2001 Odyssey



2309 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, FL 33607


27.962152, -82.5050289




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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117 reviews for “2001 Odyssey

  1. dammed

    Welp, I just got my credit card invoice, and it looks like I’ll be hiding this one for obvious reasons. I was in town for a boy’s trip, and our night took up to the world-famous Space Odyssey. This place doesn’t serve liquor, but conveniently they have a bar next door, and you can bring your drink back over to the club. I had two champagne rooms with two different girls who promised me a good time, but it ended up being nothing at all. At this point, I was ready to leave until I met Hazel. This woman came in hot and told me everything I wanted to hear. So, of course, I rolled the dice one last time, and she delivered. This girl gave me the girlfriend experience. I was able to pop multiple times and explore all holes. We had a good time; she did things I wish my partner would do. As the night ended, she asked me for three grand for a tip, and to be honest, I was taken aback because I spent way over 10k in that place. I asked her if she got most of what I paid, and she said she did, but she needed to tip out everyone. I’m not a cheap guy, but asking me for a tip, knowing I spent well over ten grand, is outrageous. I did give her what I had in cash wise, but that was it. Either way, my boys and I had a great time, and I look forward to coming back.

  2. bitchin

    TOP HIRING NEW GIRLS.If you implement a cut off and you know girls are devastated when they miss cut off by a few minutes, why do you keep hiring? It makes no sense. Either get rid of the cut off, or stop hiring new dancers.Sometimes girls get there at 10 on weekends and miss cut off, yet you keep hiring? It just doesn’t make sense. And everyone is afraid to bring it up to management, so this seems to be the only way to do it. This used to be such an amazing club: but doing a full face of makeup, driving an hour an a half to get there, then being told you missed cut off by ONE girl is so frustrating. Please stay loyal to the original girls first.


  3. Shame On You!

    Mike, the day manager at 2001, tried calling into Ron & Ian to bash a club that’s not even in their county!! Shame on you! That shows NO CLASS whatsoever, and is a poor representation of what I always believed Odyssey to be above. No longer! Time to go check-out those Pasco clubs .. Full nudity and liquor is worth it!!!

  4. A regular

    Club is clean, women are HOT!!! Took my brother in law there last week, he can’t wait to get back in the spring and do it all over again. Keep up the great work!!

  5. ryan123

    its nice and open downstairs and fun and closed off upstairs. Come on its a spaceship!!

  6. I agree

    I use to love going there but I would have the same problem. I found a spot on MLK by the Field (Platinum Showgirls). Had a blast there and no pressure.

  7. travlin thru

    Stopped by on the way to the Airport at cab driver suggestion and had a GREAT time. Danced with a girl named Riley. She was sweet and pleasent to talk to. Almost missed my flight. I’ll be back…….

  8. James
  9. Daat

    Navaya (sp) is AWESOME!! Club was clean and seemed to be well run as all the girls had nothing but good things to say about management. Private dances are a tad pricey, but WELL worth it. Variety of dancers was excellent, somthing for everyones personal taste. Even for the girls that don’t “do it” for me, most of the girls were 7 to 9 with an occaisional 5 or 6 sprinkled in. Highly recommend this club.

  10. mandiggo
  11. JUGS
  12. hottie

    I work at a club here in town and couldn’t believe the number of customers compared to what we have been having. I going in to apply. Hope they need another Hottie!

  13. Craig
  14. BOB
  15. Diamond Dolls Daytona

    We are looking to add quality entertainers to our all star line up at our brand new, upscale gentlemens club in Daytona Beach. Speedweek/Daytona 500 is next week and Daytona Bike Week is the end of Feb. Please call 386-255-3654 for info.

  16. random soldier

    place is fucknig awesome, definitly try and find Courtney

  17. Matt

    I have never had such an experience at a strip club like I did at this one. All the girls were extremely friendly, down to earth, SMART, sexy, not very pushy, a couple of them kept trying to get me to the champaign room but when I said maybe some other time they were very easy to deal with. If anyone is ever in Tampa I would suggest to them not to leave without at least visiting once. The private dances are amazing, make sure you stay there a while and carefully decide who you want to dance for you privately. Or take them all to a private room and experience all that these girls have to offer. but be respectful, these are nice girls, I hope to make another trip to Tampa sometime soon, so I can visit again.

