Allure Gentlemans Club



4233 U.S. 19, New Port Richey, FL 34652


28.24875, -82.728481




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Allure Gentlemans Club

  1. OMG

    Just too much bad to post here. Just don’t bother.

  2. club tramp

    good club lots of good times

  3. Dino

    Me and my nigga’s allways have a good time at this place. It’s a great place to have a few cocktails and well. It’s a great place.

  4. NaughtyNaty

    was in town for a photo shoot. Found this great little club. Had a great time here. Will be back when I can.

  5. MajorFun

    Had some major fun at Foxy’s sat. nite. Tried a couple of the other places first, Foxy’s was the most fun.

  6. Damian

    Can’t think of any place I’d rather be right now.

  7. Oz

    This is one smokin little club.

  8. Drake

    Had a great time at this club. Thanks for the party guys.

  9. Travis

    Love this little club! One of the best. Can’t see a thing wrong with anything.

  10. Sam

    Found this place to be not as bad as some make it out to be. I had a good time here and I think others will too.

  11. Thurman

    Small but nice club. Not bad.

  12. ChrMarty

    Wow what a big change new managment has made! This is a great club to work at.

  13. TaxMan

    Got my income tax check. Should be able to fuck some drugged out ho for the $10 entry fee into the private zone and 3-4 roxy’s. Cheaper than a champagne room.

  14. Ben

    On of the best I’ve ever been to. Couldn’t ask for better.

  15. Jeremy

    I love this little club. I highly recomend it to all my friends. If you’ve never been check it out. Hope you like it as much as I do.

  16. Doc

    Don’t need a Doctor, just get your scripts from the staff.

  17. Cal

    Always have a good time at Foxy’s

  18. Beware of 'Big Country'


  19. Jeff

    Bangin! Slammin! Hot! Wicked! What else do I need to say.

  20. GrtOne

    Found this club to be very friendly and have a good atmosphere. Good drinks hot talent.

  21. art

    This place is just sorry.

  22. DrtyWyn

    I go to all the clubs in pasco. This is by far the best.

  23. Fri

    Was in on Fri. Had a great time thanks to all the folks at Foxy’s.

  24. Thurston

    Great little club. Nice views. good music. good time.

  25. Wow!

    So Hey Vic! I hear the people you fired are kickin the Christ out of both your clubs down at EmperWhores! Did we make a mistake? Maybe if you had given them something to work with other than drunken drug addicted hoes? just a thought.

  26. Welcome!

    Back Joey! You are the best dog! keep up the good work! Couldn’t have done it without you.

  27. number1

    the comment bout carmella wrong club 1st off she at diamonds but i totally feel u lets not 4get that shes a blood she always at the trap she got that glass and she try to sell it to tha customers for real u got girls sellin CRACK to tha customers oh and she almost had to shoot natalie yea her and her boys were gunna kill her she brags how she stabs people yea she a disgrace to tha club she like a filthy whore girl not a diamonds girl oh and lets not forget that walk she got like she got a dick stuck up her ass oh and she be goin to hotel room wit customers and fuckin them yea dancer of the year come on vic u can do better than than she more like HOODRAT GROUPIE OF THE YEAR ill give her that

  28. DancerHo!

    One customer at 6:45Pm? Wow you guys rock!

  29. To:4Vic!

    If Vic is such an awesome guy? Why is he letting Carmella deal drugs out of his club? Maybe it’s because I saw them sucking face last night! Carmella? Entertainer of the year? More like Whore of the year Vic! She Sucks on stage! She sucks in the private zone! She talks shit about every member of your staff! To the customers! And yet You tell her what a GOOD? JOB? She’s doing! It seems I’m the only one with the Balls! To tell it like it is!

  30. Jason

    Foxy’s Rocks Dude! There’s just no other place like it. Love all your girls keep up the good work.

  31. RdRnr

    Heard lots of good things about this club. Decided to give it a try. Was not disapointed.

  32. Without Summer!

    This place really sucks now. I miss that drugged out, Aids ridden whore! 2 roxy’s and I was good 2 go. Now? Whatever.

  33. NytRydr

    Was in wens. nite. Nice club but I got to say The Dj SUCKED! Way too much old ass dirt rock! Made me feel a hundered years old. get a clue guys! This is 2009! Us grey hairs want to feel like we’re hip and with it Yo!

  34. Lovette

    I just love cummin here! It really makes my day.

  35. Frank

    It’s not Mons but you can have a lot of fun with the right girls in this place. Your dollor will go farther in her if you know what you are doing and who you are doing it with.

  36. it figures

    fucking pathetic

  37. Merv

    Tried this place for the first time. Not bad. Would go again.

