Elliotts BBW



7807 North University Street, Peoria, IL 61614


40.7824699, -89.6221126




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Elliotts BBW

  1. yuck

    by far the nastiest stripclub i have ever been to.. i cant believe you guys are even open! I would much rather be at fantasyland which is open and the place to party!!! you should really lock your doors and send your dancers to rehab and weightloss camp

  2. Found out

    I am not sure why this place is listed as a strip club. Owners better go back to rental property.

  3. ihb
  4. Del

    Wasnt joey from als?

  5. The Man at the Door

    We are taking applications at Fantasyland.

  6. Mac

    Why don’t you have a liquor license yet?

  7. Brink


  8. Holla!!

    Just wanted to know if I could get some quality pie (not stanky, moose knuckles, etc.) rubbed in my face here. Is this joint a total drag, or can a man have some (not so) wholesome fun?

  9. uyg
  10. mmm
  11. Braggart

    now who was the fucking know-it-all idiot that said the council would never vote liquor in? How does that foot taste now? Look out Peoria, Elliott’s is getting booze!

  12. Just so you no

    The dancers that work here are independent contractors. They can fuckin leave whenever they want. I no for a fact that paris cant leave because she will go strait to jail. So you dancers that work here and are postin shit watach out. WE sill find you. once you sign up you are fucked.

  13. Sammy

    I went here for the first time. I was offered drugs within the first hour. I can see why this place is for sale.

  14. Bobby

    elliots is awsomeeeeeee very nice club

  15. GG

    Enjoyed my time there! Happy New Year to all!

  16. Tuna

    Elliott rocks.

  17. oik
  18. Andy

    This is dedicated to Paris. My love. This site should be rated a 10. See you soon!!!!

  19. yes we are

    open 11am-2am Mon-wed 11am-4am Thrs-Sat

  20. Staff

    Elliott’s Staff wants to wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year! Looking forward to another great year! I am told by our owners that our legal staff has a little surprise for everyone concerning a certain liquor license in our building. Keep an eye on the Journal Star over the next few days for the update! If you’re out and about we are open tonight for New Years! Stop in and say Hi! Also our new lunch and dinner menu is coming out mid January!

  21. grand daddy

    hello all im sorry to say but the bullshit gona be stoppin as of now.

  22. lenny
  23. Puke

    Puke was caused by Paris, morning sickness. She was suppose to clean it up.

  24. lkjnl
  25. Anna

    To WOW: Get a fucking education. I work two jobs and go to school full time for my nursing. Beat that shit. On top of all that I start my thrid job the day after x-mas. Oh yeah not to mention I’m buying my own place. Lets see your sorry ass mange all that. By the way don’t hate my curves, because all the guys are lovin them. Much love to Joey and Sara.

  26. ilubn
  27. sucks
  28. top

    was there over weekend have to say isis fun happy nice nipples and beautiful

  29. So, who

    provides a nice stink finger here? A little hair pie thrown in the face, preferrably one that doesn’t smell like old seafood? Any one-eye ogre kissers?

  30. BHJ

    Great Job!! Glad you are back to 7 days a week!

  31. Who

    I dont no this joey girl. IF SHE IS GONNA BE A MANGER.she shud bee intruducin herself to customers.

  32. real customer

    LOL….still laughing after leaving this place

  33. Suze

    Liquor license – So denied – Ha Ha!

  34. y


  35. Koon

    Fuck jimmy black he never came to elliots.

  36. ppp
  37. Its me

    This place rocks so hard. Scew the other clubs.

  38. Nitch

    This club will be torn down for a new library. Good riddence!

  39. Dancer

    Now that so many of our dancers have left, you will get all the attention you want.

  40. kil
  41. DEATH

    So wuts wrong with u, if everyone is so imperfect, trashing some of the most ginuine and sincere people i know.anna wut is to caring and good hearted, sara who is true and honest to her people. who could blame her for everyone hating on her for wut i dont get it shes one of my best friends, joey i love u no matter wut lemme at em, grrrrrrrrrrrrr ride till i die bitch wut

  42. lku
  43. love this place

    uma, danelle, bree u rock

  44. jamster
  45. Digger (03/29)

    Biggest problems were poor management of dancers.

  46. powerful man

    that cute dj tommy iz the shit

  47. ioyg
  48. :)
  49. To ??

    To ??. Did you go in 4 times or 8 times. Or is this the same post?

  50. Gone

    It looks like this club is a goner.

  51. bellboy
  52. On the other hand

    Why don’t you pay them a decent salary so they don’t have to hustle like a bunch of whores. Might get a better class of women also, which you need.

  53. shep
  54. Elliott's

    Open Mon-Sat!

  55. Question

    Do your dancers really rate the club when they have nothing to do? Or is somebody just stroking.

  56. kugy
  57. Boss Hogg

    Elliots is A OK at night but good night don’t go in there in the daytime. Wow! What a rip off. They take your beer and then won’t serve it to you. They have one waitress/barmaid/stripper on duty and that’s it. What a rip off. They should either stay closed until night or hire some more help. And the policy where you BYOB and they take it and then won’t serve it back to you sucks big time. What a rip off.

  58. toto
  59. jgh
  60. to my top girls

    Dude you got some fucked up taste buddy what the fuck is wrong with you? you prolly only like them cuz they are the dirty whores who used to suck dick at fatty land!!!! you are prolly getting blows jobs in the vip huh!!!! dude get your glasses fixed and see the real good looking girls….cuz you must like fat ass chicks yuck gross!!!!!!!!!

  61. YO

    The guy at the door lied no big suprise i still work at elliots. I dont really work the weekends. Always through the week and since when do i have 4 kids ? anyways i love u to andy, gina, kimberly, danelle and uma.

  62. Chief

    We can’t get a liquor license!

  63. jhg
  64. Paris Fan

    Is Paris back from Kentucky yet? Will she come back here or is she going back to Fantasyland?

  65. Dlliott

    Closed – no liquor license.

  66. jj
  67. Messy

    How soon is your repair work going to take?

  68. Mack

    Its a shame this place is closing, because it was good training for the untrained dancers and it gave the druggies a place to hang out.

  69. !!

    Fuck you bitch! – 11/17 – remove comment

    why don’t you cum down here and say that to our faces big al’s whores that suk dick for a night at the pierre marquette! its funny how all you bitches like to run your mouth about all of us to me its as if you all were jealous! you know we are the shit or else you wouldnt talk so much about us………………..so in that case thanks for hating us! from the elliott’s girls

  70. liuh
  71. iouh
  72. New Customer

    Who’s idea was that wall in front of the couches. Feels like being back in prison.

  73. No weigh

    a stupid coksupper like u works hear.

  74. open

    open 6 days a week, closed on Sunday

  75. So!!

    Sara’s busy making bank by spreading her legs? Wow color me shocked. Ok not really. It’s amazing how the comments remain the same just the names change. So instead of Joey being the huge Elliott’s whore now it’s Sara? Who’s next?

