Diamond Royale



4675 Munson Street Northwest, Canton, OH 44718


40.8496019, -81.4365091




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Diamond Royale

  1. SORRY

    Color me disappointed with the place.

  2. mich

    not a good club

  3. customer

    thank you natalie tessa and heather we will be back!

  4. enfuego

    gwyn was amaizing

  5. Bruno
  6. Smitty

    A dump. You can get better, cheaper food elsewhere and not br harassed by the pricks who work here.

  7. Daytimer

    Great food!!

  8. Rebby

    Stay away! A waste of money.

  9. Ed

    Food is the best thing here.

  10. I am

    very impressed to see that that one waitress has been a bit nicer good job pointing that out to her. She just didn’t know how rude she was. Her mood change is a great thing!

  11. Dennis

    An O.K. place–dancers were alright but the one waitress was a bitch–why would you keep an employee like her in your club?

  12. Erica

    I rated your club bad!!!

  13. Big daddy
  14. john

    good Club

  15. Nope

    Still Sucks

  16. Surprised

    Been to this place a few times in last several months, it is turning into a joke. The girls seem too busy to come sit with you and aren’t great to begin with. The club is too crowded for any privacy and the private dances suck for the money. Take your money elsewhere!

  17. D

    had a great time Thanx ladies got a little too drunk spent a little too much but well worth the fun!!!

  18. Peter Eater

    this shit sucked ass i swear! the one stripper smelled like NASTY ASS TROUT!!!! smelled like a fucking racoon nutted in her pussy i AM NEVER comming back

  19. Diamond Jim

    Not a bad place

  20. Tim

    I was in here the outher day and i got to say this was the worst club i have ever been to

  21. diebold bunch

    Thank you girls for a lovely evening. Brains and bodies gotta love that!

  22. Jimbo
  23. Pete

    Nice place but it seems the girls stick to their regulars a little too much. Other than that, make sure to go to the website and print out the free pass.

  24. c.

    me and my boyfriend were in this club a couple weekends ago the dancers did not come up to us one time we were there for at least 2 hours. we even asked them when they were on stage if they would dance for us. they said ya sure then after they left the stage they went and sat down on there fat asses. i was so mad. i will never go there again.

  25. Gino

    Boorrring! The bad atmosphere ruins things. Won’t be back.

  26. steve
  27. Jack tha ripper

    the stripper tipper!!! Hey Hot Club Hot Gals

  28. never tell

    great looking gals

  29. Adam

    Unattractive women and overpriced. With the money they charge, hot women should be a MANDATE and not an option. Plain girls who dance ackward and off beat and look silly in a classy atmosphere. The building is more attractive than the girls.

  30. cew
  31. dan
  32. Stu

    A place for boys, not men. If you sip on two bud lights all nite, can barely afford one dance and really believe one of the dancers is going to go home with you, you’ll feelrtight at home. Remember to wear you ball cap turned around and that Abercrombie and Fitch shirt your mom bought you for Christmas.

  33. Lynn

    Have really enjoyed my times here! Summer time is even more awesome outside on patio!

  34. Were are They ?

    Only 4 Dancers ?

  35. Seth

    Saturday night was dead! A couple of nice looking dancers surrounded by a couple of customers.

  36. Richard

    The food is the best part

  37. Paulie

    Love this club. Relaxing envirionment with reasonable prices. Good girl quality.

  38. ronny
  39. don

    great place…hot girls

  40. Sucks


  41. TOM


  42. BOB

    I have seen it all and this is definatly the next whore house!

  44. Sean

    Place has gone way downhill. What a waste.

  45. Jim
  46. Funny

    The person who made the comment in the other comments section about this place lookin’ like a hotdog stand pretty much sums it up–unfortunately. We wont be back anyway.

  47. gfjgnsf

    i love this club.

  48. Waiting

    Waiting to get busted like the rest of the clubs

  49. d man [i got that ice]

    unless you’re paying Eve to suck your dick, which she will, then don’t waste your time or money on this place!

    i used to go to this club on SIN nights, but not anymore. not even the good food and cheap beer could bring me back.

    the girls have all become bitches. but what can you expect being around brokeass niggas all the time. and the girls they are hiring? i’ve seen 40 year old drunk white bitches dance on top of bars with better skill.

    we’ve been going to christies. ya, they have their fair share of cows, but the club is fucking pimpin and the ladies are all down to earth and the stage performances make it rain. some of them girls can climb all the way to the top of 2 story tall pole! that shit is crazy!

    a $20 couch dance did more for me than one of Eve’s $50 sucknblows!

