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0 reviews for “Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore

  1. fuckery12

    The store itself is awesome, but the cashiers are often rude and condescending toward certain needs. Gays, straight, trannys all go in there and I hear and see the attitudes copped by the help, as if they’re better. Not all the staff but It happens almost every time I’m in with certain people. This rating is for SOME of the staff. Other than that, this really is the one stop shop for your naughty needs.The shop itself gets 5 stars.

  2. Mick G.

    yay for the Barnett SUPERstore.They have such cool things, like Palin Sex Dolls.That should be a name of a band.Seriously.

  3. Melinda D.

    This place made me realize how naive I am. Seriously, someone would buy THAT? And actually use it…there?? Ouch. I went there with a friend who was shopping for a naughty bridal shower. The guy helped us find a few of the things on the list and the place seem really organized. I can’t compare to other Adult Stores, but this one seems to have a fairly large selection of everything. I really don’t know what else to say.

  4. Johnnyboy123

    I came here a couple times. Always have cute stuff! I brought my Porn Star Friend here Ethan Hunt , we both loved it. Definitely have everything, great staff=)

  5. Maggie A.

    In a city littered with adult stores, this is the only one you’ll ever need to visit. Their clothing section is huge and you are bound to find what you are looking for. My Halloween costume came from here and I will definitely be back for some, er, other stuff.

  6. Marie T.

    This really is as good as it gets here in San Diego. Hands down the best place to get all your freaky-deaky needs ;)… I LOVE this store. It’s a one stop shop! You go in there and it’s like; “okay, what are you into? ‘Cause we got EVERYTHANG!!!”You like to play dress up? Got It. You like bondage? Got it! Toys? Take a choice of the 4 walls of toys, from B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriends) to cock rings. Just looking for some porn… YUP! They got it! Just needs simple supplies for a good ol’ bachelorette party? Done! Want to throw in a few games in the bedroom? Check! Gotta stock up on some tasty lube or edible undies? It’s ALL here! This store has anything and everything you need. I like this store because you don’t get the creepy feeling you get with the small hole-in-the-wall joints. You don’t get the horny guy at the counter wondering what kind of a P.Y.T. like you is doing in an adult store. (Michael Jackson reference ;), you like that don’t you?) The clientele ISN’T all men! All questions are welcomed here and answered with no judgment. The staff is fun and informative. makes ya wanna say “bow chicka bow wow…”COME ONE! COME ALL! COME GET YO’ FREAK ON!!

  7. maxxy1

    This is one of those places where you shouldn’t judge by its cover, literally.From the outside it looks old, and may seem not as clean. However, once I got inside I was surprised as to how clean the store was! And they have a huge variety of mostly everything and in order!What I love about this one too is the fact that the other half of the shop they have a large lingerie section. Customer service is excellent, always helping out and giving their best review on products as well. I feel this is the best adult shop I have been to compared to others around town!

  8. Chloe S.

    This place may look grungy from the outside (what sex shop doesn’t?) but it is by far the best adult store in San Diego, hands down. Not only are they constantly getting new products, but they have EVERYTHING from outfits to toys to DVDs, literally anything you could think of for an extra special night. My favorite this about this place is the service though. I have never met someone who isn’t friendly and super knowledgable who works there. Even if you think you know what you want, chat with the employees, they’ll tell you what’s really up.

  9. billtheguy12

    I really liked this store- they were super friendly and helpful and they have pretty much every toy imaginable. They even had a vagina piรฑata! Awesome. I mean, who else has that?! I will def be back to pick up one of those ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Weedman420

    Return policy? NOPE. Store credit? YEP. Who wants store credit when you are returning something in the first place. Grow up and act like a real business. If a customer wants to return something, put your stupid fingers on the register and give them their money back. This is an adult world and this place is in pre school. Hear me William? Boss Douche

  11. AssnTits5

    Jiminy Christmas! That’s a lot of porno!I can only imagine the type of stuff they keep in the back rooms of this place. It’s literally like the IKEA of sex shops. Not just in the sense that the store is huge, but there’s a hell of a lot of cheap and tacky products found on these shelves. Don’t be intimidated by the smut because they’ve got a gang creative sensual pleasures for the non perverted as well. There’s everything from “Happy Anniversary” to “I have a furry fetish.”On my way in I found a giant poster promoting “Seinfeld 2 An XXX Parody.” At first I laughed, but then found myself wondering what Kramer doing the horizontal mambo with Elaine would look like on film. That’s when I knew I had reached porntopia. All goofy adult films aside though, my mission was to get some party favors for a bachelor(ette) party. Embarrassed as I approached the attendant who was steps away from a copy of “Forrest Humps,” the guy behind the counter politely and professionally (well as professionally as you can get in a porn shop) pointed me straight towards the direction of the less hard core stuff. Even the selection of R rated merchandise was larger than Ron Ron’s Johnson. Whether your looking for a little spice for a relationship, something really weird to satisfy your inner freak, or just a couple of fun party favors, Barnett has got you covered.

