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78 reviews for “Hustler Hollywood

  1. Eddie Mac

    I heard Dejavu was going broke giving away free tents to the homeless people in the city I went to this club and had to walk a few blocks to get there and it just stunk of urine and feces and marijuana in the streets someone needs to flush this whole city down the toilet

  2. RAy J.

    Wow this place is pretty fun! When you first walk in you see all kinds of clothes and stuff and start to get ideas. The staff is very eager to help you pick stuff out and make suggestions on things. After you have walked around looking at clothes you’ll see someone coming down a set of stairs. What…a second floor?!?On the second level is more clothes and stuff. Once you look at all that stuff you will notice another set of stairs…yes another!!On the third floor is where all the crazy stuff is….toys, books, lubes, videos, condoms, massage creams….its crazy!!! Up there the staff is also very helpful and attentive making suggestions on certain books or items to try. You can even ask their opinions on items as well. This place is redonkulous! You can easy spend over an hour in there just looking, thinking, reading, and learning.Pretty much everyone should check this place out if you have never been.Military discount too!

  3. Melaura L.

    Three stories of a little of evertything. This was fun and a learning experience. Bought some sute panties and a toy. Shhhhhhh. Great group girls outing.

  4. Miss Vanessa T.

    I came here after the Elite event but before heading to the bar next door for a friends birthday celebration. I told my friend we should arrive at 10 instead of 9 (when they told us to get there) knowing our friends are on filipino time. So when we got there at 9-ish, no one was there. Big surprise.What to do to kill time? Oohhhh, shiny lights from Hustler. It was beckoning us to come inside, so we skipped right on in.My eyes widened as much as they could when I saw all the cute lingerie. Garter belts, wings, jeweled undies……and leather panties? ouch.We giggled like two Catholic School girls….which by the way, you can purchase a Catholic School girl uniform if you feel so inclined. It’s on the second floor next to the sexy Minnie mouse outfit. I already have one, so I skipped on to look at other things.Everything was somewhat expensive…..$400 for angel wings….but it’s definitely a cool place to check out if you have the time or are looking for a little something-something to spice things up ;P—–I just want to end with Jay- Z:I’m a hustler babyI just want you to knowIt aint where I beenBut where I’m bout to goNow I just want to love youBut be who I amAnd with all this cashYou’ll forget your manNow give it to meGive me that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff

  5. XXXbeast

    I normally don’t go to this type of stores but just passing by today I got attracted by those gold bikinis and had to enter and check the texture. I don’t like grandma swimming gear, but these bikinis are more for fun and show off at a party or something that for the real thing: swim at the pool or at the beach. I have to say, though, that I really liked that gold bikini that they are selling for around $50. The price is not cheap but is also not outrageous if you think about the difficulty to find this type of piece at another store. I also liked a lot the Swarowsky glass bikinis. Obviously those are not very waterproof, but they look adorable and royal (maybe the intention is to look sexy, but I find them very cute and chic actually). There are tons of stuff in this store, but mostly tacky shirts with bad taste messages with the F word. Not for me, but nice to go and browse and see and sometimes you get lured by a well designed gold bikini.

  6. Courtney R.

    Found this place randomly the other night and had an awesome experience. It’s three floors of awesome ! The staff was super friendly and I thought it was going to be a little awkward but I was wrong. I was very comfortable here. My boyfriend and I came in and needed help finding something different and fun and this guy working there was soooo helpful and friendly and made us feel comfortable. Kind of expensive stuff but good quality 🙂

  7. winston12

    Not sure how I wandered in here but when in Rome you gotta look around right? This has place has everything from the expected t-shirt and undies you would expect to things that make me blush even thinking about them. If you are looking to spice things up with you significant other then they probably have what your looking for.

  8. Gina L.

    I just turned 18 not too long ago and I wanted to spend explore my powers as an “adult” in an adult store hahaI was surprised at how clean and tidy it was inside.The first two floors were just sexy clothing, but the third floor on the other hand .. was SALACIOUS and more.Adult toys, porn etcThe workers didn’t really bother me but I was happy to know that it was all females working . I enjoyed my visit.

  9. Kristen M.

    As you go up each floor things get more and more racy/ entertaining, just how I like it. The clothes and lingerie are all over-priced and cheaply made, but I guess it’s a brand, or whatever. On the third floor with all the good stuff, they have all your standards and then some. There were a few items that my partner in crime and I couldn’t figure out, they will remain a mystery. The staff is helpful and bordering on creepy, one dude offered to get us batteries so we could test out vibrators. There is a bunch of porn on DVDs, but they are like $40. Seems like a rip-off to me, but what do I know. Overall, its fun to stop in and have a laugh, but I doubt I’ll ever make this my destination.

  10. Ellie P.

    After a very off night of attempted clubbing in San Diego, I was about to write off the gaslamp district nightlife. After the bars closed at the very early hour of 1:30, we noticed that this store was still open until 2. What a brilliant idea to stay open 30 minutes later than the clubs! This store is a clean, well-lighted place for 7″ platform shoes, kinky lingerie, DVDs, and sex toys. It’s doing for San Francisco Haight Street sex shops what Hot Topic did for San Francisco Haight Street used clothing stores. Great for groups out for a good laugh and getting too much personal information about their friends’ preferences and past experiences.This is definitely recommended as a good way to end a night out with friends. Especially note their 7″ platform line called “Ellie.” If you wear these shoes, you can be almost as tall as me.