  76. oiuh
  77. utnhj
  78. City of Peoria

    Great job, Enjoy your new liquor license.

  79. ioy
  80. c


  81. kjn
  82. businessman

    was in last night, great looking hotties!! Will be bringing all my associates down for lunch next week! Terry

  83. Tim

    Why did Kyra leave?

  84. Cop

    Can’t yu find dancers without felonies?

  85. ljh
  86. lol
  87. to yo

    Nobody ever said that Elliots was bad. Just talking about her. She makes herself, the other dancers, and the club look bad. Every club has their “not so good looking” dancers but you don’t see them talking to much on here do you? You’re right Als is nice to go to. They are just as expensive as Club though on most days. And Club might be expensive but that’s so only the guys who can afford it go. The guys who will go and SPEND money. And not just walk around just looking and then go to the other bars. (and because JM is money hungry!!! LOL)

  88. ytf
  89. Digger (03/26)

    I am the king.

  90. Joe M

    CC Rocks!

  91. rty
  92. Farmington

    Great club, and great girls, don’t believe the lies, this club is worth checking out!!!!!

  93. SCL

    Please do not advertise here. This is for club ratings. Thank you

  94. Digger

    This club is my home. I love it. You can’t hurt me!!!!!

  95. kib
  96. lonh
  97. jml
  98. Sarah

    love you missy, joey, heather , anna , jake, tommy oh and Harley Davisison haha..Fuck the drama and the cunts that go wit it..

  99. Wash

    Would you please have the courage to tell your dancers to wash before dancing cause I thought it was very rude when I was getting a dance and could smell piss. I was also in not to long ago and one of your dancers farted while giving me a dance then had the nerve to get all snappy when I said I was disgusted and no longer wanted the dance.

  100. iuy
  101. Ron

    would have stopped in but place looked closed

  102. Karl

    u really need to work on getting better dancers or get a liquor license

  103. weazy f

    luv u sexy ass bitches

  104. Larry

    It’s ok. There is better and there is worse.

  105. pol
  106. BAAJ
  107. Garlfield

    Come to Al’s for a good time and we have alcohol.

  108. lmo
  109. Tony

    I dont think joey is that badd. she shouldnt use a computer though. she makes the other dancrs look bad.

  110. lkihb
  111. Bart

    ROCK ON!!

  112. ttt
  113. trduyg
  114. Elliotts

    Don’t advertise here.

  115. Steve

    Love sar and joey ther the hottest girls their….

  116. Ike

    You need better looking girls.

  117. U no Who

    HHH stands for stupid muther focker.

  118. dog
  119. gross

    this place is disgusting and no fun no liquor no girls why are they even open

  120. kj
  121. To: HHH

    HHH u r still a lying kocksucker.

  122. MIZZ

    Awsome time at this club…

  123. Milller man

    Lunch was the bomb!

  124. Cookies(You know who this is)

    This club is awesome they have great people that work there and the dancers there are pretty good especially Uma and Zoe. I would have to say that they are the 2 best dancers I have ever seen.

  125. iough
  126. Little bouy

    My mommie works there and brings guys home. They hurt her cause she screems a lot and they we haave more money to spent. she bys me icecreem inthe morning,

  127. Charlie (03/28)

    This place has potential.

  128. pop
  129. vgt
  130. Mistreated

    I went into Elliot’s during their happy hour from 6 to 8 p.m. My intentions was to visit with two features that we’re going to be there. They have a two drink minimum, and I was planning to buy drinks for the features. The Futures unfortunately were not there and I was harassed by the bartender to buy drinks. I told the bartender I was waiting for the features. He stated that was not good enough so he kicked me out of the venue. And talkin and arguing over the situation before I got kicked out it was stated that I was going to be kicked out and then I could return When the features got their pay cover and still have the two drink minimum. This will be the last time that I go to this club and less they make significant changes to the Staffing and or policy. This is ridiculous to treat a customer like this. They stated they provide live entertainment the first time I was in there, there was one girl and 20 minutes and she was on stage when I got in and the came off stage a couple minutes later. Their justification for two drink minimum is they provide live entertainment, but there are hardly any girls on stage. The girls mostly waiting back for customers, to try to get a VIP so they don’t even go up on stage. So their justification for live entertainment is none, because they really do not have live entertainment. They have a bunch of TVs, oh well, TVs are at many places that do not force you to buy something at a time that you do not want it. So in the end I was kicked out for not spending money how they wanted me to win they wanted me to. When the features finally did come in I bought not just the minimum but more than the minimum that is required and I told the bartender I would, but that wasn’t good enough. The way they have that setup is very poor and it does more to not make customers want to go back. That’s unfortunate because they have some very nice girls there, and they could do better most likely at other places, and I would advise them to seek another place to go, which I should not do, but it is needed because of the way they this institution has decided to run.

  131. utd
  132. ...

    The girls haven’t gone anywhere. They are all still there and I saw 2 new hotties there just last night.

  133. Elliott's dancer

    I wish somebody would listen. We have bunches of problems. And nobody gives a poop.

  134. Law

    Tell ya guys, no alcohol, but the drugs are ransid. You are gonna get busted.

  135. bvc
  136. Spectator

    Don’t hold back Joe, can you tell us how you really feel?

  137. ouk
  138. rfv
  139. SCJ

    How does this place stay open?

  140. equalizer

    this club is the greatest and i love going there.

  141. Elliott

    They dont pay us nuthin to work here.

  142. Observer

    You should keep your employees off the internet. They make the club look stupid. Bunch of kids.

  143. Candy

    Fantasyland is better by far.. the very few good dancers you guys had you lost to fantasyland.. they must be doing somethign right then.. aw better luck next time

  144. rrr
  145. fdutf
  146. Nameless

    Go Elliott’s!!!!!!

  147. you dont matter


  148. dude

    this place blows, need more girls

  149. Wilson (03/27)

    I am sorry this place is closing. If they could have gotten alcohol, this wouldnt have happened.

  150. G&S

    cherry goes black.com

  151. dsv
  152. Al

    We need a club for people under 21. Thanks for being there.

  153. lilhb
  154. ifp
  155. slater
  156. Jerry

    I don’t know what you are going to do for girls now that Elliotts has alcolol. You really need some.

  157. yut
  158. babar
  159. Ted

    Why isn’t this club getting a beer license?

  160. Kid Rocker

    I like this club. I aint 21 so I cant go nowhere else. I wish the girls were pretter. I look in a lot of windows that have prettier girls.

  161. Hugh

    Beer will be $1 per can for the first 30 days. Happy days.

  162. HN

    This club shouldn’t even be open.

  163. rer
  164. pok
  165. fhr
  166. Muscles

    Rain rules!!! Love this place.