  38. GnrlMyhm

    LOve this little club Yo! Big shout out to all my homies!

  39. 8/9/11

    Still Ain’t heard from summer! Must be in jail. Or Too drugged out to respond! Suckin Cock in the private zone!

    Way to go summer!

  40. CC Ponder

    The Girls in the last month or 2 have goten better looking and younger. not the same crack hoes as before.

  41. Digger

    This is a hot little club. The crowd is a good mix. Cocktails fine. Dj’s ok. Will be back.

  42. N.D.

    No doubt. Great place to hang out. Good booze, fun women.

  43. me
  44. Michael

    DJ is the ONLY good thing about this dump.. why he’s still there is beyond me!!

  45. Sucks!

    Your management sucks! your Dj’s really suck! Unless you drink bottled beer your drinks suck! Just pretty much sucks all the way around.

  46. Rich

    They classed the place up a bit, got rid of some of the dead weight and look to be making some positive changes. With just a few more hot girls and a few more drink specials they might get it completely right sometime.

  47. Not Nice

    If you are any color other than white. You will not be welcome here. Oh they’ll say it ain’t so. They’ll smile and take your money. But trust me. They’ll talk about you behind your back. They’ll profile you as a drug dealer. They’ll hide in the office and zoom in on you with cameras. They will not take any extra steps to make you feel at home. Trust me I worked there.

  48. Billy C

    Really small club with not a lot of girls but still a pleasant atmosphere. Jersey girl and Franky were cute and fun. Had a good time.

  49. Ritchie

    Nice small club. Only a few girls but I had a really good time.

  50. Terry

    This club is the worst. recently went to most the clubs in pasco and this one was the worst.

  51. Trevor

    I like this club. Nice place to hang out.

  52. Big Tits!

    saw some really big tits here!

  53. Jake

    1st time in this is a great little club. Lots of fun.

  54. Flip

    Flippin Awesome! Totaly outrageous dude. Like swanky, hip, and cool. wicked. I mean totaly!

  55. Lusy

    My man Trevor and I love this place. very couples friendly. Good specials. Good staff. Thanks guys.

  56. Trey

    Had a blast a this club. You will too.

  57. Pat

    My wife and I were in fri nite. Drinks were ok. A few pretty girls. But the Dj was horrible. Couldn’t understand a word he said.

  58. Derek

    Great place to hang. Lots of fun.

  59. JC

    The girl look real bad. Do not go

  60. No Na

    Just wanted 2 drop by and say what a wonderfull job you all are doing. keep up the good work guys.

  61. Bobby Shaddoe

    This is fast becoming better than it used to be, give it a chance, there are some nice, hot girls to be seen who are worth your time.

  62. Rocky

    This club rocks! Nothing but the best for me and my homies!

    Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  63. Ginger

    Couple friendly

  64. BBK

    Was in Sat night had a great time be back next weekend.

  65. T-Pain

    I just love hangin out here with my crew when I’m in Town.

  66. Jackson

    Love this place. Come here as often as I can.

  67. marco

    Love this club! it is the best! No one else comes close. Check it out for yourself.

  68. Pln&SMpl

    Vic you suck as a owner!

  69. Mickey Tone

    Looks like new management has scared away the good looking girls, which is too bad cause this used to be my favorite *naughty* club around Pasco. Guess they also cracked down on *favors* in the club too. My suggestion to the owner of Foxy is to simply close or sell! You’re not even close to being anything like Bare or Brass, who have attractive girls! From the outside your place looks like a porno book store, and the inside doesn’t look any better. And what’s with all the video cameras in the private dance sections? Stopping in from time to time I might have seen one cute night girl in the last few weeks, but otherwise the quality of girls is almost scarry. Day shift is horrible! A little over a year ago Foxy had some potential, but now it’s a lost cause.

  70. P

    Went to foxy’s for the first time Fri night. My friends and I had a great time highly recomend.

  71. New

    New girls, new staff, new attitude! New customer!

  72. Mickey

    Was there a couple days ago and thought the place was wonderfull. Only one thing to say. “Fucking Floor It!”

  73. Beware

    Beware of Damon Quinn the night shift manager!!!! Major drug problems and wanted for sexual charges in Colorado!!!! Vic is just asking for trouble having this loser running his club!!!!

  74. Carlos
  75. NetWrth

    Not worth the cover! Not in my book.

  76. John

    Stupid ugly fat chicks, know why they couldn’t make it at Brass, all drugged out whores, nasty, dirty and one actually stinks! Take a bath you know who you are!

  77. Tre

    Awesome time fri. afternoon. can’t wait to go back.

  78. BeefHeart

    great club look forward to going back.

  79. James

    Manager Johnny is the best! Brought a buddy there for our first time and showed us a great time. Thanks Johnny!

