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0 reviews for “Little Darlings

  1. ballerina

    I just had my first lap dance at Little Darlings N.V.! It was incredible … I think the girl’s name was Nicolette… SEXY, CONFIDENT and TALENTED! If I go back to Las Vegas I would to get a dance from her again anytime! My friend had a dance with one of the hottest girls he’s ever had a lap dance from and he is a veteran in those there parts!

    From L A.

  2. Mike

    Best club I’ve ever been to! Nice place, the girls are great, fabulous dances, great servers. Mercedes, Anna and Holly were my favorites but others are very good too. Our server, Jessica, did a great job. She seems to be a very special young lady. I will be back!

  3. Atlanta Couple

    We went to this club during our anniversary trip. Not being a size 2 myself, I was happy to see that not all of the girls were tiny and none of them looked anorexic. No obvious fake tits, no aggressive girls or harassment, very friendly girls and waitresses. My husband and I were very comfortable here and the private dance was incredible – one of the most incredible things we’ve done together and we will never be able to top it here in Atlanta. Thanks Alexis!

  4. Jafey A.

    For the most part, I enjoy the girls here, there are the greedy girls that hate working, but there was a nice handful of girls that seemed to enjoy what they do, and they deserved to get taken care of.The customer service as a whole is downright terrible. The girl at the door didn’t look up once, she talked on the phone, grabbed our IDs, and took our $90 for two people ( I’m pretty sure they pick their own prices to pocket some). Then the doorman searched usand just had to act tough the whole time, he clearly wouldn’t dare be friendly. After were seated we order sodas and paid for them and tipped the waitress nicely. About a half hour later she comes and takes our glasses that are still half full and asks if we want more. We say sure assuming since she grabbed the glasses that they are complimentary. They are not, it was just a rip off to make more off of just soda.A dancer said they were under new management but it is clearly worse than it was a couple years ago. It may not be a brightly lit place, but it wouldn’t hurt for more of the staff to smile and be friendly. They are not selling goods, it’s 100% a customer service driven industry, it needs to improve.

  5. Deja Vu

    Stop writing your own club reviews

  6. DexterRexter

    I never made it past the front door. I was in Vegas with a buddy and was handed a free vip pass by a promoter so I figured what the hell. We took a cab out there and I presented the pass. The girl at the front door said $35 a piece and claimed that the club had no knowledge of such passes and that they did not even print them. She did not seem to grasp the concept that someone printing vip passes for their club with nothing to gain would be odd. She refused to call a manager, ripped the pass up and threw it into the garbage. When I finally flagged a manager over he took a long look at the coupon and said that since we did not take the complimentary limo to the club, the pass did not apply. This was not stated anywhere on the pass, which of course now the club was acknowledging was theirs. Then the front door girl completely changed course and said that since we did not take the free limo, the pass was no good. I explained to the manager that the price of admission was not at all a problem, but a scam to get people in is. I asked him if he thought any of this was bad for business and he replied “no, it’s not bad for business.” I told him I would put this all online and he said “go ahead.” Well here it is. We promptly left and of course will not return. I would advise you not to go either.

  7. Pete A.

    I used to go to Deja Vu but since I heard it is now changed to a topless bar because it serves alcohol so I figured I’d give Little Darlings Totally Nude a try. The set up is about the same: $30 cover($20 admission+$10 fee for non-alcoholic drinks). However if you get coupons from the publications on the strip, the $20 is waved and all you’ll have to pay is $10 fee for drinks. But don’t forget to tip the waitress at least a buck every time they bring you a drink.Went there on a Friday night around 10pm during CES and AVN weekend. The place was already packed probably because it doesn’t have as many general sittings as Deja_Vu while it tries to get ppl to pay up for the VIP seats. However, the manager wasn’t pushy and we didn’t have to stand around and wait too long for a table. I heard the club opens till 6am so when I left around 1am, there was around 10/15 ppl waiting in line to get in.Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of girls; maybe because I wasn’t expecting much. I would say a few of them are 6s, with most being 7s in terms of looks and body; there were even a few 8s. The girls aren’t too pushy for private dances; most of them just stand around instead of working the club more. If you do get a lap dance, be sure to ask how much; some dancers ask for $20 and some $40 so your mileage varies. There were a lot of opportunities for 2 for 1 dances and even a dollar dance for those sitting under the stage. The stages were centrally located with good views from anywhere and the girls can really work the poles compared to what I’ve seen from Sapphires, Seamless, CrazyHorse II(now closed). Love the way they climb all the way to the top and then spin down; what a sight! 🙂 The restroom(men) also has an attendant so you might want to have a dollar in hand so you can tip him and not be awkward.Overall, I enjoyed my time there since the girls are cute/friendly/not pushy and even the waitresses are very courteous; a few waitress were hot too but too bad they don’t dance. 😛 I’d definitely go back again to Little Darlings since their girls are pretty good looking and with some real dance skills. Instead of going to the mega clubs like Spearmint or Sapphires, I find smaller clubs like Little Darlings/Deja_Vu a better value. So if you’re undedecided, give Little Darlings a try before you dismiss it. Hope you will have a good time too.

  8. Ardella O.

    I foolishly went out with my cousin to this club and I wish I hadn’t. I walked out of that place reeking of cigarette smoke. And on top of that, they don’t serve alcohol here.

  9. Lu Y.

    The worst club ever. I came from China. I went to little darling yesterday night, they Took me to the private room, I was very happy and they asked for $600 bucks for the service. That’s not too much for me but after they asked me :Do u want a happy ending? I said :How much is that? That bitc h told me it’s $4000 bucks.i was like “wtf?” And they don’t let me go(they dont even put my pants off) i asked for some discount.finally we made deal it’s $2400 bucks.P.S. Don’t bring any of ur friends go Little daring.

  10. Handyman

    I gave this spot a 1, b/c its a little better than Larry’s Villa.

  11. AssnTits5

    goldiggers everywhere, place smells like smoke, no classjust no

  12. Jeilca G.

    Little Darlings was my dream come true.

