Grand Daddy’s Gentlemens Club



861 Grand Avenue, Schofield, WI 54476


44.9201055, -89.6122833




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Grand Daddy’s Gentlemens Club

  1. Frank

    Drinks are way overpriced and girls are snobby! Stay away, showtime is much better

  2. Bill from Chicago

    Had a great time last weekend, see you all soon!

  3. Future Miss Nude Wis

    Can’t wait for the competition. I’m gonna win!!

  4. Dr. Dolittle

    RE:Haggar…..Maybe you just caught her on a bad night because she is one of the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet in a club like this.

  5. person rating this club

    its nice

  6. joe
  7. copycat

    This club needs to quit trying to copy other places cause it isn’t working and the desperation is showing.

  8. patron

    loved the club and all of the new improvements. the staff was nice and so were the girls. i always have a great time when im there. I think the bartender Renae was my favorite. The manager was also very nice. This club is classy and fun.

  9. Jasen
  10. Micky

    Haven’t been there in awhile but I’ll be in this week.

  11. J

    This was the best club experiance ever!

  12. Howey

    This place is busier then showtime, I should know I frequent them every week. Besides as you know all of the washed up Grand Daddy girls have no choice but to go to Showtime or some other club.

  13. kelin
  14. devil

    awesome club

  15. Lana

    I love this club! It has style and class!

  16. Eric
  17. BC

    This club is the best in the Wausau area

  18. Frogman

    Had an awesome time.

  19. John

    Easy skanky girls, gotta love that.

  20. WAYNE


  21. Jeff

    wtf? is with all the trailer park hoes? can’t you afford to hire better dancers. bad just bad

  22. Dan B

    they was very friendly and i really like ashley she is very cool and fun nice club

  23. Luke

    Wow! Great place, nice painting and overall

  24. pwf

    My wife and I have been here many times and have never felt uncomfortable nor have we ever been disapointed. We will keep going!

  25. Willy

    Great club we will be back

  26. sandra davies

    i smell a rat or fish not so sure it might be nikki

  27. Jennifer

    I’m not a huge fan of these kind of places but it is the nicest in the area.

  28. bob
  29. Wally
  30. Dane

    yeah they copy cat like a bunch of no brained losers! Post that on your wall wanna-be’s this club sucks and so does Teaser’s.

  31. Robert

    Love the atmosphere, great art work.

  32. out of town

    Girls were excellent! i was in town on business supposed to go home on friday stayed til sunday to hang with the girls in the vip. Awesome! be back soon.

  33. Chris

    It’s just plain awesome

  34. tim
  35. igor34

    Lots of fun, brought my wife with me and the place is very female friendly. Dancers all had great personality and were pleasantly looking.Will definitely come back.

  36. Scott

    This club doesn’t deserve to be in Wausau, it should be in Vegas.

  37. Bill

    Nasty girls. waste of money

  38. Out of Towner

    WOW!!! This place is getting better and better. Last time I was here the bathrooms were shitty, now there the best I’ve seen in clubs like this not to mention the videos with the music….Nice Touch!!!

  39. Distant Dancer

    I’ve only worked here a few times but It was alot of fun. Good money, nice girls….Teddy-Bear Dewey. Well worth the trip.

  40. John from tomahawk

    I was recently in this club for a bachelor party and it was the first time there. I was very impressed with the set-up, decor and professionism of most of the staff. The DJ was especially helpful with taking care of the “man of the hour” The outfits the staff wore were just a little tacky and loud for my taste. The only staff member that was not cheery was a chubby little bartender that didnt fit in with the attractive women that work there. The dancers were very friendly and quite impressive. I will return on my next trip to the wausau area.

  41. dennis

    great club had alot of fun

  42. Greg

    Looks like I found Myself a new club

  43. Marcus

    I travel to a lot of different clubs in the state of WI. I would have to say Grand Daddy’s is on my top five list.

  44. Steve-o

    This club rocks!

  45. J&M R


  46. Matt

    Great club to be with!

  47. Ron Jeremy

    It was a great club and a great night!

  48. Kevin

    This place is great owners are awesome girls are good. Can’t wait to come back.

  49. Nick

    lol! I’d rather come here anyway! Teasers always sucked when it was open anyway! Very impressed there were some good girls here tonight for once.

  50. jbour

    Excellent club. Great, friendly bartenders. Awesome dancers, especially Logan. It’s always a pleasure to watch her on stage, and her VIP time is even better. I always try to go there when I know she’s dancing there.



