP is pricy but worth it. Cover affordable at $5 at night. Annoyingly, all the girls make rounds of the room after a dance and ask for tips.

  28. Robin
  29. Bama

    This is the last stop for me and the boys, the dancers here are great. Always worth the trip.

  30. good custumer

    get rid of oldman dj your time has come an gone

  31. rogerrab2

    Ducked in for a business meeting at the ‘tween time (7Pish) on a recent Saturday.There were 3 dancers about and the most attractive was actually the bartender. Of course, that is subjective. I know better, this is the slow time for this type of joint. The time to visit is when the sun is down and the nocturnal denizens are about. Let me visit later of an evening and I will update my review.

  32. Steve S.

    At the door. Charging the women. Screw yall. My boy has a bottle going somewhere else.

  33. eddyL

    I was alittle apprehensive at first being my first visit to a strip club but nonetheless I had a wonderful time. The women were beautiful and inviting. I had a lovely conversation with one of the ladies there which lead to multiple private dances. The parking is a little troublesome but overall it was a splendid experience.

  34. norman

    this place is a booby trap for all the nast ugly girls.

  35. Morris
  36. Chase

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  40. Andy

    I’m spoiled now! No other club can match BTs. can’t wait to get back.

  41. harryharry

    This place is disgusting and all the girls there are *itches!! How they make money amazes me . I recently went there and im a women, and i was shocked at the low class girls and not to mention the guys that work there. One classless stripper there (i forgot her name, but she has a star tattoo On her face) even went as far as to have the bouncer tell my friend to leave because she was “bothering” her?? How the heck does someone bother a stripper is beyond me.. Especially because we were with a group of str8 women who were just curious to see a male strip club, my take is that she got angry because we didnt give her $ when she came around.. (she was disgusting) and since we were women she told the bouncer to have us leave, so in a nutshell we were gender discriminated against.. And to top it all off i asked for the managers business card and he wouldnt even come outside, i asked the bouncer and he just closed the door in my face .. This place is ridiculous! STEER CLEAR!!!! SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!! There are plenty of strip clubs that have more class than this!!! The grime and scum that work here are not worth it!

  42. Latin Lover

    Small club. Hot girls. Went during the week and it was pretty empty, which is good if you want some private time with a particular girl. Will go again.

  43. Posse93

    Beautiful dancers. Very attentive. Great lap dances, lots of contact.

  44. yo

    the club is the shit

  45. nickstrip

    Pretty darn cool. I didn’t realize that it would be good on a weekday, but happened to in the area for an unrelated appointment and stopped by. Parking is around back which was nice and the girls were good looking. What else do you need?

  46. Sheldon

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  47. curious

    great great great

  48. Renee D.

    hmmm. It had definitely been a while since my last visit to a strip club. Normally I would have passed, but with the group I was with – it was hard to go home. We went on a Tuesday night, so needless to say the place was dead. They charged us $5 to get in which was super cheap compared to the other places I’d been. The lighting is just right in there – the dancers that night, were def. not the best I’d ever seen, but they were sexy, and fun too – which I think probably matters a whole lot in that line of work. The minimal crowd in there -was a little sketchy, but made the most of that Tuesday. The bartender was a bit slow, although I didn’t realize until a bit later that there was a cocktail waitress – and a big shocker – BIG shocker to me was that the girls took their panties off. I thought, this was illegal, but I guess BT’s has a special full nudity license. The girls were groomed appropriately, thank god. I like the two pole runway too 🙂 I bet this place gets rockin’ on the weekend. Might be back, might not. Really not my thing – but neither is watching sports. I moreso like to be in the game – so I should probably stay away from this place.

  49. Smithers lookalike

    That annoying fucking tip collecting has got to go! I can’t stand the constant interuptions when I am trying to talk to someone or enjoying the dancer currently on stage. Besides, if I like you I will tip you and if I don’t like you, why should I? Another thing that annoys me are the waitresses running to you as soon as a dancer sits with you to sell you an overpriced drink she will take no more than 2 sips. This has driven my business elsewhere which is a shame cause I really liked to freq 2 of the girls here and they just lost their regular.

  50. adamrod

    It was weak. Only two hotties and they sat on the same two guys laps all nite I didn’t come all the way to Miami for this

  51. Charles S.

    I enjoy frequenting strip clubs and I must say I only come here in hopes that one of my favorite dancers are working. The club is small and the drink prices and caliber of dancers are not up to par. I met this girl around October 2009. She called herself Dahlia. Hands down the best, sweetest, and most personable girl at the club and, perhaps, that I have ever met. Since then I have gone back in hopes that she would be working, but to no avail. We crossed paths again yesterday (08/25/10) and she told me that she was no longer working there because the management insisted on her being a day shift girl and asked her to leave. She is now working at PT’s Showclub. This is one of the hardest working dancers I have seen. It’s a shame that BT’s is going to lose business because of it. I probably won’t be coming here for some time. The girls coming around asking for tips after they dance on stage is rather annoying.

    To Miss Canary Islands with love,

    Baltimore Charlie

  52. Julie A.

    This is one of those places where you basically see a lot of dry humping. And I thought that the rule was to sit on your hands until your ass numbs them because there is NO WAY you’re allowed to touch the strippers. Well, in Booby Traps (or BT for squares) ANYTHING GOES! No, really! ANY THING! I saw men act like chimps smacking asses like forest fires. I felt like I was the wolf from those Tex Avery cartoons. If you want to feel shame and check one of the many ladies into a methadone clinic, then this is a place NOT to go to.

  53. Sean

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