  13. XhXeXy

    Little Darlings is such a scam they said dances were top-less??? No they aren’t topless they show you a nip from far away and if u try to get closer they call a bouncer then they kick u out like a dog after you pay $20 cover and $350 private rooms are shit, I got this girls they were snooty and they just ordered drinks on our tab and they didn’t even dance…. Such a scam they’re dirty they stink

  14. XXXbeast

    Staff is nice enough, but girls hustle like I’ve never seen before. I literally walked in and a girl pulled me into the maze of lap dance stalls in the back and then tried to hustle me for $300 for a hand job. Lol…handjob really? That’s pathetic, but apparently the norm there. As soon as I declined and walked back to the bar another girl grabbed me and offered the same thing. I finally had to get a regular lapdance just so they’d leave me room to breathe. The prices you see posted on the rooms do not include what the girl will charge you. Actual cost is $40 for lap dance, $100 for two songs, and $300 for 15min which I guess includes a hand job. The girls were all pretty ugly…maybe 5% of them were decent. No alcohol served. I wouldn’t recommend unless you want to be treated like a car dealership. Oh and cover is $35.

  15. Johnnyboy123

    Beautiful girls!!! But the place is a scam didn’t even get my money’s worth! Not surprised but whatever karma is a bitch.

  16. larry1

    Dead on Sundays, didn’t honor the 2-4-1 deal printed on their handout that they give you when you walk in, also didn’t honor the free shirts , dvd or energy drinks. I know sundays are slow, but damn only 10 girls for the whole joint and they only went to the VIP tables. Will go back, just not on a Sunday. CYA next year.

  17. curtis17

    Me n 3 of my friends came here for my birthday….our whole Vegas trip was dedicated to strippers…not only did we pay 30$ to get in…we sat in this club for 3 hours and not one girl talked to any of us…but there was 8 girls sitting on the side not doing anything…we all sat there with stacks in our pockets n left with those stacks in our pockets….on our ride back we were in the car with 7 other people who had the same experience…NEVER AGAIN….when we complained they offered to give us passes to come back….seriously?!?? I don’t recommend anyone going here either we will definitely be spending our money elsewhere

  18. Mistercap12

    I remember coming here at least twice over the years, one reason is because it was an all nude strip club with no alcohol and one of my guests was still 19 years old. Had a feeling Spearmint or Sapphire would have been the better option, but this was the cheaper option. Nice time overall drinking some O’doul (non alcoholic beer) and enjoying the scene. Basically had the tell the cab driver my friend and I wanna go to the nastiest and dirtiest strip club you know of, but he has to be able to get in at 19. Anything was cool for me, but had to look out for the youngin that night. It was a drive from the New York, New York hotel but still fun. Half of the women I saw that night were not really my style at all, but I knew this was not a Bronx strip club or the Caribbean, not much curves for my selection. I didnt see any big booty judy’s. One older stripper to me was the best, A dark haired older fox almost about to probably end her stripper career, well she went out like Kobe this season in the NBA and put on some performance. I knew she had that experience factor and actually knew how to dance or just was not lazy like the other 20 year old. However, that also tells you that best looking dancer is 40 or in that neighborhood is not the norm. There were a few nice 20 something blondes getting tips from me so I had some fun. Also, alot more touching allowed at this club, not like somewhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn. It is what it is, for what it is worth I spent just enough money here and did not go to VIP or anything but had fun. Getting the nice of fun without losing $100 or so in the casino made it a good night as well. Made it an early night to get back to Diablo Cantina before 11 pm ( I think) to meet one of my Vegas contacts that was a chef. It was one of those sorry to keep you waiting moments I just hit the strip club out on western. Would I go back, maybe. Next time though, spearmint rhino has to be the better option though, more fun would have been had, plus alcohol which I didn’t get here.

  19. AZ

    Mariah & Sonya are unbelievable and something you won’t ever forget. Run fast if Serenity approaches you, worst scam artist ever to be on a strip club dance floor.

  20. andy benally

    it was awisome due to the fact of this one hot latin girl. Can’t remember the name but had a cha.. to it.

  21. Trinna

    This was my first time going to a strip club,so I didn’t really know what to expect.But I enjoyed myself.Great girls, all very nice and talented.The only thing I didn’t like was that it cost $20 for a private dance and they only dance to one song.They should at least dance to two songs for $20. The private dances were really good though.

  22. I second that

    Deja Vu should stop writing their own reviews. There club is nowhere as nice as this club, and everybody knows it.

  23. zeb
  24. igor34

    Little Darlings is 100% nude, hence. no alcohol was served. It’s a little off the Vegas strip but not hard to find. If you want an awesome VEGAS strip club experience, this is not the place. It was dingy and cheap looking. I felt kind of dirty stepping inside. The girls were not in their perfect form. Some of them were old and out of shape (to put it nicely). If that’s what I wanted to look at, I could have stayed home and looked in the mirror. We were club hopping so this was just another place for us to check out. We only stayed less than 1 hour and skipped to Cheetah’s afterward. I would say to skip it totally.

  25. timmykilla

    i came here sunday night as a local pretty late in the evening.. wasn’t charged a cover, the cashier was nice, all of security that we met as well, the bartender sunday (around closing) was the best, she had the best customer service & helped us with our hookah.! hookah was reasonabll priced & tasted good.! the dancers weren’t personable.. I removed a star because the blonde haired waitress tried taking our hookah after 10 minutes even after we told her we just got it after a few minutes of back & forth we went to our bartender & she resolved the issue.. I’ll definitely be back.!

  26. Crystal C.

    My review is based solely on the Little Darlings annual haunted house – a place I make it a point to haunt every year. If you’ve never been to a nudie haunted house, you really should go if it doesn’t offend your sensibilities too much. The thing about this one is that they don’t rely on the whole nudity aspect to make the place interesting – they actually try (and on the most part succeed) to make the thing scary. The 3D paint splatter room got a scream out of me when I was attacked by a paint splatter PERSON, and the girl stretched out on the rack vacillated between being kind of erotic and kind of totally creepy. When Halloween rolls around, I definitely recommend checking out this spooky spot, then maybe heading on inside the club if you’re so inclined.