  12. Harrison69

    What I have to say about this store is that I appreciate the professionalism of the staff. I like being able to ask questions about products and get serious replies and very helpful feedback. I’m kinda beyond being titillated or tee-hee-hee at adult stores – really, don’t frequent them all that often, so it’s cool to be able to go in for my specific item, check some other items out, ask a few questions, and be on my merry way.Huge selection, lots of variety, low-end tacky to high end art-like pieces. Great store, convenient location and helpful, knowledgeable staff.

  13. eddyL

    Never a dull moment at this place. Love the porn selection and costumes lubricants & toys

  14. Sylvia G.

    Brilliant shop with really “interesting” and funny merchendise. Some of the funniest and sexiest roleplay/Halloween costumes that one wonders “HTF can anyone come up with this Sยฅ*T”…but I digress. I am only speaking to items that women may like or heterosexual couples….because trust me they have it all for gays, lesbians, transvestities….you name it….For girls they have lots of “toys” that make you instantly laugh and wonder…”wow…seriously? Lol”….They have a solid selection of vibrators and massagers….and the customer service is GREAT with an amazing sense of humor. Also, it looks like they have MONSTROUS selection of porn movies…cannot advise on the quality as I dont dig porn, but the section looks like a “solid library”.Ok…that’s enough…go there with a friend after having a drink or two and HAVE A LAUGH…..hey you may have so much fun you want to buy something and will have to check in to unlock the 20% off ๐Ÿ˜‰ ….EMBARRASSING!!!!…..NOT ๐Ÿ˜‰ Trust me, it is not a cheap place….else you can always see whats there for you and buy it cheaper on Amazon.

  15. Michelle T.

    LOVE THIS STOREthey really mean they are an adult SUPER storethey have a really good sized selection of lingerie!good amount of lubes n such.i was a little disappointed with their amount of toys, but still!staff was so helpful and nice. not overly friendly where its creepy, but just nice enough to make you feel comfortable.and i love the peep shows and movies in the back! very cool!

  16. rogerrab2

    Lots of fun toys and costumes! More variety than any other adult store I’ve been to! But I wanted to find bachelorette things…Downside: area looks shady, and for a adult superstore there aren’t a lot of options for fun penis bachelorette things. Was disappointed in that area, but I did find a veil that had penises that light up, our bride loved that the most! Wish they had more penises things for bachelorette parties

  17. adamrod

    Everything you didn’t know you wanted or needed and more! From clubwear n costumes, to toys and every accessory you could ever want in the boudoir. The only thing I haven’t done is venture into the theater. On my next visit I’ll have to take a peek. To be continued…

  18. SD Dude
  19. Paul M.

    Lots to choose from, almost too much!! And when I needed help picking out the perfect gift for my wife the woman behind the counter was happy to help. My wife loved her new toy which made me a happy man. End result, SUCCESS!

  20. Christel J.

    Prices are slightly high, but I’ve been coming here for all my adult needs since 1999… The employees aren’t shy and they are ALWAYS happy to answer ANY questions you have, even if YOU are shy in that place (which, even after all these years, I try to play it cool, but I am SHY). Great for Bachelorettes/Bachelors, brand new explorers, or the somewhat “seasoned” supply-seekers. Costumes, videos, magazines, protection, alone-time tools and couples’ tools. No matter your sexual orientation, gender, experience… this is a great place to start exploring, IMHO.

  21. XhXeXy

    Very helpful and knowledgeable!

  22. dannyboy7

    I love this store! The overnight staff is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful! If you need advice they tell you like it is and don’t waste your time being pc..I really liked the blonde girl who worked the register! I felt really comfortable talking to her about sex and products that im normally shy about..She also got me to start thinking about what kind of sex I wanna have and what I need to think about buying to satisfy those desires. She knew the products well and she gave me important and helpful hints to increase my pleasure …Oh and the selection of movies and toys is much larger than any other store I’ve been to! I will definitely be back to shop here again for sure!

  23. Lindsey C.

    Everything from toys, to clothes, to a theatre- its great. I always come here to get my clubwear and I’m never disappointed

  24. Jonathan P.

    this place is a scam…..we came in to buy a pair of shoes. we saw the shoes and went to look at them. well they only have one shoe on display to show customers so when we picked out a pair we wanted they went to the back to get the matching shoe. they did not show us the shoe just boxed them up and let us walk out the door. well we got home and opened up the shoes and saw a huge tear in the top of the second shoe they didnt want to show us at the time. so we turned right around to go back and just exchange the shoes for the other pair just different color. well we got turned away…not only was it very rude the way we were spoken to but the girl refused to let us speak to the manager she “spoke” to. how is that good business since we shop in the store all the time. well way to take care of your long time customers!!! we will never go back to this store and will for sure tell all of our friends to no longer shop there!!!!! the hustler store has and will never treat you that way i HIGHLY suggest everyone take their business there instead!!!