  11. Tiffany L.

    This store is one of my new favorites downtown! It has so much for a woman or man to love. The first floor has lots of cute lingerie and clothing. The second floor has funny novelties for parties and other miscellaneous things. The third floor was bigger than I was expecting and full of fun toys and anything sex related you may want! There’s a wide selection of products from high price to affordable prices. They have a few sales area for toys and porn. We were greeted by two nice employees who offered to show us how the toys worked if we were curious. A friendly girl who checked us out was thorough and told me how to properly clean my merchandise. They do military discount, but only Monday-Thursday. Now we know for next time! My husband and I had a great time shopping here, highly recommended to spice things up 😉

  12. Fiona T.

    I like how it’s seperated. First floor is clothing, second is costumes, & third is all the dirty toys. I feel like some things are very over priced because you can go to F street & get the same thing for $10 cheaper…. Some cute things here. Some cute gogo gear that you’d might get away wit wearin as a bikini! HAHA It’s cleaner than a lot of other sex shops. The manager was like “this is all you’re going to buy? No condoms, vibraters or handcuffs?” that was funny.

  13. maxxy1

    They hooked me up with my X-Pole. Excellent customer service and product quality. This isn’t the pole you buy at some party supply store and have your skanky friends rub up on. This is a legit dancing pole. 2 years later and it’s still holding up. The woman who sold it to me knew the products she had in stock and knew that the X-Pole was what I needed for what I was doing.

  14. Weedman420

    Very helpful and friendly staff but wow the prices can get high. But most adult shops are. They do have quite an extensive collection to aquire everyones taste and budget however. I just wish their clothing was cheaper.

  15. Miss L.

    They have 3 different floors: 1st floor is clothing/shoes; 2nd floor is fetish; and 3rd floor is the toy area. I love the 3rd floor. One time, I went in and saw all the samples of dildos laying on the table by the stairs. I was with my shopping girlfriend, and we thought the disco stick is awesome! HAHA. This is a cool place to stop by when pre-partying and after clubbing all night. The staff knows everything–even the associate working at the bottom knows what’s on the top floor! And I deducted one star just because I haven’t bought anything here (yet). Good Luck!

  16. kenston12

    May 14, 2016 — as busy as it was in DT i was lucky enough to find parking across the street after driving multiple times around the streets of DTSD.anyway Ramona and i had to make it quick cz i didn’t want to get a parking ticket haha! walked in and was kindly greeted by an associate. I headed my way upstairs to check some toys. I’m not one to touch or play with myself alone — true story. But since the boyfriend is out of state i wanted to reward him via FaceTime LOL. any who.. i needed something simple and the associate assisted me with a two in one haha! grabbed it and headed my way downstairs to check out. Ramona on the other hand was looking for nipple pasties and i suggested the stars, cz i think they’re cuter than the hearts. She ended up buying both to surprise her man as well. I came across the coupon vouchers, and think they’re a great idea to get creative. Only 5.99, i can’t wait to use them for him. at check out i forgot my rewards. and unfortunately the toys don’t come with batteries like Adam and Eve on University. Good thing i had some at home haha.The associates are all very friendly — and the store itself is very organize, clean and easy to find what you’re looking for.

  17. Steve F.

    Well, this place sure blows away F Street by a mile and a half…Wendy G. and I came here to get a gift for a mutual friend of ours. I was impressed not just with the cleanliness of the place and friendliness of the staff (which answered any questions we had), but the bountiful selection of lingerie and adult, um… toys. When we found the gift we were looking for, Wendy and I headed upstairs to peruse the DVD section. While there were all kinds of material (including the Kim Kardashian video, which I’ll have to come back here later… you know, for research purposes), the movie selection were predominantly from the Hustler range (no brainer) – and to be honest, I’m not really impressed by the Hustler brand of films.Plus, while parking is hard to find in this area, my main gripe here is with the prices. Admittedly, you are paying for the brand, but when most of the DVDs here are in the $30-40 range (as opposed to $20 at F Street… not that I’d know), be prepared to spend quite a bit here.Still, I’ll give this place a onceover whenever I’m in the Gaslamp.

  18. james1412

    Don’t you just love Hustler Hollywood store? This one is even better than the one in WeHo! Three floors with millions of cute and sexy stuffs! Clothing, lingerie, costumes and accessories on first floor, party goodies and favors on second floor, the third floor is the best, lubes, toys, movies, bedroom fun stuffs and kinky things! They just have everything we women need, or for couples sexy times! It’s like a paradise for Adam and Eve! We were looking for something sexy for one of my girlfriend’s birthday, I was thinking about either glow bikinis or toys, but it’s too cold to wear bikinis now, so some cute little toy it is! The third floor was amazing, they displayed some nice toys on this little table, the sales girl picked some for me to feel it, I didn’t know adult toys were so high tech these days? The materials and vibrations felt so good even in my hands, the designs were sleek and modern! There were just so many different ones, I am sure every woman can find something perfect for herself! The price ranges were good, from inexpensive ones to expensive ones, just pick something at your budget for your sexy lady, she would love it! Then I saw those Alice in Wonderland stuffs?! On My!!! My girlfriend was doing an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party, this gift was just perfect for her! The little package was so cute, the pink little vibrator was even cuter! I asked for a white bag with white wrapping papers to make it look so innocent, but the gift in there was a naughty one! It was so much fun walking around and picking up a little birthday present! And there was this entire section for lubes! All the flavors and pretty little bottles, toy cleaners too, this has got to be my favorite section! This store opens till 1 or 2 AM, you know when we party and drink too much, we get so dehydrated, that’s when the lubes come in to make “things” easier… so just run down to the store to get some flavored lubes in the middle of the night? Well, this kind of crazy behavior does sound like me….. The staffs were friendly and helpful, they happily assisted us in every way. Valentine’s day is coming soon, they put all the red and pink naughty and cute goodies in the front of the store, pick something up for the wife, and before you know it, it’s sexy times guaranteed! Ps. There are parking lots nearby, if you stay at hotels in that area, just walk over there.