  80. CptnCrash

    Drop by for happy hour good drink prices.

  81. GrtTym

    Had a great time on the fourth! Car show was awesome! So were the girls inside! Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

  82. Dan

    fun place to hang out, alway a good time

  83. Edra

    Love the changes. Try drop be everyday. You just never know

    what they’re going to do next.

  84. See There

    Oh! The drugs, The drama, The sex offender manager! You got to love this place.

  85. Singles

    Love spendin those 1 dollar bills. Can’t wait to come back for more.

  86. T-wang

    Kinda like t-pain & Lil wayne rolled into one blunt. me and my homies allways have a good time here.

  87. GoodTym

    Does this club accept food stamps? I heard they did.



  89. Sean Paul

    My possie and I had a great time here.

  90. Ralph

    had a great time at this place last night. You will too. drop by and check it out for yourself.

  91. Best

    had the best time here the other nite. Can’t wait to go back. All my friends hang out here. we allways ahve a good time.

  92. Yo Scott!

    Either your a lying piece of shit or you don’t have a clue!

    Fuck you and your club!

  93. Joey

    Very nice looking girls very fun, especially Summer. She has to be the nicest most down to earth dancer I’ve met in a very long time. If your out on the town, you owe it to yourself to stop by. Very nice atmosphere, and small place makes you feel like your local bar.

  94. DancerHo

    Just wanted to drop by and say what an awesome little club!

    Mike on day shift rocks. I would be proud to work there. keep up the good work guys.

  95. pete

    one of the worst clubs in pasco

  96. Slick Civ

    Just dropped by to say what a great job you all are doing. keep up the good work.

  97. homer

    Love this club! what a great place to hang out.

  98. MicroMan

    My friends and I had a really great time here. Highly recomend.

  99. Evan

    Was here with some friends Tue. nite. We had a great time due to you and your staff. Keep up the good work guys.

  100. Waste of Space

    Waste of Space, both on this website and in the county, this club is the worst. Barstaff seem to be to busy doing pills then wanting to pay the bills, let alone make a good drink. Strippers Look like crackhead street walkers trying to get out of the bad weather. Brass or Bare are far better choices when deciding where to go.

  101. To:Joey

    So you, You had the whole parking lot packed? Thanks to Ruel who set the whole thing up while you were fired! ya right you lyin sob.

  102. Indeed!

    I’m willing to bet the voice of god sucks too! Just cause you got a good voice don’t mean you got anything else. I’ll bet he’s playin slow ass party killin music all day long so the Drunken, drugged out, over the hill bitches don’t get him fired. In the long run he’s just fuckin himself up the ass.

  103. Dj Khaled

    Droped of some of new music here and while I was there Got a couple of dances. Nice little club.

  104. It Sucks

    A shithole to the ump’th degree! The girls, staff and management are all a JOKE!

  105. Mich
  106. Terrin

    Was here with some friends a few nights ago. Had a great time.

  107. NottaB

    Not a bad place. I had a good time here. You will too.

  108. Sorry!

    Posted the last comment on the wrong page. My bad! Foxy’s is actually a great place for everyone. The previous post was intended for emperor’s.

  109. bigdog

    Club is a rip off went back for champagne dance that is suppose to last 30 mins. Cherry got me back their then said she didn’t like to be nude and didn’t like her job. She got dressed and left after 10 mins. Club would not refund any of my money. Do not dance with Cherry she pulls this scam every time.

  110. TimHey

    Looks like this place is really improveing. Good work guys.

  111. I KNOW

    NNOO ties to Foxy’s Showbar in N. Tampa

  112. Razak

    Had another great time at foxy’s. Thanks guys.

  113. Marshall

    Went by this place and decided to check it out. Not a bad little club.

  114. TPNR

    Yep no doubt. Got ot be the nicest, drug addicted whore I know. Just bring Oxy’s, Roxy’s, pot, cocaine what ever you got. Oh yea and bring condoms! Make sure you bring condoms guys.

  115. Lil Bow

    Heard about this place from Pain & cent ya’ll! Check it out fo mysef and had a great time.

  116. Jim

    Love to come here. Have a wonderfull time everytime. Good Service. Nice girls.

  117. So!

    I hear the new Dj Damin Sucks! I was thinking about coming to work here. But seeing as no one posts here I guess I’ll never know.

  118. Jay-Z

    Thanks for the good time the other night guys.

  119. Luv

    I simply love this club! Never a dull moment! Well except for maybe last night. Anyways lov ya!

  120. 4vic

    whoever thinks vic is a bad owner, UR WRONG!! he’s an awesome guy and nobody should say anything about him. he’s a great business owner and knows how things should be ran in the clubs he ownes.