  25. nickstrip

    Most fun I’ve ever had shopping!!!The employees are amazing, friendly, and very knowledgeable. It is clean, well lit, and I felt safer here than any other adult store in San Diego. I’ve noticed people complaining about the return policy. I’m not sure of any store that would let you return a sex toy or lingerie, regardless of if its been used, but I know that any time my purchase has BROKEN, the lovely people, and managers at Barnett have helped me rectify the situation. Expect the guy with the mustache. That kids an ass.

  26. dopeboy19

    Good customer service. I was trying to buy a new vibrator, the We Vibe 4 Plus, and the brunette sales girl at the counter was so helpful! I had been wandering around the store a little while, and she was the first and only one to ask me if I needed assistance! She was really knowledgable, especially since she had a We Vibe product of her own, and she was just so friendly. This is my go-to store and will continue to be. I’ve seen other reviews complaining about the return policy, but this is a mom and pop shop, they’re losing enough revenue by giving you store credit/an exchange for a used item they can’t put back on the floor. They aren’t international like LoveHoney.My only complaint was a different sales girl who was talking very loudly about stabbings/murders/rapes.. It was seriously strange, I didn’t even know what to make of it, but it was amusing I guess.

  27. Nick T.

    Great place for x-mas presents. The holiday season is almost upon us and you should start stocking up NOW.

  28. Alisa M.

    I cannot believe that I have never been to this store having worked so close to it for so many years. I was always afraid that it would be disgusting with a bunch of perverts hanging around. Well last night we were the only perverts in the place.This place was totally opposite of my previous assumptions. Clean, organized, awesome selection of pretty much anything you can think of. The staff was awesome and very helpful. I will definitely be back.Warning to Tony and Jae….Todd took pictures of you two holding your “purchases”. Soon your secret will be out. Muhahaha

  29. Johnson12

    Outside looks sketch and creepy. Inside is huge with lots of nice clothes and other assorted items. It’s pricey so make sure you use that 20% off check in. No returns. Store credit or exchanges within 15 days.

  30. Sara Y.

    HI MOM AND DAD!! Don’t worry…I shall not embarrass the grandparents by airing out my social transgressions here. That’s what Christmas dinner is for. But this review is strictly business – bachelorette party planning.I knew this place was a wonderland of all things sexy time and it truly caters to enhancing that sexual experience, whatever your pleasure or fetish may be. But it really takes the cake when it comes to bachelorette party materials. There are two small aisles dedicated to bachelorette stuff. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine to find paper plates, cups, napkins, and centerpieces with a male member smiling back at me on them. I also loaded up on games (scavenger hunt lists, “Pin the Unit on the Macho Man”), pasties, nude male playing cards (of course, all images look like they were taken from 1983 and for a gay man’s calendar), a veil with devil horns (if the bride-to-be does not want to be tacky by wearing one with penises all over it…but they have that one too), balloons, toilet paper, candies, and a phallic water gun. Trust me ladies…this was WAY more than imagined purchasing here.In looking around, there is a lot of everything here. Lots of costumes, toys, lube, DVDs and naughty greeting cards. There is everything at every price point too. But bridal party members, don’t go anywhere else for stuff for the bachelorette. This place will have all you need!

  31. felixnada

    I just live this store. There’s a good, comfortable vibe when you walk in. They have a great selection of toys, bachelor/ette party supplies, DVDs, and outfits. The employees are very polite, knowledgeable, and professional.

  32. Dago D.

    We LOVE this place !Clean, nice secure store with nice people working there. Lots of inventory that seems to always include something new. Wide selection of items from clothing to toys, books and videos. Something for everyone.The wife, girlfriend and I stop by as often as possible. I think we’ve fallen for the adorable little counter girl with the blonde dreadies so we’ll see you again next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Adam N.

    HORRIBLE experience here.HORRIBLE staff, with HORRIBLE attitude, and when I contacted the owner his attitude was HORRIBLE.This store is far from super. I came for a whip-it dispenser and they sold me TWO defective ones (the second one was defective after I returned the first), then refused to return the second one after I showed them in detail how faulty it was. The dispenser would have blasted whipped cream out with such force that the air on the tip of the dispenser froze.The rest of their products are overpriced and amateur. I ended up with a $50 credit to a place that I have no intention shopping, and when I contacted the manager later he offered a cheap gift that broke on first use.To make it worse, the entire time that I was in the store I was unacknowledged by the employees. I had to make myself know to even purchase the product, which they sold with a grimace.While their selection is wide, they sell cheap knockoffs as opposed to the real deal. Wether it is naughty whip dispenser or an adult toy, their products fall apart on you, and are much less safe than the real deal. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

  34. mathewater12

    I come here and only here with my fiance. Best place by far. Very friendly staff who makes it so comfortable to ask all your questions. They just want you to enjoy the products you are looking for! Variety of selections everywhere in the store. Love it!