  50. like it/

    Well then color me pink and pop it in da butt, sorry baby that u couldn’t find 1 slut!!!!

  51. CG

    Had a really good time

  52. Dude

    Had Fun! Ill be back

  53. Dean

    An embarassment. Unfriendly, expensive, rotten place.

  54. Bill

    Can’t believe how rude everyone is at this place, what a joke!

  55. Tony

    What a dump, so dark you can’t see even if you want. Thank God sometimes you can’t see due to what the girls look like when you get close. Cover charge and expensive drinks on a weeknight.

    They do have a new somewhat hot teenager Amanda, nice suck job in VIP but you have to go for the entire hour. I wonder if she sucks it cheaper in the parking lot.

    The place is a hustle the girls try to get you to buy outfits for them in the stripper store and always trying to hustle stuff for the club. I’m not even going to get into the $1 dances that the girls do for 30 seconds and then bitch when you only give them a dollar.

    Bottom line, the place is crap.

  56. brad

    best place ever. hands down

  57. DO NOT GO

    Seems 2 be some kind of problem at this joint they will not let women in without a guy–what is that crap! Is management promoting homophobia? Thats OK girls will go elsewhere 2 spend money since U dont need it!

  58. This place sucks

    This place really has gotten bad

  59. 5.126

    I’d say “average” grind

  60. frank

    went to christies and had a good time saturday night spent $150.00 came here and dances were lousy no contact why?

  61. Todd

    Besides some of the management who think they own the place and one pissed off at the world server everything else was good

  62. Richard S.

    So I am going down on this dancer at the club (at her request) and she is the (rare) type who doesn’t shave–she has a mane the size of an afro between her leg—and I get a hairball in my throat. It took me two days to get it out of my throat!!!! I hacked up a bigger hairball than my cat!!!!!!

  63. Andy

    Sucks, plain and simple. It’s a hustle club, they want you to buy them stuff, buy stuff from the club or hustle you for VIP dances that are way overpriced. Hell, you can get the bitches to suck you off in the parking lot cheaper than the VIP dances.

  64. Glenn

    was in Mon evening. met nataley(?)&Mary(?) the best time ive ever had in your club. where have they been!

  65. Big boy
  66. SP

    As an Ex dancer I must say this place is great. I was allowed in I was with my man tho. Very friendly and cute girls. Not all of us are shallow minded boys.

  67. Jimmy

    Blows, and i mean that the girls will blow u!!!!

  68. jeff

    a oll slso kdfjajsoijfda;laksjdfldslfjs

  69. hean
  70. Sam

    Eliminate that mean waitress Heather

  71. John Jones

    This club kicks ass.

  72. i hate this place

    this place is so cheap and grungy…whores are cleaner than these people.

  73. disappointed

    I used to come to your club everyday (mario) but lately i see you focusing more on making your competition look bad than on your own club. None of your girls get along and you are losing a loot of business fast … what happened?

  74. former employee

    cory, i hope you rot in the deepest part of hell. to anyone thinking of working here, don’t. there is no money here, the customers are worthless, and the managers are slave drivers. mario is nice but he does nothing to control his sad excuse for a manager. the place is run by an ex drug-addict on a power trip who will CALL YOU NAMES, PHYSICALLY ASSAULT YOU, AND DEGRADE YOU IN THE DRESSING ROOM WHEN NO ONE IS UP THERE TO SEE IT. these men are the lowest of the low. don’t waste your time here, go to cleveland, the platinum horse, or really anywhere else. it may be a so-called “clean” club, but cory will make you sorry you’d ever set foot in the building.

    oh, and one last thing.


  75. What

    happened? This place is goin right down the crapper. The girls are mediocre, no privacy, lap dances are a waste of time. Once you have seen the girl on stage don’t waste cash paying for her to just do the same dance only closer to you it’s not worth it!