  52. adamrod

    Great place. Clean and tidy. People and dancers are alot of fun. Reasonable prices and a well run club.

  53. George

    I have been to alot of clubs in the state, this is a nice Vegas style club. I had lots of fun. The VIP room is very cozy!

  54. dancer

    its better than the other clubs in wausau

  55. wtf

    Really great atmosphere but most of the girls are bitchy. I would be back more often if the girls were nicer!

  56. j-dizzle
  57. Mr. Walnuts

    Truth must hurt Mr. Peanuts! You must have raisins instead of nuts. You’re right though! Dancers sometimes don’t care if they find old hairy raisins attached to the wallet that they like.

  58. Rodney

    Ive seen better girls here in the past nothin’ too special for a long time! teaser’s was no better when it was open.

  59. Lyle
  60. funny

    I thought I should put my name down as funny, because it I think that it is funny how the bad comments pertaining to the owners Fat Guy Jerry & Fugly Nikki disappear off of here all the time. Does the truth hurt so bad that you have to make it all go away by erasing it to make yourselves and the club “look” better? STILL A DIVE BAR! & funny how you can’t afford to own a place like this on your own. It finally adds up why you have ur fugly wife dance while you front like you have $$$$$ hahahaha lol!

  61. Howard

    Never been to this place before until Saturday. Man I couldn’t believe how many women patrons there were. Wow this place is nice. Will be back!

  62. bloomer

    well it smells of rotten fish hehe

    over all hmm 0.00 percent

  63. raven

    nicest place in wausau area , nice jukebox you have a wide variety of music to pick from, fun dancers that work there

  64. Pattron

    Attractive girls but mix could be improved. Upscale bar and stage, with above average effort on the stage and below average friendliness. Girls were not pushing drinks. One of better spots in northern Wisconsin.

  65. Ben

    Wanye your a douche bag, you obviously don’t have any clue about the club scene. The owner does not work at her own club and for one whats wrong with making more money!?!?!? The girls at GDs are a hell of alot better then most of the clubs around here. Within at least a 100 miles radius.

  66. Pete

    You have a wonderful club and great girls

  67. Jerry

    Please somebody! Screen your girls before you hire them! I know you can get better than what was here Saturday!

  68. Strip club dummy

    The dancers complaining about owner being rude and the owner herself being very rude to guest and dancers. Staff if friendly and dancer are decent but they need more than the same four day after day.

  69. cal
  70. Chicago Boys

    Used to go to the New Yorker on our way up north but they were closed. Found out about this place and boy did we have a great time. We don’t know why we weren’t coming here the whole time. NICE PLACE!

  71. Customer

    Try something differn’t, other than the features this club ain’t that great. Nice Atmosphere though.

  72. Fucking ME

    This club was so nasty I went their in the VIP got my dance and the Lacey wanted to take me home with her hoe I dont want to go home with you I was there for my dance quit suckin and fuckin for one min

  73. charlene
  74. YB
  75. Marve

    You won’t be disappointed!!!

  76. DJ
  77. Dean

    I hate to say it but this club is starting to be like Teaser’s in Stratford! No girls, rude owners, management and filthy dirty bathrooms! Come on now! are you gonna start booking 15 year olds like Marshall Maguire and sleep with them too? This used to be a nice club to come to, so disappointed how it has changed! PS- it’s not too late to change back to your old better ways!

  78. dudewithdollarbills

    it is the nicest club in wausau

  79. jack

    hottest girls around

  80. justin

    The dancer were talented and had a few good tricks. But they would notleave you alone if you were at the bar drink they would come a bother you to buck them. If you didn’t they would get pissed and call you a loser or say I dont need your money. Good strip club for central wisconsin got nothing on that ATL

  81. ROBB
  82. Sal

    Had fun for a monday night.

  83. Mr. Peanuts

    There was some hot girls here yesterday!!!

  84. da hotie

    nice club very new, nice to go to, worth the extra money in gas to go to. very clean and girls are hot! cover worth its gold! no prob. that bouncer can’t fix the whole club is friendly and warm everybody will help in any way they can.

  85. The Great 1

    This place is the bomb!

  86. Haggar

    I have to say that the Female Manager was one of the rudest

    chicks I have ever met….She should get fired.

  87. bloodr30
  88. Fat Man Jack

    This is an awesome club compaired to others, very well ran. I see alot of nasty clubs and this isn’t one of them.