  19. Luv2shop G.

    so i normally love hustler… until today. no one helped me which ok whatever thats life. aand what i was looking for they didnt have. everytime i come here they rearrange the store so its super confusing. thanks for the years but if ur not going to sell what i want i aint commin in!!

  20. eddyL

    Me and a couple of my friends were walking in the Gaslamp one afternoon and we happen to walk inside just for curiosity sake. The first and second levels are mainly lingerie and sex-related clothing items. The third level, which you must have a valid I.D. card to access, is where all of the sex toys and movies were.The ladies that worked here were cool and offered assistence if we needed any. We didn’t as we were just browsing around and killing time. They have some literature here to improve your sexual activities in the bedroom (or lack thereof). For you lames that can’t last longer than 10 minutes come through here and pick up one of their books so you can pickup tips to last longer. Their DVD selection is not large in my opinion. They have the main genres of porn here. Most, if not all of them, are of the Hustler brand. However, I will have to dock a star off this review based on the DVD prices which cost as much as $40.00. Sorry, but that is what the internet is for. Anyway, I personally don’t have a reason to come here and shop but if you’re one of those freaky types then I suggest coming here to check it out.

  21. Esteban W.

    I believe the first and a “half” floors are simply to hold up what really matters – the second (or third depending on how you’re looking at it) floor. Have that hankering for 16in dongs? in black? Well this shop is the classiest of shops if there ever was such a thing. Clean enough to bring your momma or your pastor, this place is far superior above the rest in solo-gratification. Wall mounted TVs provide you with some entertainment while you gaze, giving you more porn previews than a gay-night-club, it’s a nice little bonus to your window-shopping, something F-Street doesn’t give you. Although I have never purchased a video from here (that’s why exists) I have bought some shirts and “accessories” from the first floor, pricey-er but what do expect from high-end adult entertainment (or at least that is what I think they are going for here. Recommendation: Don’t taste the crevice jellies until you read the label, no cola is strong enough to end the numbing. Have fun with this place bring friends (or clergymen) and watch them start divulging sex secrets you never knew they were capable of while pretending they are offended by the vulgar displays of gratuitous sex that they seem to not be able to look away from. Don’t shy away from the porn shop simply due to your prude-ness, in the good words of Larry Flint, “RELAX, it’s just sex”. Hustler is for everyone…over 18

  22. Abelle N.

    What to get ?!? What to get ?!? Haha This place is extremely huge…might be the biggest sex shop I ever been to… It’s interesting…so many thing to choose from and see… This place caters to women….many different items to choose from… adult wear- sexy night dresses for woman, outfits for the bedroom whips, chains, handcuffs, condoms, Durex jels pornography – DVD and magazines body butters- edible body paints edible knickers, bras etc inflatables- woman, men sex toys books, lip glosses, little sex fact books adult games things for a men night, like fancy dress, some L plates, nurse outfits, police ladySex swings LubeCandiesCandlei’ve only been into a few sex shops and i have never been to a sex shop this big and offers so many things….many sex shops in NYC lacks certain products and theres not that much to choose from so theres not much to really look at ….they keep all the porn in the back of the store and have all the nicer stuff in the front such as toys and lingerie…area is quite big…three floors…and each floor has a staff member and a counter…so you don’t have to run upstairs for checkout or go crazy looking for help…very interesting sex shop…even has a cafe!

  23. Daniel D.

    Pure genius. They stay open just late enough so you can make a final visit after the clubs close down. And who wouldn’t want to shop for kinky clothing, buy sex toys, and expand your naughty book library this late at night? Absolute fun for the whole family. Except the third floor, of course, which is only fun for the 18 and over.Alas, the espresso bar wasn’t open when we went, but otherwise this is a very classy establishment — the opposite of any sex shop you’ll find on Folsom Street in San Francisco (not that I’ve gone in!).Don’t miss the penis-shaped stuffed animals (can you call them that?) on the third floor.

  24. mathewater12

    This place is awesome. Great product. No hassle sales people. The dudes working the day I went in were awesome…. There is cheap stuff and expensive stuff. Everything is there… i got some vibes, ticklers, and thinskins………..and a sweet shirt for a hotty.Suggestion: go have cocktails, get lit up, take a girl, and mill around like a mill bug! Go to the 3rd floor and don’t fondle yourself!