  18. FoolsGypsy

    My husband and I ( yes I’m female no not a dancer) went on a mid Saturday afternoon. There was about 6 girls there but very few guests. All the girls were sweet, talented, and all around friendly. We loved it and plan to go back.

  19. Cokedog
  20. Gypsy

    I’ve been to better clubs. As a female that is into girls I felt snubbed. The girls were every anti female and would walk away from me even if they saw I was holding money. Even after I told them I was there because I enjoyed girls they wouldn’t give me the time of day. To add insult to injury they added a chemical smoke machine to which I’m highly allergic to. Even if my husband and I wanted to go back ( which I don’t) we can’t. Which is a shame since the girls are hot.

  21. Long Time Customer

    Been coming here for years and the best thing about this club is they got hot strippers without the attitude of Mons. Clean club that is consistent.

  22. Marcus

    The majority of the dancers there were hot! A lot of gross fake boob jobs. Girls are pushy as hell for private dances.

  23. Anonymous

    Went there last week after a brief absence and it looks like Shzanna is finally doing full upstairs for a 100 extra. Guess she needs to support her boyfriend

  24. atl

    love this club. go here everytime i’m in tampa. was in there last night. there was a new girl from texas. she was smokin hot. blonde hair, nice body, between a c or a d size breast, was wearing white, tan. i was wondering if anyone could tell me her name or when she’ll be working again? thank you.

  25. out-of-towner

    Great club! People are friendly and they don’t over charge when you buy a dancer a drink. Wish it was larger though.

  26. Mark G

    I had a CRAZY good time! The girls were hot and friendly and willing to indulge my fantasy (I LOVE someone talking dirty to me!) I would recommend this place!

  27. Aaron
  28. Cabbie

    I’ve been bringing customers to this club for years and 90% of my customers tell me they had a great time. If your new in town see where all the cabs and tour busses hang out on Friday and Saturday night.

  29. Hound Dog

    Lots of dancers none of them like Monns (getto fabulous). Walked across the street and got dances that didn’t include an observer. Private rooms are the way to go.

  30. Christian

    Voted BEST NUDE CLUB four years in a row! It’s easy to see why. The women are hot & fiendly without being too pushy. A MUST visit if you are in Tampa Bay.

  31. Flash

    Went to see the Roger Waters concert this weekend and stopped by afterwards. Both we EXCELLENT. Lot’s of women to choose from and most seemed friendly. Had some awesome dances with a small breasted beauty named Charisma. Tight body and great moves! I’ll be back to see you soon…

  32. Uncle Charlie

    They have all the top entertainers in the area and they have private dance rooms. This place has been rockin’ for a long time and it gets better and better. Don’t listen to the haters and imitators. A good time will be had by ALL

  33. Dante

    WOW!!! Hot & friendly for sure! This place was by far my best strip club experience. I went last night with a few frinds. We expected it to be slow because it was a Sunday night, but there had to be at least 40 women there. Most were in the 7-9 range with a few 10’s and one 5 (don’t know what she was doing there, she was definitely out of place). I got some great high mileage dances with several women. My friends all had great dances too. You HAVE to check out this club if you are in the Tampa Bay area.

  34. MustangSammy
  35. Kitty
  36. Bobo

    Stopped in on day shift and really enjoyed myself. Dances were well worth the $ spent and everyone was friendly…waitress was funny and a hottie, too!!!!

  37. Walkerdude

    Best in Tampa, hands down. Could use a few more dancers on Saturday nights.

  38. Harry Balls

    I can see why they have been in business so long. I’ll be back!!!!!

  39. ILS

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! I LOVE STRIPPERS! sorry for the yelling. I ALWAYS have a GREAT time here! Some girls to try… Holly, Charisma, Sasha, Claudia, Sonya & Echo. All HOTT and ALL great dancers!

  40. out of towner

    Stopped in on the way from the Airport. Lots of friendly girls no cover. Nice place to hang out in.