  76. Kramin

    Tuesdays are awesome, great variety of girls, and they are all very friendly

  77. Daronica

    I went to this club randomly and had so much fun, there was one girl that i liked the most, Isis, she was sweet as well the girls were not as good looking as DMC flats but were more approachable and down to earth. DRINKS WERE NOT AS EXPENSIVE AS OTHER CLUBS. All strip clubs drinks are expensive people get over it. 4.50 for an absolut with cranberry is not unbearable. Great club will return and maybe audition?

  78. Pleased customer

    Very laid back atmosphere

  79. Jack

    Lame. If Walmart ran a strip club, this would be it.

  80. wow


  81. Dancer

    The reason we require ladies to have a male escort is due to the fact a lot of men lie to their wives and we do not need angry wives entering the building and flipping out when they walk in on him getting an innocent dance. It just makes them go through the trouble of coming with Big Brother John. LOL anyways sorry about that.

  82. well-endowed

    C’mon pick up the rating girls if you rate it better more customers will come

  83. harryharry

    More of a gogo bar then a strip club. The girls are all stuck up and won’t touch you even if you buy a dance. They won’t even sit on your lap. I’m not kidding. Of you just want a beer and some food and to throw a few singles on stage this is for you. If you want a real strip club experience with friendly dancers go to the club down the street by the mall.

  84. screw me!
  85. Mike C.

    Excellent club !! Best looking girls in the area , and an incredible vibe !!! They havea free shuttle service that picked me up at my hotel and dropped me off so I didn’t have to worry about drinking and driving

  86. Just Bad !!!

    This place sucks.

  87. tee
  88. Gene

    Bartenders were hot

  89. Rene'

    the ladies are very smart and have awesome personalities but one server is somewhat snobby…Heather I believe.

  90. RICK


  91. Mark

    I dident have any fun here, U need to get some good looking girls with more to say then ill fuck u for 200

  92. Sasha
  93. Paul

    It’s okay.

  94. peanut
  95. ten


  96. Ducky

    Just bad

  97. oh yeah

    love, leah. 😀

  98. Jack Daniels

    Keep up the good work management weed out the not so attractive and keep Saturdays Staff. Smiles and Sexy that’s what we love to see. With the exception of a few it was a good selection.

  99. Dave

    This club is great! The last guy has no idea what he’s talking about. Great girls, very pretty, good dancers and we had a great time. Lots of fun and will be back- Anyone who wants a great time, ask for Renee. She’s the cowgirl, or school girl, or nurse… always changing it up, and it’s hot.

  100. LEAH

    to anyone looking for leah, you can find me at christies where you’d ask for “marissa”, or larry flynt’s hustler club in cleveland where you’d ask for “lux”. christie’s may have had a bad reputation in the past, but i promise that if you check us out now you’ll be pleasantly surprised. we’ve got a whole new staff of cute, fun girls (not to mention some diamond ladies you might be missing, nikki included), better prices on everything and better dances than you could ever hope for at the diamond. let them keep their thugs and wiggers. if you’re looking to have fun we want to see you! also, did i mention that the hustler has fully nude private dances for the price of christie’s couch dances? come enjoy contact while it’s still legal, boys. i’ll be seeing you! XOXO

  101. jon
  102. tom jones

    The worst club I have ever seen

  103. Grinding

    The only grinding going on here better be the coffee.

  104. Strangler

    This club is pretty lame, decent looking dancers but no knockouts. The girls spend too much time trying to “roll” the customers and not enough time being cool.

  105. 5.086
  106. Seriously

    Get some chicks that are decent looking and can carry on a somewhat intelligent converesation. Won’t be back again!

  107. Spider

    Thought DMC were classier than this

  108. wonder bread

    Who is the hot girl with the long hair and nice ass?

  109. Joe

    Great Club

  110. eric

    I had a dancer on wednesday night her name was ashley and she was very professional but a $5 cover on a weekday night is just stupid

  111. julie
  112. JK

    Saturday night was BANGGIN, Had 10cent wings, BROWNS football, and the women!!!!!!

  113. Rachel T.

    I love this place Dancing here rocks The staff is amazing More importantly it’s a comfortable place to work

  114. mike

    wow this place sucks

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