  27. B-ford

    I make sure I stop by this place every trip to Vegas… the girls are terrific and friendly. Most will try to have a real conversation with you before asking if you want a dance; and even if you decline, some of them are still down to sit and chat for a while. Most of the girls are smokin’ hott, and I’ve had nothing but good experiences with private dances; i do recommend the bed dances over the couch dances though. went VIP once, and that was well worth it as well. I highly suggest this place

  28. Kieran

    Ok… I had couch, bed and VIP room services.

    VIP was awesome, touching and feeling as a club should be, though went to quick.

    I highly recommend Erica – Couch and Rachel – VIP room.

    Those are stage names and these both work Thursdays.

  29. maxxy1

    Little Darlings is an intimate chain of clubs owned by Deja Vu. The club is 18+ as they do not serve alcohol and thus is fully nude. Little Darlings is a little different than most clubs as it seems more personal and thus a better experience for some one on one dances. I’ve found this to be the case at several Little Darlings’ locations.My most recent visit was this past 4th of July. My party and I had some club passes and called to reserve transportation. The limo was promised within thirty minutes and was at our hotel within the time frame. The driver was courteous and friendly and let us know the club was busy and had about 30 girls working that night. The passes include free cover and only require tipping the driver and buying bottomless drinks ($10). There was a line of about ten patrons in front of us that moved painfully slow. We waited in line a good fifteen minutes. The staff was unorganized, uninformed, and just plain bad. They had a hard time honoring the military discount and were forced to call over a manager. However, I didn’t mind waiting, as the hostess had some big titties and I was already buzzin.Once our IDs were checked and my military buddy got his free perks (free drinks and a $50 gift card), we made our way inside. The club had a free BBQ buffet going, but didn’t look to appealing to myself. The club was busy and most of the seating was being occupied, yet we managed to sit by the stage. The girls were plenty and were walking around by the second stage in front of the bar area. The club is very relaxed and I never felt bothered by the strippers. I was only approached one or two times for dances due to the tight seating near the main stage. Most strippers congregate in a designated corral, which makes it easy for getting your girl.The quality of girls was better than average and consisted of white girls, black girls, and a few Latinas. I don’t recall seeing any Asian girls, however. Lap dances start at $20 and steadily climb from there. If you choose a girl, which you should, I URGE you to get a BED DANCE. The dance is no average lap dance on a couch. Instead, you’re put on to a bed that resembles a doctor’s table and for lack of better words, you’re dry fucked non stop with YMMV depending on the girl. The bed dance is unique to Las Vegas and is nothing that I’ve experienced in San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego. If you do anything, I strongly recommend getting a bed dance. Little Darlings is a gem and definitely worth a visit. My only complaints is the unorganized staff and the slow security screening, which included a metal detector.Little Darlings Pricing Structure:Cover: Varies (Free to $30)Locals and tourist: $20 plus $10 for unlimited drinks, utilize club passes.Lap Dances:Bed Dances & Private Dances (Topless & Nude): $20+$20 is the cost for one lap dance, however your mileage may vary per girl, pay more get more is the formula.VIP Dance: $100+VIP Section: $100+ Minimum

  30. ryan123

    This is an overdue review for one of the worst experiences ever in Vegas!So a pack of us are in Sin City for “Frozen Fury” to watch the Kings play Colorado. Emotions were riding high since the Kings won and was going to be my buddy’s first time at a Strip Club!We stroll in grab seats and enjoy the festivities. Hot chicks everywhere so I slowly drift off into Candyland…ahhhhhh. Little did I know that the wolves were slowly working on one young pup. A dancer came over and whispered into the “Pup” ears and off he went to the VIP room.3-6-8 Songs later…I ask…”Where’s Puperoni”. Of course, the others in the pack ignored me. Songs continue….chi chis are bouncing…..” Hey C…where is your boy??”. C gets up and heads to the VIP room. Bouncer stops him from entering and tells him he cant go in. By then, our group heads to see what’s up.At some point, the Dancer was able to get the “Pup’s” credit card and racked up a bill for $990 and took him for $170 in cash. WTF! Okay, now maybe it was at least 10 songs with full nudity, but how do rack up $1000 for lap dances??? BullSh*t!My buddy’s pup signed the credit card receipt so there was nothing to contest except that our young apprentice got taken. Little “Sparky” has a crappy job making $9 an hour, so this $1000+ lesson should be around for quite a while. I had a great time, venue was cool but do the “Little Darlings” at Little Darlings have to feed on the young. I was also taught that “you get more bees with honey”. I guess not. Not sure if I would ever go back. If you provide a wild and exciting time, the boys will come, however, this was all shady. Definitely rubbed me the wrong way. You only get one star cause I can’t give you less…but then again you already took what you could.Advice, watch your young or leave the pups at home. There are tons of other places to go in Vegas. Next time, I will recommend to stay in CA and call up the girls from Ashley Entertainment.

  31. Shannon S.

    On my drunken conquest to visit my very first all nude strip club, our cab driver suggested this place. We pulled into the parking lot, saddled up with our driver, and at 5:45am, we were told the place was closing at 6am and that they were not allowing any more clients for the evening. BOO!