  167. ??

    Who is making all this shit up about girls fighting and management??? I was in 4 different times this week and the place was rockin! Everybody was having fun and I didn’t see anything like what is being talked about. I think your board and club is being vandalized by either FL or CC!! Fuckem I say! You guys just keep having fun! JJ

  168. tyf
  169. to idiots

    t is bad enought that u post on your own site, but you are posting on other club sites negative comments. Just a bunch of stupid kids. This Really speaks well of the Elliotts management. I will never come in this club again.

  170. Scott

    Elliott’s rocks caberet sucks

  171. Simon

    If you had booze, I’d never leave!!!!

  172. Michael

    I came in last night for the fist time Sara was beauitful we talked laughed she is a very talented..I will be back sara …

  173. lkin
  174. pam
  175. blah
  176. 4747

    great time

  177. gfr
  178. To: Cough

    Are you having that looked at? Sounds a little raspy. Probably too many lung rockets.

  179. Ramone

    Andy sounds like a pepsi drinking PUSSY to me! Ever been to a real club?

  180. willie
  181. tre
  182. m


  183. Not

    The club isnt losing the whores its keeping the original 3 whores thats left. Sarahs fucking the manager Blake so there for if somebody makes more money that her she gets pissed and they get fired. The place is a ghetto joke they have 3 girls that think they run the place. wont come in and help through out the week though. news for u girls if you continue to have girls fired cause you dont like them you will have to work more that the 3 days you lazy bitches come in. Customers like a variety of girls they dont want to come in and see the same 3 drunken 19 year olds that they have worked there for the past year.

  184. barnstormer
  185. lib
  186. to justine

    this is travis you dont know me but you are paris’s friend and a good one. try meeting before you pass judgment or think you know the truth. i wish you and all those who care for paris well.

  187. stoned guy

    its all right sda nachoes rock

  188. Ralph

    Why did Joey leave?

  189. Sammy (03/31)

    Congradulations on losing the lawsuit with Fantasyland.

  190. kyle
  191. To: HHH

    to HHH u r a lyin cocksucker

  192. mm

    Where did all the dancers go?

  193. jimjim

    excellent club, new girl cloey is gorgeous, erica is beautiful as well, sara was rude, wasnt very nice to me

  194. ytes
  195. Phil

    I was in there the other night and Sara was gone. She was the best.

  196. beh

    all ive heard about this place was it was bad. people or rather clubs like Als and cc are just jealous that there is a new place in town you can get your drink on and be entertained by hot babes.

  197. lmx
  198. ufs
  199. DUH

    That wasn’t Paris posting. That was a example of how immature these girls are and how well they just proved a point. Paris made money to much money and thats why you trash her.

  200. DM

    You heard it here first, September 1st will be our last day open.

  201. how come

    how come people r usin their real names now why are they fightin on a computer you all do the same thing some are cooler than others evrybody on this page are fucked up in their head not a single person is right , dont talk to each i bet I KNOW more about EVERY person arguin but dont bring up the wrong things I KNOW they have done, none should point fingers cuz all r far from perfect some people are innocent bystanders in these arguments, almost every other clubs comment list aint even like this………..dbo

  202. iou
  203. kugv
  204. To Paris

    I came to see you and the guy at the door said you were dancing at Cabaret. I went there and they had a Paris, but it wasn’t you. Where did you go. I don’t blame you for leaving Elliotts cause they have no respect you. The guy at the door said something about you and your fuckin 4 kids. What is the deal.

  205. Jamie

    We rock!

  206. Irs

    What kind of money do the girls make here?

  207. Jermoy

    Its hard to believe this club would make fun of FL

  208. Elliots Rocks

    I was there this thrus. and Sat. Had a blast. Much thanks to all the great dancers.


    Elliots is still a shit hole and is joey still working there cuz i think my whole team needs some ass! i know she can pull a train wheres that skank at? What up dbo…lol

  210. PR

    What happened to Danielle?

  211. LAWMAN

    All lawsuits are public information as you said, the next time you are at the county clerks office, look under GLB Investments. You should have no problem retaining information about the lawsuit. You will also find some very interesting facts about your obvious employer. I know what constructive means, but I also have no idea what constuctive means. See you in court, we eat people like you for breakfast! You should probably stay with taking your clothes off for teenage boys and stop trying to be a journalist, you are rather embarassing. I’ll bet Fred wouldn’t approve of you posting his legal problems on this worthless site. And believe me, he has legal problems to deal with.

  212. ikn
  213. Sam

    Sara and joey are the hottest girls eva

  214. L Train

    I agree…Been to better, but it could be a lot worse. I really like 2 or 3 of the girls. If it weren’t for them Don’t know how often I’d go. Food is ok. a lot of clubs if you get hungry your just out of luck. hopefully things will improve.

  215. ih
  216. missy

    luv ya sara your my sexy bitch!

  217. Mit

    What happened to all your dancers?

  218. HHH

    Apparently you have no life.

  219. joe
  220. out
  221. Nark

    What happened to Tara?

  222. opy
  223. William

    Cry to your mamma!!!!!!

  224. Pat

    Elliotts rocks.

  225. Isis
  226. Lortn

    Why can’t this place keep dancers…

  227. Fact

    Posted the EXACT same post on Fantasyland’s board. Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam. Get a fucking life

  228. Skary Skanks

    Dude i went to elliots for the first nite last weekend and it was like lil kid land why dont they have any good looking older ladies in there god damn i got a daughter that age. this one girl named sara was hott but she seemed like a stuck lil bitch i was going to spend alot of money on her but not after i saw the way she was oh well i wont be back ill go to club cabret where the real ladies that dance work…bye lil kids

  229. yuf
  230. BOOYA!

    still needs work, but improving, good job!

  231. Hector

    Nice Bar!

  232. Mgm

    we have lost a lot of girls to fattyland. need help.

  233. pills4pussy

    Joey manager thats fuckin stupid she is about to get fired for eatin X all night and letting customers fuck her.. She is a skank who will let anyone fuck her for a pill..Keep it up joey we love it that you pass STDs to everyone..I bet its a full time job keeping ur legs over ur head….

  234. Geana

    Paris got fired at the hospital. She will be working ever night to support her four kids.