  89. jason
  90. andy
  91. Ziggy

    This place rocks!!!

  92. Will

    Nice, but the one bartender was rude.

  93. Rex Ty Quan Doe

    The Midget is some funny shit to see. Flair bartenders are good too!!

  94. Big Al

    made the strip club rounds a couple of days this week. wasn’t impressed with some of the girls working or some of the bad music being played a bit too loud. pretty much the same thing for the rest of the titty bars too though except for Teaser’s which is closed down. Oh well no loss there I will just make the rounds again next week to check to see if there mood changes here. Hopefuly it will be better.

  95. don juan

    And the round about comment from the dj is lets here it for whoever next on stage is whoever

  96. David

    I can’t wait until the wet t contest this weekend

  97. Tom


  98. paul
  99. Ike

    Was here this passed weekend for the first time, place rocks. Couldn’t believe how nice the bathrooms are. Two thumbs up.

  100. randy

    had a great time here on sat. nite! Thanks everybody. I thought all was lost after going to the rear end & teasers! both places were dead!

  101. Bret

    Ohhh Nothing but a good time….

  102. Mark & Ken

    Great time. Hot Girls

  103. ex-customer

    fucken pointless spending money here…no new one comes here any more!

  104. boogy41

    hmmmm bad bad club

  105. on my way through

    Great club can’t wait to stop back!!!!!

  106. Miranda


  107. business traveler

    Decent Girls, good prices, ok private, HORRIBLE DJ, they just remodeled and it is a very comfortable atmosphere. I saw a main attraction and that was definately fun. No one will explain the difference between the VIP and regular private dance. girls do not harrass you for dances, which is nice. Girls can drink and smoke and you can buy them drinks if you want which is fun. I would recommend if you are in the area, but definately don’t go out of your way for it.

  108. Henry P

    I have to say I like this club first time was for your pageant. That was totally wild. Will be back

  109. Jim

    I frequent this club alot and it is the best one in the area.

  110. Someone showing appreciation

    This club is the best out of this entire region of Wisconsin! You will not be disappointed when you go there! Very clean club!

  111. Dusk Til Dawn

    Nothing but a great party

  112. Reggie

    This club by far has the best atmosphere in the area. You guys are really doing some great improvements. I really injoy your girls and your staff. First class, top notch!

  113. Rayna

    I have to say this is always going to be my favorite club to work at. The girls are friendly, the drama gets cut out fast, and the customers are laid back and friendly. No where else could a job feal like home. Hail Grand Daddy’s!

  114. previous granddaddy girl

    so ladies if you want to make any money this is definitly not the club to work at! I agree with frank.. SHOWTIME IS MUCH BETTER! if you book at granddaddys expect to work with at least 8-12 girls when there will prolly only be about a maximum of 5 guys in at once. Tipout is anywhere from 30-40 bucks which you prolly won’t even make until about midnight. It’s not uncommon to walk out at the end of the night with 20 bucks in your pocket and that’s actually hustling your ass off. It’s just not worth it.. especially if your driving any farther than 20 minutes… if you’d like to make money in wausau.. GO TO SHOWTIME… god i hate granddaddys.. just thought i’d share that!

  115. Had fun

    Great place……Bartenders are not so great.

  116. Neil

    Man this club was awesome. The bathrooms are the best I’ve seen. Clean place really cool.

  117. CrowFeather

    This club is a great place to visit, but don’t bother trying to work there if you have even a little bit of fat on you. I’m 5’8″ and 143 pounds, and they let me go because I weighed too much!? Not really much money making potential here, often only 4-5 patrons for several hours every night. Good place to visit but don’t work there if you want to make money or have job security. In other words Granddaddy’s BITES!!!!

  118. mike
  119. Tyrell

    Is it obvious to anyone but me that Ben is really NICKY covering her gross ass?!!!!

  120. Paulie

    Its funny how your only three years old and your already making improvements. Great job, the place is looking terrific

  121. jerrad
  122. Ron Burgundy

    When is the Miss Nude Wisconsin/Midwest Pageant again?

  123. Jane

    This club is AWESOME!!! The first time I walked into this club that’s all I could say…WOW-This is AWESOME! Never knew this kind of club could exist so close to home. The girls are excellent and they make you feel so comfortable and right at home. They are very professional and the club is so clean inside. I will go back again and again.

  124. Vincent

    This club rocks, really nice atmosphere.

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