  32. Max H.

    Tuesday 2 for 1 20-40 $ depending on girl etcOverall pretty goodCouch and bed dancesKk

  33. Vanessa T.

    I have came to Little Darlings 4 different occasions and every time I was dissatisfied. I love entertainers and the technically of dancing. Yet, this is NOT the place to enjoy it. Cover for locals is $17 and $33 for outsiders, includes soda beverages at the bar. I have attended by myself AND with friends. We all agreed that the size of the venue was great but the atmosphere depressing. The entire night seemed unorganized. The dancers walk/stand around with scrunched mean faces and uncomfortable body language. I noticed they only smile when approaching a customer to converse. That being said 3 out of the 4 times i attended, I was never approached. Little do the women know I have $200+ for someone with good conversation and a nice smile. Oh well. I think the top 2 buzz killers for me was the DJ and the Dancers. The music ranges from rock n’ roll, 80s, to hip hop. I love the variety but the transitions are horrible and the in between songs are almost annoying. The DJ’s voice sounds like he is at an auction and you can never hear what he is saying 90% of the time. I am a firm believer that the DJ controls the hype and atmosphere of a club. And unfortunately I was very bored and distant.The dancers are average when it comes to the skill level. They know maybe 1 or 2 pole tricks then attempt to shake their butt to their chosen tune. The majority of the dancers are beautiful in their own way.Eh, I’d say there’s only 1 woman that I enjoyed watching. Jackie was here name. She was smiling and flirting and used the entire stage during her performance! She made me smile and had my eyes locked. I moved closer and threw her a big tip, she came over and thanked me. Her breast were so soft ^_^} After her performance she came over to my chair and thanked me again. I tipped her a $20 bill then released her to make more money. Its very difficult to watch the other dancers on stage without my face being twisted. They are not entertaining nor look like they enjoy their job. Smh. I can’t bare to return.I would recommend going to Lacey’s. Full Nude Full Bar Strip club. Thursdays 9pm-4am Fridays-Saturdays 3am-7am This is the Hip Hop strip club of Las Vegas. 21+ $20 cover charge for all. IF YOU WANT AN ENTERTAINING STRIP CLUB WITH DRINKS, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, AND GREAT MUSIC THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD BE!! Not Little Darlings

  34. Michael

    Simply fantastic! Had a great time.

  35. Thomas
  36. Logan V.

    Costly cover for such a sad show and poor product. Rude people and bitchy staff. The buffalo demanding 35 dollars for entry is a no-go

  37. Girl W.

    Didnt know what to think of this place. I guess it offers employment to those under 21. Thats all I can think this place is good for. They have no booze. Its like tiny 18 year olds with no curves, or curfews. I mean god bless these girls they need 1st time job experience somewhere. I went with a group of friends, we drank in the parking lot. Got a table . All the guys at my table liked the waitress better, she was pretty cute. I went to the bathroom, and it seems the women’s restroom is in the same area as the dancer’s lockers. Kinda dumb, but I was down to eavesdrop. The dancers were talking about their periods and asking if their tamp string was showing. LOL. Interesting place. Kinda campy in a good way… I wouldn’t knock it till you try it.

  38. Darkside 7.

    If your not from Vegas you should read!!! Where do I start… Ok,, it was Saturday night,, me and the wife were looking to have a great Vegas experience so before doing my norm and throwing a bunch of money at the tables she suggested that we go to a Gentleman’s club. Now this was a rare suggestion so I thought I wanted to take full advantage. After I few minutes of research I picked this club. Whe we got there we found out out of towners paid a $35 cover + 1 Drink and locals were free. So we paid and and went to go to the ATM inside. Well the ATM was not working but were informed we could talk to the Bartender. So we went to the Bartender who offered us Funny money that could be used for private dances. So I asked the door bouncer if I could run to the ATM and not pay a re-entry fee. I was not accommodated. So I walked two blocks to 7/11. Bought a water for $1, got cash, and walked back. Paid $6 to re-enter. By then I was ready for another water which was $6 dollars…wut tha…so bought a RedBull instead. So after throwing some money. I realized it was slow. Lots of dancers but the club was getting empty. One girl that was cute walked off the stage mid song… I believe she was harassed by a customer. But I really wanted to get a private dance from her. Then all the lights shut off and not to long after and they kicked everyone out….wow!!! We spent to much to get in and they shut down almost 2 hours early?? We will never go back. Only one hot girl. This place is run by crooks. If your from out of town beware!! Btw had more fun at the Palomino!!Wish we could give negative stars.

  39. Alani F.

    Okay, this was my first strip club, so I don’t have anything to compare this place to. However, I think it was a great place to cut my teeth, so to speak. The dancers are decent-looking, and could stand to put on 10 or 15 pounds. I was truly amazed by the pole-dancing and bleached anuses; these girls are committed to and are good at what they do. The only turn-off was the bored expressions on some of their faces. It’s like, I get that you’re so over flashing your gash at strangers every day, but can you fake it for me, please? How about for my $4? The biggest disappointment was not being offered a lapdance by any of the girls combing the floor. I guess they assume that females aren’t interested or won’t pay as much. I must admit that my private dance was the highlight of my visit, even though I had to ask one of the dancers for it. (Her name was Mirage…sigh.) Also, I have to compliment their use of props on the stage. One girl came out in a Grim Reaper outfit, complete with sickle. It was a little strange seeing her doing her thing on the pole whilst sporting a hood that covered her whole head. Another girl dressed up in a fireman-inspired bodysuit and sat on a Fischer Price firetruck going “Nee-ner-nee-ner-nee-ner!” (like the siren?) while another dancer wheeled her around the stage. Hilarious. We were there until 5 am.Overall I think I’d visit this place again if I happen to be in Vegas. Some of the dancers seemed friendly and kind of sweet, and the DJ’s pretty witty if you listen closely. Just stick with the free soda and water, and tip the help.

  40. joseph1k

    – By default Little Darlings is my favorite strip club in Vegas because it’s fully nude, a convenient location and decent line-up of young dancers. They don’t serve alcohol but their dancers can be age 18 – 20 whereas in gentlemen clubs serving alcohol, all the dancers have to be 21 and over. The bottomless drinks is convenient and a big cost saver (no $5 Cokes to pay for).I first came here in 2010 and I think it’s gradually gone downhill in the past 3 yrs. Was here again on Thu/3 Oct about 1 am and again Fri/4 Oct about 12:30 am with some out-of-town friends:- The cashier wouldn’t accept the coupons I had printed out from the website for free entrance+$5 bottomless drinks because it was after 10 pm, but the coupon had zero fine print stipulating that limitation. I just grabbed some of the free entrance passes sitting next to the cash register, gave it to the cashier so then she gave my friends free entrance+$11 bottomless drinks. – I’m a local so I had free entrance+$11 bottomless drinks.- Ok line-up both nights. Service was ok the first night. Never had a waitress come by (there were 3 of us sitting at the stage so we were easy to spot) the second night; the server did not appear that busy. I just went to the bar to get my drink.- Will be back but wish they’d improve their operations (adding “valid before 10 pm” to their website coupon, having attentive server(s), etc).