  235. ryan123

    I liked this club. Their drinks are really high. I was charged $5.50 for a Schmirnoff ice. Soda is $3 and a bottle of water is $3. The have several beer specials but I don’t like beer so I don’t have many options. I didn’t feel guilty at all not buying anything at all with those kind of prices. Their set-up is pretty good. Big stage in the middle with a pole on it. Also a leather recliner on the side the hoes tend to use more as a table. The strippers there seem glad to be there and some of them put an effort into the job. A lot of them though just stand around and talk amongst each other or hang out in the DJ booth instead of working. They’re not even trying to make any money so why are they there? I wouldn’t say I saw any top tier strippers but they had, what I would rank, from good to below average. The music was pretty good under both DJ’s but I definitely liked one DJ more. He played really good music, but he did talk a little too much. And sometimes DJs seem more like salesmen than anything and that’s pretty lame. If the hoes and their small saggy tits can’t sell me anything some clown on a mic won’t be able too. These strippers need some real education of presentation: with their looks, mannerisms, verbally, nonverbally, everything. Strippers can either convince me to give them my money, or convince me out of it. And these girls by and large convinced me out of it. And the DJ has no influence. None. So he should stop talking. I didn’t see any fake boobs and that really could have helped most of them. Only one pair of big real ones. The second time I was there some customer slut got on stage and did her stripper thing and she was more hot than any girl there! Why doesn’t she work there!? I guess they have food there but I’ve only seen one guy ever eating and I don’t see any menus or anything or maybe I would have bought something if there food wasn’t 100% more expensive than other bars like the drinks were. I do commend them for fighting back against Peoria City Council.

  236. Keggingher

    I love working here.

  237. bob
  238. pou
  239. Answer Man

    I thought I read in a post that this club was getting alcohol. What happened?

  240. Jeff

    We had a great time last night. Lots of dancers.

  241. gtr
  242. Leopard Print is my friend!!!

    Went there for a birthday party Def was 2 way good looking strippers then our friend became the third… Nice renovation of the building and back open 7 days a week!!!

  243. Bretn

    Not open on weekdays.

  244. Charlie

    Great club.

  245. New Site


  246. Randy (03/30)

    Man there is noboby left in this place.

  247. lui
  248. bubuu
  249. harry
  250. EElliottlliott

    Got our liquor license – fine dining – over 100 dancers daily

  251. Sara

    Is Joey going to be the new manager???

  252. anon

    Decent club. Lots of trashy clientel, didn’t see any bouncers, no valet service, girls didn’t sell dances, you have to hunt them down, there would be a single girl on stage at a time, with very few girls in the crowd.

    There were a some girls who shouldn’t have been up there but there were some really gorgeous girls there. EVERY girl was very nice and friendly, seemingly genuienly so, and my group did end up having a good time, despite the numerous shortcomings of the place. Major complaint with the dancers is not enough of them and they don’t go around selling dances, you have to flag them down, so I ended up not buying any.

  253. Alice (04/01)

    This place has really gone downhill.

  254. bfe
  255. sexyladie

    I love this place.

  256. fde
  257. jab33

    there is nothing but crack whores in there. worst club i have ever been in.

  258. iti
  259. Lorne

    What happened to all your dancers?…

  260. Us


  261. Real HHH

    This place could use a bulldozer! I’ll bet you would have to stand in line to operate it!!

  262. Bruce

    You lost Paris. You have lost everything.

  263. poe
  264. ijo
  265. hmmm

    OK guys, so you go to a strip club and DON’T expect the girls to try to make money? what the hell is wrong with you. Of course the girls are here to make money and are money hungery huslters…DUH! No offence, a lot of guys are great to hang out with while working but we aren’t there to “hang out” or to get you off. We work to pay our bills just like everyone else so if you can’t afford to come in and pay a lil bit of money… then don’t come in. It is seriously that simple. I’m not saying you have to spend a ton of money, but every little bit helps. Do you go to work just to hang out? No, and even if you did… you are still getting paid by the hour. Dancers don’t so get with the program.

  266. bj
  267. Ed

    Where have all the girls gone?

  268. Cutomer

    I wish this place was open more. I am not 21 and this is the only place I can go.

  269. ioun
  270. chris
  271. Ion

    r u even going to get a liquor lisense?

  272. Crazywater69

    I have to say that after reading all the comments about Elliott’s and Big Al’s and Fantasyland and any other club that I may have forgotten to list, I am not sure I want to patronize any of them! I am from out of state and I travel through Illinois frequently on business and in the evenings I like to unwind at a nice club with a relaxing atmosphere. I came to this site today because I am traveling again this next week after thanksgiving and I wanted to see what the reviews were of Fantasyland and Elliotts since I have already been to Al’s and didn’t care for the atmosphere there. I thought the whole purpose of this site was to give positive or negative feedback on the clubs to assist us in making an informed decision. What was I thinking?

  273. Wow

    Listen im not from Elliots i dont even think of this place as a club or F.L.Im plainly stating that this club needs to get rid of the fat white trash and the getto girls.Theres to many blacks and they are not cute and scaring off customers.

  274. ut
  275. Computer Boy

    I c Sara is posting about herself again.

  276. utdr
  277. bgt
  278. frt
  279. I was there

    There is nothing going on here, skanky girls. Attitude sucks. Bye Bye!!

  280. To ???

    Can tell by name (???) Fred told u to write that The girls want a meeting. better get it done or they r fckin walking.

  281. cj
  282. Beer Barrel

    I will marry pares and raise our baby

  283. to: Lawman

    you don’t have to go to the county clerks office, moron, its online and there are no suits of any kind against the owners! If you’re going to be an ass about typo’s, trying being “constructive” with your time and proof read your rebuttal! “Law-suit” is one word, “employee” should be employ, and what the hell is “thougt”? Oh, and congrats on being the “real HHH”, whatever the fuck that means?? Are you king of the titty bar boards in your little world?? The way you defend that whore house on Farmington Road, one would almost think you’re Brinkman’s whore’s snaggletooth little girl! Am I right??? It’s Mandi isn’t it??

  284. Wilson (03/26)

    I am sorry this place is closing. If they could have gotten alcohol, this wouldnt have happened.

  285. iug
  286. Joseph

    I thought this place had alcohol. What happened? Took some friends up and didn’t get past the front door.

  287. IP Guy

    What’s my IP address?

  288. clubgoer

    not very impressed with any of it, girls are bitchy whiney and very immature, dj sounds like shit and the club is dumpy

  289. Mick

    Club wasn’t worth the trip in. Never go back.

  290. Clones

    Sara was at Elliott’s tonite along with about 11 other hotties, don’t know where you get your info…oh, wait you probably get your info while sucking black guys off down at FL’s parking lot! Sorry to spoil your gossip, cuz we know its all you have in your pathetic little lives!! But keep it coming, we know we’re doing our job and hurting yours when the bashing gets the worst!

  291. iu
  292. oiyg
  293. esz
  294. bg

    Bree is the best dancer there

  295. Realistic
  296. Just so u no

    I started to come in tonight and the guy at the door was soo rude, I left. I was only by myself, but something is wrong. Go fuck yourself.