  41. Summer

    This is the BEST club in Tampa. I came into town for a few months to take care of my sick mother and tried all the clubs. Deja Vu, Mons and this place. Professionally run, I made the most money here BY FAR! Deja Vu was a pretty club with shitty people. Mons is run by lesbians who are rude and uncaring. #1 – 2001 Odyssey, #2 Mons Venus, #3 – Deja Vu

  42. Jeff

    I was in town on business last week from Atlanta. I met this sexy girl named Alyssa at 2001 odyssey on day shift! Had a GREAT time in the spaceship with her!I Will defenitely be back for more!

  43. luvnaked
  44. Randy

    Went to the club on Saturday 4/25. Dancers actually used the Dance pole (very well for some of them), the DJ was active and very good, especially when compared to the crappy jukebox and overall quality of music used at Mons Venus. Most of the girls were pretty and also seemed to enjoy dancing for us, again unlike Mons. Overall it was a very good trip. I will come back.

  45. misterslick

    this place is off da hook! hot women r everywhere. The club is kinda small but i don”t go for the building i go for the lovely chica’s. this place has private rooms & the place across the street doesn”t. cheaper with better looking women!

  46. star

    this is one of the best strip club i’ve been to in a while. if you want to see a great pole dancer go in and ask to see leiloni. she’s a little hottie!

  47. Fred
  48. a name
  49. ilnp
  50. Clark Kent

    Cheaper than Mons to get in & better private dances

  51. RT

    This club is dumb. Went in the champaign room and now I am itchy! Watch yourself

  52. Trenton
  53. larry1

    This place is good. Only thing i didnt like about this place is that they made us buy a drink before coming in. There is no liquor here… so we paid $4 for a bottle of water. We had 17 guys come in for a bachelor party and we paid $100 to get him on stage. The only crappy thing is it took almost an hour to get him on stage. BUT IT WAS WELLL WORTH the $100! The DJ was hilarious. He verbally abused the hell out of him. Just ripped him to shreds. The girls also abused him too. However they never took off their clothes on stage. BUT this was well worth abusing him. He was definitely ripped to shreds. Loved it. WELLL WORTH ITAlso the 5 dollar entry fee per dance is kind of ridiculous but i guess thats how they make money. The manager here is EXTREMELY NICE which makes up for most of the issues. He is AWESOME. Dont forget Mike. Mike may look HUGE but hes a big teddy bear.

  54. henderson

    This is the best cub in Tampa! I dont know when those other assholes went but-the girls were all hot! All the dances I have had over the years have been better than any where else!

  55. winston12

    Yeah I went there I thought I could get in the spaceship but that cost about $200 per half hour. I was considering having my bachelorette party at this place so I went it was $10 to get in as a female $20 for a male, you have to tip the girl and then there is a drink minimum where Red Bull cost $10 a can. we happen to see a very beautiful dancer immediately so that was good. there is a type of woman for every taste at this club. the rocker girl was really fun and have the best moves and also the best soundtrack which these strippers pic. DJ was calling us out from the parking lot as they have care about everybody saying new people. 50 of us had a lot of fun and spend about $50 sitting at the front. we weren’t looking for anything rainchy but I think it was available. Personally I enjoyed sitting at the front getting all the attention and getting out of there before I am broke it was a fun date night. The girls were very nice and most were decent looking like I said there were a few very good looking TNA. They have a freaking spaceship what do you want it’s an awesome landmark in Tampa classic. At night with the lights lit up it just drove me to it. Fair warning everything is in your face they take their panties off and some do some pretty wild and interesting tricks if you’re into this type of entertainment you should check it out one night. Lower your standards and live a little.

  56. Jim

    Too,too dark. Can’t enjoy the dancers due to CONSTANTLY being hit on for a ‘private dance'(3 songs $60.00 – private room $400. for a half hour.No alcohol.

  57. Guy George

    This club is awesome! I never knew Tampa did it like that! the inside is cool looking and everytime I go, there are a lot of people. I mean, party central at any time of the day! All of the girls are beautiful, and for the first time in my life, I did not even realize there was no alcohol until the end! I honestly got that side-tracked! Good dances too! Just shoes and a smile 🙂

  58. robert219

    Great club, cozy and very entertaining. have been at both day and night, always a good time. very good music. definitely the best club in tampa.