  41. richard95

    When you go to a strip club you want a story right? This is the only one I can say does that, hustler; it’s alright, spearmint rhino: the worst, little darlings; so fun! I went with my friends for a bachelor party and the girls were so cool and funny! One asked if we were done with our red bull (we were) and she danced with it in her butt, then at the end we all chanted “CRUSH IT!” And she did, with her butt cheeks. It was amazing, we loved it. Will be back.

  42. danielson

    Lil Darlings or Lil racist. I understand that they had a shooting, or two, outside the club. Now, under new management, I guess they are enforcing new policies such as “No Blacks.” I had gone here on previous visits to Las Vegas without any issues. I was allowed in by the doorman. Soon a manager walked up and asked me to step outside the back door. He gave me a refund and told to leave with no explanation. I asked why. The manager stated it was his right to refuse service. Really. The only explanation the bouncer would give was “New Management.” They seem to be enforcing a new policy of “No Blacks Allowed.” From reading other posts, seems like that may apply to the dancers as well.

  43. Max P.

    So being underage and not being able to do ANYTHING in Las Vegas this was my only option for entertainment. Welcome to the strip club review.I met some friends of mine (who are all 21+) who decided it would be fun to take me to a totally nude strip joint. was I excited? YES! we arrived around 1:30am and I gotta say…Wow, this place looks super shady. These are the places where you know there’s a heavy chance you’ll get shot and mugged. We quickly lowered our ghetto rap music which was blasting and causing attention. (3 white boys and a Asian in Prius hybrid) YEA real hood!We immediately get in line looking perky as hell. A little drunken smirk is clearly visible on each person. We finally got in at 30 dollars a head (out of state price) which was in my opinion kinda ridicules. We arrived inside to see a typical movie interpretation of a strip joint. cigarette smoke air source, black lights galore, diverse hoo-da-fa clientele.pros and cons!pros-some of these girls are absolutely gorgeous. My mouth hit the floor with some of them. like Maxim/penthouse gorgeous! I told one of them they should model and she told me “No honey, I like stripping” GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME! ;)Some of them could really dance. Like cirque du soleil style but without clothes on. This one girl literally climbed a 20 feet pool like a monkey! I was more amazed then turned on to be honest.I saw a guy “Make it rain” for the first time! He continuously threw 25-40 one dollar bills in the air and it made me so happy for the experience to see that.there’s hookah here! I made friends with a couple and they were willing to share theirs with me… kinda cool! ;)cons-these girls are very very very forward. (AKA hustling)I was standing by myself watching the stage while one came from the front and back of me. I was stuck and a little afraid to be honest. It was like a scene from Jurassic park with the raptors! They both tempted me about the luscious things awaiting me in the VIP with both of them. I politely decline but they kept asking.The club got repeative after an hour or so and I got little bored to be honest.Perhaps I don’t understand the real appeal of strip clubs. The idea sounds amazingly fun, but once your there it’s not. the strippers paid more attention to the less attractive older crowd then the younger kids due to $$$ of course.all in all… was definitely an experience.Would I come back? Maybe, just not with any high high hopes.

  44. StripClub431

    This place is a rip off! Charge you 44 if you arrive in a cab. Then advertise $20 dances and then change the price when they take you back for your dance.(1 song $50) were sitting at the stage and one of the dancers reaches over and snatches all my nephews ones out of his hand and throws them in stage . Some of the girls are beautiful some not . Definitely will never go back! And they ran out of singles !!

  45. Justin

    Too many young stupid girls working here. When they get some WOMEN I’ll be back.

  46. rodneyerm

    Solid Strip joint. It ain’t stripping unless there’s p*^%#. Hard workers. Less aggressive. No alcohol but helps save in the wallet. $36 cover.

  47. Kenneth H.

    This is embarrassing to write about but it’s that important for everyone to know this place is a huge scam! First you have to pay $33 cover for out of towners which is expensive since other clubs have free admission and a limo ride. Not to be mean but the girls are not as hot as other places, which my group immediately noticed. Also I WANT TO WARN EVERYONE that 2 of my friends got hustled here so be very wary of anything extra they offer. If you come, avoid anything extra but the smart thing is DONT COME HERE

  48. marlonmoney12

    This place is awesome. I stopped here during a break from work because why not. I’m not really the strip club type either but I do love women. Anyways, this place serves no alcohol and charges $6 for a small Gatorade but who cares because you came to see naked girls. No cover for locals during the day. What is misleading is that there are signs that say lapdances are $20. While true, those do not include touching. What sets this place apart from the few other places I’ve been to is that for ten dollars more than a regular dance you can touch the women. I don’t mean like touch lightly, I mean you can straight up grab and grope them anywhere and as much as you want. The women here are smoking hot and super busty. Some of the women even grab you. It is expensive so I wouldn’t recommend coming here regularly but I highly recommend it for a good time. I never really understand the appeal of strip clubs until I came here.

  49. Beau S.

    Well a drunken night with a large group of tourists brought me here. But, it is not that bad… Semi seedy but what you can expect from a strip club I guess. They did have a good hookah and it brought a lot of girls just to hang out so, it was a savings in the end. The girls are 50/50 hot to scary but, I will bring tourists there again before I take to Saphirre.

  50. Frex

    Best little club in Vegas! The girls are hotter and more plentiful than ever!