  297. NO Stupid Bitch!

    LOl ok for one you have NOTHING that I am jealous of!! So, get over yourself! And um yeah I gave you money but it was the guys I was with money and they were my FRIENDS!! And the only reason why they gave you money is cuz they know you give it up easy!! LOL Did I give you my money when you worked at Al’s when you told me to? HELL NO cuz you’re not worth my money!! And I didn’t ruin SHIT he had with ANYONE cuz he was seeing ME everytime he was with someone besides Amanda. SO get your info right bitch!! You say Brian’s worthless….what do you think YOU are!!! LOL Peace out Im outta this bitch cuz you are just a waste of my time!!! Good luck over there ANDY luv ya!!

  298. oijh
  299. Agree

    Get Paris back !

  300. v

    Why is this place such a drama zone?

  301. lop
  302. 25

    Bree, Uma, Olivia, Jordan were Fantasyland dancers and still work here

  303. dbo

    Jerry Springer Show will be filming an episode at Elliotts next Thursday. Entitled “ATTACK OF THE CRACKHEAD STRIPPERS”. You are all invited to be in the audience. Free condoms will be issued at the door to those wish to attend.

  304. kkk
  305. Matt

    Why are all the dancers leaving?

  306. ggg
  307. Mica

    Elliotts rocks.

  308. shittiest

    I see a coment I made on Elliott’s post was coppied and pasted on the Cabaret rating post. I have never been to Cabaret and this is the kind of childish stuff that is happening at Elliott’s. I have asked the dancers and they say this is being done by mangement. I am sorry the Cabaret site got involved with this and I will be sure to stop in and check the club out.

  309. LOVE
  310. my shouts

    to bree, uma, danielle

  311. kuygv
  312. To laffin boy

    Are you laughing at our club or with it?

  313. fds
  314. To Skank

    Skank, it is fuckheads like u that r causing the girls to leave. go fuck yourself.

  315. Richard

    This place sucks! I’m going back to Kappa.

  316. reviewer

    Liquor license can’t even help this dive.

  317. love ths place

    uma, danelle, bree u rock

  318. kuh
  319. Rod

    Looks like the girls are the same ones that closed Fantasyland. Not a good idea.

  320. tim delaware

    I was there saturday night and will be back a lot more, I like kimberly and missy verrrrrry much!

  321. Jay

    Wow talk shit about Paris because the customers like her. Are you serious ? since when is 26 old? And is she a whore because she did to well there?

  322. Drew
  323. ryan

    i think the club could use a lot of work but the dancers are very good. they need booze but it cant be that bad. theres some youg hotties worrking i would go again.

  324. bang

    Lying cocksucker. Same old juice bar. Horrible place. No wonder you can’t sell to anybody.

  325. Gary

    Some hot girls here!

  326. To Curious

    Sammy retired from baseball last year, but it’s been rumored he is making a comeback with the Texas Rangers, only in a designated hitter role. No thank you is necessary.

  327. bradley

    wow, what can I say…great time!!

  328. ihib
  329. cat
  330. Young Four

    We had soo much fun. Like the bathroom dance.

  331. dick

    love sara and joey

  332. Lon

    Where did all the dancers go?

  333. ELDY RIP


  334. Wray

    I thought it was great and well worth the money.

  335. evf
  336. mom
  337. pon
  338. kjgv
  339. pomn
  340. kl

    Why can’t this place keep dancers

  341. Chyanne

    This is a nice club to begain at some girls are nice some are Bitches but overall its a very friendly place. Keep up the Good work Girls!!!!!!!!!!1

  342. James

    Love this place

  343. trd
  344. Charlie (03/26)

    I am sorry this place is closing. If they could have gotten alcohol, this wouldnt have happened.

  345. bobo
  346. Worthog

    Paris knows ho i am. I like coming in here cause nobody counts my teeth. I am jugudd by how much money i have. I think this is nice. I alwasywasy be a regular customer. Thanks guys cause you make my day.

  347. I agree w/obsover

    You should keep your employees off the internet. They make the club look stupid. Bunch of kids.

  348. Paige
  349. fyi

    One of the managers posted that there is a computer there and the dancers have to post ratings when they aren’t busy.

  350. BIG BABY

    much love 4 ya sara missy joey anna….u know ur bad fuk tha haters

  351. Never again

    Yauall should talk to your girls. All they do is complain about not making moneey. Didnt come in here to hear their crap. Not an enjoyable trip.

  352. Elliot dancer

    if it wernt for the drugs i wouldnt work here.

  353. me

    what can I say, i give it a 10, beatiful women and a good time

  354. pp

    You stupid girls can’t even spell the word STRIPPERS right. Kind of sad when you are one, yet you can’t even spell it. Lol. Go back to school!

  355. A fan

    great club

  356. got
  357. Alyse

    Alyse, I hate you more than Paris does.

  358. Rumor

    Fuck, why would you want to lose the whores? I hate it when a strip club supposedly goes high-class–that just means less for more money. BTW, what’s wrong with drunk 19 year olds? Do you remember what a 19 year old’s body feels like? (Besides a cousin’s.) Fuck, they’re actually fun when they’re drunk!

  359. Be real
  360. tara

    I love Sara and Joey

  361. Derek

    You folks need to buy the women baby wipes cause the sure as the hell dont know how to wipe their ass. Its just fuckin nasty that ive gotta watch some nasty bitch bend over and she still has shit on her asshole cause she was to lazy to wipe

  362. Keg

    My final gift to Elliott’s!!!

  363. lhb
  364. waz
  365. dancer in il

    actually not one club around here pays their dancers – you have to go out on the coast for that. It’s just not going to suddenly change either. So just give a little (it is the holidays and all)

  366. Billy

    Why is Pacman stiring all this shit?

  367. Tommy

    I was there and you only had one dancer. Whats going on.

  368. kjhb
  369. Elliott's is

    open 11am-2am mon-wed & 11am-4am thrs-sat

  370. tojo

    CC Rocks!!

  371. Keggar

    you must not have many!

    you posted this on every club, ru a tard?

  372. Iddiot

    Closed — no liquor license!!!!

  373. Kegman

    Should be opoened by the 15th of March.

  374. Tom

    Place rocks. Just needs better dancers.

  375. Packman

    Al’s is going to let us stay open until January 11th. Thanks Al.

  376. ytyug
  377. beer storage

    I lovve pares

  378. Equaliver

    This place needs alchol and dncers

  379. elvis
  380. rr

    What happened to Sara?

  381. Guy

    Who is going to buy this place without a liquor license????

  382. iuh
  383. >

    i would like to tell everyone that yes kegger did get paris pregnant and she isnt dancing for that reason. fred you are a smart man who made als what it is but your choice in kegger was a bad one. bussiness might do better if he wasnt so concerned on dicking paris and making kids with as many strippers as he can in a year. and so everyone there knows paris never left me she lied to everyone to hide what she was doing with kegger. just thought i would let you know the truth.

  384. Fire man

    this club be bouncin

  385. x customer

    Will this place reopen?

  386. employee

    We got rid of all the Fantassyland dancers.