  59. recent

    It’s an okay club but only if you go on the weekend or a

    friday night otherwise the club is dead and the girls are a 5

    at best

  60. Tell It

    TooMany girls for you to make anything, too many 18 year olds, chamapaign rooms with lots of fees and lots of rules. No room to get dressed, a tanning machine that doesn’t work, a house mom that doesn’t speak english, and regular dance rooms that you can only use if their favorites are not in there already. A floor guys that never says thanks for tips and lights that make you look dirty. And their customers smell.

  61. Cubby

    I would watch your pockets there. My pockets are sewn well, yet money was disappering……

  62. Gopherit

    Could be great— used to be great— but every time I’m in there now I get hustled. It’s really hit and miss. And with the small crowds, a woman you’re not interested in can end up attaching herself to you and hammer you for dances that you really don’t want. I miss this place the way it was about ten years ago- busier and with hotter women. All in all, I’d go elsewhere.

  63. Hater Hater

    Easily the hottest women in the area! Don’t let the last poster fool you. This club was voted the Best Nude Club in the bay area for the last 6 years for a reason. Hot women dancing in private rooms. Across the street is the McDonalds of strip clubs, Mons Venus. If you like average girls and want everybody in the club to watch you gat a lap dance, then Mons is for YOU! Stay away from 2001 if you HATE hot women and privacy!

  64. Manny

    Just there and had a good time. lot’s of girls and not to busy. Just the way I like it!

  65. Regular

    There is a reason people pack themselves in year after year. Quality entertainment. Hot girls with good attitudes is better than pretty clubs with ugly strippers with bad attitudes.

  66. john

    Great club, when in tampa this isa must visit club!

  67. Been Around

    Hotties everywhere…..even the staff!!!!

  68. Debbie L.

    This place is a friggin’ Tampa landmark.After a night of frustration since all the exits to the airport were closed, I had my friend who had just arrived at TPA cab back to my place instead of going to pick him up. Except the taxi driver didn’t know how to get to my place. So after a bit of contemplating, I told my friend that I’d pick him up in the parking lot of 2001 Odyssey. When he asked his taxi driver if he knew where it was, in the background, I could hear him say excitedly with his Indian accent, “Oh yeah, oh yeah! I know where that is! You gonna have a good time!”Taxi driver got him there STAT. Even before I got there and I was closer.This place is a total trip. Its got a space theme. There are stars and asteroids glowing on the ceiling, and everything else below it that’s white is glowing under the black light, giving off a sleazy, dirty, yet oddly kinky, feel. The bathroom’s labeled “4U2P” and there’s a Playboy mag in the ladies’ room (and I’m assuming the men’s as well). There’s a sign that reads “NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY ALLOWED” at the DJ booth, but “NO” is slightly etched off.As a former human sexuality student who has seen many of these institution in her day (strictly for research, of course), I can honestly say that this one has the highest standard for girls in terms of physical attractiveness, personality and lifestyle, is one of the cleanest (physically and in terms of drug use, etc) and, I hesitate to say because it’s weird, but it’s the most… moral. The management really cares about the girls here.Plus, the girls who I’ve met here are all pretty awesome, even if they think that I’m a lesbian solely based on the fact that I’m from California. Well, if it’ll get me a free dance…

  69. Mark

    The HOTTEST women in Tampa Bay! The dances that I received from Holly, Elle, & Charisma were the best I’ve ever had. The girls were super friendly and not too pushy. I reccommend this club to everyone I know. If you are in Tampa, you MUST go to this club!

  70. Boston Bill

    What a club! In Tampa on business and this club is like nothing we have up there. Keep up the good work folks!

  71. Alex

    Hell to the mutha ******* yay. This club was clean and the ladies were hot as hell. i wish i brought more money. Im 19 and this was my first strip joint. I am deffinanatly going to take the trip from orlando to again. 2 Thumbs up to the fully nude girls.