  51. Al R.

    Very disappointed. $35 each to get in and the you have to buy a fountain soda for 4.00 to get further. My wife and I were never approached, the girls all did 3 moves one after the next. The music was horrible with extreme over use of the “N” word and the girls had no energy. This is the only strip club I’ve been to in Las Vegas. I hope this is not the standard.

  52. bobbi
  53. Felicity C.

    My family is in town for the weekend we decided to go to Little Darlings WHICH WAS A HUGE MISTAKE! The girls were a bit thirsty didn’t even let us walk in the door without asking for a private dance! My brother has never been to a strip club and was looking to have fun but it turned bad right away! Mind you its my birthday! My sister and brother both payed $35.00 to get in then we went to the bar to order drinks and get ones! WHAT STRIP CLUB MAKES YOU ORDER DRINKS JUST TO GET ONES BACK! When I received the money back it wasn’t even the right amount THEY ARE SCAMMERS! THERE WAS NO AFRICAN AMERICAN dancers or workers well just security was black! USERS! Only one girl was naked the other girls couldn’t even shake that ass even if they had rhythm ! This place really needs to get closed down the security guards were flirting with the girls which I’m sure they are fucking BUT they have a big ass sign up that says no prostitution BUT WE GOT ASKED FOR THAT! This place is a hot mess and doesn’t even show love to the locals who keep that place going! Little Darlings needs to change their name to LITTLE RACIST! We called today asking for owners number or contact and ROD OR ROB was rude over the phone and hung up on us!

  54. Sim

    Naked young girls…what’s not to like? Wish they served booze.

  55. livinlikelarry

    Couldn’t even enjoy my time there. From the moment I walked in, two strippers tried to get me to pay them $600 each for a horny time in the bed dance room. They kept asking me to pull money from their ATM machine or hand over a credit card. I walked away as they pulled on my shirt and began watching the the dancer on stage only to be approached by two different girls offering me the same deal as the ones before. I agreed to $100 each for a 15 minute lap dance in the back. They spent the whole time asking for more money “to make my penis happy” couldn’t even enjoy myself one bit. I felt like I was being backed into a corner from the moment I walked in.

  56. S.C. Hoppin'

    On a Fri night, I walked in at about 10-10:30pm when it wasn’t packed yet. The place could have used less light, but it was still cool. Free sodas, friendly girls, but not enough hot ones made their rounds to sell dances. And when it does come to dances, I can’t believe the 7-rated, 11-year seasoned-veteran latina with long brown hair gave me a fuckin air dance! (Meanwhile a younger 9-rated latina got underneath my clothing, rubbed her bare breasts against my bare chest, laid hold of my dick, & even macked out for the same $20 and then proceeded to advise me that I need to bring a condom if she ever takes me to VIP here at a local Rhino near L.A.) I’m sorry I couldn’t hold back with the comparative analysis.

  57. james1412

    First time in Vegas, last time at Little Darling. Read all the other negative reviews and you have my review summed up.

  58. mathewater12

    The dancers are best looking on the weekends and plenty of angry think they r your boss girls being aggressive. Oddly enough one of my favorites told me that when they r out to get u in this town theyll get u. This is vegas reality no exaggeration. The touch of psychotic to pretty much psychotic over nothing is common in this town especially when they have a lil authority!!. Had a mostly good time but the bouncers are, well, overly agressive idiots like many in this town creating big problems and disaster over nothing. Bouncers where called after i gave my number to a waitress and was literally just about to leave and 2 got right up in my face like it was about to be a fight and crushed a cup of water i had in my hand on my way out. The bartender bitch looked at me like ha fuck u and i was told i was harrassing a girl?? Nice but silly Bitch was lucky to get a, little attention from me but this club lost my business over this stupid situation, sapphire club was even crazier creepier previous to this. People who think they can haras me when i am a nice looking educated cool guy with money who tips well are bad business people. Two stars because i had a overall good time with very nice looking but sometimes ghetto psychoish beauties. Beware vegas anything except buffets really!!!

  59. RedTears X.

    Time of visit: Thursday afternoonPros: 1. totally naked females, 2 some of the females were very attractive and young, 3. some of the females were very accomodating4. okay layout and moderate spaceCons:1. totally naked females — some of you may not want an ugly girls snatch 2inches from your face2.some of the females were very unattractive — they weren’t little…nor darling…more like…big.& gnarling…i.e.. (strectch marks..etc)3. some of the females were very un-acccomodating (case in point — blue light special, 2 for 1 dance…..many of the more attractive strippers outright rejected that coupon/discount…one even tried to charge twice as much for 1…WOW….4. layout — beer/acohaloverall, the cons outweighs the negative as of my recent visit…..perhaps management will read this and make corrective action to persuade the better looking strippers to honor the blue light special……if not…then its basically a bait and switch…….

  60. fritter17

    Took my just turned 18 year old cousin to here while we were in town. We did this package that included VIP seating, unlimited hookah, a picture for the celebrant and admission for 10 people for $250.I had already spoken with someone over the phone and they said it would be ok for us to get the package. And when we got there, they acted like “what package?!” We ended up talking to the manager and when we showed the money, they remembered that they did have this package. We walked thru the metal detectors and were seated on three couches up front near the stage. It was almost 1am and there were a handful of people. I guess it was couples night and there were a handful of couples tryna get they’re “freak on” I guess. When they came to ask what flavor hookah we wanted, they said they only had two flavors left. So we got those two flavors, mint & fruit punch. And when picture time came, the stupid waitress didn’t even know how to work the camera. And all they did was print the picture and tape it to a card.So to the good part?! There was NO good part. Little Darlings is FULLY NUDE, but the bodies are bangin’. Small boobies, some cute girls and the dancers ARE LAZY AS F#%K!! Only a couple got on the pole to do some tricks. Most of them were just walking around stage and rolling around on the floor. It didn’t take them long to take their strings of clothes off. I thought dancing was supposed to be an “art form”, but I guess do what you gotta do for those dollar$.Unless, we came on a bad night or the wrong time, I would NEVER come back here again. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone either.