  35. Brenda J.

    For themes you need accessories, and there aint always a Halloween Store around. Fingerless lace gloves, spiderweb body stockings and striped thigh highs ahoy! They also have a large array of wigs I want.. and pasties, too.. the cannabis ones.. sike.. double sike the cannabis ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Jessica J.

    Barnett is to Hustler what Bronx Pizza is to Celeste Microwaveable PizzaCatch my drift??You’ll never be disappointed again looking for your sex toys, role playing outfits (in plus and straight sizes), or love swing/Liberator/RabbittI’ve never been in the booths, but from the looks of the satisfied customers walking out……PARTY TIME

  37. joseph1k

    I seem to be making my rounds to these sinful places a lot lately.The location couldn’t have been better thought out by being placed next to the Military base. The outside parking lot is seedier than a bag of nursery soil.The inside seems to correspond with the Military influence of the area with many cheese ball looking “army girls” and “naughty sailors”. This stuff looks like you bought it from Toys R Us with the quality. Definitely the least realistic looking stuff possible. Skip their costumes and hit up Hustler instead for some more authentic looking items.Their selection of books was pretty large. Many contemporary artsy nude books to grace a coffee table, and of course the token Kama Sutra’s for everyday of your life books, etc. etc.They’ve got entire areas dedicated to certain things. The leather room looked enormous, if you’re into that kind of thing, and they’ve got more dirty movies and magazines than Playboy ever produced. And of course the selections of purse size vibrators all the way up to complex ones that look strong enough to make your eyes pop out of your head. If you’re looking for bachelorette party favors, this is the spot. And another thing… can someone tell me why Anti-Flag was the music of choice for this place? Doesn’t seem to fit the surrounding mood…

  38. Joe F.

    The wife and I visited this shop last week. One of the best shops we have ever went to. The staff is great and the store has a little bit of everything for everybody..

  39. Eunice W.

    This place sucks. First off, they have a terrible return policy. There is none. No money back. What do you get? Store credit. YAY. How lousy is that. So if someone comes here from out of the area and buys something, they are stuck with it. No matter what. William the boss is an idiot. Do not shop here. With all the sex shops in San Diego, don’t go here.

  40. fritter17

    pretty decent place, clean. I didn’t feel so dirty being here as compared to other places I’ve been to in the past. they have tons of cute outfits and shoes along with various sex toys, lubes and such. They offer a military discount which is cool I’d go back

  41. Jennifer V.

    My friend and I came in here looking for a bachelorette gift. They have tons of lingerie, costumes, toys- basically anything you think of, they have. Not to mention that they have a theatre that you can go into for $10. We didn’t go in but I overheard the price. They also have a sign for live show girls. We bought sex toys and they even had a small section for bachelorette decorations and knick knacks. If you are looking for a penis mold, they have several! There staff was great. They let us open the boxes to see the lingerie and they even gave us their opinions and saved us from embarrassing the bride to be! Thanks Krista and Luna! If you are looking to spice up your relationship or just need a gift I would come here.

  42. Amber H.

    Hands down the best adult shop in sd, and I have been to them all. Clean, stocked, the staff are friendly and know there stuff. Last time the chick behind the counter saved us 150 on a vib, thank-you again!

  43. Pink C.

    It’s the best superstore in San Diego. I go there for all my sexy outfits. Not only do they have outfits for skinny girls but also for ladies with full figures. Toys, toys and more toys, they have so many different things. I get educated every time I go in there. Staff are friendly and will go out of their way to help you, explain it to you, show you how it’s used,etc. The awesome part is that you get to try it on before you take it home.

  44. james1412

    This is my go to store for everything sexy and well………….naughty? Great turn over of outfits here. I’ve gotten some really cool dresses here off the rack and they have a great selection of those O/S box dresses too by Pink Lipstick. Staff has always been helpful and friendly. Nice selection of high heel shoes and boots as well and a big rack of leather goodies. Its a fun place to shop. Gag gifts, bachelor/ette party stuff here too. During Halloween they have a nice selection of costumes as well.

  45. ryan123

    Good service here – just needed some pasties for a music festival and they directed me straight to them. Looks like they have everything anyone could need for any desire ๐Ÿ™‚ plus, when you check in, 20% off your purchase!!!

  46. Rachele C.

    If your considering visiting an adult store, this store is thee place to go. I’ve visited this store a couple of times for clothing and well other things also of course! The staff there are extremely knowledgeable with their inventory.

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