  72. ED

    I came in on a quick half hour lunch break and had a wonderful time with an entertainer name RIO. We spent some time in the champagne room where our time was spent friendly and classy. RIO is a must see!

  73. J.J.

    This club is the finest example of a “Strip Club” which is quite different from a “Gentlmen’s Club”. A gentlemen’s club is more about appearance & presentation, whereas a strip club is all about the women & fun! If you want a great time with beautiful women, then this is the best club in Tampa!

  74. Robert

    Nice place. Excellent full contact lap dances.

  75. DWalk
  76. Fun Seeker

    Great first time experience. Recently relocared to Tampa and heard Horror stories about the local clubs. Tried out 2001(thought it was 2007?) and had a blast. Too bad Nicole the bartender doesn’t do dances

  77. Jason

    The quality and consistency of the women at this club is amazing. I’ve been in at all times of the day and can always find some delectable beauty to spend time with. The last time I was in a did some QUALITY dances with a super shapely & curveaceous blonde named Elle. She is a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10! It’s worth the trip just to have a chance to see this beauty. Definitely recommended!

  78. G SPOT




  80. DAZ04

    Visited here for the Super Bowl. Had an excellent time as all the girls were friendly and only pushy enought to know they are doing their job. Large variety of women. Large fake, medium fake, large natural, medium natural and small natural. Had a superb time with Riley in the private room. Overall a good time was had and will bring friends here and recommend.

  81. Got DJ

    great club. after a 3 hour trip up here i came across this club by accident (stayed at the days inn and looked down the street) everyone here was friendly (not like that other club down the street(see my review there)) stayed and did 2 showtimes and was tempted to go to the champaine room but I needed a cigarette and a beer. unfortunately ill have to wait till my next vacation to go back. sarah and cassidy were both great and fun to hang with

  82. Party like a rock star

    Yo there is a reason this placed is packed. Me and my boys will be back!

  83. Al
  84. Mr_Orgasmic

    Great Club! Loved the Spaceship, but fee should come down to $150 IMHO for the Spaceship and Champagne room needs to definitely come down to between $250 & $300, since it’s non-alcoholic Champagne. To bad Champagne room couldn’t be BYOB. The girls who do use the Pole can really Pole Dance which is awsome!

  85. Frequent Visitor

    I visit once a month and the best thing about the club is that they always have hot looking girls who are still there a month later. Half the clubs in town turn their girls over every 30 days. I like knowing that when I come back I’ll see a familiar face.

  86. Steve

    I was there on Jan. 7th and took Jade upstairs. She is worth the money. Lots of tit sucking, hair pulling, spanking, ass spreading, and good grinding. They have a dumb rule that the girl can’t sit on the guys lap, but we found a position that I liked and it worked out well. Jade is really hot and young, only 20. Look her up.

  87. Andy

    I was here on a Saturday night after the Bulls game, It got packed and then it emptied, then filled and emptied, so if you come by and it is too packed for you go out get a bite to eat or ABC liquors for a drink, then comeback.

    I would recommend this place to friends. There is a 1 drink minimum and they charge $4 for water.

    Got some great dances. There are a few “less attractive” dancers but overall i would say they are all “DO ABLE”

    I will be back for you gals to take my money$$$

  88. ^
  89. Austin

    loved it! going back again for sure!!!!

  90. Tampa Local

    Haven’t been buy in a while. Place has changed alot. I will be back.

  91. Guy

    This club is pretty good for a strip club in the US. There is some really hot chicks and some pretty bad ones. There is a great dancer to customer ratio. Staff is friendly. You have to tip the DJ to get a private dance, how weird is that? The lap dances weren’t very good, low effort by all strippers I had. The best strip club in the US is right across the street from this place, Mons Venus. So thats where I’d always go from now on.

  92. realbullet

    Most of the dancers were attractive & some were gorgeous. Had a private dance with Bambi & it was well worth it! The floor was really quiet until about 10 pm. My only complaints was that there were not enough seating & the restroom was too small.