  25. Tami L.

    Are you kidding me? I love this place. Huge selection of all things sexy and seXXXy. Costumes, lingerie, sexy gifts and all the naughty things in a high class store that makes you feel comfortable to shop in. Absolutely a fun place to shop, 3 stories, bring change for the meter so you can spend time in here and check it all out. Helpful and friendly service as well. Nothing creepy here ladies. XO

  26. Yan E.

    As a young, Asian female, I kinda hate going into porn stores. I walk out feeling dirty and not in a good way. But Hustler store, you are freaking awesome: you actually have FEMALES working here. And not dour-faced over-the-hill females (nothing wrong with that..), but females you’re not grossed out to imagine using some of the toys.Speaking of toys, they will pull them right out of the package and turn them on for you if you ask. In fact, they do it at the register with all toys purchased (to prove that it works, and no, you can’t return it, I think). There’s no experience like standing in the middle of Hustler watching the Rabbit twirling with your gal pal asking questions about whether the size of the beads in the Rabbit makes a difference. I think she ended up choosing purple. So yeah, the salespeople are awesome too. Don’t be afraid to ask them anything. There are two levels. The first level is nice and safe; just a lot of Hustler merchandise. The second level is the motherload: toys, videos and everything you’d need know (SEX! solo or group). Big plus: lights, there are lots. You’re in a porn shop, don’t be ashamed! Gimme some lights so I can see what the hell I’m looking at.Don’t come here for your first porn shop visit. Go visit a small, dark, hole-in-the-wall (hehe, hole), cramped one to fully appreciate how amazing this place is.(Of course, this is my 69th review. I waited.)

  27. Nancy B.

    Been here a few times. Every time it has been clean and the people are friendly. The tee’s and novelty gifts are nice. I’ve been here late a night after a night of partying and also on a Monday night (I think they have discounts on Monday nights on Hustler merchandise). If you go to the third level have your id ready, yes they card people. Each time I’ve gone it’s been interesting.

  28. Angie G.

    Come on, who isn’t a fan of Hustler? You walk downtown and you see BIG RED lights! How can you miss it.Once you walk in you are amazed by all the clothing and little knick nats they sell downstairs that only the ones under 18 can see. :)Once you take those steps up to the third floor, mind you there is even a sign that says you have to be 18+. Your breath is taken away by all those “fun” accessories! Ones you can even play with. Hustler is HIGHLY recommended!!!

  29. AssnTits5

    Yeah for the second floor! The last time I went here, I got the COOLEST clerk…he was intelligently passionate about his job. He knew the facts…and, not just the kinky ones. He had legitimate medical knowledge pertaining to toys! How cool is that? And, best of all…he turned me on (not literally) to the soy-based massage oil candles. Yep, you light the candle, melt the wax and then drip it on…wherever. And, then…whatever. This is NOT F Street…it’s mainstream! No more catalogs!!! The only negative…parking. Deal with it…it’s worth it. Oh, and don’t ever embarrass yourself (like I did) and try to return something…now I grasp how truly gross that is.

  30. curtis17

    A must in San Diego! There is a pay parking lot across the street of the store, in case you can’t score metered parking!Staff was quick to greet us, and very friendly. They notified us immediately of the sales and specials going on, without drawing it out too much. (More time to shop!)Keep in mind, Hustler brand clothing is a little more on the pricey side, but they have a clearance section that has great prices. They also have a store rewards card, which gives great benefits.The selection is second to none. Clothing, lingerie, novelty gifts, party supplies, and all the fun stuff on the top floor.A staff member is always walking around throughout the store, and they are always willing to give some advice or inform you about pros and cons of a product.I love shopping here, and will continue to do so for a very long time!

  31. Michael G.

    My girlfriend and I went here on vacation and well you know what vacation leads to. . . So we looked up a “sex shop” and we thought Hustler would be some cheesy dirty store so we reluctantly tried it out. Wow and I must admit we were way wrong, this place is kept extremely sanitary (A total plus for me I’m borderline germaphobe) and the place was like a sex toy / apparel paradise. The place is H-O-T . It has sexy modern stuff and for not that overpriced, the staff was also very attentive and made talking about sex toys very casual and not awkward like some stores can. A+

  32. Ryan M.

    Wondered in here one night out of curiosity while walking around the Gas Lamp Quarter. I thought it was just Lingerie and stuff!! Boy was i in for a surprise! Who knew this place had a sex toy shop on the 3rd floor?! Not me thats for sure! As im walking around, JZ plays in my head….I’m a hustler babyI just want you to knowIt aint where I beenBut where I’m bout to goNow I just wanna love youBut be who I amAnd with all this cashYou’ll forget your manNow give it to meGimme that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushi stuffWether you want a doodle for your dinglehopper or a thingamabob for your whoohadiddy, im pretty sure they got it! Its a pretty complete sex toy store, or at least i couldn’t think of anything else you might need!The staff is really helpful and knowledgeable of all the dodads and dohickies, and explain how they work and all with out smirking or making you feel awkward.I’m sure you can find something here to spice up your sex life!

  33. fritter17

    The prices were high and the selection limited.

  34. felixnada

    Looking for personal products or bachelorette party supplies this is a good place to start. The staff is friendly- a hello when you walk in and follow up if you need assistance or if you found what you were looking for. There is a vast selection of lingerie for women and menThe cards for a night out or birthday are nice to have But honestly if you are making Jell-O shots please don’t spend 5,99 on jello it’s under $1 at the grocery. I’m just jealous I didn’t come up with Jell-O shot packaging and making bank on that. The place is well lit, clean and not at all uncomfortable

  35. DexterRexter

    Haha – can I just say fun? Grab a few friends, have a few drinks and head on down! Great selection of clothes, dresses and etc 🙂 Staff is energetic and helpful.

  36. Zan O.

    I had been to the Hustler in Hollywood alot so I was confused as to why they had to include the word Hollywood in their logo. I understand now. This place doesn’t have the coffee shop like in Hollywood but it is 2 floors with pg 13 stuff downstairs and rated M upstairs. They even carded us. Lol. One thing unique is they had manikins and nice displays. Glow in the dark condoms.