  387. dudek

    it was the best



  389. Same idiot

    Same person is posting all the neg comments, same IP on all of them. Don’t even waste your time responding to them.

  390. uh

    you can’t believe everything you see on the internet

  391. TX Max

    Business for sale, enquire within.

  392. Tried it out

    Was in there the other night. I made all three clubs. This place is really hurting for dancers and the service was terrible. All the girls could talk about is how Fred is getting sued. Pretty negative to be in there.

  393. n


  394. you know

    went there and they did not have liquornor did they have any girls

  395. John Boy

    Why did this place post CC Rocks and then rate themselves a 10 abouf 50 times? Whats the deal? Isn’t that inflating your ratings?

  396. ooo
  397. tyu
  398. hyte
  399. mnb
  400. ibk
  401. Jn

    Place has got to get some better dancers before they close.

  402. bigun
  403. Jim from CAT

    Hey guys,

    Flew into Peoria this weekend for work and thought about hitting some of the local strip clubs. Stopped into Elliotts around 8pm on Friday night. Kind of hard to find but was well worth it. Had a great time with the girls and the music was really nice. Too bad you can’t smoke in Illinois anymore. Would have been nice to have a beer in my hand also but the girls more than made up for it. Thanks again for the great time.

  404. ujn
  405. pty
  406. Don (03/03)

    Something is wrong with this place.

  407. plo
  408. Mik

    I was in on Wed. 1/09 and Fri. 1/11. Had never been to this club b4. Both nights virtually no customers and about 6-8 dancers. 1-2 very attractive dancers, 2 that shouldn’t have been there, and the rest were average. A nude club but dancers only go topless on stage. Nude dances only in a semi-private room w/ four couches. Tipped all of them at stage a couple of times. But, none of them were friendly or even came over to see if I wanted a dance on Wednesday nite. On Friday nite, one very attractive petite brunette dancer named Angel talked to me for quite awhile. A wonderful girl who I ended up getting a couple of dances from. Great dances! She’s the only reason I would ever go back to this place. All the other dancers seemed very stuck up and too lazy to get off their butts to try to entertain the few customers that were there.

  409. JOEY

    I’ll run that fucker! These people haven’t paid me in three weeks!! They say we don’t have any money right now! I am going to blow this dump.

  410. Ken

    Why is everybody leaving?

  411. .
  412. haha
  413. kujyhb
  414. Garbo

    Maybe no booze, but the best looking girls of all the clubs by far!

  415. AJ

    Joey is by far the best dancer at your club

  416. Explain

    Why is the management so vincditive to the other clubs. It is my thinking you are not in competition with them because you have chosen not to serve alcohol. Nobody expects your dancers to compete with the other clubs. Just live with it.

  417. rip

    R.i.p. to the godfather of soul, james brown.

  418. uyt
  419. Pacman

    This club is really worth checking out. I’ve been to over 50 clubs in my life and this one is very laid back. Girls where nice looking and don’t bug you every other second for a dance.

    Come the first of the year they will have beer.

  420. Jeremy A Brown

    (jab33) you guys stied to stop me at the door, but i came back dress as a girl and i got in anyway. i was better looking than any of your dancers. even your customers were hitting on me.

  421. JH

    What happened to all the dancers?

  422. kk
  423. lkhb
  424. yt
  425. saw
  426. ElliElliottott

    Closed no liquor license

  427. Jim

    I see a bunch of your girls are working at club cabaret now.

  428. Ray

    Place looks ok once you are inside, but can’t get service. Don’t know who is hiring the dancers, but should get glasses. Was told when Fantasyland opens up this place will close.

  429. Siskel Ebert

    two dicks up!!

  430. gfd
  431. HHH (04/01)

    Place for sale with no liquor license, you got to be kidding!

  432. to yeah

    there is enough clap going on there without a customer having to bring in his own

  433. Farmer Boy

    This place is worse than the other place we went. No alcholo and the dancers were horrible. How do they stay in business. I think some of the dancers came from fantssyland which is closed.

  434. I do not get it

    this place is a fuckin joke. What do they get for trashing another clubs site??/ This management sucks.

  435. Under 21

    Whenever I have been there nobody seems to be in charge. I think the new management change will be good.

  436. hy
  437. Paris

    i really dont think my personal life is anybodys buisness. Everybody needs to find something else to talk about. Me being pregnant dosent make me unclassy if that makes people unclassy then theres alot of people in trouble.

  438. rxz
  439. SC

    Nice mix of dancers. Good low pressure casual strip club

  440. JimmyWie

    Overall a nice laid back experience. Decent dancers of various levels of talent.

  441. jjj
  442. yu
  443. JOSH

    Yeah Paris was way hot you gotta get her back now.

  444. I said

    Yauall should talk to your girls. All they do is complain about not making moneey. Didnt come in here to hear their crap. Not an enjoyable trip. Im sick and tired of it.

  445. kuv
  446. uoiy
  447. mark

    much love to the elliots untouchables shout out to missy sara and joey

  448. iyg
  449. Ann
  450. DO

    Bree is waitressing and still outworks rest of day girls. She’s no supermodel, but is a good worker and understands how to entertain, which puts her ahead of most of them. If some of the lookers knew how to work, this place could get competitive, rather than current No. 3 status. Anytime a chunky gal outworks the skinny ones, accusations of bone smoking are the result.

  451. to average joe

    Really, what’s the difference at this point? I’m sure as hell never going to go here or to Fantasyland. Al’s is out of the question (snore!). Are there any other clubs in Peoria or the area? I was thinking about CC in Creepy Whore, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Any place with hot chicks and lusty lap dances?

  452. Mike

    u need to work on customer service. Help and dancers rude.

  453. byte
  454. wifey
  455. Just me

    Elliotts rocks.

  456. FUI

    If you r going to stay in business, u need better looking dancers. This place has really gone downhill. There are also a lot of drugs going throught the place.

  457. jeremy a brown (jab33)

    this place isnt even worthy of a rating its ran by lowlife scumbags and it employs diseased crackheads and methheads. bartenders that make up prices all night long and strippers that steal money from patrons. fat pigs like sarah that steal money then buy meth in the back room and paris who smokes crack back there. other whores there have stds and hiv this place is nothing less than a circus freak show. paris take your four retarded dumb fuck kids and move the hell out of illinois you thieveing whore. take your fat drunken whore of a mother too.

  458. bill

    Club Cabaret rocks!

  459. QQQ

    Has Fred seen the comments that his employees are writing? He is going to lose another club if he doesn’t stop some of the shit written here.

  460. The Man at Elliotts

    Fuck you fattyland – we are open!!!

  461. jk

    What happened to Jasmine?

  462. DB

    some great looking girls you have, nice to see about you getting liquor soon thanks

  463. Toad

    Atmosphere not too bad. Could use better girls. Needs alcohol. Not much reason to be there so we didn’t stay long. Making Joey a manager will be a mistake and that is a fact.