  93. In the know!!

    I’m a regular at this club..EVERY TIME I come in town on business I make it a point to come in and visit the beautiful girls and friendly staff. I read some of the comments below…it sounds to me like that is a disgruntled ex employee or entertainer to me… There’s a reason why they’ve been VOTED the #1 Club in the area for 8 YEARS IN A ROW!!!! They are simply THE BEST!!!!

  94. Big Dog

    Went to Mons first big disapointment. Went across the street to Odyssey. What a difference. People were nicer friendlier and the dances were in private.

  95. Gator

    Secret was amazing!

  96. rj1977

    Shzanna East and Richmond McDonald are both child molesters let them know what you think 8202 Downfield Ln Tampa Fl

  97. SeXy BiTcH


  98. Legalize It
  99. Timely

    Great first experiance, some dancers a little pushy but thats to be expected, very good club.

  100. robertlawyerdad

    By far one of the best clubs I have ever been! Friendly, uninhibited girls in a relaxed atmosphere. They seem to be treating the girls right and it shows in the attitude.

  101. allie

    One of the best clubs for couples

  102. tonycluber

    Horrid. This place should be used in one of those awful stripper movies. It is tiny, with a completely rude staff, below average looking dancers, a $10 cover after 3 PM that gives you the right to buy a soda for $7, and then the girl will demand a tip. The entertainers look totally bored, not even capable of making believe they have any interest in you. They may as well hold you up with a weapon of their choice and demand your wallet. Don’t give these people a single dollar of your money. If you don’t listen to me, you will regret it.

  103. northern visitor

    Misty – Well worth the trip!!

  104. Mass
  105. Yankees Man

    Flew into town to catch the Rocket and ended up in the spaceship………..Cali( I think that’s her name???!!) was a hot little blonde who rocked my world upstairs, be back soon sweetie…..

  106. King

    Very decent dancers without a doubt. Way to pricey though. If you got alot of loot then this is your place. If you wanna relax don’t bother.

  107. joe
  108. richard95

    place sucks stay away staff are ass holes treat strippers like thier ceo of fourtune 500 companies thier online even worse all they want is your money and after they have it kick u to curb stay away go across street mons venus and scores way better

  109. Tampa Classic

    Just a heads up to Sinsation, none of the nude clubs in Tampa serve alcohol and if you were looking for an escort service they are readily available in the yellow pages. I have been a customer here for years and have found this club to be consistently the best place in town, newcomers may come and go but this place is Tampa’s original and still the best IMO!!!!!

  110. paul

    Very small club. Pretty girls but only one could work the pole. All girls very young, didn’t really have a strip club feel to the club but more like a stripper soriety or something…Was okay. Go to Mons

  111. DDubbs
  112. DPW

    I am a regular at 2001 and think this place is terrific! However, I was in last Saturday night and they were using a fog machine….BAD IDEA. The main floor of the club is not well ventalated and small. My buddy and I both left due to headaches and sore throats, we followed a bachelor part of 15 that complained about the same. I asked to speak with management, waited for 10 minutes and they never showed. I REALLY enjoy this club and will give it another chance, but I will NOT return if this is going to be the norm. BTW, it already cost some of the girls money because I left with money in my pocket, something I don’t ever do. Except for the fog machine….this is easily the best club in Tampa.

  113. billtheguy12

    I’m the owner of a local limo company. I always bring my bachelor parties to 2001. The staff is awesome and the girls are hot. Even though you cant drink alcohol in club you can drink in my party bus so my client saves money by not having to spend $10 for a beer in the club. They can buy a case for $20 so they can spend more on the girls!! If you want some privacy than have your own party in the space ship!!

  114. Dalliance

    You can’t stand 5 minutes without being attacked for a dance. Each girl promises something very special yet I’ve coughed it up for the Spaceship and VIP and can’t say the promises even live up a those of your run of the mill Asian Spa. Girls are attractive though and your basic lap dances are good so this still deserves good marks.

  115. gary

    Very disappointed….dancers were not very attractive at all and just

    swarm at you like the money hungry skanks they really are. Place

    had a really funky smell and was very dirty. Don’t go. Big waste of

    money. Prices are outrageous. Go to Mons across the street.

  116. Beware

    Diamond Dolls is not nunber one in florida they are post fake reveiws to get title

  117. T

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