  61. Nisy W.

    I went here back in August over the summer and it was so so. I went with a male friend that’s a local but never had been, so we go to check it out. $30 cover, not to happy about that but whatever, so we get in. Because of my club hopping and drinking prior to come here I had to use the restroom, I hate using public restrooms or any that isn’t my own toilet for that matter, so I go looking for the restroom to find its in the strippers dressing room. I see all these naked girls changing, primping or whatever. The smell in this dressing room almost knocked me out. I’m a female, so I know how we should and should not smell, I’ll leave it at that. I think they needed to bomb it with some FDS STAT!!! I hopped out of there fast quick and in a hurry. I come back to sit finding my boy watching this stripper dance for him, and he has this perplexed look on his face. I ask ” whats the matter with you?” He says ” Her ass looks like she got hemorrhoids”, says ” come here and look” LOL . I replied “Hell No”. I laughed so hard. There was another dancer there who had guy friends act like they were random customers and making it rain all over her. My boy noticed it. I laughed at that too. There was one girl that seem to be capable of doing the job. She was active, she actually could work the pole, and do some tricks too. So all in all I can’t be to mad about it. It was whatever, but funny as hell in the same token.

  62. Jeff S.

    This club is pretty small, and rather interesting. Be sure to check out Midget night here!

  63. Cobra K.

    This place is awesome because they have 2-for-1 dances on Tuesdays and have other promotions such as a free porno or Tshirt with the purchase of a lap dance. I ended up walking away with two T shirts! Ha…also, cover pays for unlimited drinks (soda, water, juice) so it’s relatively inexpensive. Girls here are typically younger and thinner than the other clubs. I guess they’ll start off at Little Darlings and as they age and gain weight, they’ll go to some of the other clubs. This club also seems to have a no breast implant policy…most girls were natural. Other great thing is it’s a nude club! Cons: No alcohol

  64. Jerry

    Fist visit to this place. A lot of very sexy girls here. Some are a little over agresive. All about the money. Overall a good club and will return.

  65. Jim

    Last time we were there we had to sign in, yeah sign in to get in. On top of that they took our ID and scanned it. For what, your guess is as good as mine.

  66. rogerrab2

    If you’re contemplating on coming here, then just know that it’s anywhere from $30-50 to enter if you’re not a local. Lap dances are supposed to be $20 but they will upsell you and charge $40 per song. There is also no alcohol. So do yourself a favor and go to Palomino where it’s fully nude and has a full bar. You can thank yourself later for trusting this review.

  67. williamr

    If I could give this a full negative 5 stars I would do in a heartbeat. They are hateful toward those with disabilities and autism and need to be boycott for discrimination. I have witnessed bouncers throw people out in wheel chairs for not meeting disability requirements. A person I know with autism was there and one of the dancers stole his gold necklace which was valuable as it was given by a very close family member. He noticed it was gone and had a meltdown and and then when one of the bouncers pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot him he went dead silent. I said he has autism and nothing he continued to be hostile showing no remorse. I have never been there since. I wish disability rights were recognized the same way lgbt and ethnicity rights are. This place is definitely paying people off.

  68. Not to like

    What’s not to like? Where do you want me to start?

  69. adamrod

    2.2 StarsLocation Overview:A friend and I wanted to check out a decent club that allowed those under 21 to come in. We heard different things about Little D’s so we decided to check it out ourselves. As we drove around looking for this place we noticed that we were heading into the bad part of town. We started second guessing whether or not we should just go back. We finally found Little D’s and were a tad bit concerned. The location was actually small. Inside had way too much smoke (which wouldn’t really bother me because I’m a smoker), but there was a haze in the room to where you couldn’t see in front of you. Every booth was VIP unless you were in the back near the front door and you could not see anything. Customer Service:When we first arrived it was nice that we got a NV Residence discount and because it was ladies night we got another discount only paying $15 per person. However, from what I have been told other Gentlemen Clubs (high-end) have free admission. But $15 isn’t going to break me. We had a group of guys invite us to their VIP section right up front (usual’s to the club) and we could see everything. After about 20-25mins I was just not very impressed. Im not a lesbian but you know…. everyone like to look at a sexy girl take her clothes off, and I just was not feeling it. Side Notes: Even if you are under 21yrs old it is best to wait. It is not worth the drive to BFE to go into a not so clean place.

  70. Johnson12

    0 zero stars this club sucks The flyer is a fake Manager is a dick straight up !!!! You won’t get you’re money back because of the fucken stupid flyer .

  71. rickywho2

    Young chicks.. Tits n music what can’t you like??? We need more local places instead of having to drive down to the strip

  72. Alaric T.

    We went for my brother’s birthday seeing as he’d never been to Las Vegas before. We actually didn’t have an inkling of which strip club to go to in Las Vegas beforehand. But while perusing the main strip and being accosted by the numerous snapping of callgirl leaflets, one of our posse found some VIP cards. These VIP cards will waive the admission fee and get you a free T-shirt of the place… but you still have to pay the drinks charge. Totally nude = no alcohol. So drink up beforehand if that’s your thing. We called the number on the VIP card to get a free ride to the place and the Little Darlings limo pulled up to our hotel and all 10 of us piled in.As for the girls? They’re not all uber hot, but most of them are pretty decent with some real smoking ones here and there. “Little Red Riding Hood.” That’s all I need to say. Definitely an entertaining 2 hrs without having to completely break the piggy bank unlike other places.

  73. Paul

    great selection of girls all shapes sizes and color.

    Can’t wait to get back

  74. Lee

    Wonderful place!

  75. chucky
  76. kenny c.

    I will never go to this place again, and I recommend the many otherclubs for anyone looking for a good time while in Vegas. I was charged double the posted rate for a dance by a dancer namedCya. When I brought the overcharging to a managers attention,instead of refunding my money they gave me entry passes to the club. Ihope Cya gets fired for being fraudulent and lying to management about what shecharges customers. Dances are $20 per song, I was charged $40 per song for topless only.Again, I will not be returning to this club as longas Cya is employed there and I suggest everyone do the same. Saveyour money and go to a better club.

