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1560 Magnolia Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020


32.820362, -116.962712




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Deja Vu Love Boutique

  1. igor34

    Brooke is the best! She is very knowledgeable and kind! She guided me around the store making my shopping trip fast and efficient! Thanks Brooke, I’ll be back!

  2. ryan123

    Pro: The gal was really nice, they offer a couples discount, be sure to ask for it. If both of you are there.Prices were a little higher but the discount is hugeCon: Minus the guy facebooking my girlfriend a few hours later for sexual favors.

  3. Mistercap12

    Love it .just full of everything .very excited to go back. There is a variaty of everything. And have really good prices .and i loved the customer service. My husband and i werent sure what , or how to use an item from there and they explained it to us

  4. AssnTits5

    I had at one time given this place a good review that I just went back and deleted. Each time I enter this store I am treated like a criminal by the employees. They follow you around and stalk you which makes for feeling very uncomfortable. My purse set off their alarm as I was going in to their store and so they insisted I leave my purse behind their counter. Like I said, everyone is treated as a shoplifter. Stealers beware!!!!

  5. Cherry M.

    Love boutique is the place to go!! Employees are friendly and helpful. I never leave her unhappy!

  6. XXXbeast

    The staff is friendly and knows their products . If one person doesn’t they will gladly trade places with someone who knows more about what you want . The music Is always on point and adds a more up beat feel to the place. They have a good range of everything from kink to vanilla and all in between. 😉 and you can get discounts for being a couple (2 people together) and military ! Gotta love that

  7. anthony1

    Ok, I’m a business major and I’m appalled by this company and how they run their business! First off, not inviting because it was once a strip club and I’m not against strip clubs. If you are going to sell items there, make it seem more inviting, or appealing to smell. Us women need to feel like we are worth somethings not feel dirty or violated! Next was the fact that it is posted that you have to be of age, why isn’t it when you walk through the door? I mean, correct me if I’m wrong but if a company has it to where you walk in then card, it would save time and money!!! Now upon arriving up the stairs (looks dingy and not up a very good up keeping) there’s the sign!!! So of course I am of age and not all the time do I look my age so I do get carded, but that doesn’t mean to patronize customers based on appearance? I also felt that the lady was rude and had an attitude, same with the guy running the downstairs. This isn’t a Valentino store with security because of top notch quality goods. If this company lived up to their name, they would make more money and have a sense of business idea rather than making so with what they have. If they were to focus more on customers and their needs, not have the customers feel like they are there to be on center stage, perhaps they would make more money. Plus, cost wise, way overpriced and I can go elsewhere. I’m pretty sure that if the owner had some morals, he or she wouldn’t be running their business like this. Stripclub environment should be separate from selling items to customers that want privacy and respect!!!! Never going back here again!!!! I’ll take my money elsewhere!!!

  8. brandonresh

    Customer service is terrible and prices way over inflated. I bought an item there for $100 and was checking out some other stuff online the next day and noticed that it is $30 less on their website. So I called to ask about it and the less than pleasant sales person hardly answered my question. Just kept saying I don’t know why, that’s how it is, always cheaper online blah, blah, blah. He said he was the most experienced person at that store and had an attitude the whole time and acted like I was bothering him. Never going there again and going to make sure I let everyone I know to stay away.

  9. harryharry

    I loooove this place. I just started going a few weeks ago and they sales people have always been very helpful. I love that it has a private parking lot so there’s no drama there. I went in there initially searching for a toy and the clerk upstairs was very knowledgeable and helpful in showing me what they had to offer within my price range. I’ve been there twice since, and every time the experience has been a positive one. The prices are very good on most things, however the movies and certain accessories might be better purchased online in order to get better prices. Other than that, the place is great especially if you need something in short notice…

  10. stripforme123

    Came in and felt very comfortable. Thought it was going to be creepy or awkard but the reps were very helpful. A LOT of selections for all kinds, types, and sizes lol…My husband and I will defitnely be back! Thank you to Love Boutique!

  11. marlonmoney12

    Always quick and easy. Great staff, and a big shout out to Brooke for hooking me up with a discount card.

  12. dannyboy7

    All the lovely ladies at Deja vu helped me out with something that had absolutely nothing to do with them making a sale. They went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of! I would recommend this shop to anyone I know because I can be sure they would have a great experience! Thanks for all your help, chickadees!

  13. joseph1k

    From the outside, the store itself looks big. But once you walk in, you’ll notice half of the store is not available to customers. Anyway…Bottom floor is mainly made of clothing: skimpy girl clothing, matching clothes for the couples, etc. Mostly your basic stuff.Upstairs (where there is another girl waiting to card anyone that looks too young) that’s where all the toys are for both guys and girls. These toys range from the typical dildo’s and vibrators to party gags like straws shaped like penises. They have the adult DVD selection upstairs as well.What really threw me off was the small DVD selection that had nothing to do with sex. I saw movies like Entrapment, and Rush Hour, and some Jet Li movie lol. Movies you’d find in the aisles of blockbuster/

  14. Lauren L.

    I love this place, they have such a huge selection of toys, etc & the staff seriously rock. Very knowledgeable and friendly. If shopping at this kind of store makes you feel uncomfortable I would definitely go here. They’re very knowledgeable & make you feel comfortable asking any questions. I always have a blast when I go.

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  16. Christina S.

    I actually really like this store, everyone is helpful, friendly and polite. When you walk in, the place has very cute costumes, shoes, sample size/travel size lubes and condoms, everything’s always organized nicely. I’ve boughten a few different things and never had any issues with anything. I do give 4 stars because the prices are sometimes pretty high on certain things like I always have to go somewhere else full sized lube. but overall, nice!

  17. Brenda J.

    It’s no Barnett Superstore, but it’ll do if you need striped knee socks and dollar nailpolish in a quickie.

  18. adamrod

    Kyle was very friendly and super helpful. No pressure salesman and has a lot of knowledge on all products. His recommendations were perfect and just made the whole shopping experience that much better.

  19. DexterRexter

    This is an exceptionally friendly love boutique. Joseph came right up to my husband and I after we entered and let us know to be sure to go to him for any questions, and did so comfortably. Very cool guy. They have a decent selection of lingerie but not too much cosplay. They have a selective amount of toys is but most are high quality, though they have simple and cheap battery operating vibrators too. Overall, a good high quality selection of products.If you are looking to spice up your night with your loved one, you can never go wrong checking this place out if you’re in the area. We’ll be back. 🙂

  20. felixnada

    Really like this spot. It’s the only adult store I go to in the east county. It’s the only one I’ve been to around here only because there was no need to look for another store after I found this one. They have so many things. It’s like Disneyland for adults! The workers r very nice and helpful also!

  21. Alyn P.

    People actually like this place? Their selection is very limited and the sales people were not very friendly. It was whatever- I didn’t stay in there for too long since they didn’t have what I was looking for.

  22. David G.

    My girlfriend and I just recently went there to spice things up a bit in our relationship. Let me say first that the store has a great selection of items of all kind. But the workers there are annoying pests. They literally just stare at you the whole time and (I’m pretty sure) they talk crap about you. They straight up expect you to steal. Honestly I might go back because again the store has a great selection. But I’ll be more than happy to go somewhere else where I’m not treated like a criminal.

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