  37. Amy S.

    Hustler served the perfect adventure for a ladies night out! This place is huge and the staff is nice and friendly with at least one or two people per every floor. Perfect if you need any “customer service.” Lingerie that would shame Victoria’s Secret and impeccable deals on such things like stockings. A pair of black stockings topped with lace will set you back about fifteen bucks at Victoria’s Secret but Hustler saves the day for 5 bucks! Talk about awesome! They have all kinds of typical tourist apparel, but definitely was shocked to see the Hustler baby clothes section. Come on people? Need I say more?The second level are costumes that are surprisingly tasteful and definitely affordable.The third floor however is definitely where you go to mean business. All kinds of dildos, porn to your hearts content, bachelorette party favors, and every other sexual gratification method you could ever need. Throughout the trip of all three levels, never once did it give off that sleazy sex store vibe that other places do. Hustler is definitely good stuff.

  38. rickywho2

    This store is cool. If you are familiar with the HUSTLER name and brand there is no lengthy description necessary as to the theme and contents of the store. If you are not familiar with the HUSTLER name and brand…look it up.The variety and selection in the store is quite nice. It is conveniently located in the Gaslamp District of San Diego and stays open until 1 a.m. Nice.Lovely customer service and all in all…a cool place to pick up what you are looking for in the way on erotic and sensual supplies.The only real drawback is that the sizes are not for the petite (i.e. Japanese ladies) however I do not see too many American women having a problem finding sizes to suit their needs and desires.Speaking of needs and desires…if you need a thrill or desire some adult and mature exploration in safe convenient environment you really should take a trip to HUSTLER store in Downtown San Diego; you will not be disappointed.

  39. Shannon S.

    Hustler has something for everyone. I come here when I get impatient and can’t wait for online shipping, or if I want to see a product in person before I plop down the money for it.I am pretty selective with my adult merchandise, so I ask a lot of questions. The ladies working on the top floor are excellent and will help you with any questions you might have.If you’ve only been to the smaller adult stores in town do yourself a favor and head down to Hustler.

  40. Karla D.

    Very huge, very clean, and very professional. Came here with my husband before walking down to the gaslamp. There is a wide assortment of items here. Everything is a bit on the expensive side, as most sex shops usually are. It’s a great place to come with your significant other and just have fun browsing around. There’s plenty to see (and touch)

  41. harryharry

    this place is fun. used to come here between the ages of 18-20 before i was able to drink and wanted to get out and do something that i’m older i come here when i actually need something. lol.the girls are knowledgeable about what is sold. they were so fun and having the greatest time talking to me about different products. they make you feel comfortable and answer plenty of’s always a ball going in there!

  42. Colbys

    So cute and HUGE!Why have I never walked in here before I have NO friggin idea! They have the widest selection of lingerie, super cute shoes, adult stuff and super funny bachelorette candy, you name it!You seriously have to come here if you want to dress up for your boyfriend, or girlfriend depending on which way you swing 😉 or whatever way I should say!

  43. Johnnyboy123

    Rather upscale for what kind of store this is. Usually you’d have your rundown store thats in some back alley. Not this place, well lit and very friendly staff that have plenty of knowledge. Plenty of things to find just make sure you have your id if your trying to venture to the upstairs, youngsters not allowed 🙂 Love the military discount ill be back! Downside is the lottery to find some parking that isnt to expensive/far away since it is in the gaslamp!

  44. fuckery12

    Damn it all to hell! I didn’t get to see the goodies on the 3rd floor! I didn’t even know there was such a thing. It would have been all shits & giggles since we were already in an alcohol induced state of mind, where everything’s at least 10x funnier than they truly are. Ah well, the good news is that, while we temporarily lost one of the three girls in our group during a girls weekend out, the remaining duo wandered into this gleaming beacon of whorish wonders and walked out with tank tops for us both with the following emblazoned on the front:”Talk shit..get hit” and brass knuckles with heart shaped finger holes in them. You know…because you’re still a sweetie even when you loke up on a bitch. It was so corny & ridiculously funny that I just had to buy it. Even though the only place I’ll actually end up wearing it is while lounging around at home, or perhaps on days I’m feeling particularly bitchy as a frank reminder to watch out for my heart shaped brass knuckle wrath.

  45. rogerrab2

    My husband and I stopped in here as a joke, but left with some goodies. Lol. It took us a bit to find decent parking and felt a bit embarrassed on the way in, but we got over our inhibitions quickly enough- there were many other couples milling around.It’s probably already been mentioned, but this store has 3 floors and gets kinkier with each floor you climb. By the time you reach the top floor, you’re watching an employee show a customer how hard a toy vibrates or being told that the porn is buy 2 get one free or directed to the clearance section with various movies and items. I’ll spare the details as to what we purchased, but we’re good with what we got. The only drawback and the reason for 4 and not 5 stars, are the prices. As with anything else, you can find it much cheaper online- especially the lingerie. Despite the price, it’s worth it to come here at least once.