  77. anthony1

    I think I’m not a fan of all Nude Strip Clubs, if only for the sheer reason of not being able to drink alcohol.We came here on a Saturday night with a big group of guys. I believe there was 10 of us total. All locals. I still have a California Drivers License even though I’ve lived here for two years. I know shame on me I get it. But they were kind enough to let me in as a local, because there was no way I was paying $35.00 to get into this place. The place didn’t really have a lot of places to sit unless you wanted to pay $150.00 for a table, which we ended up doing anyways, and there was only one main stage and one tiny stage both only had like one girl dancing at a time. Compared to some of the clubs I’ve been to in Cali thought that was a little strange.The girls were all pretty, and fun and the DJ was nice enough to get two of our friends, (1 birthday boy and 1 first timer) on stage for a dance each.All in all its a fun club just not the place if you want to drink.

  78. K D.

    3.5 Stars.My guy buddies use to always talk about this place so I made it point to go here when I went to Vegas. The location is a bit off the strip and sort of hard to find.I think admission for girls was $10 and guys was $20.There’s one stage and a long pole almost as long as a firehouse pole) and let me tell you, the girls here are freakin’ AMAZING ON THE POLE.As Alani said, some of them could of put on 10-15 lbs but they were all really nice and friendly.I finally had to sit infront b/c some idiot kept confusing me and my friends as strippers (I think he had yellow fever) so we decided to sit upfront next to the stage. With $40 in 1 dollar bills, we finally started off the night. First few girls were otay but man, this one girl, GOD DAMN she should of tried out for the US Gymnastics team or something. TALENT! Sheer talent, I’m telling you. Apparently when you’re a female they don’t like you putting their tip money on the stage but rather in between your cleavage so they can take the money from there with their mouth. I couldn’t really complain. =DThe DJ will sometimes let you know when the lapdance specials are and when you buy them during that time you get e a FREE TSHIRT with your lapdance! SWEET! SUMMARY: The girls aren’t uber hot, but their personalities and being limber is a bonus! =)

  79. Raul E.

    Best Girls in the club. Had time of my life.

  80. Sandra V.

    This place is the worst strip club ever! Rude staff & rude manager. The guy in the bathroom with the tats thinks hes badass, but hes a nasty ugly perverted mean ass stupid ass. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! This place will ruin your whole trip.

  81. Sactown

    This club is the best out of all the clubs I’ve been to. Take a bed dance. You will not regret it. And the prices are very fair for the mileage.

  82. M C.

    They changed things since I was here last in January. They raised the cover and most of the security and people working there are aholes. We went there on a Tuesday and paid $30 cover. They sectioned off a few main areas trying to further rip people off by charging an addition $100 for their VIP services and a hookah. They now have a blue light special, meaning 2 songs for the price of one. But some of the girls will still only be doing one.

  83. Dano G.

    I am a cheapskate.That being said, if you go with a group of friends, stay in the middle of them all.You can deflect and make your friends buy lap dances while you creepily watch.

  84. Weedman420

    This was my first time at an all nude strip club, and also my first time getting a private lap dance. And I’ll have to say, I don’t think it’ll be my last. I had a great time at Little Darling’s, but I have a really open mind so this place is probably not for everyone. The location may not be in the best area, but utilize their free limo transportation and you won’t have to worry about getting lost. The cover charge is normally $33, but we got a special for $24. It wasn’t very busy this last Saturday night, but there were a good amount of dancers. There were girls of all ethnicities and all were in good shape. Some skinnier than others, and some curvier ones, so there was something for everyone. Lap dances start at $20 and you can have your choice of bed or couch. My boyfriend wanted to watch, so the dancer I chose charged us $40. I really enjoyed it and I think my guy did too! The downside to this place is the beds and couches are kind of run down and the rooms aren’t the cleanest. They also don’t serve alcohol, but plenty of water, soda and juice.

  85. Been outa town for a while

    When I was in 6 months ago, this place was hot! Now, this place is scorching hot!!! I have no idea how they have succeeded in getting so many beautiful girls under one roof, but whatever they are doing, I hope they keep it up. This is the only club I will go to as long as the dancer quality is so f-ing high!!!

  86. Chris

    Went here on 1/14. I figured it wouldn’t be to busy being a Sunday, but with the 3 day weekend it was pretty busy. They had a fair amount of girls, but they were just dancing on stage. One girl came over to our group and she looked like she was anorexic and on drugs. The only one that talked to us and we even bought one terrible dance from her. Most of the girls were too busy just sitting around talking to each other or busy with their boyfriends sitting in the audience. Over priced to get in and then very little entertainment. Will not go here again.

  87. Ed P.

    I just went last night for the first time in a little while with a group of friends to have a good time. Little Darlings used to be my club of choice for about 4 years. I used to go all the time because the atmosphere was great, the girls were very pretty, and I always had a good time there. I’ve spent a LOT of money there in the past.They must have gone under new management recently because that was certainly not the case last night. We rolled up two cars deep. I drove the first car, and as soon as we got to the parking lot we were approached by security, who would not let us get a word in about waiting for our friends who were right behind us. He told us to get in the club or leave. We brushed it off and went into the club. We stood in line waiting for our friends. Another security approached my buddy and demanded that he take off his beanie. I understand its club policy, but he certainly didn’t have to be rude about it.By that point our friends still hadn’t showed up, so we decided to step out and walk across the street to the empty parking lot to wait. When the rest of our party arrived we went back in and got back in line. The same security that gave my buddy attitude about his beanie was very pushy and rude getting everyone up against the wall so we could be funneled through the metal detector, which is a also a new inconvenience.By now i’d had about enough of their attitude before we even got in the club so we turned around and walked out again. We were a decent sized group that brought several hundred dollars with us to spend that night but Little D’s worked hard to lose our business. I’m sure the atmosphere inside the club is still decent if you can work through the attitude they give you at the door. They may have lost my business indefinitely.We had a good time at Sheri’s Cabaret later that night.

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