  121. bouncin

    great fuckin club

  122. Dude!

    Dude Foxy’s rocks dude! Like really fer sure! Awesome tunes dude! awesome babes! And the sweetest rides in the bone zone dude! Like wicked far out and narly!

  123. SlickCiv

    Just wanted to drop by once again and say what a great job you all are doing.

  124. Sean Kingston

    Had a great time at this place while I was in town.

  125. Foxy's

    Foxy’s is the best! We know we’re the best cause we are! There’s just no way any other club comes even close.

  126. Indeed

    Yes, the DJ Damon does suck. They’ve got a new one on dayshift that has “the voice of God” and they’ve got this whinny sounding twit on nights? Where are your priorities?

  127. Justin

    Just can’t say enough good things about this club.

  128. Bulletmonk223

    Day shift dancers are the best love you Pam

  129. Back

    Went back for the first time in a long time. New staff, New girls. Had a great time. Will be back again soon.

  130. Max

    This is a nice little club. Had a good time. Not to pushey.

    Good drinks. Hot dances.

  131. Jhish

    AWSOME WOW HELL YEA Man these girls are nob gooblers ANASTASA for $30 and no clean up afterwards.Just buy them a drink to get the taste out of there mouths.Real troopers they keep blistx and listeren on them !!!

  132. Just

    Man I just can’t get enough of this place I love it here. keep up the good work guys.

  133. Thurstin

    This is the best and greatest club ever created.

  134. CC Pounder

    was in during the day very impressed with the great looking girls this club now has. the day girls used to be druged out not any more very nice.

  135. The Golfer

    A small club – a little hard to find – set back from 19 on a side street. Looks seedy outside but OK inside. Girl-next-door types and a few that have been around the bend. Not a classy place, but not a dive either. Bare Assets and Flamingo are fancier but this place is OK – a smaller version of Emperor’s. Don’t know where they got the red headed girl for their ad – but she sure doesn’t work there. Had a nice time there. Dances were well above average especially now because there are not enough customers to go around.

  136. YoYoYo!

    Drugs, Thugs, Pimps and Ho’s Is all you’ll find up in this bitch!

  137. Stucky

    Just wish I had more time to hang at Foxy’s. Great place to relax and unwind.

  138. fatMan&LilBob

    keep it crunk & play it loud! Thanks for a really good time.

  139. Jaime

    Found this great little club a few weeks ago. Been goin there for a while now. Allways have a good time.

  140. Mark

    I have a great time everytime I come here.

  141. Chris

    The overall atmosphere is very free and fun!!

  142. TmTrvlr

    Best in all dimensions. Needs better dj’s.

  143. GottaBe

    The best place in pasco to party! Wont go anywhere else!

  144. Don Parignaw

    This is a great place to chill. Me and my homies hang out in the private rooms. Talk about todays who’s who. Get a little somethin sompin from the girls. Wink, wink, Nod, Nod. ya know. great little place.

  145. RevJim

    Love this place! First started coming here a couple of months ago. good time every time ever since.

  146. Yeah Right!

    Stupid, Ugly, Fat chicks! ya got that right!

  147. Clubber

    I give the club a 7.7! I give the staff A 8.9! I give the Dj minus points! Was there for about an hour and got to say I was totaly turned off by the music.

  148. Kevin S.

    Went to Foxy on Thursday and the place was a blast! Only a few girls and reaslly hot ones and all were real friendly. Will be going back for sure.

  149. Hey Yo!

    Marky Fuck!

    Mark Mothersbaugh called. If U don’t stop playing Devo in your club. He’s going to come down and fuck U up the ass in front of everyone.

  150. Sad

    It takes no talent to suck and fuck any mammal can do it!

  151. SicSiv

    just wanted to drop by again and say what a great job you all are doing! keep up the good work guys!

  152. LilWayne

    Love this place yo! Me and my homes have a good time here.

  153. JZ

    Had a great time at this club. Thanks to Mike the manager. He put me on to a girl who sucked my cock Sooooo! Good! Be sure to drop by for happy hour. Slip Mike some bucks and he will hook you up.

  154. Yes!

    Yes! Mike the manager does suck! No wait I’ll take that back. He doesn’t really suck cock but he is a pencil pushin ass kissin’ yes man who will do or say anything to keep his job. He as no clue how to run an upscale club.

  155. Herb

    This is a really great club. Nice girls, Good staff. Fun place.

  156. Nada

    Great new atmosphere.The club has changed a lot over the past couple months.Positive attitude here at Cheers With Tits Come in and check it out !!!

  157. ElgoooodKim

    Nice little club.

  158. Steve

    What a shithole! Nasty drug dealing place. Stay away.

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