  46. Tonya M.

    I don’t really have a lot of time to write the FABULOUS review that this store deserves because I’m on a time crunch here…. but I did want to say a couple of things that I think are super important:1. MILITARY DISCOUNT!!! OK maybe I’m naive and LOTS of places allow for military discount. But I read over the reviews here and while they raved excellently, none mentioned the 15% Military Discount that applies to DVD’s (even if they are the 55% off ones) toys, clothes, t-shirts, sunglasses, body jewelry, essentials, etc. So; Just show your ID on checkout and whamo; Instant Discount. This comes in handy when buying the pricier items.2. they have really cool things here that a chic could actually pull off wearing to the clubs in SD (if its not “wear your habit” night at IVY or FLUXX)3. They are open really late on Friday/Saturday nights so its cool to go club hopping and to pick up a “vibrating glove” while you are there. THESE are alot of fun when out actually (or maybe I’m just easily amused). THIS little tid bit should probly be explained at a later time.I like Hustler because the staff is friendly, there is always an excellent selection and while Stephany B. had mentioned its not for the freakish sex fiend, there are some interesting things there that I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

  47. Jen S.

    Lots of debaucherous things in here. It is clearly not a Bible store. This place has it all: t-shirts, hand cuffs, lingerie, things to put in your orifices, etc. Now, I am not a huge fan of dildos, nipple-clamps, butt-plugs, or cat-o-nine tails. However, I am not a total prude either. Being that I consider myself to have a very healthy sexual appetite, but not having a fetish to speak of, I found this shop to be entertaining and fun. A great deal of the stuff was pretty tacky though (sippy cups shaped like tits and penis straws). So I felt a bit bad. I came in here with a woman who wanted to buy lingerie. A very helpful and friendly saleswoman assisted us, and let my lady friend try on some lingerie in the changing room. I went in with her. We were sort of messing around in there, and when I realized that the saleswoman was aware of this, I felt rather bad that we were behaving like depraved childish whores. When we came out she gave me a troubled smile. I apologized. She remained professional and helpful, despite the awkwardness of the moment. I really have no reason to come back here, but if you want to buy some naughty items in a store run by professional people, I guess this place is a good choice.

  48. Stephany B.

    I love Hustlers and you know, I feel bad for taking my “adult” business to other places. Not to long ago I went on a big journey trying to find new adult stores to shop at and in the end, my first store, Hustlers (duh!) was clearly the best. Just want to get a few things out of the way before I got into my loving review. Hustlers is a specialty store- it caters to sex, yeah. But it isnt a SUPER specialty store. If youre looking for hardcore dungeon equipment, extra large toys, or gang bang galore porn, its not going to be here. Hustlers caters to the AVERAGE person/couple who wants to add a little spice to their sex life and try something new not the freakishly scary sadistic sex fiend. To say the least, Hustlers is a classy adult store. Who the hell would have thought the words “classy” would be tied to an adult store? But Hustlers does that. You walk in, youre greeted by a normal looking staff who are obviously having fun at their work. The first two floors consists of clothes and lingerie and some risque pieces, and some of the innocent sex enhancers AKA lotions and oils. You walk up to the third floor, thats where all the fun begins -after youve been carded of course. The third floor consists of sex toys, and lots of them, lots to chose from. From beginner friendly first to more “I need a little more vibration or length” toys, haha. Theres tons of everything, toys, games, gags and jokes, oil, lotions, games, movies, lube, devices (for lack of better vocab) masks, handcuffs…I mean if you thought about doing something in bed, its most likely there. I love the staff here, all super friendly and they understand that either youre in there are a joke or to browse because your curious. But with the customers that are looking to purchase the staff shows a much more knowledgeable and professional side. They get that youre going to be embarrassed about being in the store and they try very hard to make you comfortable. I remember in my earlier visits I had an employee tell me “Sex is a very personal and private matter, Im just here to help you make it more enjoyable, not tell the world what your turn ons are.” And with that in mind its been alot easier to shop there. The staff really cares and has a great amount of patience. Love the people here!

  49. stripforme123

    Best place in San Diego to find bachelorette party goods.This is the 5th place I’ve been to in SD and it has by far the better selection for bachelorette parties.They have bachelorette sashes, shot glasses, decorations, streamers, party favors etc. most for under $15. I like how the store is huge and spacious, it’s also has great lighting. The only thing is parking sucks since this place is located Downtown in the Gaslamp area.

  50. Jen W.

    Obligatory 69th review.So my girls and I came here a while back for some good clean fun. (Yay college). It was vastly entertaining watching some of my friends walk the aisles of a sex shop, cringing every few steps. More entertaining? Being carded by employees. Oh well, they’re just doing their jobs I guess.Well organized, good selection if you’re into all that jazz, and lots of porn. My friends actually chipped in and bought a porno, which we ended up watching at some unholy hour while drinking our livers into cirrhosis, cracking up and just having a good time.TMI? Eh, whatever. You’ll get used to it.I’m not one to judge, I wasn’t exactly shopping for anything and it was more of a “just for shits and giggles” thing than anything else.

  51. tonycluber

    Very big and some stuff was overpriced but it was a really nice store. Good customer service the guy working don’t remember his name was so sweet and funny and was laughing at my perverted jokes lol it was perfect. I hate the parking only downfall.

  52. Justin W.

    After clubbing at On Broadway, my friend lead our out-of-town group to the Hustler shop. What an awesome store. My girl picked up a few shirts, hoochie tops, and I bought her some of the naughty outfits upstairs. What an awesome way to spend some drunk money.Stay away from the rubber fists. ‘Nuff said.

  53. brandonresh

    A couple of days ago was Kristin I think or Christine she was really cool and not pushy at all with me purchasing. I didn’t really know what I was looking for but she made me feel comfortable and asked me a couple of questions to find exactly what I was looking for thanks ! You were super nice and very educational!