  464. ???

    great business

  465. Congrads

    Smartest think you did was hire Paris back.

  466. lig
  467. doe
  468. kjb
  469. Don

    The place isn’t bad,but need some management. Plus the no alcohol is a killer.

  470. Joey Lover

    Why doesn’t Joey work during the week???? PLEEEEEZZZZZZ!!!

  471. Keiger

    I love working here.

  472. Brian

    I travel around the country for work and I often visit a lot of strip clubs in the process. Maybee its just the nature of blue colar towns and girls having low expectations for guests but for whatever reason this club made it a quite a challenge for me to spend the money that I brought in to the club. I actually left the club with money in my pocket. I walked in and sat down and it took a good 30-45 mins for someone to ask me for a private dance. The dancer was Kimberly and she actually seemed surprised when I said yes in about 2 seconds after she came up to me. I was sitting there just wondering whats going on with this club, are these girls really going to make me go out of my way to get a dance from them. Kimberly gave a very good private dance however she didnt even bother to ask if I wanted another one. I would of said no as I like to check out a varity of the dancers but I don’t understand why she wouldn’t even try to sell herself on another one. After another annoyingly long wait another dancer finally came up and asked for a private dance, I know I could be just going up to them and asking but come on, I really shouldn’t have to do that – in most clubs the girls are very aggressive and bombard the guests and I usually always turn most of them down. This club however I was there for a good 4 hours and only was asked for a private dance 3 times! Only one of the dancers asked me if I wanted another one when she was done, and I didn’t even know they had a more expensive lounge until the 3rd dance – the first two didn’t even try to sell me on it! Which by the way, doesn’t get you much of anything. The first dance from Kimberly was deffinitly better then the one I had in the more expensive lounge. It really goes by the girl though so I guess you can make the argument that the Kimberly dance would of been better in the other lounge and the other girls dance would of been worse in the cheaper lounge. I came into the place with 200 cash, which normally I have to pace myself to last more then a couple hours with – but at this club, after 4 hours, going on every private dance I was asked, tipping them all 10 bucks, I still found myself with $40 left in my pocket. I had enough of it so I ended up throwing a $20 on the stage for whoever was dancing and left the place with another $20 still in my pocket. Girls – really – get more aggressive with your selling! If your there to make money then your goal should be to try and ask every single guest in the place for a dance every single night – always try to sell the most expensive dance, and always ask if they want another one when its done!

  473. Quite guy

    Back up the moving truck!!!

  474. Average Joe

    Sounds like a very classy place. Think I will scratch this place off my to do list. Believe the owners should get a handle on this trailer park. Do the owners know about this trash talking, or do they really care. I believe I would level it and make it a parking lot. This Paris person sounds like a real class act, NOT!

  475. Pugs
  476. To: Regular

    I think you are a dancer there and you are trying to cover your ass, cause you sound stupid.

  477. iy
  478. red
  479. Tony (03/28)

    This place never had a chance, too bad.

  480. kop
  481. Stretch Mark Queen

    That blond wit all the stretch marks an the 7 rows of teeth..Damn I thought i was gettin head from Eddie Munster she smelled of freshly cooked meth and feet…

  482. Jack

    This place is hated because of the guy or girl that calls himself or herself the zen master. Fuckin spook. Puts trash all over the web.

  483. Drugseller

    Looking for 4 girls to assist in an invitation-only lock in to be held in Decatur on January 20th. It will be a gay male/female dancers birthday party for 40 people. Expected attendance is 150 (60%female, 40%male). Bath rooms will be outside and separated during showtimes and party will re-convene until the drugs run out. Will pay $$ for floorshows and dancers will keep 8% of all tips. House receives 100% of VIP room.

    Interested? email Doc at drugarcube at aol.com

    We will provide transportation/food for all you whores.

  484. moe
  485. shhhhh!!!

    not bad

  486. jojo
  487. poi
  488. Regular

    This site is a bunch of bullshit ! It went from trashing joey to Paris to Andy and now Sarah. Its obviously a dancer doing it and it cant be any of these four. So that leaves who? Anna ? yeah more than likley. Your not going to make anymre money trashing the other girls to make yourself look better. All 4 of them are better looking and better dancers and jesus Joey seems smarter than you get of your high horse.

  489. Pekin

    I have been to all the clubs and I think It sucks that you guys use fake names and try to get your ratings up. I will give you some bad hits to make up for some of the good hits you gave yourselves. You act like a bunch of kids.

  490. Marty

    It is my thinking your stage isn’t level and is too big for that little place. Food was ok.

  491. lll
  492. Please Answer

    i came into your establishment lastnight not really expecting anything from what I have heard about your club. I was very impressed with you guys. You guys had some beautiful girls in there. The no cover for 21 and up on the sign is kinda misleading but I was satisfied with the lapdance i got and the girls i saw. Great job guys. how many girls will be working on sunday?

  493. tgvb
  494. Ignorant

    you are all fools and you have no idea what you are talking about. none of the dancers run elliotts. none of them are management they are nothing but simple strippers and the only money they make is what they make themselves they dont get paychecks. so you are a fool if you think the dancers are any type of management and if they tell you they are they are lying. the managers do a great job but alot of the dancers do have shitty attitudes but they are like has been said teenage strippers who alot of them no names mentioned probably do have some type of drug problem but they are strippers what do you expect from them it is there job to take your money not to be nice to you.

  495. Jimmy

    What happened to Savannah?

  496. x


  497. To Management

    Looks like you should dump Joey, nothing but trouble.

  498. tff
  499. Yikes

    Anna i wouldn’t call those curves ur starting to look nasty. I’am a guy and i dont care for you or your cronie buddies. I’ll stick to coming in on the week days. Paris and Kimberly are the hottest girls there Danelle is pretty cute to. Much love to you girls.

  500. ouin
  501. yeah

    First these girls work hard, there is no discrimination going in there.. Something caused them not to come to these people.. . I seen customers expect the women to come to them.. NOT, If your behavior is such that they feel uncomfortable.. being around you.. then its your fault.. There is no requirement that they have to stop at all the guys.. Plus, if you dont tip them on stage.. or clap.. why complain.. you have to sell yourself as well.. and for the person who thinks the club sucks. Must be ur expectations were way too high.. I think the club is great..the dancers..staff and djs are great too..

  502. elo
  503. Aaron

    What happened to the liquor license? kegger said it was going to happen in March.

  504. to digger

    You aint from here..We aint been told not to post. We have been told to say smart things. Their is no digger here unless kegger uses that name. Fred dont no how to use the computor.

  505. Asspie

    They weren’t being literal, I don’t think. I think they’re saying the strippers run the place because they do what they want in spite of management’s/customers’ wishes. Also, the strippers’ job is to make money BY being nice to us, asspie!