  54. williamr

    I haven’t been here in a long time; but by far, last night was THE best experience I have had there. Kristine on the top floor was super helpful with product recommendations and demonstrations (by means of letting me hold some of the vibrators that they have in a drawer for demonstration purposes to get a feel for their intensity and texture). She is super knowledgable on the products they sell. Furthermore, there was also a gentlemen downstairs who seemed equally knowledgable about their women’s lingerie and stockings. He let me try on a few bras to ensure I picked the right one. EVERYONE seemed super friendly and helpful! Better customer service than most stores. I’m a little standoffish about these things usually; but they were amazing at making me comfortable and at ease. I’m not sure what has changed; but this has been, by far, my best Hustler Store experience. Thanks guys! I’ll be back. 🙂

  55. james1412

    Came here to get a bride shirt for the bride and a tank top was $30!!!! Expensive.Wide variety of bachelorette games & props available here.

  56. Melissa S.

    “It smells like sex or lub.”Relax, it’s just sex.It’s hot in here that’s my only complaint. The place is organized and clean. Doesn’t look sketchy like the other adult stores.There’s a gigantic poster of a girl with big breast and a dildo between them. WOW. I took my friend here, because we decided to walk around downtown.I like breaking his San Diego virginity and taking him places he’s never been before.Now we can cross off Hustler from the list.

  57. yanard12

    I came for a Halloween costume and they had everything I was looking for! The lingerie selection was expansive and the prices were decent but what really made the experience great was the service. Everyone was super helpful and the store was very clean!

  58. Cat N.

    I always stop in here when I am in the area. I am a sucker for lingerie, swimsuits, and super high platform heels. This place has it all. And they have 3 levels of it! 1st floor is all their lingerie, shoes, swimsuits, and clothes. 2nd level is all their S&M goodness. 3rd level is all the movies and toys. They have a huge selection of everything and the people who work were extremely friendly and helpful. I also love that the store is very neat and tidy. Makes it easy to find stuff. I thought their items were pretty reasonable. Walked out with 2 bathing suits and some other fun stuff. Love it =)

  59. One Black Mans POV.. ..

    Went here with my buddy, his “vacation-instant-girlfriend” and her friend (who was pawned off on me). He wanted to pick up some fishnet pantyhose for the “girlfriend” to wear back at the hotel room (his plan was to rip out the crotch once she put them on).The place is clean and actually looks like a department store. Didn’t see anything worth buying, but then again I’m not a big sex shop person. You gotta love that the self-serve hand sanitizer was noticeably empty.

  60. Aaron T.

    Porn, Porn, Porn.Porn is fun on so many levels. Fun to enjoy by yourself, fun to enjoy with a friend or lover, fun to laugh at, fun to watch for tips and techniques, fun to see how you stack up, etc. And for the record, porn isnt for lame creepy wierd 38 year old virgin losers who work in cubicles and 17 year old boys anymore, grow up. I get laid plenty and I still like it and find it fun.The Hustler Hollywood store has lots of porn.Skip the first 2 floors, its a bunch of terrible clothes that no stylish person should ever wear, go right to the top, where the good stuff is.(Thats the only reason I didn’t give a 5 star, cause the first 2 floors are filled with pointless dumb crap.)Friendly staff, fun to talk to, well lit, not seedy at all. Lots of fun books, dvds, and toys. Great selection of “alternative” stuff, ie. chicks with tattoos, mohawks, girls you ran into at the Beauty Bar, etc. Thats always fun, to watch an adult film and pick out the people you know…or maybe thats just me. Anyways, huge selection and a totally hip young non-creepy staff. 2 Thumbs up. Up deep inside you.Side note: when I was there once they were playing a band called MxPx on the stereo, a band I grew up with. This is funny because they’re generally though of as a “Christian Band”, and here they are getting rotation at a porn shop. Haha.

  61. Franklyn

    Not just kinky sex stuff. I was surprised they have some cute clothes, accessories, and shoes. Not just for strippers. Definitely wouldn’t bring children in here though.

  62. Sonya D.

    Sunglasses. They have super rad sunglasses. Who knew.

  63. Ariza S.

    I have a problem ya’ll. I can’t resist anything frilly, lacy or leather. I’m also a fan of premium vibrators. I love Hustler’s selection in lingerie (2 stories worth!) and even more they have an awesome sale section. I was pissed at my best friend for taking me here right before dropping me off to the airport so I was limited in shopping time. The prices are reasonable, the customer service is awesome and the store is clean and brightly lit. There’s no shame in shopping here! You need your ID to get into the 3rd floor which was my favorite level, they have a ton of pleasure toys! I did not like however their outdated video selection and the blown up image of a woman getting creamed on they had hanging, a little on the tasteless side but that’s just my opinion. Anyways, I also liked how they had a table with toys out of the boxes you could play with. When I like what I see and I like the service I’m getting I have no problem getting out that credit card! I spent $150 at Hustler in 15 minutes but I walked out with tons of stuff the boyfriend and I can be happy about!

  64. larry1

    This place is great, but a bit over priced! They carry my favorite shaving cream here but it is really expensive… If you have sensitive skin get coochi shave cream… Lol the name says it but it’s the best stuff promise 🙂

  65. Kelsey M.

    All of the employees are very helpful and friendly! This Hustler store is 3 stories, it’s huge, so it has lots of merchandise options.

  66. Harrison69

    hahahah was walking around downtown SD decided to drop in just for kicksi must say its a big store lots of options and friendly staff

  67. nickstrip

    Beautiful store, nice employees, good location, Great selection of clothes and toys for a very reasonable price, I like it!Too bad we don’t have hustler in France!

  68. Johnson12

    I absolutely love to shop at this place…!! The people are sooo friendly and always give u just the right amount of help and space!! The staff also has a great sense of understanding and taste!! It helps ur ideas really come to life! I will continue to go back again and again!!!

  69. Ken L.

    Mediocre sex shop. Sure there was some lingerie and some apparel that bros and bro-hos wear. They do have a DVD porn section upstairs along with the vibrators, pocket vaginas, anal stuff, lube, strapons, and some S&M gear. The big problem is that the porn is expensive. It’s like $30 for a frigging DVD. I could get three (some 12-hours long) for $20 at a liquor store.I went to this place on opening day to get an autograph from Larry Flynt, along with some porn starlets like Kylie Ireland, and that D.O.M. himself, Dave Cummings.

  70. Gabriel M.

    Best adult store in San diego hands down.Huge selection, Clean & well lit.Staff is friendly and diverse (men and women)1st floor is clothes boots, shirts pants pjs etc2nd is teddys and what not,3rd is toys and holy crap its a lot of em

  71. Charlene R.

    I love this store! Three floors of nothing but smut!When this store first opened, my roomates (I had two) would steal one of their boyfriend’s cars and we used to take midnight trips to the Hustler store! At one time, all I wore were Hustler shirts. My favorite one said “Relax. It’s just sex” on the back. They don’t have one of these stores in the Bay so when I go back home to San Diego to visit, I have to hit up my favorte smut peddler!

  72. Elif P.

    Moderately expensive toys for the everyday person. I subtracted one star just for price. But, they have a wide variety of novelty items, clothes, and accessories. I feel like anyone 18 or over can buy their items here. No one judges you. The atmosphere is very open and friendly. Their staff are trained to help you find the toy that you are looking for, or at least what I was looking. Their staff is well-informed and cordial about their products. The key thing that was stressed was “being safe” and “cleaning.” I like this place. I recommend it to everyone.

  73. Marie K.

    This place was torture. Great selection of stuff, everything you could ever want or need, but the sales girl on the top floor (begins with an A ends in an I) was so annoying. My boyfriend and I wandered in off the street while passing by to have a look around. The rest of the staff were sweet and attentive, all the while leaving us alone to wander. This chick found us and clung on for dear life. Not only did she whine to us about how she wanted a burger but her diet wouldn’t let her, she proceeded to tell us about this online troll group she’s in that makes fun of handicapped people? UHM, what?! We continuously tried to be polite and wander off, but she just kept following us and making us SO uncomfortable. When we did break away, 45 minutes later, she tried to show us a toy. Fine, sure, that’s your job. She told me to “make a big vagina” with my hand and told my boyfriend to “make a giant penis” with his. She then had him use his penis-hand to penetrate my hand-vagina. I felt like I was in sex ed all over again. This was after we told her we already looked into that specific toy before and were aware on how to use it. She then told us it’s cheaper to buy online, but the price is so expensive because she is here to demonstrate. We ended up leaving empty handed.I’m a very open person and don’t get uncomfortable easy, but this whole debacle is enough to make me hesitate when I think about walking into this hustler again. Maybe I’ll just stick to online ordering…

  74. Alison S.

    this place is great! i dont remember what exactly went on when we were there[i was pretty gone] but i wanted a red feather boa!!!! and they had it, and many other colors too!! yay!! way to go HH!!!!

  75. ryan123

    A night in downtown simply isn’t complete without a stop at Hustler Hollywood. This place is super spacious inside. Tons of merchandise!Even just walking around the store being a looky-loo is pretty fun. I, for one, was delightfully surprised by the sheer variety of merch here. I mean, if you’re looking for any particular item, you can find twenty different variations of that item – each with unique features. Yay!The store is organized, clean and well-stocked. The staff is helpful and courteous. If you have any questions, they are totally there to fill you in on useful tidbits… otherwise they give you your space for private browsing!

  76. Maricela H.

    It’s not a bar…..The people were very nice. Mari and I had fun looking through all the stuffs.

  77. marlonmoney12

    It’s the best fun you’ll find in San Diego! I came here on a Thursday night and it wasn’t busy at all. This was probably my third time ever coming here and everything seemed just about the same. Two floors, one full of sexy outfits, Bachelorette party goods, etc. While the second floor is where the adults comes to play. Lube, dildos, vibrators, porn, fake pussys, etc. The staff is very friendly and also makes you feel very comfortable. My girlfriend had questions and the lady who helped us was very friendly and had lots of information to provide. I love how this place isn’t like your typical “Adult Book Store”. It doesn’t have that “I shouldn’t be in here vibe” if you know what I mean. The prices on things I found pretty fair. Compared to other adult shops it wasn’t much of a difference if any at all. The only place I know you can get stuff cheaper is online. It’s also nice they have a military 10% discount.

  78. joseph1k

    This place is huge, 2.5 stories – since the 2nd floor is more of a landing area of bachlorette greatness! Probably the biggest selection of bachlorette supplies I have seen in one space. Not that that’s what I was in here for. This location is spacious and very well lit. Great late night hours. The staff was courteous and helpful. Def a spot to check out if you are interested in seeing items first hand and gaining some knowledge at the same time.

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