  506. Fred

    They have real women here. At Big Al’s and Club Cabaret, they got the barbie dolls who have hade their asses lipocustioned and there boobs filled and everything else is fake. I went to Cabaret and in reality, the best looking woman was the bartender. I will be back to Elliott’s.

  507. hey
  508. To: loosers

    Sara hasn’t posted on this board in a long time and its easy to figure out why! SHE’S BUSY MAKING BANK, unlike the skanks that have plenty of time to post shit on this board! Easy to understand why you’re all so angry, and hungry!! I’d be pissed too if she took all my customers, and boyfriends!! Keep giving her the free plugs, cuz there’s no such thing as bad publicity!!

  509. Elliots dancer

    It is getting hard to work here. The moral sucks. Even the customers are bitching.

  510. Dr Phil

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Enough said. Bring in the bull dozer!!

  511. Somebody

    Posted on another site:It looks like all the business has gone to Elliotts. Their parking lot had six cars in it yesterday and that is double what is normally there. A few more cars and there would have been no place to park at Elliotts.

  512. ott

    Got our liquor license – fine dining – over 100 dancers daily

  513. Jared

    Why do I need to say anything. I rated the club a 10.

  514. jazzy jeff


  515. adamrod

    this is elliott’s road house!please do not expect a fancy schnancy, hi class strip club… it’s not! it is elliott’s road house!please enjoy it for what it is… i do!!!

  516. Jerri

    Will this place reopen soon?———————————————————————————–After the remodeling is done?

  517. uty
  518. Alan

    Needs alcohol and food it pitiful.

  519. Brett

    I love this strip club! It’s bad ass.

  520. Surgal

    I was told to drink in the bathroom, but if I got caught I would have to leave for the night.

  521. yesir
  522. My gift to Elliott's.

    My gift to Elliott’s.

  523. tyc
  524. Not Impressed
  525. wew
  526. iyhg
  527. The Man

    This place rocks in the best way.

  528. Law Man

    After the lawsuit, Guy will own Elliott’s, but he plans to just close it.

  529. mjh
  530. to; equalizer

    GOOD!! Stay there and stop jacking up the rating for this shit hole. You must be a current employee of Elliots.

  531. Too bad this place is closed.

    Too bad this place is closed.

  532. ytfvu
  533. josh86

    went to elliott’s the other night,most of the girls were really good lookin, And all the half priced shots made up for the girls who weren’t , it’s nice to hang out without feeling pressured to spend allot of money

  534. Hit Man

    I saw Joey the other night, not sure what the fuss is about her. Pretty plain looking to me.

  535. To what

    Use your imagination.

  536. Freddie

    Fantasyland rocks.

  537. Dave

    Why can’t this place keep dancers

  538. Art

    This place really needs girls bad!!

  539. Chuckie

    I will get your ratings up before you close!!!

  540. kiwi
  541. old
  542. Nate

    What a dump!

  543. Johnm

    Place has no business. Don’t know what the problem is.

  544. Guy at the door

    Who is going to buy this place without a liquor license????

  545. the Rock

    yes, its hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  546. 1st/last time customer

    this place sucks!

  547. Cookie Monster

    Was drinkin whiskey in the bathroom (had to sneak it in)and I caught the owner gettin head from a customer.

  548. mnh
  549. Huh!!

    why is this club writing on other clubs forums. Shouldn’t the dancers be entertaing the customers instead of writing on the computers about other clubs?

  550. Chad

    Since we closed Fantasyland, our business has doubled.

  551. ouh
  552. Chuck

    This club is in a bad part of town. Too many closing businesses.

  553. Perv

    Just wanted to know if I could get some quality pie (not stanky, moose knuckles, etc.) rubbed in my face here. Is this joint a total drag, or can a man have some (not so) wholesome fun?

  554. Peoria Guy

    I have been there once about 2 years ago and it was terrible. The girls were not attractive and the private dance sucked. Elliots was no competition for Big Als and Club Caberet. But like I said that was 2 years ago and the rating now seems pretty good. I would give it a second try if alcohol was availiable.

  555. nhy
  556. TO TRAVIS

    are you serously saying that paris didnt leave you! everone knows that she droped your ass. as for keager hes 10 time the man you will ever be so grow up and stop posting lame ass bull shit

  557. elliott's sux

    this place is the worst club eva i wouldn’t say c.c rocks but it’s better than elliot’s.sara and joey are x-whores!

  558. Randy

    Why does everybody hate you guys. Is it because of the guy that calls his self the zen guy? Unless he is one of the owner, he is screwing this club up.

  559. iugy
  560. opo
  561. miller
  562. Fireman

    to tthe top

  563. John

    What is it that causes so many bad coments about this place?

  564. The man at Elliott's

    Fuck you Kappa, we are still open.

  565. Teri

    You could use some good looking dancers.

  566. Slim
  567. vfr

    Did you sell this place?

  569. Elliotts rocks

    Elliotts rocks

  570. g


  571. Norm

    I love this club!

  572. Jimbo

    What happened to Judy?

  573. RE: Becky

    I think she moved to Florida with Troy

  574. Deno

    Why any fuss about Sara. Honestly she has a funny smell. She isn’t very pretty and has the personality of a table.

  575. Kegger

    here’s drama for ya! At most, only 2 of the last 25 comments are from people who work at or have visited this club. Why??? For those bogus poster’s, please be honest and tell us why you have nothing better to do than make shit up on a titty bar board?? Or to the person who spent hours posting bad ratings on the club score?? Please tell everyone! Oh, wait…nobody cares!

  576. HMM

    Gets a 7.0 because two girls make up for the others!!!

  577. Len

    you have to get some decent food. it really sucks.

  578. lov
  579. uytf
  580. Matty

    This place could be a lot fun if they had alcohol and needs to be bigger and have better dancers.

  581. Obsober

    This place is a mess. Clean it up.

  582. Shocker (03/26)

    Yeah, I can see it now: right after graduating with his MBA, Bobby will come over and take the joint to new heights! That will look so good on a resume when he gets sick of the bullshit, the drugs and the sleazy hos. All kinds of legitimate businesses are looking for someone with seedy adult entertainment experience to run their Fortune 500 companies. What this place needs are dancers who aren’t too fucking lazy to even try to get VIP dances from the customers. Oh, and stop bitching so fucking much.

  583. Dr. Phil

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Enough said. Bring in the bull dozer!!

  584. Actually

    I met a girl that wasnt totally stupid. Cant remember her name.

  585. Earl

    All their business has gone to Fantasyland. Place really needs girls bad!

  586. Wild Bill

    If you had alcohol I would visit more often. Your girls could use a little work also.

  587. 191

    Had a great time & met some really nice people. Will be back!

  588. Hal

    Best time of my life, the addition of the fantasy girls made the place a lot more fun.

  589. Elliotts dancer

    I think this place can do ok!!!

  590. cvb
  591. lkibh

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